Ancient Artefact II (Revised version).

Levels by Max (aka Maax87)

Walk by G&D Productions. Revised version 07-09-2015.

Expert level at times, but with the provided save games everyone can enjoy this adventure, Saves folder.

Lara has to go find the Holy Grail, stolen by Audrey Brijet. which you saw come down to earth in the movie.

1- Venice 4- Brijett Lab Kingdom of the Shadow Bonus Level
2- Ireland-Old Mine 5- Brijett Lab Escape  
3- Ireland Cathedral 6- Kingdom of the Shadow  

Venice, 6 months later..

Level 1 – Venice.

5 Secrets

From the empty pedestal, to the left is a Keyhole for the Museum Key (much later). Go to the balcony behind you and you can look at some hints in the Notepad.

“The Police still has nothing. I’ll have a look around…”

Jump left over the railing to grab the climbable wall on the left (E) and go down to the jetty. On the jetty are Flares.

Dive into the water and swim into the tunnel S, up on the ledge and crawl (or roll; duck and sprint) through to a grate, shoot that and jump out (Alt) into the water.

“Factory” Basements.

Many ways to go…

Just swim straight E, in the next section climb out straight ahead and follow to a room. Jump onto the crate next to the burner and pull up in the corner, you are safe as long as you don’t move too much. Turn to the W and spot a grate up in the wall, jump up and shoot it when the burner is down. Then get lined up for a run jump to the crack N, shimmy left and get into the opening you created. Stand at the pit and time the spikes, hop and hop again with Ctrl to get into the opening at the end.

The Elevator Puzzle, a Battery.

In the first room is an elevator; we need to get a machine up to this level. First go left, in the room with the steam then go to the right and turn around in the alcove to climb the ladder to the upper level. Run to the left (W) and push the button to lower the elevator. Go back down using the same ladder, go to the elevator and drop down to the lower level.

W behind the pillar is that machine you need to move. Go into the opening SW, careful, that grated floor is deadly! Time the spikes and jump there, curving right a running jump to the safe floor. From there take a run jump to grab the opening (N). In here is an old broken down elevator and that machine is in the opening on the right, go through the elevator and push the machine once.

Jump through the corner, or go back the way you came. Move the machine into the elevator, climb up twice to the top level using the ladders in the S alcoves. Go left (W) and use that button again to get the machine up to ground floor, get down there and move the machine onto that steam vent E. This will open the way on the upper level, get back up there (ladder S). Take a right and in the new room with another elevator you can find a Battery. On the crate in the corner is Shotgun ammo. This battery has to go to the room with the burner on the pillar.

Use the Battery.

Go back down one floor and towards the elevator (W) and then to the right and at the pit in the passage with the spike trap we can get a Secret on the way back (or just jump back over the pits and drop from the crawlspace).

Secret: Face the pit standing left and run in, sliding from the slope below jump with Ctrl into an opening. Go down into the room for Secret #1, Desert Eagle ammo, Uzi clips and a Medipack under the crate. Climb up SE and up the next ladder too, follow through, safety drop down and you are back in the room with the burner on the pillar.

Place the Battery on the receptacle in the niche N; a gate opens to the left. Go through that gate (NW) and just jump up to grab the ceiling grate to get across the room to the passage. Do the same thing at the next crossing and use the button to open an underwater gate. Drop from the passage into the water and swim into the tunnel S. Go left in the next room, stay high while swimming through the room with the propeller and into the tunnel NW. Next room stay low and go left (N), follow through the room where you opened that underwater gate and go straight through (N). Follow the tunnel up to another part of the canals. Swim right (N) and climb out next to the Mansion, you will get a cut scene.

Canals, the Mansion; the Museum Key.

Brijett: I am going back to the laboratory. Take care of miss Croft, she is starting to get close and I don’t want any distractions.

Crook: I will take care of her ma’am; you have any special requests?

Audrey: Send her my love before you done.

Lara: Ah how the hell did she survived, I have to get to her.

A button on the right wall (E) will open the shortcut gate to the Museum (for later). Climb the wall left of that button and gate (NE) almost as far as and then back flip onto a balcony.

“Maybe I can stop her. I have to watch out for that mercenary and his crew.”

Jump through the window and on a crate to the right are Flares in a box. Then push the button on the left wall (S) and see a gate open up in the canal. Go out to the balcony, hop into the canal and swim right (W) through that open gate.

There will be a thug shooting you to the left, so swim to the right and passing a jetty and swim straight to the next one. Take out the thug there. Now aim for the thug back in the distance (S) and keep shooting till he’s dead. Swim back S a bit through the first opening, climb left onto the jetty. When you step in front of the entrance, a dog comes out, shoot it. Inside is a small medipack, no need to use that lever as it is timed and we first need to open that passage you see W to have a shortcut to the Timed door.

Swim back N and left, at the end left again and spot that timed door for later. Nothing we can do there, so for now turn around and swim to the jetty N and climb out. Go into the passage to another square, right around into an alley. Shoot the grate on the right to get into that crawlspace and save at the shaft. Face the opening and turn a bit to the right, then use ALT to jump in and you’ll slide down into the water. Swim to the right and grab that small medipack. Turn and now swim to the other end, swim up in a room with spikes on a ledge. Go between the spikes and the higher block, pull up when the spikes go up and immediately back flip onto the block. From the block jump over and shimmy left. Go up the ladder and use the lever on the wall, this disables the burner. Walk over the pipe to the opposite ledge and jump down.

Follow through a crawlspace shooting grates and end up in an alley behind a scaffold. Pull that scaffold twice and climb on. Grab up to the balcony above and jump over the railing to the balcony on the right (SW).

For a Secret: pull/push that scaffold all the way to the other end of the balcony under the vines (N) and climb on and on the left into a hidden opening behind the vines for Secret #2, Flares, a small medipack and Uzi clips. Drop out onto the scaffold.

Push or pull the scaffold under that open window and climb in. Hop left onto the landing and turn to jump into the lower window for a small medipack. Drop down to the ground floor and grab the Museum Key from the pedestal. On the bookcases is a box with Uzi clips. Open the exit door with the button and two thugs come for you; deal with them. One of them will drop Uzi clips.

Using the Museum Key.

Leave through the passage E, dive into the canal and swim left (E). Swim right around the corner and in the end left through that open gate, all the way straight to the end and to the left to climb out on the wooden crates at the Mansion again. To the right is that button you might have used already to open the gate next to it, go through to come to the canal near the Museum. Swim to the left, around the Museum (E), climb out at the balcony and climb the right hand wall (you came down here before). Back flip to the upper balcony and go inside, to the left is the Keyhole for the Museum Key.

The Warehouse.

Climb into the opened window and jump out to the right to that crate (with Ctrl), then into the window of the warehouse on the other side. Jump straight onto a crate next to the wall.

For a Secret, get to the ground floor, around to the other side of the crates and jump up to shoot a panel with a label, climb in for Secret #3, Shotgun ammo. Go back up around to the other side.

Climb to the top of the crates and shoot a wooden fence to create another shortcut to another section of the canals. From the balcony jump to the left (SW) onto the next balcony, get inside (side flip or roll) and shoot the thug. The box left of the old radio hides Shotgun ammo.

Open the First Gates for the Timed Swim.

Back to the balcony and jump to the walkway (W). Hop over to the small balcony on the left and in a bit you need a shortcut up here, so grab the wall straight ahead (W), go down and open the gate with the button (you can now get up to the balconies using the tunnel below). Climb back up to back flip to the balcony and go inside to follow that passage, first opening on the right leads to a balcony with an empty box. But you can jump over to the next, turn right and jump with Ctrl into the windowsill E, hang out and shimmy left to the next window. Pull up, turn around and jump from there into the opening in the wooden structure on the right. Right around the corner is a button opening the first of the two gates.

Second Gate.

Now we need to get back up to the balconies, hop down into the water, swim S and left through the gate, look in the right hand wall for the low opening and swim in. Pull up and jump over. The button closes the gate, so leave it.

Go half way up the climbable wall (W) and back flip to the balcony, go inside and all the way to the end of the passage into a storage room. Go around (or over) the crates and go straight through to a balcony where you can see and hear the church bells. Jump to grab the cables on the opposite right hand house and shimmy all the way left to drop onto a wooden platform. Go to the garden and shoot the three dogs on the square. Go through the opening straight ahead (N) and on the next square with the wooden house, loop around to the front of the house and use the button there (screen of a trapdoor). Go back to the other side and drop into the now open trapdoor in the water. Climb out and pick up the Medipack and turn around. Jump to the ladder, climb up and backflip. Turn to the left and now climb that corner block.

Wooden House.

Turn right and jump to grab the lamppost (N), swing and jump to grab the cable on the far wall, shimmy right and drop on the wall. Turn right and jump to grab the next cable on the E wall, shimmy right and get onto the hedge. On the square below are a thug and a dog, drop down to take them out. Go into the opening E and use the button at the end to raise a trapdoor.

The Timed Gate.

Go back out; look up right (N) to spot a gate up in the wall. That’s a Timed gate. Go to the hedge, go right and from the crate you can grab the ledge. Here is the lever for that timed gate, save and pull. Roll, run jump as far as possible onto the hedge, at the end curve left and jump to grab that white stone ledge as far as possible to the left. Run jump and grab that cable on the wall (also as far as possible to the left) and shimmy left fast. Drop onto the platform, turn left and run jump into the open gate with Ctrl. The button on the wall opens the timed door again.

Inside go into the opening on the right, a box in a niche on the left (W) has a small medipack. The lever there will finally open that Second Gate. Go back to the Timed gate, use the button right of it to reopen it and get down to the square, up over the hedge to the wooden house and out left (S) to the canal. Dive in, swim left and then right around the corner, through the wooden structure up left onto the jetty and save at the lever.

Timed Swim, the Mansion Key.

Pull, turn left and hop into the small canal, swim through and left. Up to the ledge in front of the door, get in fast.

A thug will show up, shoot him and pick up Uzi clips, and then proceed into the corridor. To the right at the windows is the Mansion Key. Go back to the canal, swim right through the small canal, right again and then left through the gate, straight ahead (E) to the end and left to climb out on the wooden crates. Left of you is the Mansion front door and left of it is the keyhole.

The Mansion.

Go in and right..

“Lara: There is no chance I can get to her. I need to get free from those damned mercenaries. Why does she want the Grail so badly? I have to return to Ireland; maybe I missed something.”

Open a next door with the button, climb up right (N).

Secret: Upstairs shoot a grate up left and get in, push a button to close the front door. Go back down to the front door and follow the passage, push a button and get Secret #4, 2x Uzi clips. Get out and go back upstairs.

Hazardous Escape.

Go right, follow the passage and turn around at the end, slide backwards and don’t grab the edge, but just slide landing on a crate. Run into the alcove in front and roll to shoot two thugs from there (they didn’t come for me so it was a Turkey shoot). One of them leaves Uzi clips. There’s one more thug way up on a balcony, go take him out now from standing on the crate and maybe jump up too (Try not to take medipacks, because you will get full health again after the imminent level change).

Secret: From the crate on the ground floor look W and spot the panel with the label; shoot that and jump in for Secret #5, Uzi clips and a Medipack.

Climb the crates SW and jump N to grab the climb wall, go up and back flip to the walkway where the thug was. Use the button on the other end and a gate opens in the street below. So get back down, go through the gate and end up in Ireland…


Level 2 – Ireland – Old Mine.

4 Secrets and a Bonus Coin.

“The inscription reads, about the mine which was founded by the Knights Templar. What for?

There weren't any minerals or gold. And the only thing they left behind is a small Church up on the hills. I need to look around some more…”

Drop into the trench, go to the right (N) and shoot that old wooden panel. Proceed into a basement, some critters show up; shoot them (notice the door E). Go left through the mine tunnel and then up a ladder, turn to the right and go to a Mine pit with a track.

“Well… And here's the mine.”

Go left following the track and drop down into the hole, down to the ground floor and into the wide tunnel. Follow through to a large cavern, the Main Cavern.

Main Cavern.

Jump to land in the water below, climb out SW-W side. Go to the left (S) and push that cage as far as it will go into the passage, go left and grab a Medipack. Go back to the cavern and hop up over a slope to the opening on the left (W).

Lara: “I had no idea that a mine complex could be so vast.”

To the left is a mine cart with some Dynamite sticks behind it. Go right and at the gate with the keyhole right again, shooting bats when you encounter them. Next cavern go left over the tracks (N), then drop down into the next cave. Go right around the corner to the NE corner, there is an opening over a slope, jump in there and follow through. In the next area is a lever on a wooden block straight over to the N, pull it. It will open a gate next to the Main Cavern. Looks like this area needs to be flooded first. Go back (S) and down around the pillar and get back up where you came from. Keep going straight (S) to the large opening overlooking the pool. Jump out left and climb up (E), a flyby kicks in…

Go left to where that gate opened and follow through, climb down a ladder and go in N, climb down to the bottom and shoot some critters. Keep going N and come to a place with a bunch of bats. Left around the corner you can climb the wooden wall to a walkway. From the walkway jump N and pull up.

Jump to the crate in the basin and then into the opening N. In the wooden room slide down the hole in the ground and run to the end of the break floor, jumping to the right around the corner to the next break tile, straight to the next and then curve left to jump to #3, curve left again and jump from the second tile to grab a rock ledge. Hop over to the next ledges and grab the roots on the ceiling to monkey swing to a ledge, hang from the edge and shimmy left around to an opening. (savegame.0)

Follow through, in the next room is Desert Eagle ammo on the wooden ledge and the lever there will open a gate near the basin. 

Climb up SE and follow through to slide down into the room with the hole in the ground. Go out straight and back to the basin. Jump over the water and drop down on the ground floor and left is that cage you can now move under the lever on the wall of the basin (N). The water will flow and flood the part we visited before. Leave S to the Main Cavern, climb up a wooden ladder and drop down, climb up and use the stone wall to get back. Go to the right (W) drop down and loop around left to get into the next tunnel (W). Go over the tracks (N) and take a right, follow through around a corner left. Drop down and go to the far right corner (NE) and jump up.

In the now flooded section go left and swim over to the ledge at the other side, climb up on the right and back flip with roll to grab the walkway behind you. Jump over to the walkway on the left (E) and then to that suspended crate.

Secret: Turn left and jump to those crates in the corner, hang and shimmy all the way left around to a hidden opening, get in for Secret #1, a Medipack. You will have to drop into the water below and make your way back up to the crate.

The Crowbar.

Jump to the opening right (S), follow that tunnel down to where you’ll find a lever on the left wall. It will open the gate down to your right, so drop down and go in there (SE). Walk the rope across a room you visited below. It’s a dead end passage, but you might have seen the crack left when walking the rope. Turn around and face right (NW) and jump out to grab the steel rim on the wooden wall, shimmy left and pull up into a small cave with the Crowbar on a crate. Only way back I found was stand with your back to the rope, one step away from the edge of the floor and hop back, then hit Ctrl as soon as you are below the floor and grab the slope below, safety drop down. Turn around and go back S up the ladder and also climb the stone ladder in the next area.

Back to the Surface, put the Crowbar to good use.

This time stay in the opening, turn around and run jump straight over to a rock ridge. Grab it and shimmy right around the corner. Back flip roll and grab the next, right around the corner and one more back flip to get to a ledge. Follow the tunnel up slowly and suddenly a boulder comes down, roll and sprint back, stop at the end and turn right. Hop back, grabbing the edge to let the boulder pass. Get back in and climb up on the right into the opening halfway up the slope and follow through to the Main Cavern, top level.

For a Rope.

Go left up the slope (S), shoot the panel and jump over a pit, another panel and pit and shoot a last panel to get to a large area. Shoot the critters and in the back are cages, pull or push the one on the floor once to the N. Climb up and pull the crate once away from the wall (E). Down on the ground move the cage to the E wall on the right. Jump on top and move the other crate so you can get behind it. Enter the passage and use the lever to raise a block in the Main Cavern. Get back to the cages.

Secret: Move the lower crate onto the “face” tile S and a block goes up to the right of you, climb it, jump into the opening in the wall and get Secret #2, 2x Uzi clips, on the floor and in the box. Get out.

Go out of the room W, over the pits and climb the crate in the Cavern (straight ahead), jump to the NW ledge and onwards to the lever, which will turn the wheel and release the rope. Jump back to the ledge and go down to the crate, to the right around the corner walk out towards the wheel.

Secret: Look left and jump with a curve into that cave you see down SE. Hang from the edge and shimmy right to a crevice, get in and drop down into the cave to get Secret #3, the Uzis, a small medipack and Uzi clips. Go up the wooden ladder, climb off left and head up the tunnel. At the end turn around, slide backwards to grab the edge and shimmy left. Pull up and go left, back to the ledge to the rope.

Stand jump to grab the rope and swing to the opposite opening and follow through, up the slope and grab up SW through the hole. Jump over and get ready.

Back up to the Surface, the TNT Chamber Key.

"Oh…damn it!"

Two thugs are waiting for you, shoot them and pick up Uzi clips.

Secret: Go into the cave W, down a ladder and follow through to where another thug opens fire. Open the crowbar door E and get Secret #4, 2x Shotgun ammo from the floor and a small medipack on the crate. Go out, to the right into the tunnel and up the ladder.

Back at the tracks, loop around to the right and climb the ladder. Another thugs starts shooting, quickly jump to the bridge to take him out, he will leave a small medipack. Go to the door W and open it with the Crowbar. Inside to the right is a lever opening a door above. Go out, jump back into the SW corner and grab up to the wooden wall right, climb to the top and shimmy to the left. Then back flip onto the corner block and grab the ceiling to get onto the roof.

From the roof jump to the ledge on the left (NE) and then left again (SE) to the wooden ledge at the door you opened, go in.

Lara: “I need to be careful. Brijett had to hire this mercenary… I think that the Grail must hide more secrets.”

Shoot the left hand box to get the TNT Chamber Key.

Back into the Mine.

Go out and down onto the bridge below, jump back to the SW corner, down the ladder. Head into the tunnel N, down the hole, follow the slope down to the Main Cavern. Jump into the pool below.

Main Cavern, Swimming for the Bonus Coin.

In the bottom of the pool is a hidden opening, swim down and at a closed gate you can see the Bonus Coin. Go left and follow right where possible, through a low tunnel and in the next underwater room swim up through a grate in the ceiling. There is a nasty fish here. Swim through the wall SE and get air there. The fish won’t be following you. Grab a small medipack there and swim back down through the grate and into a hidden opening W (left corner), keep a bit left but go straight and then keep going right where possible (may take some tries to get it right). You’ll go through another hidden opening and in the end in the sandy tunnel is the Bonus Coin. Swim back to the air pocket (just follow the tunnel in reverse order). Savegame.1

Now swim down through the grate and into the opening N, follow to the N, left around the corner and through the narrow part, back to the surface in the pool.

Explosive Stuff, Get Out of the Cavern.

Get out W and jump into the W cave. To the right you can now open the gate to the TNT Chamber (N). Right around the corner are some Flares. Push the detonator button on the wooden crate and see the Mine cart being blown up.

Go there, jump around the burning cart and enter the new tunnel follow to a door….

Level 3 – Ireland Cathedral.

4 Secrets.

“The symbol of the Grail, I can’t believe it. This mine could be just a front for what this place really hides.”

Go through N, left around the corner in the next room is a climb wall, up and back flip roll to grab a crack, shimmy right till you can pull up in a niche. Stand jump out to the left (S), grabbing the niche with the lever. Throw that, drop down and proceed to the left (E) to where that gate opened. Drop down into the next pit and grab a small medipack, get back up and into the crawlspace NW. Follow through into the Cathedral.

“Incredible.. the Templar’s created a chapel here. This could be the place where they kept the Grail. But why have they moved it into Beyond? I need some information about it, maybe in some scrolls or manuscripts.”

Main Hall, ground floor.

Go jump straight and near the far wall is a pedestal, you’ll get information in the Notebook, a map of the place you can bring up any time by pressing “M”. The whole West section seems closed for now, so go up the dirt pile behind you and climb up into the section above.

First Floor, getting rid of Ghosts.

Loop around left into the next arch and hop right onto that balcony. First spot the opening W where you have to go in a bit. Now enter the passage right (N) and follow through to the Gallery Hall (4 on map). Two Ghosts show up, run back to the balcony and jump right into the arch (W) I showed you, go left to the Ghost Trap (7).

Jump to the wall in the right corner, over the poisonous mushrooms to the ladder there and get in. The Ghosts will be caught in that glowing Crystal on the pedestal (you may have to run around a bit). Watch the health bar, if it is yellow you’re poisoned. Get down and backflip and return to the balcony. Left are some big doors…

Lara: “Oh, this looks like the place where they used to keep the Grail, I have to get there.”

Gallery Hall, Raising Platforms.

Jump back from the arch to the balcony N and go through to where you found those Ghosts. From the balcony take a step (or two) from the edge then hop over the railing onto that slope in the opposite wall with Ctrl (N). Grab the edge and pull up to back flip to a ledge. Then jump into the opening down and immediately on the left is a ladder. Go up and almost at the top, jump and roll to grab the ledge with the swinging axe. Then take a running jump to the other side. There is a cage on the right, pull it out and climb on it to get to the balcony above it.

Disable the Spike Trap.

Turn around then jump and grab the opening above the blade (NW); go through and use the lever to raise platforms over a spike pit. Jump back to the balcony, climb down and safety drop down next to the cage (W). Go E over the platforms and through the passage to a room with a Spike floor. Some of the tiles are dirty looking; those are the broken spike traps and are safe. Jump to the first left and do a diagonal run to jump to the next NW. And to the next straight ahead to enter the passage on the right, grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the safe floor. At the end left is a block, climb up and turn around, then jump and grab the jump lever. The spikes retract under those platforms. Use the monkey swing to go back to the spike room, hop to the passage right (W) and follow down to some Flares.

This way is blocked, so return, jump the spike room to the other side and go over the platforms to the W, up that ladder again, back flip to the blade and jump to grab the cage. Go up and onto the balcony, jump to that passage above the blade (NW), go through and use the lever again to open those platforms at the spike pit. So back to the balcony and down on the crate and safety drop down next to the crate. Drop in where the platforms opened. Two routes from here:

E side- Bone Powder: Go down to the ledge, make a note of that wall torch here and go through straight ahead, up the sloped passage and be careful, those green spotted mushrooms are poisonous. Get on the block left and jump to grab onto the balcony. Into the opening right and come to a room with parchments on pedestals, the one Lara keeps looking at has a bag of Bone Powder so grab it. Go out to the left (S) and immediately around the right in the corner is a lever opening a gate back to the Gallery Hall on the left (W).

W side- Poison Pool, Raising Platforms and Fire Switches.

Go out the gate and get to the balcony on the other side. Take a running jump to the slope (on the left a bit) and backflip and jump back into the opening. Go right to where the spikes were and jump down, turn around and grab the monkey swing and go over to the opening on the right (W), on the right is the closed gate where you got the Flares from the other side (spike room). So go left up to a room with a grate in the floor (left is a closed gate). To the back and to the right you overlook a poison pool. Drop down to a ledge and jump to an alcove NW for more Flares. Just for fun save and hop into the green goo to see what happens. Jump back onto the ledge (no Ctrl), go inside and find a cage you can pull/push it out of the opening onto the ledge. Hop back, turn right and carefully hop with Ctrl into the opening right so you won’t slide into the goo. Hop out left and grab the cage, turn left and grab up to the ledge above, shimmy left along the crack and pull up in an alcove. Turn around and shoot that green thing, a burner will start and a platform goes up in front of it. Jump over and crawl under the burner, stand up when it stops and use the reach-in switch, quickly duck and back up. Jump back to the E, pull up and grab the crack left to go around to the next ledge, do the same thing there. That gate in the room E opened.

Secret: Before jumping back from the burner, look down E and spot an opening below the ledge. Now jump back E, stand one step from the edge and hop back, after you passed the edge hit Ctrl and you’ll end up in that opening (didn’t find another way) Go in for Secret #1, Shotgun ammo. Climb or hop on the dirt pile under the grate and slide down the other side. Get back out and onto the cage as before and move it to the S so you can climb back up to the room above.

The Vault (8 on Map), the Laboratory Key.

Go back to the cage and move it to the S end so you can climb back up to the room. Enter that gate straight ahead (E) and go up to a passage leading to the corridor behind the closed gates W of the Main Hall. Look up left and use the jump lever to open one of those gates for later.

Turn around and opposite that gate is an opening, get in and follow through to a cage, pull it into this passage and go back to the corridor. Go right and through the passage where you pulled the cage. On a pedestal in the middle are Flares and on the one to the right is the Laboratory Key. Go back to the corridor, out right through the gate you opened to the Main Hall (room 1) go straight into the opposite archway (SE) and follow this passage and in the next small area go to the right to a pit. Hang and shimmy right along the crack. Then use the Key on the gate there.

Aula Liquidus (Laboratory), Green Essence.

All empty pedestals, go along the left side to the back and look up left, grab up to that grate and climb up. Use the lever up there to open a trapdoor and go back down. To the right into that room with the floor grate (S). Climb down the ladder, drop and shoot the 3 Hellhounds.

“Something strange is happening here. Very disturbing anomaly. Un-dead hellhounds, ghosts and glowing mushrooms. What has changed this place?”

The skeleton S has a Medipack, go a bit right of it, light a flare to find the push block, pull it out 3 times (I’ll explain later) and go behind it. The next block in that passage goes inside once and then to the right once. Climb it and use the lever, a gate opens near a pedestal. Go back out.

Secret: Pull that first block in the room under a nearby opening in the ceiling (that’s why we pulled it 3 times), climb up and get Secret#2, Flares and Shotgun ammo. Get down to the room.

Go up the ladder in the N alcove and back flip off at the top. Go out to the room and find that gate to the right, enter. Go up to a contraption on the higher floor E, take a right and get Uzis from the pedestal.

Secret: Turn right and climb that brown wallpaper wall W, crawl in for Secret #3, Desert Eagle ammo from the pedestal and Uzi clips from the floor. Go out.

Flooded Basement Jumps.

Go back to the room with the contraption, go left down the stairs and climb down a ladder between the stairs. Go left into the S section and drop down an open grate. The water in the room N is deadly; avoid falling in. Jump/slide to the slope on the right just before the flame dies, keep jumping and sliding till you are safe on a block (NW).

Pull up, turn to the right slide and jump right a bit, roll in the air while jumping back and fro and try to time that burner, jump left when you expect it to go down and a few jumps get you to a safe block (savegame.2). Go to a deep pit with spikes on a ledge, just jump straight to the opposite wall and grab the crack. Shimmy right along the spike ledge and around 3 corners, the part where you cannot go further is climbable, so get your feet up and back flip into the niche. Run jump out and grab the monkey climb, go to the other side, drop and grab the crack to go left to an opening.

Timed Jumps to The Gate.

You are now behind those gates at the flooded basement. There are two crates hanging on chains, go through straight ahead (S) and find a lever on the left. Timed lever! This is for a gate up right from the deadly water. Pull, roll and run jump as far as possible onto the right hand slope, curving a bit left so you can jump right to a flat ledge (you have to jump back and forth a bit), roll and jump to the crate in the corner, turn and jump to the suspended crate, a curved run jump from that will get you to the Timed gate, best roll to get inside before it drops (savegame.3).

Swimming with Spikes.

Go through and right, jump over a railing to grab the ledge with the gate, pull the lever there to lower spikes in the pit below. Safety drop from that ledge into the now safe water pit; swim through a crawlspace.

Don’t go straight W, but take the left side (S) where the spikes are inactive, right around two corners and up. Take the right hand side (N) and go around two corners and up for air, climb out. Go up the slope to the next room and right around the corner climb up the ladder.

Moving Cages Jump.

There is a ledge with two moving cages and a spike trap in the middle. Stand on the corner and aim to the right of the spikes. When the blocks are about to move to the right, hop and then a running jump and grab the edge. Shimmy to the left and hoist into the crawlspace. (savegame.4).

Get through, drop down to the ground floor and push the cage on the right into the other room. Throw the lever left (SW) and see a gate open up in the jump basement. Turn right, climb up to the ledge and grab Flares. Drop down and climb back through the crawlspace you came through and drop into the other room. On the cage you can now use a lever to start the Fire in the fireplace and the contraption produces some Green Essence.

Back to the Lab.

Get back down the slope to the water N, dive in and swim straight, go left around three corners, swim down and to the right (S), then left around two corners and straight to the end, then right into the low tunnel to get back to the spike pit. Climb out, go left to the jump slopes and get to the other side whatever way you prefer.

Secret: Get up on the hanging crate in the corner and jump to the one E, use the alcove at the timed gate to get onto the crate N, grab up through the leaves in the ceiling to get Secret #4, 2x Shotgun ammo and Flares. Drop from the crate to the ground.

Head W into the passage, and where those two crates are is the open gate left. Careful!

Look down and see that sloped block on the right? Run jump onto the left side of that sloped block (OR a standing jump to grab the edge), jump left at the last moment to get to the left side of the double block, jump again to get to the ledge (S). Get into the opening on the right and loop around for a Medipack. Go back to the ledge and climb up on the right and pull up through the broken grate in the ceiling.

Green Essence, make some Silver Dust.

Climb up the ladder on the left and up the stairs to that contraption and pick up the Green Essence, combine with the Bone Powder to get Silver Dust.

Use the Silver Dust, the Torch.

We go back to the Main Hall, leave W, follow through, down some steps and take a right to shimmy back across that pit and watch out when you reach the Hall, there’s a broken floor, remember? Go up the dirt mound on the right to the first floor and go around to the left to the balcony N again. Pass through to the balcony in the Gallery Hall and go left into a room with some kind of contraption. The symbol on the floor suggests you use the Silver Dust here, so put that in the contraption, it activates and you’ll get a screen of a pedestal with Torches (combine Green Essence with Bone Powder to get Silver Dust). Before leaving the room, pick up Flares next to the doorway (you’ll need them).

Go out and right, through to the balcony in the Main Hall, jump right into the opening to the W section and go into the last arch on the left. Jump right around the corner to the floor S where the gate to the Torches opened.

Get the Torch ignited and use it a first time.

Grab one Torch and jump back into the left arch. Now get back to where you used the Silver Dust (N balcony, to the Gallery Hall and left). Jump onto the ledge behind the contraption and ignite the Torch, take it out of the room.

Hop down E to the floor below, turn around, go to the NW corner and jump left around the wall to that platform. Stand with your back against the wall and hop into the opening N and go to the right down the dead spike trap. Straight down to the room E where you can now ignite that wall torch and see a gate open to a Key (In the crypt). Take the Torch with you, go straight (E) and hop left onto the block, hop up onto the balcony and hop up right (S), go right to a familiar room and out left. Then right through the gate opened before and you are back in the Gallery Hall.

Take a left into the passage to the Main Hall and go left to that collapsed floor (S). Save and drop the Torch over the edge (press the #1 key), check if you see the Torch on the floor down there and then you can proceed.

Down to the Crypts, Ghosts!

Turn around and go back (N) and into the last opening on the right to the balcony in the Gallery Hall. Take a right, back into the gate you just came from. Go straight into a small pool and climb out on the right. Follow the winding passage into the dark crypts. The gate drops shut, quickly run left into the passage with the green light, follow and go right (E) and take a left at a higher ledge, in that passage is a lever. Throw the lever, roll and run straight into the open gate (S). There is a Ghost killer here.

Use the Torch a second time, the Two Templar Keys.

After the Ghosts are gone, spot a climb wall on the W, climb down and on the block under the climb wall is a small medipack. On the lower floor are Flares, watch out for those mushrooms. Climb back up, back flip off and get out. Go back to the left (W) and left again and grab another small medipack where some mushrooms are. Go right into the Main crypt, loop around left into the passage (SE) and follow through to a room with a higher ledge, climb on it, turn around and jump up to grab into the higher passage. Follow through to a lever opening a gate (you might spot your Torch in that screen). Go back down and out to the Main crypt.

Straight ahead (W) the passage with the greenish light leads to where that gate opened. Go in and follow through to the room. Go to the right into the gate you opened when lighting that wall torch and get the Templar Key I, get out. Grab your Torch, go into the open gate W and ignite a wall torch behind that pillar. Back into the room and to the right is the gate (S) that opened; grab the Templar Key II there. You can take the torch with you for some extra light.

Use the Templar Keys.

Now go back to the Main Crypt (E) and take a left through the open gate, into the water and out on the left. Go straight and then left through the passage to the Main Hall and up to the first floor, turn around and jump over to the W side and use the Keys to open the big door there. Go through to…

Level 4 – Brijett Lab.

4 secrets - 1 bonus coin

“This is incredible! This is where they kept the Grail. And looks like... A portal!.... This is some sort of Journal. Or at least a fragment. Entry from 1311... Shortly before the Order has fallen.”

Cut scene: A divine power hidden within our Holly Grail is taking its revenge on us. For our pride, evil and sins. I must break my silence. The truth must be shown so that no one shall make our mistakes. When we have found the Grail, we were convinced that it came from our Lord, praising our noble mission. But then we have unearthed that it is no mere symbol. It's indeed unbelievably powerful.

It gives mighty strength and may grant eternal life. But the relic has taken over us... Willingly.

We soon witnessed the price we have had to pay for our sins... When the dead rose from their crypts to punish us.

It was then where everything has changed. We came to our mistakes. We decide to destroy the Grail in the Kingdom of Shadows, as we believe we were supposed to do so. To make sure no one could posses the Grails power once more.

We have laboured to create the portal but... we have failed. We have only managed to reach merely the entrance to the Underworld. We stumbled upon Beyond. It is there where we have left the Grail. We tried to close that entrance forever, but it merely was too late. All perished. That was all we could do.

This cathedral will become our tomb. The power has abandoned us but not entirely. The evil power was left here for centuries to come. It's a threatening place. It's a pure evidence to our sins, hidden from the eyes of men, deep underground.

Lara: “Incredible…”

Crook: “Well, well … all this work just to solve a riddle. But I must admit, you are very good at your work. A pity it has to be the last ruin ever excavated in your… life Miss Croft. Well, look at the time, Paris awaits. Oh, and... Mrs Brijett sends her regards...”

Lara: “I prefer to hear them in person.”

No time to waste. Brijett thinks that the artefact will give her the strength and immortality. But if it will release its power within Paris, it will mean the end. I must destroy the Grail. I have to finish what the Templar’s started. I had no idea it holds such powers. It's no Grail. It must come from the Kingdom of Shadows. When the Templars found it, they thought it to be The Grail.”

Lara: “According to my findings, Brijett's hideout must be here somewhere. I need to get inside.”

Go through the alley and the Notebook appears, another page is added. Around the corner left is a closed door, go back to where you entered the alley, climb the container right (E) and jump left to the walkway. Go to the other end, shoot a grate across the street in the Auto parts building and jump there, go through and shoot another grate. Jump a bit right of those air-cool units and grab the cable, shimmy right to a stack of containers and shoot the electricity box to the right (N).

The door opens on the ground floor, drop down and go up the ramp to enter. Shoot the grate on the right and get into the duct, drop down and follow through to an elevator shaft. Turn around, take one step from the edge and do the trick back hop. Hop back off the ledge, press Ctrl as soon as you cleared the edge to land in the niche below. Turn and run out onto a lower grey floor, safety drop from that and shoot the grate above the lasers. Stand one step away from the lasers and jump/grab the crawlspace and follow through, shoot another grate and get into the Lab.

“This looks like some kind of Laboratory. I'd better be careful.”

Shoot the right hand windowpane and hop down to the right landing on a ledge next to a laser trap. There are two ways to go.

S: the Armoury.

Go further (S) and take a left and spot a circuit board left, continue through the passage and spot the Grail behind a glass wall

“There it is! No time to waste. I have to find a way to get inside…”

Return to the Laser passage; make your way across to the other side by way of jumping the slopes. Go either left or right through to the Main Room.

Main Room.

Let’s hit the Armoury first, go through the opening right (E), follow through and to the right, behind a balustrade is a button to open the door. Go through and open another door. Inside you can pick up the Desert Eagle, 2x Eagle clips and Shotgun ammo. To the E is the Training Zone, let’s go there.

The Training Zone.

Follow through and at the room with the spikes, look up and spot a target on the ceiling. Follow the lines on the floor to the next room with also spikes on a raised tile. Near the spikes look left and spot another Target. Backflip onto the slope on the right of the spikes and use the Uzis to hit the target, a door opens to the right (SW). Go in there and use the button, the next door opens, go out. Go into that door on the right and stand against the slope SE. Back flip on the higher slope, jump and grab the ridge S. Go right a bit until you are about in the middle and back flip with roll to grab an opening. Jump out to the right to grab a crack there. Shimmy left and drop behind the slope. Go into the passage and use a button to lower spikes in the other end of this place.

Jump back over the slope and go back in the left door (S). Up to the opening above again and this time jump far left to the slope you see NW, grab it as you slide off. Go right around, pull up and back flip roll to get into the opening. Hang out the other end and shimmy right to a bridge. Have the Uzis selected. Go to the other end of the bridge, jump and grab the crack NW and go left around to a slope. Hang in the middle, pull up and backflip. At the other end grab the crack and shimmy around till you are on a stone bridge. Go to the end and take a running jump and grab the crack, shimmy around to the left and stay in the middle of the last slope. Now hit Alt and spacebar at the same time so you will end up on the slope with Uzis drawn, jump and shoot the target. You will land on the red ledge where the spikes went down; a door opens left (NW) of you, go through that door.

The Training Zone, Area 2 (electrified pool).

Hop to the left of the pillar, then right and go into the doorway straight ahead (E), crawl through the right hand side of the low rocks and grab up right at a laser trap. Hang left or right and pull up when the laser moves onto the ledge you want to climb, it will go up and down before returning so in that time pull up and side flip onto the sloped side. Keep jumping (you may have to roll) till you can grab the ledge in the corner (savegame.5). From there, jump to grab the slope N and shimmy right, back flip roll grab to get onto the next ledge and use the button there to open another door in this training section.

Side flip right onto the lower ledge and then jump to the slope over the hole in the floor; drop when the lasers are aside. Crawl back and go out the door, go left around the corner down a ladder. Shoot the broken window next to the ladder and go in. Follow the drawings on the floor to the door you opened. Throw the lever, see a block go up and go back into the passage, to the right an opening. Get the Uzi clips there and go back to the room with the pool. Climb up the ladder to the walkways above and get to the far W wall, back flip left (S) over the railing to a sloped block below, slide and jump to a ledge with a jump lever up right. The door in the wall on the right (S) opens, just jump SE onto the left side of the rock and slide then jump with a left curve (because of the door) onto the walkway.

Laser Training, the Laser Sight.

To the right is a Laser Chamber, turn around standing left, climb down a ladder when the laser is far. Side flip or run left and turn around in the niche. Run into the deep part and duck, then run to the far wall. Go right and walk close to the next laser, a hop over the first, run a bit closer to the second and hop over into the gap between the lower and upper laser. Then duck and hit the sprint key to roll to the end of the room. OR shoot the panel straight ahead (W) and crawl in. Go to the end and shoot another panel and you are in the back of the lasers. Push the button to open the door above right.

So, back we go, either hop over the first, duck to let the higher one pass over and stand up, quickly hop over the third and run to safety, or use the crawlspace again. Go back through that lower floor with some crawling and time the laser to get back up the ladder.

Turn around, jump to the first ledge and hop back to grab the edge, when the laser goes over towards you, pull up and run jump to the safe corner. Jump to the next ledge, also safe and then hop to the third when the laser goes to the other side, Hop back and grab the edge and when the laser goes over your head, pull up and do a running jump to the ledge on the left. Then jump into the opening on the right with Ctrl (savegame.6). Throw the lever to raise another block in the electrified pool.

Back out and I safety drop down. go through the lower part as that seemed easier, do the same as before and get up the ladder. Go out left to the electrified pool; jump over to the right (NE) walkway and then NE again over the railing onto the ledge on the right. To the block you raised and into the opening straight ahead. Go through then jump to the next block and then to that ladder on the left, go up and back flip to the walkway. Go around the corner and into the passage straight ahead to get the Laser Sight. In the window are Eagle clips. Back out and jump left to a walkway with a button opening a shortcut back to the entrance in the S wall.

Leave Area 2 (S), go down to the first Training Area.

Secret: go left, through the opening (E) and left/right into the next area. Look up left and spot the first target we cannot shoot with Uzis, so use the Eagle and Sight. The door behind you opens (E), go in and shoot that grate left to get into a room with Secret #1, Uzi clips, Shotgun ammo, Eagle clips and a Medipack. Get out and once back where you shot the last target, leave left (S).

Go through the corridor and left into the next Training Area, take a right (W) and at the double spike trap go through that wide tunnel SW back to the Armoury and use a button opening the door back up, follow through and out into the Main Room.

Main Room, Lower Section.

Go down the ladder in the middle of the room, the floor in the fire passage is deadly, so go stand on the ledge right around the corner and jump as far as possible onto the sloped side when the far burner is off, jump a few times to get to safety. Go in straight (S) and right around the corner is a jump lever turning off the burners, thanks! The floor however remains deadly.

Head into the room left (E), immediately right around the corner and up is a grate, shoot that and get in, drop into a laser passage, go a bit closer to the laser (high ceiling) and wait for it to come back, then hop over and jump right around the corner in the end.

Laser Hall.

Turn around, go down the ladder to a walkway, climb down another ladder at the end of that. Head E and around the corner is a button lowering the door. Go in and on the right is another laser passage, go close and duck, as soon as the Laser goes close and up, roll and stand take a quick step forward and hop up onto the ledge ahead (savegame.7). Turn and grab up to the monkey swing, watch out for those lasers and go to a computer terminal. Grab that and get up, turn and climb up to a duct. Shoot the grate straight ahead and look up left into the passage. There is a ladder over the laser (later).

First run left into the passage.

Secret: Up on the right is a grate, shoot it and get in, shoot the next grate and get Secret #2, a Medipack. Slide down into the passage and hop over the laser to get back in that passage or crawl back.

Timed Poison Pit Jumps, Turn off the Fire.

Follow through and all the way to the end left is a hole down, drop onto the block. Run off E and jump the slopes to get on the opposite lower block; make your way across to the walkway with the button (E). It is a Timed button opening a door at the other end of this poison pit. Push, roll and run with a left curve to jump to the first block left a running jump with a sharp right curve to jump to the next block hop back and run jump to the third block, watch the low ceiling though. Line up for the last jump with Ctrl into the open door. (savegame.8 - map: 4pp.jpg).

Left around the corner is a jump lever; it opens a trapdoor. Use the button left of the door to re-open it and jump out right to the block, turn around and grab up to the floor. Go all the way to the other end (E) and climb up on the right onto that block, jump up to the ledges and go over to the far SW corner where that trapdoor opened over a ladder. Go up and right around the corner onto the walkway. Go over the walkway in the middle to the door and open it with the button next to it. Another button inside will turn off the Fire on a small platform.

Get back to the ladder and down, make your way down one floor and head back (NE) to that laser passage. Get into the entrance right and turn to face that ladder above the laser.

Stand jump to grab it, back flip at the top and follow through, take the first opening on the right and jump over the opening to grab the jump lever. You’ll end up on that platform where you turned the Fire off (a door opens). Turn around, stand back and jump up forward to grab back up into the duct, go back down to the laser passage, turn left and exit (E). Go over the walkway to the end and drop down to the ground floor. Go into the opening S, when you approach that pit, a big drum comes rolling from a tunnel left. Run jump in there and backflip back to let another drum pass overhead. Jump back and across the pit (this is where the door opened when you used the last jump lever).

Shoot the electricity box and see a door open up, go back over the pit the way you did before, go straight (N) through the Laser Hall and left to where you came down at first. Climb back up the ladder to the walkway and then up another ladder on the right to the entrance; turn around. Run jump straight onto that slope across the room; keep jumping to and fro going to the right till you can grab the ladder on the pillar. Go left around two corners and drop on a slope, slide and back flip to a block. Jump to where that door opened (N).

In the far right hand corner is a contraption you can pull out of the wall; then pull it to the right (S) once. The passage where that thing was is just for show, so climb up to it and face W to jump and grab up into the duct, careful, there are lasers. Jump over and drop into the next room, go right around the corner to a Firetrap. Shoot the sprinkler on the ceiling to make it safe to cross. Go through, open a door with a button and inside you can pick up the Shotgun and the Access Card.

Go back through the Firetrap to where you dropped down from the duct and open the door W with the button. Go through the next room to the hallway with the burner floor, we’ve been here. Jump N, go left up the ladder to the Main Room.

Main Room, Laboratory, the Coin.

Go into the door to the Laboratory (N) and use the card in the reader, enter and go through to the next room. To the right you can see the Coin. Shoot the barrier left of it, jump and grab the ladder, go left around and back flip roll to grab the next ladder, go right around and to the next, barely grabbing it. Go right around all the way (two corners) and drop on the slope. Jump to get to a ledge, turn right and grab up to the crack. Go left around and wait before going around the corner, as soon as the laser is close and starts to go down, go left around, drop to the ledge and duck. Turn around while staying low and line up under the button. Stand up when the laser goes over and push, duck again and go a bit closer to where that cage lowered (SE). Now hop in with a bit of a right curve, jump to the next ladder. Shimmy right around and back flip to get to the next, go right around one corner. Back flip on the slope and jump to grab the crack in the pillar. Shimmy right or left around and drop on a ledge from where you can jump to the Coin.

Hop back and jump into the niche SW, a button will lower another cage. Jump to the slope straight ahead (E), slide and jump to the ladder. Go back using the ladders till you can grab that upper ledge where the last cage lowered. Just jump up to use the monkey climb and go left over the laser and around the corner, then drop to grab the ladder on the pillar on the left. Go around two corners and back flip roll grab into the entrance.

Turn right and go through the glass wall and follow through left to a large room, a lab technician will come running, I thought they all went home for the night. Shoot him. Follow through to the end and right where another one shows up. Go up the ladder (E) and follow through (N) and left to get to a kind of basin with weird things in it.

“What the hell is that? Brijett must have done many sick experiments. “

Right of the window you can climb up to that basin and if you are curious you can have a look, but for now look behind you, there is also a ladder there so climb down. Shoot a grate and go in carefully, stand against the floor trap, hop over to the safe ledge. Duck and wait for the chance to jump forward, and run around the corner. Jump left over the next trap and shoot a grate to come to the ventilation room. Climb a ladder to the walkway (S) and get Shotgun ammo, get back down and shoot the grate (SE).

Right around the corner over the trap another grate, you come to a room behind the lasers (large lab where that first technician attacked). Get on the crates and climb down in the space between them, push a crate to the E once. Climb back over the crates.

Secret: Pull/push the crate under a hole in the ceiling, climb up there for Secret #3, Flares and Eagle clips. Get down.

Pull/push the crate into that opening with the lasers; so you can pull it out later from the other side. Leave through the duct with the traps and loop right around through the ventilation room and through the next duct, through the laser trap and come back to the basin area. Go left around up the ladder and left again and follow back (S) to where you can climb down to the lab. Go find that crate in the laser trap straight ahead (W), pull it and move it against that table on the left (S). Climb up to the walkway above, SW is a grate, shoot it and go through that duct into another room behind lasers, grab some Uzi clips there and push the button next to them to open a door in the Main Room (upstairs). Get back into the duct (facing E).

Secret: Climb back up in the duct, for the secret face W however, follow the dark part of the duct to a grate, behind it is Secret #4, 2 x Shotgun ammo. Go back, drop into the room and climb up the other end of the duct.

Recover the Holy Grail.

Go back out to the walkway and down to the ground floor. Leave SE, around the corner to the right then straight to the entrance of the Lab (where you used the Card). Go left up the sloped passage to where the door opened and go inside to use the lever, the door to the Laser Canon opens up.

Go back down, left to the Main Room and straight (S) through to the laser passage. Jump to the end and go straight into the room with the Laser canon. Use the button left to start the thing and watch what happens. Go out and right, then left through the gap you created and pick up the Holy Grail. Go out and to the right and a flyby will show the last door in the Main Room open up, Security and a bunch of Baddies come out. Go N through the laser passage a last time and go through to the Main room, take care of business.

Enter the Security Section (W) and take the left opening to the room to get Flares and Shotgun ammo. Then go up the sloped passage to follow the passages to where you Exit.


Level 5 - Brijett Lab Escape.

4 secrets

“Oh! Damn it! That was not the best idea. Now how do I get out off here?”

Temperature Control.

The passages have collapsed, so go into the duct on the right (S), climb up on the right. Go around the corner, slide and jump over the trap. At the crossing take a right and go slowly around the corner, at that ladder left, a Copy machine will drop through the floor, so trigger that and hop back to let it pass. Climb the ladder where that thing came down (rest of the ducts are closed off).

Almost at the top of the ladder is a duct on the right we’ll visit later (after turning off burners), so go straight up to the destroyed lab above.

Go left up the steps (W), walk along the machines and at the opening in the railing jump and grab up into the duct over the ladder hole you came from (E). Notice Lara’s legs are even dirty…  Crawl or roll through this duct and shoot the grate on the right, get in there, climb the block right and turn around. Jump to grab the slope (N) and go right a bit so you are hanging at the left side of that pit below. Time the burner and back flip landing on the side of the burner block, quickly hop back against the wall, turn left and jump to grab the higher block. Jump to the other side and then up to a ledge on the right with a “Temperature Control lever” (burners go off in the lower duct). Hop back down to the ledge W, turn left and run off with Ctrl so you’ll end up on the block with the railing, stand a bit back and hop with Ctrl into the exit.

Crawl left, back to the room with the burning machinery. Hang from the duct, shimmy right and drop to grab the walkway, get down to the floor and climb into the shaft you came from before. Go right into that duct under the floor and follow through to the pit where the burners are now off. Hang into the pit and drop to grab the jump lever. A panel opens up behind you, go in there and follow to another pit, run and jump to grab the ceiling grate and go across, drop and grab the floor. Proceed to the room with the burners.

Room with the Burners and Timed Door.

First climb down into the lower section, jump up and shoot a grate on the right of the ladder and jump in there, crawl through and look left. Hop backwards into the pit and grab the edge, drop and grab the crawlspace. Go through, shimmy around a pit in the corner and go into the duct there, up a ladder in the end. Follow through to a firetrap in a crawlspace. To the left is a grate but in that room behind it we need a Card we don’t have yet.

The Access Card.

So shoot that small grate on the right and crawl in. You are now on the top walkway of the Room with the Burners; climb up on the right (W). Go left and at the next crossing down the hole into a room with water. Wade up to the S side, jump up to shoot the grate in the wall and get in there, drop into the next room.

Voice: “Get out of here….”

Lara: “The power-plant explosion has awakened those mutants! That's the last thing I needed.”

You’ll encounter some of these mutants in this area. Go out W, take a right and go straight into the passage (N), to the right is a hatch in the ceiling, open it, turn around and grab up. Follow through, jump over a fire pit and drop down at the end of that duct. Go to the right (E) into a wrecked lab.

Secret: Go to the fire burning in the SE corner, climb the right hand crate and turn around to jump and grab up to a ledge over that fire (N), get Secret #1, Uzi clips and Eagle clips. Run diagonally down with Ctrl to land back on that crate.

Go to the SW corner and use the switch, inside go left and pull that machine to the door and through the door to the other room. Place it onto that leaking steam pipe in the middle of the floor and you’ll see the fire in the opening E will be blown out by a steam blower, meaning you can roll through it now. Open the door at the end (button) and you’re in the room with the dead mutant. Grab the Access Card from the table on the left.

Use the Access Card.

Go back, through the steam trap and straight ahead into the next room (W), up into the duct in the ceiling, over the fire pit and down the open hatch. Go out left then go straight (S) and left into the room next to the dead mutant. Climb from the block up into the duct; drop into the water room and onto the ledge straight ahead (N), up into the duct. Go in to the right (E), drop into the Room with the Burners; go through the duct N, and straight into the room N (if you didn’t shoot the grate yet, do it now). Inside you can use the Access Card, go in and right around the corner is a button; this will stop the fire in the duct.

Go out to the duct and loop around to the left, through the gap where the fire was, shoot the next grate and you’re back one floor up in the Room with the Burners. Turn left and run jump from under the higher ceiling with a right curve to land on that lower small balcony (or use the slope left or swam-dive). Jump over to grab up E and climb up again to a lever, use it and see a door open in a duct we already visited. Go back and jump to the sloped block on the right, hang on a side and drop onto the corner of the ledge with the burner, turn and safety drop to the floor. Go W and jump up into that duct again, crawl through and go hang into that hole left again. Drop to grab the crawlspace and that door you opened is below you. Crawl in and turn around at the pit in the corner, safety drop down. Climb up near the burner (W) and follow to the laser pit.

Jump over into the opposite alcove and grab Eagle clips. Now look at the lasers below and run out right, hop onto the slope before the laser gets back. Go to the corner, jump and grab the slope, pull up and back flip when you can see the lasers in front of you. Hop back and look up in the alcove (N). Shoot that electricity box to finally see those burners turn off…

Room with the Burners, Timed Jumps.

Climb up E, open the hatch in the middle and climb up left, jump over the pit (we went down that last time) and crawl to the right then drop into the Room with the Burners. Turn right and climb the ladder, turn right and up the next ladder to the Timed button opening the door at the other side of the Room with the Burners. I did it like this: push, turn left and just run down, roll and run with a right curve, jump well before you reach the edge of the floor and that way you can do two running jumps and get into the open door with Ctrl (savegame.9).

Shoot the grate on the left and jump over a deep shaft and get into the area with the basins. Those things hatched…

“I have to get out of here and NOW….”

Go up the ladder right and in that basin is a small medipack. Get out, down the ladder and to the left (E), in that corridor on the left (NE corner) is a duct you can now access. Drop down into the next room.

Hazardous Run, Scary Spiders.

Once you hop over the rubble and after you jumped down, you’ll enter an area with gas, watch the health and this might take a few tries to get it right. Jump over the pit and go left, jump to a far ledge in a pit and a running jump right, go a bit into the next room where a machine drops from the ceiling. Keep right and jump up into the duct (SW) where you will be safe again. Climb up and follow through, into a crawlspace and shoot the grate there. The door on the right is closed, so hop left into the water and go right around a corner, then up through a hole in the ceiling. In the room above, pull a crate (SE) once to the N, then pull the SW crate once and get behind it. Shoot the grate, go through and get ready to fight some of those hatched mutant spiders. You can find a Medipack near the S wall.

Use a jump lever in the NW corner (right) and open a door W. Go through there, and shoot the grate right to get into the duct. Take a left, go straight through the intersection and drop down, again drop down to get into another lab. Go out and straight, you are now in the hardly recognizable Lab entrance (card reader left around corner).

Secret, this is a tough one: Go to the left up the sloped passage to the room where you used a lever before, watch the health! Go left and jump over the fire into the left corner where you’ll find Secret #2, 2x Shotgun ammo. Stand jump back out of the corner and go back down the slope.

Go into the Main Room S.

“The artefact must be destroyed. I'll reach the Beyond using the cathedral portal and I'll get to the Kingdom of Shadows from there. I must finish the Templars work!”

Secret: Go SW and up the ladder to the walkway, go right and jump over the gap to the E, grab Secret #3, Shotgun ammo. Safety drop to the ground floor.

3 Underwater Levers, Getting Out.

Dive into the water in the middle of the floor, swim through what was the firetrap (S) and swim to the left immediately after the firetrap. Above the grating in the floor of the next room is a duct in the ceiling, follow that to a room with 3 doors and 3 Underwater levers. You’ll have to go back for air in between when the bar reaches about 50-60 %. But you can make it to a new air supply in one go though, losing a bit of health.

Throw all 3 levers from right to left, the door behind you opens up (NW), roll, swim in and inside and straight is a lever for the other two doors in the room with the 3 levers. Roll, swim back and go right into the open door (S) and up, that’s where you can get air now.

Secret: Swim out and straight into the opposite door, underneath the low block and get Secret #4, a Medipack. Go back for air.

Swim into the open door left again (NW where the single lever is) and go up at the lever. Follow through then pass underneath a low block and straight up there is air. Climb out N to a ladder, climb all the way up, off to the right and crawl through, go right and grab up on the left.

Follow through and shoot a grate, slide down in a sewer, go left up the wall and take a right, right again and through to where you exit Brijett’s Lab.

Level 6 - Kingdom of the Shadow.

5 secrets- 1 bonus coin

Lara ends up in a surreal world…Beyond…

“From the notes it seems that the artefact can be destroyed in the Infinite Abyss Hall. That is not going to be easy...”

Hall of Spikes, the Bonus Coin.

Turn around right and jump up to the block N, from there straight to a ledge a bit left and then to that entrance portal. You’ll end up at the Cage where the Coin is hidden.

Timed Run in the Spike Hall.

Go through to a hall filled with spikey things, first thing is to get to the Timed lever behind the pillar under the bridge in front, there are spike ledges left and right, time the spikes and jump from that spike ledge onto the ledge behind the pillar is rather tricky and I did this from the bridge above. This way you can also look at the route.

Hop onto the block right (notice that nice spider on the side), turn around and jump to grab the ledge. Jump to the pretty bridge and notice the gate in the wall (N). After using that Timed lever you’ll have to run into the opening under the gate, jump onto the slope (E or W wall) and jump again to get to the gate.

So stand above that ledge with the Timed lever, run jump with a roll over the railing onto the sloped side next to the spikes, sliding down onto the ledge as the spikes are down and run jump with Ctrl onto the ledge.

Pull when the spikes go down, hop back turning right so you end up closer to the spike ledge left, turn left a bit and time the spikes. Run jump onto the spike ledge, a running jump to grab that dark block (with the nice spider, no more spiders?) and get up to the ledge to jump to the bridge, run to the opening, jump in with a roll onto a slope and jump again up to the opening above so you will be facing the gate because you have to immediately run jump out to grab a block in front, with spikes too so don’t pull up but Save (savegame.10).

Shimmy left or right around to the other side, time the spikes to pull up and back flip with roll to grab the second block behind you. Go right around the corner and do the same a back flip with roll to grab a crack OR shimmy left, stay in the corner and time the spikes for a running jump to the crack straight ahead. Shimmy to the right to the opening (savegame.11).

Use the lever and hang out of the passage, shimmy left all the way to the end, drop onto a slope at the entrance and loose quite some health, so watch out!

Go get the Bonus Coin from the cage, go back S through the portal. Jump to the ledge straight-ahead; then a bit right to the next one and jump back to the blue portal ledge where you entered this level (E).

Hidden Lever, Gate W.

Have a look at the wall E, there’s what looks like a symbol on the wall. Hop onto the ledge left of it, safety drop down (face S) and throw the lever there (with that same symbol) and see the gate W open up. Turn left, walk to the edge better make a save, hop out to the slope ahead and jump immediately and grab the edge to get back to the start.

Loop right around and get onto that same ledge left of the symbol, loop around to the back and climb the wall there to the top of the pillar. Turn right and stand jump onto that sloped block (N), jump and veer off to the right to land on a tiny ledge. Run jump onto the block W, make your way to the one SW and top up the health. You have to run jump down onto the ledge in front of the open gate W, go through the portal.

Symbol Push Puzzle, Clue.

Hop up two blocks left (SW) and then to the right onto the pointy ledge, turn right and look E. You can see two openings one down left and one right on a ledge. Run jump and grab the one right and get in and follow to a room with a closed gate. Go down the blocks into the pit and go through to the room E, you’ll get a page for the Notebook. Take a good look at the Symbol on the floor and go back to the first room (climb back up and go back to the start room (E)).


Run jump back to grab that pointy ledge W, turn right to jump onto the block NE and then run down onto the lower ledge (NE). Go through the opening and a blue Ghost will appear from the outside, shoot it before it hurts you too much. Hop on the block and then into the opening in the wall (E). Go further and climb some more blocks and look up in the room above. Grab up through the ceiling into the puzzle room above. There are Symbols on the floor and 2 puzzle pieces.

That symbol you saw before pointed E-W, so push the piece on the “upper” ledge to the corner E (there’s another symbol like it, but it faces the wrong way). The lower piece goes NW, the gate downstairs should be open now. So go down, then down W and jump to the pointy ledge. Into the opening on the right again and back to the place where you got the clue, that gate straight ahead (W) is now open. Throw the lever in the back to open the ground floor gate in the first room.

The Infinite Abyss Hall.

Make your way back to the start room and go through the gate N, follow through into a Hall and when you reach the crossing of the bridge the Hall will shake.

“Damn it! That got me really scared!.... I have to activate the portal.”

Take a right to those turning columns. Turn right and run jump around the column to the ledge NE, go to the end where you’ll find a slope, side flip on it and jump to grab the ladder up to the ledges above. Shimmy along the edge to the S end around the corner to the ledge. Climb up on the right, turn around and jump to the higher ledge (N).

Two Blue Ghosts will show up, so best hop back down to the ledge and shoot them from the ledges till they go away (better than on that single ledge with the abyss below).

Cage Puzzle.

Get back onto that higher ledge and look W to spot a lever above an opening with a cage. Turn left and jump into the opening (S), get through the spike trap (just run after the lowering spikes) and jump out left to a ledge in the next hall. Go to the corner on the right (SW) and drop grab to a niche below the floor, run out left (NE) and then jump over to grab a passage N. Throw the lever there to open two gates above.

Secret: run jump out to the right into an opening and get Secret #1, Flares and a Medipack and Shotgun ammo in the S opening. Jump back to the left as the floor right has spikes now.

From the passage with the lever jump and grab the floor with the spikes (as you now know, you can hang on the spike ledges in this level). Time the spikes, pull up and run jump to the right up into that niche again. Face NE and jump up to grab the floor above.

The gate W is for later, so jump into the gate N, pull a cage there once to free the path to the cage we need later. Jump back out left into the entrance (E) and go through the spikes (from a distance a run jump when the third set goes down). Hop to the ledge in the Abyss Hall, I jumped to the right hand block with spikes. Pull up and run jump to the next ledge N and hop into the opening. Another spike trap, when they go down, hop in left and a running jump to safety. Hop over the wall and use the floor lever in the next room. Gates open up to the left and in the front (shortcut gate).

Secret: Hop up into the niche NW, turn around and jump to use the jump lever, loop around left into the gate that opened N, get Secret #2, 2x Shotgun ammo and a small medipack. Don’t know what those vases were for, but I shot them all just for fun. Go out.

Go into the small gate (S) and pull the cage there once. Go back and to the left into the shortcut gate and left again to a room, the room will shake.

“What was that??...”

To the left you’ll find the passage with the cage(s), go in and push the cage straight ahead (E) into the Abyss Hall and it will be under that lever. Now we have to get back to the Abyss Hall, I went to the left to the room we visited first, I thought the spike trap there was easier to do (NE). Use the ledge and the spike block on the left, hang on the edge and shimmy around so you are facing the cage. Stay in the corner and when the spikes are about to go down, hoist up and a running jump to the ledge next to the cage. Climb it and use the lever to open the gate behind you, E side (scroll down if you want to go for secrets now). Or jump the spike blocks to get to the gate E.

Detour for 2 Secrets: Maybe this can be done another time too, but this seemed the best route to me. From the ledge S of the cage, drop down to the ledge below, jump to the N and go around the corner where you’ll find a triangular opening left at the next pillar, go through to get Secret #3, a small medipack and 2x Eagle clips. Go out, take a right and jump back to the S ledge and climb up the block. Jump to the ledge left (SE) and do a banana jump right around the pillar E to get into an opening between those two rotating columns. (savegame.12).

Go through to Secret #4, Flares and 2x Shotgun ammo. Go out, drop down and go to the N side bridge, jump right to the NE ledge and go to the end where you’ll find a slope, side flip on it and jump to grab the ladder up to the ledges above. Shimmy along the edge to the S end and get onto a block you see SW. Jump and grab the ledge up N where those Ghosts showed up before.

Jump and grab the right hand spike block and jump from a corner to the E side open gate.

Inside climb the blocks, jump and grab up into the hole in the ceiling. Go to the top of the Abyss Hall, if you’re afraid of spiders, keep your eyes closed and jump straight over to the lever. A gate opens on a bridge ground floor level. Go back where you came from, safety drop down through the hole. Instead of going via the spike block, I did a stand jump out left onto the single ledge there. Hop to the E, shimmy left along the edge and drop onto the bridge below in front of the entrance. Turn around and go to the crossing of the bridge, looks like we opened two gates, both right and left at the crossing. Now we have to go to activate the pillars at the gate W in order to activate the trigger pad there.

N side: Timed Run, First Blue Pillar.

Take the door on the right (N); follow through to a high room with spike traps in the floor, so watch out. Go right around the corner and grab up to the broken pillar, then grab up left, turn around and hop to the broken pillar. Then take a curved run jump to the one right (W) and once again to the one at the opening in the wall (N). Clear three spike pits and go out right. Shimmy along the edge to the corner of the pillar left, pull up and hop to the next from there. Turn left and grab up to the upper floor, go left to the back of the balcony (N).

Climb over a wall and safety drop, turn around into a crawlspace, and follow left around to a lever. This Timed lever will open a gate through a crawlspace in the corner right of where you came up to this floor (SE) it is on the left of Lara.

I took this route; roll and run jump onto the block you see NW, a running jump with a sharp right curve to land on the block on the balcony N (skipping the NW crawlspace). From that block up onto that wall and run a bit right out the other side so you’ll just hit the tip of the block below, that way Lara will keep running (I failed there). Sprint around the corner, jump over a low block turn right, duck and roll through that crawlspace right (savegame.13- video: shadowrun.wmv).

Crystal Room Target shoot.

Right around the corner in the next room is a lever to re-open the Timed gate if you like (use twice), go through the crawlspace left (SE). Drop down into the Crystal room. Look for the ones with a “halo” and shoot those (SW-SE-up NE). Go through to the room E where you’ll find two more, one is on the ceiling when you stand at the entrance (E) and the other one is just on the right of it and a bit back. Go to the far right corner and jump up on the right and grab the Desert Eagle Ammo from the niche.

A gate opened up in the previous room, so go back there and right through the gate (N), go right again sliding down a passage. Drop into a ruined room.

First go down the pit, into a passage SW and climb up the next pit to a hall with a floor lever near that blue light E.

Secret: Don’t go to the lever yet, first climb a ladder on a block left, hang from the edge and shimmy right around a corner to the next corner and pull up. Turn and hop to the ledge around the corner left (NE). Do a diagonal run over the ledge to jump and grab the pillar E (or do the ‘short run’ jump, hold Shift down and press forward, then release shift and hit Alt while holding the forward key down). Go through the gap to get Secret #5, 4x Uzi clips all together. Get back to the room with the lever.

Throw the floor lever and get a screen of the Abyss Hall. One of the blue lights is now activated.

Turn around and go back (W), slide down to the passage, go through and climb up in the pit. Go up along the right hand side of the room to jump up in the NE corner, then turn and jump to the block NW and hoist up.

Go into the gate (W) and use the lever on the right next to the closed gate. Through the gate and left through an opening you will be back in the room with the spike pits. Go to the right and then left (S) to the Abyss Hall. Go straight over the bridge to that other gate.

S side: More Spikes, Second Blue Pillar.

Through to the next room and right around the corner jump onto a block, turn left and jump to that triangle opening (S). Proceed into a room with another floor lever. You’ll see the second blue light activating. The entrance gate to this room closed.

Turn around and get on the pillar E, left through the gap and jump right to a crack in the next passage. Shimmy right around, drop on the spike trap and side flip to the right. Climb up and run into the spikes as they go down, jump and grab that spike block in the back of the room. Pull up and run jump to the opening up N. More spikes, just run over when they’re down and at the last stand right and turn left, jump to grab up into the hole in the ceiling the moment the spikes go down. Down the next hole and you’re back in a familiar room; go straight and then right, then straight back to the Abyss Hall. From the bridge, jump over left to those blue lights; stand on the now activated trigger pad and the gate to the portal opens up.

Go through and into that portal light and a cut scene takes over.

Lara: “This seems like the right place to destroy the Grail.“

Brijett: “Hold it! Give me back the artefact or you will die!”

Lara: “We both know that is not going to happen.”

Brijett: “If you think, that I…….”

You’ll end up in a Hall with a Boss, nothing you can do about him now, just run through that Hall (mind the pit in the middle) and towards that spike covered entrance N, turn right over the ledge and jump to the ledge, hop up right, stand back in the corner (relatively safe). Stay close to the walls from now on. Time the spikes on the blocks S to stand jump to the first, run jump and grab the next and run jump to the other corner. Save in the niche there and go back out a bit, hop up to the ledge left around (face SW). Then take another series of jumps up to the next corner. Jump to the right and to the entrance of a niche with some kind of contraption.

Pull the lever on the back and wait till the Boss ends it’s attack. Get out of there as fast as you can, left and jump to the corner. Right a bit and up to the ledge, climb up left, roll into the corner and two Ghosts appear, wait for them in that corner and shoot them.  Jump to the E to grab the crack. Go right around, drop onto the ledge and roll to jump to the high ledge, go over and jump down to the ledge go right and run off to a lower ledge. One more down and hop back to run jump to the entrance of niche 2. Throw the lever there too and the entrance with the spikes opens up.

I ran out left, jumped to the corner ledge, run right and then run off onto a lower ledge, swallow a Medipack if needed and run down straight down onto the bridge. Turn right and get over to the spike entrance, go in (savegame.14) and use the last lever on the back of the contraption.

Lara destroys the Grail.

Lara: “It’s over.”

Well, not quite…

If you don’t want to go to the Bonus level, go straight into the gate that will open up.

To the Bonus level, take a right and use your 3 Bonus Coins left to open the gate behind you, get in there, hit Esc.

Kingdom of the Shadow - Bonus Level.

Quest for the 20 Golden Orbs.

Go straight, climb up a block to a room with a floor grate, under the grate you can see an Orb (later; we’ll open that one once we reached the first floor). On the grate turn right and climb the ladder (N) into the opening above to get Golden Orb #1.

Get back down and continue into a Huge Hall… Main Hall from here on.

Main Hall.

Go left and another page appears in the Notebook, you can see an Orb behind that gate S.

Wind Rooms; South, Portal Core #1.

Take a right (W), look for an opening left and meet a Blue Ghost, shoot it till it goes underground. Go down the steps (S) and in the next room another left down the stairs. Go left into the passage and follow all the way down and at an intersection go straight up the stairs (W) and around the corner is Golden Orb #2.

Go back down and then take a right (S) to a room with a nervous Eye. It will kill you if you just go in. The lever on the block will make it harmless for 32 seconds (But you can only use it once!!!).  In that time you’ll have to make your way up into the room. Start running (against the lever) turning right as soon as you did the lever (spikes), run to the SW corner and hop on the block, turn left and jump to grab the higher ledge. Run to the end and jump left to the ledge E, run to the cracked pillar and curve left running just underneath the corner of it, jump with a left curve to the pole (you HAVE to grab it in the middle). Swing to the other side, hop up left onto the block and then up S to the ledge, from the end of the ledge left to that lever (savegame.15) and pull it to destroy that Eye.

Jump to the pillar left (E), then to the left to the ledge and get into the opening (N), pull a pin out of the wall (Ctrl and down). The air will now flow from a grate. Make your way down; watch out for those spikes at the lever! Leave N, take a right and up couple of stairs. In the room with the wind, side flip onto the middle ledge and run jump to get into the opening S. Behind the pillar is the Portal Core #1. On one side of the pillar you can climb up and get Golden Orb #3 up there. Go down, onto the lower ledge in the entrance. Hop right around the corner to grab the block and go right behind it to find Golden Orb #4. Jump back to the entrance (N) from the block; take the stairs and then straight ahead up more stairs (N) to the Main Hall.

Take a left and go straight into the back room (SW), climb the left wall into a crawlspace behind the silver leaves to get Golden Orb #5. Once out turn around go straight (N) then into the first opening left where you meet a Ghost (W). Go down the staircase.

Wind Rooms; West, Portal Core #2.

To the right around the stairs is Golden Orb #6. Follow the passage to a room with a floor grate, climb that block on the right and from the highest part grab up to a crack. Go left and get in a crawlspace, turn right and hop to the next ledge. Look around the corner right to spot the spike ledge, time the spikes, hop over there and a running jump to a closed gate. Go right into the room and jump left to that opening. Go in a bit and look to the right to spot an Orb. First go into the room ahead, down into the pit and go through the spike trap (there are safe spots between the traps). Crawl through left or right to get Golden Orb #7.

Crawl back towards the spike trap and look up and spot an opening above the blue candles (over the spikes) Jump and grab in there to use the lever and bring out a platform over the pit. Jump out with Ctrl and get back through the spike trap, climb the blocks up to the floor above and jump over to that platform. It doesn’t show, but when you use the lever there the gate you saw before will open up (E). Jump back, go out (N) to the opening to the room with the grate on the bottom and jump to the right to that ledge to enter the open gate. Pull the pin and the wind will blow (Ctrl and down). Go out, run jump straight from the ledge into the wind (no Ctrl) and get into the opening W. Go get Portal Core #2. Go to the back of this room and left through the gap on the left to get Golden Orb #8.

Go back to the entrance and on the ledge between the two walls, turn left (N) and grab up to the ceiling. Go around the corner and left into a passage with Golden Orb #9. Run out sharp left to land on the ledge at the crawlspace. Get in and turn around shimmy to the right and let go on the block in the corner and drop down to the ground floor. Jump facing S into the wind to grab back into the first floor opening S. Turn right between the walls and jump to grab that short ladder, go up for Golden Orb #10. Go back to the ladder, climb down a bit and back flip back to the ledge. Face E and drop/grab the edge and shimmy left around the corner of the wall to drop onto a dune. Hop up to crawl to Golden Orb #11.

Slide down from the dune and go straight, around the corner and take a right, up the stairs to the Main Hall. 

Wind Rooms; North, Portal Core #3.

Take a left to the N side stairs where you’ll find a similar staircase with a Blue Ghost. Go down the stairs, left around to the space next to the stairs to get Golden Orb #12. Go N to a room with a big suspended cage. Hang from the right hand side of the floor near that grate and drop grab into a niche to get Golden Orb #13. Turn around and jump to grab the crack E, shimmy right and pull up, jump to the central floor again.

Jump into the left hand opening W, go the right and time the spikes on the block to pull up and jump to that platform (you have to time the platform too because it will go in and out of the wall). Pull up, roll and jump to grab the spike ledge, pull up on the right hand side and go in right (savegame.16). Pull the pin from the wall. You get vertical wind this time. Go back and get down to the room with the cage, face the E wall, turn a little bit to the right and jump through the wind to end up on the balcony E. Grab up left time the spikes and get inside (right), pull the pin and see the wind on the cage being turn off.

Get back down to the central floor, from the entrance run (N) into the wind and jump to grab that cage. Jump into the broken grate in the wall, around the pillar is Portal Core #3. Turn towards the exit and spot a crawlspace behind the vines, get in and get Golden Orb #14.

Go back and jump onto the cage, run jump S through the wind and get onto the cage there. Jump to grab into the crawlspace and get Golden Orb #15. Crawl out; drop to grab the crack and safety drop down. Go to the Main Hall. Time to take it to the next level…

First Floor, 2 Jump levers.

Go left into the room in the NE corner, up on the sand hill and turn around, jump and grab up through the hole in the ceiling. Turn left (S) and outside to the left is a jump lever; this is the first for the floor grate with the Orb we saw at the start of the level. The other lever is in the opposite SE corner; we’ll get there later. Go back inside and left, make your way through the blades or just shimmy along the edge of the floor to the end. Go left jumping to the opening S, go to the far end, you’ll have to run under a blade and jump over a gap.

Next corner, jump into the opening left (E), jump to a pole and swing to the next ledge and passing the knife. In the corner room go out left first, then a right and use the second jump lever for that Orb at the start, you’ll see the grate open up. Go back inside. Climb the block to jump and grab up to the Second Floor.

Second Floor, The Remaining Orbs.

In the corner of this room is Golden Orb #16. Make your way around to the far NW corner, jump up the blocks in the corner room for Golden Orb #17. Get down and follow through to the NE room, on some blocks in that room is Golden Orb #18.

Back down from the blocks and step out of the room, a running jump to that floating block on the left (S). Jump SE onto a balcony, you can just make it. Throw the lever to open a gate on ground floor (SE).

Ground Floor.

Turn around and run jump over the railing onto the lower ledge at the jump lever (SE), go into the corner room, drop through the hole and get Golden Orb #19 from the open gate S. Go out, straight and then right to the E passage and down into the open grate in the floor for Golden Orb #20. A cut scene will show the gates on the Second Floor open up. If you like you can make your way back up there, so back to the NE corner up the sand hill and jump to the first floor. Then you have to go to the SE corner to get to the second floor. Go to the W side and explore your reward, a Vault filled with Gold and Treasure. Make your way down to the ground floor again.

The 3 Portal Cores.

On Ground Floor, middle of the room is a structure, place the 3 Portal cores in the base of it and walk into the Portal to end this fabulous adventure… watch the end fly by.

G&D, (Revised) Nov 24, 2015.