Beyond the Shades (Demo).

Level by Rowadie

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Savegames and video in this folder

The Abyss.

Section II, the Crowbar.

Lara drops into a sewer. Swim into the tunnel on the right under the walkway, keep to the right so you won’t get sucked into a propeller. In the wider tunnel go left and on the bottom are Uzi clips. Roll and swim to the other end, take a right and go to the next part of the sewers.

Section I.

Climb out on the opposite side (E) and go left, jump into a nearby niche in the wall and light your pocket light. Grab the Crowbar, hop into the water and get out W, open that door with the Crowbar.

In the next room move that table to the left corner and grab the Shotgun ammo from where the table was. Climb the table and up through the ceiling into a crawlspace, follow through and jump out (Alt). Go up some steps to the walkway right, notice the Big Doors (Timed run) and go left. In the right hand corner is a crate; push it once. Hop back and grab up to the floor above, on a crate SE are Uzi clips, to the left is a ladder.

Timed Run for the Big Doors.

Go up and off to the right to a lever with a big # I. Look towards the other end of the room and see the #II lever. This is a Timed Run. Better have a trial run and pick up some Shotgun ammo on the left at the end of the walkway over the Big Doors.

Go back and pull lever I, roll and sprint to the ladder, jump straight onto that white steel container and another running jump to get to lever II, turn right while Lara pulls the lever, take a few steps and jump down onto the white steel container, landing on the far side near the left wall. Turn right and run jump with a left then right curve around the upper walkway onto the walkway in front of the Big Doors. Run jump over the spikes to the ledge in the middle and hop again (maybe with Ctrl) to get into the room behind the second door (savegame.0-video shades1.wmv).

The Key Ring.

Throw the switch next to the small door and follow through straight to the back, then a left and a right down some steps. In the end right are two shelves, first grab the Uzi clips from the S side and then save before you grab the Key Ring from the right hand shelf and see some gates open up in the corridor you just came through.

Raptor Run.

So head back, dodging a Raptor and more of his friends later on when you run through the corridor with the cages. Go straight through the door at the end, take a left and then a right to hop over the left side of the spikes at the double doors, a running jump to get to safety before this left pipe also starts spitting fire.

Use the Key.

Go down the steps and to a crowbar door SE and open it, follow through to another section of the sewer (just before you step out of the passage is a trapdoor in the floor, that’s where a secret is you’ll have to go back for later**). Go left and over to the other side, first left for Uzi clips and then to the gate you can open with the Keys. Follow through and straight to a small room where you can pick up the Binoculars.

Back and left (E) into the passage, when you see the crack left, grab it and shimmy right over a hatch that will open up. Drop at the end and go into a small storage to get a small medipack and Shotgun ammo left on the floor and 2x Uzi clips, one from a shelf and one on the floor SE.

Down the Hatch.

Back to the passage and run jump to grab the ladder at the other end of the pit, drop and follow the passage, down into a partially flooded passage. Go to where you see knives blocking progress, just jump straight up and grab the ceiling to go over those knives. In the end climb up left and grab up to the slope in front, as far as you can to the right, back flip and keep jumping to the right to end up on the floor. Get into the hole in the corner and get the Uzi clips. Back out and RUN up the stairs in the other corner, boulder!

Follow to that crate you pushed in here (just after getting the Crowbar). Hop on the crate and grab up to the upper floor.

To find  Secret #1, push that cage to the other end (E) of the room. If you stand on it you can reach a trapdoor in the ceiling. Jump up and press Ctrl to open it. You will find 2x Uzi clips and a Medipack. Go back to the room below, pull the cage back onto the trapdoor in the grated floor and get back down. Use a valve wheel next to the burning floor and the crate will drop on that floor.

If you look behind the pipe with the valve wheel you just turned, you can find a hidden lever. This lever opens a trapdoor in the start area (sewers**). So, back over the crate into the E passage, left and down the pit with the slopes. Follow the flooded passage with the monkeyclimb over the knives and climb up at the end. At the pit with the spikes, turn around and climb the ladder, go left to the sewers. Over the walkway tot he other side and into the passage there where that trapdoor opened. Below you will find Secret #2, a Medipack. Get back the same way to the valve wheel, you know the route by now…

Back at the valve, jump from the wooden crate around the corner to grab that cage on the burning floor and then a run jump to the passage left around the corner.

Heater Room, the Pistols.

The next room has a burning floor as well as some stray burners. Run right onto the slope, slide far and jump to the far lower side of the next slope, jump hard right to land on the next another jump right and again right to get to a safe floor. Face NE in the corner and run jump back onto the far side of that double slope block, slide and jump to use the lever on the corner ledge. A cage lowers on the safe floor. Face SW and run jump onto the highest part of the sloped block there, immediately back flip (no sliding) and from the double block slide and jump to the right to get to the safe floor (savegame.1).

Grab the Pistols from that pipe and a trapdoor opens in the corner. Get down in the water, follow the tunnel and wade through the passage, take a left and then climb up left at the end. Go get the small medipack in front of you and go back to a lever opening a gate next to you. Lights go out and a Raptor appears. As there seems to be nothing to find up here but 2 Raptors, turn left from the lever and jump over the hole (with the spikes) and just run down into the hole in the end of the passage (where the red arrow points down). Down there are two more raptors and those have to be killed too.

Section III.

Follow the passage to the right, and just before the hole in the floor, climb up right. Use the lever there to turn off a propeller in the next passage. Go down, into the water and swim up and climb out left. Go past a crawlspace to the end of the passage and right around the corner is a jump lever up right. A gate opens at the third section of the sewers. Then push the crate left of you once. Go back to the crawlspace and crawl through to the sewer, don’t fall into the water! Take a left and pull the crate towards the crawlspace so it stands under that Fuse box up on the wall. Hop over the crate, shoot that barrel and jump over the crates to get the Shotgun ammo at the end of the walkway. Jump back, hop over the crate and go at the end to the right into the gate you opened with the jump lever.

The Circuit.

Swim through the flooded tunnel (left is deadly for now) and go right at the end, wade out into a storage room. Right around the corner are Uzi clips, turn around and go to the other side, left op some steps and on the left end of the pipe with the burner is a valve, turn the fire off with it. Roll and go to the end of the balcony, jump left over the fence into the fenced off area with crates to get the Uzi clips there. Jump back onto the balcony and go back to the ground floor. Climb into that grated tunnel E and in the end is a lever raising a platform on ground floor. Get on the platform and jump on top of the grated tunnel. Crawl underneath that steel construction and go to the end.

Climb the ladder on that block on the right and hang right. Back flip with twist to a sloped block and jump a bit right; jump two more times and then grab the monkey climb. Go to the end and drop onto the other grated tunnel. Go to the end and jump over onto that balcony there, to the right is a floor lever opening up a gate below (over the burner you stopped).

Go right from the lever and crawl backwards into the opening left, shimmy left along a crack and pull up and run through the spikes to get Secret #3, Shotgun ammo and a Medipack. Go back the way you came and right to the lever.

Hop onto the higher part of the balcony (E) and throw the lever on the wall to open another gate near the platform you raised.

Go back over that grated tunnel and run down left, landing on the platform below, jump into the open gate. Follow up into the top grated tunnel and throw the lever to raise platforms and open the door. Run over the corners of the platforms and jump into the open gate over the burner, immediately hop back and grab the edge to let a boulder pass.

Follow up and climb a ladder, jump straight over the spikes onto the outer walkway.

To get Secret #4, go left to a gate E where you will find a hole in the floor where the pipes are. Drop down and look out for spikes. Pick up the Uzi clips and a Medipack and go back to the walkway above.


Head into the passage in the corner on the left (SE). Follow up a sloped passage and to the right to a red room. In the right hand corner is Shotgun ammo, push the cage under a pipe (E) and use the valve. Climb the platform you raised S and another cage also dropped from the ceiling. Use the Timed lever on the platform to extend two blocks in a passage with spikes.

Turn right and run to the exit, sprint to the other end and turning right hop over the spikes onto the first extended block, a running jump to the next and another running jump to grab a jump lever in the back. Just slide down, the spikes are gone (savegame.2).

Go back to the room with the two cages and push each into a hole in the floor so they end up on two flames below (so that is what that second cage was for, release Ctrl as soon as the cage falls or you might get stuck because the cage will end up next to the flame and no way to get it on again). Drop down on one of them and go through the gate that opened (E). Slide down and grab the Circuit from the pipe, a trapdoor opens. Let Lara float and swim out right, back to the sewer. Go left and jump onto that crate, place the Circuit. Grab up to the grate and follow the monkey climb to the end dropping onto the opposite side walkway. Take a right and shoot the corroded gate left.

Follow in and right around the corner is Shotgun ammo. Turn around and make a note of which trapdoors open up behind that fence left. Loop around the corner and stop at the next corner that goes left. Jump over one tile (two trapdoors next to each other). Next two are safe, stand to the right and jump over one trapdoor. Then a run jump to the right a bit around the corner there and grab the edge, four trapdoors go down (savegame.3).

Around left is a small medipack, roll and go right into the next passage where a Raptor will attack.

Then go to the right (S) end and use the jump lever just before the opening to that gate. A trapdoor opens up in the other end; go there and down the ladder. Drop down once more in the same corner and get Uzi clips nearby. Go all the way to the other end and pull the crate once, go behind it and throw the lever to raise the platform where you came down. Push the crate back and hop back to use the second lever there raising the platform under the crate and lowering the one at the other end. Go back up to the floor above and pull the crate once under the lever. Use the lever and a gate opens in the passage behind the jump lever.

Climb back up the ladder W and go straight to the new opening.

Look in the far right hand corner to spot an alcove, run jump in there to get Secret #5, Shotgun ammo and a Medipack. A block extend from the wall, so you can jump back to the entrance, turn around.

Run jump left and grab the crack, shimmy left, back flip with twist and grab the next crack. Go on like this till you reach the end of the spike pit. From the left wall climb back one step right and back flip with twist and grab the (easily overseen) jump lever (you can also climb up into the opening E and jump to the lever from there). Another gate opened in the Main passage. Climb up E into the opening and follow through, a pipe falls and rats come out, hop over the pipe and just keep up speed, take a right into the Main passage, climb up the ladder to the right into the gate you opened.

Sea Hag Sewer.

Slide down twice and end up in a tunnel (behind you is a switch for later), just swim straight, take a right and up at the ceiling is an underwater ceiling lever you have to pull. Swim to the other end dodging a sea hag and up through the open hatch. Climb up right and grab a small medipack, throw the lever to drain the tunnel. Safety drop down and the hag is now crawling over the floor, so dodge her or shoot her jumping to and from on the sloped sides of the tunnel. Go back and right to that switch in the alcove where you entered and throw it to open that door under the ceiling lever.

Bodies Everywhere.

Go right and into that door and turn around at the next door to open it with the jump lever. The passage floods so swim out and left; again left. Up in the (N) end and use the ceiling lever, swim back and up through the hatch in the other end. Get air and climb out, follow the passage down into a storage room, pull that wooden crate out of the wall (it is blocking a tunnel) and go back to the tunnel with the bodies. Swim straight across (N) and down into the bottom, up into the next section and to the right (up near the middle is air if you like). Swim further and into the passage S, come to that crate (on the right) you pulled out of this tunnel and head straight through to another section of the tunnels, take a right and keep going till you go up left a bit, that’s where you can get air again.

Go through to the end, climb out and save. Sprint through this passage as far as you can get before a flyby starts.

T-Rex Run.

After the flyby run further and slide down (maybe save again here) into partially flooded tunnels with that T-Rex. Only way to escape him/her is to run over and jump those breakable ledges in the water, will take a few tries though before you got the correct route in your memory. Tip: jump with a right/left curve around those first spikes you’ll get to. At the end of the tunnels a jump in good faith over the last spikes and slide down into water (savegame.4).

Choose your Weapon.

Climb onto the opposite walkway and go left for some Uzi Clips. Then go back and follow the corridor around the corner to the left to a gate where it says “Choose your Weapon”. Left and right, in those light beams are the Uzis and the Shotgun. Take your pick and the other weapon is locked in, the gates open up (This will be changed in the final level perhaps, but if you run back to where you came down from the T-Rex tunnel, and then go back to the weapons you can also get the Uzis because that gate opened again).

Proceed through the opened gates and swim into the tunnel…

The end.