Egyptian Ruins.

Level by Raildex

Walkthrough G&D productions.

The folder with the saves.

The Cave.

Just swim straight to the end of this cave and grab a small medipack from a block on the bottom, turn left and swim into the corner where you can climb out. Shoot the Croc and if you want a Secret, swim all the way back, into the current and into a small tunnel you see straight ahead, around the corner to get Secret #1, a small medipack and Flares. Swim back to the far corner and get out again.

Hop to the ledge W, go around the corner and do a wide curved jump over to a ledge just around the next corner to get Secret #2, Shotgun ammo and Uzi Clips.

Go back to that corner block where you can get out of the water, stand against the E wall and jump from the higher part of the block to grab a crack S near the water surface, shimmy right around and pull up on a block. Jump W to the next and then over to a block in the middle of the cave, turn left and stand in the middle of that side. Run jump straight to the S wall and curve hard right to get on the next block (no Ctrl). Jump W again and grab the monkey climb there to cross over to the other side, drop and grab the block, turn left and jump to a block in front of a passage.

Leopard Cave.

Follow the passage and the camera doesnít allow you to look down but when you start shooting near the end of the path youíll be shooting a leopard. Then slide down forward, loop around to the right and walk up to the S wall, light a flare to spot the crawlspace on the left and get in for more Flares. Get out, climb the rocks in the left corner (SW) and jump to grab a crack behind Lara (N). Shimmy right around and drop on a ledge, turn around and jump a bit right to a flat surface (NE). Look across the cave (S) and spot a Secret pickup on a textured ledge. For now just follow the ledges along this side to the far corner, then go right and in the next corner right again till you get to a wider tunnel in the left wall (S).

Now we can go for that Secret, hang from the entrance ledge of the wide tunnel on the right side, shimmy right around and drop on a ledge, turn around and walk up to the edge, stand left near the wall and here youíll have to use the wall to your advantage. You have to do a stand jump to grab the ledge W, but you have to jump against the wall a bit otherwise you canít grab that edge. So facing W and standing left, turn a bit left to the wall and stand jump to grab the ledge. Grab up to the crack and go around to Secret #3, a Medipack and the Shotgun. Get back to the wide tunnel along the same route.

In the wide tunnel you can climb up blocks in the back to get to a cave on top of the first cave with the river. Shoot the bats, use a lever on the right (W) to open a door left of it. Thatís for later.

Door SE.

On a block in the other end of the cave is a small medipack (E). Walk to the opening in the floor and spot some cracks, hop onto a slanted rock at the E wall side, slide down and grab the edge, drop and grab the next edge. Now pull up and back flip roll to grab the crack. Shimmy left to get into a crawlspace and use the lever there to open the SE door in the cave above. Couldnít find a way back up, so drop from the crawlspace onto the block in the corner in the river and jump to the crack (S) and monkey swing again to get to that passage and to the Leopard Cave. A fresh leopard showed up there, shoot him. Make your way to the wide tunnel as before and get back up to the cave where you left off, here another leopard showed up.

Behind the open door SE is a push block, push it into the next room as far as it will go and then about straight to the opposite side (around the central ledge) and climb up to the gold block on the (S) wall from the push block. Jump to the right to the crack and get into the passage with the lever to open a door in the other side of the room. Youíll need the push block there too, so move it back around and to the E.

Jump from the block into the open door (no Ctrl) and go through to a large cave. Shoot two leopards, preferably from a safe spot (the big block in the middle) and go look for some Uzi Clips in a lower part of the floor S. Up S you can see a door. First weíll go open that, go to the far left corner of the cave (NE) and left into a kind of path. Walk up as far as you can and grab up left, pull up and back flip to a ledge. Jump to the W and loop around to the right of this rock wall into a side cave, down into a lower path and follow through to a small cave with Shotgun ammo and a small medipack.

Get out and climb back up to the ledges in the big cave. Proceed to the (W) end and go right into a smaller cave, use the lever there and when you get back to the big cave you can see the door (S) has opened. Go look in the wall under that door to find a push block. Pull it out and move it as far as it will go to the N, then to the right (E) and back again to the S so you can jump from the block to an alcove with a Medipack in the S wall.

Turn right and grab a crack to shimmy to the ledge with the open door. Slide down and dive into the pool after shooting the crocs, use the underwater lever S and blocks appear in the room above. Get out, move the push block to then pillar S and climb on. Jump around the room to a lever SE opening a door in the pool (E). Drop down and swim through to another room.

Hall with the Statue, the Sapphire Key.

Quickly run to the statue and climb on the base as two leopards emerge from the dark. Shoot them and run jump W onto the slanted block (lower end), jump three times to end up on a ledge with a push block and a Sapphire Key, the screen shows where to use it. Move the block under the trapdoor in the ceiling and jump to a ledge NE. Hop into the passage E, go left and pull a block till it stands past that opening you entered from. Turn around, drop from the opening at the end of the passage and get back up and into the same passage, left again as that route is now open. Grab a crack right and go around to the ledge, jump over to the ledge with the lever opening that trapdoor. Jump via the slanted blocks to the ledge and up you go into that trapdoor. Follow through to where you slide down into the big cave.

Using the Sapphire Key.

Go up to the opening NW where you entered before and in the cave with the block go out N, in the small cave with the hole in the floor to the door W, open it with the lever next to it (if you didnít before).

Save before you enter the open door and shoot the leopard. NW are some Uzi Clips, N is a door and up left of it is a lever. Move the push block (SW) under the lever to open the door with it. Step through and shoot the Crocs, on one of the ledges straight ahead is a small medipack and then use the Sapphire Key on the lock E. A trapdoor will open in the pool, draining it. Get down and drop through the trapdoor into the now partially flooded leopard cave.

Push blocks and Doors.

Use the underwater lever N, swim into the open door a bit (down right) and roll. Swim back to the pool, get out and shoot the crocs, then go into the opening again and follow to a large flooded room. Climb out at the ledge over the entrance and get a small medipack there. Dive back into the water, swim to the ledge over a door left (W) and get out. Push the block in the wall twice into a small room, and then push it all the way left into the next room. There are two tiles on the floor. Place the block onto the one right and a door in the pool opens up.

Mutants and the Eye of Horus.

Swim to the open door E and wade up to a lever, careful as the door opens and two Mutant beasts come running, just hop back into the water while shooting. If they run away, step out of the water for a bit. When they are dead, go in and grab Uzi clips right, on the same right hand wall is a lever, use it to open the door in the back. The lever on the opposite (N) wall opens a Timed door.

Weíll go check the route first picking up some items along the way. Through the door E and right are Flares, to the left Shotgun ammo. Go through the passage N and left around the corner roll, jump and grab up forward to the ledge, right around a corner and up a block where two more Mutants await. Shoot them from standing on the lower floor.

In that room is a door to the right; that is the Timed door. But that run will come a bit later, first pick up a small medipack from the doorway and hop back out, go to the corner in the SW and out to a ledge in the room with the Timed lever. Jump to the pedestal and grab the Eye of Horus. Safety drop from the side and go out W, go back to the pool, swim across, climb out W and go into the passage to the block that opens the doors. Move it to the left tile.

Use the Eye of Horus.

Get out, swim into the door below (W) and get the Uzis left, some Flares in the next corner, a small medipack to the right and also some Uzi clips there. In the last corner is an underwater lever, use that to open a trapdoor in the ceiling (W side), swim up there and get out in a dark room. Uzi clips in the window E, a small medipack in an alcove N and finally use the Eye of Horus on the ledge SW. The doors in the pit open up, go in and shoot the Mutants from the doorway, in that doorway is also a small medipack.

Timed Trapdoors, the Seal of Anubis.

Save at the lever #1 on the W wall (under the wall), throw it and run around the wall to the NW corner where you can climb up left onto that wall, throw lever #2 there, turn left and run jump to the trapdoors grabbing to the right as much as the low ceiling allows, move to the right as fast as possible and all the way at the end pull up and run through the opened door (savegame.0). Left around the corner in an alcove is Shotgun ammo and in the next room are two leopards. To the right are Flares and to the left a passage to a larger room with Mutants.

Shoot the Mutants and grab a small medipack from the central floor. In the SE corner is a lever opening doors E, go in and hoot more leopards. Go through the doors and left near the palm tree is another Shotgun. Go through the passage right (S) and come to a sloped passage, hop in backwards and sprint back as soon as you hear the boulder coming. Then go back in and grab the Seal of Anubis from the pedestal. In the back is a push block, pull it away from the opening and slide down to the room with the pool. Climb out W, move the block yet again (to the right) to open the E door and get back in there.

Finally the Timed Run.

Go to the Timed lever left. Pull, back flip with a twist and a left curve, sprint through the door and left into the passage N, left around the corner, roll and jump up to grab the upper passage, run right around the corner, hop up the higher floor and right around the corner jump up to the open door. Run right onto the ledge in the room where the Timed run started. If you fall down youíll have to start again (savegame.1).

Jump to the end of the ledge and place the Seal of Anubis, the third door opens up in the room with the pool. Safety drop down, leave W and swim to the right through the new door. Keep to the left and find Uzi clips, then just follow the tunnel to the end and up to get a flyby of a huge cave with the Holy Scarab on top of a tall pillar.

Huge Cave.

Get to the N opening and look down to shoot as many crocs as possible, you can also jump to the ledge left and shoot from there. The objective here is to get the Artifact from the top of the tall pillar and place it at the bottom of the pillar.

Hop down and swim to the S end of the cave, get some Uzi clips there, look up right and you might be able to spot a Secret. Swim back to the entrance tower and left of it in the SW corner youíll find a ledge you can climb up to. Climb up W and from there you can jump back to the entrance tower. Now you know the way back up in case you fall.

From the tower jump to the ledge N, go almost to the end and roll, grab up S and hop E. There are a bunch of bats here, shoot them as you meet them. Hang from the E side of this ledge and shimmy along the crack; drop on the sandy ledge around the corner.

Detour for a Secret if you like: Face N and hop backwards, slide and grab the edge of the rock, look for the crawlspace (left), drop and grab to get in and follow in to Secret #4, 2x Uzi clips and 3x Shotgun ammo. Get out, drop into the water and swim to that SW corner (left of the tower) to get back up to where you left off.

Walk E and left around the corner and jump N, then N and a bit right with a roll onto that slanted block, grab the edge and pull up to back flip/roll and grab to the other side (E). Jump down SE onto a slanted block next to the wall and slide jump, slide jump into the alley there, hop left around the corner and watch out for a low ceiling when you jump E. Jump S, grab up S and turn around to grab up even higher to a ledge. Turn around and jump to a ledge in the rocks (SW) and get the 2x Shotgun ammo. Run jump back to the lower ledge NE and grab back up N.

Follow N and through a short tunnel, jump right around the next corner to a sandy ledge, shimmy left along the outside crack and pull up. Climb up straight (E) and jump to a crack left (N), shimmy all the way left to a yellow corner block where you can pull up. Run jump and grab to the higher block left (S) and follow this obvious path all the way into the SW corner, into the tunnel, jump over and finally you can reach the top of the tall pillar to get the Holy Scarab.

You could maybe find a shortcut for the next part, but I didnít bother to go look for it. Just get down into the pool somewhere and climb back up into the tower, go back to the N ledge, up and hop to the E ledge. This time get onto the top of the Tower (S), and from there jump to a ledge SW for a small medipack. Back to the tower and to a brown ledge SE, one more time SE and then jump straight S onto the slope in front of a passage to a door. Shoot the bat and hop back (facing S), hang from the end of the slope, against the right hand wall and drop onto the slope below, immediately back flip with a twist and grab a yellow ledge, turn around and jump S into the lower passage and go left around the corner.

Standing at the end over the water, turn left and look down to spot the last Secret, hop there with Ctrl and get Secret #5, a Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Youíll have to get back up to the tower and follow the same route back here.

Run jump and grab over to that block E, go left and follow through to a tunnel right. At the other end you can jump to the island no Ctrl) and gather a small medipack and Shotgun ammo before using the Holy Scarab. The door we saw before opens up.

Back in the water, up the tower and onto the top of the Tower (as before), and from there to the brown ledge SE, one more time SE and then jump straight S onto the slope in front of a passage to the open door.


Shoot the Mutants from standing back in the safe entrance passage and left around the corner of the entrance is a lever opening up the doors S. More Mutants storm in, shoot those too from the safe entrance passage. Go into a valley and heading in a SE direction shoot Mutants when you meet them. The level will end at the end of the valley.

G&D Dec 4-2014