1943: The Black Diamond.

Levels by Davep83

Part of the 1943 Series:

1943: The Star of David (2012)
The Black Diamond: Part 1 (February 2018)
The Black Diamond (2014)
The Black Diamond: 2 Minutes to Midnight (Expected October 2018)
The Iron Cross (2016)

Walkthrough by G&D Productions

The Black Diamond-part 2.

This may not have been done in the exact order.

Marcia is in a prison. You can walk around everywhere but do not come close to the guards or you will be sent into 7 days solitaire.

Go straight and walk to the guy in the right side of the room (the one in a red costume).

Major Frederick Ederington: Welcome to Eeivenstein Castle.

Marcia: I'm not looking to stick around, can you help me?

Major Ederington: It won't be easy, but ok. The first thing you will need are travel papers. There may be some in the library, but you will need a key to access it.

Marcia: And where do you suppose I will find a key?

Major Everington: We have one all ready for you to use, but first we need a favour.

Marcia: What sort of favour?

Major Ederington: Two of our chaps are hiding in a hole in the chapel and need something to eat. However, there is a guard posted outside. If you get within 1 metre of a guard, you will be arrested. Speak to one of our chaps in the courtyard to assist you.

Open the door behind him, go to the right and open the door straight ahead. Go out and watch the flyby.

Go to the guy on the left (SE) who is standing alone near a blue truck.

Alain: I will distract the guard, but would like a little payment for my trouble. You could try to win some money. Speak to Jean (over by the kitchen).

A Bribe.

Take a right and go to the guy near the wooden wagon.

Jean: Would you like to win some money?

Marcia: Yes

Jean: All you need to do is complete this little puzzle and the money is yours

As you can see you have to move some blocks to get 3 perfect circles. You can climb over the solid blocks, but not over the pushables.

After completing the puzzle youíll get the Money and get send back to the yard.

Go to the guy in front of you (Alain) and you pay him (no action required), he will go distract the guard.

The Kitchen, Food.

Go to the S, close to the blue truck, avoid the guard and open the doors there. Go to the right and around the corner is another door; open that one. Avoid the kitchen help and go right to search through the cupboard for a 2x Food (Banana) stand a bit back to open the cupboard. 

The Library Key.

Leave the kitchen and go outside and now open the doors on the right (E). You are in the chapel, go to the right and pull away the tomb in front of the altar.

Jump in and you give the Banana to the guys in there and they give Marcia a Library Key.

Thank you! Here's a key...

With it also comes a wraith. So back out and to the little park and get to the water as quick as. Go back into the chapel and pick up a Torch (in the middle of the chapel).

Get the Torch to the kitchen (door on the left (S) and ignite it on the fireplace. Go to the door and leave the Torch there for now.

The Theatre, a Radio.

Then go back to the yard and take a left, run all the way to the fence then take a left again and avoiding the guard open the door (the right hand one of the three) in the S wall. Go up two stairs and enter a sort of theatre and walk to the stage. Jump on it (avoid the guards and open the trapdoor (face S).

Get in and walk/crawl to the W and right around the corners youíll find a Radio. Crawl/walk back and out of the trapdoor and leave the theatre. Go down the stairs and back out to the yard. Go straight and enter the opening behind the blue truck, open the doors left and then the door in the passage on the right. Loop to the right and jump over the desk to get Secret #1, Flares and a Medipack. Jump back and go out to the corridor.  

Go right, avoiding the soldier walking back and fro go left around the corner and open the door there (shortcut to the yard).

The Library: Use the Radio, the Safe Key. 

Turn around and go to the corner behind the table. Now comes a tricky part, and stand well away from that door where you have to use a key.

When the time is ripe use the key, turn left and run into the door (or backflip twice and when the soldier is gone again enter the door).

Climb the spiral staircase and open the door.

Those guards are blocking my way into the library. Perhaps some sort of noise would distract them. Can I get hold of a radio somewhere?

In case you didnít find the radio yet you get a hint as where to get it.

When you see the soldier walk away, run in a bit and turn to the right. The moment the soldier walks away put the radio on the bookcase there (little stick).

Marcia ends up one floor up and hears the radio. Go to the coat-rack and get the Safe Key. 

Turn around and use the Safe Key on the safe (E), the safe seems empty.

It must be downstairs.

So go down the stairs and find Travel papers on one of the grey file cabinets. Go back up the stairs and now you can get in the safe and climb down the vines to the yard.

General Rodinof: I hear you are intent on escaping?

Marcia: That's right

General Rodinof: You will need a disguise. Sadly, the only way to acquire one is by getting into the infirmary, which is locked, so there is only one way in...

Marcia: Which is?

General Rodinof: As a patient

Marcia: A patient?

General Rodinof: That's right. You will need to attain some sort of injury. Perhaps you could speak to Pieter under the chapel tower who could help you with that

Go all the way to the NE corner and the door there is open now. Go in and speak to the guy.

Pieter: Hello Marcia

Marcia: Let's get on with it

Pieter: Very well. The best place to get yourself a convincing wound is by jumping from a height.

Marcia: Jump from where exactly?

Pieter: Inside the tower of the chapel is a good place. You will need a rope. There's one in the tool shed, but a crowbar is required to get in. I can make you a crowbar but you need to disable the electric generator so I can get access to the tools I need.

A Small Waterskin.

Go up the ladder and open the door, up the spiral staircase and open the next door. Inside you get a fly by. Get the Small Waterskin (stand at a corner of the plinth) and now you have to go back down to the yard and fill the Waterskin in a small pool outside the door.

An Electrical Diagram, the Crowbar.

Once back inside, go up the ladder and the staircase again and stand straight at the fireplace and poor the water over on the fire. Get through and climb the ladder in the chimney and follow through. You end up above the yard.

Jump to the roof on the left and shimmy all the way to the end of the roof. Pull up and stand at the wall, backflip to the roof and jump onto the balcony. Get into the broken window on the left and down, follow through and get the Electrical Diagram from a windowsill on the right.

To turn the power off, a certain set of cables must be pulled so the resulting current is 0 instead of -100.

Get into the next room and read the Diagram and pull the chains with the -10 and the 110 and you should be safe (first cable as you get in and the #6 in the second row).

The engine at the wall is down. Go back through the corridor and jump through the window on the roof.

My crowbar should be ready

Use the roof again and shimmy to that stone structure, check your health and safety drop down to the yard. If you shimmy to the other corner and jump to the slope there you loose less health.

Go to the NE corner and enter: Here's your crowbar.

Tool Shed, the Rope.

Go out and straight (W) and into the door near the blue truck there. Get in and go left, on the left are the Tool Shed doors, open one of them. Go to the ladder on the right and get the Rope.

The Infirmary, a Uniform.

Go out the building, take a left and back to the guy who gave you the Crowbar. Climb the ladder and attach the rope on the crate on the right. Climb to the top and backflip onto a walkway. Safety drop from the walkway and Lara is in the Infirmary.

Go to the rack with clothes and get the Uniform.

Leave through the door to the Theatre entrance and talk to the person you see on the left.

General Dupont: First things first, can you find a camera as we believe there is a meeting between 2 enemy generals in their dining area. You need to take a photograph of this meeting and return it to me, then we will speak further

Passing the General you see a flyby so we have to go up the stairs and up the stage and down the trapdoor. Crawl to the end where you got the Radio and into the hole in the floor (start of the escape tunnelling project).

Alexander: I have run out of wood, can you go and fetch me some?

Marcia: Certainly

Alexander: There may be some in the kitchen but you may have to distract the cook.

The Kitchen Again, the Wood.

So back we go, out of the trapdoor through the theatre and down the stairs to the kitchen (SE) near the blue truck. Be sure to have the Torch nearby, as youíll need it soon. The gates on the right are open (N), enter the right opening and turn the wheel there to start a fire on the stove. That will distract the cook then go to the right and use the big wheel (about 6/7 times). You can also open that door you see, it goes to the yard.

Turn and start running and jumping towards the other side, through the gate with the switch into the kitchen and keep left and with a wide circle around the cook to the corner where the cook was before. The gate Timed there has opened. Open the trapdoor there facing E and jump over to the other side. Go and bring the Torch and throw it down the hole.

Drop back (face W), grab the edge and climb down. Go to the Wood and grab it, pick up the Torch and approach that huge red tank (S).

Ignite the tank to scare away a soldier and climb back up (you can use the W wall) and get out of the kitchen.

Bring the Wood to the Tunnel.

Go left to the yard and you have to get back to the theatre so that door is on the left and up the stairs again. Go behind the curtain and down the trapdoor and way in the back down in the hole there, to deliver the Wood.

Enemy Barracks, the Camera.

Now with the tunnel finished you can crawl even further and go to a small bedroom. Take a right and around the corner do a running jump passing a guard on the left.

Go through the passage and find a door on the right. If you want a secret, follow this passage to the last room left and get Secret #2, Flares and a Medipack in front of the mirror. Go back to that door, open it and inside go right again (S) through the room with a couch. At the end take a left (watch out guard), go through and on the right is another room with a guard so take a left (N). To the left is a bed and a table but to the right another guard. Avoid him, as you have to go straight (N). At the crossing go into the left room and pick up a Camera.  

Now we have to go back so to the passage S, watch out guard is on the left now, take a right (W) and again a right through the room with that couch.

Go straight (N) and open the door at the end. You get a camera shot then go out to the yard.

Kitchen, a Brass Key.

Now we have to go to the kitchen/dining area again so to the right (E) and to the right again near that small park and blue truck. In the dining area go straight up the stairs on the left wall, and left to open the door there.

Go left towards the gate:

Marcia: Jacqueline Natla, what is she doing here, I thought she was imprisoned? I will return this camera to the General

Go out and the general will talk to you and gives you a Brass Key: 

General Dupont: Thank you for taking care of this. I will have the photos developed. Meanwhile, here is a Brass Key, which will give you access to the sewers. There is something down there which we need you to take out of action, permanently

Marcia: Isn't there a guard posted on the manhole cover?

General Dupont: Yes, so you need to distract him, perhaps an explosion would help? You'll need to find something large and flammable for you to set alight.

Down the man hole, prepare some Explosive Chemicals.

Well we already did that part in the kitchen, so down the stairs and back to the yard. We need a Torch so go to the right (E) and get one from the chapel. Then go out and to the other end (W) of the yard and the explosive trapdoor is just right of the big tree. Face N to open it (take the Torch with you), climb down the ladder and get down into the sewers. Follow through and into the opening on the left, watch out for the guard and take the second opening to the right. At the crossing go left and at the end on the right is a door and a lock where you can use the Brass Key.

Get in and down the ladder and drop to the ground floor. Open the first cabinet W (take a step back) and get the Octo Hydrate in your waterskin in the right one and the Bi-oxy Chlorate.

Marcia: I should check what the chemicals are called, there must be a specific order for placing them?

In the second (left) cabinet is Hex-ogeric Acid (flammable).

The Torch you can ignite at the fire near the N wall. Now fill the three scales, from left to right Octo Hydrate, Hex-ogeric Acid and lastly the Bi-oxy Chlorate.

Ignite the middle scale, walk to the exit and get the Explosive Chemicals. You can leave the Torch here.

Go through the opening E and watch the flyby. You have to use every reach-in hole around the rocket (2 for each block) and the four blocks went down. Pull all 4 chains and the whole place is flooded. Get out and go to that block and place your Explosive Chemicals in the empty receptacle. The rocket blows up, get the Black Diamond from the platform and now you have to leave quickly after you saved.

Marcia: Those guards look angry. I'd better run! I need to escape this castle - is the way out somewhere I have not explored yet?

Escape through the Theatre.

I safety dropped to the floor, went through the open door N and through the next room, climbed the ladder next to the cabinet and the next one almost to the top. Backflip to another room, go through the door, go sort of straight (W) and take a right. Avoid the guard at the end and go left again. Climb up the ladder out of the manhole to the yard.

Get into the opening S to the theatre but this time climb up the seats on the right, near the chandelier. Jump up the chandelier and then climb up the electric cord and backflip into a passage. Slide down at the end and follow through. When you reach a small room with all sorts of rubbish, turn around and climb up over the door. Follow through to a big attic.

Find a chain near the wall on the right (N) , pull it and immediately back flip, so a boulder wonít squash you.

Go to the now open door and shimmy around the door and get to the zip line. Looking out left you can see a rooftop with a Medipack. It is a tricky jump, stand in the corner facing the W wall, step back once and turn to the corner of the roof then hop back once. Now save and jump straight up once (youíll move slightly forward) and run jump to the corner of the roof to get Secret #3, Flares and a Medipack. Jump back to the zip line and ride it across the yard into the tunnel. 

The Black Diamond-part 3.

Watch the fly by and go to the SW corner.

I will need to sneak behind that guard to take his bike

So go to the S wall and sneak up towards the bike (walk donít run) and mount it. Go to the N up the slope and left. Stay high and where you get to a gap over the river, ride diagonally left down the slope jumping the gap. Leave the bike at the house there for now. Climb the blocks N up to the top of the slope and left youíll find Secret #1, Flares and a Medipack. Get down to the house.


Hop up into the opening NW, there is a dog there. Climb up the ladder on the left at the end of the alley then jump up to top of the roof. Go to the right and jump to the top of the stone arch (down S). Then jump to that window on the left and again to the top of the roof. Make your way to the end on the left. There is a white block, push it twice so it falls down.

You can slide down the roof backwards and safety drop on the ground floor, loosing a bit of health (or from where you are jump onto the slope next to the block and slide down to it). Go to the block and push/pull it on the street and then towards the river and into the water. Jump in the water and swim to the left (N), pick up the MC42 + Grapple Add-On, swim back and get out of the water.

Get the Bike Again.

Go get the bike and follow the road, down a slope and you get to see another flyby.

A Little Wheel.

You can leave the bike for a bit; if you go left (W) Marcia will look up to something. Take the MC42 and the Laser Sight and shoot a small ring that is attached to the wires. A rope appears, stand under it and jump up, grabbing the rope and swing over to the awning. Get some Grapple ammo and reach in into the reach-in hole and watch the flyby careful. You also got the first Little Wheel as well as more Ammo and another Grapple gun aka Revolver.

A Second Little Wheel.

Drop down and get back (E) and then go left and follow the road towards the N end. Look down to the left (NW), and be sure that the Sentry-gun shot at you. Go stand near the openıng in the fence and shoot the small hook that is at the edge of the floor and platform for the tight rope to appear (could be you have to stand a bit to the side to hit it correctly).

I should be able to climb across to the other side now

Before crossing it better take care of the sentry gun first.

Sneak back all the way down to the lower square, sticking to the wall and crawl passing the little park to the corner to where the sentry gun is and shoot it to smithereens.

Go where it was and get your second Little Wheel. There is a manhole but leave it for now. Go back up the slopes to the upper square.

For a secret: turn to the right and next to the church you can see a smoking chimney. Take a running jump and grab the edge, do not pull up but shimmy left to a lower ledge. Then jump to the W and get Secret #2, Flares and a Medipack from a lower part a bit further on. Go back to the smoking chimney and safety drop a couple of times till you are on the ground floor.

A Third Little Wheel.

Get on top of the slopes again and go to the street E. Now cross the wire. Once at the other side jump down inside, look up and shoot the bell. Look at the flyby and get the second Little Wheel. Shoot the Crow.

Go outside the church and take a running jump to the slope on the left (N) and slide down.

The Sewers. 

Safety drop down and if you havenít, take the bike all the way down to the manhole where the Sentry-gun was. Park the bike, open the manhole and drop down. Go N around corners and then to the right (a dog will pester you) and around the corner.

If there is anything hidden in the canal, this machine may help me to flush the mud away so I can see whatís underneath.

Use the 3 Little Wheels on the wall, watch the fly by and behind you a trapdoor opened. If you dive in and approach the big fans:

Is there an alternative way through? This water must come from somewhere...

Swim back and up and get out of the water. Go to the SW and then left and climb out of the manhole. Get on the bike (or go to the bike) and get all the way back to the river. Step off the bike and drop in the water and swim to the left, there where you got the gun. Now this time swim through all the way to the end and pull out.

I've lost my gun I'll have to get by without it

Hop down twice and face SW and run off to a safe ledge there (or drop slide and keep on jumping till you reach the N wall). Use the switch there.

The fans stop, now drop in the water and swim down at the fans and around the corner is an underwater ceiling lever. Pull it. Swim back and at the fans into a passage (N) and swim up to get out and have a look left at that small canal.

Those gates look like they can be split apart

Go to other way (right) and find the Crowbar and Marcia says: 

This looks blunt so I will need to heat it up to sharpen it.

Go back and left and left again (E) at the water hole and around the corner is some fire to sharpen the Crowbar. Back to the canal where you got the Crowbar:

Now use the Crowbar on the left or right grate in the N wall. Now we need the bike. Go out the sewers by jumping over the waterhole and take a right, around the corner and straight. Up the block and up the sloped road and follow it to the next slope. Jump onto the sidewalk on the left or right and make you way up. Get the bike and drive it back to the manhole all the way down. Drive through the manhole and through the opening in the wall into the sewers. Go straight and then left and take the right or the left slope up.   

The Mine Plan.

Once outside, get off the bike and explore. Get behind the wooden hut all the way E, Marcia says:

I need to distract that guard to get any further, would an explosion help?

Go to the other side of the hut and make your way towards the house and go to the left of it. On a snow ridge you can find the Mine Plan.


Jump down to the other side and take a left. Follow through and jump over the pit, keep going passing the Danger sign. Go straight first and keep the wall on your right, around two corners. Behind a tree you can pick up the Explosives. 

The Shovel.

Better go back the same way, hugging the wall, jump over the pit and leave the danger zone. Go over the ridge where you found the plan and turn around to place the Explosives at the small stick there. An explosion follows go to the house on the right and around the corner. The guard is gone but the dog is still there. Pick up the Shovel and leave. Get on the bike, go to the minefield and when you drive near the barbed wire youíll get a message:

I need to find an alternate route

Go back around the corner and in the NW corner go up towards the left side, then left again.

Leave the bike and go in the passage, run over the thin ice. Immediately take a left around the corner, stay close the wall. Jump to the top of the hill and get Secret #3, a Medipack and Flares. Get back down to the icy pool.

Through the Fence.

Behind the fence (W) is a guard doing its rounds. Go left through an opening in the fence.

I'd better not get too close to that guard. Perhaps I should wait until his back is turned to do what I need to do here.

Go towards the place where you see a small stick in the middle of the fence on the right and approach it when the guard is walking away. Then use the shovel and the fence will be gone.

The Vehicle Keys.

Jump through (when the guard walks away) and see a flyby. Keep a distance between you and the guard, so go right. Almost at the end take a left and find a push block. Push it straight towards what looks like a hangar (S) so you can jump onto the roof of it.

Now push the blocks on the roof in a way that you can get the higher one under the wires. Climb on top and get to the wires above. You goal is that turret that you see in the S.

Use the monkey climb to get there.

I need to sneak past those airmen and find a key to a vehicle

Start crawling to the left and keep on crawling till you are near the cubicle where the men are. Crawl behind the chair and grab the Vehicle Keys.

Time to run.

I crawled out and down the slope. The door at the end opens; then grab the MG42 with ammo. You have to shoot all soldiers you see outside, be careful with your ammo though. One also leaves some Ammo behind.  

Now run to the hangar (N) taking a medipack if needed. Get into the jeep and drive over remaınıng soldiers if you want. Drive S and in the middle is a greenish part of floor, drive down through it, follow the other jeep and follow through.

G&D-July 24-2014.