Tibetan Winter Remake

Levels by Mr XY.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Part 1.

(6 secrets-10 Gold Coins)

After the flyby turn right and go up the higher ledge, turn left a bit and jump to grab that block SW.

Turn around and walk back into the corner as far as possible, run jump NE and curve left around/over the rock to grab the ridge, shimmy right to the end. Pull up and back flip with a twist, curve left and land above the door. Grab Secret #1, a Secret Rose. Go back to the same ledge N and jump to that block SW again.

Now hop to the next flat surface SW and face W to jump and grab that opening you see in front of you. Get in then go left then right to where you see a crack in a rock wall straight ahead. Jump and grab the crack, go all the way left around till you are in the middle of a snow covered sloped part. Pull up and back flip with a twist, grab the pole and swing to the other side to grab the slope next to the opening there. Crawl through and drop into the courtyard behind the big doors, you can open them with the lever.

Proceed through the courtyard and find a wounded leopard. You can examine the Diary: This snow leopard needs help. He is hurt! I should hurry and find some medicine. I can’t let him die…

Some Medicine.

Go into the cave opening right of the doors with the keyhole. Follow the cave to where you go out and get a new page in the Diary. You can check out the “Comparison Crystal” if you like.

Grab up to the block N next to the Gem, turn right and jump to grab the ledge right of the block in the corner. Take a running jump with a curve to the right to the balcony. Use the lever to open the door below and make your way back along the N side with safety drops.

Enter the house, take a right and follow the corridor around the corner. Look up right in the windowsill opposite the closed door for a stack of Gold Coins #1. Proceed through the corridor up some steps to the end and left near the window is a jump lever. Use it to open a door a bit back in the corridor, down the stairs and to the right. Go through and outside again, and in the far back left (near the tree) through to a yard with a red arch. In the right hand corner opposite the arch (NW) are Gold Coins #2 . Go through the arch to a small house. Go to the left of the house is where you can enter through a window. Head up the steps (W) and check the liquor cabinet for some Medicine .

Heal the Leopard, the Dirty Key.

Go back out the house, through the red arch to the big house and to the yard with the Comparison Crystal, take a right through the cave to the Leopard, go to its head and give him the medicine and watch what happens, looks like it was a bad case of indigestion. Step into the droppings (yuck) and grab the Dirty Key . Turn around and open the doors with it.

Monastery Courtyard.

Step through and Lara looks up to the right and to the left is another “Comparison Crystal” if you like. To the right (W) near the closed door you can find some Snowballs . Hop onto a low block next to the Comparison Crystal and jump to grab the higher corner block (N). Turn left and run jump to jump onto the doorway while Lara looks left. Throw the lever and a rope will appear near the SE balcony.

Turn right from the lever and jump down to the left side of that rock left of the leopard, one more stand jump left around the next corner for Secret #2, a Secret Rose on a ledge there. Drop down, go through the door again and get back up that corner block left.

Jump back to that corner block, from the corner block, side flip or jump onto the slope next to it and jump onto the higher pillar (S). Jump over to the balcony and get to the rope. If you turn around facing the balcony, you can swing high and jump to grab a crawlspace in the wall, get in for Gold Coins #3. Get out and back to the rope.

Best not go all the way down on the rope and swing to jump onto the pillar in the middle of the yard. On the side is a jump lever, use that and see some big doors open up. On the S balcony is another Comparison Crystal, you can reach it by going up to the rope again, on the larger W balcony is a Green Apple  (small medipack) and if you jump over the balustrade NE and grab the rock, inside the small cave are Gold Coins #4 . Safety drop from the E side of the rock to the slope below (Or find your own way down).

The Monastery, Buddha Hall.

Go through the doors you opened (S) and on this floor are receptacles for cogwheels to the left and some gates to the right. Go down a ladder into the middle of the hall, there’s a push puzzle down here.

Push Puzzle, open the Trapdoor.

First go to that white pillar in the back, there are two levers on each side, lowering and raising blocks (don’t use them yet). Look down and see two lamps N. Check the wooden floor and you find two different tiles (one SW and one NE). That’s where the lamps go, on that floor over the different tiles. Use the levers to get the lamps with help of the raising blocks up to the floor and on the correct spot. You get a screenshot when done right of a trapdoor opening and a block going up. There is a secret here but we’ll get that later.

The Lever & Torch Puzzle, First Cog Wheel.

Back up the ladder and left to the block, up to the first floor (face N). Pull the white lever on the wall and it will show you around this floor. Take note.

When you go to the middle balcony there is a letter H floating in the air, that will provide a “H”int. When you go to the levers a hint will show in the Diary, examine it.

So… on the W wall (to the left from the white lever), use #1-3 from left to right. At the N wall use #2-3-4 (L>R), E wall use #3-4 (L>R) and you’ll hear gates open up. Go down the ladder at the white lever, turn around and go right into the passage (W) where you’ll find Cog Wheel #1  and the Snowball Canon .

Go back N and out to the Courtyard, you now have a weapon you can use to shoot a window, it’s the left one in the W wall (stand a bit back when you shoot). Go inside and straight to the end where you’ll find more Gold Coins #5 in the corner left  (SW). Turn around and take a right into a passage to the Colour Puzzle.

Colour Puzzle, Cog Wheel #2.

You can see the familiar H on a rafter above, first go into an alcove on the right (W wall) and use the jump lever there to raise a block behind Lara. From that block you can simply jump and grab the rafter with the hint. You have to jump 5 tiles with the correct colours to open a gate with the Cog Wheel (S). The correct colours are found by jumping the rafters into the far N end of the room. Jump to the colours write them down and then go left and get the Gold Coins #6.

Go down and start with the Blue SW, hop E to Dark Green, left to Light Green, NW to the Strawberry Red, back to Light green to jump to the last, Purple NE. Go get Cog Wheel #2 (S).

Go back out to the Main Hall and here you can open some shortcut doors to the different Courtyards if you like (NE corner on the N and E wall). Under the vase in the windowsill (E) is a Green Apple, turn around and there’s a Secret behind bars W, we need a Torch for that first.

Upstairs, Picture Puzzle for Cog Wheel #3.

Go up the grand staircase and left around to a staircase going up on the right (S). Take a right into the next hall and to the back, left of the gate jump up to the column there. Face the column, back flip on the slope and jump to grab the ledge above. Grab Flares in front of you and turn to jump to the red ledge, from there to the rafters and go get that piece of paper. Things happen below… A “H”int appears too. Jump to the last rafter and on the left crawl in for the Gold Coins #7.

Get back down, check the hint (NW) and pull the chains in this order;



Yellow-elephant (4)

Purple-fish (6) and the gate to Cog Wheel #3 opens W.

Go back to the crossing E and look up right to spot a keyhole under a trapdoor, aim the Snowball gun by looking up and shoot it. Hop on the block behind it, turn around and jump grab up into a crawlspace for Secret #3, a Secret Rose.

Drop down, go straight down the stairs to the Main hall and over to the other side passing the Grand Staircase. Follow the balcony to the stairs left and go up, follow through and come to the room with the Flower Puzzle. The “H”int is in the SW corner.

The Flower Puzzle, Cog Wheel #4.

On this upper floor are 4 pushables, move them onto the 4 tiles in the middle, use the picture on the wall and the texture on top of the block for reference, the pushables go down. Go down too and spot another example picture on the S wall, you have to create the same picture in the alcove N by pushing the blocks in the right order so the pictures on the side of the blocks match the example S. Go get Cog Wheel #4  and climb back up. Make your way back to the ground floor of the Main hall.

The Golden Key.

If you didn’t do it already open the doors E with the lever on the right. Then go out to the Courtyard and take a right, back to the Buddha Hall, go left and place the 4 Cogwheels in the machine. A door opens right of you (SE), go in and use a lever to start the machine, the Buddha Hall will flood. Go there and dive into the water.

Swim down under that wooden puzzle floor, behind the pillar with the levers is an indentation in the floor (S) and that’s where Secret #4, a Secret Rose is located. Swim back up.

Climb on top of the pillar to get the Golden Key. Turn to the Buddha and jump to grab the ledge right of it, go down the side and get some more Gold Coins #8 .

 Use the Golden Key, the Chinese Fan Puzzle.

Swim back to the ladder and go out N to the courtyard, take a right into the cave E and use the Golden Key there opening the gate. Go straight through the next courtyard with the wooden floor to a little shrine with a receptacle for Fans, one is missing. Turn around and find some Snowballs near the tree.

Go around to the back of the shrine and pull up onto the ledge N. Climb up left and run jump straight onto the slope NW and grab the edge, shimmy left to an outcrop. Jump over to the other side (S), turn right and run jump into the opening left of the red arch to get an Old Key.

A Torch.

Drop down in a safe spot (shimmy left along the edge and drop on the block) and return to the yard with the wooden floor (W). Go onto the left porch (where the white block is) and open the gate with the Old Key for later. Climb the white block on the porch and jump to the balcony (E), throw the lever and the block goes down. But platforms go up so you can jump over to the walkway W, hop over the balustrade and go in left. Get through the crawlspace left into a storeroom and grab a Torch, throw it on the trapdoor in the middle of the floor (I put two on it). Climb over the crate left of the Torches and down in the corner for Gold Coins #9.

Go back out through the crawlspace and go to the “H”int and read about what to do. Hop over the balustrade onto the red platform. Drop down and enter that gate you opened on that porch. Inside throw the lever straight ahead (S). This opens the trapdoor and drops the Torch(es). Pick one up, go outside and hop on the lowered white block, hit the #6 key to draw your Snowball weapon and Lara drops the Torch on the block. Jump and grab E side red platform and get to the lever raising the block. Hop to the block, get the Torch and jump to the balcony with the lever, use the lever again and now jump to the walkway (W) taking the Torch.

Go right this time and hop through a window into the room there, drop the Torch near the hole in the floor and get a Green Apple from the other window before dropping into the lower room taking the Torch with you. Ignite it on the bowl (hop on a corner of the block) and ignite the wall torch next to the gate to open it.

Leave the Torch on the floor then turn around and climb the crate on the right of the bowl (NE) drop down at the other end. Go to the corner and hoist up (E). Go to the right (shoot the crate) and get to the brown crate straight ahead. On top under another crate you can shoot you will find some more Gold Coins #10. Make your way back to the room where you left the Torch.

Detour for another secret: Take the Torch through the cave W to the Monastery and go straight to enter the Big Hall, left and right of the big entrance door are bowls you can ignite (hop on the corner) and a gate opens NW, go in there to get Secret #5, a Secret Rose. Take the Torch back with you to here we left off.

Throw the burning Torch onto the wooden floor and after it breaks go down to pick up the Chinese Fan. Go use that in the small shrine E and the gates N open up.

If you got all 10 coins go to the S building, go left and place all the coins on the plate and claim Secret #6, the last Secret Rose, go back out (we get to use the 10 gold skulls from level 2 at the other side of this room later).

Go through the gates you opened and to the right, jump up to a tunnel and the level ends. Level two will pick up here.


Part 2.

4 secrets - 10 Gold Skulls

Go to a fence and use the lever right of it to lower the bars, go through and look up, on the next red arch is a bronze lion head, stand left up on the ledge in the SW corner and look up to aim with the snowball gun, shoot that head and a large trapdoor opens up under the red arch. Go there and down to get Secret #1(7), a Secret Rose. Climb out and proceed to a large courtyard. At the icy water take a right and find Snowballs in some grass.

Upper Courtyard.

Through the icy floor you can see another courtyard below (submerged). Go to the red arch on the left; on the right side of it is a block, get on it. Turn right and jump to grab the rock pillar next to it. Turn left and jump to grab the rocks and shimmy over the red arch. Pull up there and hop to the rock with the tightrope.

For a Skull, hang from the rock next to the rope and shimmy left around corners to pull up on a ledge with Golden Skull (#1) (ten of these baby’s will give you the final Secret).

Shimmy back to the rope and walk across to the red pillar

Jump straight to the corner rock (E) and from there jump to grab the snowy rock ridge E and shimmy left to the next pillar. Jump onto the balcony, go all the way to the other end and use the lever to open a gate below. I did a run jump over the balustrade onto that rock below (we climbed first) to get back down. Go up the steps N and left to that open gate. Inside shoot a dark crate right to get another Golden Skull (#2), the small chest in the other side of the room has Flares. Go grab the Aqualung from the trapdoor in the middle of the room and you’ll end up in water.

Submerged Courtyard.

The Aqualung will allow you to stay underwater forever and we’ll need that! Swim through to the upper section of the Submerged Courtyard, there’s a lever indicating we have to drain this place sometime. Swim down the first hole you see and turn around. Swim up and into the NW corner crevice to get a Green Apple. Swim out and down to the level where the white blocks with puzzle pieces are. N and left of the red arch is a Golden Skull (#3).

3 Underwater levers for a Door.

Now we have to find underwater levers. Swim E along this wall and left into the corner opening (NE) to find underwater lever 1, a door on the lower level is shown. Swim out straight (S) and left under the ledge with the white blocks is an opening (where it ends in the red arch). Take a right and find underwater lever 2, same door. Roll and spot a chest (Gold Skull, later), get out and swim down to the right into the far corner (NW) where a small crevice takes you to underwater lever 3, the door opens. Swim out and straight S, right into the open door. In this room don’t swim through the corner of the room and the red columns, because you’ll get stuck. From the middle of the room a left down the passage to a passage with two doors, use the levers to switch the doors and climb out at the end.

Raising Block & Colour Puzzle, the Artifact.

A flyby will show you around the puzzle hall. Grab the Rules from the pedestal and check them in the Diary.

Use the switches to raise and lower the tiles below. Step on the four blue tiles without passing the green tiles in between to get the Artefact.

There was a solution posted by Jenni (thanks) so I didn’t bother to look myself:

You need to clear a path from where you enter the lower area (where the green tile is) to be able to step on each blue tile which opens the door below. The first switch will raise/lower the tiles in that row only, the 2nd switch will raise/lower the riles in that row only and so on. 
This is the sequence:
First row of switches (W) from left to right:
1. Down
2. Up
3. Down
4. Up
5. Up
Second row of switches (N) from left to right:
1. Up
2. Down
3. Up
4. broken
5. Down

Go to the SW corner and up into an alcove, run jump and grab the pole over the entrance, swing to the opening ahead and if you want another skull, turn around and a simple run jump onto the nearby pillar, hop to the next for a Golden Skull (#4). Get back to the opening with a run jump with Ctrl and follow through around the corner, run jump onto the nearby pillar, hop to the next and run jump with Ctrl into that alcove with the button. That button opens the gate over the N side levers.

Drop down and get in there, climb down the N wall (ladder) and run over the green tile, go right around and step on the 4 blues to get to the door that will open. Climb the ladder back flip off and grab the Artefact.

Use the Artefact, the Flood Lever.

Go out and leave S, use the underwater lever again to switch doors and get out to the Submerged Courtyard. Swim right and up a bit, then right again into another passage with two doors (SW corner). Get through the airlock and follow the passage to where you can use the Artefact.

The door to the right of you opens up. Follow through and use the lever to drain the Submerged Courtyard. Go back and look up on the right in the middle of this passage, get into the crawlspace for a Golden Skull (#5). Go back and go out to the passage where you used the Artefact, a flyby will show the lever on the top floor.

(This can also be done another time) At the courtyard, run jump out left and grab the base of the column, and from the base run jump grab that ledge with the white blocks, go over the blocks to the E side. Go left or right in that arch and hang from the edge of the floor to drop and grab the ledge below. Go inside and left to get a Golden Skull (#6) from the chest.

The Silver Key.

Hop down into the water below, swim down through the open trapdoors and find an underwater ceiling lever in the middle of the room with the raising blocks. A white block goes up on the floor above.

For a Secret: swim down into the opening N, down to the lower part of the room, up to the glass ceiling and right to the far corner where you’ll find Secret #2(8), a Secret Rose in a crawlspace. Get back and up through the trapdoors to the courtyard.

Swim to the SW corner; walk up left onto the rocks. Jump up E to the red pillar and go straight to a triangular tunnel, crawl through and use the lever to bring out a rope over the white block we raised before. Into the water and get on the block, jump up to grab the rope and swing to jump to a jump lever N (jump just before the end of the swing). Gates open up behind you.

Use the rope to swing to the ledge under that gate (on top of that triangular tunnel) and climb up to grab the Silver Key.

Use the Silver Key.

Facing the courtyard, stand left (W) and turn right to face the ledge with the white blocks, stand jump and grab up to it. Go over (over the blocks too) to the other end (N) and hop down right onto the roof below. Walk to the end and turn left to the wall to grab up to a ledge, turn right and grab up again. Face the wall left and back flip onto a sloped rock, grab the edge and go right all the way to drop on a ledge. From the ledge take a jump onto the balcony where you can use the Silver Key to the right. Platforms go up to the right of you, jump over the platforms to the S side balcony. From there jump to a ledge SW and shimmy via the ridge W to a spot from where you can stand and hop onto the W side balcony. A lever there will bring out some ropes under the ceiling.

Up to the Top.

Run jump and grab the rope, swing to the next and turn right, aim for the spot between the roof and a rock ledge (just over the right hand red platform) and swing to get up there. Get to the top ledge and go use a floor lever in the far left (SW).

Colour Puzzle.

A block lowers NE and that is where you can find the Rules to this puzzle.

Jump on the coloured tiles in the correct order without stepping on any other tile. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sky-blue, Purple, Blue, White.

So start SE on Red, jump N and grab Orange, run onto Yellow next to it and run jump grab Green W, hop onto Sky-blue next to it and then run jump a bit SW around the green one onto Purple, a run jump to grab Blue E and finally jump (around Red) to White SW and a block lowers SW in the corner of the cave. Pull the chain there to lower those white blocks with the Puzzle Pieces.

Push Puzzle.

Go to the SE corner, jump onto that ledge over the red platform and drop onto the platform. Jump to the nearby S side balcony and drop through the hole in the floor landing next to the “H”int.

The Flower Symbol on the pushable has to match with the symbol on the wall above. Each piece has to be pushed on the wooden tile at the end of the bridge.

So when you go onto the bridge you’ll run into the first piece and that one has to go to the N side as you can see on the wall behind the balcony N. So move it aside to the W end of the bridge for now. Get the E side piece and move it onto the S side wood tile. You’ll go up with it and the piece is activated.

Jump over the red platforms to the E side balcony and get down, move the yellow out of the way again to get the pink (W) to the E side wood tile. Hop over the balustrade down to the bridge and move the N piece onto the W wood tile. Do the last piece and you’ll hear a block go down. Each time we saw a screen and that is the room with the red columns, lower level W side, a block went up there and a trapdoor opened above it (In case one of both didn't occur, go back to an earlier save and do the push puzzle again).

The Music Scroll.

So hop down into the water and get out W, into the open door and up the block, up through the open trapdoor and get Flares in the next room on the crate right. Get on the dark crate and grab up N to the floor above. From the white ledge with the lamp a run jump with twist onto the white-sloped floor NW (next to the bar fence) and jump to grab the ceiling. Go right into the alcove and use the jump lever. The fence goes down; grab the edge of the slope, shimmy right and pull up to back flip to the floor (or just drop down and go back up).

Jump from the ledge with the lamp onto the right hand side of the sloped floor, jump and grab the monkey swing. Turn around and go just past the top of the sloped floor, near the right hand wall drop and land on the other sides sloped floor, slide and jump hard to the right to land on the right hand balcony, get the Golden skull (#7). Jump back onto the sloped floor, grab the edge and go to the middle to safety drop on the white ledge. Go get the Music Scroll from the chest.

Use the Scroll, the Elevators.

Push the button SW and leave, go left to the courtyard, get down into the water and straight across to where you can use the Scroll, a door opens N at the steps. In the new room and in the water under the central pillar is a Golden skull (#8).

Step on the elevator W wall (in the niche) and once it stops, turn around and run jump out left to a ledge with burning torches, from the other end jump to the second elevator and from that you can reach the third one in the central pillar. Once up shoot a crate for a Golden skull (#9).

The Buddha Room, a Golden Buddha, a Golden Key.

Proceed and at the end turn around to grab up to the room above. Under the crate next to where you came up is a Green Apple. Go to the left and find a Golden Buddha, this action let the spikes at the start of the level pop up again.

Climb the white block next to the pedestal and grab up to the ledge above, shoot a lion head up E, one up W and a third up N, the block next to the pedestal goes down. But first shoot a crate W right of the balcony and jump there to claim the Golden skull (#10). Get down to the floor and grab the Golden Key.

We are not going for the secret #4 because it is easier to do that through level 3 (It is quite a detour now).  

Now go get the Torch from under the crate in the NE corner (behind the other crates) and take it out to the balcony, go right into the room with the fire bowl and ignite it from standing on the wood block with the bowl. Go back to the Buddha room and ignite two wall torches next to the big doors (S). A gate opens N, get in and grab the last Secret #3(9), a Secret Rose. You can leave the Torch here. Go out to the balcony, go left to open the door with the Golden Key. Step onto the trapdoor in the middle of the room. Lara slides down and will be taken to Part 3.


Part 3.

(4 secrets-10 Gold Bars)

Trapdoors open up left. Turn left and pick up the Snowballs, climb the block to get the “H”int.

The Marked tile on the floor is a pressure plate. Lara herself isn’t heavy enough to activate the mechanism. The snow mobile might help. When you leave the tile the mechanism will reset.

So go get the snowmobile and park it on the pressure plate to open the gate (W), go in there and use the lever to open a gate up N from the snowmobile. Go up there with the bike and on the right is a small tunnel, drive through it and at the end take a right and park the bike here. To the right are some crates, shoot them for a Green Apple and your first Gold Bars (#1). Go left to the next area with the open trapdoors and stand left near the E wall so you can run jump with a left curve up into the tunnel in the wall. Follow through to come to a cave with a white block. To the right is a kind of settlement, go there and get the “H”int.

To open the Temple Gates both pressure plates need to be activated. For one plate you can use a heavy box, for the other you need your vehicle.

Turn N and go to the all there, there are two wooden crates and one has Gold Bars (#2). Turn around and go the S wall up into a niche, grab up right and walk the rope (bit buggy) to the pillar (if Lara hesitates to get on the rope, stand a little bit back and try again).

If you want the Secret: run jump E and grab the roof of the gazebo over the Hint and shimmy right around the corner, from that corner pull up and back flip to a ledge. Run jump from the ledge onto the flat top of the roof, look to the right to the other roof and jump there to Secret #1(10), a Secret Rose. To get back safe, best jump back to the gazebo roof, shimmy left or right to where the floor is higher and drop.

Hop to the next pillar and walk the second rope, close to the end stop and jump forward onto the rocks, grab the edge as you slide off and go left around the corner. Pull up, back flip with a twist and be ready to grab the edge in case you fall off. Hang from the edge and go left to the end of that stretch and pull up. Hop to the red arch and go use the lever to open the gate below. Walk to the far (S) end and run jump with a curve around the corner into a niche in the S rocks, turn right and jump grab up to the ledge there to get Gold Bars (#3) after crawling to them.

Pressure Pad Puzzle, Open the Temple Gates.

Drop down and go through the gate under the red arch, left is a Keyhole, go right and find a lever in a niche to the right. This will close those trapdoors again (over the first cave). So go onwards (N) through this cave over the trapdoors to get to the bike. Drive over the trapdoors to the red arch and to the puzzle floor and leave it there for a bit. Go down the steps and pick up some more Snowballs and go right around corners into a dark passage to a lever, use it to lower one white block (S). Go back up and get the S crate onto the first plate.

Now get the bike and run it in a clockwise circle around the area under the tightropes so you can jump from the mound under the second rope onto the puzzle floor. Park it on the plate and the second gate opens up E. Go in, a lever to the left will lower the second white block because you will need the bike in here on the pressure plate S.

Fire Bowl Puzzle.

Go out and move the bike down to the gates, get the N side crate onto the plate where the bike was and go with the bike into the Temple, take a right and park it on the plate. The gate opens up E, go through another Puzzle Hall. When you go to the middle, between the chains you can see bowls with flames up on the floor above. It looks pretty simple and each chain turns on a bowl, but the truth is different. Climb a ladder straight ahead in the niche and back flip to the upper floor. Get a Note behind you (W) and the “H”int to the right. In the far left corner is a crawlspace up in the wall and inside are Gold Bars (#4).

Go down and down the ladder. We only need 4 bowls to be burning (the note says N-SW-SE-E). So only get those bowls burning and turn the others off. Both fences we saw before will open up. You have to take your bike, ride up the stairs W straight through the red arch, right through the cave over the trapdoors and right through the tunnel to the lower area. Go right through the opened fences and just right around the corner before going up the sloped cave, stop!

Timed Bike Run.

On a block right (S) is a Timed lever, it will open a gate in a room on top of the sloped cave. But first go up the slope a bit and just past the red pillar to the left is a crawlspace with Gold Bars (#5). Go to the lever, save and pull, get on the bike and go up the sloped cave, stop, step off and get through the open gate fast by back flipping through. Just around the corner is a button to open the other gate allowing you to take the bike in too. But first look for a crawlspace in the right hand wall of the red entrance W, go up for Gold Bars (#6).

5 Lever Puzzle, the Golden Key.

Ride it straight through the next cave into the opening ahead and park on the pressure plate. Go into the building and out the other side to the next hall. A wall with 5 levers and behind the wall is the “H”int.

Use the switches to raise the five trapdoors in front of you in order to monkeyswing to the other side. Each switch controls one or two trapdoors.

Use (seen from left to right) levers 1-2-4 and go SE to climb up to the ledge E, turn around and jump (SW) to the ledge under the monkey climb with Ctrl. Grab up and go to the other side, back flip onto the corner block and jump to get onto the roof. Go to the other end of the roof and collect Gold Bars (#7). From the wooden floor you're on you can jump and grab the column N. Stand right and you may have to use Ctrl during the jump to the rock ledge N (to slide under the low ceiling), grab the ledge and shimmy left. Pull up at the flat end and  jump to the other column to grab the Golden Key.

Turn left and jump to grab the left side of the crawlspace W. Inside is Secret #2(11), a Secret Rose.

Use the Golden Key.

Drop out of the crawlspace and leave N, go back to the bike and first open a gate down left in that cave (with the button next to it). Take the bike through that gate and down to the area with the pressure plate puzzle, ride it over the corner of the puzzle floor to the red arch W and through to the cave beyond where that keyhole is to the left. Open the gate and go through with the bike, through the next passage with the flowerpots and stop when you are through. Go back on foot and into the second niche right (E), turn around and grab up to get Secret #3(12), a Secret Rose. Walk back towards the bike and go up in the last niche right (E), go behind the plant and pull up to a ledge above and open a chest for Gold Bars (#8). Get down.

Go further with the bike and at the higher steps you’ll have to abandon it. But first break the icicles in the W opening. Back up and park the bike, get Gold Bars (#9) from that crawlspace you opened.  Pick up Snowballs at the bottom of the steps and go up S to the end of this cave. To the left are Golden Bars behind a gate.

The Number Puzzle.

Go into the red opening and shoot the windows, go down and a bit further in the room turn around and look up back at the wall you came from, shoot the lion head and go back out to collect Gold Bars (#10) from the opened gate.

Back in the Puzzle room there’s no Hint this time, you’ll have to figure this one out yourself 2+9-8=7. It’s from left to right up- down-down-down-up (2-3+8=7) and suddenly the outcome changes to 8. So we’ll have to do a second sequence. Do down-up-down-down-down (4+3+1=8) and the door opens.

Step out to the open and go right into the corner. Climb onto the base of the red column and jump up onto the block N, turn left and jump to the next block, then around the corner to the SW ledge. Grab the crack and shimmy left around to a ledge, from the ledge a hop to the ledge S and then run jump onto the red arch with the doors. Drop down the other side and open the door with the lever, don’t go to the chopper yet as we’re not quite finished here yet. Go back through the door and straight to an opening behind those boulders. When you reach a lever, you’ll be taken back to Part 1. Drop down into the Secret Collect Room and use All Gold Skulls (if you didn’t yet) to get the remaining Secret #4(13), a Secret Rose of Part 2 and use All Gold Bars to get the last Secret #4(14), a Secret Rose of Part 3. Climb the white block and get back to where the chopper is waiting for you.

G&D Dec 07-2014