Lost City of Ubar.

Level by Samu

Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

Folder with Saves and other files mentioned in the walkthrough.

Part I.

Lara out of the Jeep in a desert.

Head straight into that cave, go left into the tunnel and in the small chamber, a back flip onto the slanted rock to jump and grab a crack in the S wall. Shimmy right to that opening and shoot the scorpion. Then take a right and come to a large canyon. Walk left and to the W end of the walk-able ground. Run jump and grab the rock just right of that sloped rock below. Shimmy right, around the corner to just before the next corner and pull up, back flip and roll to grab the rock behind you. Left around the corner and back flip onto the ledge there. Shoot the scorpion and jump over to the rock ledge straight ahead (W), go left and jump to the small tunnel (S) to get a small medipack. 

Get back to the ledge E, go into the tunnel on the left (E) and follow through to where you can jump over to the cave on the other side (W).

If you want a Secret, stay on the entrance ledge. Jump to the sloped rocks on the right (NW), grab the edge and shimmy all the way to the right, around some corners. Where you can’t go any further, back flip onto a ledge there, go inside and grab Secret #1, a Golden Skull. Go through the tunnel on the right and slide down. Jump back over to the cave W.

Shoot the scorpion and follow through till you meet some more scorpions at a crossing. Go in left (W) and get some Flares there, go back and left into the tunnel leading to a small canyon. Make your way down safely and head into the opening (N). Shoot some bats while going down stairs and look for an opening in the wall on the right (N) between the stairs. Follow through to a closed door; hop up into the passage left (W) to open that door with a lever. 

Door Labyrinth.

Get into the door and come to a labyrinth of rooms with doors, you are in the first room. After shooting the bats go left (N), into the left passage there and follow to a Timed lever. Pull and get back to the first room where the Timed door is located to the left (E)(savegame.0, in the saves folder). I did a back flip roll and run jumps with curves around corners and only started sprint in the first room. 

Go up the stairs and you are above the first room, jump across and find another lever there, not Timed. Pull and drop down into the first room, go into the passage N and at the end go right to get to the room with the chain. Go through the door straight ahead (E) and get through a circular blade trap, push a (first) button to open the next door. That one is on the balcony where you use the last lever, above the first room. Go back through the blade trap to the room with the chain and climb up, get through the moving pillar and push the (second) button for the door. Now jump into the passage on the right (W) (behind the pillar) and get through the other three pillars to get some Shotgun ammo in the room at the end.

Jump or run left (N) into the opening behind the nearest pillar and find the (third) button for the door. Turn around and follow the passage through a door that opened, shoot the scorpions and go right into the passage to get to that Timed lever to open the door in the first room again. Get back out, right, left and into the door (savegame.1). Jump over to the other side and into the door, drop down and use the lever to open a door in the cave with the stairs. Jump back out and drop down to the first room, go out left (W) and follow back to the cave with the stairs, take a right and follow through the door you opened.

Through the Lion Gate.

Shoot the bats and come to a pit where you’ll drop down into a flooded cave. Swim into the tunnel (N) and take a left into a winding tunnel, ending up in another cave. Follow to the Lion Gate and shoot some bats, enter through the Lion Gate.

Torch Labyrinth, the Torch.

Go through to the Central Hall with the bright light and music plays. Take a right and grab the Shotgun from next to the skeleton, notice the wall torch #1 on the left wall. Turn around and go back to the Central Hall, take a right (S) and in the next hall go left (E) to the end. At the closed door a U-turn left and find the lever on the pillar. A wall opens up. Go back to that wall torch #2 and go left and then right to a room with another wall torch #3. The wall that opened up is to the right, opposite the wall torch, get in and jump straight over to the block. Go down and through a blade trap to a room with a button. Push the button to open a door and grab a Torch. Taking the Torch with you, get back through the blade and hop up the blocks, then a run jump back up to the room with the wall torch.

Some Fire…

Go left and left again, back to the Central Hall. Left (W) into the room with the skeleton and in the second room go right and in the small room with the tile on the floor go left through the door you opened, just run in and down into the next (lower) room. Throw down the Torch, shoot the bats. Grab the Medipack next to the entrance.

For a Secret: Step onto the tile in the middle of the room and hear a door open up, stand back at the lever on the N wall, run onto the tile and hop onto the entrance block, run back out to the small room, take a right and right again to sprint to the Timed door at the W end of the long room with the skeleton. Go in and get Secret #2, a Golden Skull.

Back to the room where you left the Torch, the lever on the wall raises 3 platforms you’ll have to jump up with the Torch to get to the burning wall torch over the entrance and ignite your Torch.

This is how I did it. Stand with your back against the lever and throw the Torch (space bar) so it will end up against the ledge with the secret door trigger and in the middle of that side. Save at the lever, pull it and back flip roll. You should now land ON the Torch so you can grab it quickly, run onto the tile and jump up onto the entrance block, roll and run with a left curve to jump onto the first of the platforms, a running jump with a bit of a right curve to land on the left side of the second platform. Turn right and do a run jump to the third platform, line up and jump to the last to ignite the Torch (savegame.2 & Video-Torch.wmv). I managed even without making perfect jumps.

Take the Torch out to the small room, go out and take a right then a left and ignite the wall torch #1 right of the skeleton. Go out (E) to the Central Hall and take a right (S) to the wall torch # 2. Go S and run to the right to the next wall torch #3. Go E and straight op some stairs to a balcony with wall torch #4, and the door you saw opens up. Leave the Torch. Go back down the stairs, take a right to the Central Hall and take a right there. That door is straight ahead (E), get down into the hole in the floor and come to a Lava pit. Run jump into the opening on the other side where you find a puzzle room.

All is Black & White, the Blue Key.

On the ceiling and ledges are Black & White circle tiles. Only step on the ones that matches; same tile on the ceiling as on the ledge. First is the first right as you come in, second is in the third row along the right hand (S) wall, the third is left of the door E. Last one is along the N wall, second row seen from the door. The door opens and inside is the Blue Key. Two Wraiths appear, get out, jump over the lava pit, climb up through the hole in the floor and run out to the Central Hall. Go out to the right to the Lion gate and follow the cave back to the pool.

Push Puzzle.

Head back through the Lion gate, in the Central Hall take a right into the long room with the skeleton. Go to the end where you find two vases next to a door. Pull/push one of them into the previous room (E) and then left into the small room with the tile, place it ON the tile, the door N opens up. Go inside and use the lever at the end to open yet another door.

Pillar Pit.

Go left (E) to the Central Hall, then to the right to the room with the wall torch and left into the room where you pulled the first lever. That open door is straight ahead and you’ll get to a pit with moving pillars. Take the right hand side, hop to the sloped pillar and grab it. Hang right against the wall and pull up when the pillar is almost left. Slide and hop, quickly hop again and grab the next pillar, rest is easy. Go push the button in the alcove to open the door on the familiar balcony. Do the same as before to get back across (along the other side- savegame.3). Go back, straight to the wall torch then left, left again up the stairs to the balcony

Four Levers - Four Gates, Blue Key II.

You’ll come to a hall with 4 Levers, shoot those bats. Use only the first right (NW) and second left (SE) levers, enter the passage and grab Blue Key II. Go out of this room, down the stairs and straight (W) into a passage, follow around the corner and take a left into the room where you can use both Blue Keys.

Spike Wall alleys.

Go through the doors and follow the cave to a pit, careful! Jump over grabbing the edge and pull up shooting some scorpions. Go into the next passage and save at the hole. Run in to the left and quickly make it to the button, back flip with roll and run with a curve so you can JUMP into that passage onto a break ledge over a lava pit. Then take a running jump to the other side. Another spike wall, get to the button (If you save at this button and reload again, the spiked wall is back at its starting point, giving you more time). Back flip roll and forget the Ammo (or take it if you dare). Slide down twice and come to a room with wall torches and gates.

A Blue Key.  

Go left (E) and take a step back from the edge of the pit, hop back, time the spikes and run jump to the spike pillar, a running jump into the alcove with the lever. A block goes down in the room with the gates, jump back across from standing next to the lever with curved jumps.

Drop in where that block lowered and come to a room with a chain. First go to the back for some Flares and then climb the chain to back flip with a roll onto a spike trap, run off and follow into a room with a Blue Key. Get out through the gate that opened and head back to the pit with the spike pillar on the right. Jump over once again to raise the block in the room with the gates and jump back. Go left into the room where you got the Blue Key and follow to the room with the chain.

Use the Key, the Lion Bridge.

Safety drop to the floor and go into the passage right of the chain (E) (you came out of that one before) and you are under the raised block. Drop down and follow through to where you can make use of the Blue Key after shooting bats. A flyby will show you the Lion Bridge. Go into the tunnel left and follow through to the bridge.

Walk to the edge left of the bridge, drop down onto a path below and go in to the tunnel for Secret #3, a Golden Skull. Climb back up to the bridge.

Go across the bridge, take a left at the doors and in the last alcove of the wall (S) is a crawlspace. Drop into the room behind the wall, use the lever to open the doors at the Lion Bridge and get back there. Enter the doors and the level changes…

Part II.

 Blue Key.

Proceed to a Huge Hall, go through one of the openings left (W) and come to a canyon. Go left and walk up to the edge of the canyon, jump and grab that sloped rock ridge. Shimmy right around the corner and pull up, back flip and roll to grab the rocks behind you. Shimmy right around again and at the other end you can pull up. Do a diagonal run over the ledge and jump to grab the floor above (E). Go through to the upper level of the Hall and go right, jump onto that arch over the entrance (SE) and over to the other side of the Hall. Go left to the far corner and retrieve a Blue Key from a skeleton.

Open up a Shortcut.

Get back onto that arch S and jump back to the W side. Go back to the canyon and take a right (N), follow to the end and left where you’ll see a Keyhole (Bronze). Not for the key you have, but we’re going to create a shortcut up here for later. Go into the small passage on the right (N) in the room with the Keyhole. Down a ladder, pick up a small medipack at the skeleton and use a lever to open the doors, step out into the corridor at the canyon side of the Halls. Take a left (E) and go through the opening to another Hall.

Use the Key, Timed Runs for a Torch.

Head straight across into the passage (E), go left and left again into a corridor with a ladder. Go down this ladder and use the Blue Key to open the gate, run over the low ledge in the middle (opens two Timed doors) and jump onto the block S, a running jump to grab up S and get through the timed door. Drop down into a lower room at the end of that passage; notice the door in the N wall (second Timed door).

Stand behind the tile facing the gate (E) and run over the tile, out the gate and straight into another one. Pick up a Torch, roll and run out to throw the Torch to the gate you came from (W) so it is against the gate. Now do that run up to the high S door again and drop into the room with the tile. Run over the tile and grab the Torch, hop back inside before the gate closes. Hold the Torch in hand, run over the tile again, out and a bit left, roll onto that tile there and get back inside the gate you just left and go right around the corner into the Timed door that also opened (savegame.4)

Follow in left and ignite the Torch, run over the tile (also timed) the exit opens up, so leave and go left to ignite the two wall torches near the gate (N). Go in and use the lever to open a door in Hall 1. Leave the Torch, as you cannot take it up with you, go out and left into the first gate, left again and halfway up the ladder shift left (to the top is for later). Out in the corridor (in the NE is another Keyhole (Gold)) for later, so go right and right again to Hall 2, then take a left to Hall 1 and left again to the single door you opened (E wall).

Hall 1 E Door, the Rotating Rooms, the Green Key.

Loop around left and pick up Shotgun ammo at the other doors. Head E and along either side of the wall with the wall torch, you’ll come to a roundish room; room 1. Map-rotate.jpg

-Go left (nasty camera) to the next room 2. Use the lever left and see room 1 turning 90 degrees, opening up another route. Every time you use the lever a room will turn.

-Go back to the right  (S) to room 1 and left (E) to room 3, go left (N) to room 4, the lever will turn room 3, DO NOT use the lever just yet

-Go left (E) into room 5 with the ladder and loop around left to a block in the wall; push the block all the way into room 6 with the spike trap (secret behind the block).

-To get the Secret: Go left and jump over the spikes, go left and the gate opens when you step on the tile and you are back in room 2, go straight to room 1, left to room 3 and left again to room 4, take a right into room 5 and left to the push block, pull it once. Go around through the rooms and the spike alley to get to the block again and push it into the alcove E. Go where you pulled the block from, crawl through and get Secret #4, a Golden Skull. Get back to the spike alley.  

-Go through room 6 to room 2 (over the spikes through the gate, go straight) and throw the lever there again (up) and room 1 turns another 90 degrees. 

-Back through the gate on the left to through room 6, jump over the spikes. Take a right and a right again, then a left and a right (room 1) where you can now go left (S) to room 7, pick up the Flares. Use the lever on the W wall once, turning room 8 90 degrees.

-Return to room 4 (out N and take a right then a left), use the lever 3 times to turn the room 3 times (lever should be down then).

-Go left and left again through room 6 to room 2 (jump over spikes and through the gate) and use the lever on the right 3 times (lever should be down), go to the right to room 1 then left to room 3 and right to room 8.

-Go left to room 9 (a long room with an upper floor). Jump up one of the alcoves to grab up to that upper floor and go NE to a passage with Teeth doors. Stand close and roll when the door is open, do that one more time and use the lever in the next room (10) to open the door to the right of you. Go through and you arrive on top of room 5.

-Now we need to turn room 8 once, so down the ladder and straight (W) to room 4, use the lever on the right once (up). Then go back to room 5 and loop around left to room 6. Jump the spikes and go left through the gate to room 2. Use that lever also once (up). Go back to room 6 (N) jump over the spikes and loop around to the right (room 4). Take a left to room 3 and then right to room 1 and left to room 7. Use the lever once (up).

-Go back to room 4; out N and take a right and then a left and use the lever there twice (up) to turn room 3 and you should also hear a door open up. Go E to room 5, up the ladder, through room 10 and the teeth doors to room 9, drop down and pick up a small medipack in the NW end. Go to the other end, step into room 8 and take a left to the Key room, shoot two bats and pick up the Green Key (savegame.5).

A door opens to the right, go through and use the button to open the door to room 7 where you got the Flares before. No idea why this is here, maybe we missed something…

Go back to where you came from, room 8, take a right to room 9, jump to the upper ledge and through the teeth doors. Go down the ladder to room 5, to the right through room 6, over the spikes and left to room 2 where you have to use the lever twice (up). Go to room 1 (S) and right to get out there..

Using the Green Key, the First Blue Gem.

Return to Hall 1, take a right to Hall 2 and go left through the arches into the passage, in the canyon corridor go right (N), then left into the small passage with the ladder. Go up and right to the Keyhole to use the Green Key. Through the door that opens up you’ll come to a cave, use the crack in the W wall to shimmy all the way left and drop. Go to the pit and stand opposite one of the openings at the other side, run and jump and hold down Ctrl as you land against the floor, Lara will hop up and grab the edge (the slope is too steep to stand, but with this trick you can get up there).

To the right, in the alcove near the skeleton, is a lever to open a Timed gate across the pit. The only place where you can get back up to the other side is the SW corner of the pit, on the other side there’s a flat part. So pull up, turn left and then run out right, sprint to the other end and curve left to jump along the last pillar to that flat corner, immediately pull up and run jump towards the passage, then sprint through the gate (savegame.6). 

Immediately start shooting the 5 warriors and one of them drops the Blue Key you can use in the lock in the right hand wall (W). There’s Shotgun ammo SE before you go use the Key. The next spike pit has a break ledge you have to jump on. The timing is crucial; try to land when the doors open up so you can run through them in one go. Left round the corner is another nice one, a run jump through the first moving block, run over the break ledges and through the next pillar.

If you can, run right (don’t jump) around the corner at the second pillar so you can pick up Secret #5, a Golden Skull.

Run out with a right curve to jump over another pit, climb up and come to more teeth doors across a pit. A run jump with Ctrl to get to the opening and immediately roll, some luck is required here. Then you’ll come to a tile on the floor raising a platform behind the next set of doors, run through the first set, jump onto the platform and get through the last set of doors (savegame.7) to get to the First Blue Gem.

The Golden Key and using it.

When you pick it up you can see a wall opening up. Go out left to the horseman room and left of the Timed gate in the corner is that opening (NW), go through and find the Golden Key next to a skeleton.

Run out and go onto a rock E, grab up to the ridge E and shimmy right, back flip and roll to grab a balcony. Jump to the crack on the opposite wall (W) and shimmy back to the right to the floor. Leave E through the doors and go left to the ladder, climb down. Go right and then left (E) to Hall 2 and go straight across into the passage, go left and to the end of the corridor where you can use the Golden Key to the right.

The Silver Key, the Second Blue Gem.

Go left around the corner underneath a balcony and shoot that horseman that comes running out. Inside his room is a chain; climb up and back flip off, go to the balcony and to the right into a room where another horseman attacks. On the wall is a hint I  II III IV V.

Head through left (S) and left around the corner is a button opening the gate in the room with the hint. Go back and through that gate to a spike pit, take a step back, hop in when the spikes go down and jump up to the other side. 5 Chains, remember the hint? It’s not a hint for the chains, but for the wall torches and each chain ignites one, but not the one with the same number.

So figure out which chain ignites what  and pull from left to right chain #2-4-5.

Go in and save before you pick up the Silver Key. Two wraiths will show up, roll and run to the pit, take the time to time the spikes and jump through, about straight to the balcony with the button and jump left over the edge, roll and get out the Gold key doors (W) to the corridor, take a left and then right into the ladder passage you visited before, go down again and get to the gate you previously opened with the Blue Key.

We have to do part of the Timed run again to get into the room where the Torches were. Run over the low ledge in the middle and jump onto the block S, a running jump to grab up S and get through the timed door. Just run down into the next lower room at the end of that passage, onto the tile in the middle and to the right (E) out of the Timed gate into the opposite Timed gate, to the right is the keyhole for the Silver Key, get through the gate fast and into the water (savegame.8). Get out E and grab the Second Blue Gem.

Using the Blue Gems, the Artefact of Ubar.

Go back, jump right to the exit and step on the ledge in the Torch room; go out to the corridor. Take a right and right again to get to the ladder on the left and go all the way up this time to the first floor of Hall 2. Take a right and go through a door in the N wall, follow through to a room with the two receptacles below.

For a Secret: shimmy along a crack in the right hand (E) wall and drop on that balcony and to the right is Secret #6, a Golden Skull.

Drop from the balcony and use the two Gems, go through the doors that will open up and run to that Horseman. Shoot him while hopping backwards with a right turn and pick up the Golden Key he will drop. Use that Key in the right hand (E) Wall and go through the gate to pick up the Artefact of Ubar.

Escape with the Artefact.

An earthquake starts, run out and straight into a gate W, watch out for falling debris and go right, jump and grab the rock in the pit and run jump across to the exit tunnel, follow up to where you see daylight….