The Shipwreck Ithaca. 

Level by Colin Benson

Walkthrough by G&D productions.

This walkthrough includes the Secret Sapphires and Golden Coins. The Coins are a bonus for you to find, they aren't used anywhere. The Secret Sapphires can be used to "purchase" items.

Part 1. 

6 Sapphires, 30 Coins.

Swimming for Goodies.

Turn around and swim back a bit to find a Coin (1), roll and swim up a bit SW, up in a hole in the ceiling of the cave between a pointy ceiling part and a pillar you can get air. Climb out and grab a small medipack and Flares. Light a flare, climb up through the hole in the ceiling and shoot a Mutant up there (you could also choose to come back for this later after you have some heavier weapon). Pick up Arrows and a Coin (2). Find another hole up in the SE corner and get up to go to a Secret Sapphire (1). Get back down to the water.

Swim straight S towards the dark bottom and find Uzi clips a bit left. From the air pocket swim down SW and spot a piece of yellow sandy bottom, in the middle, between the plants, is Shotgun ammo. From the air pocket W to that big pillar and a bit right are Flares. Swim straight S from there, and when you get close to that jellyfish you'll find a Coin (3), swim W to the wreck from there and find an air pocket in the ceiling.

Swim SW to the corner behind the wreck and find Arrows. Look up on the back of the wreck there and use the underwater lever to open a door in the wreck. Swim straight N from there and find another Coin (4) a bit left halfway down. Turn right and find the hole up into the wreck where you can get air again (near that wooden crate). One more Coin (5) is located straight E, you can see it from afar. Get back into the wreck and right to the door you opened.

Into the Wreck, Cargo Hold.

Start shooting a SAS as soon as you enter, then dive into the water to collect Coin (6) at the other end left. Get back, climb out and jump the beams to the other side. Go through the small door to a flooded cargo hold. Hop onto a floating crate, jump to the N side and use the button left to open a door in the S side of the hold. Go left around the corner, a banana jump around that metal structure will get you Coin (7), hop in the water, while you are still wet.. In the water and SW is Coin (8). Get out on a nearby crate to jump to the open door S, lure out the Thug and shoot him to get the Coin (9) he was carrying.

Timed Door, Take out the Guard.

First go to an oil stained tile SW, step on it and see a door open up. That is a Timed door and it is in the N wall of the room. So wait till the door closed, face NE and run over the corner of the Tile to jump over the railing onto the crates to get to the N side and into that door.

To the left and up the stairs you´ll get to the upper section of the hold where a SAS is patrolling, stay far away from him so he won’t shoot you and take him out. On the dirt NW is Coin (10). Jump onto  and slide off a black slanted block next to the entrance and another one left and a door opens (E), get in for Secret Sapphire (2).

The Ring Key.

Hop into the water below and climb out S, go into the open door and go left, in the back is a Medipack. Go back to the E side and open a small door and shoot the SAS, he leaves Uzi clips. Go into that room and drop through one of the openings, go get the Ring Key from the water (SW). Climb out from the crate in the corner and go back to the passage, out left to the Cargo hold. Jump to the N side and enter the Timed door.  

Go straight and come to a large room, jump and grab the beam over the water and to the right is a SAS, shoot him from far away and jump to the far right hand corner of the room for Coin (11).

The Old Key.

Shoot the fish and dive into the water below, find an underwater lever in the NW corner, a door opened underwater (Secret later). In the SE corner is aCoin (12). Take a deep breath and dive into an opening in the bottom, along the E wall. Down in the tunnel are 4 rooms, and current so clockwise is the way to swim, best watch the air and go back in between the pickups. Take a right, left around a corner and into the first opening left for Arrows (NE corner), out and left, into the next opening left for a Coin (13), out and left, left around two corners and into the first left that side. At the E wall is the Old Key, hard to see. Out and left and just follow the tunnel to where you can go right to surface for air. The last room has another Coin (14) in the SW corner. Get out and left, left around a corner and then into the opening right to get back to some air.

Swim to the W side and to the right is an open door (underwater lever NW) where you can get a Medipack right and Revolver ammo left. Notice the two small benches, you have to shoot those later to get a Secret Sapphire.

Secret Rooms.

Swim out, right and right again into the middle opening W, up and climb out. In the next corridor and left are the "Secret Rooms". Go in and take a pick, open the door you like best.

Back to the corridor and left, in the end open the door right with the button. Go in and jump right from the ramp, get behind the last crate in that corner and get a Coin (15). Back to the ramp and right of it is a small medipack in the water (SW). Get out of the room and go up the ramp there to open a door with the Ring Key

Inside shoot a Mutant and left in the back are Flares. Climb one of the pillars and grab a Coin (16) SW. Go into the passage N and shoot another Mutant. Open the first door left, shoot the Thug and get Shotgun ammo inside. In the second room is a Coin (17), on the bunk bed. The third room a Thug and a SAS, the latter drops a Medipack. Go inside and grab up into the ventilation duct, follow in going right and take the second left to find a Coin (18) in an alcove right, turn back and go right around a corner, then right into the duct and follow through (SW). You'll get to a room with a puzzle, step or jump onto the A,S,E, and the door to Secret Sapphire (3) will open. Get back through the crawlspace (go right) and in the bedroom go out to the corridor and left into the last bedroom. Shoor the small bench for a Coin (19) and climb the bunk bed to push the button to open a door where we go in a bit.

Get out and go back through the corridor, climb up left into a duct and halfway down, stand up and pull up to grab Grenades. Get out of the duct and go to the high room (S).

At this point you could go back to the Secret Rooms, down the pillar and out E, right into the corridor and right into the Secret rooms. Go back to where you left off (to get one of the next Sapphires you should have the Crossbow with Explosive arrows). 

The door you opened is straight ahead, you'll come to a room with fires. Go right and turn left at the end, jump to grab the sloped block and hang right, pull up and slide jump right onto the next slope and then jump to the ledge with a Coin (20). Jump to the flat block in the middle of the floor (W), turn right and jump to grab the sloped block, save and pull up. Slide as far as possible and jump to grab the ledge.

The Laser Sight. 

Open the door and step onto the deck, shoot a bunch of baddies. Straight inside and left around that coral pillar is a Coin (21). Go to the far left corner (SW) and jump over to the blue ledge, go get the Laser Sight at the end of it. Shoot a SAS below and drop down to grab his Uzi clips. Go to the water in the far corner and next to the pool is a Coin (22). Into the water and down the tunnel, take a right, then twice left around the corner and pick up a Coin (23), follow through (S) and climb out at the end.

Use the Old Key, Wind Puzzle, the Extinguished Key.

Use the crates to climb up to the door (W), first turn left and push the crate there in all the way, then pull it left once. Turn around to grab a Coin (24) and Uzi clips. Now go behind the crate and find a Secret Sapphire (4). Get out, hop up left to the small door and open it.

Coming into a corridor, shoot a Thug and a SAS, pull away a dead body to reveal some Revolver ammo. Shoot the last bench left to get a small medipack and another Thug shows up. In front of the window right is a Coin (25). Go down the steps in the end of the corridor, and open both doors with the Old Key. The room left tells you what you have to do in the room right. As you go in there you'll see a Key protected by fire.

Go right and to the end of that passage, left and find a crate right, pull it twice. Now we have to get behind it, turn left and follow to the end of that passage. Climb up to the room above and go down at the other end of it and right to the crate, push it once. Use the upper room again to get to the other side of the crate and pull it once. Now the ventilator can blow out the fire. For the last time through the upper room and go to where the Extinguished Key is. Climb into the room above to get a Coin (26), get down and leave S

Stop the Machine, a Gear Piece.

Go back left to the corridor, down through the room at the other end and swim through the tunnel, all the way straight to the end and left before the propeller. Climb out and in that passage (heavy shaking) you can use the Key left to open the door to a passage with Thumpers. Make your way through, pick up Flares and use the lever at the end to flood a machine room, thus stopping the engine. Get back through the Thumpers and back in the passage go right.

To the left is a machine room with 3 Mutants, nothing to do there, only a hint you should stop this machine from running. Go back into the water (S) swim left and now you can go down at the propeller to get a Gear Piece (1). Swim back S and left to get back to the Deck area.

Use the crates to get back to the upper level and leave N. Back in the room with the fires, go right, jump to the long block there so you slide off backwards and grab the edge. Shimmy right to the end, pull up and back flip, immediately jump and grab a flat block at the last moment. The rest is easy, leave N and go back to the room where you can climb down one of the pillars. Go out E and in the corridor to the right to use your third Sapphire in the Secret Rooms (to get the next Sapphire you should have the Crossbow with Explosive arrows).

The Machine Rooms.

Back in the corridor go left through the opening and down steps to the crossing at the Timed door, two Thugs attack. Take a right to get back to the room with the beams. Jump to the beams and find a good spot where you can fire an explosive arrow into the underwater opening W right hand side, till you'll see something shatter. Dive in, swim into that room and get the Secret Sapphire (5). Swim out, right and right again, climb out and go into the corridor with the Secret Rooms. After collecting your reward out S again, to the Timed door and right to the room with the beams

Jump to the E side beam and on the back of the middle pillar is a button, use that to open a door NW, jump there and follow the passage, save before going into the large room. Shoot a whole bunch of baddies as you enter the  room, in the middle of the room is a Coin (27), NW is Revolver ammo. In the SW corner from the entrance is a button opening a door in the W side (close to where you got the ammo).

6 Levers for the Upper Level.

So turn around, run straight and right into the opening, up the ladder and come to a room with 6 levers. Use the ones E and the blocks on the pillars are now aligned perfectly. Go back down to the Machine room, shoot a Mutant and head into an opening E, close to the entrance.

Gear Piece (2).

Go in there and down a ladder to get to a Machine room, to the right is a Coin (28), go to the opening W, down and in the next room with the barrels is a Coin (29) in the far left corner, then go through the door and shoot a Mutant. In that room is another Gear Piece (2). Go back up to the big room above, to the left and behind a crate SW is a lever opening a door in the top of the Machine Room. Go out left (E), up the ladder and to the Machine Room. If you want the last Sapphire, run to the NE corner and jump up onto the ledge with the pipe, a chain will now appear on the ceiling.

Now go S, up onto that little axle house. Jump the pillars to the third and jump to that chain left. Swing to the corner walkway to get the Secret Saphire (6). To collect the bonus, drop down, leave S, dive into the water in the room with the beams and swim through the middle opening W, up and to the corridor where the Secret Rooms are. To get back go S through the corridor, right at the Timed door, over the beams to the NW door and in the Machine room jump those pillars again, this time all the way to the N side open door. Up left on a block is a Coin (30), then place the Gears left and right. Go through the door N and slide down to...


Part II.

6 Sapphires, 31 Coins. 

Open the door, to the right is a SAS, he leaves Uzi clips. Notice the closed door there and go to the other end, another SAS, near the opening NE is a button, use it to lower a part of the floor in the NE section. Drop into the lowered floor part and crawl backwards into the water.

Under the Wreck, the Grotto Key.

Swim right and to the SE corner for a small medipack. Back for air, facing NW from the air pocket you can spot a Coin (31) a bit left in a plant, further NW near that pillar are Flares. Back for air. Swim W into the next section and left around the corner is a Coin (32), go back for air. In the same W section but to the right near the barrel is another Coin (33). For the next sapphire and pickups you'll have to watch your air supply; Swim N, in the bottom at the end are two holes, to the right in the corner of that section is yet another Coin (34).

Go back for air, swim N again, take the right hand hole down and turn to the right (W), find Arrows and Flares (you can make it back to air just in time). In the ceiling above those pickups is a hole and that is where the Secret Sapphire (1) is. From the air pocket to the N and down the left hole, a bit left into the tunnel and just follow through, you might spot the Coin, but better go for air first in the cave ahead. Go back to recover the Coin (35) and a small medipack on the yellow sand nearby, head back to the cave where you surfaced. As you wade up the beach you can see a Coin (36) left. 

Make your way up over the coral pillars starting N and get into the small cave there for the Grotto Key. Hang from the edge of the floor and shimmy left along the edge to pull up where you can get a Coin (37), make your way further along this ledge (crawling) and in the end is a Secret Sapphire (2), best get back as you came as the drop is too high. 

Now you can return through the tunnels to the wreck and get out at the air pocket, climb out of the pit and get back to the first room. Left in the back is where you can use the Grotto Key. 

Cargo Hold, Ivory Key. 

Go into the first opening (N) and meet a thug, after him another will show and a SAS too, the latter drops a Coin (38), in a corner behind the crates (SW) is another Coin (39). A SAS starts shooting from the crates, get up and shoot him. Then jump to the stack along the S side and get down between them for the Ivory Key. Go up to the top crate for Uzi clips and jump to the walkway around the room, shoot another SAS to get the Coin (40) he was carrying, on a crate under the broken crane SE is Shotgun ammo. Hop down to the crates NW and then SW to find another Coin (41) on the lower crate W of the broken crane. Get back up onto the walkway and go to a door E to use the Ivory Key.

The Oil Tank, the Oil Room Key.

This is a staircase, one part goes up (later), the other down and that's where we go first. At the bottom of the stairs open the small door and step into a partially drained Oil tank. Jump to the chain, swing to the next and then into the wide alcove ahead, push the button to open a door. Back to the chain, turn right and swing to the ledge at the open door. Go in and doors open, two SAS come out, the other doors don't open so continue to the next room. Left and right are ladders down to the room below, go down on of them. Find a Coin (42) behind the barrels (NW) and one more Coin (43) S next to the ladder. Go into the passage SE to a basin and get the Oil Room key from the bottom. NE is another Coin (44), get back to the ladders and go up to the room above, save in front of the opening in the E wall.

Breakable Floor Bonus.

There's no real problem if you fall through the floor, because you will land in the water of the room where you just got that key, but if you want all pickups leave some tiles at the entrance intact so you can get in here a second time. Go run jump in left around the corner first, run a bit right into the alcove and get Revolver ammo and a Coin (45), jump out left and left is an alcove with Arrows you'll have to jump over the corner tile to leave it intact or you won't be able to proceed to the end of this side and get the Grenades. Drop into the water below and make your way back up to the entrance to the same room. This time go right and at the turn left you have to leave every other tile intact to go left first and get Revolver ammo. Now take the other side over the remaining tiles for a Medipack.

Drop down, up the ladder and leave W shooting two more SAS in the passage. In the right hand passage that opened is a button to open the opposite door in the Oil Tank. Use a chain to get to the open door and get a small medipack and a Coin (46). Get out,  jump to the SE chain (the left one is too far), then to the W one and swing to the W ledge to go up the staircase to the Cargo Hold S.

Use the Oil Room Key, the Elevator Fuse 1.

Take a right and go to open the door S. Go straight through and come to a flooded (with Oil) Machine Room. First walk to the right hand corner of the platform (SE), look down and spot a fallen barrel close to the pillar with the platform right. Shoot the barrel and hear a door open up (later). Turn left and jump to the chain, swing to the next platform and make your way to the SW platform like this to claim a Coin (47). Get back to the last chain and turn left to swing to the platform SE, another chain and turn left to the corner platform. Go into the room and use the lever to open the doors, shoot the SAS and grab the Elevator Fuse 1 from the passage. Go out the other end to the platform and jump over to the exit (NW direction), in the small room with the barrels go right. Climb down the ladder and in the room below in the window (NW) are Grenades. Now go through the door (E) you opened before when you shot that barrel and in the window up right is a Secret Sapphire (3). Go back up, out of the room and take a right to the Cargo Hold.

Burner Room, the Admiral's Key.

Head N up the steps and shoot a Thug. Go left into the next room and through a small doorway ahead into what looks like an elevator (doesn’t work yet), use the button on the wall to raise a block (#1) for a Sapphire we'll get later.

Go right into the passage and follow a staircase down to a burner room. Take the right side and wait till the first burners are off and run through, luckily for me the first time I tired I could run all the way through, you might have to pause. Left around the corner is a hole in the floor with water in case you need it. One of those pits has a Coin (48).

Go to the ladder on the N wall and time the burners to get into the opening above. Climb down in the next room, shoot a SAS and get the next Coin (49) SE. Climb the pole, time the burners and one more burner upstairs to back flip onto the upper floor. To the S is the Admiral's Key. Now you have to go back through these rooms the way you came and go back to the Cargo Hold (up the staircase and left). Go back into the door you opened with the Ivory Key (E) and go right up the stairs inside. 

Open the first small door you see and these are the Secret Rooms. You have two, so make good use of them.

When you're done, go further up the stairs, shoot a thug and proceed to the next room, a small labyrinth. Go left around corners to get a Coin (50), roll run to the end of that stretch and get a  Medipack right, back and left, sort of straight N to the fence you can see a bit right in the distance for Grenades. Roll, and right around corners for another Coin (51), oh.. shoot the SAS. Turn back and go right around corners to find a button opening a door left of you. Turn back, and right around corners to get to the door and don't forget the Flares opposite the door. Run straight through the next hall, into the doorway SE, up a ladder and back flip off, up another ladder and come to a puzzle room. 6-2=3.

Grab a Coin (52) in the far corner. 6-2=3 isn't correct, but when you place the two "black dot" pushables one above and one under the - you'll get 6 divided by 2=3 and that is correct so the door will open and your reward is a Secret Sapphire (4). Climb out of the pit (ladder) and go back left and down to the hall.

Basements, the Elevator Fuse 2. 

Enter a dark set of rooms, go right and grab a Coin (53), turn around and go straight to the other end (N) where you will find another Coin (54) a bit right of you. Now go N again to the wall and find a button there, a block goes up, turn around and go left around the first corner, left around the next corner are Grenades. Turn around and head S to find a hole in the floor, climb down and go N around the corners through this passage to the end to climb the block you raised. Up there you'll find the Elevator Fuse 2. Get down and go back around, S is Shotgun ammo, then climb back up through the hole. Run S and right around the corner to fin a Medipack along the right hand wall.

Turn right and find a lever on the W wall, it will raise a block (#2) for a Sapphire we'll get later.

Head back E through the dark and run out to the hall. 

The Decks, Elevator Fuse 3.

Go straight to the opposite wall and use the Admiral's Key NE, enter. Head right to the other end, shoot three SAS and a Thug. One leaves Uzi clips. Go pick up Revolver ammo along the E side and climb into the last window left (NE), hang out and shimmy left for a Coin (55), get back. Drop through a hole into the Storage below and go to the SE corner, from an alcove E jump to grab the stack of crates in the corner and on top are Arrows, between the crates on the floor are Shotgun ammo and a Coin (56). Climb back over the crates, behind a crate along the W wall is a Coin (57).

Timed Run for the Door.

Now we have to do a Timed run through the Storage to the upper deck, in the N end of the lower deck is a trigger tile with an oil stain (looks like running figure). The Timing isn’t too tight so relax. Face E at the trigger, run over and jump on the crate and in one move run turning left to jump to the crates, a bit left to the next crate and onwards to the ones reaching up under the hole in the ceiling. Hop onto the middle deck and run to jump up the crates N, grab up to the upper deck and I used the alcove W to run and jump to the floor part S (you can also follow that passage W to the other end and jump out left, easier), then jump to grab the ledge SE and make your way to the door SW. Once inside go down the steps and open a door, in that room is Elevator fuse 3. Don’t shoot the benches, or a SAS will show up. Back up and out the timed door, go to the left window E and hop up, look outside and spot an invisible ledge (but you can see edges). Hop there to get a Secret Sapphire (5), hop back inside and go left to the next window for Uzi clips. The last window NE has a Coin (58). Go into the passage W and up the crates left, through to a pool, dive in for a Coin (59).

Go back out to the storage, down one level, into an alcove W and open the small door. Wait for the Thug and take him out. Go into the corridor and when you go up some steps, jump over the part of the floor in front of the second steps. Because until now some doors are open and when you just run over that part of the floor, a door will close (as a hint you can hear it close). Go right into the room with the tables and to the S end where you can get a Medipack in a passage (this is that door) Go to the W side and into the passage, climb up using the blocks you raised (button in fake elevator “Burner Room” paragraph and a lever in the “Basements” paragraph). Upstairs get a Secret Sapphire (6), get back to the room and go to the N side for a small medipack in a short passage.

Go back to the deck, out the door you entered from (middle deck SW). In the room where you used the Admiral’s Key out SW again. In the labyrinth with the gates go right, left around the corners and then right again (W), first right then left and right around the corner to leave S. Straight through the next room to the staircase and go down, first left to get to the Secret Rooms and do your thing.

When done, go further down the stairs and left to the Cargo Hold. Go N up the steps and take a left to that elevator, go left around and find the last Coin (60) of this section. Further around the corner you can place the 3 Fuses, go around to the other side, get into the elevator and use the button…. The elevator takes you up to


Part III.

6 Sapphires, 21 Coins.

Go out and left around to the back of the elevator, open a small door and follow through to a large hall with broken floors. On a ledge left you can spot a Sapphire, look down to the ground floor and shoot a SAS. Do not use any of the levers you might find in this room! Safety drop down one level (NW), SW next to the pillar is the first Coin (61), get down to the ground floor.

A Copper Key and the Fourth Floor Key.

Get down the opening in the floor (middle) and in the room below is a crate left, pull it from the wall to get to the button to lower blocks in the floor, get down the hole next to the button, because that way you will trigger a rope to get to that Sapphire (the other openings won’t). Going down each of the other holes will get you to the same room, only with a different pickup (Revolver ammo and a small medipack). Arm yourself and slide down into a watery basement, the door opens and 4 Mutants come in, take care of them. In the room where you came down is Shotgun ammo. There are two Keys down here, one is a Copper Key, light a flare and look for it, out of the first room and left (SW). The Fourth Floor Key is located in the N end of this place (right around the corner from the first room), in the SW corner also. Go back to the S side, open a small door SE and shoot a SAS, then open the door there with that Key.

Inside jump the blocks to the top of the room, use the lever opposite the door and get into the door back to the ground floor. Throw a lever in front of you and a block goes up, climb up one floor. Use the lever on the NW pillar and climb another block to get to the upper floor.

If you went down through the passage next to that pushblock before, a chain will now provide access to the Secret Sapphire (1) on the E ledge.

The Fourth Floor, Library, Marionetta’s steps. 

Get out of this place (SW), back to the elevator and go straight W into the passage, open the door and step into a hall, shoot the second bench left for Uzi clips. Go up the staircase and use the Fourth Floor Key, enter and shoot the SAS. Go right (E) and open a door left and through a small staircase you’ll reach the Library, go right around the corners, shoot a Thug and get a Coin (62) in that corner (NW). Run around to trigger more enemies and one drops Grenades.

Head up the staircase S and left, open a small door, shoot a Thug sneaking up from behind and a SAS on the balcony. In the right hand corner is Shotgun ammo. Back to the staircase and up the other side and jump over the bannister to the bookcases. Head W for Flares and a Coin (63), then look for Marionetta’s steps, notes for an upcoming puzzle (N). Drop down there and look between the bookcases for another Coin (64) in the middle path along the N side. Now you can leave (NW), back to the corridors.

The Ball Room, the Junction Box 1.

Take a right, go back to the door where you used the Key. The Secret Rooms are straight to the end (W), you know the drill. When done go to the corridor and left into the opening opposite the door you opened with the Key. Follow to the Ball Room. At the entrance on the floor is a black bracket, stand in it facing exactly S.

-Take 3 walking steps forward and 4 sidesteps left.

-Do a side jump left, then a side jump right.

-4 sidesteps right and 5 steps forward.

-A side jump right and 6 sidesteps right.

-5 sidesteps left and jump forward twice

-A side jump left and roll once

-A side jump right, jump forward once.

-5 steps backwards.

Here is a video

The Stage curtain should now be open, first grab the Coin (65) to the right. Go up the stage, open the door on the right and shoot the baddies. Inside is the Junction Box, left in the corner. Go back on stage and into the door opposite, a toilet with a Coin (66). Leave the Ball room and in the corridor go left, all the way into a large hall, down the stairs and straight to the opposite wall, shoot a bench for a Coin (67). Another bench NW has a small medipack. Go up the other stairs and shoot the baddies in the Lounge.

The Lounge.

In the middle of the lower floor is Shotgun ammo, from a crate S (middle) of the lower floor you can grab up to the balcony above, turn left and jump to the floor NW. Shimmy along the edge of the floor to get to a button NW, open the door and get in. Pick up 2x Grenades and Revolver ammo in that passage. Back out for now and straight to a missing floor part, jump left around the pillar to the floor behind it and shoot the SAS, grab the Coin (68). Look up N over the gap in the floor and spot a panel looking different from the rest, jump and grab that opening and get in for Secret Sapphire (2) and a Medipack. From standing in the opening a stand jump back down.

Then proceed right to the other (E) side and climb over a crate to find another Coin (69) right of it. Around the corner is a button (S), opening a door below on the ground floor. 

Storage Hold, Junction Box 2.

Go back to that crate, climb up and jump to grab the floor above. Open the door there with the button and enter. After the flyby use the chain to swing into the opening a bit right and you’ll have to swing far enough to hit that pool you saw in the flyby, so save when on the rope (aim just right of that ladder on the far wall). In case you want the Sapphire, swing from the rope aiming for the left hand side of the opening and land on a high stack of crates. Down in the middle of the stack is a Secret Sapphire (3). Climb back to the top and hop into the pool below.

On the bottom of the pool is Junction Box 2, on a crate SW are Uzi clips and NE is a Coin (70). Open the door and shoot the Mutant in the next passage. Go up the steps and shoot a bench for Flares. Step out into the Lounge again.

The Lounge; S side, Fire Jumps.

The door S we opened with the button above, get in there and follow through to a pool with burner pillars. The water has a strong current and will carry you back if you fall in.

Face South and jump to the left pillar. A run jump straight S twice, to the third pillar. Turn right (E) and a jump to the pillar there. Turn left (S) and a run jump to the next pillar. Turn right to jump (E) again. Turn left and jump twice to the S to get to the safe ledge. Use the lever and see a door open up. Swim back along the right hand side and pick up a Coin (71) NW, climb back up to the entrance at a low part of the floor. Go back up the stairs to the Lounge.

The Lounge; N side, Junction Boxes 3 and 4. 

Go straight across the Lounge and open the small door N, left around the corner in that corridor are Arrows. Go into the corridor and into the door (right) you opened with the lever at the Fire pillars.

Shoot the 3 Mutants and get a Coin (72) SW in the central part of the room. SW are some Uzi clips, then go to the outer SW corner of the room and drop in a pit next to the wardrobe to get a Secret sapphire (4). In the outer N wall are two doors, toilet rooms, check the right hand one first to get a Coin (73). Now the left hand toilet room where you can climb up into a duct in the back, take a left for some Flares and then go to the other side and right for Junction Box 3. Get out, leave the room to the corridor and left.

Open the small door right (E) and inside push the crate left of the entrance to the back wall and grab a Coin (74). Go to the second crate from the right on the S wall and pull it out and aside, push the button to open a door in a room behind you. Move the crate N aside and go in to where that door opened. Go left and follow that passage (shoot a SAS) to the end for Shotgun ammo, a Coin (75) and a small medipack. Go back to where you came in and take the first left into that opened door to get Junction Box 4 right around the corner. Go back and out to the corridor and head out right to the Lounge. 

The Lounge; Third Floor, Cafeteria Key.

Up the crate S, up to the floor above, left and jump over to the W side, follow around left as before, jump around the pillar at the large gap in the N balcony. Continue to the crate E and climb up one more floor, go left and make your way to the SW corner, shoot a bench for a Coin (76) and grab Shotgun ammo. Proceed along the broken floor to the N, shoot the SAS on the far balcony. There are Uzi clips where he died. On a pillar in the middle of that balcony is a button, a door opens left (W), where you just came from. So jump back to that door W, (shoot the SAS inside) run through the corridor and go to a room right, behind the blue crate is a block where you can use the 4 Junction Boxes. A door opens, go out of this room and straight into the door you opened to get the Cafeteria Key.


A whole army of baddies appears, take them out, go left (N) through the small door and shoot more baddies. Up the steps and to the left up the steps are Flares and Shotgun ammo. At the other end of this hallway are more Flares and a small medipack. Nothing else to do here, so get back to the Lounge (S and right)

The Lounge; First Floor NW, Cabins.

Drop down one floor and open the door NW (but we did that already to get the ammo inside), so just follow through and go into the open door at the end. Open the first small door left and enter the cabin, behind the bed are 2x Uzi clips. The bathroom has a button to open a door at the end of a corridor.

Go out of the cabin, left and open the next cabin, in a bench is a Coin (77), the bathroom is empty. Get out and shoot a SAS, go left to the next cabin. The cabin is empty, the bathroom has a Coin (78).

Optional For the last Sapphires.

Out to the corridor and left to the door you opened with the button in the first cabin. Shoot the SAS and open the first cabin, drag the dead guy to get a Coin (79). Open the bathroom and pick up a small medipack.

Out of the cabin and to the next, the bathroom is empty. But in the cabin is a hole in the floor, get in and crawl S and right for a Coin (80). Then crawl to the end and drop down into a passage. Go to the end where you see burners, grab the ceiling and time the burners to get to the other end. Go left and find a Trigger tile, stand back to the wall, top up the health and just sprint straight down into a lower room where you’ll land inside the timed door. Get the Secret Sapphire (5) and climb out of here, now we go left (S) and climb down in a large hold. Shoot the Mutants and grab a Coin (81) NW. Get out of the hold, to the passage with the burners and the first corner has a Sapphire under the burner. Use the ceiling to get to the corner. Hang close to the burner and in the middle of the passage so that when you drop you slide on top of the Secret Sapphire (6), jump up to grab the ceiling and get out of there. Follow back up to the cabin and get out to the wide corridor. 

For collecting the Secrets: Go left down the stairs and in the lower corridor go left, straight into the Secret Rooms (W) and do your thing. When ready, back to the corridor, right up the stairs to the cabins and left around up the next staircase. Use the Cafeteria Key and step through…


Part IV.

6 Sapphires, 38 Coins. 

Open the small door and shoot the SAS in the Cafeteria. Right next to the third table is a Coin (82), between the tables S is Revolver ammo. Turn W and on the meat rack is another Coin (83).

For a Sapphire: Go into the door left of the meat rack and right in the end to come to a kitchen, grab a Coin (84) and go through to a Freezer. There are fish pictures on the wall, the hint will be available later, but we’ll give it to you now: “The fish in the freezer need to be boxed up. Push and pull the crates so that the red fish have a free path to the opposite wall. Green fish have to be covered up. Yellow fish need one block of free space. Orange fish must have two blocks space from wall to crate”.


|OXXXX|    So the O’s are the crates.







Go back to the kitchen and out to the passage where the door opened N, get the Secret Sapphire (1) and get back to the Cafeteria. To the door E and through to a Hall. A SAS will leave Grenades behind, N behind that staircase is a Coin (84).

The Simple Key.

Left is a flooded staircase, go down a bit to lure out the fish and shoot it. Into the water and right around the stairs is a Coin (85), then go through the opening S and up left is an underwater lever, one door closes (to the Secret Rooms; if you want to go for a Sapphire first, don’t use it yet) while the other opens. Get some air at the stairs and swim down into the opening SW. Follow through around corners and in the long passage take a right into a flooded room, right around the corner and in the corner of the room is the Simple Key. Fish appear, so swim back fast and wait for them at the stairs. When things are safe again, you can swim back into the same room and straight from the entrance and behind the table is a Coin (86), another Coin (87) is left of the entrance behind the table and SE some Revolver ammo. The opposite room (from the passage left) has a Coin (88) too, it is on a table in the far left corner. Once collected all goodies, swim back to the staircase and if you want to go for the Secrets, use the underwater lever again (S room). Get out of here, up the stairs to the first floor.

Upstairs, E passage, Goodies.

Go straight into the dark room E, grab some Shotgun ammo, don’t use the button yet, but first run to the back wall (E), left of the painting you can grab up into a crawlspace to get Flares and a Secret Sapphire (2). Get back out, hit the button on the central pillar to turn on the lights (Sapphire isn’t available once the lights are on), doors open too and baddies come out to play. After taking them out, visit all rooms to get a Coin (89) in the first right. Grenades in the second right, a button SE to open the exit again and the last room SW is a bust.

Leave and go straight across into the passage W.

Upstairs, W passage, Secret Rooms.

This is where you find the doors you switched with the underwater lever before. The door to the right leads you to the Secret Rooms, (if you want to visit  and the door is closed, you’ll have to use that underwater lever in the flooded staircase). Inside you’ll find a Coin (90) on your way to the Secret Rooms right of that Coin is a door, it seems to be opened by running along the first floor (edge of the staircase) and over the wooden higher floor party in the room where the Coin is. Inside that room you can sit down and write down the hint for the Sapphire puzzle (we got that one). S of the room with the Coin are the Secret Rooms.

Deck Area, a Gold Relic.

Get out and use the underwater lever again to go into the opposite door in the W passage. A Thug will come for you, shoot him and grab the Coin (91) another Coin (92) is in the passage, left on the ledge with the plants. In the next room is a button behind the fence right, the door ahead will open up. Go through to the decks, shoot a Thug and a SAS. In the window straight across is a Coin (93), left near the far wall is another Coin (94). Open the small door there and come to a corridor with a red carpet. Go down the ladder to the lower part, go S and right to the end and open a small door, inside are a Gold Relic and a Coin (95). Go back to the ladder and left of it are Uzi clips.

Go up and Save before going into the passage (with a collapsing floor) right, run jump in leaving as much tiles as possible intact. Quickly open the small door (for a Sapphire), you’ll drop into the corridor below. Climb back up the ladder and now run over the collapsing tiles to jump into the open door to get the Secret Sapphire (3). Run jump out left and shoot the baddies, go around to get Flares, a Coin (96) and Arrows as an extra bonus. Drop into the lower corridor and go back up the ladder.

Turn around and jump far left onto the sloped side, shimmy right and back flip with twist to grab the other side, go on like this to get to the other end. Step into a room with chains, swing all the way across to use the Gold Relic, a door opens in the pool below. Swing to the middle chain, turn left and swing to a ledge. Grab a Coin (97) and Shotgun ammo, hop down into the pool.

Swimming for the Life Boat Key.

Into the open door E and get out once you hear the fish, go shoot it. Back in and right in the back (NE) is a hole in the floor, swim W and collect 2 Coins (98-99), back out to the pool for air and swim in once more. Take a left into a hole in the SW corner, down there are a Coin (100) and Uzi clips. There’s also another hole down, go back for air first and swim down again, then down through the second hole (NE). Down there and to the N is the Life Boat Key and to the W a Coin (101), you might want to go for air in between but it is possible in one go.

Back in the pool we have to do one more thing, there’s a button on the S ledge at the chains. Go into the corridor W, up the ladder and make your way E again to the chains, get to the ledge left and use the button to open a door on the deck area. Hop into the pool.

Back on Deck.

We’re done here, go through the corridor W, up the ladder and follow the corridor up to the deck, go right and right around the corner, get some Flares there and shoot a couple of SAS. To the NW is a Coin (102), some Uzi clips and another Coin (103) SW. Watch out for hidden holes in the deck (long drop) though.

 Go find the opening in the deck (W, near that bench). That’s where you can climb down a ladder to the hold below. Shoot a Thug, go to the NE corner and grab a monkey climb follow to the end and right. Drop and grab a Coin (104) turn right to the wall and grab up to the rim, shimmy all the way left to the ledge there and climb over the crates for a Secret Sapphire (4). Go back the same way and pick up some Uzi clips under the monkey climb where you grab up. Get up the ladder to the deck. 

Go to the E side and right into a window, there’s a cave next to the ship, get down there and to the right at the end is a Coin (105). Turn around and head down E along the left side to find some Shotgun ammo and a SAS. At the end is a door you can open with the Simple Key.

The Shaft, Timed Door, the Bilge Key. 

Let’s first go get a Sapphire (skip if you don’t want it). From the entrance ledge you have 30 seconds to reach a timed door in a room in the upper left corner of the shaft (SE). Jump onto the block right landing as far left as possible, turn left and hop to the corner blocks with the slope, a running jump onto the far end of the slope (against the wall) and from the slope onto the block with the burner (behind the gate is the Sapphire). You have to face S so you can run a bit against the gate past the burner. Jump to the blocks S when the burner is down and hop up to the entrance SE. In that passage jump over a crate, run past a burner and around the corner is the timed door with a Secret Sapphire (5) behind it. Good luck (for the first part of the route you can watch the movie below). Go back and down to the ledge next to the passage. From there jump to the trigger tile SW.

Inside turn left and jump to grab the ledge in the corner where you’ll find a trigger tile, it will open the door you can see down in the opposite wall.

Route: Back to the entrance ledge, jump onto the block left landing as far left as possible, turn left and hop to the corner blocks with the slope, a running jump onto the far end of the slope (against the wall) and from the slope onto the block with the burner. Run a bit and roll so you’ll fall from the other side and can grab the slope, immediately release and drop onto the next slope. From the slope a back flip with twist and run off the left side of the block landing on a lower pillar (with a ladder). If you can run and jump a bit left onto that sloped block (skipping the SW corner block) and slide jump to grab the block at the wall, two side flips left will get you to the door (video-shaft.mp4). Inside is the Bilge Key.

Drop to the bottom of the shaft, grab a Coin (106) and leave N. Shoot a SAS in the next shaft and from standing back against the N wall you can shoot another SAS up on a ledge above, he’s quite a nuisance. Climb the two ladders, get another Coin (107) and slide jump to get to the opposite side where you can get to the next ladder. Grab a Medipack and shimmy to the next ladder. On the upper ledge is a button to get out to the cave. Get back on deck (SW).

Route to the Secret Rooms: E side of the deck and left through the opening, straight to the W passage where the door in front has to be opened with the underwater lever in the flooded staircase (swim S) below. Go get the Secrets and return to the deck (underwater lever and upstairs W passage left, and straight through.

The Theatre. 

The door you opened with the button at the chains is (SW) between those dark pillars. Inside shoot two Thugs and a SAS, the latter drops a Coin (108). Take a left in the wide corridor and then right into the Theatre and on the stage is a Coin (109). Go to the far opposite corner of the Theatre for Shotgun ammo, then through the opening E to a staircase. Go up to the walkway above the Theatre and shoot a SAS, at the other end is a Stage storage.

Push the Crate, for the Steward Key.

On a crate in the back left is a Coin (110). On a crate in the middle of the room is a small medipack. Next to it on the ground (N) is a crate you can push. Move that all the way along the W side to the other side of the room and onto the yellow square there (raising block SE).

Go down the hole SW and you’ll run over a yellow square. Around the corner is a button (near a closed door), this will lower the block and get the crate down here, go pull it once and use the button again. Go back up to the room above and find a button on a crate along the W wall near the hole you come from. Push it to switch the raising block again and now you can go down where the crate went into the floor and push it once. Back up, use the button there again and go down the other hole again to pull the block onto the yellow square. A door opens behind the crate, so back up you go, use the button there again and get down in the second hole to enter that door.

Through the small door you’ll come to a room next to the Theatre, shoot the third bench right to get the Steward Key. The last bench right has a Coin (111). Go back to the storage, out E and down the stairs E and in the Theatre left to the corridor. Turn left and in the end right up the stairs, open the door to the deck with the button and shoot the SAS. To the right are Arrows and in the opening S is a corridor with baddies, in the room at the end is a Medipack. Go back to the deck, open the door NE with the Bilge Key. Go to a button inside opening a door somewhere near the Theatre.

Go back out and right/right, down the staircase to the corridor at the theatre and left, before you go onto the deck take a right, the toilets here are empty and the door you opened is at the end left.

Shoot the Thug and the SAS and look for the 3 Coins (..114), then use the Steward Key in the lock (SW).

Wrecked Quarters. 

Go into a large room with a broken floor, shoot a Thug and some SAS. You can hear one more SAS patrolling below. And if you see the SAS below, shoot him. Run jump over to grab the floor SE and go down the stairs, on this floor you can find Uzi clips dropped by a SAS. Go to the N end of the floor and look down into the deadly pool below, you should just be able to spot a red bench in the corner of the pool. There are 4 of them and visible only from the middle level, shoot all of them to open a door on the middle level E (shooting them with explosives might NOT trigger the door to open!). Depending on where you are, get to the staircase, up to the upper level and drop down to the middle level E, inside the open door is a Secret Sapphire (6).

Toxic Dump.

On the bottom level is a Coin (115) in the NW corner and a small door SW. Downstairs another door, shoot a Thug and step into the room where they dump their Toxic waste.  Go right, up the crates and use that corroded structure to jump to the SE walkway, grab a Coin (116) and shoot a SAS

Go into the room the SAS came from (S) and throw the lever there to open a door on another deck area. Back out to the walkway and take a right to jump and grab the chain, swing straight into the opening (you might have to aim left of it). Pick up a Medipack, 2x Shotgun ammo and another Coin (117). Use the button at the end to raise a block in the Toxic waste, get back to that room and run out right to land on the block. Jump to the walkway N and get back up the stairs.

From the crate at the pool, get up to the W side floor, into the stairs S and up to the upper floor, turn right and jump over to the NW corner of the room where you can use the Life Boat Key. Follow through to a cave with a deck part of the ship, shoot the baddies and grab a Coin (118) W. Safety drop down to the water level and jump into the Life Boat….

 G&D Febr.12-2015