Jungle Ruins 4 – Darkness Rising.

Levels by GMac, Raider X.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

1 - Jungle Cave.

Watch the Title flyby.

A few hours earlier…

Go forward and slide down, watch the cut-scene and walk onto the stone bridge. Main objective here is to find 4 Dragon Stones and raise 4 trapdoors to be able to place them.

The Skull, the Shotgun and a Lizard Stone.

Keep walking straight and when you get close to the man-made structure, turn around and climb down the ladder (remember where the ladder is). Once down, go to the other side of the structure and backflip onto the rock to grab the ledge on the structure so you can get the Skull on de pedestal there. Drop down and go S and climb up onto the ledge with the fire bowls (they are a clue, as long as they burn the task there isn’t completed). On the left you can place the Skull you just found.

But before you do that go into the passage between the two fire bowls, a sentry gun will shoot at you so run in fast and to the right to get the Shotgun and the Lizard Stone. There is a ladder around the corner but the sentry gun is guarding it, so remember where it is.

Skull Gate; raise Trapdoor 1.

For now go out and now right to the gate you can open with the Skull, go in. Jump over the bloody pool and grab the crack, jump up a few times and crawl in at the top. Go to the end, turn around and let go a 3 times till you get to the last crack, jump backwards (down arrow) and crawl in again. Lower yourself at the end and a back-jump over the bloody pool. Get up and now jump/slide a few times so you can pick up a Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Turn around, walk to the edge and jump up to grab and hoist up.

Jump over avoiding the flame emitter (the corners on the tile are safe) and hop over and jump again to land safe. Turn around and use the crack to get higher and time the emitters there, jumping to the other end. At the end use the monkey swing to get to the other side.

Almost at the end let go and hop over, get down and use the wheel. Watch the cut-scene of a Trapdoor #1 rising. Hang from the edge of the opening, left and drop down. From the triangular ledge take a curved running jump N to get back onto the stone bridge (where you started). 

First Dragon Stone.

Go forwards a bit (W) and then jump over to the rock on the right, climb up onto a rock ledge and go left to that pillar and then right (N), get the Flares. Go over the path passing a green pillar, at the next (brick) pillar right again onto a stone ledge and turn the wheel you see at the end there (E) to open a gate.

Go back and take a left and left again (E) and go into the open gate. Shoot the green lizard, go back to the gate and jump up on the left of it (facing the gate). Walk to the other end and take a running jump to the other side and grab the crack in the pillar. Shift to the left around the corners and let go. At the deadly pool go right and at the end jump around the corner to the block and get the small medipack. Jump down for the Dragon Stone #1.

Go back the way you came and at the pit jump to grab the slope on the right (N) and shimmy to safety. Go out and notice the fire in the bowl is now gone, proof of a task completed.

Trapdoor 2.

Go over the stone bridge and make your way (W) to the path in the middle of the cave (the N-S one).

Stay on this level and go a bit to the right (N), jump on the left around that brick pillar two hops in a N direction onto a bridge and find your way all the way to the NE corner. Go into a dark passage, at the end turn and climb the ladder. At the intersection look left and see that boulder there, trigger it so you can go up there. Go around the corner, jump down and take a running jump to the other side (N) and use the wheel around the corner.

A gate opens on the bottom floor beneath the dark passage so best make your way back to the cave down the ladder.

Just as you go out of the gate, turn right and hop backwards onto the sloped rock, grab the edge and safety drop down to where that gate opened. Go into the building, to the far right is a Medipack. A lizard will show up, you know what to do. Go to the far left into a passage (NE).

Around the corner on the right is a push able statue. Hang from the edge and shimmy left to a crawlspace. Let go and grab the crawlspace and get in. Use the wheel at the end to raise a trapdoor, get out and jump back up to the ledge.

Push/pull the statue to the pillar in the middle, then push it to the other side in the corner on that trigger tile on the left (NE). Now Trapdoor #2 goes up.

Leave this place and once out go straight to the other side and find a small passage with a ladder on the ledge in the far right corner (NW). Remember where this ladder is.

Climb down, follow through and jump down to the lower ledge. Go around the pillar and use the wheel there (gate opens upstairs). Make your way back up the ladder and backflip from almost at the top. Go out and to the right into the next open gate.

Jump over the water, get the Flares on the left and climb the block on the right, the one with the fire on top of it. The fire goes out and you can shoot the Lizard that will appear. Face S and jump to the slope and jump again, turn right and take a running jump to the crack in the wall (N). Jump up once and then a back-jump.

Then another jump to the ledge at the E wall, turn left and jump/grab the slope and hoist up, backflip, slide/jump 2 times till you are safe in a corner. Face E and hoist up, get the small medipack, then turn SW, take a running jump to grab the crack in the wall there. Back-jump and grab the edge of the slope; slide a bit and jump/grab the crack, jump up to the next and back-jump and grab the end of a ledge. Use the wheel and see Trapdoor #3 going up.

Dragon Stone 2.

Hop back, safety drop and slide down, grab the edge of the pillar and then let go into that body of water, climb out (E) and leave this place.

Go straight to the edge and jump into the water. Swim all the way to the S end and find a small (one square) ledge against the S wall where you can climb up, (to the right you should see a fire bowl).

Jump over to the block E and from there take two running jumps NE and the last is just a hop. Shoot a bat and use the wheel (to the right). The gate behind the fire bowl you saw is open (SW). Back into the water and swim straight to that green ledge W (right). Get out, go to the left and jump up the rocks there. Go to the opening on the left, jump over and enter the door.

Go to the plants on the left and pick up a Torch. Ignite it on that fire bowl and then set flames to the two skulls left and right. Do this from the side as two spiked boulders fall down and you don’t want those on your head, throw the Torch away and pick up the Dragon Stone #2.

The Big Push, Trapdoor 4.

Leave, the gate will open and jump back in the water where the (fire) bowl is. Go left to that green ledge you used to climb out of the water before; there is also a tunnel in the water under the ledge. Swim through and up and end up a bit further in this cave. Three lizards are guarding this place so take care of them. In the SW corner is a  Medipack , on the left are Flares and in the opposite corner ((NW) one push able cage. Pull it out towards the fire bowl.

Now push/pull it all the way around along the water edge to the wall behind the fire bowl. There is an opening in the wall, get in and use the lever in there. Get out and now jump the raised blocks, to the rock ledges (N) and then over the pillars where the spikes went down so you can use the wheel on top of the highest one to open the gate at the fire bowl. Get down again and into the gate.

Jump in the water and climb out at the push puzzle area.

There is probably a better way but this is how we did it.

Push the “trigger” statues next to the water both to the E side. The two doors in the W open.

First go in into the right hand door, go around the corner to the back and push the statue once to the left (S).

Go back out the door, right around into the left door and now push the one there all the way to the back (W).

Go around again and into the right hand door and walk all the way around left to the statue that is S so you can push it out of that passage. Around again so you get back to the start room. Go into the left door and push the statue into that corner where the others are, you should now have three there.

Go to the “trigger “ statues in the middle of the start room and push the one on the right (N side) to the other trigger tile (W tile) and the S door opens.

Go back through the door W and run left around till you get to the statues all the way to the S side where the door opened.

Push the first statue to the E once, turn left and push the next one out of the passage into the start room. Go back to the statue you just pushed E and pull it back once. Go around to the start room and push the statue into the corner E. Go to the other statue and pull it into the passage, go around and push it into the start room. Go around and push that one into the corner as well.

Go back into the S door and go left all the way around and first take a right and push that statue (SW) once into the passage behind the right hand W door. 

Now go all the way back to the start room. Go the trigger statues and push the N once to the other trigger tile (E). Go in (W) and push the statue out of the right hand passage into the start room and aside again.

Go to the S side trigger statue and pull/push that one to the W.

Go in W and around to the right and push the first statue once, turn right and push that one into the start room. Turn around and then pull the statue on the right back twice so the N passage is free. Go back around to the start room and push the statue aside. Then go into the passage and go right around and get to the wheel.

Use the wheel and Trapdoor #4 goes up. Go back to the water and swim to the other side and get out.

Back to the Top, Dragon Stone 3.

At the lake in the main cave look left and see that fire bowl? Opposite in the water are some popping spikes, swim through them around a corner to the right. Climb up and higher on the right and then to the left. Go straight into the passage and climb the ladder around the corner. Backflip from almost at the top and then make your way to the far SE and find that ladder (near a fire bowl) to get back on the upper stone bridge where you started.

Once there you have to make your way all the way to the N side following the path you took before.

After the jump around the last brick pillar, when you arrive at a stone bridge going to the right go left instead to the tree there that is leaning over the rock edge (W). Go left again and jump up the rocks there (SW). Once there face W and take a running jump to a lower ledge. Turn and look down, jump to the valve and use it to open another gate.

Jump in the water and swim to the popping up spikes underwater and climb out (NW). Up the rocks N and climb the ladder and backflip at the top as before. Go out and to the E, the take a right and safety drop down there (W side) near those pillars. Go right into a small passage and drop down and into the gate. Follow through up some steps. Take a running jump to the first tile, just when the emitter dies down and then just hop twice to get to the other side. Go up some more steps to the right (N), on the left are two rolling boulders, you have to trigger (either run back and jump aside or side flip onto the sloped side). Then go up the slope and get the Shotgun ammo on the right and go into the corridor at the other side. Go down the slope but watch out for another boulder. Get Dragon Stone # 3 and leave through the open door S.

Use the Lizard Stone, get Invincibility.

Jump in the water and swim S to that island where the tall pillar with the trapdoors is and place the Lizard Stone on the S side of it. You’ll hear a trapdoor opening, that one is under the island, so back to the water, swim around the island and into the tunnel and into the now open trapdoor to the right. Follow through and at the end swim up and get out of the water. Carefully approach the flaming sea-hag from the side, pick it up to get the Invincibility.

Dragon Stone 4.

Swim back out and once in the lake go straight and then left, over the popping spikes (NW). Climb the rocks and the ladder, backflip at the top. Go out and make your way to the far away SE corner. Go to the fire bowl that is still burning and into the room where the gun won’t harm you. Now you can climb the ladder next to the gun, then take a left and pick up a Medipack in the left corner before you get the Dragon Stone # 4. Get out to the main cave.

All tasks are done, but before you go place the stones you could make a detour to get the Secret. Go to that stone pillar and climb up the ladder to the upper level. Turn right and follow that bridge W, a bit right after that pillar and look down SW to spot a red opening in the S wall. Two ways to get there:

1: Just run jump over to the lower ledges W with health loss.

2: Turn left and jump onto the sloped green ridge going S, grab the edge and shimmy all the way to the right and when you can’t go further, pull up and back flip with a twist, curve left just after a block so you’ll sneak under it and slide forward. Slide far and jump, again a hard left curve around a block to land on a small ledge at the red opening (no health loss).

Go into the opening and jump the lava pits to get Secret #1, the Secret Skull. Make you way down to the water, to the popping spikes NW, up the ladder and SE to the ladder going to the upper level.

From the ladder to the upper level go right, W to the pillar and right around it over a bridge going NW to that tall pillar with the trapdoors (N) and jump over to the first one to place one Dragon Stone. Take slightly curved jumps around the pillar to the other trapdoors so you can place the rest of the Dragon Stones. The double door in the W opens so take a running jump towards them. Shoot some bats and enter and slide down.

2 – The Path.

The Hut.

Go into the passage on the left and watch the flyby of the Lizard Lady igniting her torch. Carefully slide down and on the right of that tree is a hole in the floor, climb down the ladder and drop down. Take a left and jump down into the water. Swim through the tunnel (W) and at the end take a right, better swim back when you meet the snake and climb out on the wooden platform (in the pool at the waterfall) to kill it. Swim back and into the passage and all the way at the end, roll and use the underwater lever behind the block. Swim up through the now open trapdoor. Climb out and notice the wooden cage on the block next to you and a lattice gate next to it.

Open the Trapdoor. 

Follow the stream to the and then right, straight towards the area with the hut. Have a look in the wooden hut, notice the trapdoor in the corner and get the Flares

in the opposite corner. Go back out and a flyby sets in showing a pulley wheel. Then take a sharp right (W) there are some ferns growing there (left of the waterfall), that is the place you have to make your way up (S). Once up make your way over the ridge to the left. Walk along the edge, passing a tree and shoot a snake. Keep on going E till you cannot go any further (bumping into a huge tree) and from there take a running jump to the right (SSE) and then to the wheel in the E. This opens a trapdoor in the hut. So go back there by either taking the same path (or by a safety drop on the stream below).

Go down the ladder and use the wheel (to the right is a gate with the Secret). On the bed are a Shotgun and some Flares. When you step down you see the Lizard Lady doing her thing. Climb back up the ladder and get out of the hut.

Behind the hut, behind a big tree is a green sloped block (NW), grab up and jump from the block to the ledge right and get the Medipack. Slide back down.

Go to the waterfall (W) and swim under it (watch out piranha’s), another snake awaits you in the next area. Go to the gate on the left (S) and pick up a Medipack in the grass. Go through the gate.

Then go left between the statues where the Lizard lady went in and have a look in the back. When Lara is standing on the ledge, the doors below close and she hears:

“I want you to kill her”

A raptor appears kill it and down in the room is another one. Jump the ledges to the back wall (SE) and find a jump lever on one of the pillars (the lattice gate at the start opens). In this room are receptacles for Stones. Get to the ladder (SW) and climb back up. Jump to the entrance ledge, go out and to the right, again a right, and go through the water and back at the hut, run S through the water and climb up some rocks on the right, in the next valley find a passage in the SE corner. There you will find that wooden cage, pull it once.

The Lattice Gate, drop the Ball, the Bronze Key.

Back again and keep going right following the stream and you are back at the start. Get onto the block where the cage was and stand way back, jump and grab the pole and swing to the other one.

To stop swinging, use the down arrow. Turn Lara around (END) step up the pole (ALT) then jump and grab the ladder, shimmy to the left and up and grab the monkey swing. Go to the end and drop down. Go forwards and use the lever on the left. Walk towards the open door behind Lara and a boulder drops down. So turn around and go back a bit and find the gate on the left opened. Kill the raptor inside and follow through. In between the grass on the left and up a small hill, is a Medipack  and on the floor is a skeleton, pull that away and get the Bronze Key . Notice the keyhole on the ledge N (Silver Key).

Use the Bronze Key.

Go back, up the steps and to the left and jump back down to the stream, follow the stream a bit and then take a right and then keep to the left into that cave where the light comes in. Jump down a couple of times, kill the raptor and go N.

Jump on a block to the left of the balcony and climb up into a passage, push the cage (also used for a Secret soon) on the left twice. Go to the right and to the end, jump over a lower trapdoor and use the Bronze Key (W). 

The Silver Key.

Jump back and enter the door on the left (N) then jump to the left on that slope and drop down. In the SE corner pull out the cage and push it to the opposite corner NE (to get back up later).

Detour for the Secret (can be done later too): You now created a bypass around that cage with the Skull. Climb the cage and up E. Climb onto the stone ledge right, and get back in the opening you just came down from, you can either jump in there or shimmy to it.

You’re back in the room where you used the Bronze Key, go left and notice that tile in the corner next to the opening to the next room. Go straight and to the right is that cage with the Skull inside; that has to go onto that tile you saw. So pull it once onto the crossing and roll, go straight (N) and left in the next passage. Onto the block at the pit, then left again into the bypass to the Bronze Key room. Now you can move the cage to that tile in the Bronze Key room and that trapdoor near the keyhole opens up (W). Climb down and follow through to get Secret Secret #2, a Secret Skull. Go back up and through the bypass N to the pit.

Go W and climb the ladder. Go left and hop on the block and then a running jump to the swing pole and swing into the opening there. Follow through, up a ladder. Then take a running jump to the pole and swing to grab another opening. Use the lever at the end and go through the door on the left, you’re back in the room with the jump lever. Use the crack straight ahead and shimmy right around the corner.

Back jump to the next crack and shimmy left to drop to a ledge. Jump to the other side (grassy ledge) and climb the ladder to the right. Use the monkey swing all the way around and let go at a ledge with a wheel, use it to raise a platform. Jump down to the NW (entrance ledge) and jump the ledges first to the E and then the one on the right (SE) and again (same route as to the jump lever), then turn left and jump to the one against the wall and the last one a running jump to grab the edge of a slope. Shimmy left as far as, hoist up and slide jumping with a left curve to that platform. 

Turn around and use the swing poles to get to an opening in the S wall. Take a stand jump to the first one, stand on it (ALT), do this a second time and from the last you can swing into the opening with a lever. A door opens where the Lizard Lady went. Safety drop to the ledge below and jump back to the entrance ledge W. Get out W and take a left.

Go through the door and left down a slope, to the right jumping up a few times, then go left to the wooden fenced balcony and pick up a Silver Key .  

Use the Silver Key.

Climb the block near the pedestal and jump to grab the monkey climb, go to the end and drop into the room we’ve visited before. Now you can use the Silver Key on the ledge left.

Fire Baskets, the Boulder. 

The door SW is now open so go in up some steps and into a crawlspace in the SE corner. Lower yourself on the other end and now you have to avoid the swinging fire baskets while jumping (use Ctrl) over spiked pits.

Go left and push the boulder you dropped before out and go after it and push it even further to the N and out of the gate into the water. Jump down into the water and push the boulder into the hole in the water; you see an underwater trapdoor open up.

Find a Torch.

Turn and follow the stream (N) and take the right hand path again, go left into the cave and follow through. At the end climb the block left of the balcony and up into the opening as before.

Go to the right and then take a left, at the pit jump down onto the wooden cage you moved before and climb the ladder at the other end. Go towards the swing pole but now enter the opening on the right. Take a running jump to the crack on the left, shimmy to the right and do a back jump to the next crack. Shimmy around the corner and another back jump to the stairs. Go up and drop down at the end. Kill the raptor and use the lever you find behind the pillar at the end to raise a platform.

Go back a bit and climb the ladder on the right (E wall). Shimmy to the top of the pushable cage and jump down behind it. Push it down from the ledge and push/pull it as close as to the platform you raised (N) so you can jump on it later. Go back to the back of this pit (SE) and pull the skeleton away and then grab the Torch he was hiding (there’s a spare Torch too). Now we go back.

Jump on the cage and then the platform and go down the stairs, run jump to the block in the pit down the pit and hop up the other end. Take a left and the corner to the right, run with the Torch onto that sloped block in the next pit. Jump onto the cage you pushed and another hop to get to the passage. Go straight and ignite the Torch at the wall torch (E). Turn around and straight (W) and find a wall torch on the right to ignite. 

Piranha Pits, the Gold Key.

Leave the Torch here for a bit and jump up to grab the edge of the open door and crawl under the first knife. Stand up to the right and hop or side flip over the second. Go over the wooden bridge, the opening on the right is back to the passage so go straight and jump down on a platform in the water.

Dive in and swim into the hole under the platform. Once you can swim up for some air, turn around and swim into the opening E and to the right for some Flares . Then climb up the stone bridge. Go to the E side and use the lever left around the corner to raise another platform. Jump back into the water and swim out (E) and up, climb the second platform (SW) and jump into the opening in the S wall.

Trick the Piranhas.

Use the lever, jump back in the water and swim to the now open door S. Piranhas will come for you, best swim back to the furthest platform (NW), wait for them to come into the room and quickly get back to that lever to close the door, trapping them in here.

Go to the NW platform and use the pole next to it to get back in the passage and take a left into the shortcut to the main passage. Left and then right to the pool where the fish were, maybe there still are one or two but they won’t kill you that fast.

On the E wall is an underwater lever. This opens the door next to it, swim in and use the next underwater lever. This will raise the other platform so you can get to the pedestal for some Shotgun ammo and the Gold Key .

The Snake Stones.

We go back to where the Torch was found; you can jump back from platform to platform avoiding the piranhas all together. In the main passage go straight (W), down in the pit and up the ladder, then to the left and near the swing pole take a right. Use the cracks to get over the next pit.

Go up the steps and safety drop into the next area. Climb the ladder on the left and use the Gold Key there. Get down again and go further around the corner where you found the Torch and see the trapdoor has opened. Climb the ladder, shimmy to the left and now jump over and get the Snake Stone #1 on the top of the hill.

Slide down on the left (E) go the water and swim through the waterfall (E), then go right at the hut and follow the stream left/right to where you pushed the boulder in. Dive in and swim straight then around the corner to the left, keep swimming and get some air at the end on the platform, safe from those fish. Better make a saved-game here. 

Face S and swim down into the tunnel S, at the end in the ceiling is that trapdoor you opened way before by pushing that boulder, swim in. Immediately swim to the right and again take a right and wade out of the water.

Watch out as a raptor is running around here. At the wooden fence W is a small medipack. Go back to the water you just came from and walk up the slope on the left. At the highest point turn to the right and spot that jump lever on the pillar, a running jump will get you there. Get out of the water quickly, wade to the N and go right up that same slope again and into the now open door left. Jump up to the passage and use the wheel at the end. Now go back through the passage and down the slope to the left side of the waterfall and climb up the broken bridge (N side). Take a running jump to the pole and swing into the opening there. Slide down and jump to the other side and then a stand jump to the Snake Stone #2 in the corner.

Using the Stones.

A bit of a curved running jump gets you to the ladder and shimmy around, go up and back flip. Go out and jump in the pool and swim W and to the right and up through the trapdoor and you are back at the stream.

Follow the stream to the hut, swim under the waterfall left, go straight and then take a left through the lattice gate and again a left between the statues. Jump over to the right and go down the ladder. Now place the two Snake Stones and the doors open.

Go in, pick up the Shotgun ammo and walk back till a flyby starts.

3 – Ruins.

The Guide.

Turn right and follow the guide. He might even kill the snake. When he stops at a lattice gate, go straight (W) into another area. Straight ahead is a hole in the floor (behind that tree), get into it and get the Medipack . Spot the flames in the passage ahead. Drop down once more and get Secret # 3, a Secret Skull. Climb back up and then do a backflip and grab the edge to get out of the hole.

In the S wall is a passage go in and jump up and get the Medipack in the back on the slope and between the grasses. Go back out.

Timed Run for the Lattice Gate.

Go to the NE corner, there is a timed lever there in the alcove. A door opens and that is the door where the guide is. Backflip and slide down, side flip right and jump forward over the plant, sprint and at the corner turn to the left and run through the gate, but stop immediately as there is a spiked pit behind the door.


Stand at the pit and hop to the pole, stand on top of it (ALT) and jump grab to the next, swing and jump over the coiled up wooden bridge. Around the corner left is the lever that un-coils it. Pull the lever again and the gate opens, go out and to get the guide. He goes in and ignites a wall torch and thus opening a door.

Follow through, at the corner watch out for those knives. Jump up and push the wooden cage down,

Pushing Cages.

Go to the guide and follow to a door you have to open for him. Go back a bit and find a hole left, next to the pushable cage (W wall) and jump in it for a small medipack. Go get the cage you pushed down and pull/push it all the way into that hole where you just got the small medipack from.

Now go out of this passage and left around to an alcove in the S wall, behind the hanging plants is a crawlspace, get in and lower down at the end (where the flames went down with the jump lever) and push the cage out of this passage. Back through the crawlspace and you can push this cage against the wall on the left (E) so you can get into that crawlspace there.

Lower down and shoot a snake. Use the lever SE (the guide gets moving again) go to the cage and push it away from the crawlspace so you can get in. Go left around corners and right through the gate the guide went through.

Watch the flyby and follow through, shooting a raptor.

The Bridge Room, a Torch and a Snake Stone.

Go to the opening in the balustrade and jump to the pillar and safety drop down (there is an underwater lever on it).

Go to the wooden floor and pick up the Torch. Use the block behind the pillar to jump onto it and from there onto the bridge. Go back out NW and drop your Torch so you can find it back later and go back through the lattice gate (E). Shoot the raptor and retrieve the Torch. Go back through the passage, through the lattice gate, left around the corner and straight and then take a right on the yard, there is a wall torch where you can ignite your Torch in that .

Go over the yard to the W side yard and ignite the rope so the boulder falls into the hole in the bottom where the Secret was. Leave the Torch here as you need it one more time, then jump after the boulder and over the boulder and get the Snake Stone.

Cog Wheel #1.

Use the lever on the left wall to close a trapdoor in a monkey swing and leave this place. Once up shoot the raptor you can hear stomping around. Then go to the SE corner and use the ladder and monkey swing to get into an alcove all the way up in the N wall. Get Cog Wheel #1.

Use the Snake Stone.

Drop down and get the Torch, leave this place (E) take a right to get back to the stone bridge in the Bridge room. Throw down the Torch for a bit and go up the green hill (S) and make your way to the top over a block and to the left (W) in between the grass left is a Medipack. Turn around and to the edge; stay left so you can jump onto the wooden bridge there. Cross over and place the Snake Stone on the right. 

Cog Wheel #2.

A door opens E of there (top of the room). Go back over the narrow bridge and safety drop down from the side to the stone bridge below. Take the Torch and throw it down into the pit below the bridge so you can find it again. Drop down too and go to the water’s edge (E). Hop back once and stand jump to the pole, swing and grab the ladder. Climb up and turn, take a running jump to another ladder and hoist up.

Around the corner is a lever, use it, then climb down the ladder and drop in the water and quickly get out. Get the Torch and go to the W to find a Medipack in the grass, turn right and spot the open door (NW). Jump in and follow through (note the trapdoor).

Go all the way to the end and throw the Torch on the floor and climb up N, push/pull the cage down in the pit and get the Torch, jump up and ignite the Wall torch right of the pillar. Throw away the Torch as you don’t need it anymore (best throw it in the water) and start swimming. Swim all the way back to the Bridge room and use the underwater lever on the pillar near the stone bridge. The Piranha’s are on the loose, so watch the health.

The trapdoor where you found the Torch, down on the bottom, is open now. Get the Cog Wheel #2 from the block and climb up onto the pillar.

The Ruins Key, Cog Wheel #3.

Now dive in the water again and swim through the door in the NW and up at the trapdoor which opened in the meantime. Grab the Ruins Key and also some Shotgun ammo next to the waterhole.

Back in the water, S to the Bridge room and up the pillar and jump to the bridge. Leave (NW), right around the corner and left to the yard. Go into the lattice gate with the coiled bridge (NW), use the Ruins Key in the back. Get to the back and get the Cog Wheel #3. Leave after shooting a raptor, over the bridge to the yard and into the passage SE, through the lattice gate to the Bridge room.

Use the Cog Wheels. 

Jump onto the green slope and make your way to the wooden bridge, cross over and place the three Cog Wheels. Cross the bridge and see the gate there has opened. Use the lever and the big Face door opens. Drop down and go in, the next door opens when Lara approaches it and slide down.

4 - The Lizard Temple.

A Dragon Stone.

Go forward and watch the fly by. Then go straight (S), through a Hall with a Big Pillar till you get to a big pool, dive in and down, follow through to the end and climb out on the right hand side (S). Go left and all the way at the end grab the Dragon Stone.

A Skull. 

Go back through the tunnel to the pool and return to the first cave. Go left, up the ramp and place the Dragon Stone there. Get the Skull and leave through the other gate and ramp down. Before you go out the gate (SE), grab the Shotgun ammo from the left corner. Go all the way back to the big pool and then into the hall S, to the far way right corner (SW) and there is the gate you saw opening.

Jumping Platforms.

Go in and turn to the right and climb down the ladder, let go and grab and hoist up in the gap. Jump into the alcove on the right and place the Skull.

Jump back and spot several platforms; that are going up and down. Take a running jump to the one close to the N wall, turn left and jump to the next. Face S and jump off when you are way up and run through the passage. Ignore the fact that Lara might looks to the right here.

At the end take a stand jump to the next one when the platform is going up (when you happen to grab the edge while the platform is going up, wait till the platform is all the way up and starts going down, then pull up and hold the forward key). Then take a running jump to the crack in the (S) wall when the platform is up. Shimmy left and hoist up in an alcove and use the lever there to get the last two platforms moving up and down. So stand jump to the nearest one (take one step back from the edge might help). Then to the next one when it is going down so you can stand in a corner so the emitter won’t harm you. Then take a running jump + Ctrl to get into the passage E.

A Lizard Stone.

Go over the bridge in the hall with those dragon statues, drop down in the central pillar and go over the next bridge. In the next area there is some Shotgun ammo on the right and then go to the other side for the lever. The pool fills up and when you go outside you can see that a block has appeared right of the bridge, so jump down and go to the big pool (N) and dive in. Swim through the hole and up at the other side, get out and now you can swim over the pit to the far end (E). Grab the Lizard Stone around the corner on the right and swim back again to the Big pool.

Use that Lizard Stone.

Go N to the Hall with the Pillar and take a right (E) into one of the openings in the wall there. Up the steps and go to the far end. Near the lava pool and to the left you have to use the Lizard Stone to turn the Lava pool safe.

Run though the water and pick up a small medipack from the alcove right. Go into the tunnel ahead, to the end and left up some slopes. Follow through and kill two Sea-hags along the way.

Hall with the Big Pillar, Top Level.

When you get to the end you are above the Hall with the Pillar where this adventure started. 

Go to the right and jump to grab the crack and shimmy to the left around the corner and let go. Turn and climb the next one and a running jump down to the wooden walkway, go all the way to the other side and jump to the corner rock against the wall (E) and get the Medipack.

Jump back to the walkway and go to the S side and a running jump with grab will get you over to the S tunnel. Then at the gap, jump to the right, slide down and grab the edge. Shimmy left and around a corner and hoist up. Go straight and shoot the Sea-hag.

In the next hall go left up some steps (E). Stand to the right side, turn around and grab the edge, lower to the next crack, do that a few times then shimmy right and get the last crack, then shimmy to the right around a corner to the end. Back jump and shimmy to the left, shimmy left and jump up, shimmy left again and back jump. Shimmy right, jump up and again a back jump to a sloping crack.

Optional: At the end of that sloping crack, jump up to the sloped top, shimmy right along the slope till you can pull up for Secret #4, a Secret Skull.

Shimmy left again and drop to the sloped crack, back jump and drop down a few times then again a back jump and shimmy. Jump up till you hang from the slope and shimmy to the left around the corner to safety. Spikes pop up at the corner, run through those spikes and get to a deadly lake.

More Platforms.

Use the lever on the right to make the platforms move and jump on the first one. I jumped to the slope on the right, shimmy a bit and back flip onto the second platform. A running jump over the flames gets you to the third one (maybe land on the slope left) and a hop to the last one. Then jump to the passage and at the end in the higher lever of the place where you just shot the Sea-hag, you’ll see two blocks on the left go up. Jump there and up and run through the passage and get to another cave area.

Loop around to the right, and up the steep tunnel. Around the corner you’ll see a deadly pool and a fast moving tile in the middle. This you have to time, stand jump when the tile goes down and immediately hop forward again. 

Go forwards and end up at the cave even higher over the Big Pillar Hall.

Stand on the left, hop onto the block, then to the next and stand jump from that block to grab a slope and slide/jump forward to a rock in the corner. One more jump up on the left (no Ctrl) and walk through the next cave to come in a huge building. Get onto the bridge and  4 Sea Hags are floating towards you here. Best go back a bit to the wide area in front of the bridge so you have room to move around.

Hall with the Stone Bridge, 2 Dragon Stones.

Go over the bridge and loop around to the left for a Medipack and in the far right corner of the stone bridge (SE) some Shotgun ammo.

Leave the platforms for what they are and cross to bridge the other side. Go left and then jump down the blocks to the ground floor. Go left again and all the way to the far side (S).

Jump over to the structure with the two pillars and jump into the water below. Swim into the opening and keep going straight all the way to the end and pull out. Pull the lever and watch the flyby. Back to the water and now swim back straight to the middle room (first you come to), and climb the block on the right. Get the Skull from the pedestal and back to the water, swim N and now take the tunnel to the right get out. Now go back S to the steps (S), up and and back to where you came down and climb the blocks (NE). Get the Dragon Stone #1.

Over the Roofs, Platforms.

Go to the back wall (E) and find a Medipack to the right. Then turn left and place the Skull on the rib cage against the wall (N). You’ll hear a trapdoor opening; to the right is a ladder, go up through that trapdoor and backflip to a roof. Then go into an opening on the left and slide avoiding popping up spikes to the other end. Go out and to the far left corner (SW). Jump to the pole and stand on top of it (ALT), jump to the next one and swing to the ledge. Go in and use the lever around the right. When you get out you see some platforms going up and down.

Jump them to the pillar and then avoiding the popping up spikes (stand on the middle and hop when the spikes are popping up and run/jump to the next one when that platform is going down. Jump to the next and almost at the top jump forward to grab the monkey swing and use the ladder to climb down. Turn left, run/jump and a stand jump through the spikes, pick up a small medipack. 

And More Platforms.

Turn left and negotiate the next platforms till you can jump into the opening in the S wall by using the monkey swing there. Go in the passage use the lever around the corner and jump down through the open trapdoor left. Climb out on a ledge and pick up a small medipack. Get through the opening and lower yourself down at the end.

Go the far away corner (NE) and climb up the blocks again. Go to the right and get Dragon Stone # 2 (S). Place them at the door where the fire baskets are and enter.

5 - The Hag’s Lair.

The Main Cave.

Go left all the way and into an opening left as well. Go through and slide into a pool. First go into the cave W and pick up a Medipack, go back to the pool and into the opening in the bottom. Swim through to the end and you get to another puzzle.

Labyrinth with the Blocks, the Skull.

Follow this passage to the end (W) and go and stand on the trigger tile (not timed). This lowers a block at the start. Go through there and take a left and stand at the end on another trigger tile. Turn, go around the corner and take a right (over the first block), a left and around the corner left again (E) is the block that lowered.

Take a right and left around the corners is another trigger tile. Go back all the way to the first lowered block, go through take a right and then a left and left around the corner, avoid the popping up spikes and trigger another tile at the end next to the block.

Retrieve your steps, avoiding the spikes and go around the corner, then take a left over the lowered block. Take another left to the next trigger tile (NE). Go back to the first lowered block, to the left, go around right and at the outside wall go right over a lowered block (SE). Avoid popping up spikes; loop right around the corner to a trigger tile.

Back to the first lowered block then take a left, go around a corner, more popping up spikes, go right around corners to the next trigger tile (SW). This one lowers one a bit further in front of you but you can’t get there from here.

Turn around and back over the spikes to the first lowered block, go left around and keep going left and follow through over those spikes again and at the end into an opening in the wall (W). Get the Skull from the pedestal, go out and get back to the waterhole in the middle to swim back to the small pool.

Back in the small pool and jump into the opening in the N wall and go back to the Main Cave. Go right and left over the bridge to use the Skull at the door.

Go through and over another bridge, go to the right and jump the ledges in the deadly lake avoiding the fire-breathing Dragon with two running jumps. The next one takes two simple jumps. For the last, stand on the middle of the tile and jump to the spikes when they are up and take a running jump to the island.

Go over the bridge to the central island and spot the opening in the rock.

For a Secret: grab that pointy block left and shimmy around the corners to a ledge you can drop on. Go into the opening and get Secret #5, a Secret Skull. Go back and around that block as you did before. 

Jump up into that passage, follow through and slide down to another bridge you have to cross.

Go to the right and jump up to get to the stone walkway there. Run over the walkway and up the blocks to jump to your big friend up there.

The Battle Field.

Up there is a Giant Lizard is roaming around, you’ll have to dodge his attacks. Get the Medipack on the grey rock left and there is another one all the way to the right (W) near a fence. Another Medipack is located in the SW corner. Watch out for the Giant Lizard, as he will start throwing bolts.

Go to the NW and find a small hill against a pillar, turn S and pull up. Go left and jump over the corner and flip the lever, Spikes on the left go down but some Sea Hags will also show their face.

What worked the best for me is to flip as many switches as I could (4) to lower all the spikes, jumped down on the ground and took care of the Sea Hags there. Climbed up and gathered all the 4 Serpent Gems, dropped down on the floor again and inserted them into their receptacles. Two go in the NW and two SE.

After the fly by follow the guide and go to the stone walkway E. When the door is open, go in and go down to the pedestal and watch another flyby. Pick up the paper and read it, then leave through the door (E).

The end.

G&D Oct 20-2014.