20x20x20 Challenge - Return to Nevada.

Level by AgentXP

Walkthrough by G&D Productions

Roll and swim to the wall, use the underwater lever to open the hatch behind you, so roll again and swim up climbing out straight ahead. You are poisoned so be quick, run to the edge of the floor, drop down and hop onto the table there to grab the Antidote, you are safe from that guard while on the tables. Take the Antidote or you will die.

Run to the right hand side of that tank (NE corner) and use a button there to open a small gate in the upper level. There is an Uzi ammo pickup in one of the cabinets SW, but before Lara ended the animation of opening and closing it, she was dead....

Also on the right hand side of the tank you can hop onto a ledge with a pipe, behind a pillar, then grab back up to the tank. Turn around, jump to the pillar and over to that open gate in the E wall. Crawl in and go right, to the very end where you’ll see a ventilator left. Go to the right; follow through and at the next crossing go left, the right area is closed off by lasers.

Lasers, the Aqua Security Node.

Go through a room with a Fuse receptacle and into that crawlspace ahead, stand up and wait there till the Laser goes back, run after it and left into a niche. Use the switch to open a trapdoor in the room with the receptacle, so run back, crawl through and safety drop down the open trapdoor. Obviously you shouldn’t alarm that guard so head E, and just past the door to the Hospital (we'll come back here much later) climb up left near that Computer terminal and get the Aqua Security Node. Go back up through that trapdoor; use the Node in that room to disable the Lasers in the ducts (W).

The Grey Security Pass.

So go through the disabled lasers and take a right to where a hatch opened up, turn around and grab up to the floor above. Turn left and run to the end of the corridor where you’ll find a cabinet with the Grey Security Pass inside.

Doing Jail Time.

Back to the other end of the corridor and use the card in the reader left of the ladder, the hatch over the ladder opens up. Climb up to another corridor and follow through to a red Laser. A cut scene takes over and you’ll be arrested and thrown in jail. The fixed camera makes it a bit tricky, but there is a hatch in the ceiling you can open up by facing E, back to the wall and jump-grab up. Turn right (facing the camera) and grab up into the duct.

Bay C; the Crowbar.

Go through and drop down into a room, turn right and run to the end of the walkway, right down the steps (the idea is to release a prisoner so he can kill that guard, but that requires quite some skill, you can also just dodge him). Downstairs go left around that staircase and find a button to open the cells on the upper floor.

Get back upstairs, go to the second cell right and right around the corner you can climb the wall (N), back flip off and push the crate next to the ladder (NE) all the way into the next room. Crawl left of it under the pipe to grab the Crowbar. Back to the other crate and pull it once, then go around to get Secret #1, an important small medipack as there aren't too many.

Two Green Security Passes.

Get down to the cell, out and by this time the prisoner killed that guard which dropped another small medipack (at least in my game it happened like this). Get to the ground floor and in the far right corner (SW) is a cabinet with a Green Security Pass. Go back upstairs and in the NE section on the right hand wall is the card reader, the trapdoor behind you opens up. Get down (there is a kind of ladder) and push a button in the NW corner of that control room to open a gate. Roll and get on the opposite block behind you (S) to grab another Green Security Pass. Go out the now open gates W to the ground floor and left into the gate you opened (S).

Open the Storage.

Go left to the far end of the corridor and use that Green Pass in the Card reader, the gate left opens up. We'll leave this for when we come back here. For now roll and go to the other end of the corridor.

Bay E; Mess Hall, another Aqua Security Node.

Climb up the ladder there again to go to the upper corridor. Now go to that laser and jump over, you'll get to the Mess hall, climb the last table right and walk to the left side of it (N) grab up to the hatch above to open it, get on the table in front of you and open a second hatch, turn around and grab up to the storage above. Pull a crate from the S side and get behind it, go left into the corner behind those crates to get Uzi clips. Back to the crate you pulled and now push it into the opening in the floor (where you opened the first hatch). The crate will smash a box between the tables on the ground floor, drop down to move the crate aside and get the Aqua Security Node. Move the crate back under the opening so you can climb up easier.

Taking care of a Guard.

Go out to the corridor, jump the laser and limb down the ladder. Then take a right around the corner and meet another guard, take him back into the room with the cells (left around the corner into the corridor and the second opening left) and go upstairs to the cell where you can climb up to the push crates (second cell), you'll have to wait there till the prisoner kills the guard. (The trick is that you have to “wake up” the prisoner and then run to the second cell and up the ladder. You can wait while hanging on the ladder).
You will hear his last breath; this one will drop Flares.

Use the Node, the Sentry gun.

Go back down into the corridor, and right, near the ladder turn right into the passage where you found that last Guard. In the back, left around the corner is where you can use the Aqua Node and a hatch opens over the ladder behind you. Climb up and left into the alcove to push a button opening the next hatch over the ladder. Go up and backflip to a corridor with a Sentry gun in the far end. Go into a corridor behind you (E) to the end, run underneath the laser when it is up and push the button to open the next hatch over the ladder you just climbed. So get back there and up the ladder.

A Red Security Pass, the Armory.

Climb off to the left and roll. Run to the end (E) of that corridor and find a Red Security Pass on top of a small cabinet. Now best turn right, right into a passage and the left to the corner where you can use that Red Card to open the Armory (SW). Run in and safety drop down, up in a niche are the Pistols and a Shotgun is located under a Laser on the ground floor. I could just grab it...? But if you cannot get it, just leave it for now.

Save and go back up the ladder and shoot the SAS that came running, one drops the Desert Eagle, the other Shotgun ammo, then go look for the two Guards and shoot them for 2 small medipacks, you might have to try a few times to complete this battle without too much health loss and the moment when the enemies will appear seems to be different every time you try.

After picking up the goodies, go to the Cola vending machine (S) and use the button to open the trapdoor under your feet, slide down and go to the area under the Base. If you go for the Secrets, immediately shoot a SAS down to the right before he can get to a button and then collect Uzi clips he dropped. In the NE corner is a grey ledge around a pit and on one of the corners is Shotgun ammo. Turn S and use the switch there to open a hatch over a ladder, that’s the way back up into the Base. You can see that ladder right and S of the switch and we'll use it later. Shoot the dog that appeared. In the SE corner of the area are some crates, go behind them and turn around near the hill to shoot a SAS up on a ledge next to the corridor.

Push the lower crates in a way so you can push the top one to the ledge so you can climb up to where you shot the SAS guy. On that ledge is Secret #2, a small medipack, 2x Uzi clips and the Balcony Security Pass, dropped by the guy you shot before.

Drop down, go to the opposite NW corner and look for a crate next to the pillar there, shoot it to get Grenades. On the back of that pillar (N side) is a crack, grab up and then jump up straight to use that jump lever. It will open a gate nearby (leads into the corridor with the Sentry gun, don't go in), but also a hatch in the other end of the area; shoot the two dogs and go back to the crates.

A Red Security Pass.

Now we have to get into that grate SE. Move the top one back and then the bottom ones so you can then move the top one to the crates E. Then move the lower ones to get the top crate as close as you can to that grate SE, shoot it and jump there to get a Red Security Pass, Eagle ammo and a small medipack. Get down, climb the crates and move the top crate towards that open hatch (all the way to the N) then move the bottom once so you can move the top one to the E. Jump up and grab in there. Grab the Uzi clips and Desert Eagle from the green cabinet and then use the button E to open the door (also opens a gate in the corridors), shoot the incoming SAS. Grab the Uzi clips he will leave behind.

Go through the corridor and find a card reader on the right hand corner at the crossing, here you can use the Balcony Security Pass. That will open a door to the right near those radars. Jump over to the right to get Secret #3, the Uzis, Shotgun ammo and Grenades.

Jump back and go in and take a left and then a right (W) and again a right (N) to the end and find on the right the open gate to the radar disc. Behind the disc is a switch to open a trapdoor down in the armory. Go out and left to the armory and down the ladder to the lower room (if you didn't get the Shotgun before, use the Red Card NE to disable the laser and get the gun). The trapdoor you opened (switch behind radar disc) is in the other corner, near the ladder. Get down and grab Eagle ammo from the table, open the door left with the button and find yourself behind that Sentry gun, only problem... we have no Laser Sight.

Back for the Laser Sight.

So climb back up to the Armory, up the ladder and out to the corridors. Take a right and go to the crossing with the trapdoor and ladder, climb down to the area below the base, go to that pit N and drop in. On the central pillar (E side) is a button, use that to open a small door where we go next. In one of the corners of the pit is a trapdoor that will open up when you hang over or step on it (SW). Shoot the Guard and claim his small medipack, then find the small open gate NW (if you didn't shoot that SAS soon enough before, this gate will be closed) where Secret #4, the Grenade gun is located. In the opposite corner is the door you opened with the button in the pit above. Crawl in and right for Eagle ammo, proceed and go right again to use the button there to open a gate in the corridor (for later after we launched a rocket, in this paragraph; “To the Hospital”). Grab some Uzi clips from the floor. Turn around and step on the trapdoor to drop into the corridor, shoot the SAS and claim his Desert Eagle. Go to the E end of the corridor and use the Card if you didn't already to open the gate left of you.

The Storage, a Circuit Board and the Ventilation Access Key.

From standing outside and far back, shoot that yellow barrel (pistols) and watch it explode. That crate to the right also went up and reveals what it was hiding, the Circuit Board. Take that to the corner behind the crate NE and place it to raise a platform behind you. Turn left, hop over the crates to get to the alcove NW and open the lower crate of the double stack with the Crowbar (face W) to get Secret #5, Eagle ammo, a small medipack and Uzi clips. Turn around, go out of the alcove and climb the crate straight in front of you, turn around again and jump to grab up to the floor above the alcove. On the ledge left is a button opening two hatches near the crane in the Storage.

Hop on the other ledge (N) and turn right, grab up to the grate on the ceiling and monkey swing passing the steam blower to the stack of crates in the corner, quickly get the Ventilation Access Key and safety drop down onto the crate below.

First Floor, the Access Circuit.

Go to the platform you raised before (E wall) and climb it, then up right and use the grate to monkey swing past the crane to the open hatches. Go straight as far as possible and drop/grab that ledge below, shimmy left and grab up to the floor above. Shoot the SAS and get his Uzi clips. Down through the hole you came out off and shimmy right along the edge to the corner and around it. Tap down arrow and grab the edge from the other hatch. Go to the back (N) and around left to get to a crate, shoot it and get the Access Circuit (we'll need that later where that Sentry gun is). Get back to the hatch and make your way down to the ground floor (just run off the ledge onto a crate below) and go out S to the corridor.

Use the Ventilation Access Key.

Go right to the ladder at the other end (NW) and up to the upper corridor, over the laser to the Mess Hall. Climb back up to the floor above, go SW through the steam blower to the next section and find a Crowbar gate in the right hand corner behind that pipe (SE). Open it and around the corner is where you can use the Ventilation Access Key you found in the Storage. Not clear what happened, but it probably disabled burners in the kitchen. Get out and go under the pipe and straight, then right into the corner with the red light (SW).

The Kitchen, the Tank Access Key.

Drop down at the ventilator and this is where the burners were disabled, find a small medipack on the counter to the Mess hall and then shoot that garbage bin to get the Tank Access Key from it. Go left into the corner to open a door with a button.

The Laser Sight.

Go straight to the back and in that bathroom is the Sight in the water to the left, but the water is still deadly. So look for a hatch in the ceiling (NW) and open it to climb up. Push the left crate all the way to the back, to the right of that crate is a workbench with Eagle ammo. Then go into the alcove left of the crate and into the triangular opening, in the back is a cove on a switch you can shoot and that will turn off the fire under the Node in the kitchen. Get back down to the bathroom and go NE to the kitchen; grab the Yellow Security Node from the stove.

Back to the hatch and climb up again, use the Node in the alcove left, the electricity in the showers is now off. Hop back, turn left and go through the opening on the right (NE), crawl right to where you can stand up in the middle of the S wall, shoot the cover and use the Tank Access Key to open the trapdoor right of you. Crawl backwards into the water and get Secret #6, Uzi clips at the skeleton and a small medipack in the back. Get back out, climb out N and crawl back to the hatch, down to the showers and go get the Laser Sight from the water.

Go back towards the kitchen but take a right into a passage and left into the passage to a control room. A Guard will come running, shoot him for his small medipack. Push the button in that room to open a door further on. There's nothing in the cabinet, so go E and a prisoner comes running from the toilet... Go in there (right) and open the ceiling hatch (face E), turn facing the door and climb up for Secret #7, Shotgun ammo and Uzi clips. Climb down and go straight out to the Mess Hall. Go left to the corridor, over the Laser and down the ladder NW. Turn right (N) and go through that passage to the long ladder, climb all the way up to the top floor of the base.

Disable the Sentry Gun, use the Access Circuit.

Follow the corridor around to the SW corner, the Armory and climb down to the lower level, through the trapdoor you opened before and go to the door where you can now shoot the tank of the Sentry gun. A bit further than where the gun was is a receptacle for the Access Circuit. A trapdoor opens at the other end of this corridor. Turn left, go towards the corner and take a right, run underneath that laser and left of the button you pushed before is the trapdoor that opened.

The Rocket Silo.

Drop in and crawl in (E), follow through to the rocket silo, climb all the way down, turn around and then jump up and grab the ladder, you are now on the correct height, back flip/roll plus grab from the ladder to land on a platform. Crawl under the pipe and jump to use that jump lever. It will open a trapdoor in the bottom of the silo, turn left and hop backwards to safety drop from the right hand side of the platform (so behind the pipe) to land behind a pipe below. Next to where you dropped is a switch to open a hatch over the crawlspace opening (for when we go up later). Crawl from under the pipe and from facing the ladder climb down backwards into the open trapdoor. Drop down in some water and climb out left of the ladder (the floor part behind you is deadly) and go behind the ladder to flip the switch that will kill a burner up in the rocket silo.

Get back into the water and up the steel ladder, up the other ladder and at the crawlspace drop/grab and jump straight up to get above the crawlspace. Go up to a ledge left and climb back down one step under that crack and back flip with twist to grab the platform where the burner was before. Flip the switch to open the next hatch and turn around, jump to grab the ledge left of the ladder to get the Eagle ammo (crawl to it). Crawl off backwards, shimmy right and pull up on the corner, turn and hop back to the platform. Jump to grab the ladder again, hang right and go up (mind the steam blower, you can also do a series of straight jumps up to get past it, hit Alt while Lara is hanging on the ladder[/color]), then back flip onto another platform. Turn to the jump lever (S) and jump to grab it; another hatch opens up at the ladder. Get back to the ladder, up and left. Drop and roll to get up on the steel ladder while the steam is off, go up to the room above.

Bay X, Grey Security Pass.

There's a room on top of this one, but you'll have to get up while being under fire. So check the health, ready a heavy weapon and jump up against the ladder, before getting your feet up jump again (Alt + up arrow) and once more, then jump back off (Alt + down arrow) and shoot the SAS. Grab the Grey Security Pass and Shotgun ammo; climb down. Go up the sloped passage W to get to Bay X, an outdoor area with a ready to launch rocket.

Yellow Security Node.

Shoot that Guard on the grated pillar and climb up there to get the Yellow Security Node. Get down and in the NW corner of the yard is a door you can open with it. Go in and left, shoot a Guard (small medipack) and at the end you can use the Grey Security Pass. Flip the switch and the Electricity will be turned off on the cage with the dog. Go back outside, climb the grated pillar again and jump S to grab the cage, make your way down the other side, go to the rock face on the other side (S) of the pool and step to the very left end you can grab up to the ledge above and get Grenades and Uzi clips. The intended route to this pickup was probably different, but this was easier.
Drop down, turn left (E) and left of the cactus there is a block, get on it and grab up N, jump to the cage and drop down into the rocket yard.

Launch the Rocket, the Hospital Access Card.

Go back to the corner where you came in (NE) and grab up to a grey pillar right of the entrance passage (face S). Hop to the next dark pillar (with the pipe) and turn a bit right. See that dead Guard SE? Jump there and pull him away by his head to get the Missile Launch Disk.

There's a small medipack down in this valley if you want to go get it. It is next to that skeleton in the N end, you'll have to shoot some large birds. You can get back out by climbing a series of blocks SE, then head N with a curved jump to a ledge N under the overhang. Grab the monkey swing there to get back to the dead Guard. Jump and grab that dark pillar with the pipe and walk across to the Launch module, insert the Disk to launch the rocket. It will self-destruct. Jump onto the sloped rock on the right of you and safety drop down into the yard. Look in the pit where the rocket was before you get the Hospital Access Card. A camera shows a gate in a corridor. Shoot another guard and get the small medipack.

Go back into the door NW and in the passage the gate to the dog cage opened up, inside is Secret #8, a small medipack, Eagle ammo and Uzi clips. Then leave NE.

To the Hospital.

Make your way down the rocket silo and get into the crawlspace in the middle of ladder wall (W). Follow through and climb up left to the corridor, through the laser and in the end of the corridor all the way down that ladder on the right (if you haven't visited the crawlspace under the pit in the paragraph “Back for the Laser Sight”, you should do that now because you need to open a door to the lower corridors where the level started, just follow the route described in that paragraph).

Follow the passage (S) to the corridor (where the Jail and Storage are). Left of the next ladder on your right is the open gate.


Enter the gate you opened with the button in the crawlspace. Down the stairs and both cabinets there are empty, go right around the corner to a cabinet under the stairs and get some Uzis there, between the shelves is Shotgun ammo on the ground. Open the gate at the end with the switch and follow in, shoot a baddy and get a small medipack. If there's a Guard running against a gate there, push the button there to open the gate and shoot him for another small medipack.. Get from the closets W 2 x Uzi ammo and from the one E Flares.

Go back out and take a left and at the end of the corridor you'll find the entrance to the Hospital on the left, open it with the card you have.

Bay D, The Hospital.

Right around the corner are two cabinets; the right hand one has the Blue Security Node. In the nearby shower is an Antidote. On the walkway N is a small medipack left, then use that Node in the other end to open the door left. In the morgue is a small medipack on the ground and a High Level Security Disk on the cabinet between the tables.

Go out of the Hospital and in the corridor is that terminal to the left, open the door to Bay E by inserting the Disk.

Bay E, the Train.

Go down and left, the track is deadly. At the end you can climb a grate on the left and flip a switch in that alcove to get the train out to this section. Go back to the entrance and jump over to grab the top of the train, shimmy left a bit and pull up. Jump up into the passage W and get a small medipack, then jump over to the S and follow to a gap in the floor. Use the ceiling to monkey swing across. Duck and crawl under that laser, at the end stand up and hop around the corner to flip the switch to get the train back to this section. Hang down in the hole, shimmy right around the corner and drop to grab the train. Shimmy left around the corner and drop into the cave. Turn around and go to a cave with a light spot in the middle.

Alien Ship.

Shoot the Aliens and look in the right hand corner for a rock with a crack, grab up and jump up again to grab the ledge above, shimmy right to where you can pull up and find a switch to the right. That will open a gate in the next cave with some goodies.

Head into a passage NW, the next cave has an Alien Ship. To the left is a laser in an alcove, jump up, crawl through and go down. Shoot a box to get a stack of Uzi clips. Get back to the cave and to the opposite corner (NW). Jump up into the open gate W (switch in previous cave) to get Eagle ammo and Uzi clips. Out again and left into the corner where the danger sign is. You can grab up to a ledge above, turn around and stand jump to grab the edge of the rock above the open gate (hard to see), shimmy left and pull up to back flip onto the Ship. Use the crowbar lever there to open the trapdoor under the Ship. Drop down and climb up into the Ship, the trapdoor will close behind you.

The next part was very confusing as you can almost immediately end the level while there is more to do, but I think shooting that target ball from standing next to the bars was illegal.

From the flight deck go NE and as soon as you reach the next space turn right and look through the gap right of those blue bars and shoot a target ball in the next room. This will open the bars N and when you go in and shoot the sphere to get to that blue Crystal, the level will end.

But this was the way it was intended I think:
There is a small corridor NE and in here look for three transparent spheres in this room, shoot all 3 and go into the tunnel left of the blue bars N to shoot another sphere (#4) and bars will lower to the right of that last sphere. Go up there and crawl through to the top room where another sphere can be shot to lower the bars to the room with the target ball we could already shoot. Two wraiths are released, so crawl back fast and into that new room (SW) where the wraiths will disappear, but three aliens will wake up. Inside (except for shooting the target ball) is nothing more than a statue of the Alien God Mother. So get into the open N bars and to the Blue crystal to end the level.

G&D, February 2, 2015.