On The Paths Of Forest

Easter Level by Greywolf.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Saves/screens and a video in this Folder. (3Mb)

1-On the Paths Of Forest.

Turn around after watching those deer run off and follow the path to the E, you’ll come to a clearing where you’ll find a Flower Puzzle, the clue is given in a screen. Go forward and if you look at the picture (forestflower.jpg), think of the field divided in squares with on each square a flower. Jump from flower to flower following the black line in the picture and not touching any other “squares” and thus creating a Greek Cross. If done correctly, a block will go down in the far left corner (SW). Go in and get Secret #1, an Easter Egg.

Waterfall Valley, an Eagle Egg.

Follow the path back and in a valley turn right to find a crawlspace (N), at the end climb up in straight twice and grab some Flares, drop out once and turn right. Climb up twice and grab a small medipack before you grab up left into a crawlspace to a valley with a waterfall. Go down to the waterfall, grab up to a ledge on the right hand corner of that rock wall the water comes from. Jump up straight E until you hit the next wall, grab up to a crack and shimmy right. Go around some corners you will see a big egg, drop and pick up that Eagle Egg. You can run jump from here to a ledge you can just see NW, left of the river (dark part of the W wall). Or go down to the ground and grab up to that ledge from below. Turn left and grab up to a crack, go left around two corners and use the down arrow to jump backwards to a branch (pole). Swing a few times and release Ctrl in the forward swing when you want to jump to the ledge ahead. Grab Secret #2, an Easter Egg. Safety drop onto a sloped corner below and get back to the waterfall.

Up the Waterfall, to the Village.

Grab up to the same corner ledge and hop left onto the waterfall, look for a crack in the wall just right of the waterfall and grab up. Hang left, use Alt and up to jump up and grab the top of the waterfall. Grab up into the crawlspace behind the next waterfall and go through to a pit with wolves, they aren’t dangerous but pesky all the same. Drop in the pit to get the Flares and grab back up to the side where you came from and shimmy right to the other side of the pit. Look up left and spot a shield swinging on a rope.

Grab the edge of that shield ledge and jump back (down arrow, no back flip) to grab a dark crawlspace. Follow through for Secret #3, an Easter Egg. Get back and drop down, go straight and down into a cave. Climb up the other side and follow straight, then turn around and climb down a climb wall and through a crawlspace to the Village.

The Village, Revolver and Lasersight.

First go straight and kick open a small door on a building on the left. Go left and in the next room are two crates you can shoot, choose the pistols from the inventory or hit the #1 key. Grab Revolver ammo left and a Bunch of Keys from the right hand corner. Go back into the first room and grab a Torch from the floor. Go out of the house, to the right and straight into the Church after opening the doors. To the right and left of the altar are two candles where you can ignite the Torch. Throw the Torch in the doorway and open that trapdoor in the floor of the church, climb down and follow through to a room with a coffin, open it and get the Lasersight. Make a note of the door and Keyhole (Crypt Key) and go back up to the Church.

Grab the Torch on your way out and take the steps to the house left, open the door with the Keys and take the Torch inside, carefully ignite the fireplace and a trapdoor opens up in the left corner, go in and get the Revolver.

Open the Mansion, get the Book.

Go out of the house and down the steps, right around the corner and look in the wall of the steps for a reach-in hole with a button. The Mansion will open up on the other side of the square (S). Go inside and take the left hand staircase to the Library and pick up the Book from the table. You can read the message about a Talisman in the book. Get out of the Mansion, to the N side of the square.

The Talisman of St. Syrus.

Go into the crawlspace at the church bell (NW) and follow to the Cave. Just after climbing the ladder to the cave, go left around the corner to a dark crawlspace where you can now find the Talisman (appeared when you took the Book before).

The Baselisk.

Go out of the crawlspace and left up the ridge to the Cave, look at the opposite wall to spot the vines. Stand to the left and about one step from the wall (highest part of the ledge), hop back and aim just left of the opening you came from. Run jump and at the very last moment a grab to the vines. In case Lara doesn’t climb, use the jump up move and climb up and left to a ledge (savegame.0 – video 1.wmv).

Turn around, walk to the opening to a small valley and run jump straight to that slope with a bit of a left curve in the end, hard right while in the air to hit the slope right, jump off to the next slope and slide far to jump to a fourth slope, slide and jump to grab a climb wall ahead (savegame.1 - secret4.jpg). Go up and to the Eagle Nest, place the Eagle Egg and the Eagle will produce Secret #4, another Easter Egg. Pick it up and at the wall W is a crawlspace, go in for a small medipack. Go to the edge of the ledge and stand jump straight down onto the sloped center part of the wall, safety drop down. You are now standing in front of a crawlspace under the foliage. So turn around and duck to crawl backwards into the hole under the wall. Follow through, get Flares, then go crawl left and grab a small medipack. Turn around and crawl to a climb wall down into a passage, follow through and get a Medipack from an alcove to the right. At the end of the passage you’ll reach a room with a big snake like creature…  “A Basilisk” .

The Basilisk Puzzle.

Don’t save while text is showing on screen, but save when you have no text. Go to the front of the Basilisk and a message is shown. The room had poison gas before and is now safe.

 “The letter was written by the man without head and it was read through and through by the blind man. The dumb man was the one who repeated word by word and the deaf man was the one who heard and listened”

You can look it up, it’s an old riddle (wrongly quoted in the text above) and here’s the answer: It is 0, zero, nada, nothing - the original riddle states that the headless man only "had" a letter to write, not that he actually "wrote" the letter. So.. the man wrote "nothing". The blind could read "nothing". The person who was dumb could repeat "nothing". The deaf man listened and heard "nothing".

So go to the right wall (N) and to the reach in hole 0 behind the Basilisk, then use Ctrl two or three times to get Secret #5, another Easter Egg (check if you got it). Go back up the ladder and follow the passage up a climb wall to Eagle Valley, crawl right and follow through. Climb up then go right around the wall and up to the Cave.

Shoot that Shield.

Drop onto the slope under the vines and go up N. Go straight through to the N, to the shield you saw before; shoot it now. A block goes down in the pit with the wolves, get in there. Follow through to reach…

2-The Lost Etruscan Temple.

The Quest for Water.

Climb down the wall to a central room with a Deep pit and 4 side rooms; your objective is to fill the pit with water.

E side, Torch puzzle: Go into the opening E, to the right into the crawlspace and follow to a room with ledges, go up and then hop to the central ledge with Torches. Grab one and go back down with it, in the corner of the room is a fire with a lever behind it. Ignite the Torch and jump back up the ledges to ignite 4 wall torches on the way. Music plays and the fire is gone, get down and throw the lever to get the first water flowing. Leave the Torch and crawl back to the room with the dark pit.

N side, Swing pole Challenge, a Vase: In the room N and opposite the crawlspace left is a small medipack. Then go through the crawlspace, turn around and climb up the ladder to the room with the swing pole challenge. Go down climb into the room and turn left; in the corner alcove is an orange vase; shoot it to get Flares. Grab up to the ledge above, shoot the blue vase and pick up the Vase. Turn around and stand jump to the pole, swing a few times and jump to the ledge ahead. Walk to the left hand far side and stand jump from one step back and a bit left to the pole to get lined up for the opening across the room. Swing till the bar is almost full (about 9 times) and jump to the opening. Stand back one step and jump to the next pole, swing to the ledge with the lever (savegame.2). Throw the lever to get the water going and make your way back to the Main Room.

W side, Small Labyrinth:

In the W room are Flares to the right and the crawlspace is left, turn around at the end and climb the wall. Follow to water, dive in, swim to the left for Flares, back for air and to the right for Revolver ammo and roll, swim back a bit and up to climb out at the lever to get the water going. Back down, crawl out to the passage and go right then left, to the end and grab a small medipack. That dark part in the floor will become clear later on. Go back to the main room.

S side, Block Puzzle:

The S side room has a Medipack in the trench where the water will flow later on. To the left you’ll find Revolver ammo and left of that is a crawlspace. Climb down to the room with the block puzzle. In the floor with the broken picture are sunken blocks, use the lever next to the gate to raise them and on top of the blocks are clues to where they have to go to complete the picture.

Pull the SW block once to the W wall. Pull the N side block twice so it is straight onto the S side of the picture (a Torch will ignite). Side step right and push the SE block twice N and push it once W onto the grey spot, another Torch will ignite. The middle block W goes to the grey SE corner, a third Torch will ignite. Pull the last block (SW) once to the N and the gate opens up so you can use the lever to get the water going. You could lower the blocks to see the result, but you don’t have to.. Just get back NE to the Main Room.

Into the Pit, a Statuette and the Crypt Key.

Back in the Main Room, dive into the Pit and go down to open an underwater door, pick up a Medipack in the corner of the Pit. Go back for air, then swim into the open door and use that underwater lever on the right hand wall to lower a block in the small labyrinth. Swim further and grab the Vative Statuette, then swim up and end up in the drained labyrinth, where you got the small medipack before. Don’t climb out yet, but look on the bottom under the hole to find the Crypt Key where the block lowered.

Make your way back to the Main Room (E and then take a right, climb up and then down a ladder, through a crawlspace). In the Main Room climb back up that wall SE, follow the dark passage back through a crawlspace.

3 - On the Paths Of Forest - part 2.

Turn around and climb the wall to the wolf pit. Grab up W, shimmy right over the pit to the shield alcove, take a right and go to the cave. Head straight up the opposite wall and follow through to the Village. You could now finish the level by using the Crypt Key down in the church and placing the Statuette in the Museum, in the Archeological with the displays (see below “3- Museum” ).

The Mansion, use the Vase to get a Secret.

But we go for more Easter Eggs, so go to the Mansion you opened before (reach-in switch in the wall of the steps to the house where you lit the fireplace, see “Open the Mansion” earlier). In the Mansion, go left open the doors E and up the stairs to the library. Place the vase between the two other vases on the right (S) and in the other corner of the bookcase a panel opened up and Secret #6, another Easter Egg is there. Go out of the Mansion, the other stairs lead to receptacles for the eggs, but we need more.

Go out to the square and straight into the Church, down to the Crypt and open the door with the Crypt Key, go in…

4- The Museum.

Go left in the hall and open the doors to the Art Gallery and come to the Piero Della Francesca room.

In these paintings there are clues that show me which path I have to follow…

Turn to the left (S), looks like a little egg on the ceiling in the painting above the doors, open the doors to the Leonardo da Vinci room and open the door straight ahead (the Last Supper). Come to Still Natures after the next door and spot the eggs in the NW painting.

Open those doors to the Hyeronimus Bosch (Jeroen Bosch) exhibit then open the door straight ahead (W). Through the passage and another door to Georgio de Chirico where you can open the doors under the Egg head painting N and go through to the Salvador Dali exhibit to collect the last Secret, #7, another Easter Egg. Make your way back to the entrance through the open doors and go right through the Hall and down the staircase to the Crypt, up to the Village.

You can open all the doors in this museum and see all the nice paintings as well as get the Egg in the end, but they don’t count as stated in the read-me.  

On the Paths Of Forest - part 3.

 Get your Reward for finding all 7 Easter Eggs!

Get back into the Mansion straight ahead, straight up the staircase and find a room with 7 receptacle stands, you have to find the correct spot to place the Easter Eggs by trial and error, could be any direction. After you placed the Eggs, you’ll get a bonus audio and Excellent!!! You did it.

Back to the Church, down the trapdoor through the crypt and straight to the doors to the Archeological Gallery, go straight to the last display and place the Statuette…

G&D April 27-2014.