Quest  for Infinata’s Eye.

Levels by Colin Benson

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

This walkthrough contains all Secret Sapphires.

Part I.

3 Sapphires.

The Summer Rain Staff.

Lara is on a beach. Go left onto the square, the big staircase N leads up to the Secret Rooms where you can exchange Sapphires for Goodies at any time in the level. For now climb the tower right and grab 5x Uzi clips from the roof. Jump into the water, swim S for Flares, turn around and swim into a small opening NW. Down and into the opening N, swim around two corners and take the first left, swim around a corner and straight to the light, right and up for air. Don’t climb out or you will have to shoot bats. Now swim down and keep to the right. Swim up a bit for Flares and again up for the Summer Rain Staff. Back to that air pocket and now swim down and left back into the tunnel, straight to the corner and at the next crossing go left to a wider room go down and left. Behind the pillar is a Healing Potion (small medipack). Swim up and left (W) into a wide tunnel, up to the right in the back to emerge in a dark cave.

There are a bunch of bats here I won’t mention them all. Go straight to the W and where you can see a building left look for a low gap in the N wall, crawl in and go a bit to the left into a blue light area to get the Secret Sapphire (1). Go back through the same gap and right to that building. To the left of the entrance is Shotgun ammo; then enter the structure. In the end right is a small square with a crate; next to it is a lever opening up a door left of a stand.

Gate Keys, Timed Run to the Bridge, the Lightning Deity.

Go back through the cave to where you came from the water (E) and dive in. When you get to the dark room, go left into a small opening to another cave. Go N into the building and into the door you opened, follow through to a corridor where two dogs and a guard will attack. The guard drops Uzi clips. In the N end of the corridor are the Gate Keys, on the left near the brooms. Go back to the other end and open that iron gate on the right with the Keys. Inside you will come to a Bridge, blocked by fires. We’ll do something about that now.

Back in the corridor left and first left you’ll find a trigger tile with a “running figure”. Stand behind the tile facing the corridor and save. There are two more of these tiles in the rooms left of this one, so get to the corridor, left and left onto the next trigger and roll, back out, left and left onto the next trigger and roll (you can also do run jumps instead of sprint for this part). Now out and right, to the end of the corridor and right through the gate you opened before. Sprint straight over the bridge. In the room at the back are the Lightning Deity and the Shotgun. Go back out, left and down some crates to the ground floor, at the other end of the bridge (E) is Shotgun ammo Then find a ladder SE to climb back up and return to the corridor.

Dark Basements, a Crowbar.

Go left and take the first opening right (E wall), inside notice the 3 baskets right and go down the pole left. Careful, there are nasty pits on either side. Grab a Torch and carefully ignite it to save on Flares. Turn to the E and jump over the pit, go straight and a bit left to a niche with a Life Potion (Medipack).

Now go right of that alcove to the far S wall opening, down some steps and take the first opening right, follow through a wider corridor into a narrow one again and around some corners you’ll get the scare of your life where Teeth doors come to life. Get through those and grab the Crowbar from the room. Get back the same way and in the room with the stairs go straight to the opposite wall (E).

Solrock 1.

Enter the third niche from the right and follow through coming to a wider room, watch out for spike traps. Go into the opening left at the other end and follow up some steps to a room where you can get Solrock 1 from the other end. Go back down and through the spike room into the passage W back to the room with the steps.

Solrock 2.

Once up the steps to the large room, go into the first opening on the right (E). Follow down to where you can get Solrock 2 then go back upstairs.

Use the Solrocks, opening up Doors.

Turn right and go to the wall (N), turn left and take the #3 passage on the right, go through another spike room into the passage in the corner and follow through for 3x Uzi clips. Go back to the large room and go right into the second right, come to a room with a red tiled floor. Go straight into the opening S, place the two Solrocks there. A door opens up, go back to the previous room, take the left hand passage and come to a room with a jump lever, this lever will open another door. Go back out, left and follow the passage to the large room. Go right around the corner into the last opening in that wall and get Flares from that room. Back to the large room, go straight (S) and left over the pit to get to the pole where you came down and climb up after throwing the Torch away.

Get out to the corridor (W) and take a left and left again to the sandy cave, left around the corner is the stand where you can place the (combined Summer Rain Staff and Lightning Deity) Thunderstorm Idol.

Follow in up some steps to a wide corridor, shoot the guards coming from the left opening and shoot another guard inside. Back to the corridor and left, then first go straight to the end and left to come to a wide pit. Just jump to the middle of the pit onto an invisible ledge and jump to get the Secret Sapphire (2).

Go back over the pit and in the corridor take the first opening left, here is where the door opened with the jump lever in the red tiled rooms.

Shoot the wild boars and go left to that bush and find the Tetra-Jade Key in it. Out through the open door and left to the corridor, left/right into the storage where you shot the last guard. Behind the crates on the right (N) is a receptacle for the Key you have, so another door will open up. Back into the corridor go right and at the end right again down to the sandy cave.

In case you want to collect the Secrets and get some weaponry: Go straight (S) to the water, swim into the next room and down left into the tunnel, keep to the left and in the next room out of the opposite higher opening to the beach. Wade out and on the square, go up the staircase N, shoot a guard and take your pick from the gates. Get back to where you left off

The Storages.

Loop around right into the other (left) door again and in the corridor go right and all the way at the end right again. Go up the stairs and up left is the door you opened, climb the ladder to get to it. Follow the passage and around the corner a skeleton will await you, shoot him into the pit. Another one shows up from behind, do the same to him. Climb the ladder on the W wall and go up the next one too. In this large storage are two guards, stay far away from them so they won’t shoot you and take them out, one of them drops Uzi clips.

In the dark SE corner is a jump lever on the crates; that one will open a basket we saw before, it is for a Sapphire (No need to go for it now, we’ll be there soon).

Get on the stack of crates N, do a banana jump around the higher stack to the left (W) side and keep jumping around clockwise from stack to stack to get to the high stack E. In the middle of that high stack is a Gold Coin. On the corner stack NE are Arrows. Safety drop down. Go down the ladders to the corridor. Go W, down the ladder there and out to the corridor (SW). Left and into the next opening left (room with the pole and the baskets). Get the Secret Sapphire (3) from the open basket right.

Back to the corridor and left, last opening left to the sandy cave, go S to the water. Swim into the next room and down left into the tunnel, keep to the left and in the next room out of the opposite higher opening to the beach. Wade out and on the square go to that gate W and left around the corner you can use the Coin to open the gate… 

Part II

Follow the passage down and grab the pole in the shaft (up is a closed door).

For a Sapphire: Go down to the bottom ledge (N) and back flip off. Crawl through the next room under the darts and then come to a puzzle room. There are numbered jump levers and on the wall is a riddle. Passcode for the door has three digits. Added together they equal 17. Multiplied together they equal 112. Those digits are 2-7-8. These are the jump levers to use and the door will open, climb a ladder inside and get the Secret Sapphire (1).

Get back to the pole, up one ledge on the left side (E). Inside are two guards and a dog, one guard drops Uzi clips. In the left hand room is a Shotgun on a pedestal, a door will open in the top of the shaft. Check out the other room too for Shotgun ammo. Get back to the pole and climb back up to the top and back flip off (W). Go through a small pit to arrive in the Hall with ledges.

Hall with Ledges, 4 Orbs.

Go get the Shotgun ammo in the middle and climb down the ladder at the entrance, head into the opening on the right (NE) and grab the Silver Orb. In the other corners of the room are receptacles for other Orb so you have to do this three times.

Place the Orb NW opens N, climb back up shoot two skeletons off the ledges, into the door where they came out off (N), go into the first right for another Silver Orb, then explore the rest (there’s really only one easy route) to find the Bronze Ball at the end.

SE opens S, climb back up shoot two skeletons off the ledges, into the door on the right (S), go into the right hand side and keep right for another Silver Orb, roll and go out, right into the second opening for a Bronze Ball (2) at the end.

SW opens W, climb back up shoot two skeletons off the ledges, go into the W door, just keep going right where possible and get a Bronze Ball (3) and another Silver Orb. Go back going right and climb down to the lower level.

Use the 3 Bronze Balls on the pillars and the door W opens up; go into a connecting room. The small door left (S) leads you down to the Secret Rooms, go down the stairs and open the gate with the crowbar.

More Silver Orbs.

The small door in front (W) leads down to catacombs and to a Sapphire. Follow through, climbing down ladders and turn right into a passage with burners. Wait till the first ones go down and run in, wait for the last pair to stop and get through; go straight up the stairs and when you enter the room, the door closes. Go around the corner left and spot a sign on the wall. “The best things come to those who wait.” Just wait there till the door opens up after about a minute or maybe two. Go in for the Secret Sapphire (2) and return to the room. Go left to the SW corner and slide down, get through the burners (there’s water straight ahead..) and make your way back up the ladders to the small door.

(The Secret Rooms are right through the other small door in case you forgot)

Head left (N), up the steps and come to the room with the pillars. Go left through the opening W and in the wide corridor climb up the ladder to the right. Shoot a guard and another one behind you (S), grab the Healing Potion and jump to the ladder up to where the other guard was to get the Silver Orb (2). Get down and head S through the corridor into a room with a pole.

Climb the pole and back flip into the room above, go up W and follow through shooting some bats. In the street go to a small door left, open it, go in a bit and back out to wait for two guards to come for you. Then go back in, go right to the kitchen first, left through the next door and shoot a guard and his dog. On the far wall is a jump lever and that will obviously put out the fire in the fireplace. Go back and now go to the living room and grab the Silver Orb (3) from the fireplace.

Out to the street and open the opposite house, shoot the two dogs and open no other doors than the one NW, go to the bathroom NW and grab the Silver Orb (4). Get out to the street, left and down the passage E to the pole, slide down and go to the N side of the corridor

Go up the pole to the room above and open the gate with the crowbar, take a right and then left into the small doorway where you can get Flares. 2 Skeletons will sneak up from behind, take care of them and climb the crate on the left. Jump to grab a rim (crack) in the E wall near the pit and shimmy across to the other side, go behind the crate for the Secret Sapphire (3). Shimmy back and go out to the corridor, go left and into the large opening on the right, climb down the ladder to a storage room.  

Storage, Timed Run.

Go through the room shooting two guards and climb a stack of crates in the W side niche, in the corner behind the crates (NW) are Grenades. Now go to the far end (S) and on the crates to the right are Uzi clips, you can jump there from the crates left of the opening S.

In the room S is a trigger tile for a Timed door. The route is straight back over the ground floor crates to the N and left up that stack of crates near the ladder, from the top a jump to grab the ladder and up. In the corridor above go left, to the corner and right. At the end of that part right into the hopefully open door (video-

In the room with the grated floor drop down the holes to the ground floor and throw the lever to open a door in the room with the pillars. Climb back up to the upper level; go out to the corridor and go S through the steel gate, slide down the pole and go in the corridor left. In the room with the pillars to the left and in the NE corner is the door you opened.

You can now visit the Secret Rooms if you like, out S, straight S into the small door. Go back to the room with the pillars and into the door NE.

For the Gold Coin.

Climb the ladder and follow the passage up to a hall with a sand floor, on the ceiling are different looking tiles, they are the clue for the next room, so take a screenshot or make notes. Just run diagonally to the opening to a staircase and go up to the hall where the floor is deadly in some places. Here you need the clue. Straight out of the entrance the first 3 brown squares are safe, then do a run jump over two deadly squares. You can pick up the Uzi clips on the left and back to the tile next to the Uzi. Walk straight to the W wall.

Go along the grey floor to place the 4 Orbs. Stay close to the wall though, you’ll get a screen of the door near the Timed door. Hop over a deadly tile to get the Arrows. Go back to the tile near where the clips were and face the exit. The first two brown squares are safe, then a run jump straight to the exit.

Make your way back through the hall with the sand and down the ladder to the room with the pillars, out W to the corridor and then take a right. Climb up the pole and into the corridor there. Straight and left into the door we opened and run around the pit to get the Gold Coin. Two doors open up, releasing two skeletons each. Nice job with something explosive. Go back out to the corridor and take a right and then a left.

There is one place we didn’t visit yet, to the end (E) and left up the stairs. Out on the yard, shoot the two guards and go straight behind the wall E, shoot the bats and grab some Arrows left in the back. Back to the yard and right and on the crates is Shotgun ammo, probably left by the guard. Head into the opening N and go right, follow through to where you can use the Coin. First shoot the dog and go into the room it came from to get the Grenades. Use the Coin and go through the gate.

Go right, climb the crates and jump to grab the roof, shimmy left all the way over a spike trap and drop at a small door, kick it. Inside climb left (E) over the crates and jump over to the next row of crates. Crawl over and lower yourself down for the Grenade Gun and Flares. Climb up and crawl back and then safety drop into the lower part of the room…

Part III.

Behind Lara in the W wall is a small door, leading to the Secret Rooms (and more). We go E into the niche, left and through the steam vents and you’ll hear a some doors open up, at the end of the passage is a wide Connection room with several openings.

Ground Floor Connection Room; S - Miracle Eye (1).

Go right and through the doorway S, follow through to the Pillar Room, named by its many pillars. Run around a bit shooting 3 guards and 2 skeletons. Pick up Uzi clips and the Miracle Eye (1) dropped by the guards and Grenades left by a skeleton. Leave N and left back to the Connection Room.

Ground Floor Connection Room; N - Lever for the Doors.

Go straight through the room into the opening N and find a lever that will open or close about 6 doors in these rooms. Throw the lever and go out, take a right into the first opening, follow up to the Connection Room-First Floor.

Connection Room-First Floor; S - A Torch.

Go right into the doorway (S) and follow through to a dark room with a death trench in the middle, jump straight over and grab the Torch. Go back a bit and run jump W onto a sloped side of the trench, keep jumping in the direction of the other side (W) to get onto the floor there. In the end on the left (S) are two jump levers (left and right), one opens a door to Miracle Eye (4) and the other (W) a door to a labyrinth. Now jump N and ignite the Torch carefully. Jump back (taking the Torch) to the NE and jump back to the Connection Room-First Floor. Leave the Torch here for a bit and go left into the staircase down to the Ground Floor (SW), back into the room N to throw the lever again. Go back upstairs to the Torch and pick it up.

Connection Room-First Floor; NW – Maze, Miracle Eye (2).

It is a bit of a hassle, but if you are low on Flares you can bring the Torch, but you’ll have to drop it repeatedly to climb and crawl. But you don’t need it for anything in there, so it’s up to you. But if you leave it here, be sure where to find it although there is another Torch to find.

Go left to the end and take another left and follow through. Crawl to the left under the darts. Go around the corner and jump onto the block straight ahead (N). Turn and jump plus grab to a niche to get the Flares. Now go back and through W, go left and jump over that knife trap on the left. Go left and into the corner on a block is an extra Torch (if you want), walk to the S with it and a fire will appear to ignite it. Climb the block right of that fire and go through to a crawlspace into the next section.

Lever for a Door.

Go straight to the end (S), and crawl out left, then take a right (S) and keep right around corners, look behind the block W for a Healing Potion and Flares. Go back over the block and keep to the SE, right around the corners and you hear Knives. When you reach a drop off, jump right around the corner onto the higher block; then jump and grab the crawlspace up right from the knives (W). Drop out at the other end and turn to spot some Flares in an alcove W (bit left). Go get those, drop back out and go N and left around that wall to head W to a wall with a bit of red light. Go left to where you see a lever, throw the lever to open a door in another part of this place.

To the Door.

Turn right (W) and start walking, take a right and right up that hill NE, slide down N to another part of the maze. Look up left for a sloped alcove, climb in and drop down to the right to get Arrows. Go N and right around the corner, keep going E along that side to get back to the crawlspace. Get in, crawl left and climb up the block, down where that fire is and turn to the W, go into the next area along the left wall and spot that door you opened NW. For more Flares, go left of that door and around the corner, keep the wall on your right and get the Flares at the end. Now go left around into the open door and straight to the back, crawl left under the darts to get the Miracle Eye (2).

Now we’re here we can go for a Sapphire too, go back out the door (S) turn right and keep going straight and at the pillar go left around the corner. When you bump into a wall turn around and find the Arrows in the SE corner. Now head for the opposite side (N) and from a hill on the right you can jump and grab a crevice in the N wall, go through and find and alcove NW with a Secret Sapphire (1).

Getting Out.

From the door go first E until you see the fire basket, then jump over the knife on the left, go right around the corner, keep going E avoiding the darts and you’re back at the entrance, still carrying your Torch hopefully. If not go back over the knife and get it around the corner left and ignite it at the fire basket.

Back to the Start, Miracle Eye (3).

In the Connection Room, go right and into the second opening right (SW), down to the Ground Floor. Go into the passage SW and back through the steam vents to the first room. Open the small door W and go in (straight are the secret rooms), take the first right and in the end left in a small room is a Miracle Eye (3). Shoot the skeletons, there is a “skeleton pit” outside straight and right if you need it.

Head back to the S with the Torch, all the way straight to the end and around the corner to a hole down with a ladder and spike traps. Face the hole; stand back against the wall and save. Now throw the Torch and check if it landed on a safe floor below. Climb down and left, down and left and pick up the Torch again. Follow through to a room with 2 doors. The right hand one is open if you used those jump levers where you got the Torch before (“Connection Room-First Floor; S - A Torch.”). Drop the Torch, climb down and get the Miracle Eye (4). Back up, shoot the skeletons and get the Torch, ignite the 4 bronze baskets on the walls and the left hand door also opens up. Drop the Torch and go into the left hand door, climb down for a Secret Sapphire (2), back up and leave, you can leave the Torch here.

Climb the ladders over the spikes and go to the crossing in the passage, left through to the Secret Rooms to collect Goodies, there are also 3 doors in the back. Go back to the passage E and through the small door E, through the steam vents to the Connection Room.

First Floor; W - Using the Eyes.

Go up to the First Floor (NW) and loop around left into the first opening W, up the ladder and use the 4 Miracle Eyes there to open a door near a pole. Go back down the ladder to the First Floor, down to the Ground Floor and into the opening in the wall opposite (E).

Connection Room Ground Floor; E – Maze, Bronze Balls.

Get Uzi clips in the far left, then climb up the pole there (N) and back flip off. Go through the door opened with the Eyes and go up a staircase, shoot some bats. Pick up the Revolver ammo straight ahead (E wall) and take a right (S), follow to an opening right, go left a bit and enter the green maze. There are two guards and a dog, take them on as you meet them. But keep track of where you were heading so you can continue after shooting them.

Route: Go in the maze and left, right, left, right, left, right and go straight to the back (S) right around corners and grab the Bronze Ball (1).

Go back, first left is a dead end, left around the next corner heading W, then left right around the corners to head W again till you hit a hedge, turn right and go left around the corners to get the Bronze Ball (2).

Turn back, right around corners to a dead end. Left on the hedge you can see double vines, climb up there and jump over the top of the hedges to the far NW corner for a Secret sapphire (3). Hop to the N and drop down outside the maze, shoot another dog..

Go right and into a storage NE, to the back N and left into the opening to a dark hall, left around the corner is a garbage bin, shoot that for the Bronze Ball (3). Head N into the street, right and then left around the house, another garbage bin has Arrows. Go to the back and into the passage N, come to a canal with ledges above. Jump to the one left if you don’t have a Laser Sight. Jump to the other side and follow left, shimmy along the sloped part and back flip with twist to grab the next ledge. Shoot skeletons while jumping to the far end and get a Revolver left. Shoot the Gem from the Lion Head and enter the door, in the back is the last Bronze Ball (4).

Go out, shoot the crocs you can see and swim through the canal picking up Shotgun ammo. Swim all the way back to the S side where you came in and climb up to exit to the streets. Take a right and go to the back of the building, take the opening there and again go to the right down the staircase then down the pole. Go out into the Connection Room. Right again to throw the lever (N). Run out, go into the second right and down the ladder to place the 4 Balls to open a door at the other pole. Climb back up to the Connection Room.

If you want to collect Goodies, go right into the opening SW, through the steam to the first room and through the small door, straight to the Secret Rooms. Coming back to the Connection Room, go left to the last opening left, go up to the First Floor, go left into the opening N and come to a mud room. There are Flares on the floor in the back. In the mud are several pickups, 3x Healing Potion, 4x Uzi clips, 2x Revolver ammo, a Crossbow and 3x Shotgun ammo. When you kneel, you can look up (Num0 and up arrow) to get a view just under the surface to find that stuff.

Get out, to the Ground Floor and into the opening in the middle straight ahead (E). Go to the right to the pole (S) and down to where that door opened by the Balls. Go through and pick up the Claydol Key. That one has to go back to that storage near where the hedge maze. Go back up the pole and backflip. Climb up the other pole; go up the staircase and take a right. Go left around the corner to the Maze and head left (E) to the storage NE. Go to the right hand wall and shoot a guard when you get close to that gate, use the Claydol key on the right and head through the gate. Follow through to a room with a table left and in that side is also a closed door.

Get ready to Rrrummmbleeee.

Go through the small door N and shoot the guard up on the ledge right, under the ledge in the plants is Shotgun ammo. Then go through N and in the square shoot everything that moves and even things that don’t move… Found one Uzi clips pickup, dropped by a guard. Head in a general NW direction to find a lever next to a pool, that door you saw before opens up. Go back S to that small door and right to the door in the corner behind the crate. Follow in and the level changes…

Part IV.

Go into the next room and shoot two dogs, the guards ran away so I chased them out into the street. From the street enter the opening on the right (E) and shoot a crate to the right to get a Life Potion (Medipack). Back out and go right and into the opening there (N).

Warehouse District.

Come to a street with warehouses left and right. Go into the first right, shoot the baddy and grab his Uzi clips. Go over the crates into the far right corner (SE) and push a crate aside to find another crate in the wall, push that in twice. Turn left and push that crate three times, go down and get through the blade traps to get a Secret Sapphire (1). Make your way back up to the storage and out to the street. Take a right and then left into the storage NW. Shoot the guard and climb behind the stack of crates in the corner to get a Grenade Gun.

Drop the Boulder, the Creepy Key.

Get out of that room and straight into the opposite side, through the opening and follow up to the first floor. Deal with the skeletons and jump over to the room W. Facing the door, use the left and middle levers. Go into the open door and through to an empty room, just jump over the street to the other side again and shoot the baddy. Go up the pole and find Shotgun ammo in the corner behind the crates. Then jump over to the W side again, go through to the room to the left (S) where a boulder is hanging from the ceiling. Again jump over the street to the E and find crates you can push.

Push it once, then the one right of it once too. Turn left and push the first crate once. Pull crate II out once and then aside to the right (S), go in where you pulled this crate from and find a jump lever in the corner. The Boulder will drop, breaking a trapdoor on ground floor. Go back and jump over to the room where the boulder was. Now make your way back to the ground floor like you came up here, jumping from side to side. Take care of those baddies whenever to can. Just drop some grenades down into the street.

Now go to the SW room and spot the boulder in a water tunnel, blocking it. This will help us somewhere else. Go out of the street and take a right (S), back to the first street and keep going right to a small canal. The current in the canal is now gone, the boulder blocks it. So swim right and left at the boulder, grab the Creepy Key from that room and return to the Warehouse District. Into the room at the far left side (NW) and use the Key at the door.

The Indium Rod.

Go up the slope to a long corridor with pillars, to the left is a baddy, shoot him and go in there. Climb the right hand pole and upstairs go into the room with the sand right (N). Follow through to a smaller room in the end, go right and crawl into the next room as spikes pop from the ceiling. Get the Indium Rod right and some Uzi clips left and get out of here. Back to the pole and slide down.

The Emeralds Room, the Specter Key.

Climb the left hand pole and upstairs go to another pole S, do not use it, but climb backwards into the hole and drop to grab a series of crawlspaces. First shimmy around to the right and get a Healing Potion S, then shimmy to the opposite (N) side and get into the crawlspace. Follow around a corner to some Flares then go right to drop into a room with a lever. The lever will open a door near the poles. Crawl back and check your health before dropping down into the room below. Shoot the crates and get 2x Uzi clips, then go back up the pole to the upper room. Go to the left (W) and find the door you opened, climb the ladder to the Emerald Room.

Take out every skeleton you see before jumping to a crack in the hanging pillar and shimmy around to pull up. Jump to the next ledge and then to the rope. Turn left and swing to jump to that emerald on the left wall (E), turn right and jump to the next, then up left into a passage. Follow through and left around to jump to a red hand with the Specter Key. Jump into the opening N and left around the corner are Flares (SW). Shoot a skeleton and head to the NE where you can pick up Uzi clips if you like, shoot more skeletons on your way over. Near the NW corner is a hole in the floor that is not deadly, climb down the ladder to safety drop down into the room with the poles.

Turn around to go back up the ladder (W) and into the Emeralds Room to the rope, this time swing right to get onto the ledge. Jump to the next and use the Key left, to the right is Shotgun ammo. Jump to the open doors W, go through one of them and up through one of the openings ahead, shoot bats, dogs and a guard. Go right onto the street, climb a crate N and jump to grab the roof of the house. Shimmy right to one square from the end and back flip with twist to grab a high stack of crates. Take the Indium Rod and drop down.

Shoot more guards; grab the Arrows one leaves behind. Head back to the large openings in the N wall and come to a room with high ledges on pillars. Go to the far left corner and climb the ladder to the ledges above, jump all the way to the other end to get the Secret Sapphire (2). Drop down, in the middle of the room is a crate with Shotgun ammo, then go to the door NE and use the two Indium Rods.

The Theatre, Neptune’s Key.

As you go to the door at the end, it will open, but first pick up a Healing Potion left between the plants. As you go closer to the door it will drop shut. Look at the floor in front of the door, there is a darker part; you have to jump over that dark bit. So go back a bit till the door opens and jump to the door. Inside two guards will come for you. Both drop Uzi clips (again… I hate Uzis, lot of noise and no kill power). Go into the passage where they came from and avoid the dark floor parts!

From the transparent floor go left to the Theatre, shoot a dog and a guard. Get on the lower crate where you came in and spot a jump lever you can jump to from this crate. A door opens at the other end of the floor.

Go in and take a left around the crates and throw a lever there to open the stage curtain. On a crate in the corner are Uzi clips. Go back and notice another room through the bars there. This is for a Secret Sapphire, we’ll come to that later. Go back though the door and to the left. Now first shoot those guys on the stage and one of them will drop Neptune’s Key. In the left wall you can see an opening and a closed door there.

This is a Timed task for a Sapphire, go back to that room with the crates you saw near the o[en door N, crawl over them and go to the back, shoot a garbage bin for Arrows. Then save at the lever, you have one minute to get back over the crates (the lever doesn’t reset), sprint to the stage, jump on and run left into that open door there. Grab the Secret Sapphire (3) and get out.

Return to the transparent floor room (SW), out through the spike passage and left to the room with the ledges on pillars. Go out S to the street and then go left (E) climbing through the lower room to get to the Emerald Room. Get to the rope (NE) and swing to that emerald ledge to get to the opening SE again as before. Follow the passage to the red hand and jump into the opening N again. Go to the NW corner and down the ladder to get back to the poles (E). Go down the left hand one (NE), head left (NE) through to the hall with the columns and go down the slope there. Shoot a baddy for fun and a crate for Arrows. Open the door with the Key and enter a big yard with terraces.

Go down the stairs and open that Iron Gate with the crowbar and go into a large room with a pool in the middle. Climb the crate to grab up to the monkey swing above. Go to the other side of the pool and drop. Take a left through the opening to the Secret Rooms… Open the gates after shooting the baddy, there will be no more Sapphires, so take what you can.

Then find a lever in the grass in the middle of the room and go through the opening SW, climb the ladder to the first floor and shoot a skeleton. Go into a room S and use the jump lever to open the first of two doors. Throw the lever on the balcony to gain access to the room on the other side balcony. Go down to the ground floor, use the lever in the grass again to get into the open door NW and do the jump lever in the N room upstairs to open the second of the two doors. Now you can see where that set of doors is located.

Drop down to the ground floor and go back out E and drop down into the pool with spike traps. If you want the Shotgun ammo down there, wade around the spike traps to get it (you cannot jump over the traps). Then go up one of the ladders S and right through the gate, up the big stairs. Straight through to the room with the columns and to the poles W, go up the right hand pole. Head into the room with the sand (N) and right to the spike room; crawl through and get through the set of doors you opened. Safety drop through the hole and sliding down the right hand side will get you to an Explosive Arrow pickup, the left side a Crossbow. But you have to choose, because you cannot have both. Then slide down the final slope…

Part V.

The door will open for you, run along the left wall through the long corridor and look for a small Key, the Tiny Skull Key. Proceed into the in the next room, find Arrows to the right and go up the ladder NE. Open the gates with the Key and come to the Sesame Puzzle Room.

Sesame Puzzle Room.

On the wall you can read Sesame and above that word are 4 lines. “- - - - Sesame”. Try jumping on the letters O P E N… The gates open up.

Go to a dark deep pit, light a flare and take a leap of faith down to a pool (I could do three flips). In one of the corners is the Entropy Key. Look under one of the skeletons for Uzi clips. Climb out and go open that small door left, grab Revolver ammo, a Life Potion, Uzis and Shotgun ammo. Now open that other door and get through the room to the Skull Puzzle Room.

Skull Puzzle/Battle Room.

Doesn’t really matter which door you open with the Key you have, every room has another Key and some enemies (all different kinds). Wraiths can be disposed of through the passage E, small door, into the pool in the dark pit.

But to give you a hint: you need the 4 Orbs. The Orange Demon Brain from the orange skull (NW) room. The Blue Demon Brain from the left door in the N wall. The Green Demon Brain from the last door on the right at the S wall. The Red Demon Brain from the left door S wall. Pick up the Key to open every next door and you’ll have to run to the pool twice… Take the last Entropy Key too, because you’ll need one in a minute.

Infinata’s Eye.

After getting the 4 Orbs, go into the opening E and use the Orbs. Into the next room and behind the block is where you have to use the last Entropy Key. Step into a huge hall, go get Infinata’s Eye from the pedestal in the middle and go out W to run through the corridor and end the adventure.

G&D, Feb. 22-2015.