Horizons - Demo.

Levels by Justin.

Walkthrough by D&G Productions (written in 2012).

Level 2 - The Darkhouse.

The Labyrinth, a Shotgun.

Go straight, a bit to the left into the labyrinth and shoot a dog, take the first left (S) and immediately a right around the corner, to the S end and get the Flares around the corner at the end.
Turn back and go left at the intersection, shoot another dog and go into the right hand passage (NW). You'll see a switch at the end (W); a gate opens up somewhere. Go back and keep going E, then take a left, go right, right and right to that pile of dirt. Go down into the rubble (W). Down through a tunnel, shoot some spiders and at the end is that gate you opened. Don't go through yet, but climb up into the hole in the ceiling in the corner (NE), face S to get in. Follow through to a small courtyard and get Secret #1, Grenades and behind the tree is the Shotgun. Back to the hole and now go through the open gate W.

The Gate Key.

Go right around the corner up the pile of dirt E and go left (N), keep going right around corners and jump into a small hole in the ground.
Crawl through and jump up at the end. To the right you’ll see a fire, go there and kill a dog. Open the door, shoot the electric box and use the switch. This turns on all the lights.
Go out and left (S) and when you reach the corner Lara is looking at something. It is hard to see but one tile away from the fence a Gate Key is lying in the grass. Pick it up and retrieve your steps to the crawlspace and go through and up at the other end. Go straight and take a left around the tree, go N and around two corners, down the dirt pile on the right (W). Left around and through the gate, up the slope at the end of the tunnel, left around a corner, take the first left and around the corner a right and take the left passage W this time to use the Gate Key on the lock.

Some Supplies.

Go in and go left, to the SW passing a small gazebo and at the very end you see a small opening with a zombie on the right. Lure him out, get inside and grab the Flares. Get out and go back, keeping the rocks on the left while going to the far N. Take a left at the small stone house and go to where the house hangs over the cliff. Hang from the cliff and shimmy right under the house, pull up into the crawlspace there and go get Secret #2, the Grenade Gun. Get out and shimmy back to the garden. Head back S to the wooden staircase leading up to the Mansion, a short flyby starts.

To the Mansion.

Go up the stairs to the Mansion. Go to the other side of the pool and find left and right two small basement windows and shoot them. I went down into the basement through the right hand one first. Shoot the spider and open the door. In the next room open the door on the right, nothing to do there just yet, so just open the hatch in the middle of the ceiling of the room and grab up into the ventilation duct.

Turn Off the Gas.

Go to the S and keep to the right. Jump down and again down, passing some broken pipe, at the end up left and get the Shotgun ammo. Go back, climb up twice and go straight S. Go on around two corners, shoot two spiders and then take a right (W) and open the trapdoor. Get down and use the valve, this shuts down a stove.
Go S and open another door, go left and right and again a left and a right, open the door and use another valve on the left (N). This puts out the flames on the cooker in the kitchen. The switch at the door is for the light but the bulb seems to be broken but also triggers a mummy.
Go out and avoid the mummy that is roaming around (you can shoot him with a grenade), around a corner and take the second left. Open the door at the end and up the wooden steps and you’re back outside.
The window on the left has a small room behind it and a door; this leads to the corridor you just came through.
Go to the house, up the steps and shoot out a window of the kitchen (The door opens only from the inside).

The Basement Key.

Climb on the stove and open the hatch above. Go S and around the corner, at the end jump up on the right (N) and down at the end. Crawl through and down, this is the room with the other stove you put out. Get the Basement Key to the right and leave through the door, shoot the zombie. You’ve been here before, so no need to use the valve, go S and follow through in the long corridor the first to the right, again a right and the last passage the second left and you are back outside.

Go to the N side small basement window (first one visited) and inside, through the open door N and get to a room with a fire. DO NOT open the door left of the fireplace (zombie) but just use the key N.
Go in and shoot a spider on the landing, open the door straight ahead (N) and go in, shoot 3 spiders. Go to the N wall and save before using a Timed switch NE. Roll and start running turning right a bit and then sprint to the door that is on the other side to the right. Climb the crate and jump into the duct. Lower down into an office.
Get Flares from the desk drawer S and also Flares from the small cabinet. Turn around and behind the desk there is another switch; this one rolls back a bookcase.
Open the door and you are back on the landing.

Go down the staircase, straight into the corridor N and open a door on the right, search the closet for a small medipack and there is another small medipack in the small cabinet.

Go back to the corridor, go right (W) and follow to the end, go right and right through the open door, shoot the dog and watch that rocking chair, spooky.
Go out and continue to the right and open the last door there. Search the closet for Shotgun ammo.

Another Basement Key.

Get out into the corridor and the door at the end (S) is a bathroom and has nothing in it. So back to the staircase and go under the staircase, there is an open door there. Go down the old steps and open another door straight ahead (N). Shoot the dog and go out and right, again a door to open. This is where you find the secret bookcase you rolled back before.
Check the table drawer for another Basement Key.
Go back out into the corridor and take a right, up the stairs, and up the next one, go N and then to the right and up more stairs and there you can use the Basement Key to get to the Attic.

Go in and go left around the corner, open the glass balcony door and get the Flares. Back inside and straight up some steps through the door and you are in some music room. Immediately left is also a door, open it. Inside go left again and you are in the dining room. Open the table drawer on the left for Grenades. The other one S has some Uzi ammo.
Opening the door S will create a shortcut back to the kitchen. For now turn around and leave the dining room through the same door NW, left up the steps SW to a room with bookcases and go left. Hop over the corpse and you'll get to the entrance hall.

The Entrance Hall, the Master Room Key.

Turn left, the door NE is to a bathroom, nothing in there, the opposite opening down some steps is another shortcut to the kitchen. No need to go in. A mummy roams around; just avoid him.

In the SE of the entrance hall is an open door, go in and it will close behind you and around the corner the lights go out. Shoot the dogs and follow through into a room. Behind the stone pillar is a lever, disguised as a lamp;, pull it. A camera shot of a fireplace, the fire is out.
Go back to the entrance hall.

The Fox Ruby.

Go into the fireplace on the left (S) and climb up on the right hand side. There is nothing to find in the drawer’s just open the door and go straight into another room. Poltergeist is on TV. Shoot the dog and get the Master Room Key from the small cabinet.
Go out and right and follow through, you see a library of sorts. Don’t go in there yet, go left and you are one floor up in the entrance hall. Go to the other side (N) and use your Master Room Key.
Once inside open the drawer’s to find two small medipacks and the Fox Ruby.
The other door leads to an empty bathroom. Go out and run back to that library (on the other side to the left).

On the N wall is another lamp that really is a lever. This is timed though.
Pull, backflip and roll, sprint a bit and jump forward to grab up into the open trapdoor just in the corridor, run forwards or else you'll drop down again (best grab up as much to the right as possible). Turn around, climb up and you are on a small balcony.
Go to the painting on the wall and use the Ruby to open a secret passage below.

Calling in the Dogs.

Safety drop down through the gap in the balustrade, turn right and look for the secret passage (N).
Climb up and down at the other end. Use the switch on the wall, prepare for a battle. After killing the beast go to the wall with the chairs and use the lamp lever, this opens a secret passage in the S wall of this room.
Drop down and go straight, be careful as another beast is roaming around. Pass a steaming vent and follow through. Go into the alcove with the next steam blower and climb up N and up again. Get down and again down, watch out for the steam blower and around the corner to find a trapdoor SE. Safety drop down, losing a bit health. Another trapdoor to open in front and you'll end up in the freezer. Jump up to shoot the meat from the hook and watch out for the dogs; they will come in for that meat and in the process will break some windows.

Go out the freezer and left (W), through the broken windows and you end up in the garden in front of the house.

The Garage, the Shed Key.

Go right and up the steps to the driveway and to the right is the front door. To the right of the front door is a switch; this opens the door (shortcut).
Go to the S wall and on a small hill with a grass is an alcove with a switch in it. This opens the garage door E. Inside and immediately on the left, around the corner is another switch; this will raise a trapdoor outside at a balcony.
Go down the wooden stairs in the back of the garage is a door, this is the way to get to the basement and back to the pool area (shortcut).
Go back out of the garage to the garden (W) and all the way to the N side near the house. Jump down and to that protruding piece of rock near the water and take a running jump to the trapdoor you raised. Jump onto the balcony and get the Shed Key.
Take a running jump with a slight right curve to the grass SE. (Or go back into the house through the front door, the door under the stairs to the kitchen and out to the pool, down the wooden stairs and N to the shed).
Open the shed (that small stone building) with the Shed Key, as well as the trapdoor inside and get down the ladder. Follow through and come to the Sub Basement

Level 3 - Sub Basement.

Follow through and mind the pits and traps and at the abyss jump to the other side (W), some bats are flying about here. Walk to the wall of the cave and take a left. Walk a bit over the wooden floor (a shaking) and when you are about the second tile on the dirt floor, turn around and run back and into the alcove left and the incoming boulder will miss Lara. Go where the boulder came from and climb up S. Use the reach-in switch. Drop down and go through the passage and jump over the boulder in the pit. In the next cave jump on top of the box and a running jump onto wooden walkway. Watch out for the popping out spikes though.
Jump through them, time the fire emitter at the end and go to the right. Follow through and go under the wooden walkway to open the trapdoor in it. Hoist up and take a bit of a curved jump into the opening SE.

Spider Cave.

More popping out spikes in this passage and at the end shoot the spiders, through the spider web in the middle of the floor you can see a clue for an upcoming puzzle. On the right is a small hill (NW) with a Timed switch, this opens the door at the end of the wooden walkway behind you (S). Pull the switch, backflip/roll and take a running jump and run a bit, jump with a roll onto the sloped block and jump onto the walkway to run left through the door there.
Follow through and come to a pit where spikes protrude from the ceiling.
Drop down onto the block in the pit and shoot all the spiders. Go into the dark opening (E) shoot the web that is hindering you and pick up Secret #3, the Uzis.

A Torch Puzzle.

Go out, climb the block and jump to the other side. The gate will open when you approach.
On the second column right on the back is a reach-in hole, you'll find a Torch in there. For now, leave it where you can find it again, but not too close to that pipe at the N wall.
Go to the S wall and find a slanted part in the wall next to a closed off passage, back flip and jump up onto the column.
Jump to the slanted part of the wooden bridge (NW) and hop around the corner and use the reach-in switch behind the column.
A trapdoor appears at the N side. Hop back and if possible leave the breakable tiles where they are and jump over them to the next column N.

Stand NE, face E and turn slightly right to back flip and then jump onto the trapdoor. Go to the stone column.
Take a running jump E with a slight curve onto the sloped wall left and back flip to the wooden platform. Hop over to the stone column E, jump down on the wooden ledge left (N) and use the reach-in switch there to stop one of the burners at the monkey climb. Climb back up, jump up to the monkey climb and follow through passing the emitters and land on the last column NW. In the wall there is another reach-in hole, this ignites a flame in the pipe on ground level. Make your way to the ground floor, pick up the Torch and use the flame to ignite the Torch.

"Easy" and "Hard" comes in different tastes.

Now the clue from the Spider cave will come in handy, it will tell you which torches (on the columns) to ignite. Using the clue to do only the 4 correct torches will open the "Easy" door W.

Easy: On the clue pillars you could see Roman numbers, I to IV, ignite the resembling columns with those numbers and the Easy door W opens up. This is how:

Go to the slope at the S wall and jump up the column. Jump to the wooden bridge and jump over to the one in the N. Then do a back flip to the wooden platform E and from the stone column again to the slope on the left to the wooden scaffolding. I jumped then to tallest column (NE) and took a running jump to the column S (green tinted). Ignite the torch there: torch #I. Just run down to the right (W) and ignite this one as well: torch #II.

Get back up the columns to the wooden bridge and over to the one N and ignite now torch #III. Back flip again to get to the wooden ledge and jump via the slope and scaffolding back to the tallest one in the corner, now ignite the last one, torch #IV.

Throw the Torch down to the ground floor so you can find it and make your way down as well. Go through the door W. (scroll down to "Two Routes Join")

Hard: If you like a challenge, just ignite one “wrong” torch, for example the low one near the door S and that door will open. This leads you through a passage full of traps.. (but you will end up in the same room as through the "Easy" door W).
Go in and up and here is another pit with nasty looking spikes on the ceiling. Get the Medipack, shoot the snakes in the pit, drop in the pit and get out at the other end. Pick up another Medipack, then save first and jump with a bit of a right curve into the sloped passage, jump again from the bottom of the slope to get a head start on the boulder and run straight, and jump over the spike trap and hoping you avoided the boulders and swinging axes. Grab the Medipack.

Spike Blocks.

Go to the corner and save again. This is a nasty spike trap. You have to take 3 hops (no running) to get through it but the timing is crucial.
Get the Medipack at the end and run up the wooden ramp avoiding an axe. On top of the second ramp are more spikes as well as an emitter. Around the corner is another one, avoid that and slide down.

Two Routes Join, the Orzhov Relic.

Get the Orzhov Relic from the pedestal and out the door E.

Pick up the Torch again and leave through the door E, through the pit, through the passage and jump to the ground floor. Throw the Torch on the spider web in the middle and when it is burned through go to the other side and face N, hop back and safety drop down into the water.

Turn off the Gas.

Shoot some bats and look for an axe (up on the N wall) and try to back flip on the rocks there to get on the wooden walkway (face N and stand a bit left of the axe, backflip on the rock wall and jump to the walkway).
Then jump to the next one, go left (S) and use the valve to turn off the Gas. Get on the ground floor and find the passage E where the emitters are now down.

Go in and at the end in the next room climb on the first box and jump to the wooden walkway. Go as high as you can and when you are on the one that goes S, walk S to where the spikes are popping, jump through and backflip to the walkway above (or back flip through the spikes and jump to grab the upper walkway.
Turn around and take a running jump through the spikes and then through an opening in the rocks. Be careful another beast is in here. Go in and follow through till you get to a corridor.

The Darkhouse 2nd time.

Climb down the ladder and shoot 2 snakes. Go SE and around the corner, up a ladder through a corridor and use the switch in front of the grate where the Flares and zombie were before (start of the level). Camera shot of a trapdoor under the gazebo.
Go back and now the hole is filled with water, dive in and swim to the snake room and go E and around the corner and up where a brick wall went down. You'll get to the now empty swimming pool. Get out of the pool and down the staircase NE to the gazebo S. Climb down the ladder and follow through.

Sub Basement 2nd time.

Kill the spiders and follow through to a wooden bridge, step on the bridge to the second tile, hop back and watch debris and a boulder falling. Jump over the boulder and open the door at the end.
Climb the box on the right, turn around and jump on the planks, climb up the wall (S) and turn around, jump to the other side (with Ctrl or shimmy left to the alcove and jump from there). Into the passage, through the water, kill the snake and take the opening right (N). At the door crawl through to the right and into the water, down a bit and swim through and up. Find the underwater lever N and then climb out and turn around (S) and hoist up. Follow through and drop down. Avoid the mummy and go S to open the door. Go to the right (W) and get Shotgun ammo from the drawer W.
Go up the steps on the left and use the Orzhov Relic to open the trapdoor, hop down and follow through.

The Darkhouse 3rd time.

Search the drawer E and find the Diary Notes and the City Keys. Read the Diary, then use the City Keys on the N wall, go in and watch the flyby. Lara can finally leave.

G&D, Sept 2012.