Emerald Dreams.

Levels by George MacIver.

Walkthrough by G&D productions.

The Thylmedykes are back! You must destroy them!

1: Dreams.

Go towards the pool and take a right.

Detour for a Secret: Shoot the tongue in the lions head on the wall and then go to the other side and do the same. The door in the E wall opens. Go in and jump over the pit, walk over the bridge and grab Secret #1, a Secret Dragon. Go back over the bridge and the pit and to the pool.

The Ruby Key. 

Jump over to the opening W and be careful with the spikes. Go to the gate and it will open up. Go through and notice the pedestal with the glass cover left. Go over the bridge, up the stairs to a big lake. Go over the next bridge and jump to the island on the right (N) and grab the Ruby Key. 

The Castle Key.

Jump back to the bridge and in the middle go to the left (S) and at the end go left at the Gem receptacle (for a different Key). Jump through the gap between the statue and the hill and go right around to jump up in an opening in the rock. Use the Ruby Key there to open the door. Across the bridge inside is a lever lifting the glass cover on the Thistle pedestal you saw before. So return to the large cave with the cross bridge and take a right at the crossing in the middle (E), follow straight, down the steps over the next bridge and get the Castle Key on the right. Go back to the area with the four bridges and take the right side (N) bridge at the crossing in the big cave. Here you can use the Castle key. Enter and go straight to another door.

2: Emerald Castle.

Go straight through the room with the three pedestals, into a corridor and take a right, jump in the water and swim through the opening at the back and up. Climb out and get the Medipack. Back to the water and out of this pool, go to the right into the corridor and at the end left, down the steps to a big pit. Jump to the ledge on the left side, then take a running jump to the one with the flame, grab the edge and shimmy to the back and drop down on a trapdoor.

Face N and run off onto a block in the deadly water. Turn right and jump to the trapdoors, the middle one will crumble, and go right into the alcove.  Use the switch and the trapdoors on the W wall, one is now changed to an elevator. I jumped back to the block and then to the trapdoor on the opposite wall, onto the elevator and then face S, when it is up jump/grab the ledge.

Jump over the pillar where the flame has gone and make your way to the back (N). There is another switch (spikes retract) and now you can make your way back to the entrance. Go up the steps and straight to more steps up. Jump over the deadly water (de-activated spike trap) and at the next pool take a running jump with a slight curve to the right.

On the left and right are two reach-in holes, as well as on the other side of the pool. This opens the door on the E wall. But first go to the opening S and get a Medipack. You could shoot the lion head W of the pool, but it will only start a fountain.

First Dragon Key.

Go into the open door E and avoid the spikes, to the right you can find Flares, and when you get to a small slope, look up and see a spiked boulder. Run down and to the left to avoid it, watch out there are popping up spikes in that passage.

At the end drop down and use the switch. A gate in a pool opens, climb back up and at the intersection look left, shoot the spiked ball and immediately side flip so you won’t be killed by the blast. Follow though and you end up at the pool with the open underwater gate that is on the right (S). Swim in and up, climb out and use the switch on the wall (S). Watch the flyby, a block will also rise in the room with the three pedestals.

Swim back and get out straight ahead, go to the right into the corridor and get Dragon Key #1 from the first room.

Second Dragon Key. 

Turn around and climb the block that appeared N and jump to the ledge. Go up the slope, watch out for the spiked boulders. In the next room the guide (Emissary) is waiting. You can shoot the Beast on a ledge above (S side).

Go to the S wall and left are cracks in the plants so you can get up to the ledge where the Beast was. Jump up twice and use the switch you see there. Go to the right and shimmy along the roof to the next ledge and use the switch there as well.

The doors downstairs open up (N), safety drop down and enter.

Timed Blocks.

Go up the stairs and to the right, into the opening there and then to the left up the steps. A Beast guards this place, go down the steps and loop around to the left to find a TIMED switch.

This lowers a block way back, so side flip and run/jump straight (S) and watch out for the spikes at the end. Around the corner on the right is another TIMED switch this lowers a block on the wall to your left plus another one at the wall on your left at the next balcony (SW). Jump over the balustrade and get to it as soon as possible. Shoot the spiked boulder and avoid being blown up and get into that passage. Go to the pool and swim to the other side and use the TIMED switch to the right (NE).  

Jump back into the water, up the steps and go straight (S) at the T crossing go left, then to the other side of the room (E), take a left, up some steps, straight and down some steps and in the next room again take a left where a block lowered in the passage. Go up the stairs and then go to the left at the doors we have to open. Follow through and use the TIMED switch, roll and go back, at the doors go straight and at the end is another switch you have to use before the flames come back. Go back and now the double door is open. 

Over the Roofs.

Go up and when you get to the big hall, turn around and hang, let go and grab, shimmy left and pull up, use the switch to lower a block above you. Then shimmy back and use the ledge-up jump. That lowered block is to the left.

Go there and jump on it, face N and hang from the block, then do a ledge-up jump. Climb up onto the roof and go to the end, jump into the opening there and over the waterhole. Use the switch there, get back and down. Jump onto the elevator tile and once you are high up, jump to grab the monkey swing. Swing over and drop from the end onto a block below. Go over the roof, onto another block and then into the opening on the right. Use the switch in there; watch the flyby and then go out, to the front, safety drop down to the ledge below and jump into the pool.   

Leave through the S arch and again a jump in the water (or get to the ground floor using the block left). Get out and get Dragon Key #2.

Dragon Key #3, Spike Balls and Wraiths.

When you pick up the second Key, a gate opens nearby. Go to the W wall and around the corner on the left use the ledge-jumps to get up, then back-jump to the roof and shimmy to the right into the opening. Go straight and find a spiked boulder on the right side. Stand well back and shoot it. Go in that passage, take a right and around the corners is another spiked ball you need to shoot.

Three wraiths show up, run back out and to the right and stand near the pit to get rid of them. Back to the passage and follow through and find another spiked ball. After shooting it, lead the wraiths to the pit and reverse your steps

Lava Jumps.

Use the switch in the last room to flood the wraith pit. Go back to the pit and jump in the water. Use the underwater lever on the left (E) wall, then get out of the pool. Go N and find the first open gate on the right (red light). Jump over and slide, jump a couple of times over deadly pits and use the switch at the end. Roll and jump back on the slope and slide/jump the slopes to get to the entrance and go to the pool to get rid of the wraiths.

Go N and this time a gate on the left opened up, shoot the lions tongue (you’ll hear a faint rumble) and the gate behind you opened. Shoot the Beasts and go straight to the back wall and use the switch here. More wraiths are set loose; lure them again to the pool. Turn around and now you can jump up the block in the central room because the spikes are gone (N). Jump up facing S and there are 4 trigger tiles here.

Go right around the room, triggering blocks and pick up the Flares, a small Medipack, more Flares, and finally another small Medipack and see the cover on the last pedestal go down. Get down to the ground floor. You could leave N

Or: you can make a detour for another Secret now. Go back into the left hand opening W, to the second room and to the right hand wall (N). Get into the crawlspace and go to where you see the green pool below, hang from the edge and shimmy right. Pull up and follow that passage, you’ve been here before, but then the blocks didn’t lower. Go straight, use the monkey climb to cross the corridor and follow through. Drop down, shoot the beast and get Secret #2, a Secret Dragon. Climb the ladder left and go back to the monkey climb, just drop down into the corridor and go E to get the next Dragon Key #3.

Go to the opening N (left of the balcony) and place the Gems you have. Then jump into the open door (N) and slide down into the next level.

1: Dreams second time.

Watch the flyby, you are back at the lake with the 4 bridges. Go over the bridge and in the middle take a right (W) and get to the next level.

3: Emerald Lake.

First we’ll make a tour of the place using switches.

Turn right and jump up the walkway there to the end. Look down at the lake and jump on that ledge, use the switch (#1) and see a spiked ball falling through a trapdoor (for Key #3).

Go back to the start and take the bridge there (S). Keep going sort of straight and then take a right just before the central Tower with the fires. Go straight and at the NW tower go left around the pillar to use the switch (#2) raising a high block.

Go back to the bridge and take a right, and just keep following the bridges to the tower with the 4 pillars (SW).

Hop down on a lower ledge W between the pillars, use the switch (#3) there, raising a trapdoor. Climb up and go straight, jump over to the broken bridge E, take a left, walk straight to the end of the stone ledge, jump down for another switch (#3) raising a lower block.

Hop back up and left over the bridge, pass the crossing and stop just before the next island with the tower and a rock against the pillar. Jump (NE) to the corner left and down to use switch (#4). Jump back to the bridge and take a right, next crossing right again and go through the central tower

Collecting the Dragon Keys.

Now we have to go to the NW Island. Go to the back and climb the ladder through the trapdoor opened with switch 4. Jump over to the SE and jump down SE, shimmy around to the opposite (SE) corner. Jump over to the ledge with the emitter and stand in the corner, take a run-jump straight and grab the roof, shimmy right, pull up and turn around then another jump to the next roof and shimmy to the back. Climb up the ladder, and around to the right to drop to the ledge. Shoot the Beast E from here.

Timed Burner and Trapdoors.

Jump to the platform (E) and save before you use the Timed switch in the back. Pull it when the emitter (N) starts to blow. Turn right and take a running jump/grab to the emitter and from there to the roof. There is a trapdoor in the NW corner so you can jump to the trapdoor at the next roof.

Jump to the top and get Dragon Key #1. Face S and drop onto a wooden platform. Drop down and climb down the ladder.

Go over the bridge (E) and make your way to the SW tower. Once there go to the pillar in the SW corner and behind it, there is a crack, grab it and jump up higher. Jump the pillars and at the last corner is an elevator, get on it. Turn to the right and run-jump to the next ledge (W). Get the Medipack, turn around and make your way to the Gem you see a bit further (E). Grab Dragon Key #2.

Jump back and hang from the edge where the elevator is and drop/grab to get on it. Then jump to the pillar and make you way to the ground floor. Looking to the E you can see the next Dragon Key high up, so make your way there. It is the island with the higher rock ledge next to the pillar (fore last island).

Climb the ladder (E side) and get on the ledge, run jump and grab the ledge on the pillar E, shimmy to a safe corner (right hand side) and hop over the spike trap to the back. Climb the ladder a bit and make your way up the pillar by going around and up where possible. On top turn right or left and slide backwards down a sloped side and shimmy to a W side corner. Run jump with a curve over to grab the pillar W and jump to the top for Dragon Key #3. Go back to the bridges the same way you came here and go to the E.

Turn left over the bridges to the N, via the building with the spikes to the house structure N and once in take the first opening on the right.

Turn facing NW and back flip onto the sloped side, jump with a curve to the left and grab the ladder. On the top go to the other side and where the Emissary is, go in and use the switch (#5) to lower a block in the building below. Go to the N or S side, run onto the sloped lower part in the ledge, grab the edge as you slide off and safety drop to the entrance of the building.  

In the W wall the left hand opening on the opposite structure is where that block went down when you used switch #5.

Jump to the flat part of the pillar in the lake and hop over the slanted corner to the next flat part, one more jump over the corner and climb the ladder there. Climb right around the corner and drop to the ledge. Around the pillar on the N side is a Timed switch raising 2 trapdoors (E) so you can reach the roof of the building E. Climb to the top and grab Dragon Key #4.

Detour for a Secret: Drop down the E side twice and slide down to the ledge where the ladder is. Go to the SE corner, look down and spot a sloped block just next to the ladder. Slide down the left side of it and jump with a left curve, with Ctrl in the end you’ll end up on the ledge along the E wall. Go right and pick up Secret #3, a Secret Dragon. Go further over the ledge to grab a Medipack and turn around. Go all the way to the other end where a block will go down.

Use the Dragon Keys. 

Follow this ledge; take the second bridge left to the central Tower. Right and left you can see the receptacles for the Dragon Keys, shoot the black fences and jump into each side to place two keys to raise two trapdoors and lower two others. Watch out for those nasty oil lamps though…

The Two Spirit Hands.

Go S through the building, over the next island and climb the blocks left of the pillar (switch #2 and 3), grab up to the ledge on the pillar and climb the ladder on the S side through an open trapdoor (opened by a Dragon Key). On top is the Spirit Hand #1.

Climb back down, go to the N side of the ledge and time the spikes to run jump to the trapdoor on the central building (raised by a Dragon Key). Stand left and jump up to the ledge between the sloped blocks. Go forward and jump up left for a Medipack. Go back on the lower ledge and look down the right hand N side to spot another trapdoor (raised by a Dragon key). Hop down on it and jump over to the ledge N. Climb the ladder through an open trapdoor (opened by a Dragon Key). Get the Spirit Hand # 2.

Use the Hands, the Dreams.

Climb down the ladder and either stand on the SW corner to safety drop down to the island losing some health or make your way back over the central building to the far S pillar and climb down there (the spikes are deactivated).

Go to the E and to that building with the spikes and the two corpses without hearts, place the two Hands in the holes and watch the cut scene. Go to the building N and take the Dreams from the pedestal. The exit opened up, so we’re done here. Go N to the entrance ledge, left and look for the open door on the right. Slide down… 

1: Dreams third time.

Go to the crossing of the bridges and take the right hand side (S).

Place the Dreams straight ahead. Turn right and go to the corner where a block lowered (SW). Follow through and find the Emissary.

Emissary: The Thylmedykes must be destroyed. I will guide you to them.

Lara: Exellent!

Emissary: Follow me through the dark cave and you will be save.

Go inside and follow your guide once he comes in. Watch out for the pits in that dark cave. Wait for him to open the door for you.

Emissary: Find the Thylmedykes and destroy them!

4: Emerald Eyes.

All Preparations to get the Revolver.

Go left around the pool and through the arch S, in the next room go left into the first part of the pool in the next room and find a tunnel in the far right hand corner in the water (SW), follow through and when you come to the next room, swim with a U-turn on the right into the next tunnel. Swim in and go left and climb out into a room with pillars. The pillar next to the pool (W) has a crack you can use to get on top of it, pull up in a corner though.

Turn and hop to the floor (W) where you can see a structure with a Revolver inside. Go to the other end of the room (SE) and jump over (E) to the second pillar from the right. Save at the Timed switch and use it, side flip left 3 times and use the switch there to open a gate, side flip right before the burner starts again. Go to the gate you opened in the SW corner.

Go right around the corner and climb the block, stand back in the corner of the walls and run jump onto that sloped block SW. Just slide a little bit and jump to grab the top of the next block. Jump into the alcove ahead (S). Use the switch to stop a burner in the other end of the room. Sidestep right to the edge of the alcove and roll. Stand jump and grab the crack (NE) next to the alcove. Shimmy all the way left passing a burner to the alcove where the burner was before, Use the switch to raise a block in the other end of the room.

Choose your path, either run jump a bit right to grab the crack in the dark pillar (SW) or shimmy back, just past the burner ledge and jump back (down key) to grab the crack in the dark pillar. Go left around and jump back to grab the top of the raised block. Turn left (E) and jump to the opening, go left around and then stand jump and grab the burner ledge. Pull up in the outer corner and stand jump to grab the crawlspace in the N wall. Jump straight up to the alcove above and turn around to jump onto the slanted pillar right, grab the edge as you slide off and jump back (down key) to grab another alcove. Go right, and jump to grab the crack in the opposite corner of the room, go left to an alcove with a switch that will open a door on ground floor. Hop down into that pit with water, turn around and climb out in front of the open door (S).

In the lava rooms go right through the opening and jump to the right into that alcove over the lava, use the crack to shimmy around to pull up in the next alcove. Jump with a curve down into the next and run out with a curve to grab the crack left of the opening or the opening itself W. Left around the corner up a ladder and off to the right, Drop down the other end and go to the lava pool, jump over to get to the alcove with the Medipack and jump back. Go through to the left (W) and then take a right, at the burners and spikes wait till the first two are down and run left over the burner tiles to a safe tile between the spikes. Time the third burner and get through.

Torch Puzzle, raise the block for the Revolver.

In the next room go to that gate left and it will open up, go through and drop into a room with a Torch puzzle.

In this part of the room are two constant burning flames, go through to the next part E, two burners going high. Pick up a small Medipack from the pedestal right and a Torch from the pedestal left. Go to one of the burners here and carefully ignite the Torch, go back to the other end of the room (W) and ignite the two burners there so they will also start burning high. You can drop the Torch. A block went down on the pillar near the entrance ledge (SW), another block went up in that same corner on ground floor.

Get up onto that corner block and jump to the pillar with the lever and use it. Do a curved jump (SE) to get into the wider alcove and jump to the second pillar with lever. Throw that and hop into the opening of the wall (E). Look up left on the other side and jump to grab the monkey bars, go left around and drop to grab the opening there. Hop onto the next pillar and shimmy around to pull up in the corner where you can use the third lever. Use the alcoves NW to get to the last pillar and use the lever; you’ll see a block go up. That’s to get the Revolver.

Drop down, go E to he other end of the room and through the now open gates, jump over a pit to come to the green pool in the first room. To the right on a pedestal is some Revolver ammo, then turn around and go right around the wall to get to the tunnel you swam into before, do that again. In the next room the U-turn right again and in that tunnel (where you went left before), go straight to the back and climb out. Climb the block in the next part and grab up to the ledge in the structure where you can get the Revolver.

A Dragon Key.

Swim back and go up into the pool, straight ahead into the second pool and find a tunnel in the right hand side, follow through. In the next room you can find a Dragon Key on top of the tunnel on a pedestal and 4 receptacles for the Secrets you found. Well, one is missing so you’ll have to come back here later if you want all secrets. Swim back through the tunnel and jump into the other pool and swim to the first room.

Use the Dragon Key, a Labyrinth for the Laser Sight.

Go through the arch NW (the one on the right (N)) and left is the receptacle for the Dragon Key. Follow through to the Labyrinth; we won’t mention where you have to use Ctrl to get into openings with a low ceiling, you can judge the jump yourself.

Jump over to the right (N), then left and spot a lever in the distance, you can also see a Beast there; you can shoot it from here with pistols if you turn Lara in that direction. Turn around (E) and now drop down to a lower ledge between the ones you jumped. Turn N and jump to the next, then jump to the dark corner alcove NE to get Revolver ammo and a small Medipack.

Jump back and now jump to one of the alcoves SW. Jump NW into the wider alcove and get Revolver ammo and a small Medipack. Now jump into the passage NE, get ready to battle a Beast and proceed over two spike traps to the end and right around the corner into the next passage where another Beast will attack. Go to the end (S) and hang from the edge of the floor, drop and grab the crawlspace and follow through to Secret #4, a Secret Dragon.

Get back to the lava pool, hang out and jump up to the floor again.

Jump to the ledge E and then left into the opening, follow the ledges to a gap in a wall with a ladder left. Climb up, back flip to the ledge behind you and turn around to get a small Medipack from an alcove E. Jump back and then jump to the ledge S, onwards to grab the alcove S and jump to pick up Flares from the next ledge, jump back and turn left, hop around the corner and then time the spikes to get to the ledges NW. Follow the higher ledges around right and hop onto the pillar with the lever, shimmy to pull up in the corner where you can use the lever and see a block go down nearby (SE). Jump in there with a curve and at that moment a trapdoor will go up NE.  

You’ll have to jump SE and then left (N) to get to that trapdoor and from there to the ledges NE. Jump to the ledge NE and follow through to jump over a gap and get the Laser Sight. A block lowers somewhere. Jump back over the gap and follow to the end of the passage, look S and spot the lowered block around the corner left. Run jump and grab that ledge. Hop S and S again where you can go left into the passage back to the green pools.

Optional Detour: Now you could go for the final secret, go right and through the arch, left and then into the pool, swim through the tunnel. Climb out in the next room, go to the next pool (E) and into the tunnel right. Follow through to the room where you got that red gem and place the 4 Secret Dragons in the Dragon Heads. The gate opens S, go through and grab Secret #5, Secret Gold. Swim back to the first room and NW through the arch to the room where the gate to the Labyrinth is.

Kill the Giant Head, the Thistle. 

Go through the arches N and in the far right of the room with a pit (left) are two spike balls on the stairs on the right (E), shoot them from a safe distance and go up the stairs after they dropped into the pit. Go up the stairs and just before a slide down into a room, Save!

Equip the revolver with the sight and slide down, duck behind that greenish block and use tactics to shoot the emerald eyes out of the Giant head. Let him fire his blots and then stand up while he is recharging, shoot the eyes.

Pick up the Thistle and go back to the room with the pit.

Final Battle; Kill the Thylmedykes.

Take a right up the N stairs and use the Thistle around the corner. Go through and right around the pool to the gate SE. Save before entering the next room and better concentrate on shooting the two Beasts first while jumping around. Then go for the Thylmedyke and shoot the other 3 too. There is Revolver ammo on a pedestal in the back and a Medipack on another pedestal. Two of the Thylmedykes drop more Revolver ammo and the last one a Dragon Key.

Go to the ladder NW and climb up to the wall, go over the top to the other side and place the Dragon Key to open a trapdoor. Climb back on the higher part and up the ladder (face W). Off to the left, go through the passage to meet the Emissary again. 

Emissary: You did it! You destroyed the Thylmedykes!

Lara: No problem

Emissary: If they return I will call on your services again Miss Croft.

Lara: That’s great. Right, let’s go and play outside…

End of the adventure

G&D, August 13-2014.