The Calm Before the Storm.

Level by OverRaider.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Texts regarding Secrets are in dark-blue because some deed preparations.

Saves are in this folder you can download.

Route up to Important Stuff.

Go straight W onto the stone rock bridge over a lower part of the canyon and turn left where you see a higher ledge (S). On the rocks in front of you are Flares, just to the left of them is a slanted grey spot, run jump there so you can jump from that slanted spot to the Flares. Walk up to the highest part and hop over the top of the hill to slide down to the valley S. Follow the gray path and just past the tree go up left, jump to the higher grey ledge and up once more to get a small medipack. Slide down, go left and around the corner is a rock bridge over the valley, grab up to that bridge from the grey ledge left that is sticking up a bit. Hop to the top of it and follow the grey ledges to the right (SE) jumping from one to the other.

The Torch.

Near the end of the path turn left and jump over to that mushroom shaped rock pillar and get to the highest tip. From there jump to the grey ledge W (no Ctrl) and around the corner a nasty curved jump around the slanted rock at the W side (savegame.0).

Then jump to grab the ledge N. Jump over again and take a right (E).  

Follow this ledge E to a flat part in the mountain where you can see signs of civilization, like a path. A boulder will come rolling down, it will crush a rock in the corner of the valley below, thus creating a shortcut up here in case you need it. To the right is a dead tree (near that red light) and in that tree is a Torch (there’s a spare one too), grab one. Go to the N and leave the Torch so you can find it again.

The Skull.

Go back but now go a bit to the right towards that high rock formation where a dead person is hanging from some roots. Jump to one of the roots dangling there and turn around, back flip onto a grey point of the rock there. Then face N and jump up, turn around and grab the edge above Lara (S). Hoist up and get the Skull on the right.

Go to the far end E and jump down.

Quest for Fire.

Go to the N, stay to the left along a ridge and over a grey path to the rock face N, jump over the sandy part to the corner. Follow this path, at the end, grab up to the edge above and go shimmy left around a couple of corners to the end and drop onto a grey patch below. Jump to the next part and there you can kick a piece of rock to access a crawlspace. Follow through left till you’re outside again.

The 5 Spheres.

Again jump to the W and go to the right into the valley. Follow through, sliding into a cave and come to a hall. There are 5 spheres here you have to destroy.

-Start with going back into the cave and you can see it straight in front through a narrow gap, shoot it and see a Torch light up at the wall (#1).

-Back inside and straight, around a cross are 4 symbol tiles, make a note of their position around the cross. Turn around and up in the W wall are two openings, go to the one right and climb the roots on the pillar into that opening. Turn around and spot the next sphere in the opposite corner (SE), shoot it from here (#2).

-Now turn and go inside, in that room is a cross, move it to the tile in between the same symbol tiles as in the hall below (Pull 3 times W and push 3 times N). Climb on the block that will rise and shoot sphere #3.

- Go to the opening in the other corner (SE), hang out and spot a sphere below and left. Pull up, turn to face the direction of the sphere and hop out backwards while firing pistols (#4).

- Climb back up into the room with the push able and behind the grate in the back are Flares. Head into the passage left (S) and go up to the first floor of the hall, go right and to the push block in the E wall (metal texture). Pull it twice, in front of that small slope and jump from the left side of the block into the alcove on top of the slope, use the lever to raise a cage. Go down and get a small medipack from the alcove where you pulled the block from before.

Jump to where the cage was and further to the floor, go right around the ramp and grab up into a hidden alcove in the E wall, go right to get behind a boulder and push it, it will smash the next sphere (#5, gate opens). Jump back to where the push block is and push it all the way to the small slope W. Jump from the block into the alcove on top of the ramp to get Secret #1, a Bronze Rose. Slide down and go back through the open gate on the right (S).

Use Skull and Torch.

Your Torch should be there on the floor, otherwise get another one from the dead tree S and ignite it on one of the wall torches at the Firewall (to the right). Go S and right around the ridge to slide down into the valley where it all started. Go down into the lower section and use the Torch and the Skull to open the gate. For a Secret: you can take the Torch in and drop it safe somewhere.

Dangerous Descent.

Go to the red face and use the reach-in switch in its mouth. Get the Torch and throw it down into the red opening. Turn around, drop/grab and again drop/grab the break ledge and go right around the corner, drop again and turn left about 45 degrees to hop to a break ledge below. Just drop down to the ground.

In the back part of this room are three doors you can open.

- Door straight (W), kick it in and follow through, taking the Torch with you (to the right you can see a Secret room). Open the next door and drop the Torch here for now. You come to a room with a cage, go straight and left around the cage to find a broken grate in the back, shoot that and go in to pull that corpse from the Mystery Key.

Also grab a small medipack and get out, left and up the stairs to the back, use only the left face with reach-in switch and see a Medipack appear. Go get that Medipack and immediately duck because of poison darts (or stand at the side when you take it). You could walk to the other Hand to see a Key disappear, but don’t use the reach-in switch! Next to that Hand pedestal and in the ceiling is a hatch you can open, that’s for later.

Down the Pit, Open the Cage.

Go back to the cage and straight into the broken staircase in the back and jump over the gap. Stand at the right hand wall, top up the health and now you have to get down into that pit. At the E wall is a kind of slope in the pit, best is to back flip on it, grab the edge and do a safety drop, taking about all your health.

Pick up a small medipack, then crawl into the crevice and follow through to a grated floor in a cave, turn right and from the grey rock grab up to the right (N) to the ledge above. Turn around and jump over to a ledge with another plant (hint). Turn left, stand at the edge of the pit as far back as you can and hop onto the slanted rock with the plant, immediately jump again to get to where you can grab up to a cave opening E.

Move the Jump Lever.

Jump through the gap in the right hand wall and find yourself in the room under the cage room. On one of the rocks in the middle is a lever, throw that and see a jump switch appear and take position. It is on the SW pillar, approach it and as you see it moves. Climb the nearby block in the SW corner and face E, run and jump with a roll onto that slanted pillar to the right, jump and grab the grated floor to monkey climb left to that jump lever and use it. The lever will open the gates for you as you can see. Before you leave, get onto the block in the NW corner, face E and jump with roll onto the slanted pillar left, jump and grab the grated floor to monkey climb left to the far wall, drop/grab to get into the opening, crawl in and grab up right to get to Secret #2, the Silver Rose, a Medipack and Flares.

Find and use the Jump Lever.

Get back to the room and head out the open gate E, grab Flares and go back up to the room with the 3 doors. Take a left to the room with the cage, but be careful as a knife trap will appear in the passage, go left to the room with the two faces and up through the hatch in the ceiling (W). Go through to a gate and open it with the Mystery Key. Go through and in the back is a hole down to the broken staircase, that’s where that Jump Lever went, hop back down and use the lever to open the right hand door at the bottom of the staircase. Get the Torch from where you left it and go to the broken staircase. Jump over the gap and go right into the open door

The room behind the door has a statue with hands and an unlit Lamp, for the Secret behind glass the wall. Use the Torch to ignite that Lamp and the gates move aside (S). Leave the Torch, go in and grab the Revolver ammo. Go close to that statue burning the corpse (crawl) and when the flame goes down, get to the chest of the corpse and grab Secret #3, a Dark Heart.

Back out and into the door ahead (N), follow through up the stairs, drop down the hole and find a broken lion statue E in that room, pick up the head left and place it back on the statue to bring out a rope in the room we go to now.

Compass Puzzle.

Turn around, go through to the next corridor and use the rope to get over the pit. Jump to the left side of the opening in the right hand wall and turn right inside. Grab the Piece of Paper and read: “Only those who are facing the sunset will show the path to the darkness”.

There are levers under the alcoves with the bodies, only the levers under the bodies facing W are to be used. So in the E wall the one in the middle, N wall the right hand one, a flyby will show what happens. Go out of the room by jumping out to the right.

Winds of Change.

Run onto the break ledge and jump to the walkway, there will be a poisoned dart in the middle of the main path and you have to use 4 reach-in switches behind the traps on the 4 side paths. Be careful you don’t fall. You can duck under the one with the flames to wait out the right moment. Watch your health at all times!

Then run to the opening where the face went up and get in quick (savegame.1).

Drop down into the Spider caves. Follow through and get a small medipack… Wow…

Large Hall with the Demon Heads, 3 Levers.

Go up the left hand stairs ahead and keep left, climb the block next to the pillar and turn left to jump and grab the block in the corner of the room. Stand one step from the wall facing that Demon head and shoot it while jumping up and down till it stops spitting fire. Jump to the diamond shaped ledge and then onwards to the next corner ledge to use the lever (#1). No need to shoot that Demon head there. Step left of the lever and grab the crack, go left and pull up on the roof, hang from the other side and shimmy to the corner ledge with the next lever (#2). A rope appeared from the ceiling, grab the crack again and go right to that roof to jump and grab the rope. Swing to the next and jump to the higher floor and use the last lever (#3). Gates open below and it sounds like they’re timed, but they are not.

N Gate, the Mystery Hand.

I hopped backwards from the floor and hit Ctrl as soon as I passed the edge of the floor landing in the ledge below, safety drop down and go into the passage N where the gate opened (you could also do S first). Follow through and watch the great cut scene of the Demon and the Spider, follow through to the Wind Room.

Wind Room.

Turn right on the grey floor and jump to grab the grate, climb up to the top and into the crawlspace, crawl underneath the pipe and go left. Drop down three times and go find the Flares (W), then use the nearby lever to start the big fan. Climb back up where you came from and climb down onto the grate. Back flip roll and hold down Ctrl to land back on the floor. Now turn right and jump to grab the grate in front of the turning fan. Hang in the middle and go up to 4 steps from that steel beam above. Back flip roll and grab the jump lever, the wind will blow you forward onto the floor. Go through the opened gate right (W).

Lava Rooms and Optional Hard Jumps for a Secret.

Easy without the Secret: Go to the left and crawl through the opening under the hot pipe.

Hard with a Secret:

Go right and climb up the corner of the block at the wall, careful, touching the hot pipes will burn you! Better watch this video (Video) to see how to do this, because it is hard to describe this.

When on the ledge between the two rooms you can get Secret #4, a Platinum Rose and Revolver ammo.

Pull the grey block on the left out once and climb on. Do the next series of jumps to get to a grated floor after watching how to do it (savegame.2). 

Feel the Heat, Raise the Platform for the Valve. 

Climb a ladder in the far corner (SE) and from a bit above the hot pipe a backflip to a ledge with another hot pipe. Crawl underneath and stand up, hop diagonally to the next and go on like this till you are on a safe ledge (savegame.3).

Use the valve there to shut down a burner below, best is to safety drop down taking a bit of health loss. Go into the fenced area between the two rooms and get a small medipack. Go back out and into the opening with the steaming/burning pipes.

The first pipe was shut down with the valve above. It is important to time the steam just right, because you’ll lose a lot of health if you don’t. To the right is a grate, shoot it and crawl in to stand up behind the pipe, throw the lever raising a trapdoor in the lava room. Go back out, jump straight to the platform and use the valve to shut down the second pipe. Go back into that nasty passage and shoot the grate ahead to get into the cage that spider escaped from before. In a spider web (NE) is the First Mystery Hand. Go out where the dead spider is (S) and take a left to the Hall with the Demon Heads.

S Gate.

Room of Faces and Deadly Pillars, Second Mystery Hand.

Take a right into the next room. Go left and jump to the left hand pillar (Careful! Only the pillars not in straight sight of any face are safe), turn left a bit and jump to the one at the wall, hop to the next and then turn right and run jump to grab the one straight W. No more safe pillars in this corner, run jump and grab the one left of the passage SW, shimmy around to get into the passage.

Turn around and run jump out right with a sharp right curve so you can grab the pillar with the pedestal and get the Second Mystery Hand, stand jump and grab back to the pillar W and shimmy around to the passage again. A door opened here when you took the Hand. When you go in, a flyby takes over. Boy, this place gives me the creeps!

Scare Crow Puzzle, the Meat Pantry Key.

Go straight through this corridor then through an opening ahead and right up the staircase the flyby wouldn’t really show. Hanging on a chain on the right is a small medipack.

At the end of the staircase take a right into a room with a skeleton having problems of his own; pass the skeleton to the right, then first left and in the next room to the right is a Demon head lever under the statue. It will open the next gate, but first go to the scarecrow in the middle of the room. You have to shoot that gem from under it and it is impossible from here. Go back to the room with the skeleton being toasted and walk a bit into the water, shoot the grate and go in the water to a gap in the wall, turn left and shoot the Gem through that gap. The scarecrow will move aside. Climb out through the gap.

Go to the room of the scarecrow and up a slope on the right is a lever that is disguised as a Ram’s Head and the gate opens.

Go in and to the right in the back and find a push block on the left, pull it out and into the room with the scarecrows. Move it against the fence opposite the scarecrow you moved and climb onto the block. Reach through the grate to get the Meat Pantry Key.

Optional for a Secret:  Go to the statue right of the Ram’s Head lever you used and grab the Mystery Key from its mouth, go into the room where you got the block from and straight to pull the cross from the wall, get the Flares from under it and then push the cross down into the lower room left (S). Move it next to the trapdoor (right hand side) and a face goes up to reveal a keyhole. Use the Mystery Key you just found and open the trapdoor. Drop down, grab Secret #5, the Golden Rose from the table with the dead body, well… dead… Go to the back of the room and use the lever there to open the exit door. Go through the passage and you are back in the corridors. Go right around to the Meat Section.

Smelly Meat, Sneaky Spider, go use the Mystery Hands

This route is without the Secret, starting in the scare crow room: Take the Key back through the room with the burning skeleton to the staircase, go down and loop left around into another section. In the back is the door to the Meat Pantry, open it and pull that cage twice to climb up to a piece of Smelly Meat (don’t ask me what kind). Go out and back to the corridor, straight through one of the triangular openings (N) and shoot the grate there. Before going in, notice the Spider, go left of the grate you shot and place the Smelly Meat in the hole in the wall. The Spider will go for it, now you can safely go through the opening where the grate was.

Stay on the left and grab the small medipack from a spider web. Then go all the way through another crevice to the last cave and crawl to the left under the overhang. Climb the ladder there and come to a slide with Knife traps. Stand right and a bit back, hop over the first and keep jumping to get to the walkway over a pit to the Hall with the Demon Heads. Go right.

Left and right of the grand staircase are two corpses with holes in the middle, place the two Mystery Hands there. Go up the grand staircase and through the gate to an outside area.

The Castle Grounds.

After the flyby, DO NOT push the block you find on the right on a ledge, because you have to get behind it.

Let’s do a test run as we need to go this same route in a timed run later: Sprint through the lake, out the other side, run to the left side of the next pit and jump to the grey block (on the left), slide and jump a bit right so you can slide off and jump to grab the other side. Go shimmy left and back flip again to a slanted block, slide a bit and jump to grab the edge of the pit.

Left is a closed gate we have to open. So go right and to another pit, stand left and jump to grab the rock ridge, shimmy to the right as far as possible. Pull up and back flip roll curving hard left to land on the ground. Go W to a big rock and careful as a boulder falls just after that! Look up left and spot a Gate we have to reach in a Timed run later. Now push the boulder to that statue W and it will fall into a hole, disabling the spikes there, turn around and drop in. Inside on the left is the Revolver. On the other side of this place is the Revolver ammo, get back out of here.

Turn left and hop onto the ledge at a push block, pull it once and go back out, go back towards that pit E and between the sloped blocks to the left is an opening you can pull up in, slide to the area behind the lake, go left through the lake, and up left to where the push block is.

Timed Run for the Gate.

Turn left and save at the Timed lever. The lever opens a gate in the other valley (where the boulder was). Take the first route you did, sprinting through the red lake, over the pit and right to the other pit, shimmy and back flip to get to the ground, sprint W and hop to the right onto the ledge of the push block. Roll and side flip left onto the steep mound, jump and grab the grating. Go straight into the gate quick and save again (savegame.4 - Video).

Follow the passage and when back at the grated ceiling, slide down a little bit and jump to grab that ceiling. Loop around to the right and use that jump lever there to open the gate at the lake valley. Turn around and climb back through the shortcut slide (N). Once again go right and over the pit and then left through the gate.

The Black Rose, Final Battle.

Go to the far end of the place and grab that Black Rose from the tree, two hydra’s come alive and also the Giant Head with green eyes. You have to kill the hydras and avoid those green rays of the Giant Head. Best was to jump behind one of the sloped side walls (there is a Medipack behind the one N, NW corner) and go as close to the hydra as possible, standing behind that wall. When he tilts his head back with fire in its mouth, jump up and shoot, the only time you can hurt it (draw blood). You have some Revolver ammo, but you’ll have to divide it between the two enemies and do the rest with pistols.

After killing the hydras the Giant Head will drop too. Go out the opened gates he was guarding and up the slopes to end the level.

G&D- Sept 04-2014