Egyptian Valley.  (Edited on March 17-2015 as I managed to get the missing Secret in level 3 and revised the savegames)

Levels by Osvaldo

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Mentioned saves are in the Saves folder

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 We’re playing as Masurao.

Level 1 - The Valley.

3 secrets.

Go straight, take a right, then go left into a valley, shoot two scorpions before you gather Shotgun ammo and Flares. Climb up to a ledge in the far corner (SW), hop to the pillar and jump to grab the higher one. Jump to a ledge ahead to get a small medipack. Jump out to the right onto a ledge right. Follow through crawling and take a right at the next crossing. At the end is a gate and when you approach the gate a jeep will pass (and someone fires grenades?). Turn around and go straight (N) and enter a valley with a stream, shoot the scorpions, we’ll be back here.

Go right and follow to a closed gate (needs a Gem from level 2), go left and left again, follow through to a gorge (N) with water below. Slide down backwards and drop into the water.

The Gorge, the Shotgun.

Swim down and NW for Flares, a bit further in that corner is a closed gate (right). So turn back and left around corners (watch the air supply), some Shotgun ammo there and around the next corner, behind a block is an underwater lever (NE, W wall near the bottom) opening a hatch where we go next. Turn left and in the SE corner is the Shotgun.

Open a gate, the Ojo (part 1).

Near that Shotgun is another opening in the wall, … later. Climb up a ledge S and climb up right, jump to the next block and then right over to another where you can grab up right to a ledge where you can see that open hatch on a ladder. Jump and grab the ladder, go up, pull up and back flip to a ledge behind you. Walk to the W side and hop right around the corner to a pointy ledge, go right around the corner and into the gap with Ctrl to land on a tiny ledge below. Grab the crack in the N wall and go left around to a crawlspace. Follow through and use the lever to open a gate up in the Gorge. Get out and drop into the water.

Swim back and get out on the same ledge S, make your way back up as before and after the back flip to the ledge a run jump right (SE) to a block on the S wall. From there jump towards another ladder straight ahead and up to the ledge above.

Now you have to get to that rope there, I had quite some problems getting to the rope, best worked to stand in the middle of the ledge (at the W edge) and just stand jump to it.

Detour for a Secret: Turn right and swing to that ledge NE, slide off grabbing the edge and go left around the corner to drop to a lower ledge. Look for a crawlspace in the rock wall (W) and jump to grab that, climb in there to claim Secret #1, a small medipack, Grenades and Shotgun ammo. Get back down into the water and up to the rope.

Turn left (W) when on the rope and spot the open gate with a tiny ledge under it, I only did one swing forward and then jumped with Ctrl. Climb up into the open gate, shoot a flying Gem and grab the Ojo (part 1). Get out onto the tiny ledge and run jump to the sloped block S to get back to the valleys (you can also jump in the water and swim down to the SE corner, into the opening there and follow through, get out of the water and go S, at the gate take a left and then a right). Follow S and left around the corner.

Valley with the Jeep.

In the next valley with the jeep are three Ninjas, shoot them and one leaves a small medipack. E from the jeep is Shotgun ammo, then go to those big doors behind the jeep (N needs Cartouche), and left of the doors are Flares.

Detour for a Secret: To the right of the doors around the corner is a climb wall (S). Go up and jump to grab the sloped ridge W, shimmy left around and pull up, hop to the pillar SW and run jump to the flat corner of the rock SW, one more hop and you are at Secret #2, the Grenade Gun, 2x Grenades and a Medipack. Drop down.

Crowbar and Pistola (Desert Eagle), the Lasersight.

Go E from the jeep, where you found the ammo and follow through to a structure, to the E is the Ojo Door. Shoot the scorpion, get into the pool under the structure and swim through the long tunnel, loop around right and climb out, shoot two vases and a Ninja (N). One vase had the Crowbar underneath; the Ninja drops the Pistola (save at least one bullet for when you may need it with the lasersight). Throw the lever inside to open a gate left of where you are. In this passage is a gate, take note of the two pictures above it. Go into the passage with the steam blowers and roll just after the first blower to get out fast as a boulder comes down. Go in again and in the next room are two Ninjas to shoot. To the right of the ramps is a vase with the Lasersight underneath. Between the two ramps on the ramp leading down is a gate, upstairs are two more gates, take note of the pictures above the gates. Nothing further here for now; so go back through the steam passage, through the water to the structure at the Ojo Door.

3 Lever Puzzle, Boulders & Hand of Sirius #1.

Climb the ladder on the corner pillar and back flip onto the first floor. There are three levers here; one needs the Crowbar. On the floor above we need 4 Hands, the next ladder has a closed hatch.

Use the two outer levers (right hand side = crowbar lever), they have the pictures you saw at the gate between the ramps. Make your way back there through the water and steam passage and down the ramp through the gate you opened, the next gate will open automatically.

Stop, as you are about to enter a Boulder trap, on the floor are two face tiles you have to step on to open the opposite gate while the boulders are rolling back and forth.

I ran in aiming a bit right of that nearby tile, wait a moment for the right hand boulder to pass and run curving left after the boulder to the second tile (left side of the room), then a U-turn curving right, stop and a jump into the open opposite gate (boulder.wmv). Go and get your reward: the Hand of Sirius (#1). Go back, run into the room as the boulders cleared a path and jump into the re-opened gate (savegame.0). Get back through the water and to the 3 levers, the Ninja waiting for you drops a Medipack. Climb up to the levers.

3 Levers, Lever for a Familiar Gate, Hand of Orion (#1).

Put the crowbar lever back (face S), use the lever in the middle (which seems to be the 'face picture' lever). Go back to the room with the ramps and on the first floor the gate S opened. Follow through, slide down and jump to run the breakable floor. Around the corner is another trap, a pit and boulder. I ran and did a swan dive over the pit (Alt+Shift). Use the lever and see an old familiar gate open up in the gorge with the rope. Let’s go there now, jump up and at the crossing go to the right, down the ramp and through the steam blowers. Swim back to the 3-lever structure. Go W into the valley, go straight at the jeep, up the slope and take a right around a corner, straight to the end and down into the water (gorge with the rope). Swim left into the back corner and right through the open gate, crawl through to a shaft with a burner. Jump up to grab the climb wall and go up quick before the burner starts again. In the crawlspace above is a Hand of Orion (#1).

Get back to the water, out in the gorge swim left to the SE corner and take a right into the tunnel there. Take a right at the fence and the current will take you up to the valley with the stream. Get out and shoot a Ninja, then go SE and left at the closed gate, next right and left around the corner to the jeep.

South Valley.

Take the valley on the right (S), follow through to where you’ll hear a danger sound near a closed gate, shoot the Ninja that comes running from the passage right, pick up the Uzi clips and go in there and find a big door, shoot the scorpion. Go right and then left next to the building. Shoot a Ninja at the end and pick up his Pistola ammo. In the back is a lever; this will open the grey door you saw back at the front of the building and starts spikes inside the building. Go back to the front and enter, a short flyby shows the Ojo (part 2).

The Spike Hall First Tour; the Ojo (part 2).

Hop down into the water and find Uzi clips on the bottom, then climb out on the ledge around the pool. Use the crowbar lever (SE) to open a hatch over a ladder near the grey door. Climb the ladder on the pillar (NE) and collect the goodies on the ledge there, Shotgun ammo and Pistola ammo. The 2 underwater levers seem to indicate the room should be flooded later.

Climb the pole and back flip to the block (S wall), jump to the spike ledge and run through to the other end. Run jump and grab the block at the ladder and climb up and from 4 steps from the top back flip and roll to grab to the entrance ledge. Run jump W to where you opened that hatch and go up and off on the left. Run jump and grab the ledge S, to the left via the spike ledge to the ladder. Jump first left to the lever to open the hatch over the ladder (you could shoot the vase in the window and enjoy the end world view from the window, but I don’t think this vase has a purpose and it is hard to get back).

Jump back and go up the ladder, turn around and jump to the block (W). Onwards to the corner ledge and pick up Uzi clips before jumping to the lever on the next corner ledge. Spikes will retract on the blocks across the room (right of you). Jump back to the ladder as you came and go left to go up those block and left to a ledge with Grenades.

No way onwards as it may seem, but face S and back flip into the opening in the N wall. Grab the edge and save. Drop onto the break ledge, side flip right twice, run and jump onto the next ledge and turn left to grab the opening in the wall. Crawl in and through the circular knife trap. Climb left onto the corner of the burner block and turn left, jump onto the higher floor. Shoot a vase for a small medipack and Shotgun ammo and then go get the Ojo (part 2) . Either use the two trapdoors below to make your way down to the lever block E and to the entrance or find a nice spot to drop down into the pool below and go up the pole again to get back to the entrance. A Ninja will come running, so shoot him and grab his Uzi clips. Go from the steps straight N and to the valley with the jeep, shoot the 2 Ninjas, pick up Shotgun ammo and take a right (E) to follow through to the lever structure and go up to the levers.

3 levers, Timed Labyrinth Swim, Flood Lever.

Use the Crowbar lever to activate it again and the left hand lever to de-activate it. So only the crowbar lever and the “face” (middle) lever should be active. Go back through the water and in the corridor where you got the crowbar before, the gate on the right (S) should be open. Follow up to a pool. This is a flooded labyrinth; take a right and go to the hole in the bottom NE. Swim down and first opening S, left and left again, up to a small room with a small medipack for you. You best go back for air now, down and right around, up a bit and through N, up to the surface.

Dive back in and same opening, now to the bottom, go straight W and up left to an underwater lever. Save there as it is Timed. Turn left (N), straight and down to the right and up pool, to the hole NW and down, follow through to the open gate (hopefully-savegame.1). Follow through to a lever flooding something (lower room in Spike Hall). Get out and make your way back to the 3-lever structure.

Head back to the jeep (W) and go left into the valley (S), follow through passing the closed gate to the Spike Hall.

The Spike Hall; Second Tour, Hand of Sirius (2).

Hop into the water (flooded with the lever after the timed swim before) and find the underwater lever NW. Use it, roll and swim down a bit to the lever SE. They open a gate at the bottom of the pool (E wall). You have to go up for air first, then swim down and into the gate and follow to a small room with another underwater lever to the right. Swim down into the trapdoor you just opened and grab the Hand of Sirius (2).

Swim back, up (you might need a medipack to make it back), and climb out SW. Jump the ledges to the entrance. Get out and go to the valley with the jeep and right to the structure with the 3 levers.

Secret Hunters; For the #3 Secret, first go up to activate all 3 levers (they should all be pointing to the N wall, the crowbar lever has to be used from facing N) and open a gate that way. Climb down and go to the big Ojo door E.

Through the Ojo Door, the Caves.

Combine the two Ojo parts to use the Ojo of Horus in the door. Follow through into the Caves. Shoot the scorpions and at the pool left is Shotgun ammo, to the right are Grenades. In the passage straight ahead is a small medipack, walk around the corner and through the ceiling spikes, watch the health. Around the corner is a lever that will open a door back in the cave with the pool so head back there (If you start sprinting before you hit the water you can run through the spikes instead of wading).

Dive into the hole in the bottom of the pool, find the underwater lever in the niche S. Swim to the N wall and find Shotgun ammo to the left.

Go back up and climb onto a ledge at the side where you got the Grenades (W), go up to the opened gate and go to a spike pit. Jump onto the sloped pillar ahead and keep jumping till you can grab the niche with Pistola ammo.

The Labyrinth, the Hand of Orion (#2).

Go left into the tunnel and jump up to the ledge under a monkey swing. Go over to the other side, up the blocks left and turn around on the highest one. Run jump and grab the ledge at the opened door (lever in tunnel with the small medipack below). Pull that statue out from the opening and move it over to that tile at the other end of the ledge. The gate behind you opens up, get in there.

Slide down and go W, keep going along the right side and best wait there for a bit to shoot all ninjas coming for you and get a small medipack and 2x Uzi ammo they drop. A bit further still on the right side is a passage right and that leads to the open gate (opened with the 3 levers, “Secret” combination). Inside is Secret #3 , Grenades, Flares, a small and a large Medipack, 2x Uzi clips, 2x Shotgun ammo and the Uzis, get out.

Just keep going right to get into a valley till you get to a building with a bunch of ninjas around. In the valley is a dark trigger tile to the right (NE) that will deactivate spikes in the building SW, get in there for the Hand of Orion (#2). Leave N through the narrow passage, jump up to a gate that will open for you. It is the gate near the Spike Hall.

Use the Hands, Cartucho part 1.

Just go straight and right around the corner to the jeep. Right towards the Ojo door and up into the building with the 3 levers, climb up to the second floor and place your 4 Hands. Climb the ladder NE to the upper floor to get Cartucho part 1.

Get down, go to the jeep W and in this valley a last bunch of ninjas will come for you, looks like they show up one by one, so just run around a lot till you shot 20 of them in different colours. The last black one has the Cartucho part 2. Combine the two and use it at the doors N.


Level 2 - The Temple.

3 secrets.

Follow through, into the passage right and come to a dark ladder shaft. Throw a flare down the shaft and climb down. Go into the next room, shoot the mummy and look for the crawlspace in the wall on the left (NW).

Push Puzzle, opening a door.

Shoot the scorpions and find a load of push blocks. There’s a lever in the back (NE) we have to reach and some blocks are stacked on top of each other.

Move the block in front of you against the N wall, turn right and pull out the block from the green passage, move it into the corner left of the first block (NW). Climb those blocks and pull the higher one to the right of you out, push it into the NW corner too. Pull the right hand one of the lower N blocks out twice and move it straight ahead into the green passage all the way into the corner (E, going to use it for a Secret). Pull block 1 once and move it also into the green passage against the block you already pushed in. Pull out the block NE, move it aside so you can get into the opening where you got this block from to use the lever (this opens one of the grey doors where the mummy was).

Now for the Secret preparation: Go to the entrance (S) and then to the left in the corner, push the right hand block once, hop back and pull the left block out of that passage and move it aside to have a clear passage. Go into the green passage, go over the two blocks you placed there, jump down and pull the corner block twice to the S (so it is in the middle of that passage).

Hop back and climb up left (W), turn right and pull the upper block once to the S, go around it to the other side of this block and now push the upper block (the N one) once to the N, pick up the small medipack.

Pull that same block back once to open the way around again. Turn left to the block W and pull it once (freeing the block that is underneath). Go down to the SE corner and pull/push the block that is on the right twice to the W. Turn right and pull the N block there out once. Go right and through the green passage keep going left (all the way around) to get to the last block you just pulled, pull it twice and hop over to find a lever to the left, this is a Timed lever to open a gate to a Secret we’ll get to later, no need to use it yet.

Leave this room to the hall where the mummy was. Shoot the ninja and get his Pistola ammo. Enter the left hand grey door to a Large Hall where you get a flyby, shoot one or two flying Gems. This Hall has multiple levels as you can see if you look up.

Statue Push.

Go S through to a pool room with another push puzzle, shoot two flying Gems and find three statues and three tiles. The statues have to face inwards, so the W statue goes to the tile E, SE one to the tile NW, NE one to the tile SW, a blinking light appears when placed correctly. Go back out to the room where the gate N opened up, a Ninja also appeared.

The Oil Pool.

Through the passage N you’ll reach what looks like a deadly pool, shoot the flying Gem and go left into the water. Climb up on the ledge with the Shotgun ammo (near the ramp) and then jump the ledges to the far left corner where a lever will start things up. Now the pool becomes deadly and a hatch opens up over a ladder (Secret Hunters: pulling the lever back up also opens a gate to a Secret). Run jump back to the ledge (with the burner now) and left to the next ledge, to the SE corner and turn right to grab the crack in the wall and shimmy right to a ledge near the entrance, jump over and get back to the Large Hall, shoot another ninja.

As you opened the hatch you can now climb up the ladder in the SW corner and when you are about a block away from the ceiling, back flip onto a low wall.

 Secret Run:  On this first floor is a gate W, that’s where the Secret is. Go back down the ladder, out W to the mummy room and to the right through the crawlspace into the push block room. Immediately right into the corner, hop over the first block and move this block out of the way so you’ll have a clear path from the lever to the crawlspace.

Pull the lever, get into the crawlspace and remember you can use Alt to jump out of it, run left into the door to the large hall and right to the ladder, go high enough to back flip onto the wall, turn right and run jump to the gate to get in before it closes (savegame.2). Pick up Secret #1(4) , a Medipack, 3x Shotgun ammo and 3x Grenades. Get out.

Jumping Tiles, the Hand of Orion.

This is the first floor and N is an opening, go through and wait on that “scarab tile” in the entrance. A gate is open in the far back and only when you get there over those scarab tiles it will stay open. If you touch another floor part, the gate closes and you’ll have to start from the entrance again. Jump twice straight to the tile, to the corner and then jump left, follow the winding path through the room into the gate. A flying Gem might show up.

Here it is all a matter of speed, if you wait too long corkscrews coming from the ceiling will kill you. Jump to the trapdoor, to the break ledges and turn right running to the end where you have to jump a bit right to get to a ledge with goodies, (Flares and a Pistola). Turn around and jump to the ledge with the Hand of Orion. Stand back against the wall, run jump to the right hand side of the break ledge E, stand jump right around the corner and a run curving right to jump to a trapdoor. Run and jump with a left curve back into the entrance (savegame.3). Make your way back to the first floor of the Large Hall, shoot the ninja and get down to the ground floor.

Detour for Secret: Go S into the statue room where the open gate to the Oil Room Secret is (SW), inside get Secret #2(5) , Pistola ammo, 2x Flares, a small medipack, Uzis and 3x Uzi clips. Get back to the Large Hall.

Hand of Orion, Catacombs.

Go back to the mummy room (W), left around the corner you can open the other door with the Hand. Inside is an Ojo door and some scorpions welcome you. Slide down through the open gate on the right and quickly use the 4 levers to open the grey door (2 in the W, 1 N and 1 S next to the door), shoot the gem only when you are safe in that passage.

The Beetle Talisman.

In the lava room, jump to the ledge right and then jump to grab the ladder on the central pillar, go right around to the back and back flip (when Masurao’s feet are touching the deadly water) onto a ledge with a crowbar lever, opening a hatch to the first level. Go back around the ladder and to the left hand ladder of that side, back flip to the ledge and jump to the corner with the ladder (NW). Climb up and off to the right. On the central floor is a Gem (not the Flying kind). Pull the block (S) around the pedestal to the opposite side (where you have to shoot the vase first). From the block run jump grab to the opening NE. Turn right and jump to grab the block with the lever, this is a Timed lever for the flames under the pedestal, so pull, roll, go a bit forward hop down and go get the Beetle Talisman before you burn. Obviously you’ll have to hop back as soon as possible. This Gem goes to the gate in the Valley.

Back to the Valley.

This is all we can do in these catacombs for now… So get back on the push block, to the opening on the right and follow back to the Ojo door. Go back to the mummy room, straight into the passage W to the ladder and climb back up. Run up the steps and get back to the Valley.

Level 1 – The Valley - part 2.

Go right at the jeep, up the sandy slope W and right around the corner, then left and get to that closed gate left. You can open it with the Beetle Talisman (look at that receptacle, it’s moving). Go in and climb down the ladder and save before you go down the slope.

Cork Screws, Ojo de Horus.

There are three levers you have to use quickly to open a door and get out. First lever is immediately right, next is in the back right and the third left of the door left as well (E). Not too bad… Shoot the pesky Gems and grab the Ojo de Horus (we need this in the Temple). Go out, to the right up the ladder and out to the Valley, take a right and right again to get back to the jeep. Go left into the Temple.

Level 2 - The Temple part 2.

Climb down the very long ladder and go out to the mummy room, into the right hand door and open the Ojo door. In the tomb are three vases, shoot the one left for a small medipack and go up the passage on the left.

The Dark Labyrinth.

Go into the opening right (N), keep going right ignoring a break tile on the right there and find Shotgun ammo. Turn around and go sort of straight (N) (don’t pay any attention on the break tile in the corner, now on the left) and break the second tile left at the dead end crossing (crawl on a bit and immediately back). Climb in there and grab a small medipack. Climb back up the same side and make your way right around to get to the tile over the spikes where you just got the medipack and just before you reach it go left right around that tile to go N again (or take a bit of health loss by jumping to and grabbing the tile over the spikes and quickly crawl right). In the back and to the right are Flares if you want, the exit is N.

The Large Hall, Ropes level.

You are now one level up in the Large Hall, get to the first rope, swing to the next.

Detour for a Secret: When you are on the second rope, turn right and spot a crawlspace in the left side of the wall with the colour tiles. It’s a tricky move, but swing not too high so you can grab that crawlspace instead of the roof above (in my game I couldn’t grab the CS when I dropped from the roof). Get inside for Secret #3(6) , Flares, Grenades and a Medipack. You have to be quick though…. Crawl back, safety drop from the side onto a sloped block and make your way back up to the ropes (Mummy room right hand door (W), loop around to the Ojo door and dark labyrinth (right/left/right/left/right) ).

From the second rope swing to the ledge ahead and follow the long passage to….

Level 3 – The Obelisk.

2 Secrets.

When you reach a large room, a flyby starts, showing the Hand you need in the Temple.

Obelisk Tower.

Jump straight over to the Obelisk and turn right, jump to the ledge in front of the opening E, follow through to a room with a gate and three levers. You know what to do about those mummies…

Underwater Mazes.

Only the SE lever seems safe and opens a gate W, follow through to a water room where we have to find two underwater levers, one left around corners (NE) and one in the far back right (SW), opening a trapdoor in the far left corner (SE), you can go back for air in between (N). Notice the gate in the W wall.

Go down that open trapdoor SE and below is another maze where we have to find four underwater levers, take the left side (N) and keep going to the N, turn left, then right to find an air pocket in the far corner. Turn around and swim straight out and down to find an underwater lever (#1) and a small medipack. Back for air, swim out and left to a higher room (in the corner) with Shotgun ammo and an underwater lever (#2), back for air.

Swim left towards the last lever and turn right, then left, right and down in that tunnel, at the lowest point is an underwater lever (#3), back for air. Save now and swim out, left a bit then right into the middle tunnel (S), to the end and right around corners into a dead end with some Shotgun ammo, roll swim straight going along the right hand wall, left around the corner and up a bit where you’ll find underwater lever #4 on the left wall opening a trapdoor in a shaft leading up from this maze.

Turn right swim down to the end (E) and take a right, then swim up in the long shaft leading to a small room with a lever (S wall) to open the gate in the room above this maze. So swim back down, straight (N) up a bit then left over a block and down and immediately swim right into the middle tunnel. Up through the shaft in the ceiling. In the upper maze swim for air first if you want (N).

The Obelisk, Down.

Swim into the open gate (W) and follow through, climb out and go through to the Obelisk again. Jump straight over and to the next ledge with an opening into the Obelisk. Go inside and left is a ladder down (up is still closed). So go down, shoot a Gem and then a vase and get another Shotgun. Hop into the water, swim through the popping spikes (S) and use the underwater lever to raise a platform on the Obelisk (for later). Get back and up the ladder, go outside and left to grab a monkey climb, follow it passing a burner and drop at the end.

Spike Puzzle, Large Maze, the Hand of Orion.

Go into the passage to a room with a Spike Puzzle.

Secret Hunters; DO NOT step on any of the scarab tiles other that the one in the SE corner, go wide around them!

Looks harder than it is. Go step on the scarab tile in the right hand corner (SE) and spikes start to pop on the W ledge, go there (just run over the floor) and run over the corner of the tile to activate it, green (SW) where the spikes start now is next, then blue, red and finally the one in the far left corner (NW), the gate opens up.

Follow through to a very large maze, the main objective is to get the Hand of Orion from the NE quadrant, but there are a bunch of goodies to pick up along the way if you’re interested. There are darts everywhere so watch it (Map-EV-Maze.jpg). We mention every turn.

Take the first right, keep going right where possible shooting a Gem and come across a blue blinking light to pick up a small medipack.  

Turn around, go left around two corners/then right (bump into N wall)/right/left (under the dart)/left/right (N)/right and spot Uzi clips in the NE.

Now turn to the right of that pickup and go E. Bump into the wall, go right. Bump into the wall, go left (dart). Take the second right and follow the passage around the left corner. Go straight, crawl under the darts and pick up your Uzi clips.

You should be facing E. Run to the right and take the first left (at the dart). Follow the passage with the dart all the way to the end (E) and turn right, then two corners left. Pick up Uzis.

Turn around (facing S), go right, and keep going right where possible to where you can pick up a small medipack N.

Turn around (facing S) and run to the end of that hallway. Turn right and follow this hallway to the end. Turn left and immediately right. There is a crawlspace to your left. Wait for the scorpions to appear before you crawl in. Take the first right, follow this passage to the end. To your right you’ll find the Hand of Orion.

Crawl out and turn left (W). Follow the passage until you bump into the W wall a second time. Take a right and run towards the green light. Go left, bump into the W wall, turn right and go around the left corner. Go straight till you bump into the W wall, face NW and go use the lever you can see in the alcove. It opens a Secret Room near the Obelisk.  

Go W, going right where possible. In the NW corner behind the pink light is a small medipack. Now turn S (we skipped some pickups: 2x Flares and Uzi clips somewhere in the maze), going right where possible to find some Uzi clips to the right of a blue light. Go back to the light and proceed S – going right where possible –; until you are back at the exit to the spike puzzle room (careful with the scarab tiles!). Go out to the Obelisk (S), shooting a ninja.

Obelisk, use the Hand, Fiery Lever Puzzle.

Jump straight over the ledges to the receptacle for the Hand and when you place it a platform will raise behind you, jump there. Go up the ladder and a bit from the top a back flip onto a ledge. Go through the passage over a block and come to a place with burners, levers will stop or start burners. Go left and time the wall burner to go right into the next opening, take a left through a floor burner (remember you can just run past it if you hug the wall, as you can see in this video:-vertburner.wmv-) and go to the first lever (1). Turn around back to the floor burner and go right around corners to get to the lever (2) left of the first lever.

Use that and turn right, go straight to the next lever (3). Turn left, go left through the middle passage with the floor burner and left again then right at the wall and get to the lever (4-SE). Go left around corners (through the middle passage) and get to the lever (5) on the S wall, now you go left around to the last crucial lever (6) NE which will operate two platforms near the Obelisk. All burners stop, get out, shoot a ninja and get to the Obelisk.

Over the Platforms, Up the Obelisk.

From the exit jump to the right (W) and then left to the trapdoors you raised and jump to grab the ladder. Go up and jump the ledges straight to the S, then left to get back to where you came in at first (S wall passage). Jump over to the Obelisk, jump to the right and this time go left to jump N via the platform you raised (after the underwater mazes), go left to a ladder.

Detour for Secret: If you used that lever in the large maze, the gate N is open, so jump there and go get Secret #1(7) , Grenades and a Grenade Gun, 2x Shotgun ammo and a Medipack. Jump back to the Obelisk.

Top of the Obelisk, the Colour Levers.

Go up the ladder and into the Obelisk, shoot the mummy and find three levers with colour codes. You might have noticed the same kind of tiles around this Obelisk. These levers operate 3 gates.

One of them can be seen E of the levers, one SW and the third down NW. No particular order, but this is how we went about it.

Green/Brown, Mirror room, Cartucho part 2.

Let’s start with the gate SW; that is near the entrance of this place. Use the Green (left) and Brown (right) lever. Go back down the ladder N (Or safety drop from the S side=shortcut), around the Obelisk over the platform and jump to the entrance S. Go right jumping the blocks and enter, up to a room where you get a flyby. Look in the mirror left to spot where the spikes are hidden and climb the wooden block on the side of the entrance as the other end has spikes. Do a curved run jump over (avoiding) that spike trap to grab the high ledge E. Grab the monkey swing and first go straight to the mirror. Then take a left and go straight for one block. Go left on the other stretch of monkey swing all the way to the wall. When you reach the different looking MS tile (only seen in the mirror), you’ll hear spikes pop. Go back via the monkey swing and drop near that wall torch W, and now you can safely use that crowbar lever E (opens gate outside). Look in the mirror and get the Shotgun ammo on the floor before you leave.

Timed Gate.  

Get out, down the ladder and shoot the ninja. Go jump left to the gate you opened.

Secret Hunters:Save before you go inside (this Secret is still obscure as one time the gate opened and another time it didn’t. But we believe it has to do with carefully avoiding those scarab tiles in the spike puzzle room before). If you know how the gate really opens… please tell us.

If you go for the Secret, as soon as you run in, a timer for the Secret gate starts. So while turning right jump as far as possible into the water, left side so you can quickly use the underwater lever. Roll and swim straight to the ledge at the pillar climbing up at the right hand corner, side flip left, roll and run jump to the next pillar landing on the left side, side flip left into the opening and turn left to run into the passage before the entrance gate closes. Sprint to the end of the passage and into the timed secret gate (savegame.4) for Secret #2(8) , only Shotgun ammo.

Without the Secret:

Come to a cool pool. Hop in and swim to the back, right hand side for a small medipack and left for a Timed underwater lever. Opens the gate above, get out right hand corner of the pillar S, side flip onto the higher part and roll, run jump to the left side of the scarab tile and side flip 3 times left though the timed gate (you can use savegame.4 if you cannot make the run). Follow the passage to Cartucho part 2. Get out and at the timed gate throw the lever there (maybe even twice) to re-open that gate, get back to the exit to the Obelisk.

Jump to the S wall and then jump to the left, when you reach the original entrance on the right, jump left to the Obelisk and then to the right. Keep jumping along the building to get to the ladder again, climb up to use the next lever combination.

Green/Blue, Target Shoot, open the gate to the Torches.

Green – down, Blue - down and Brown - up. The door is in the NW corner down. Go down the ladder again, face SW at the bottom of the ladder and run down onto a sloped block below (green light), just slide down to land on a ledge. Jump the ledges to the left (W) to the open Green/Blue gate.

Pick up another Pistola, Lasersight and ammo. Through the gaps you can see 6 vases. The third from the right opens the gate behind you, the others will be the end of you as you will burn to a crisp, so only shoot that one vase. Inside the opened gate is a lever opening a gate where we’ll get a Torch later.

Go back out, take a right and follow the ledges and the two platforms, up the ladder there and follow all the ledges to the entrance (S).

For the Torch.

This time continue jumping straight (E) and up the blocks in that corner, go over the spike ledges to the W and right (N) to that gate you opened. Grab a Torch and make your way back, over the spiked ledge, down the blocks and to the entrance ledge S. Take the Torch with you into the passage S and get back to the Temple.

Level 2 - The Temple part 3.

Torch puzzle, Dark Basement, Cartucho part 1.

Get down to the ground floor and ignite the Torch on the wall torch (NE). Go light three wall torches, SE and two at the entrance W, the gate that will open is in the Statue room S. Leave the Torch, go to the statue room and into the open gate left. Slide down to a dark basement, shoot the Gem and jump to that bluish ledge around the corner, Hop with Ctrl into the lower opening with the green light and go through a circular knife trap to use the lever (#1). Back to the entrance and jump out right to grab another opening with a circular knife trap to use a crowbar lever (#2). Back to the entrance and jump to the blue ledge, straight to another opening (also blue) with a knife trap to use the lever (#3). Back to the entrance and jump down N for lever #4 and to the S for the last lever #5, well that was fun….


Jump over the blue ledges to get into the open gate N, save and follow up backwards to where you’ll hear a boulder coming, get out by jumping back to the blue ledge. Back in and follow through to find Cartucho part 1. The door opens and you’re back in the Large Hall, shoot the two ninjas, the black one drops Uzi clips.

Make your way up to the ropes as before, out W and left around the corner in the mummy room through the door you opened with the Hand. Through the Ojo door, left to the dark labyrinth and find your way N to the top of the large hall, swing the ropes into the opening across the room, follow through to the Obelisk.

Level 3 – The Obelisk part 2.

Jump over and around to get to the top of the Obelisk to the levers.

Blue/Brown, To the Cartucho Receptacle.

Pull the Green up, and the Brown down, down the ladder and jump over to the N side, turn right and go to an opening left at the corner ledge (NE). Follow the passage up, shooting a scorpion and avoiding a burner and step out to the Obelisk tower again. Go left up the blocks to the Blue/Brown gate. Inside is a closed gate and a Gem attacks.

Use only the marked tiles to jump left to a crack in the wall, shoot another Gem before you jump to the crack, shimmy left around till you can drop on a third tile. Now jump left around the corner and another jump left around the corner, a gate opens up and the room changes/floor turns safe, wait till those flames next to you subside and run into the room, take the second left (E) into the gate you opened and follow through. Place the Cartucho (combine the parts) after shooting the scorpions and watch the flyby of the hatch opening up in the lower level of the Obelisk. Open the nearby gate with the lever and go out of this place while shooting a ninja.

To the Lower Level.

Make your way back down the blocks (N), then take a right through the sloped passage and jump to the Obelisk (where the ladder to the 3 levers is), we’re going down, so run off right onto that lower sloped block again (green light) and just slide to the ledge, jump to the ladder on the Obelisk and go down to that platform there.

Now you can jump from the platform at the obelisk right around the corner (SE) straight onto the entrance ledge, skipping the monkey swing bit. Or you can jump over to the ledge where you placed the Hand (N), jump to the E wall and use the monkey swing or just run jump SE around the corner onto the ledge where the entrance to the lower level is (W).

Into the Obelisk, Hand of Sirius.

Go up the ladder on the right and up another one, get through the knife trap and up another ladder and grab the Hand of Sirius from the pedestal. Go out the gate and jump over to the S entrance. Follow back to the Temple.

Level 2 - The Temple part 4.

The Golden Skull.

When at the ropes, run to the right off the ledge landing on a ledge on the first floor of the Large Hall, the receptacle for the Hand is there. Place it and the gate above right opens up, a ninja attacks. Sorry to say… there’s no way up there other than through the Ojo door and the labyrinth again. So to the ladder (SW), ground floor, W to the mummy room and left around into the grey door, through the Ojo door and labyrinth (N side). Use the ropes again to get to the other side and jump left to that slope next to the open gate, shimmy right to get in. Follow up to where you can get the Golden Skull from the top of the Large Hall. The Hall shakes and changes on ground floor. Get back down there using the sloped sides of the floor below, watch out for falling debris and get into the opening in the floor (SE).

Follow through, grab some Flares and arrive in the dark catacombs lower level. Hop down, shoot the scorpions and slide down left, climb the blocks and get into that dark passage, up the blocks and finally that earthquake stops. Climb up all the blocks and finally you’ll slide back into the Valley.

Level 1 – The Valley - part 3.

This is the place we saw in the beginning of the game, where the jeep came through. Go left and follow through.

Level 4 – The Valley Gate.

2 Secrets.

Shoot the ninja and grab the small medipack. Go through to a courtyard where ninjas attack, one drops Uzis.

Open the Trapdoor.

On the E wall are two reach-in switches, the one on the right has Shotgun ammo, the one left opens a door behind you at the other side of the courtyard (W wall and left door). Inside and in the back left is a crawlspace, get in and follow up shooting a scorpion. There is a dart up there, so watch out. Jump out to the ledges around the pool (not onto the fire blocks obviously) and shoot the ninja protecting the button you have to push (SW). A trapdoor opens up, go down (pool) and out to the courtyard to the opposite side, and to the right into an adjoining courtyard, pick up Grenades on the left and find that trapdoor S.

Just drop down into the water below, climb out at the 4 receptacles for Vreaus’s.

Timed Jumps, the Button.

Go into the opening right of those (SW) and follow through to a pool. On the left wall is a Timed lever raising the platform above. First shoot the croc and then dive into the pool and find an underwater ceiling lever under one of the blocks below (SW). A hatch lowered at a ladder.

Get out of the pool, no need to use the lever E yet, so get up the ladder W, run jump straight and grab the left corner of the burner block, pull up in the corner, turn left and stand jump E with Ctrl onto the ledge below. Jump to the corner and climb up into the passage, in the room to the right are Flares and Pistola ammo, oh.. shoot the scorpion… Back into the entrance passage and notice the Timed lever (will raise a platform in the top of the room). This lever we’ll use second.

Go out to the ledge under the passage, safety drop or just run down to get to the E lever, Save and use the lever, go up the ladder W and jump straight to grab the burner block. Side jump left and to the corner at the passage, into the passage and use lever 2, out onto the ledge outside and turn right to jump via the timed platform to the corner blocks, up left twice and then run jump to grab the platform at the button (W), jump onto the floor (savegame.5). Shoot the critter and use the button to activate 3 doors and a trapdoor.

Dive into the pool go back N to the room with the receptacles and go into the opening right (E) to a room with a lever puzzle.

4 Levers Puzzle.

Shoot some critters, on the block are 4 levers and in the walls 3 doors, in the corner left is a trapdoor.

Caves, Golden Vraeus 1.

Here we go, from left to right use 1 and 3 (Down /Up/Down /Up) and that trapdoor opens up. Go down and follow through, shoot the scorpions in the room with the sand. Get into the crawlspace back left (NW) and up a ladder left, back flip off and in the back of the next place, left is another crawlspace (NE). Go through and when you can stand again, keep going right around corners to get to a Timed lever (scorpion alert). Pull, run back E, keep going right to the end of this cave, up blocks and get through the Timed door, best check the route first. And don’t run too far! We’ll provide a save after the secret.

The Cave with the Ledges.

Secret Hunters: Turn left a bit and jump to a sloped ledge SW, grab the edge and go right around to the other end, pull up and back flip with twist to grab a ledge behind you, go into the crawlspace to get Secret #1(9), Flares, a Shotgun and Shotgun ammo. You cannot get this Secret later because an earthquake will close this crawlspace. Get out, jump back to the sloped ledge and shimmy left to a safe spot to drop down and make your way back up through the crawlspace NE and do the timed run again.

Once through the door (savegame.6), turn right and jump N, jump the corner to avoid the spikes and jump to the block on the pillar (W), go left and climb up, run jump to the ledge W and get into the opening, through the spike trap for Golden Vraeus 1. Shoot the critter.

Shitty Earthquakes… what’s the fun in that…

Get out, a bit left and safety drop down onto a block below, drop down into the deeper part S. Through the passage SW back to the room with the levers.

Waterworks, Vraeus 2.

From left to right: Down/Up/Up/Down and the door to the right opens up (S); follow through to the basins. The one in front of you has to be filled, go left into the filled basin and swim into the opening, up left over a block and there’s a croc here, you might want to lure him out first to shoot him. Over the block and right around the first corner is an underwater ceiling lever (1). Roll, swim straight to the back and go left along that wall, then left again to get to another underwater ceiling lever (2), this will open a hatch in the corner behind you (NE). Best go back for air first. In the NE corner you can go up into another one of these rooms, this second room has darts to spice things up. Find two more underwater ceiling levers (left around the corners (1) and then roll and swim SE for #2). A hatch opened in the back (swim in NE).

Finally get some air and climb out into a dry room we have to flood. Shoot the croc and spot the underwater lever. Go up the ladder and turn left, hop up into that passage and grab Grenades, in the end of the passage is an air pocket (remember). Go out and straight to the opposite wall, left and right to a water hole (NW). Follow through to a room with a button, flooding the previous rooms. In an alcove left is a Medipack.

From the room with the button (extra air supply) swim back to the now flooded rooms lure the crocs (two of them) to that room with the button and shoot them (grenade into the water).

4 Underwater levers.

From the room with the button swim to the flooded room, left and up for a lever (1). Swim to the opposite wall into the opening where you got the Grenades and get air.

Swim out, right and down through the hole in the floor (E) for a lever (2).

Go back for air, swim back out and up through a hole in the ceiling on the wall on the right (E) is another lever (3). This opens the door N, but better swim back for air. Go back to the room where you swim now through the open door. Follow through to a small room with a ceiling lever (4), that will open another door and this will flood that empty basin. Swim back and get air in the “Grenade passage”. Swim out of the passage, and left around corners into a tunnel (SW), follow through to where the current takes you out to the right to the basins. Go into the other basin, use the underwater lever and get out to shoot the croc. In again and into the open door, get Vraeus 2 and go back. Out N and follow back to the 4 levers.

Fire Section, Vreaus 3.

Use the levers so you’ll have from left to right: Up/Up/Down/Up. The door left opens (N), follow through, jumping over a fire tile and come to a room with a deadly pool. Run jump out left to a safe ledge where you can spot a reach-in switch with a burner on the left. Jump via the burner ledge (you can stand in a corner) to that ledge with the reach-in switch and duck, crawl under the hole and use it as soon as the burner stops. Roll and run jump (E) to the opened door before the burner starts again (or stay low and wait till it stops).

Stand right and run jump as far as possible to the second burner as soon as it goes down, quickly jump out of the way and to the other end, on the flat part. Hop into the higher opening and shoot a scorpion, time the burner to get to the button that will open the second door in the poolroom. Go back to the slopes and prepare for a run jump as far as possible to the right, hop back and wait till you see the burner around the corner stop (reflection of the flame). Quickly run jump and start jumping to the exit and onto the exit ledge. Turn left, use that burner ledge to get to the open door there. Shoot the critters and get Vreaus 3. Jump back left around through the poolroom to the exit in the opposite corner (SW).

Rock Climbing, Vreaus 4.

Last sequence is left to right: Down/Up/Down/Down and the door E opens up. Go through to a cave with ladders and monkey swings. Shoot the critters, now you have get to a ledge in the far left corner, climb a block against the central pillar and jump to grab the higher block NE. You have to get on the ledge with the button. Here I had to use a trick move, as I couldn’t find the intended way to the ledge. Face the ledge, stand far back and hold Shift, press forward and immediately release Shift to press Alt and thus do a short run and jump to grab that ledge. Use the button to open a door across the cave.

Get a small medipack from the block right of the button and get down to the ground, go to the ladder under the door you opened (S). Shoot the critter inside and in the back left is a crawlspace, get in and dodge the steam to get to a lever that will open door #2, shoot the critter. Get back down, then to the right around corners dodging the spikes and out the door. Grab the monkey swing and follow left then right to drop on a ledge in the central pillar.

Jump NW and go up a ladder there. Jump S and go to the far corner for a button. Turn around and jump to the ledge at the door, inside are more critters of course, but also Vreaus 4. Jump down to the right to the ledge with the button and make your way down from there. Leave the cave to the lever room.

Secret Hunters: Lever combination left to right: Down/Down /Down /Up will open a Secret door for later. I’ll explain when we get there, but this saves a lot of running.

The Hospital  Key.

Leave W to the pool room with the receptacles and place the items. It seems a door in the pool behind you opened. Swim in, take a left and up (right is dead end), get the Hospital Key, shoot the incoming ninjas, grab the Shotgun ammo and step out to the Courtyard. Go straight across and open the door (N) with that Key.

Once down in the hall we need a Star, a ninja attacks from behind. Go right and through the opening (E) to a room with statues, shoot the vase left for Pistola ammo. We need two Jars here, go through the scissor trap to a large outdoor lake area (Map-EV-lakejumps.jpg).

The Lake, Canopic Jar 1.

We have to get in the water anyway so let’s de-activate a nasty burner in the same time. We have to do that in order to jump to the Canopic jar.

[color=green]Green route on Map: From the entrance facing N prepare a run jump onto the nearby block in the water. When you see the burner on the wide block left start, count slowly to 4 and jump, jump with a left curve and the burner should be down. Keep jumping till you hit that block with the dark surface tile, just slide off into the water. A nasty horizontal burner preventing an upcoming jump series is now off, a ninja shows up somewhere around this time.

Secret Hunters: In the N side of the lake and left is the underwater gate, opened with the 4 levers. Inside you can see 4 animal tiles, from left to right the ears are down/down/down and up (hint). So if you didn’t set that combination yet and the gate is closed, travel back over the courtyard to where you use the Vraeus’s, go through to the 4 levers and put them left to right: Down/Down /Down /Up . Back to the lake and into that open gate to get Secret #2(10), a small medipack a large Medipack and 2x Pistola ammo. Get out.

Lower the Cage.

Look in the pool for an underwater ceiling lever (1) under the ledge in the corner where you entered (SE). This will lower the cage over the Canopic jar after we found the two more levers, one is located straight W and then right around the last pillar and straight in front of that “Secret” gate under a block on one of the pillars. The third lever is inside the underwater opening in the middle of the W wall, inside and left around to a room where you can get air, the lever (3) is on the N wall. The cage lowers. Now to get there…

Jumping to the Vasija Funerraria 1 (Canopic jar).

Turn around and climb out, go left to the lake. This is the way out of the lake in case you fall in. Shoot that ninja and go back to the entrance (SE). [color=red]Red route on Map: Now jump the first blocks to that wide block with the burner again, this time curve left to it so you’ll slide of and can grab the edge. Shimmy right and back flip onto the block behind you, keep jumping till you get to a double corner block, jump and grab the next high one with the burner (you are facing the lowered cage at this point). Pull up when the burner stops and keep jumping till you are near that wide block with the vertical burner, if it is off, ok, slide off and grab the edge.

If it is active, curve left to grab the block before that jump. Wait till you see the burner go down and back flip with twist onto the wide block, grab the edge and shimmy left to the corner, there’s another burner ledge behind you. Wait for it to go down and back flip with twist and left curve to grab the edge and shimmy all the way to the right. Up right is a spike trap we have to disable first.

Pull up, back flip with twist and jump left onto the left sloped block and keep jumping to reach the ledge in the corner. In a reach in switch you will first find Uzi clips, then reach in again to use the switch and the spikes are gone. Turn around and run to the opposite wall from where you can run jump and grab the wide wall left of the slope, pull up and jump right onto the spike ledge. To the floor and grab the Vasija Funeraria 1.

Get into the water… Oh you don’t have to use the room W, just wade like Jesus to the entrance SE and climb up, shoot the ninjas on your way out. Get back to the room with the statues.

Use the Jar, Boulder Challenge, Estrella del Oro.

Left around the corner in the room with the statues you can use the jar in the back of the statue (NE). We did this first, we don’t think it matters. Through the door in front of the statue you’ll reach a room with boulders. 4 Trigger tiles on the floor open the opposite door, but even when you manage to hit all 4 tiles and survive, you’ll have to stay alive for [u]30 seconds[/u] more before the door opens.

This is how I did it, run in onto the first brown tile, turn left to the second and curve right to the third, left to #4 and then a U-turn right to the right hand wall turn right and wait for that boulder to drop, then run along that side back to the entrance side, turn around and run diagonally to the far left end. There I hopped back and forth between two boulders till the door opened, run jump in (savegame.7 - map EV-boulder.jpg / video-boulder.wmv). At least that is how I managed.

Follow through up a ladder and come to the upper level of the room with the statues. On one of the pillars is an Estrella del Oro (Golden Star), take it off with the crowbar. Leave through the opening SE, shoot a ninja and go out to the room (W) where you can use that Star. Shoot a scorpion and go down the slide.

Level 5 – The Labyrinth.

3 secrets.

The name says it all, labyrinths and more labyrinths. Climb out of the water and follow through to the first challenge.

Timed Labyrinth Run. (Map-EV-Laby5.1.jpg)

If you want to find the lever AND collect pickups, take the yellow route and go right and keep going right where possible, you’ll find Pistola ammo, a Medipack, and your end goal, the Timed gate (green light).

Go back from the timed gate, looping around to the right and go straight bumping into the W wall (red light). Go right and loop left around, then right again. Go to the end (W) of this long passage while picking up a small medipack on the right, then turn to the right and go around the corner left. Go straight to the W wall and turn left, there is the Timed lever.

Pull, turn left and run sort of straight E and after the short right left head E again, when you run into a wall, left/right,  then to the end and left. A short left right again (green light) and left to the gate (savegame.8).

Labyrinth of Doors.  (Map-EV-Laby5.2.jpg)

This is a complex of 25 almost similar rooms connected with doors. Triggers for the doors are on the floor, but not all doors open from inside a room. The goal is a door near the far right hand corner of the complex and I didn’t find anything else but doors and scorpions in this place… I just ran through ignoring the critters so I wouldn’t lose track of the route.

From the first room I went left through one door, next room take the right hand door, go straight through two more doors, take a right and right again, then left and left again. Then – finally – take the right hand door.

Up the looong ladder through the hatch and follow the passage to yet another labyrinth.

Rocky Labyrinth, 2 Golden Vraeus’s.

Another large labyrinth with several levels on top and below.

From the entrance go right (W, map-Rocky1.jpg- [color=red]red route) and keep going right where possible to get to a hole in the floor (NW). Go down and go right and head S (map-Rocky2.jpg- [color=red]red route), when you bump into a wall (S) take a left where you’ll find another hole in the floor. Get down into the water (map-Rocky3.jpg). [color=red]Red route: Go W, then take the first left and go sort of straight S, following the bends of the passage. In the end take a left at the crystals in front of you and follow the right hand wall till you see a crawlspace (S wall).

Light Switch Rooms, Golden Vreaus 1.

Get in and follow the passage to a small room with glass walls, save before you go in. (On your way, you’ll pass a door with a secret behind it which you’ll get later.)

In the first room take the right (W) trigger tile, in the next room again the right (W) tile, in third room the S tile and in the next room the E tile. Grab the Golden Vraeus #1.

If you are not going for the Secret, step on the room’s only trigger tile and in the next room on the N tile. Now you’re back in the entry room.

Secret Hunters: From the Vraeus go W, next room S and now you are on a red tile, which triggers a timed door (the one you passed earlier). Go E, turn around and run into the exit passage, left into the door (savegame.9) to get Secret #1(11), Flares and a small medipack.

Golden Vraeus #2.

Go back through the exit and the crawlspace (map-Rocky3.jpg).

[color=yellow]Yellow route:  Go W and go left around the corner. Go straight until you bump into the W wall, take a left towards the crystals. At the crystals, take a right and proceed N. Follow the passageway to the N for quite some time until you bump into a wall with crystals. Take a right and follow the passage E (crystals) until you bump into the wall. Take a left and go NE. In the alcove, climb up on the right (S).

(map-Rocky2.jpg-[color=green]green route) Take a right (W) and keep going right wherever possible until you hit the W wall at a T intersection. Take a right and a left and then follow the passage, going right where possible to find a hole UP. Climb up on the left (S) wall. 

(map-Rocky1.jpg-[color=green]green route) Head S towards the crystals and then go left/right/right/left/left/right. Look up, turn around and climb up the hole (facing N).

(map-Rocky4.jpg-[color=green]green route) Upstairs turn right (E), go next right/left and find the hole UP a bit left on the next crossing. Face S and get up.

Go (S) to the crossing and right/right/left, sort of straight W to crystals and to the right you’ll see a dark opening.

Secret Hunters: Best before you enter the dark labyrinth; From that dark entrance, turn E and go left where possible until you get to the far NW corner with crystals and a hole in the floor. Drop down and follow the passage to Secret #2(12), Flares and a small medipack. Climb back up S and proceed right where possible to get back to that dark entrance.

Dark Labyrinth, Vraeus #2. (Map=EV-Darklaby.jpg)

Hope you picked up enough Flares, as this is a very dark maze. But you can always use the pistols, firing constantly to light your way.

Go in and right, then immediately a left into the passage (W). Run straight until you bump into the wall (corner). Turn left and then right and left again (S). Take the first right and follow the passage W until you bump into the wall. Run around the right hand side and proceed straight (W) until you bump into another wall. And again: Run around the right hand side and proceed straight (W) until you bump into another wall. Now go diagonal right and go left around that wall, so you’ll be facing S. Run straight and bump into the wall, turn right and then left around that corner. Bump into the S wall (corner) and turn right. Take the left, and the next left too. Pick up Vraeus #2.  

Annnd now we go back the way we came (woohoo!). You could just go out and go as far E as you can, then go left N keeping to the right where you can and eventually you will find the exit. Or go along this route: Exit the room, go right, first right, immediately left. Go straight until you bump into the N wall. And again: Turn to the right and go left and then straight until you bump into the N wall. Then: Go right, second left and straight (N). Go right, run straight until you bump into the E wall and then follow the diagonal to the right. At the end of the diagonal, turn left and go E until you bump into the E wall. Go right, immediately left, right and immediately left. Now you are facing the E wall. Go left, first right and straight until you bump into the E wall. Turn left and run toward the exit. (savegame.10)

Use the Vraeus’s.

(rocky4.jpg- [color=pink]pink route) We have to go down two levels, so loop left around the wall in front of you and ignore the first dead end left, go into the next opening N and straight to the end, when you bump into a wall in front, go right (E) and keep left at the next crossing, go almost straight to the end of this passage to find a hole DOWN. Turn around, drop down. (rocky5.jpg- [color=pink] pink route) Go left where possible and find the next hole DOWN to the left. Face N and drop down.

(rocky1.jpg-[color=pink]pink route) Turn right (E), go right into the first passage and from there keep going left where possible to get to the door in the far SE corner. Use the Vraeus’s and go in. Two ninjas will attack from behind. Go through to a large dark hall where you’ll get a flyby of the second Vasija Funeraria.

Hall of Many Jumps, Vasija Funeraria 2.

Opening Hatches.

First jump to the button on the second block right (S), opening a hatch over the ladder near the entrance. Jump back and over to the NE block where that ladder is. Go up, back-flip off and jump to the green ledge S. Turn left and jump the ledges (timed burners: stand on safe corners) to the E until you reach the second-to-last ledge. Don’t go further, the last one is deadly.

Jump to the ledge on your right and from there to the E one. From there proceed to the transparent ledge SE. This ledge triggers an interval in the burner with the reach-in switch (NE). Make your way to that switch: Jump back to the last burner ledge, turn right and go straight to the one near the wall. Turn right and follow to the reach-in switch. Duck and wait till it stops, stand up and use to open a hatch, duck again.

Hop back to the green ledge and make your way back to that corner where the ladder is (NW).

Into the Floating Tower, Up to the Ropes.

From the last green ledge at the ladder go left and follow through to the top of the Floating Tower. There’s nothing in the vases, so safety-drop into the room below. Watch out for darts and go to the opening with the spikes. Jump to the ledge outside. Turn left and jump via the spike ledge to the next E (run jump and hop). Do a curved jump to grab that high block nearby. Jump over to the burner block, then jump to grab the rope. Jump to the next rope, not using a full swing. Turn slightly right and jump on top of the sloped pillar (N), again not using a full swing.

Time the burner, slide down, jump twice to grab the edge of the sloped wall ahead. Shimmy all the way to the right and back flip with a twist to grab the pillar. Make your way to the E wall and use the button there to raise platforms and open the route down to the lower levels.

Open the Gate Tower, to the Lower Levels.

Jump back to the safe pillar W, then right to grab the sloped wall and shimmy left to drop onto the new platform at the other end (Secret Hunters: Look down SW and spot the slopes you’ll need to jump later when the burners are gone/have an interval). Head W, jumping and timing a burner to grab the ledge into the Tower where that gate opened. Go through (watch the darts) and follow the ledges to the green one. Hop down onto the burner pillar and turn right to stand jump with Ctrl into the tower’s opening. Mind the scissor trap and jump to the nearby pillar. Climb down the ladder on the left side and turn around to hop onto the lower block. Do a running jump to the block behind that burner and use the lever there to raise another platform (N wall middle level).

Over the Arched Bridge, the Lower Level.

Jump back via the burner to the corner block and right to go back up the ladder. Run jump back through the scissor trap into the tower and over the burner pillar to the green ledge on the left. Proceed back into the Gate Tower and straight out to an arched bridge (N).

From the top, jump right and over the green ledges, to the one with the burner and from there to the left (Down left where you see that statue on the wall is the goal later when we got the Jar, so we have to take part of this route later too). Hop onto that sloped ledge with a left curve and slide backwards, grab the edge, pull up and back flip with twist to grab the platform you raised. Grab the crack and shimmy to the right, timing the burner. Drop onto the slope, grab the edge and back flip, jump again to land on a safe ledge. Jump to the last ledge straight ahead and then right. Take two standing jumps over a burner ledge to the next safe ledge. There, turn left (S) and jump to the pillar with the button.

A burner will go to interval mode on the route (under the arched bridge) where we go now. Jump the ledges to the N, then left. Proceed to the arch, time the burner under the arch and jump to the next ledge ahead. Two more jumps (W) and stop, the next is deadly. Turn left and jump to the next ledge (S).

Important for the Secret hunt: On this ledge turn SE and hop onto the corner ledge (looks to be a deadly one, but isn’t. It will deactivate burners on pillars when you go for a Secret later. When you look SE you can see those pillars with the burners turning into steam emitters.

Hop back to the ledge you came from and now jump SW and to a block with a lever on the right hand wall (W). A door will open at some green ledges on the upper level.

To the Upper Level, Last Platform.

Jump the ledges towards the ladder in the far left corner (NW). Climb up to a ledge on your right – mind the burner. Jump over the platform (E), also raised by the last lever you used, to the ledge ahead. Turn around at the other end and climb the ladders till you are back on the upper level. Jump over to the familiar ladder and go up. Jump the green ledges straight S to the Floating Tower. Go to the left side and jump to grab the hanging pillar with the ladder. You have to get to the far left one, so start climbing and back flipping. Once you’ve reached it, climb around to the other side and backflip onto the green ledge. Jump through that opened door and go right (E) to get to a button on the block at the far wall. A platform will go up on the tower with the Scissor trap and thus opening the route to the Jar.

Finally to the Jar.

Get back to the Floating Tower via the hanging pillars. From the roof of the Floating Tower, head N over the green ledges, down the ladder, E down the ladders on the blocks and back S over the arched bridge to get to the ledge in front of the Gate Tower (best route if you want to go for the secret).

Secret Hunters: If you stepped on that special ledge on the lower level, the burners on the pillars down left of the tower now have intervals or turned into steam. The route starts by jumping E, over the platform with the burner, and to the next one between sloped walls. Turn to face SW and run jump with a twist, landing on the sloped block on the pillar. Grab the edge and time the burner below. Drop and just slide down onto the ledge with the steam blower (was a flame before). Turn and jump S twice, then right over a burner to a block under a monkey swing. Follow the monkey swing to the end and turn left. Time the burner to drop, slide jump and jump again to get to the ledge by the Secret room. Go in right and shoot scorpions and a vase to get (the last) Secret #3(13), Pistola ammo, another Pistola and a small medipack. Get out, turn right and jump to the block with the blue rays. You’ll end up facing N towards the ladder, so follow the grey ledges and climb up. Head E and then jump to the right, cross the arched bridge and jump back to the ledge at the Gate Tower.

Timed Jumps for the Jar.

Go through the tower and follow the ledges to the green one. Jump to the platform on the corner of the tower and jump up E to grab the block with the steam. Shimmy left around one corner and pull up on the next corner. Jump up to a ledge a bit left and climb up the ladder there. Save at the Timed lever. This lever raises a platform to your right (when facing the lever). Hop back turning right, jump onto the platform and run jump sharp left around the corner to grab a block with a burner (savegame.11-video-Jar.wmv).

Shimmy right around a corner and stop at the next corner, pull up when the burner dies down and quickly hop up to the ledge. Climb up to the tower where you can get Canopic Jar #2. A door opens somewhere behind a crack on the N wall lower level.

Getting Out.

Climb down W and you’ll hear the timed platform go up permanently. So hop back onto the burner block and make your way to the lever. Climb down the ladder, back flip onto the block and jump around the corner over the steam block to get to the corner platform there.

Jump the ledges to the W and proceed through the Gate Tower. Jump straight to the arched bridge and from its top, jump right and proceed over the green platforms. Jump onto the sloped ledge with a left curve and grab the edge as you slide off. Pull up and back flip with a twist to grab the platform you raised. Grab the crack and shimmy right around timing the burner. Drop onto the slope, grab the edge and back flip, then jump again to land on a safe ledge.

Jump to the last ledge straight ahead and then right. Take two standing jumps over a burner ledge to the next safe ledge and then turn right (N), then left to the burner ledge and right again to the ledge at the crack in the wall. Follow the crack left into a crawlspace where the door opened by taking the Jar.

Go up the ladder and use the button on the wall to open a trapdoor in one of the labyrinths. So go back out, along the crack and drop on the ledge, go find your way over the ledges to the NW ladder. 

Climb up the ladder and head E. One the last ledge, turn around and climb up two ladders and jump W. Return to the entrance to the labyrinth (SW). Back in that fun place go left and then right around corners to a hole DOWN.

Facing N, keep going right where possible until you finally drop into a hole DOWN (NE). Once down, go left (S) and when you bump into a wall go right, follow the passage straight (W). At the third right opening you’ll find the trapdoor you opened.

Level 4 –Door to the Valley part 2.

Follow the tunnel straight and up the long familiar shaft. Climb out and go through the room where the Key was to the courtyard (no baddies today?). Head straight across into the door opened with the Key before. Take a right in the hall where the Star was used and in the room with the statues use the Jar in the remaining Statue (should be S if you followed the walk).

Fire Passage, Guardian Key.

Run into the passage in front of the statue and just run over those tiles, they’re not active yet. Follow the passage to a series of burners Remember: You can stop on the corners of burner tiles and be relatively safe. And by hugging the wall, you can avoid vertical burners (video-vertburner.wmv) .

You have to run to the far door first, then go back to the first dark floor tile you stepped on, as that trigger should now be active. Open the door at the other end of the passage, make your way through the burners for a third time and into the door.

After getting the Guardian Key, you’ll have to do the burner passage again (savegame.12). Jump over the now active firetrap and head back to the room with the statues. Shoot the ninja.

Get back (W) to the courtyard and to the right where you’ll find the Door to the Valley. Open it, follow through and you’re done.

G&D Jan 13-2015.