Parisian Catacombs.

Level by davep83

Red arrow is direction

The Hobo.

Go straight over the crossing and open a door on the right at the bottom of the steep street. Go in and all the way to the back and find a Banana laying on the floor behind the stall on the left. Climb up (N) and give the Banana to the poor guy. He will leave and then push in the window he was sitting in front of (left hand one).

Follow through and open the next door. Go to the end of this corridor and pick up Flares and a Medipack near the chair. Open the door at the end, get on the balcony and open the manhole while facing E.

Some “White Powder”.

Get down through the manhole, go to the crossing and take a right (S). Go over the bridge on the right and go to the left, open the manhole while facing E again (leave it you will be back). Turn around and open the door to the Cafe at the end (W) and take a right and talk to the guy there. He gives Lara a sack with Some White Powder.

Lara: I need to get into the Catacombs, can you help me?

Cris: It’ll cost you

Lara: Yeah, how much?

Cris: I need to get something personal into the hands of the butcher, he is across the way.

Lara: Ok, what is it?

Cris: That is not your concern

Lara: Really?

Cris: Do you want access or not?

Lara: Ok, I’ll see what I can do.


Look behind the counter; get the Flares and a Medipack. At the other end of the Cafe is a kitchen, come back here later, because you can shoot the plates on the counter on the left. But we don’t have the pistols yet. When you want to leave the Café… 

Police: Halt, you are under arrest

Lara: I need to lure those cops away from that manhole cover, as there may be someone in the butcher’s who can help take care of them for me. 

Run out to the left (first be sure there is no cop there) and keep running/jumping over the bridge. Lure the police to the left and again a left on the crossing. Go through the door to the market stalls and through the window where the hobo was sitting. Keep running through the corridor but be careful, be sure the police is somewhere searching for Lara at the market stalls so you can climb down safely and get back to the bridge and left into the other manhole you opened before.

The Sewers, Butcher Shop.

Wade through the water to the next ladder and climb up, get the Flares and Medipack and around the corner enter the open door. In the room with the Girl and het big knife, push the button on the wall left (W) this opens the door to the outside. The woman will take care of the police. Wait till she kills all 3, you can hear them grunt. (I hid in the meat locker)

Lara: Looks like that is the last of them. Perhaps I can go see that Butcher now?

Talk to the Butcher:

Butcher: Thank you.

Lara: You’re welcome.

Butcher: here is a Key and something else to help you on your way.

Lara: I guess this Key opens a door somewhere down below, maybe the subway?

To the Catacombs.

You’ll get the Catacombs Key and Pistols from the Butcher. Go back out and now you can go into the Café kitchen, shoot the plates and get Secret #1, an Obscura painting (replica). Get out, go over the bridge and left, left and climb the ladder under the balcony. Now walk the rope (S) all the way to the end (you can also just let Lara fall from the rope near the crossing rope) and safety drop down from the ledge there. If you want, you can use the button here; it opens the gate next to it.  

The Trains.

Go down the wooden stairs and go straight. Go to the right where there is an opening in the fence and run to the other side (W wall). When you walk a bit along the slope of stone to the S, a train will come. So look out for that and hop back into the wider part to let it pass. Run or sprint to the wider part a bit further S, as another train will come. Open the manhole (face N) and jump in. Follow down and use the Catacombs Key to open the gate there. Get in and a flock of nasty bats are pestering Lara, run to the breakable tile on the left and fall through. Go to the end and watch the flyby as it contains the clue for the next puzzle….

Push Puzzle.

There are 4 blocks in the 4 corners of the room that need pushing (at the end is a bookstand with on it a book, it reads:

Let the light reveal the path of virtue. Let the darkness reveal only death and misery).

So push them all four into the muddy water (into the nearest corners), this way the flow is stopped and the trench will drain. Now pull one of them (NE - 7 pulls) on that tile with an arrow and the one (SE - 8 pulls) to the tile with the 3 dots (bluish light that comes from the windows Lara uncovered). You can use other blocks too, but this was the shortest way.

If you stop between pushing you might hear gates opening when you push one of the blocks on different tiles but they are all traps apart from two we already opened now. Look for a small curtain with three dots SW corner and get a Medipack and Flares. The second gate that opened is the exit…  

Now pull the left block (face E) once more to the W and another gate opens up, it is the third gate from the SW corner, left of the one you just visited. Inside is Secret #2, an Obscura painting (replica). 

The open exit gate is also in the S wall (curtain with arrow, bit further to the E), crawl in and hurry and be sure to have your health topped up.

Lara: I better hurry; this place is filled with hallucinogenic gas. 

Crawl through and drop down.

Catacombs, opening the Trapdoors.

Lara: What on earth are those guys doing? And why is that creature watching them? I must be dreaming… maybe I can get it to attack them?

Crawl out and have a bit of a look around. The Golden Cat has to kill the 4 knights that are standing in the corners (you and the Cat have to stand on the same tile to get that done). After they are dead the guy in the middle falls through the trapdoor. To the N of the trapdoor and just right of where you came in is a crawlspace with a Medipack and Flares, the only way I could get in was to jump forward against the opening and immediately duck, get back out.

Go to the tile SW tile were the knight was and go W and to first opening left and immediately to the right (W), there should be a skeleton there in a crawlspace. Stand all the way to the right, grab and crawl in, go left around that skeleton and pick up secret #3, an Obscura Painting (replica). Get out the same way.

Head back to where the guy fell through the trapdoor, better make a savegame then stand on the edge of the trapdoor and hop backwards into the pit while holding Ctrl (N side, right hand tile, that worked the best for me). There’s an updraft slowing the fall and as long as you land on the floor you’re OK. Watch out for the pits and those red candles are also dangerous.

First go and pick up a Medipack near the cross, in the E side of this place are another Medipack and a small medipack.  On a bookstand (W of the cross) is a book, read it:

As above, so below, where do those skeletons go?

Choose badly, and things will end madly.

Go to the E wall and look up, you can see a skeleton through the glass, that’s a hint. Pull the one in the SE corner towards the E wall so it is under the one above. Go to the NE corner and pull that one as well.

Go to the NW corner and pull that one towards the W wall, same goes for the one in the SW corner. A giant demon appears.

Shoot it and go to the W wall, in the middle is a hole with an opening, dive in the water and swim W and up, keep swimming W and at the end is air. You can climb out and make a note of the placement of the windows in the wall. Swim a bit back and at the pipes swim left (or right) and up through a shaft in the middle of the room. Go to the S side of the waterhole and get the clue:

There must be certain pulleys I need to pull. Perhaps I should take a look at the wall of bones for a clue? I need to go back in the water to get there (W side, we’ve been there).

Go stand at the N side and turn around, the tiles on the floor look like a colourful face of a skull. Remember the placement of the windows? Pull only those chains for the two eyes, one for the nose and three for the mouth. 

(IE: Pull the N, E and W chain at the water hole.

Face N and now pull from left to right the 2nd, 3rd and the 4th chain.)

You’ll see that the whole area W is now filled with water. Dive into the water and swim W and up and climb into the openings there. Left and right to pick up 2 Griffin’s Crystals.

Dive into the water again and now swim to the other side (E) and take a left or right then swim up. Get out and put the Griffin’s Crystals in the receptacles and the bird will open the wall opposite where it sat. Shoot the Griffin and get into that opening.

Follow the path and pull the string at the end, enter and watch the flyby. There are two boulders here one on the left side of the S slope and one left as well on the E slope. Make your way down to the ground floor go into the left corner of the water to get Flares and a small medipack.

Get out and go to the SE corner of the rock. Turn around and jump up the flat corner there. There is an opening W in the wall, so jump there.

Lara: I wonder if that blockage could be eaten away?

Use the reach-in hole, triggering a bunch of rats and make your way to the outside and jump in the water in between the plants. Pick up a Medipack and Flares, then when the blockage is eaten away, swim the W and follow through to the end. Climb out and..

Lara: I need the Sword that skeleton is carrying, but my pistols aren’t strong enough to defeat it.

Go straight (N) and open the trapdoor and follow through.

Voice: One bone alone will carry you home, but two or three and you belong to me.

Go to the skeleton and pick up the two Waterskins. Then jump into the small pool and get 1 litre of water in one of the skins.

Fill the small waterskin. Select the small waterskin then combine it with the large one. You should now have the large waterskin with three litres and the small waterskin empty. Fill the small skin again. Select it and combine it with the large one. You should now have the large waterskin with five litres and the small one with one litre.

Go to the cauldron with the Golden skeleton head and empty the skin in there and it will burst. Pick up some Crossbow Explosive Arrows.

Go back (S) and climb out and find another trapdoor in the W. Follow through and around the corner left is a switch, use it. Go in the opening on the right and pull/push the block out and onto the tile where the other block disappeared. The block will shatter and pick up the two Some Bones up, combine them into a Crossbone and leave SE. Once back up, select the Explosive arrows, kill the skeleton and pick up his Sword. Go to the NE and find a ledge near the trapdoor you gran up to. Start jumping to the left (NW) and climbing till you can jump to a ledge in the S where a crowbar lever is. Use it (face E) and jump the block on the right hand side (S). Turn and climb up the ladder.

When you arrive at the first ledge on the left, shift to the left and pull up. Grab the Flares and a Medipack and get back to the ladder to climb even higher. Go left and at the wall take a right.

Lara: It should like I should activate certain levers. But, which ones? The placement of the gate in the corner may be a clue. Hopefully I will get the right angle on this.

Get in the water and in the about the middle of the room is a coffin, get the Flares and Medipack and have a look at the coffin, that is the clue. Go around the corner to the right and at the next pillar you can climb up for a switch (it resets the puzzle so no need to use it now).

Swim back to the entrance (SW corner) and start pulling all 4 underwater levers in the row to the E wall. Swim straight to the next one (N) and pull that one, take a left (W) and pull NOT the next (#2) but pull # 3. Swim N over the coffin and take a right (E) and pull the last two levers in this row. Then swim N and pull the last one (NE).

Swim to the SE corner, the gate is open so go in and follow through to the end of this bridge and use the Sword at the lever. Walk to the edge of the bridge, turn around and climb down the vines, go left around the corner and up into the space under the bridge for Secret #4, the Obscura Painting. Get back on the vines, go right around the corner and just drop down into the water under the open trapdoors below. Swim straight (S) and pull the underwater lever. Lara ends up on dry land, all the water has gone. Turn around and open the sarcophagus for Secret #5, the Obscura Painting.

Back to the underwater lever and go into the right hand opening, get Flares and a Medipack in the corner, and face the wall E, backflip on a slope and grab the edge, pull up and roll/jump to get on a ledge. To the right is a Shovel, crawls and grab it, watch out for the spikes. Carefully drop down and now take the left opening at the underwater lever and use the shovel on that grave.

Go out and enter a hallway. On the right is a TIMED switch, pull it and run jump over the spiked traps (or sprint through the middle) into the open door. The crowbar lever there opens the doors again (in case you want to go back).

Go to the left and you’ll get to the next part of the level.

Parisian Catacombs Part 2. 

When you get to part 2 with the 5 Secrets in your inventory, you’ll get the Grenade Launcher as a Bonus.

Turn around and use the wheel and roll, then go through the open door, slide down and Lara looks up. There is a deadly Giant Head there so do not dilly dally and run to the far right hand corner (NW), let the Giant head shoot at you once while you take cover behind the block and pick up the Laser sight and the Revolver while he is recharging. Take cover, combine them and you know the drill shoot his eyes out while being on the move.

Best way is to combine the Revolver right away, stand against the block and turn a bit so you are already facing him, wait for him to recharge and hop back, quickly aim up and shoot. Run back behind the block. Target his eyes. After he fired on you he has to recharge, so that’s the time to aim and shoot. You might have to do a corner swap or two before he is gone (savegame.0). An explosion occurs and pick up 4 Skulls and watch the flyby.

Start pushing the giant skull to the S wall and climb on top and crab the crack in the wall.

Lara: This looks very challenging. I need to spin around several times to gain momentum, then let go just after my legs go into the air, say 45 degrees?

Shimmy to the right and pull up in an alcove. Get on top of the pillar and from the edge jump forward and grab the pole. Swing from pole to pole to the roof of other side. Don’t pay any attention what Lara is saying as that is for the way back. Then climb up one roof higher. Go right (N) and pick up a Note he has.

Only when the skulls gaze into each others eyes will the veil be lifted. Only when the colours of nature are combined shall the pigment of the earth be revealed.

On the wall left (W) are alcoves and pedestals with skull on them. Climb up one roof more and jump into the most left and the one a bit further and turn them. The gate between them opens, so jump there and pick up a Blue Chemical. Safety drop down and climb up the next part of the roof.

Do the same to the other two skulls and get the Yellow Chemical from behind the gate. Combine the Yellow with the Blue one and get a Green Chemical.

Safety drop down and a Giant Skull appeared. Use this Giant Skull to get into the next alcoves and then into the gate for the Red Chemical. Combine the Red with the Green and get the Brown Chemical. Safety drop down again and climb up on the S roof. Walk to the other side and climb up onto a roof. Go to the right and jump to the white pedestal and put the Brown Chemical on it.

Climb back on the roof and drop down one floor, walk to the other side (W) and drop down near the Giant Skull and get back to the poles (S wall).

Lara: I need to take about three steps back.

(Mine worked with two steps). Get to the last pole and drop to the ground losing some health. Go left (N) and near where that Giant Skull stood go left towards the deadly abyss. Take a running jump to the almost invisible grate that is hanging there and from there, jump to the other side.

Take a right and find a small staircase going down. Go down and take a left at the intersection. Go to the right and open the two sarcophagi for Arrows. There are two more at the other end (N) and the also contain Arrows. In between those sarcophagi is an empty stick. You can put one of the 4 skulls on a stick but then rush to the nearest objects at the S or N wall as a wraith will start chasing Lara, so the wraith will kill itself there. You see darkish stone appear in the lava, you can stand on those.

Be sure to open up all the sarcophagi first before placing the last skull.  

Open the other 4 sarcophagi for more Arrows and 2 small and 2 Large Medipacks.

Get your crossbow out and start shooting the Giant Skeleton. After he is dead you get the Evil Eye.

The doors in the lava flow are open now (N), sprint through the lava flow and the game ends.

G&D- June 2015.