Another Business Day.

Level by Vincent.

Walkthrough by G&D productions.

In this level you have to keep in mind that you can swing on a pole even on the tip, so not only in the middle of it, this will help you in many cases.

Mentioned Savegames and Video’s are in this folder

The provided saves are of course made following the route in the walkthrough, so if you took another route and use a savegame you could be missing items or have to do some of the things a second time.

An Oasis in Egypt, find it’s Secrets.

Lara just got out of the jeep, some crates fell from the jeep, check them for a small medipack and the Crowbar.

Hop into the hole in the bottom of the pool, swim down and keep going right to get Flares. Roll, swim right around corners and up at the end. In this room and on the N wall is a Broken Beetle; pry that off the wall (#1 for a raising block). Swim N, straight to the back and left a bit, up into a small room. Shoot the scorpion and look for a jump lever over the water (#2 for the raising block). Swim W, right around corners and after a left U-turn swim straight to the next corner and up in another room where that gate is located. To the right of the gate is a floor that will break when you step on it, swim to the end and use the underwater ceiling lever (#3 for the raising block). Go back and slide down where the block went down.

Shoot the Crocodile and go right around the corner onto a block, turn S and facing the pole, stand right in the corner. Take one step left and that is your start position, stand jump to grab the pole, swing onto the sloped corner ledge and jump again to get to the next pole. Then another jump from a sloped block to the last pole and grab the edge of the higher floor (savegame.0). To the right and left are levers to open the door, enter. Follow through over a bridge to a large Hall with waterfalls and a pool.

Cascade Hall.

Raise the First Cage.

After the flyby, hop left to the ledge for a small medipack. Jump back, get to that “bridge” in the middle of the hall and turn right towards those columns and run jump with a bit of a curve around the first column to grab the base of the one left at the E wall. Shimmy left around the corners and pull up. There is an opening in that wall behind you; you can get in that way. Go up the steps and after climbing up a block turn right and save (left is an opening).

Back flip into the opening there, grab the edge and pull up, a back flip with twist and grab the next sloped ledge. Pull up over then jump with a right curve to grab the edge of the corner ledge as you slide off. Hang almost left, pull up and back flip with twist curving hard right to end up on the floor. Shoot the jackals and grab a Medipack. Go to the next corner (SW) and jump to the walkway, follow to the other end and jump to that corner pillar. Stand left and run-jump to the pole, grabbing the tip of it. Swing to the next and then to the corner slope, slide and jump to grab the edge of the floor (or just jump with a left curve onto the floor). Pull the chain there and a cage will rise in the water below (first to give access to the W side). Hop down into the water (N side) and wade up to the opening in the N wall.

North Hall, 4 Black Beetles.

Entering the North Hall, go to the far left corner and pick up a small medipack from the alcove in the back. There are 3 passages leading from this Hall, doesn’t matter which one you take first. The E passage leads to the Pyramid for which we need the 4 Beetles…. This is how we went about it:

W Side, Lava Section, Black Beetle #1:  Follow down and you may want to shoot that croc in the water below. There’s a block below the entrance to climb back up here if needed. Run jump and grab a ledge you see in the far right corner and pull the chain there to open a door in the other end of this passage. Get back to the entrance (through the water is also possible) and jump to the opposite alcove (W), turn around and run jump out to the right and with a twist onto the sloped corner ledge (SE). Jump and grab the pole, while swinging wait for the burner to stop and jump onto the ledge.

Go through and come to the Lava Hall, take the right hand ledge, look right around the corner and run jump onto that sloped block in the corner so you can (slide) jump and grab the pole. Swing waiting for the burner and grab the next pole which you should leave immediately, no swinging around…(savegame.1). Jump and grab that ladder on the pillar left and go left around one corner, hang on the left side and almost at the top. Time the burner and back flip with twist grabbing the ledge, quickly shimmy right and pull up.

Walk to the other end, stand jump down onto that sloped block, slide a bit and jump to grab the pole (well left of the middle). Swing and jump to the next block, you’ll have to land on the closest edge, jump hard left to get to the next block and slide far to jump to the safe ledge (savegame.2). Run jump to the ledge behind the cracked pillar SE, you could use the crack, but a straight jump was easier. Hop onto the block in the corner, turn around and jump grab up to the floor above. Shoot the jackal and now jump the pillars in the lava to get to the alcove N.

From the second pillar jump down onto that ledge below and hop on the crooked block to get on top of the third, a precision jump to grab the edge of the alcove where you can get Black Beetle #1. Jump back to the last pillar and from there with Ctrl down onto the entrance ledges, go out and follow back through the room where the croc was to get back to the N Hall.

N Side, Outside Courtyards:

Take a left (N) and up the slope, go left through the courtyard into the next section and shoot scorpions whenever you meet them, there are quite a few and there’s also a crocodile somewhere. Go straight and a bit right to the W side and to the right you’ll find that receptacle for the Vraeus you might have seen in a flyby before. To the right of that is an alcove with a small medipack on a pedestal. Turn right (N) and spot another pedestal in the back where you can get Uzi clips.

Upper Section.

Turn around from that pickup and look for a jump lever in the opposite alcove. It will open a trapdoor somewhere. Turn around and go left from there and passing that big door where that flyby ended go straight into the corner (NW) passage. Up the block and up through that trapdoor you opened.

Move that nice block out to the monkey climb and get on it. Follow the monkey bars straight to that pillar and drop onto the ledge below. Turn a bit to the left and hop to the floor there, go to the back and on the left in an alcove you’ll find a Medipack. Follow through E and at the raised floor tile hop left to grab the block around the corner, jump to the ledge with another Medipack and get back to that raised floor tile on the corner. Now run jump over to the corner where you see the vases inside (SE).

Around the corner is another monkey climb. Below are spikes and slopes and a jump lever we are going to use, hop a bit left over the gap and safety drop down (face S). Use the jump lever to open a door ground floor for later.

Create a Shortcut Up, some Weaponry.

You could go for that door first, but you can also easily get back up to the ledges above and investigate the monkey swing further and get some weaponry first. Turn right after the jump lever, walk against the slope and step right to the edge, turn a little bit right and hop as much left as possible onto the top of the slope just next to the one you’re facing. Immediately jump again and grab the ledge above (you could also jump out of this pit and go back up through the trapdoor as before, run jump over the slope your facing onto a corner slope, slide a bit and jump to grab a safe ledge - spikepit.jpg). Go around the corner, side flip onto the sloped block and jump to grab the monkey bars.

At the crossing go left and drop to the ledge at the end. Jump over to the right to get those Grenades (SW) and go right there (W). Follow the walkway to a pillar and hop around the corner to the back where a lever will raise a cage on ground floor, providing a shortcut back up to this floor.

The Uzis.

Get to the ledge at the W side of this pillar and jump to grab an invisible crack in the nearby pillar S, shimmy right around corners into a passage, down a ladder you can get the Uzis. Get out and drop to the ground floor.

The Grenade Gun.

Now we take a little detour for another nice weapon. Go up the Shortcut cage back to the upper ledges, go back to where you found the Grenades (SE) and left to the pillar where that monkey climb ended. From the E side of that pillar you can reach an opening in the E wall. Jump to the right onto the balcony with the columns and go right around the corner into a crawlspace there (W). Go out the other end into a room with the Grenade Gun. Get back to the balcony and spot an opening in the S wall, you’ll go there later.

The Key.

Safety drop to the ground floor, roll and go left to where you came from, following the left wall you’ll get to the door you opened with the jump lever in the spike pit. Once inside, go to the back of the pillar use the jump lever, this opens a door (N) in the pit you’ll end up in. Slide down the slope and shoot the two Giant Scorpions. Behind the fence W you can see the Key this section is all about. Look up and spot a cross like bridge, go to either the E or W wall, climb the grated wall almost to the top and back flip with a twist to grab the protruding ledge.

Careful, scorpions, jackals and darts are present. Crawl to get a small medipack at the dead end of the bridge and the go into the opening at the other end. Shoot the jackal and there will be numerous scorpions and jackals, I won’t mention them all. Go left (right is the exit) and at the end drop down, run around to the other end and drop down, go to the W side where you can get the Key. Make your way back up to the upper floor, E side and crawl (use crawlspace roll) to where you climb up to a door in a familiar pit. Climb out using the low block next to the pillar and go out to the Courtyard.

Use the Key, open an Underwater Door.

Take a right (E) and in the next area another right to the North Hall. Go to the other side (S) into that passage to arrive in the Cascade Hall. Jump straight onto the ledge, then right to that middle bride (or use the pillar to get to that middle ledge) and from there, jump to a block on the N wall where you can use the Key. Jump with a curve and Ctrl into the open door, shoot the scorpion and grab the small medipack. Drop through the hole and shoot more scorpions. Jump through the middle of the knives and go up through the hole to use a lever opening an underwater door.

Raise the Second Cage.

Go back down, straight to a Medipack and get back through the knives. Out to the Cascade Hall and find a nice spot from where you can shoot the crocodile you set free. Swim through the canal in the S wall (under the ledge where you came in before) and take a left in the next part. This is that place with the bridge, swim to the end and right into the open door (S), down and follow through to a room where you can get out and pull a chain to raise the second cage in the Cascade Hall.

Fire Section, Black Beetle #2.

Swim back out and to the Cascade room and wade out on the right (N), onto the ledge and turn around to jump to the ledge, the bridge and head W over the cages to the opening there. Take the right hand side doorway (left is for coming back) and walk out onto a ledge over a pit, turn right and run jump to grab a crack in the N wall. Shimmy to the left to get to the other side; in the next hall go through W to the Puzzle Hall. Straight ahead you can see an alcove with the Beetle, covered in flames. This is a Timed sequence in which we have to use 3 numbered levers. To the right of the alcove is a Medipack you might need.

Preparations and Route Check.

Along the S and N wall are two ledges on columns, climb the yellow block next to the S ledge, go to the other end and spot a slanted alcove in the wall, back flip into it, jump and grab the floor of the cage above. There’s another yellow block, push it down into the hole to create a safer drop zone for later. Pick up Uzi clips near the II lever. Go back to the hole, run in facing the wall so you can grab the slanted alcove and safety drop down to the block, run to the other side (N) and hop on the yellow block, grab up to the ledge, backflip into the alcove and jump to grab the floor of the cage. Go get a small medipack near the #III lever. Back to the hole; run in to grab the left side of the alcove and safety drop to a higher part of the floor. This is the route you have to take in the run.

The Actual Run for the Beetle.

Turn right and go to a ladder in the NE corner, up to the same height as the cage floor left of you, back flip with twist and grab the ledge with the columns, shimmy right around to where you can pull yourself up. Use the two ropes to get to the #I lever, top up the health and save. Tip for the run, the sprint of Lara is weird and slow, like sprinting with the handbrake on, best do running jumps, that’s faster…

Pull, roll while hitting look to get out of the camera, run with a right curve and jump with Ctrl to land on the yellow block at the S ledge, grab up and run to jump with a twist into the slanted alcove. Jump and grab the floor, get to the lever II and use it. Backflip with twist, run to the hole and roll just before the hole so you’ll drop in, grab the edge and safety drop to the block. Get to the N side, up the block, up the ledge (you can save while pulling up) and jump with twist into the alcove. Jump and grab the floor to get to the #III lever. Back to the hole and curve left, jump with Ctrl to grab the left side of the slanted alcove and drop, turn left and running jumps to that alcove with Black Beetle #2. Pry it off the wall and back flip out (savegame.3).

Go out (E), take a right and go around the corner, stand left at the pit, take two steps right and run jump straight onto the slanted block, jump with a bit of a left curve to another block and then just jump to the other side. Go E to the Cascade Hall and swim straight and left, wade out and climb up to go straight to the N Hall.

Muddy Waters, Black Beetle #3.

Head N to the courtyards and go left to the back and into the right hand corner where you can climb up through that trapdoor again, from the block jump to the monkey climb. Go to the ledge at the pillar and hop left, follow through to where you can jump from the higher corner to that place above the spike pit. Jump over and use the slanted block again to get to the monkey climb. This time go straight and drop from the end. Jump and grab straight to the ledge you see between the walls W, jump over to the opening ahead and Save. Run jump (Ctrl) down along the right hand side of the slope landing in the muddy water, go sharp around the corner and wade up while taking a medipack if needed.

Spike Puzzle.

Shoot the scorpion and go into the small pool, down through the hole and use the underwater ceiling lever to open a gate at the muddy water (exit). Pick up the Uzi clips and go back up to the room, climb up into a crawlspace behind the fallen column (NW). Stand jump with a bit of a right curve onto the slanted block in the pool and back flip onto a higher slope, jump again with a right curve to grab the opening in the wall. Shoot the jackals, pick up a small medipack and use the jump lever on the left wall to open a trapdoor in the Water room below.

You can safety drop from the edge opposite the jump lever and go out of the Water room S, to the SE corner where that trapdoor to the lower room opened. Swim W a bit high over the spikes there and follow the path on the floor (scarab symbols) to get to the back where you have to use an underwater ceiling lever to lower the spikes at the Beetle (above). Swim back following the same path and get out. Go over to Black Beetle #3 (N) and get it.

Roll, go straight out S and straight to the muddy water again and run jump in along the left side, go straight through the open exit gate (you can walk underneath) and then you will go up a bit, get air before walking further. Walk diagonally to the block you see in the back and climb up to get back to the courtyard.

To Black Beetle #4 (easier said than done).

Climb the shortcut cage (bit left) and go SE over the ledges to where the Grenades were before, left to the pillar of the monkey climb and jump over to the opening in the wall E, you were here before for the Grenade Gun. Jump right to the balcony and this time go through the opening S.

N Hall Upper Floor, Burners and Chains for a Trapdoor.

There are three chains you have to pull; they have burners on them. W-Stand-jump and grab the edge of the alcove with the chain and hang in the middle. Flame goes down, you hoist up and pull the chain, hop back and grab the edge, shimmy to the corner and pull up. Turn and stand-jump and grab back. Go do the next two; the S side is simple, for the E side, take a run-jump into the corner of the alcove, wait for the burner, pull the chain and get back into the corner. During the next interval you can run jump back to the ledge. Down in the hall below you can see a kind of roof structure in the middle of the pool and a trapdoor has been opened in there. Go to the S or N side ledge and run jump straight into that opening in the structure.

Follow through and climb out (door-trapdoor). Follow through to a dark dungeon. Two scorpions and left in the corner are Flares. In the opposite corner is a small medipack. In the middle of the room is a hole, stand on the E side facing the corner where the medipack was and hop in backwards. You have to slide along the left wall and just let Lara go so she will go over the flame onto a safe corner where you can save. Slide down the next slope and again do nothing so Lara will just go over the next flame to the last safe corner, you should be standing against the right hand wall now.

Spike Walls, Burners and Blades.

Here comes the nice part, hop down to the floor below, a stand jump forward and and veer left a bit, run jump over the flame into the next room and then a stand jump curved right over a blade there, run veering right and jump over the next flame into a lower room where you immediately have to do run jumps to the opposite side, pull the lever (take a medipack), back flip roll and sprint through the open door before the walls get you (savegame.4- video-spikewalls).

Open the Gate, moving Spike Blocks, Teeth Doors.

Shoot the scorpions (straight ahead you can see a gate), go right around the corner to get Uzi clips, in the opposite SW corner is a small medipack. Go to the SE corner where a passage full of traps awaits you, moving spike blocks, teeth doors… After the first spike block, stand in the middle at the next and do a stand jump with Ctrl through the spike block and doors in one jump. Time the next two spike blocks and run jump through with a bit of luck (savegame.5). Throw the lever (#1) to get a screen of a gate in the room you came from, roll and pick up Uzi clips. Go left into the passage and slide down, hop up at the other slope and stand back to that slope. Face the spike block and turn a bit diagonal so when you jump up you can immediately run left into the exit.

Jumping the Big Blade.

Now cross the room with the gate diagonally to the opening NW. There’s a Big Blade in the next room, you have to get to two levers, the first being the one in the far left corner. Jump and grab the left pillar under the blade, only those small turning blades are deadly, so wait till you see one coming that moves inward and pull up. Hop to the next pillar and a running jump to the left to land on the balcony with the first lever. Use it to kill one of the flames on the pillars so you can get to the second lever you see left. Use that lever (#2) and the gate opens, only way back is by using the first lever again to switch the flames back. Then get to the room with the gate (savegame.6).

That Giant Scorpion you saw when the gate opened might be stuck somewhere as in my case… Never mind him, go right through that gate (W wall) and pull the chain there to finally lower that cage at the Beetle. Dive into the pool, follow through to a familiar room. Climb out S, follow through to the dark dungeon and go get the Black Beetle (#4) where that cage went down. Return to the water and swim through the open door right (E).

Use the Beetles, the Golden Vraeus.

Follow the tunnel (E) to where you go up to the room with the Pyramid, place the 4 Beetles and when it opens up you can get the Golden Vraeus. Leave W to the North Hall, take a right through the passage to the Courtyards and go left there. Straight and a bit right is the receptacle.

The Pyramid.

The big door to the right (N) lowers, go through and come to the top of a Pyramid, sunken into the earth. Take a left to go to the back. Up the rocks in the back and turn around to spot a small medipack on a ledge, get that, then stand on the lower side of that ledge facing W. Take one side step left and hop straight W over the corner where you should land on a ledge. Turn left and take two hops to get to the ledge with the Medipack. One more hop around the corner there will get you some Grenades. I tried to get into the opening in the front from here, but couldn’t do it. So just slide down, grab some Uzi clips and go back up to the corner ledge in the back and then hop the ledges to the front of the pyramid.

Final Battle, the Pharaoh’s Mask.

Hop onto the ledge in front of the entrance into the Pyramid. You’ll land on a ledge, walk to the left side, turn around there and slide backwards down the rest of the slopes grabbing the edges. At the last slope a back flip with twist to jump over the lava to the ledges surrounding Seth. Shoot him with everything you have while jumping from side to side and save every once in a while (in mid air). After Seth is gone, pick up the Key and use that on the door S. Get in and pick up the Pharaoh’s Mask. Back out to the lava room and straight across into the door that opened there (N).

Run up the slopes, through the old cave and watch how the level ends with Lara’s escape.

G&D-Sept 29-2014