Levels by Mr XY

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Mentioned Saves/Screens and Videos are in this Folder you can download

To get the Secrets you have to find the Golden Keys.

 Lara is locked up; Read the Notebook.

"….I have to get out and find a weapon."

Getting Out.

Pull out the table from the left wall once and push it as far as it will go to the right (N). Jump on it and jump/grab onto the balcony. Get the Uzi ammo from the glass table and use the floor lever to start the big wheel. Open the double doors next to the lever and find a crowbar lever and fire inside, remember that.

Timed Trapdoor.

A trapdoor now goes up and down near the windows E, stand close to the dark higher part on the balcony and run jump over it (start when you see it go up) to the trapdoor to land when it is just up, curving left a running jump to grab the ladder in the windowsill (Video-Trapdoor.wmv). Shimmy around and drop onto the balcony (savegame.0).

When you approach the doors they open. Drop down on the right (E) and go to the N side, up some steps in the corridor.

The Cave Courtyard, some Weapons.

At the end jump to the swing pole and swing with a curve to the to the block with the button. The button will raise a block next to it on the right (to get back up here if needed), turn right and also stand to the right, take a running jump to the opening in the rocky wall (E) and grab at the last second. Crawl a bit and then turn to the left and use the ladder you see to get down.

Get the Note from the skeleton and read it:

 “I don’t know who is behind this, but those guys have taken over the whole city. I heard them talking about some artefact. They are searching for it in the warehouse. There is a rumour that underneath the warehouse is a secret cave…”

Go into the opening (E) and find your Pistols. Shoot the bats with them, notice the crowbar lever in the alcove W and go back to the ladder. Up and backflip/roll/grab to get onto the ledge.

Go back outside and shoot the guards, the one with the wrench leaves a small medipack behind. Go to the big tree and through the corridor on the left (S). Go to the next square and shoot a guard there. Go right and through the passage with the fish tanks (Lara looks up). Up the stairs to a Courtyard and kill a dog and another guard.

Warehouse Courtyard.

Go the NW corner and read the Notes:

 “This seems to be the entrance to the warehouse. I’m sure I will find further clues about the Holy Heart inside. To get in I need two fuses.”

Pick up some Flares next to the fuse boxes. Go all the way to the back (S) up some steps and find on the right a glass window you can shoot. Crawl in and get the small medipack.

The Blue Key.

Get back to the passage with the fish tanks (E), down and up the steps, back on the square to the window (E) and shoot it. Use the lever (to lower the block in the cave) and kill the guard for the Blue Key he has.

The Cave, to the Wheel Courtyard.

Back through the corridor with the steps on the right (N), drop to the Cave Courtyard and climb the raised block to jump back from the pillar with the button into the Cave opening in the rock wall.

Drop back where that block went down and shimmy to the left. Pull up at the end, jump to the monkey swing in the corner and swing to the other end. Take a running jump to the pole and swing to a rocky ledge, from there take jump onto a slope and jump over the balustrade.

Wheel Courtyard, the Yellow Key.

Slide down into the Wheel Courtyard, find a lever on an iron block and remember this as it is a timed lever for later that opens the second pair of doors behind Lara (W), it also has a Yellow keyhole on the back and a switch you cannot use yet. Turn around and go straight (W), enter a building and watch the flyby.

Go to the far away right corner (NW) and shoot two guys. Pick up the Yellow Key dropped by one of them.

Open the Doors, the Automatic Pistol.

Go back to the iron block E and use the Yellow Key. The switch on the left is now accessible and will raise a platform and trapdoor.

Get inside the building and go to the corner where you killed those guys (NW) get onto the block under the trapdoor and take a running jump to the pillar in the corner (NW) and then grab up to the balcony. Go to the end and jump into the windowsill and from there down to the raised platform. From there to the glass trapdoor (on the balcony on the right you can see a secret, we’ll get that later) and again onto a balcony. Go to the end and jump over and use the lever to open a small door. 

Jump back on the glass trapdoor and safety drop to the floor. Go to the W and find the opened door on the right (N).

Swim back a bit (S) for the Automatic Pistol, roll and get air first and then swim to the other side (N). 

Lever Puzzle for the Silver Key.

-Get out and use the 4 switches (left to right) Down-down-up-down. Climb all the way up (side flip onto the trapdoor over the spikes) then onto the ladder on the left and into the opening on there and get a Notebook page:

 “Interesting… I should keep that square in mind.”

This is the first hint for an upcoming Timed run, so make a note. Push the lever (#1) and get a camera shot of a door. Get back to the ground floor.  

-Then flip the switches again: Up-down-up-down.

Climb up the ladder on the left and get next lever (#2) and hint in the passage where the burner is off now. Jump out straight to the block ahead and face SE to spot an opening in the wall, run jump with a curve and grab to get in. Pick up Uzi ammo and Shotgun ammo.

Jump out to the right onto the ledge with the switches, get down to the floor.

-Then for the last one: Down-up-down-down so you can reach the opening on top to the right, making use of the opening with the burner. Get the hint and use the last lever (#3). Go back down to the ground floor.

Back into the water (W), swim back and up, go straight into the door you opened and pick up the Silver Key.

Timed Run using the Hints, Red Fuse 1.

Then go all the way to the E to the metal block and now use the Timed lever which opens the back set of doors, go back and jump the raised floor parts on the tiles you saw in the camera shots which opens the front set of doors. Do NOT step on the chequered floor in between the ledges.  (1-hint.jpg)

On the first ledge (face W) it is the second on from the left, middle row is also the second one from the left as well as the last on the right. The last row it is the second one from the right.

The "Legal" detailed description: As soon as you pull the lever, hop back once while the camera shows the doors. When the doors are almost open in the cut scene, take a rolling back flip and camera control will be restored while you're in mid-air. Take a running jump across the little island and continue running (no need to use the sprint key) until you can take a running jump to the first trigger tile. Take a standing jump forward to the next trigger tile, curving a bit left in the air so that you land at an angle. Side flip right to the third trigger tile, and you should be facing the fourth trigger tile without having to make an adjustment (but there is also time to do that, see video). Take a standing jump to it, then a running jump toward the open doors. Use the sprint key here, and you should make it through if you didn't stumble along the way.

If you still can't make it, here's a save and a video (savegame.1  video-2doors.wmv). Hop into the water, swim through and time the stompers, the first opening on the left has a small medipack. Swim through the next stomper and up at the end for air, get the Red Fuse #1 from the bottom and use the underwater lever to open a shortcut door back to the Cave Courtyard. Swim back down and be careful at the stompers again.

The Cell Phone.

Get out and straight (E), kill the opposition and the dog. The door on the right, near the pool with the metal block is open so you can leave (S). Another guard and his dog you meet when you go through that door this one leaves a small medipack behind.

Go to the tree and take a left through the corridor to the courtyard then take a left and at the corner there, a right. The camera is fixed here so be sure to run straight. On this path, behind the metal pillar in front of the screen is a Medipack to be found, hop over the glass balustrade and get it. Do a curved run jump to a flatter part N and climb back over the battlements. Go left and at the end right into the opening, kill the dog and its master from standing in the opening (the guy leaves a Cell Phone). 

Cell Phone: There is a text message. Recipient: The Boss. “You won’t believe who we just caught, Boss. You know her….”

He probably didn’t notice you escaped…

Use the Blue Key around the corner on the right, creating a shortcut to the first room (for later).

The Crowbar.

Use the Silver Key on the left (S) wall. Pick up the Crowbar and get a camera shot of several levers. To the left is an alcove with a Golden Key, those spots are spiked though. Stand in the middle on the very edge of the alcove and run in, grab the Golden Key and hop back at once before the spikes come up.

Using the Crowbar, the Torch.

Go out, take a left and up the stairs, open the doors and use the Crowbar on that lever. The floor descends, jump in get in the water and jump the knife. Climb up at the side and get the Torch (camera shot where to use it). Back to the water and out at the other end. Leave the torch on the platform and climb out, use the Crowbar again and pick up the Torch.

Ignite the Torch. 

Go out and go through the glass door on the left (opened with the Blue Key). Leave the Torch on that lowered platform in the end (N) behind the table.

Climb the table and jump to grab the balcony, inside use the crowbar on the lever near the fire and see that platform going up. Get out and jump to that block and get the Torch, jump back to the Balcony and ignite the Torch on the fire around the corner.
Take the Torch and run jump to that platform N, hop over the balustrade and throw the Torch down into the courtyard N. Safety drop down after it. Or go back through the passage with the fixed camera.

The Warehouse Courtyard, the Cog Wheel and some other business.

Take the Torch to the W down some steps through the Fish Tank corridor and up again to the Warehouse Courtyard.

Take a right, go past that small garden and immediately a right again and stand in front of the to ignite the oily surface. You can throw the Torch away (throw it in the burning water).

Take a running jump along the left side then hop to safe ground left. Open the double doors; go to the left and some knives starts to swing. Stand just right of the dark part in the floor, push forward and Ctrl to get Lara to climb the ledge to the safe spot between the two knives (see below). Duck and crawl to get the Laser Sight and Automatic Pistol Ammo. (sight.jpg)

Crawl back to the edge and stand up in the same safe spot and run down. Go to the E side, shoot the guy and his dog and shoot the window way up left at the ladder. Climb the ladder and climb left through the broken window.

Jump over the balustrade to the glass window (NE) and shimmy to the next one. Then look around the next corner and spot a small balcony. Stand in that corner, hop back once and turn slightly right (you’ll have to find the right angle and it is a nasty jump). Take a run jump with a bit of a left curve to grab the small balcony and hop over the balustrade to the window for Golden Key (#2).

While we’re here we can just as well make a detour for the Secrets: Jump from the window back onto the small balcony and hop to that pillar with the button (SE) and get to the ground floor. Go left into the open door N and left to the back of the hall where you did the timed run. Hop onto the block NW and jump W to get onto the balcony again. Open the door there with the Key and get the Medipack. Walk back a bit and look up in the ceiling for the jump lever (S) just before the door. Use it to raise that trapdoor over the block you climbed. Go out, take a left and jump E to grab the trapdoor. Use the chandeliers to jump into the windowsill S with Secret #1, the Shotgun and 2x Shotgun ammo.

Stand back in a corner against the window and hop over the balustrade onto the platform below, drop to the floor and go out E and right to the Cave Courtyard. Through the corridor S and right to get back to the Warehouse Courtyard through the Fish Tank corridor, Lara looks up…that’s where the next Secret is. Yeah yeah I’m on my way…. Go left and to the door in the corner SE, open it with the Golden Key.

Get in the water (best hop in backwards and then turn) and swim over and under a knife, up and on the right on top of the glass you’ll find Secret #2, Grenades and a Medipack. On the other side Shotgun ammo.

Swim back through the knives and get out to the Warehouse Courtyard. Go right and back to the end (N), a right and over the Oily pool into the doors left and up the ladder as before to get back to the balcony where we left off.

Go to the other end of the balcony. Take a running jump to the left ledge (SW) and grab the edge, hoist up, jump to the other side and then from the highest point to the lowest at the next balcony.

First jump over to the right (NW) and get the Uzi ammo. Jump back and take a running jump over the balustrade W, shoot the guy, go left and jump over the balustrade to the balcony S and get a small medipack.  

Jump back and go to the corner and jump over to the next balcony and from there over the balustrade onto the glass roof. Go straight and open the doors, use the button and fall through. Shoot the dog and collect the Cogwheel.

Spike Jumps, another Red Fuse.

Go out and take a right, all the way to the end (SW) and place the Cogwheel on the back of that block. Go to the other side of the block and flip the switch. Now you have to jump on each ledge where spikes pop up (3) and then jump to the rope without touching the floor.

Start near the stairs SW, run over the ledge to jump to the next and a running jump to the right onto a safe ledge. Turn left and run jump to the third spike ledge, and a running jump to grab the rope, go up a bit. Swing to that block in the fountain (savegame.2-Video-Spikes.wmv) and from there jump into the open (also Timed) trapdoor. Swim down through the blade traps in one of the corners and get the Red Fuse (#2).

Swim back up and climb out, go to the NW of this square and put the Red Fuses in their receptacles. Then use the lever that is exposed on the left, the door around the corner opens. The other door will open when these levels are completed.

G&D Sept 06-2014