Skribblerz Stones V. In order of appearance.

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The Lost World

Temple LaRochelle

Skull Island

Dhama’s Rest

Trials of Amojan

The Lost World.

Level by Lakota

Walkthrough by G&D Productions

3 Secrets. You already have a Shotgun in your inventory.

Shoot the snake that comes for you; then go to the pool on the right (N). Under the vase is a small medipack. Near the pool on the left is a Medipack (SW). Go to the W and on the left is a skeleton with a Revolver.

In the next room some small Dino’s try to bite you.

Go left (S) and use the lever on the left wall, this opens the door ahead. Slide down and wade through, climb the ladder, and shoot the vase on the left for some Shotgun ammo. Go down some steps W and safety drop to the ground floor in a spot without spikes. Two Black Raptors appear, so kill them.

First go straight (W) and down into the hole in the floor on the left. Follow through and get a Secret #1, a Medipack, Revolver- and Shotgun ammo.

Go back out to the ground floor and through the open door NE. Climb up and shoot the vase for some Revolver ammo. The skeleton left a Laser Sight, so pick that up as well.

Shoot the green gem on the N wall and climb the pole that will appear. Back flip and use the lever N. Turn and jump in the open door on the left (E). Follow through and jump the ledges to the other side, pick up the Medipack there.

Then climb the block on the other side and use the lever. Now jump the other ledges to the other side and up the block. Use the beam (tightrope) to traverse yet again to the other side.

Jump down and shoot the Brown Raptor, under a vase NW is Shotgun ammo. Stand facing W and open the trapdoor in the middle of the room. Follow through and jump to the swing pole, swing a few times and release Ctrl to jump off, then grab the crack and shimmy to the left.

Climb up the ladder and grab the monkey swing and get to the corner on the right so you can flip the lever. Turn to the right and now you can jump to the pillar as the fire is out. Turn left and jump into the opening (E), and push the cage at the end down to the ground floor.

Then jump to the balcony down to the right (W) and enter the door that opens for you. Shoot some small Dino’s, and at the far end is a vase with Shotgun ammo.

Stand facing the emitter (S), back flip onto the slope behind you and grab the monkey climb. Let go at the end and use the Timed lever there. Roll, run out and to the other side and jump over the slope up to the lever. Flip it and immediately jump up and grab the monkey swing and use it to get out.

The door in the SE corner opened and at the end jump over to a ledge. Use the crack and shimmy to the left, at the end you can back flip/roll and grab the next crack. Again shimmy but now to the right and again a back flip/roll to grab yet another crack. At the end of the shimmy crawl in and go straight (you can ignore the first right) and go around some corners. Then climb down to the right and get Secret #2, a Medipack and Shotgun ammo.

Get back to where you got down (E) and go straight and roll out. Shoot two Red Raptors and under a vase in the SW corner is Shotgun ammo.

Behind each flaming bowl (N and S) is a ladder to get to the first floor. From either ladder go W and find three passages near that green light. On the upper floor is a block with 3 anchors we have to release in random order.

N side, Dig a Hole.

Go in the opening a bit to the left and shoot two Brown Raptors in the pit below. Lower yourself into the pit and pick up the Shovel near the skeleton.  

In the E wall is an opening, crawl through and in the end roll out (Alt).

Lara: “Poor guy, he started digging before being attacked by those Raptors”

Go to the hole and Lara starts digging, go in to the opening you created and jump on the block. Grab up to the higher ledge; shoot a vase for Revolver ammo and climb into the opening S.

Lara: “Too much bodies in here! I should take a long jump.”

So take a running jump and get quickly out of the toxic water. Jump up into the opening and at the corner passage you can get a Medipack from a block. Continue and then up some steps either left or right. Walk out onto the W ledge and spot a rolling bridge at the other side. Shoot the gong (just above the bridge) to let the rolling bridge down and use the lever straight ahead after crossing the bridge, one anchor released.

Climb down in the opening in the back and in the next room use the green light to get transported back.

S side, Fire and Spikes!

Follow through, jump down and you get to a push puzzle the blood spatter will tell you which spike tiles to use or not.

Push the block to the NW and then to the SE on the two “safe” trigger tiles.

A block goes up (E), climb it and use the cracks to get to the other side. Go in and kill the Anaconda, follow through all the way. On the left is a sloped pillar, back flip and get onto the one in the corner.

Grab the next block on the right and hoist up. Take a running jump and grab the ledge on the other side between the fire pots.

“Timed” Burner Jumps.

In the next room get the small medipack in the corner and continue to the next room.

Take a running jump to the block (along the right side -N) with emitters and hoist up in a corner. Time the emitter and run jump to the next and grab again the edge. Hoist up in the corner and time the fire to get to the other side.

OR: dive into the water, swim to the deeper part in the back and use the underwater lever, the burners will be off for 24 seconds, just enough time to swim back and jump over the blocks to the ledge across the pool.

Climb up to the right, jump over to the bridge where spiked beams are swinging and get through them to get to the E wall.

Use both levers (E releases another anchor and W opens the exit) and shoot the vase for Shotgun ammo. Go out and left and jump over the balustrade, then take a stand jump plus grab to the next and into the open door straight ahead. Go through the corridor and at the end jump down and slide backwards down holding Ctrl and leave the place by jumping into the green light.

W Side, .

Go straight (W) and at the intersection take a left, and under a vase at the SE corner is some Shotgun ammo.

Push the rolling ball down; it will hit a trigger tile. Turn around and get up through the trapdoor. Get the Revolver ammo from under a vase and shoot the Anaconda.

Go further (N) and avoid the swinging spikes (walk slow and hop back when it moves). Then you can pass through safely. Use the lever on the left (W) for the last anchor and shoot the vase on the left around the corner a bit further for Shotgun ammo.

Jump over and climb down the ladder and jump/roll to grab the opening. Follow through and slide down and jump into the green light.

Go to the side (NE or NW) and climb up to the upper floor and jump to the block and push it to the W off the floor. Make your way down to the block and push it E onto the trigger tile (or push it off to the E so it lands directly on the trigger tile).

Climb on top so you can jump in the open door.

The Caves, the Stone of the Snake.

Around the corner on the right is a vase with Shotgun ammo. Continue down through a tunnel and at the Cave Lake, ignore the kayak for now.

Swim N and down into a hole in the bottom, down there swim E and get Secret #3, Revolver ammo left, a Medipack right and Shotgun ammo in the middle, swim back to the kayak.

Start kayaking N (arrow keys) and later on, time the Puff burners to get through (you can’t do this without kayak due to the many Piranhas). At the wooden bridge get out (Shift/left or right) and get onto dry land.

Go over the bride and the door opens; shoot some small Dino’s and a vase (NE) for Shotgun ammo. Get the Stone of the Snake from the pedestal and then kill the Red Raptor.

Leave through an open door NW and slide down.

Lara: “Goddamn, it!... Indy’s hat”

Back flip onto the slope, jump and grab the monkey swing to get over the mud pool. Follow through and shoot another Anaconda.

Jump over to the small balcony and climb down the ladder. Jump to the ledge on the left (E), grab the edge of the slope, slide and jump to grab the next ledge. Use the jump lever there to re-tract spikes. Turn right and use the beam to cross over.

The Second Stone of Snakes.

Go down the ladder on the right to the ledge where the spikes went down. Then take a running jump to the ledge SE. Safety drop down the floor and grab the Second Stone of the Snake. Kill the Black Raptors then go to the S wall where a statue moved aside and pull out a block twice. Climb on top and hoist up to the ledge. Climb the ladder, follow that passage and place the two Stones at their receptacles near the door.

Inside grab the Skribblerz Stone and the level ends.

G&D - Jan.31-2014

Temple LaRochelle.

Level by George Maciver

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

1 Secret.

In the right (NE) corner of this first room is a Medipack (red flower), go through to the next hall and just left around the corner is a small medipack (green herb). Go up into the alcove on the left (W) and shoot the two Green Hags after you picked up the Revolver left around the corner (you have to be quick). In the other corner (NE) is a lever opening the next door in the hall, go through.


In this hall you have to jump onto or over the spike ledges to activate the 4 triggers (no need to touch the tile) opening the doors N. SE is the Shotgun and NW some Ammo for it. Go up the steep sloped passage and shoot the two Green Hags. 

Teleport Pool. 

Take a dive down into the pool below and find a Medipack E, climb out and go to one of the light spheres in the corner of the room.

Yellow: You’ll end up on a balcony in the top of the room, use the lever (#1). Do a nice dive down.

Green: You’ll end up on another balcony in the top of the room; use the lever (#2). Do a nice dive down.

Red: You’ll end up on a balcony a few rooms back; use the lever (#3). Hop over the fence and make your way N.

Blue is a red herring…

An underwater door opened NE in the pool, swim through to a jungle room and grab the Revolver ammo next to the water. Then go through the opening E.

Grab a Medipack there and shoot two Green Hags when you proceed into the next room. To the S is Revolver ammo, then go into a passage NE, shoot more Green Hags and throw a lever (#1) in the back. Go to that Wall torch SW and to the right into another passage (NW) with a lever (#2), more Hags might appear and a door will open in the SW corner of the room.

You can lure the Green Hags back to the room where you climbed out of the pool before, they won’t pass the threshold of the opening there.

A Fire Stone.

In the next room you’ll bump into some steps, go around them and get a Gold Skull from an alcove behind some plants (W wall). Go out and loop around to the right and between some rubble is a small medipack. Now go right around the corner again and find a receptacle for a Gem. Grab up to a crack on the right (N), go right around the corner and pull up in the alcove to throw the lever there lowering a block at the fire pit SE, go there and jump to the ledge without getting burnt. Grab the Fire Stone and return to the SW corner with the receptacle.

The Gold Skull #2 and Bone Skull.

The Gem will lower a block where we go now, up the steps W and into the crawlspace, next to the ledge in the next passage is a whole series of traps on stairs below. You can choose to go down through the traps OR safety drop down to a safe tile below from near the crawlspace. Check the health and safety drop down; go get Gold Skull #2. Going back up you’ll have to time all the traps, when you climb up left at the end you are in the corner where that block lowered when you used the Stone. Go get the Bone Skull there.

1 More Gold Skull.

Go back through the crawlspace to the Hall. Go up a ramp at the wall opposite (E) and place the Bone Skull in the NE corner, a block goes up. Down the ramp and the block is in the S side of the hall, straight from the ramp. Hop on and jump into the alcove N, grab up N to the floor above and get Gold Skull #3.

For the Secret: Go to the small balcony SE where a flame went down under a lever and side flip over the balustrade to use the lever, a block goes down.

Jungle Valley.

Get down to the alcove and place the 3 Skulls under the alcove; a wall goes down behind Lara (S).

For the Secret: Go back NW to the room with the pool where you came in. In the corner on the right (SW) of the room is a hole in the floor where the block lowered. Climb down, up a ladder in the next room and get Secret #1, a Secret Dragon. Get back to the room with the Gold Skulls where you left off and go through the opening S.

Go up the passage, mind that pit and climb up at the end, slide down into a jungle area. Take a right and go up into a passage NW (in the same N wall) and in a room with a burner find a hole in the floor, drop down to the room below.

In this section and on a block with a green column NE is a lever flooding the place. Swim a bit to the S and then left into the next section and up through the hole in the ceiling, go into the passage and the block will lower. You see big doors sliding open. Slide down to the Jungle and head through the doors S.

Halls of LaRochelle.

It is possible to do this in a different order and along different routes, but this is how I think it was planned. There are some easier routes, but I didn’t want to spoil the fun of you finding them..


A Laser Sight and a Jungle Thistle.

A flyby will show some enormous Halls, watch closely to spot the balls you have to shoot. Walking into the hall you can see a Laser Sight on a pedestal in front of you. Before you jump there, take a jump to the right and get the Revolver ammo from a pedestal, which will re-appear when you’re out of ammo later.

Now jump back to the entrance ledge and to the pedestal to get the Laser Sight, because we need that. Now turn around and check the health, run out holding forward to land on a block way down. Turn around and jump into the alcove to get a Jungle Thistle #1. Jump back to the block and shoot some Green Hags that might have shown up (one was having fun in the nearby pool).

Jungle Thistle #2.

From Thistle 1, get down on the ground and go to the left (E) loop around that wall towards the N wall. Keep following the wall and find a Gem receptacle on a pillar. Facing E you can climb up a staircase, drop into the water in the middle of the staircase and get Jungle Thistle #2. Use the lever on the S wall and swim out through the lowered block.

A Useful Block and Jungle Thistle #3.

Swim SE and get out at some steps, go up and find a dark tile (block lowered), jump to the ledge on the structure W. From there jump into a lower alcove NW with Ctrl and jump to the left (S) into a passage in the structure. Run jump out and grab a slanted pillar, pull up over, slide and jump from the end to a ledge S, use the lever, something shakes and it’s that block going up at the steps E for later.

Turn right and grab the crack (W) and go right around corners into an alcove, turn around and jump to grab another crack, go right around and you can jump into the water under the grate to get Jungle Thistle #3.

The Revolver and a Fire Stone.

Swim out to the steps E and go up left, the raising block is up now. From the block you can grab up into the E section and get the Revolver and Fire Stone from a Pedestal at the wall.

Jungle Thistle #4.

Go to the SW corner and jump to a Medipack. Jump back to the ledge E and go left towards the N wall, jump W, back down to the ledge W and from there jump down into the lower alcove NW again. Go to the W end and jump SW, turn around and make another jump NW and pull up. Now climb up on the right to the ledge with the spikes. Stand close to the spikes and jump into the opening (S) and grab Jungle Thistle #4. That’s all of them.

Turn and jump back to the left of the spikes (no Ctrl) go left and get onto the floor there. It is the corner with the receptacle for the Fire Stone, so use it and a platform will activate on the pillar to the right of you.

Shooting Targets to Kill the Flames.

Now we need to find and shoot 4 Target balls to get rid of the burners at the Thistle receptacles. 3 are located in this lower section and one in the top of the room. Let’s do that one first because you might be out of Revolver ammo like me.

Step on the platform facing E and go up; run off at the upper floor. Go to the W and opposite the burning receptacles at is where you entered this place, on the pedestal a bit further you can get more Revolver ammo if you need it.

First Target Ball.

Then go all the way to the E side of this place and find the First Target ball behind the two green columns, shoot it.

Three More.

Get back to that elevator platform and down to the ground floor. From the platform go W and at the wall look up left for Target ball #2, go S and right around corners and come to the block where you landed on at the start, go left (W) a bit and look up left in a structure with 4 pillars. That’s Target ball #3, go straight S to the S side poolroom and look left to spot Target ball #4 in a block on the ceiling in the E part of that S pool room.

Place the Thistles, the Skribblerz Stone.

Go N from that last ball, then right at the N wall and take the platform back up. Go place the Thistles along the S wall near the door and turn around to go to that fancy pedestal opposite the door. Grab the Skribblerz Stone and the door will open, go through.

Special thanks to Gary LaRochelle, our TRLE teacher….

The level ends at the end of the passage.

G&D, Jan. 11-2014.


Skull Island.

Level by Aza. 

One Secret.

Lara falls into a lake.

Climb out on the left (W) at the stone slope and stand either left or right on the end and back flip and grab the ledge above. Get the Flares and walk to the left (N) side all the way to the end and into a passage. Around the corner is a lever, roll and go back a bit the way you came. Then go left again onto a roof and at the wall N is a Medipack in a small pit.

Go back to the stone path and down left onto a terrace with plants to get the Flares. Back onto the path and at the burning lamp (you saw when pulling the lever), jump up to the right (W) and hoist up (stand to the left) into a small passage. The gate there is open now. There are small dino’s below and a flying wasp (if you happen to fall down, take care of those and hop into the blue pit in the back to swim back to the canal and go back up as before).

Timed Jumps.

Look up right and spot a jump lever (it is timed), pull it, drop down and immediately jump up to a ledge.

Then a curved running jump to the left, another running jump left to the ledge against the wall. At the end a running jump to the slopes on the right, keep jumping to another ledge at the wall. Take a run jump left onto the ledge with the skeleton.

Watch out because if the emitter under this one is on, Lara will burn. Then run/jump straight to that opening and stop immediately once you inside.

Flip the lever and see a block going down. Now drop to the floor, shooting the small dino’s and go to the S side. Pick up a Medipack and Revolver ammo, jump into the blue pit and swim out and then to the left. Climb out at the stone slope and back flip again to the ledges up. Go to the other side (E) and jump to the wall there. To the left is that block that went down. To the right you can pick up some Flares.

Swimming with Spikes.

Then go in and jump in the water. Swim down and at a crossing you can get some air up at a breathing hole.

-Swim first to the left (E) and avoid the spikes, at the end use the underwater wall lever (#1) and swim back.

-Now swim S, again avoid spikes and immediately after the spikes swim up and use the underwater lever (#2).

-Swim down again, to the left (W) and up (another breathing hole) and use the lever (#3). Now swim back to the crossing, get air and now swim to the W side.

Swim through a couple of gates you just opened and at the crossing take a left (S) (the one straight (W) takes you to the lake again), swim up and through a third gate and down and in the underwater room swim to the opposite (SW) corner and up.

Turn around and climb out. Pick up the Medipack and watch the flyby.

Dark Tunnels, Cave of the T-Rex.

Dive into the river and swim into the opening under the stone slope (on the left (W)).

Lara gets sucked in and falls down a waterfall into a pool. Climb out to the S, kill the small dino’s and the Yeti.

Into the section S are some Flares, jump over the hole and hang from the edge, when the burner is down, drop let go and grab and quickly get in the crawlspace. Drop down at the other side and crawl in another crawlspace. Get onto the ladder and almost at the top, back flip.

Go to the cave and use the binoculars to spot the transparent ledge, a bit to the right.

Take a running jump to grab the ledge, turn right and hop to the wall grabbing a crack. Go right to the ledge with the burner and when it is down get into a corner and from there up onto the balcony. Use the reach-in switch opening a gate in the top of the cave.

Jump over the balcony into the water and swim to the other side of the pool (W). Get into a dark passage and at the corner, turn around and jump towards the ladder and climb up. Follow through and you are on the other side of the cave.

Take a right and get to the opening in the S wall.

Detour for the Secret: in the floor in front of the opened gate is a lower part in the floor, hang down there. Drop and grab the crack below, shimmy left to the Secret, a Medipack. Run jump down into the pool and make your way back up to go into the open gate S.

The Gate Key.

Get through the series of spikes and use the lever. Get back out and use the rope that hangs from the ceiling to swing onto the huge T-Rex head and collect the Gate Key.

The Inca Stone.

Jump in the pool and climb out at the NW corner and use the Gate Key to lower the wall. Get in and jump over to a dark ledge. Walk right to the end and take a running jump with a bit of a left curve to end up on a stone pillar just around the corner.

Jump over to a crack (N) and shimmy all the way left around some corners till you can pull up. 

(If you by accident fall down on the ground floor, you can climb back up at the S wall where you came into this cave and get on the dark ledge on the right (W)).

Take a running jump over the waterhole and grab the end of the ledge. Slide down backwards, drop onto a flat ledge and turn around. Take a running jump to the ledge opposite (W). Turn to the right and again a running jump to the grey, slanted ledge NE. From there jump into the passage next to it and use the lever.

Drop down; kill the raptor and two small dino’s and go into the open Face doors and on the left is a wooden gate, stepping on the tile in front of it opens it. When you go in, two raptors and a flying stinging insect attack Lara. On the pedestal is an Inca Stone.

Go out and left at the end on the right you can use that Inca Stone. Turn around and see that a part of the wall is lowered. Go in and up the slope and at the end look through the binoculars and spot a jump lever. Take a running jump onto a slope, jump immediately again and grab the jump lever.

The Revolver.

Back on the ground floor go out and see that the wooden gate straight and a bit to the left is open now. Kill the yeti and grab the Revolver from the pedestal. Spikes near the N wall go down, get there and climb the wall almost to the top and back flip/roll to grab another ladder. Climb up to the ledge, go to the right and grab a crack, shimmy left around a corner and pull up into a steep passage.


Slide down, jump in the water and stay high or the current will take you, look for a tunnel W and swim left of that tunnel into the corner first (SW). In the end is a lever, use that to open a gate where we go next. Swim back and left around corners into the tunnel (W) and wade out of the water. To the left is some Revolver ammo in an alcove where you just opened the gate.

Then slide down and get your Revolver out, as the minute you touch the ground floor a T-Rex will start chasing Lara. Kill it with a belly shot from close by.

Afterwards go back to the slide and on the N side you can jump up into an indentation in the rocks and find a Gate Key that you can use at the gate (W). There’s also some Revolver ammo on the floor at the gate.

The Tower, 4 Block Puzzle.

Get in and drop down into the Tower Cave.

-Go left and find a push block in the corner (SE), pull it out and then move it N and into the Tower onto the marked tile.

-Turn around, spot the swing pole (E) and take a running jump from the rock left of it to the pole, swing and jump off, jump/roll and grab the ladder to climb up.

Get into the hidden passage on the right and follow to the end, watch out for the burner, turn left and avoid being burned when you stand up left at the push block.

Then push the block with the skulls twice so it drops down, then turn right and jump over to the ledge and crawl in for a small medipack.

-Go out onto the ledge and hang from the side to drop onto the ledge with the Torches (W). Grab a Torch and jump down to the statue left (S wall) to ignite the Torch. Go left of the statue to ignite the other wall torch and the statue explodes. Throw the Torch somewhere out of the way and pull out the block where the statue was. Move it left onto the marked tile left (E) and another block lowers (NW). Now move this block onto the tile in the Tower.

Do not forget to also place the block you pushed down to the ground floor (N wall) into its place.

-Last block NW, move it onto the last tile in the Tower and the block in the middle goes up.

Up the Tower, the Skribblerz Stone.

Climb on top of that block. Back flip onto the steep slope, jump and grab the ladder, turn and jump to the other side (S). Do that again and when you are on the N side, turn and climb out backwards and shimmy to the left around a corner and climb up the ladder. If you have a problem with Lara climbing onto the ladder, just let go and grab immediately and then she will grab it.

Climb off to the left and walk to the end (SW). A running jump gets you over to the next ledge N and climb up the ladder around the corner. Get to the statue and grab the Skribblerz Stone, which will end this adventure.

G&D- July 6-2014.


Dhama’s Rest.

Level by Dhama/George Maciver.

2 Secrets.

After watching the opening flyby, best turn right. Walk to the sloped floor and look up left where you can see a Beast trying to get into a gate, find a good spot to take care of him as we have to get onto that ledge soon.

Now head straight to the far away right hand corner (NW) and find a block you can climb on. Turn right and take two running jumps plus grab to get to a lever.

Pull it to open that gate on the ledge and safety-drop down. Go E and find a ladder on the back of the pillar opposite the ledge. Climb up to the third bar from the top and backflip with a roll to grab the edge of a ledge, go in and use the floor lever. Grab the Flares that are next to the lever. Get back to the ground floor and find the grate on the floor. A trapdoor has opened next to it. There is nothing else to do here at the moment, so drop into the water, way down below.

Water Hall.

To the W is a ceiling hatch we have to open first. So swim E and take a left (N); follow through a passage and swim up at the end where you can climb out. There are a small medipack and Flares on the floor there.

In the other end of the passage are some doors that open automatically and you’ll arrive at a poolroom.

Big Pool Room, open the Hatch.

Go to the far left corner (NE) and climb the ladder on the back of the pillar. There are two openings in the N wall and also two in the S wall. Go to one of the N openings and jump in, follow through. At the deadly pool find Flares, Shotgun ammo and a small medipack on the right hand side balcony.

Go to the NW corner and find a crack in the N wall, jump from the raised balcony to the crack and jump up the cracks 2 times. Shimmy right and jump up once more. Shimmy right again to the end then let go and grab a crack under Lara, do this twice in total. Again shimmy right and around the corner and then jump up, shimmy and up again. Shimmy then get down twice. Shimmy and up twice as well till you can drop onto a ledge.

Turn around and take a running jump (no grab) while timing the spikes and use the lever on the wall.

You’ll see a screenshot of the ceiling hatch, but a wraith is set loose also. So run down to the right onto the balcony, roll and get out (S). Take a left or right and jump out onto the roof and run into one of the openings of the roof to drop into the pool.

Go out at the W side and into the waterhole again. Swim out and then to the right. At the end is that ceiling hatch next to the pillar. Once out of the water climb up at the S side, use the lever and get in.

The Jungle Thistle.

Down some steps is a pool with a little maze in it.

Swim W and then make a U-turn left around the fence, swim into the corner SE and left (second opening), to the end watch out for the popping up spikes and take a sharp left at the spikes (W). Swim to the end and to the right around the corner to get Secret #1, a Jade Dragon at the end of that stretch. 

Best swim back to get some air.

From the air pocket go W and left, into the same corner again and (second) left, this time loop right around the corner at the spikes and follow through (SW).

In the next huge room take a left and swim all the way to the end (up over those ghost flames is an air pocket). Pick up the Jungle Thistle and swim back, get some air before you swim back to the labyrinth.

The Shotgun.

Once you swim through the opening to the labyrinth, take a left and in the end is the Shotgun with some Shotgun ammo. Roll, left around corners and loop left around the fence through the spikes, right around corner before the next spikes to the air pocket. Climb out and get back to the room with the red and green gate. Go out N and over the waterhole. Now jump up at the other side (the door closes).

Notice the wooden gate and go to the right fast –left is a trap- (E) around the corner and shoot the 2 Beasts and when you follow through to the green light where the gate opens up. Don’t go out, but roll and go back to the wooden gate that just opened. (In case you went out the green gate and it closed behind you; you are back near the lever. Just use the lever again, jump down N to get back through the gate N and now the wooden gate is open).

Jumping through the Water Hall, Jungle Thistle #2.

Follow through and at the end jump out to a ledge on the right (SW), then turn around and jump up the next one.

Hey… I like the look of this… To get to those really high places sometimes I'll need to climb and tap backwards. Let’s try that now…

Then turn right and face the wall (S), jump to that crack and start shimmying to the left. At the end, pull up. Turn to the wall opposite and jump to the crack, shimmy all the way to the end and there jump backwards (arrow down) to a ledge that leads into a passage.

Crack Gauntlet.

Run through to the end of the passage. Jump to the crack in front of you and jump two times higher and climb up. Turn around and safety drop down twice to the last crack and then jump backwards to get another crack. Drop down to the last crack near the deadly water and crawl in. Turn around, crawl out backwards and hang, then jump up twice, another backwards jump to a ledge where the fire has been extinguished.

Take a running jump to the next crack (the one under the fire) and drop down to the bottom, crawl in and get out backwards. Jump up to the top where the fire is now gone and now look up.

Jump to grab the slope ahead, pull up and back flip and then take a running jump to the ledge W. Again lower yourself on the other side and drop to grab the crack, back-jump with grab to get to a passage and run through this passage to the end.

Turn right and take a running jump with grab and one without to get to the next ledges.

Stand in the middle and take one step back then take a hop to a slope, jump immediately and jump again, grab the grassy slope and shimmy to the right. Back-flip or back jump to the next slope and again take a jump to end up a safe ledge.

Jump over (NE) to claim the Jungle Thistle #2.

Use the Thistles.

Just jump in the water below and swim into the passage (N). Go to the right to the pool and to the back pillar on the left (NE) and climb up onto the roof again.

Go to the S wall and use one of the openings there. Make your way to that island in the deadly pool and use the Thistles to open Gates.

Go back to the roof and jump through one of the holes, climb out of the pool and enter the open Gates E.

Hall with the Fountains of Blood.

Go in and watch the flyby, then go left and climb onto the last pillar base and turn around to jump into the opening of the wall (N). Use the lever and safety drop down. Turn right (E), go to the bluish pillar and pick up a small medipack from the block.

Jump around the corner and climb up the block you raised, hoist up to the blue pillar and shimmy to the corner before doing so, so you can use the lever properly. 

Turn around and take a running jump to the next block you raised (E) and grab up to the opening of the wall on the left. Use the crack, shimmy right and jump up, turn around and jump onto the first pillar.

Jump to the one straight ahead and grab the edge. DO NOT pull up but shimmy to the right around the corner and then a back jump to grab the small walkway. Use the floor lever to disable another set of spikes, then jump into the passage in the W wall.

In the next room spot a crack on the right and use it to get one higher, shimmy left to the end and back jump, curve hard right landing on a ledge next to a slope. Grab the Shotgun ammo. (Or grab the slope, slide over and jump to grab another crack. Back jump to the same slope and grab it to shimmy left to get to the ledge with the ammo). Use the cracks in the wall (W) to get up and then again a back jump to a slope, jump to the crack, back jump back to the slope and shimmy to the right where you can pick up a small medipack.

Then jump over the slope to the lever S and use it. More spikes are disabled. Use the ledges where the pickups were to get safely back to the floor.

Over the safe Pillars.

Then go back to the walkway, to the left (N) end and hang down from the opening in the fence, safety drop onto the block below. Turn right and use the block and crack in the N wall again to get back onto the first pillar. Turn left and jump to the pillar near the E wall, turn to the right and jump along the pillars to the end there. Go into the opening straight ahead (S) and use the cracks there to get through.

First go down to the bottom and crawl through then jump up the cracks again.

Back jump, go up the cracks again, crawl through and turn around to use the cracks to get down again. Then back jump and grab the edge of the tile with the fire. Time the fire and hoist up, do not step forwards but just hop and you land on a safe ledge.

Time the emitter to jump to the next opening. You’ll see spikes popping up, jump to that ledge but hang on the edge and when the spikes are up back jump and grab the crack. Go up the cracks to a slope.

Then take a couple of back jumps (this is easier) until you can stand on an even ledge, from there a running jump over the slope to a ledge behind it.

The Skribblerz Stone.

Use the next cracks to get down, crawl through and on the other side go up again but not the upper one. Take a back jump and crawl through. Hang on the other side and take a back jump. Now a running jump and slide down the slope; jump with Ctrl to get into the opening.

Pull out the Shotgun and use it on the Beastie, go to the end of the passage and jump over to the statues and go the obvious one that has a greenish colour and get the Skribblerz Stone.

The gates down on the ground floor open up.   

Face N and look with binoculars or light a flare to spot two transparent ledges, take a running leap of faith and from another one till you reach the small ledge at the N wall for Secret #2, a Gold Dragon. Jump back or just jump into the fountain below and get out to go through the doors E and keep on running through the magic room till you hit water then swim a bit and the level ends…

G&D, April 28-2014.


Trials of Amojan.

Level by Leonvdn

Walkthrough G&D Productions

When you ignite a flare it burns a long, long time, so do pick it up again for extra light if you dropped it for some reason.

A wall goes up behind Lara, shoot the right hand wooden box for Uzi ammo. Go to the other corner and use the lever to open a door in the pit.

Then look down and spot the opening on the right hand side of the pit (N wall). Line up for a run-jump down into that opening: stand against and facing the wall and hop back 3 times, turn left to face the opening and hop back from the edge then take a running jump with Ctrl. Slide down almost to the bottom and jump up (over or grab) the next slope. Pull up, slide down and walk to the edge.

Take a running jump to the elevator when it goes up and again one to the opening on the right (S).

Shoot the box for more Uzi ammo then jump onto the elevator when it goes up and take a running jump at the top to grab the opening ahead.

Shoot the Target.

Follow through and shoot the scorpion, go right to a box with spikes on top and pull it once. Turn around and go around the spikes, take the small medipack (Mushroom) and run through the popping spikes. Get the Revolver with Revolver ammo, go to where the block was before to get the Laser Sight, the block will explode.

Turn around and look up into that sloped shaft in the wall (N). Use the Revolver and sight to shoot that ball way up high.

Back to the Pit.

The popping spikes are gone, so you can now use the lever there. You’ll see a door opening in the pit at the start of the level. Go back to the elevator and see that the wall straight ahead (W) lowered as well. Hop down and shoot the knight. The door you need to get in is at the S wall of the pit, so do the same when you jumped to the opposite opening before.

Once you are in there, turn around and take a curved running jump to that ledge you see on the right (E) in between the blue crystal. Crawl in to the right, climb down and take a step back to grab the Uzis there. Follow up the stairs and to the left, slide down and climb up the block and watch the fly by.

Along Rooftops.

At the edge, turn a bit to the right and take a running jump to the small roof you see down (NE). Grab the edge, shimmy to the right and hoist up, back flip and jump back with a right curve to get onto the higher roof. Then shimmy to the right, timing the flame and when you come to the next flame, back flip to a safe ledge. Pick up the Revolver ammo, look up to the far left (NW) and shoot that ball there.

The flame dies out, now jump to the crack and shimmy round the corner, wait at the next and when the flame is gone shimmy around the second corner, let go so you can slide and jump left to get to a wider crack on the other side. Shimmy left and pull up into the alcove at the end.

You can turn around and face SE, do a back flip onto the roof, jump and grab the crack, then shimmy left and crawl in.

“Press M any time during the game to view the Special moves guide”.

Hang at the end, use the ‘down arrow’ key to jump back and Lara lands safe between the spikes.

Room with the Mask Door.

In the next area there are two knights you have to kill. Straight across the room is a door we have to open with 2 Masks. At the E wall is an Uzi (that counts as ammo if you already found the Uzi). In the NW corner under a box is a small medipack

Fire Room, First Golem Mask.

Go to the other corner (NE), shoot a scorpion and behind the plant you can find a lever. This shuts down the flame. Now you can jump from that corner to grab the high ledge on the left (E). Turn right and jump to grab the rope, turn right and swing into the opening to the right (N).

Go in and go a bit up the slope and take a running jump around the burning pole for a Medipack behind it. Jump back, face E and climb the pole in the corner pretty high (Lara’s head has to be just under the band on the wall) and use ALT to jump to the next pole.

Have Lara’s feet above the line in the wall and use ALT again to jump to the next pole. Be sure to have Lara’s head somewhere in the middle of the stone texture and jump to grab the ledge in the alcove there, pull up and just slide down.

To the right is a small medipack, you can get it by crawling under the hammers. To the left is a crawlspace, get in there and shoot a scorpion. Under the wooden box you can find Uzi ammo.

Jump up the slope, timing the spikes for Golum Mask #1.

Crawl back to the hammer and then avoiding them get back down on the left. Walk out onto the high ledge, hang from the side and shimmy right past the door.

Water Room, Second Golem Mask and an Eye of Amojan.

Jump to the platform sticking out of the wall straight ahead (S), then to the one on the right, the one with the emitter. Avoid being burned and a running jump to the high ledge straight ahead and a bit on the right (W wall) and a block goes up as a shortcut.

Go in and shoot the box for Revolver ammo. There is some Uzi ammo to the left of the pillar. Turn to the S wall and use the cracks to get up twice.

Then take a back jump timing the spikes, immediately jump and grab the crack, shimmy to the left almost to the flame. Stop close to the flame, quickly go left and jump up one crack, shimmy left again avoiding another emitter. Just around the next corner you are up near the roof, grab the roof and shimmy to the right and get into a crawlspace.

Get down into a room and shoot the knight. Grab the Golem Mask from the pedestal and the Eye of Amojan from the other. Some blocks went up so you can escape from this room, hang from the crawlspace and just drop into the water below.

Get out, jump down to the ground floor (watch out for spikes) and place both Masks at the door N. Get in and pick up Flares. Go down and avoid the darts (stand jumps over the darts). Shoot the scorpion and use the lever at the wall straight ahead.

Down the Fiery Elevator, the Caves.

Wow, after the elevator stops go into the opening on the left (E) and down. Take a side jump onto the slope (E), sliding backwards so you can grab the edge and shimmy to the left and hoist up. Jump to the other side (N) and then to the corner with the pedestal (SE). Get the Eye of Amojan #2 and see a door opening up..

Hop onto the block NE and up once more, run jump W straight in the direction of that door, landing on the ledge right of the gap. Turn right and go up to the top of this rock from where you can do a running jump along the wall to the ledge at the door.

Using the Eyes of Amojan.

Avoid the flames by just running straight inside when the flames are down.

Jump into the water and find Uzi ammo near the skeleton and the Eye of Amojan #3 on the other ledge, then climb up the block in the opposite corner and use the Revolver and Sight to shoot a small cat figure in the water (SE corner) to get rid of the spikes on the blocks. Then take a running jump grab (E) to the left corner of the floor with the small medipack.

From that pickup you can jump on top of the nearby block where the emitters are and place one Eye there. Then take a slightly curved running jump to grab the next straight on and the next to place the rest of the Eyes.

You can run down from this last block with Ctrl to land inside the opened door below (W). Or jump into the water and back on dry land, over the low block and then a running jump standing as far as to the right as possible into the opening straight ahead (W).

Spikes and Demi Gods.

Jump straight curving a bit to the right and grab the floor. There are two passages on the right with popping spikes. First stand at the left passage and run-jump over the spikes and get the Uzi- and Revolver ammo. Then jump back, now take the other passage, and just run in and around the corner to the right. On the wall ahead is a lever use it. Go back out, shoot the two demi-gods and watch the fly by.

4 Levers to get Up the Tower.

Jump into the opening W, stand to the right, hop over and slide and jump again curving to the right. Go to the right and in the NE corner you can jump to the crack (E) and shimmy around left, back jump (down key) and face the wall W. Jump up and use the crack to shimmy left around.

Time the moving block (after 4 times it has a little break) and run jump to the opposite side. Use lever #1, a sphere activates on the central platform. Jump back down to the platform. Go to the N side and turn around, grab the edge and let go to grab the crawlspace, get in and use lever #2.

Get out and jump up to get back to the platform. Now go to the W side, safety drop behind the spikes (left side if the roof), use lever #3. Time the spikes and jump two slopes and grab the ladder to climb back up.

Go to the NW corner and look for a pole in the far corner of the room. Jump to grab the pole, go down and face the falling block. Lara’s feet should be a bit above the ledge the block pounds on. When it is about to go up, jump so you’ll land on the sloped surface and slide/jump to the last lever # 4.

Turn right and jump slopes till you hit a safe block. Jump back to the ladder via the next slope and climb up. Climb up the central grated tower.

The Skribblerz Stone.

Stand on the edge of the first step up to the pedestals S and in the middle of the traps. Wait for the moment where you can run behind the turning flames to get to the pedestals. To the left is a Medipack. Grab the Skribblerz Stone, you’ll see a door opening, that is on the left (NW) side. Best get back to the N along the W side of the floor and get to the door that opened.

Shoot a knight or just run around him and the level ends when you reach the end of the passage.

G&D, May 10-2014