Aiding the Crystalrunner Dwarves.

Level by Colin Benson

Walkthrough by G&D Productions (including Secrets)

Secret Sapphires are used to get Secrets from a group of Secret rooms (there are no TR-Secrets, or the counter doesn't work). The Golden Coins are a 'bonus' for you to find and aren't used.

Lara drops down, go forwards and shoot the wolf.  Climb up onto the right and find some Crossbow ammo under the vase. In the far right corner (NW) are Flares. Turn around and go to the S wall and get the Uzi ammo to the right near some grass. Turn around again and go to the N wall and find a hole a bit on the left. Get in and follow through, climb out and go straight (N). At the wall torch go straight into the right hand side room (N), shoot the vase for a Healing Potion. Go out and left, at the crawlspace shoot the left vase for Flares and get into the crawlspace.

The Glacier Key.

At a T-junction keep going to the left and into a hole where you can get a Golden Coin (1). Get into the crawlspace and now go straight (W) and at the end drop down on the left into a courtyard. Go out to the snow and take a left, grab the Golden Coin (2). There is a floor lever NW you'll have to use, use some tactics to shoot the 3 SAS guys that are guarding this place, or just get to that lever quick, use it and make it back, either way will cause you a lot of health loss. Go back to the crawlspace (E) and crawl out (right and then keep going left).

Go straight through the door you opened (E). Drop down and run around a bit to draw out two Ice Valkyries and one of them drops the Glacier Key.

Some Secrets to trade for Weapons.

Go back into the door (SW) to the corridor with the wall torch and go right (S) back to the cave area. Go right and keep the wall on your right and find some Shotgun ammo. Look up and spot the opening in the N wall. Get onto the nearby rock and jump/grab the edge to go in. Climb down a ladder around the corner. In the NW corner under a vase is a Life Potion. Then go to the SE corner and face the ledge there, stand in the corner and jump up to get another Golden Coin (3). Face the E wall and run through the crack in the wall. Go to the wall on the left on that tiny hill and get into an opening there. Jump down and follow through, pick up a Secret Sapphire (1). Take the same way back to the room and up the ladder to the outside area. Shoot a SAS guard and make your way to the S side but this time stay on the left. Take a running jump around the corner to the left (SW) and jump up for another Golden Coin (4). Slide down backwards from the slope and hang, shimmy right and then take a back flip and you are standing on an invisible ledge. Jump up to the ledge S and under the far side vase is another Secret Sapphire (2). 

A Shotgun and the Laser Sight.

Jump back to the invisible ledge, walk to the W side and jump back to the rocks to make your way around to the opposite corner (NE) and down the slopes to the bottom to use the Glacier Key next to the door N. Go in and down the steps, and in the next room behind the swinging spiked bag on the right is a Golden Coin (5). Jump behind the bag and duck to get it. Jump back and avoid the second bag. Go into the opening on the right and climb down the ladder. Follow to a small room and use the floor lever to lower a block, look opposite of the lever and grab the Shotgun from the pedestal. Go back up to the spike bags.

Climb the ladder down in the other opening in the floor; follow through and under the vase (straight ahead) is Shotgun ammo. Flip the lever and back up the ladder, take a left avoiding the one bag, behind the next one on the left is the Laser Sight. Go through the door to the Main Corridor (remember this as the secret rooms are located here).

The Secrets Room.

Straight ahead if you climb up the ladder (on the back of the hanging pillar) is the room where you can use the Secret Sapphires. Choose either a Revolver or the Crossbow first (you need it for some practise shooting) and some health (NE) would be a good choice. You have two Sapphires, remember this place and come back as soon as you have more Sapphires. Go back down and out to the Main Corridor. 

The Jotunn Pillar.

In the corridor go to the left (W) and in the high room, with 6 big blue icicles on the ceiling, go right around the corner for a Golden Coin (6). Go around to the other side and into the opening. Down the stairs and end up on a ledge one floor down. Shoot the skeleton away and go into the opening at the end. Go down the stairs to the bottom. Go straight and take a right into the opening and go up the stairs. In the next room go to the back and climb down, get Revolver ammo and climb back up. Climb up the next ladder and go W, avoiding the popping up icicles. After the second set and left between the broken vases is a Golden Coin (7). In the room at the end there is nothing under the vases, get up the steps on the left for the Jotunn Pillar and Revolver ammo to the right. Make your way back through the spikes, down the ladder and out E to the high room.

The Changing Labyrinth, use the Jotunn Pillar.

Go straight to the other opening in the E wall and up the stairs. Follow through till you bump into a wall, dead endÖ wait a sec and when you go back the room has changed. Keep to the right to another dead end (NE) and the room changes again. Go back and go to the right all the time to pick up Golden Coin (8). Go back, keep right and get Golden Coin (9) at another dead end, go back keep going right to get to a dead end, roll go back going right to the exit to a room where you can use the Jotunn Pillar (opens door to Wizard Room Key).

Safety drop down and fall in a dark room and pick up the Golden Coin (10) (SE). Mind the spike traps on you way E and halfway down the room on the S wall is a jump lever opening the exit door. Leave through the opening W and find a Healing potion in the back behind the block. Climb up and up the ladder (W). You are back at the bottom of the pit.

Back to the Main Corridor.

Leave through the opening SW up the stairs and follow to the other opening and up the second stairs to the top again. Back in the corridor (E), follow through to the other side (passing the Secret Room) and under the vase around the right hand corner is another Golden Coin (11). Go further through the corridor to get to the room with the Vase (smoking vase in the middle). Go straight and to the left before the sloped corridor is another Golden Coin (12).

The Canyon, the Caves.

Run up the slopes until you come to an outdoor area. Take a right (N) into the opening there. Shoot a SAS soldier and follow through to an opening in the floor. Safety drop down, shoot a vase in the corner for a Golden Coin (13). Now look for an opening in the N wall and climb through, get some Revolver ammo in the right hand corner. In the ceiling is a hole, grab up N there to get a Secret Sapphire (3) from that crawlspace. Crawl out and back to the previous room, stand on the small hill and grab up W and go back out to the canyon. 

The Wizardís Room Key.

Once outside and head to the right, between some grass (E) you can find a Life Potion. Look right (NE) for an opening in the wall, hop in and turn around to spot a vase way up on the other side (S), shoot that to open the door behind you. Now crawl into this passage to claim your reward, a Secret Sapphire (4). Get out and go left.

(If you want to go to the Secrets Room, go down the sloped passage W, follow down to the room with the vase, straight through to the Main Corridor and follow to the crossing where the Secrets Room is left and go up that ladder at the back of the pillar. Then get back to the Canyon)

Go to the SW corner and climb down the ladder there. Turn to shoot the SAS and grab the Golden Coin (14) he will leave behind (is also possible he fell to a lower level so you will meet him later). Find a good spot to drop down to the next level and head E, shoot an Ice Valkyrie. Spot a Bird statue in an alcove E, thatís for when you might have a wraith on your tail.

In front of that alcove is a hole in the ground, drop down there and go through the doorway (SE) to the next room. Donít shoot any of the vases, wraiths will show up. Swing the ropes to the other side and go through an open door (opened by using the Jotunn Pillar). Grab the Wizardís Room Key. Go back using the ropes, straight to a small snow mound to climb up the hole in the ceiling. Head W, then go a bit left up onto a higher part of the ground. From the snowy ground grab up W to the level above. Turn right and go to that ladder SW, climb up to the level above and back flip off. 

Another Jotun Pillar.

Go back into that opening NW (left of the sloped passage) where you shot that SAS before, this time look for an opening up in the N wall (NE). Hop in there and follow through to a courtyard. Jump down and left and in the corner of the cave is a Golden Coin (15). Turn around and head to that fire basket W, to the right of it is a jump lever, use that to open a door for later.

Go N and near that group of rocks a pack of wolves will attack, shoot them and look behind those rocks for a Golden Coin (16) (nasty collision). Go into the building N. Left around the corner behind those barrels is a vase with a Golden Coin (17). In the window next to the entrance are Grenades, then go through the doorway N. Up the stairs and come to the door you opened with the jump lever before. Over the ramp into the next building, shoot the SAS and then the first vase left for Uzi clips, Go to the other side of the room and in the last window (SE) is a Golden Coin (18) under a vase.

Go to the hole in the floor in the middle of the room and climb down, the opening behind you (S) leads to a room where we'll get the last Sapphire later, the door there is closed for now, so don't go in breaking floor tiles too soon. Walk slowly N and you'll notice Lara stops walking... There is an imaginary floor there, run jump over a bit to the right and grab the other side. Around the corner are a Healing and a Life potion and a Golden Coin (19). Go back and this time just run down into the trick floor, slide down to where a Bird Man roams around, stay close to the wall and shoot him, the door opens when he's dead.

Go in and to a ladder, right of the ladder is a jump lever to open the door in the room above with the ladder hole in the middle. Climb the ladder, back flip into a passage and you're back in the place with the imaginary floor.

Climb the ladder left to the upper room where the door opened (S), climb the blocks left or right and grab a Golden Coin (20), turn around and grab up to a ledge above. Go right into a large room with a bunch of darts everywhere, make your way through to the far side and grab the Jotun Pillar.

Go out of the room, down the passage with the blocks and straight through the room with the ladder-hole in the middle. Out N and follow down the staircase, the courtyard where the wolves attacked and into the cave straight ahead (S). Crawl through, follow the passage and climb over a block. In the wider passage go left through the passage (W) and get to the canyon. Take a left into the sloped passage and follow down to the room with the vase. To the right of the vase is a pillar with a ladder, go up to the floor above and mind the darts. On the pillar to the right is a jump lever opening a door below (and another door in the room with the 6 icicles on the ceiling). Jump over to a ledge with a lion statue in the corner of the room and get a Golden Coin (21). In the SE corner you can find some Uzi ammo. Jump back to the floor.

The Glacier Cave. 

Climb back down and go through the new door (N). Inside the Glacier go left and jump from block to block, shoot two skeletons off the block and get to a lever. Throw it to open a door in the other side of this cave.

For another Gem, jump W and left around the corner, and again left around the corner even though it is hard to see. Jump further to a ledge with Secret Sapphire (5). Jump back and back to the entrance ledge, go the other way now (W) and be careful with jumping to the corner ledge; it has icicles. OR jump a bit left, directly to the ledge along the W wall where that door opened. First go to that blue pillar and pull it onto the whiter square under the high opening above. Then climb in the nearby open door and climb down in a hole, go down to where you'll find some Uzi clips left and a lever on the right. The lever will raise the blue pillar.

Go back up, out to the Glacier cave and left to the entrance to the room with the vase (S). Go left and follow the Main Corridor around corners to the crossing with the Secrets Room left (you could collect another one now) Follow the main corridor to the end (W) and you are back in the room with the 6 icicles on the ceiling. Go left over the ledge (we'll go through that door N later), follow around to the staircase SW and go down all the way, over the ledge to the next staircase and to the ground floor of this room.

Battle at the Bottom of the Glacier  cave. 

Go to the large opening (N), use the pillar to open the gates, prepare to shoot two Valkyries and the ground seems to be shaking... Two Giant Bird men will have to be shot. From the gate where you entered, go left (E) and find a lever, it will raise a block up on the level where you raised that blue pillar so you can access that room later.

Melt the Icy Pool, the DeBarrier Magic Scroll.

Then go to the far NE corner and find a small hole in the floor, next to the ledge around the hole is a Golden Coin (22). Climb down the ladder in the hole, nothing in the vase, so follow the stairs down and go through the room under the icy pool to a T-junction at a passage.

Take a right, shoot a SAS and a wolf and go to the end, just around the corner right is a statue in a niche, behind it is Golden Coin (23). Go down at the end of the passage (E), as you enter the next room you'll see a trigger tile to the right. Climb the block a bit further and right, turn to the W and jump to grab up to the block next to that trigger tile to get Golden Coin (24). Get down to the ground.

Now go to the far left side of this room (SW) and up a ladder to a lever, this lever will start the burners in the room under the icy pool and melt the ice. Drop down into the room, go straight to the end (E) and find a blue pillar left. You'll have to get that back to the entrance with you and place it on that trigger tile to raise a block in the entrance so you can climb back out (we don't have to explain the route do we? But a lot of climbing blocks and walls is involved). Once on the trigger tile the block at the exit goes up.

Go up and once in the corridor go straight (N) to the end, shoot a SAS guy and his dog and around the corner come to a room with all kinds of different levers. Weíll have to get a boulder (up left) onto a trigger tile in the pit. Go through the pit to the other side (E) and climb up onto a ledge and break the planks to the right of it. Jump down and grab the Golden Coin (25) next to the ledge. Go back to the entrance and flip two levers (standing with your back to the entrance), lever NE and lever SW. Go to the other side and now use the jump lever. The rolling ball drops down onto the trigger tile that opens the door to the last Sapphire.

Leave the room, follow the corridor and take a right, back into the room where the fires are melting the pool above, go around the fires and out the other side. Up the stairs and right or left up the ladder to the icy cave. Head W to the pool and jump in to get the DeBarrier Magic Scroll.

Find the exit SW and if you didn't yet, throw that floor lever right of the gates. Go up through the gates to the bottom of the room with the 6 icicles. Go up the staircases (SW) to the top.

Backtrack for the Last Sapphire, get all Secrets.

 Quite a detour, I tried to fit it in at another point in the walkthrough, but couldn't find a logic spot. But this seems to be the shortest route:

Go E into the main Corridor, follow all the way through to the room with the vase and go straight through to the slopes passage. Up in the canyon right into the cave, up through that opening in the N wall. Follow through to the courtyard, into the building and follow up to the room with the ladder hole in the middle, down the ladder there and S is that room with the breakable planks

Leave the tile in front of the entrance intact, so hop in left and into the alcove left, shoot the vase for Shotgun ammo, next alcove right a Golden Coin (26), next two vases are empty, then you'll find the door you opened in the middle structure (look N), grab the Secret sapphire (6), the next alcove S has a Golden Coin (27), next vase is empty, next vase has Crossbow Ammo, run around a corner and the last vase left has another Golden coin (28). Now go back out left (N).

Up the ladder, out N, down to the courtyard and straight into the cave, follow through to the canyon and left down the sloped passage to the room with the vase. Straight into the Main Corridor and go collect the last pickups using the last Sapphire. Back in the Main corridor go left to the room with the 6 icicles and finally go left out to the Glacier Cave.

Glacier Cave, to the Wizard's Room.

Go left and jump the blocks (careful, icicles on the ledge at the wall) to get to that block you raised, climb up and left up into the room where the blue pillar is on the block straight ahead. Pull it onto the trigger tile in the middle and the entrance to the Wizard's Room will open up. Go back from where you came (down and S, then left and keep jumping the blocks to the W. Then left around the corner and keep following that wall, when you go around a protruding wall a SAS will be waiting for you, a bit further on a skeleton, shoot the skeleton with explosives so he won't fall off the ledge, because he has a Golden Coin (29). Climb the ladder where the skeleton was and inside climb up left. Make your way through the next room by using the monkey swing and watch the health while you zigzag through the steam blowers.

Follow the passage and shoot a Valkyrie in the next hallway. The vase NE has a Healing Potion. Go to the Icy Cave (S) and the vase left has a Golden Coin (30). Climb down turn left and jump (E) to the entrance you opened before, use the Wizard's Room Key and inside you can place the DeBarrier Magic Scroll. After some shaking of the room, the level will end...

G&D Feb.01-2015.