Quirks of Time

Level by TrentKurtis

Walkthrough by G&D Productions

Level 1- Archeo Center. (Searching for information)

The little pocket lights (flares) burn a long time, so it might be worthwhile to pick it up again in case you dropped it.

The laptop at the end of the initial flyby is our goal here.

Enter the building through the open door, go left towards the doors to the Gallery E and shoot the guard, return to the hall and to the left are double doors, open them and go through the green laser. Straight ahead is a door we’ll open soon, so you know where it is. Back out, go left to the elevators (S) opposite the entrance. Push the button and ride up to the first floor, as you step out, another guard will come looking. Push the elevator button again and when you step in you’ll get back to the ground floor, creating a shortcut.

Go back up and go left out of the elevator and then right around that office, through the glass door (N) and passing some empty offices to the grate above the closed door. Shoot it and go in, follow through to where a duct will break and you’ll have to slide down to some lasers. Hop straight over the laser and onto a crate to get a Medipack. Hop over lasers to the door W and jump to grab up to the crates left of the door for some Revolver ammo.

First Floor Gallery.

Now open the doors W and follow the corridor around to another elevator, push the button and ride down to the first level of the Gallery. Go left, shoot the first display case left and grab the Revolver ammo from it. In the display next to it you can find Flares (pocket light). Go to some doors SE and push them open, go down the stairs and open more doors to create a shortcut to the ground floor.

The Grate in the Gallery.

Back up, left and look for a grate in the S wall, shoot the glass of the nearby display and climb up. First turn towards the middle of the Gallery and shoot the glass in the central pillar, run jump and grab to that display and get the Medipack. Jump back and get back on the display in front of the grate S. Run jump to the grate while shooting it. Back up on the display and this time run jump to grab the duct, get in and drop down into the opening ahead.

Open the door in the ground floor passage.

Follow through around a corner and into the second right, and down through the broken grate. Shoot the Mechanic and find the fuse box with the switch inside, the door opens up in that ground floor passage. On top of the terminal where the switch is, are a small medipack and Revolver ammo.

The Bar, Revolver and Lasersight.

Climb back up into the duct, go into the first left to come to a shaft with technical equipment, climb the E side and get into the duct on top, grab the small medipack and Revolver ammo. Get back down and climb the W side, shoot the grate in the duct and drop down into the lower part, crawl through. Quickly shoot a grate and get into the Bar to take out the guard. On the counter are the Revolver and Lasersight and some more Revolver ammo.

Open the Roof Access Elevator.

The doors open; go out to the first floor hallway. Go left around towards the elevators and next to the elevators (right hand side when facing them) is a grate, shoot it and follow in, into the lower part and crawl a bit into the next part, stand and shoot the grate in the floor. Drop down, find the fuse box and shoot the cover to use the switch, blue doors will open up (Roof Access Elevator).

Roof Access.

From standing next to the low crate (face S), grab back up into the duct and get back to the first floor hallway. Go to the right into the elevator to ground floor and right around the black wall E into the double doors we opened before, through the green laser straight into the open door. Follow down to a basement with a fuse box on the right hand wall, shoot that to open a door.

Go back out, up to the laser passage and left to where that door opened, go to the end of the passage (S) and open the doors to get to the Roof Access Elevator you opened before. Go in and enjoy the ride.

The Helipad Roof, take out the Sentry Gun.

In the passage is a keyhole for later, approach the blue gate and it opens up. There’s a sentry gun on the roof above you and there are a couple of ways to get rid of it (I think you can also just leave it be as you don’t have to get close).

1: from the blue gate go a bit left (NW) towards a ladder and jump up a few times to draw the attention of the gun. When it fired at you, turn around and get up the ladder left of the blue gate (SE). When you get onto the roof, you should be able to shoot the gun (in the fuel tank).

2: from the blue gate go right around the corner and climb the ladder, run straight to the back of the roof while the gun fires upon you. At the edge of the roof (S), look down right and spot the lower blue grey ledge (roof of the elevator), jump there and safety drop (watch the health) from the W side to a lower walkway. Follow the walkway around the corner till you get to the ladder on the right hand side. Climb back up to the roof with the helipad. Get onto the helipad and look up to where the gun is, you can shoot it from here when you stand back far enough.

The Conference Room.

Go down the ladder NW to the walkway around the building and take a left to the NE corner, look down to spot a blue sculpture, hop onto the sculpture, walk onto the lower side (E) and face N and climb down, all the way to the right and down, drop to a ledge with a Medipack. Run down SE onto the lower part and then down to the roof. Go up the ladder SE and from that roof you can jump and grab the sculpture again. Go to the top of that part and back flip onto a stone block on top of a column.

Turn around and jump the blocks to the corner, hop around the corner and to the next block. Shoot the grate there to get into the building. Slide backwards and safety drop down into the duct, follow through, shoot at the end of the crawlspace another grate and shoot the guard. On the opposite landing (N) is some Shotgun ammo. To the W you can see the Conference Room, but first go down the stairs and take a right. There’s a small vase on the floor and it is the handle of a trapdoor, face the small vase N and open it. Inside is a button and that will lower a panel somewhere, climb out and go up the stairs to the Conference Room. Grab some Shotgun- and Revolver ammo from the tables and go to the alcove NE where that panel lowered.

The Key.

Follow to where you can look down into the tank and shoot the Fish, dive in and get a small medipack near the hole and the Key in the far away right corner (SE). Get back out, to the conference room and the door to the hall now has a deadly laser, stand well clear and side flip over the laser. Go back up into the duct (S side), follow to the end and turn around, back flip onto the steep part, jump and grab the climbable wall. Up and to the right and at the end of the duct out to the right to the stone block. Jump back around the corner and safety drop to the roof.

Next Door, the Crowbar.

Go to the blue sculpture (N) and climb back up to the walkway around the building. Go straight (S) and up the ladder to the helipad roof, climb the ladder to the roof where the gun was (is). Go to the back (S) and stand jump down onto those panels suspended by the crane. Run jump and grab the roof of the neighboring building, go straight to the S side and between the two cranes of the window washers scaffold. Jump and grab one of the cables and slide down, not all the way, but back flip onto the scaffold.

Go inside and look up right, shoot the grate over the bookcase and climb in to get 2x Revolver ammo. Climb down again and go to the bookcase left of the big doors N, shoot the grate and get in. Turn around and climb up twice, make a left U-turn and shoot the floor grate in the end. Drop down into the corridor, turn around and open the doors to get a small medipack and Flares.

Go left (E) and right around the corner, open the first doors left and grab a Medipack from the back of the room. Get out and left to open the next doors, behind some boxes (S) is a button. Push it to open a trapdoor in the previous room, so get back there and follow the duct right around corners to get to a broken grate where you can climb up to a room. Next to a terminal is a pile of boxes, pull the boxes away and grab the Crowbar (or walk into the boxes and grab it). Between some chairs is Shotgun ammo.

Get back into the duct to get back to the trapdoor, leave the room and go right, follow all the way to the end of the corridor where you can open the door with a button. Through the room up the stairs to the roof and jump back to grab those panels in the crane (tricky jump), then to the helipad roof on the right and go back to the passage where you came from before (opposite the helipad).

Use the Key, open the Skylight, the Laptop.

Open the door there with the Key and shoot the Mechanic; he will drop a Revolver. There’s one button you can use, in the SW corner and you’ll see a Skylight open up. Get out, go to the helipad and to the NE corner of the roof; climb down through that Skylight into the offices. Open the doors W and go through to a lounge where a lady lies in a chair. On the table is the Laptop with the information, grab it and get a small medipack from the back of the room. Go out to the previous office and open the other doors (S) and follow through left passing a card reader. In the office at the end is a cabinet, shoot it to get the Shotgun.

The Passkey.

Now we have to get back to the helipad roof, climb up through the Skylight and shoot the 3 guards, one of them drops a Medipack, another the Passkey. Get back down through the Skylight and into the doors S to the card reader. Inside shoot the cabinet and the grate behind it and climb down past a steam vent.

Activate the steam to reveal the lasers.

Follow S and take a right at the crossing, shoot the floor grate and drop into a corridor. To the left (N) are invisible lasers, to the right green lasers. Go to the steam pipes behind the green lasers and use the crowbar on the pipes. A Mechanic will come out of a door in the passage at the helipad. So get back into the duct and make your way back up the steam vent shaft and to the Skylight. Shoot the Mechanic depending on where you meet him. At the helipad back into the elevator passage and into the open door on the right, shoot the electric box and flip the switch to make the lasers visible. Return to the laser corridor (skylight, S door, Passkey door and ducts).

Getting Out.

Shoot the Mechanic, go to the red lasers and check the health. Side flip over the first, crawl under the second, go stand close to the third and just roll, stand close to the third laser and side flip over the last one. Go shoot the cabinet and the window and jump to grab the landing sled of the Chopper (or at least try).

End of the level.

G&D Productions May 21, 2014.