Forgotten Remnants.

Level by Ceasum

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

There are several ways in which you can get through these levels. There are lots of bats and rats, could be we missed to mention a few.

1: Abandoned Mines.

Get out of the elevator and shoot a bunch of bats.

N Area:

Take a right and go into the tunnel with the blinking light (N), take a right and then left and turn the wheel there to turn on the emergency lighting. Turn around, go to the left and shoot the crates there to get Secret #1, a Rose (Rose doesn’t show in the inventory).

Page to the Notebook and the Desert Eagle.

Go back to the tunnel and take a right again, to a wider area and straight ahead you can turn on the light with the wheel (N). Go back a bit and left near the table is a Page to the Notebook on the ground. It will show up as an added page in Werner’s Notebook. Reading it will give you some clues about broken pumps and missing plugs for an elevator.

Go behind a hole in the floor (NE) and open a chest to get the Desert Eagle and some Ammo Clips. The hole in the floor seems to be a way back up for later.

S Area: First Lift Plug.

Return through the tunnel to the elevator cave (S) and go straight into the S tunnel. Here you’ll find the second elevator mentioned in the Notebook. To the W are the receptacles for the three plugs (fuses) we need to find. Go into a small room left and turn the light on, but this will also flood the deeper cave in the N area. So head back there and hop over the balustrade into the water below. Look on the bottom for a red coral plant with bubbles coming from it. That’s where you’ll find the First Lift Plug. Swim up and climb out W into the tunnel to a cave with a Lava pit.

Over the Lava Pit, open a Wall.

Turn around and safety drop down one ledge and run jump across the pit to grab that broken track. Climb up and go into the tunnel ahead, up the ramp and shoot some bats, then shoot the crates to get Eagle Clips. Open the chest to get the Lasersight. Go left up the ramp to a fence and stand left at the gap in the fence. Look for a barrel standing in that room behind the fence (opposite wall) and shoot it, the barrel explodes opening up the wall. That place is now accessible from the other side.

Get Out.

Go back down this tunnel and look to the right for a trapdoor in an alcove, don’t open it yet but get into the crawlspace behind it to get Secret #2, a Rose. Get back and now open the trapdoor, go down the ladder and end up on a boulder ramp. Stand left facing a bit right and sprint to that opening at the bottom right. Shoot a bat and hop to the ledge ahead, to the next and then right to a rope. Swing to the track ahead.

Cave with the Gate, Page 2 of the Notebook.

Follow up to a cave where we’ll have to open a gate you can see straight ahead, shoot a bat and go there. Use the switch left of the gate to raise a platform up on a walkway. On the track in front of the gate is another Page to the Notebook 2.

To the right is barbed wire under a jump lever. Go to the ladder NW and up, jump over to the platform on walkway. Go right and into a small room with a crate, move it between the hole in the floor and the pipe, then push it down the hole and get down too. Push the crate into the large cave and onto the barbed wire under the jump lever. Go back up to the walkway (ladder NW) and jump to grab the jump lever landing safely on the crate. The gate opens.

Lower S Area: Second Lift Plug.

Go through the gate and shoot the rat, then jump far to the left onto the side of the lava pit and shimmy to safety. Go behind that elevator shaft and shoot the crates, nothing in them, but in the chest is the Second Lift Plug. Climb the ladder SW and back flip with twist to grab a walkway behind you. Throw the switch (next to the ladder) to open the hatch above and go up the next ladder to a familiar area. Go N back to the first cave.

Upper Area W: Crowbar and the Rope.

Climb the ladder on the left (W) wall, there’s nothing in those crates there, so head up the steep tunnel to a cave to the left near the scaffolding is an empty crate but also a chest you can open for the Crowbar.

At the other side (E) is a kind of wheel, stand on the right of it, facing N and use that wheel, so that the other end ends up over a manhole (there’s a rope in the cave below now). Leave and go down the ladder to the first cave.

Lower W Area: Boss’s Hideout, Third Lift Plug.

Head into the tunnel left of the ladder (W) and look up right for a grate you can shoot, follow the crawlspace to a small room with a chest, open it to get Secret #3, another Rose. Get back to the tunnel and go right (W) to come to the cave where the rope appeared (bit to the right). Use the rope to swing to the walkway on the right (NW) and go left to jump over the fences to the walkway at the tunnel. Shoot the rats and go up to the hideout where you shot that barrel before. On the grated floor in the middle is a Page written by the Alchemist. First go left and open a chest to get the Third Lift Plug. In the back of this place is a small field with a couple of bodies; better leave them alone. Grab the Page to the Notebook 3. Get out of there and in the cave with the rope, you can choose two paths:

1: Go left over the walkways, jump left onto the rocks N and shimmy along the edge to the walkway, use the rope to get back and go back to the first cave. From there go S to the upper S area. Go to the receptacles where you can use the Plugs.

2: hop to the right (S) over the fence, landing on a dark slope, just slide off and hit Ctrl as soon as you pass the edge so you’ll land on the slope below, safety drop to the track below, jump over the lava pit S and hop to the second elevator. Go up the ladders to the upper walkway.

The Second Elevator Back in Business.

Use the Plugs to activate the elevator. Go down the ladders again and wait for the elevator to come down then get into the it. Ride up and step off W, open the left gate (W) with your Crowbar. Go up the slope and to the next level.


2: Lux Veritatis Sanctum.

Immediately to the left and on the ground is another Page to the Notebook. Follow this valley to the end and at a big tree in the end turn left and walk into that bush there, look up and grab up into the crawlspace to get Secret #4, a Rose. Get back out and go straight across to the archway around a courtyard. Skeletons will wake up, you can shoot them with pistols (one leaves a Medipack).

The Monastery.

In the pool in the middle of the courtyard is a Page to the Notebook.

Around this courtyard are a lot of doors; but only one opens from this side, another needs a key. Go to the door NW in the W wall and open it, to the left is a staircase up to a dormitory we’ll visit later. Go right (under the staircase) and open the doors there.

To the left in the windowsill are Eagle Clips; they are also a hint for what we have to do next. First go further and then turn around (S), look up and shoot the Gem from the Lions Head. A hatch opens on a ladder in the other end of the library. Go there and first pick up another Page to the Notebook (NE corner). Climb the ladder in the E wall niche; back flip off to the balconies. Go around and jump the gaps to get to the end where you’ll find another door on top of some steps.

Go through to a large hall and go left along the wall, at the second wall carpet is a push crate hidden behind the carpet. Pull it out and move it over to the lever on the wall next to the N window. First go behind the carpet where you got the crate from and crawl to get Secret #5, a Rose.

Timed Door.

The lever over the crate opens a Timed door behind you, on the steps SE. Pull, back flip with twist, sprint up the steps and run left into the door.

Library, Little Wheel.

There’s a Knight roaming around this library, it is possible to kill him. Look for a book switch on the NW corner of the central bookcase and flip it to retract the spikes on top. Climb up at the ladder (E side) and get the Little Wheel.

A nice Secret and a Second Wheel.

Get down, open a crowbar door SE and find an open door behind it. Step out onto a balcony and side flip (or hop) with a slight angle over the balustrade to the roof below landing on the higher part just under the balcony. Go to the far SW corner to get Secret #6, a Rose. As an extra reward for finding all secrets you’ll get 2 Glock 17 guns with 12292 ammo.

Go back a bit and look in the left wall (W) for a part you can break (Ctrl). Get the Second Little Wheel. Drop from the roof there and you are near a dead tree.

The Dormitory.

Look for a Torch near that tree (inner courtyard NW) and take it inside to ignite it on one of the wall torches. Go back into that door NW and this time go left up the staircase. Be careful and hop over the broken parts to get to a Dormitory.

The Chapel;  the Kitchen Key.

Throw the Torch on the floor in the middle and stand back till it breaks. Go hang down in the NW corner, check your health, as you will loose some and drop down. Go left (S) up the higher floor, grab the Kitchen key from a pedestal left as well and shoot the skeleton (leaves a Medipack). Go to the niche NE and open the door to the courtyard.

The Kitchen; Third Little Wheel.

In the courtyard another skeleton will greet you, go left (N) to the door with the keyhole. Go left around to a crate at the W wall, climb up and grab up to the roof above the fire. Shimmy right and pull up there to use a crowbar lever, which will turn off the fire. Go to where the fire was and find the Third Little Wheel.

The Kitchen; The Crucifix.

In the NE corner of the Kitchen floor is a trapdoor you can open. Get down, down some steps and find a small medipack next to the shelves NW. Pull/push a crate from the S wall to the E wall, next to the torch and climb up to a hall. Move the crate (W) along the wall to the other end of the hall (between the carpet and the corner, N) and climb up. Jump up at the wall and grab up over the crack in the wall so you can climb up to the niche above. Pick up a Medipack and pry the Crucifix off the wall.

The Chapel; Use the Little Wheels.

Back out to the courtyard, take a right and around the corner, back to the chapel where you found the Kitchen Key. Go up the steps S and through one of the tapestries on the wall. Place the 3 Little Wheels and they will open up a door in the courtyard. Go out of the Chapel and take a right. Go through the door S into the Church.

The Church; 2 Gemstone Pieces.

Go to the Altar and place the Crucifix on it. A gold block appears to the right. On top of the block is a receptacle. From the block you can jump and grab a climbable wall a bit on the left, go up to the windowsill. Face E and run jump to grab the flagpole. Swing and jump to the next, aiming a bit to the right so you will be just left of the flag. Do the next swings and jumps just straight so you can grab a crack in the wall left of the far window and in the windowsill is a Gemstone Piece 1.

Drop down to the stairs below and go down and right, up a climb wall left of a door (NE). Grab the Medipack from the windowsill and get back down. Go W and into the second windowsill right. Jump and grab the climbable wall on the pillar next to the window (above the crack) and climb up to get Gemstone Piece 2. (This was actually a shortcut; you are meant to climb a wall in the far SW corner, use a monkey climb to get to a pillar with a jump lever raising a block in the NW corner to reach this pillar with the gemstone piece). Combine the two pieces, go to the gold block on the Altar and use the Gemstone.

The Knight, the Tomb Key.

A knight mounts his horse, go shoot him and when he’s dead he will leave the Tomb Key. Use that on the wall behind the Altar (W) and the Tomb opens up. (I had a glitch here, using the Glock, my ammo never ran out, strange).

The Tomb, the Lux Veritatis Sword.

Climb down, use the lever to open the doors and pull that skeleton away from the final Page to the Notebook. Then go to the Coffin and open it up to find the Conclusions and the Lux Veritatis Sword.

Get out of the Tomb and leave the Church through the opened doors.

G&D Nov.27-2014.