The Old Spire.


Level by raidertom

Walkthrough by G&D productions.

There will probably be other routes through the level, but this is how we did it.

The Savegames and screens are in this Saves Folder

You’ll find the mentioned video's in this Video Folder

From where you start is a trapdoor with a keyhole in front of you, for later. Turn left (N) and go into the next room to get Shotgun ammo from the table, shoot a wooden box in the opposite corner to get some Flares.

A Crowbar.

Go out E, take a right and make a U-turn left around the wall to get more Flares. Be careful as the floor there is littered with spikes. Go to the opening in the other end of the room (NE) by jumping over the raised part of the floor and thus avoiding the spike trap. Enter the opening left (NE) and find two wooden crates on the right. Pull out the second one once to the W and climb over this crate to push the other to the right hand corner (S) revealing an entrance. If you like you can move the first crate back where it came from. Enter the passage, and climb down the hole, follow through and grab the Crowbar from the alcove left. In the far back of this passage is a small medipack around the corner.

Laser sight and Walther 9mm Pistol.

Go back and up the ladder, left to the passage with the crates you pushed. Go straight (W) and shoot some bats, then climb up the wall W, next to a trapdoor. The lever there will lower the trapdoor, but I saw no reason to do that. Go over the trapdoor to the staircase against the wall and follow up to a closed door with a keyhole. Go right around (N) to the last opening left and open the door there with the Crowbar. Pick up the Laser sight and go out, right around the corner to the second opening right.

Shoot the wooden box and grab Shotgun ammo, move that wooden block out of this passage and right around corners into the next passage and under a trapdoor. Climb the block, go down left and throw the lever to open the trapdoor. A Zombie will be released when it opens, avoid contact (or shoot it with pistols) and quickly climb the block and up into the room above to claim the Walther 9mm Pistol.

Lower the Spikes and a Timed Run, the Golden Key.

Get down and go down the stairs, then go down to the ground floor at the trapdoor and make your way to the S side of the place. Look for a chain spanning the room and in the S side alcove you can spot a bell. Shoot the bell to activate the chain and lower spikes at a lever. Turn around and go straight N, up left onto that walkway with the slope next to it. Left (S) is a Timed lever, pull and hop back turning left, run onto the slope and jump to the raised tile, a running jump to the next raised tile and another running jump into the opened gate ahead (E) (savegame.0).

Using the Golden Key, the Rusty Key.

Follow through and pick up the Golden Key from the ledge. To the left is a wall torch for a Secret later. Go back through the gate, which opened again and hop to the raised tile. Turn right and follow the N passage to where you can climb up at the trapdoor again as we go up the staircase again to that door we saw when we got the Laser sight. Lure the zombie away if needed (or shoot it) and open the door (S). Go in and the spike trap is safe, turn right and stop there, spot a fence you can shoot in the far right hand wall, shoot it from a distance and sprint into that opening while a boulder will come down (or first trigger the boulder, run back out and then go for the fence). Follow through to a room with a harp, left of the harp is a lever in the corner (NE), throw it, run to the tile where the flames stopped and grab the Rusty Key.

The Copper Key.

Make your way back through the passage with the boulder, left and down the stairs. All the way to the ground floor and to the S section where you shot the bell before, left and in the SE next to the rubble is a hole in the floor, climb down and follow in to where some tiny creatures attack. Shoot those and go to the pedestal with the Wraith, under the Wraith is the Copper Key, better save before grabbing it. Run back, up the ladder and straight from the ladder into the passage with the push blocks, follow through and climb up at the trapdoor, turn left and head to the staircase. Go to the right of the staircase into a corridor and then into a room (S) with a cross. Duck behind the cross and the wraith will kill itself. Make your way back to the ground floor and to the W section and the trapdoor where the level started.

Labyrinth, a Torch (and preparations for a Secret).

Use the Copper key to disable the spikes and open the trapdoor, climb down. In a corner next to the skeleton is Uzi ammo, in the opposite corner are Torches (NW). We have to get one of them out of here. So take one Torch and go to the waterhole (N), throw it into the water. Dive down, swim through the opening with the grey block, then to the right (N) underneath the next grey block and right/left over the next grey block to a room with a grate in the floor, turn left (W) into the first opening, up and right a bit is where you can surface. Climb onto the ledge with the lever and drain the water from the labyrinth with it.

Drop down in there and go up S, left to the room with the grate and out to the right over the grey block, to the right again and left over the grey block. You should be in the room where you threw the Torch. Pick it up, back over the grey block, right underneath the next grey block and left over the grey block to the room with the grate. Hop into the opening left (W) and hop up NW to the grey block under the opening in the ceiling. Hop up to the room with the Flood lever and go out N, straight through a storage room to a grey ramp. Drop the Torch for a moment to use the lever right around the corners to open the gate. Also grab a Medipack behind that ramp (E). Take the Torch up the ramp through the gate.

Go straight through to the room with the spikes and hop onto the raised tile, drop the Torch there for now as the wall torch isn’t burning yet.

Using the Rusty Key.

Back into the passage (N) and left and climb up at that trapdoor. Go straight into the W section, right around the corner are some Flares. Left around the corner is an old door with a keyhole; use the Rusty key there. Follow the passage up the stairs and up a ladder (behind you is a passage with a “Secret gate”). Once upstairs go out straight (N) to a pit in a large room. A trapdoor drops somewhere and when you turn left you can see it across the room. Turn around at the edge of the floor and hang from the edge, shimmy right and pull up to get to a crawlspace with a lever, the trapdoor will now go up and down.

The Rocks.

Get out of the crawlspace and drop down. Shoot the Bell on the floor there; grab the Rocks from where the bell was. Go N and to the right is an opening to the next pit. Look up left of the opening (NE) and spot a jump lever. Use it and look up right to see a rope hanging from a bell. Go into the other pit and climb a ladder to the floor above, jump to the right (NW) to a ledge and from there a jump to grab the slanted pillar with the trapdoor.

Hang left and pull up when the trapdoor drops down, as soon as you land on the trapdoor, turn to line up with the rope and stand jump forward to grab it (savegame.1). Swing to the walkway ahead and climb the ladder to the top, back flip to a ledge. Turn left to the room and line up along the slanted ledge with the burner below (1.jpg).

The Sack.

Run jump to the ledge where there is an emitter, turn slightly left at the end of the jump so you will jump off facing that ladder. Grab it and go right around the corner. Hang in the middle of the ladder, two steps down from the very top and do a back flip/roll onto the slanted block behind. Slide a bit and jump hard right to a walkway (savegame.2). Turn around and stand in the NW corner and spot a crack in the pillar NW, turn around and face SE, back flip to the slanted block and jump off with a hard curve to the left to grab a sloped surface. Shimmy to the left and pull up to back flip into that crack to get the Sack there (duck to get it). Two ways of getting back:

1: Stand on the corner against the wall and line up for the corner of the ledge you have to get to and if you are lined up correctly you can do a stand jump with a left curve at the end to land on the corner of the ledge (video - sack.wmv)

2: Drop out of the crack, and make your way back up as you did before (savegame.3).

Use the Heavy Sack, a Shotgun.

Walk forward, jump to the ledge left and then stand jump SE onto the slanted block on the E wall, immediately jump again with a right curve to the block on the pillar and jump to the floor ahead. Combine the Rocks and the Sack (Heavy Sack) and place it in that metal pillar, a trapdoor opens up left of you. Pull that wooden crate once and look behind it to find the Shotgun. Climb the crate, the white block and turn around to jump to the ladder, climb up through the trapdoor to the floor above.

Shooting the Bells (3 of the Bells in this room are preparation for a Secret, but you can also shoot them when you are one floor up, easier, the forth we need to unlock a crate).

To the left behind you is Shotgun ammo and to the right is 9mm Ammo. Look up and spot a Bell (#1) on the ceiling, shoot that (screen of a gate). Straight and a bit further (W) is Bell #2 also up high (screen of the same gate). NW is Bell #3 (screen of the same gate), the gate should now be open and we’ll visit it later.

Crate Puzzle, this Bell we need to complete the Puzzle.

In the last corner is a grated floor, pull that wooden crate twice (to the S) and to the W twice, climb on and now you can shoot the Bell #4 over the grated floor, you’ll hear a gate opening up. In the pit under the grated floor are crates; you’ll have to move the top crate N to the tile over the flower symbol on the E wall by using the other crates to create a path.

Start with the left one in the pit, pull it twice into the other corner (NW), behind it is an opening to another crate, that’s where the gate opened up when you shot the last Bell. Move the second crate to the other side of the pit and get the third crate out of that short passage and place it in the middle of the pit (crate1.jpg), when shooting the fourth Bell the gate opened here to release this crate. Now pull out the lower crate from the N wall onto the first crate. Hop behind it and push it S onto the second crate, then to the middle of the pit (crate2.jpg).

Pull crate 1 to the E once and push crate 2 in that corner. Go get the crate from which you shot the Bell and move it along the N wall next to the top crate N so you can pull/push the top crate out of the N wall and to the middle of the pit (crate3.jpg).

Pull the crate from which you shot the Bell back onto the W floor and all the way around to the SE corner of the pit. Move the two free bottom crates into the SE corner too so you can move the “Bell” crate between the middle crate and the E ledge (crate4.jpg). Move the top crate onto the tile with the flower (E ledge) and a platform goes up in the opposite corner of the room, take the “Bell” crate with you when you go there as you need it to get onto the platform. Hop onto the ledge W. Look for some skeletons and shoot then down from the ledges.

Timed Sequence.

On the central pillar on the wooden box is a timed lever, on the NW corner pillar is a jump lever (also timed). You’ll have to raise a block in the SE corner to jump to the ladder SE. From this wooden block you can also shoot the “Secret Bells” with pistols. Save at the lever on the central pillar, pull and turning left, run off and run jump over the corner to the ledge SW, curve right and jump to the W ledge, jump onto the block and onwards to the jump lever. Don’t dilly dally but immediately continue to the E side, onto the block and jump to grab that ladder (savegame.4-hanging from the ladder!) (video-2.wmv).

Gas Chambers.

When you climb this ladder you’ll be in the gas chambers, turn right a bit and hop up into that alcove with the cross where you can get your breath back. The floor is littered with holes, so watch out. Run out, turn left and jump over holes to go to the next alcove to the left, there’s a mirror here and it will show a ladder, the ladder isn’t visible in real time, but the clue is in the placement of the skeletons. If you want the hint back, hop out and back into the alcove.

The ladder is behind the last pillar straight out of the alcove (N), run down a bit left and do stand jumps over the holes in the floor and run around the corner at the last pillar, get up the ladder quick. If you do it right you won’t lose health (savegame.5).

Staircase Room.

Walk forward a bit from under the low ceiling and go left (E), to the right is a small medipack. Go back a bit and turn left to the S wall, left up the stairs there and run straight down into the corner ahead, next to the staircase is some Uzi ammo. Go left into the dark passage along the E wall and push a dark crate till you can climb it (3 times). Down the other side and throw the lever to raise a block far up in this room. Back flip onto the crate and look straight up N to spot that block near the top of the room.

Open the Trapdoor.

Return to where you found the Uzi ammo and climb up to the stairs, go up and grab some Flares from under the ledge with the knife traps. Turn around and walk over the trapdoor to the bottom of the steps around the wooden structure SW. To the right is an opening in that wooden structure, shoot that box and run jump from the stone ledge up into that alcove to get the Uzis. Jump back out and follow these steps up to the spike traps on top. You have to time the spikes, run over the trap and jump without Ctrl to the most right hand side (safe) of the ledge with the knives (2.jpg). Jump and grab the white block and throw the lever to open a trapdoor over a ladder in the right hand corner of the room.

Top of the Spire, the Holy Dagger.

Run down SE onto a white ledge below and jump onto the staircase going up to the pillar with the ladder SE, climb up the ladder and hoist up another floor. A Werewolf will attack, shoot it and go to a lever in the back, next to a table. It will open a timed trapdoor in the middle of the central structure. Pull, roll and run left into the opening, roll again so you can grab up to the ladder (facing W) go up a bit and back flip before the trapdoor closes (savegame.6). Approach the cage with the ghost.

“Help me…Find my Heart below the Spire, make it a sacrifice with this dagger to free my soul” (sometimes this text doesn’t appear)

The spikes lower and you can grab the Holy Dagger. A flyby shows the opening of trapdoors which closed behind you before, also an old wooden floor and a wraith igniting the wall torch where we left our Torch before. Turn around and jump up into the open gate E, wait for the wraith to arrive and dive into the water under the bell, use the underwater lever there (W side) to open a trapdoor outside under the gate.

Back to the Lower Section of the Spire.

Drop down and go climb back down in the SE corner, down the ladder and in the Staircase Room turn right, go down the stairs to the ground floor and straight to the hole in the floor NW. That’s the Gas Chamber, so down the ladder, hop back and turn left a bit and go jump left diagonally across the room to the SE corner where the ladder to the room below is (Bells, and if you didn’t shoot the 3 Bells yet, do it now for a Secret). Make your way down to the ground floor and go to the ladder SE, all the way down to the crate where you found the Shotgun.

Near the E wall is a slope you can use to slide down and safety drop to the lower section of the room. Go to the small room (S) and where the trapdoor re-opened. Climb down the ladder slowly till you see an opening behind you, back flip in there and go get Secret #1, the Book of Secrets. Get back to the ladder and go down the ladder and the stairs, out of the old door and take a right and a right again to the trapdoor. Go down left into the “crate” passage. (In case you didn’t shoot it yet and you want to silence that Zombie, first go all the way up the stairs E and shoot it with the Shotgun and get back here).

Follow the crate passage and take a right at the crates, if you followed this walkthrough, the Torch should be there on the raised tile in front of the timed run gate (If not, go get the Torch now, this paragraph “Labyrinth, a Torch”). Pick it up and hop into the corner with the burning torch to ignite it. Back on the raised tile and hop into the open timed gate. Follow through to the room where you got the Golden Key before. Ignite the wall torch left and a block goes down, go get Secret #2, another Book of Secrets. These two secrets will no longer be accessible later.

Burn the Floor, Ignite 4 Torches.

Take the Torch back out with you and hop down onto the tile, go left and through the room with the chain then take a the right, to the trapdoor at the start of the level (W section). Throw the Torch down through the trapdoor and go in too. Jump onto the grey ledge W and to the room with the wooden floor you can burn by throwing the Torch on it. Climb down from the N side and grab the Uzi ammo from the landing N. Go down the steps and right onto a grey block W. Turn right facing N and from the lower corner you can run jump around the wooden beam to grab a crawlspace up in the N wall, getting in can be tricky (savegame.7). Inside go right and after the short flyby pick up some Flares there.

Torch #1- After picking up the Flares, take one step back, turn around and jump up to use a jump lever. Use that to ignite the first of 4 wall torches. A skeleton will come for you so go to the water in the middle of the lower section and shoot it into the pool, deal with the two Zombies too. In the left corner (SW) of the room is a small room with some Shotgun ammo, get back out.

Torch #2- Go to the pool and dive in, pick up the Harpoon gun from the skeleton and 4x Harpoons from the bottom and look up under the block in the middle, use that underwater ceiling lever and get out fast. (Weird, I saw a Sea Hag before and this time she didn’t show…) Shoot another skeleton into the pool.

Torch #3- In the back of the room (N) is a passage, go in and left to pull (twice) a wood block to the next opening in the left wall, turn around and grab another Shotgun there. Go right around corners and pull the block out of the passage to the edge of the pool, then move it to the left (E) all the way and then pull it right (S) as far as it will go. Climb up and you should now be able to use the jump lever on the dark pillar, torch #3 burns. Shoot the skeleton into the pool and go into the E side of the room to get a small medipack from a table.

Torch #4- Now move the block all the way around the pool (the long way) to the S side of it and then as far E as it will go. Then pull it S once so you are flush with that platform at the E wall (3.jpg). Look E and next to that cross is a Timed lever in the corner. When you use the lever, flames will stop (for a short time) in an alcove above the lever. Pull the lever and roll, side jump right and hop onto the block, turn left and hop onto the right hand side of the platform and with a running jump left into the alcove. Throw the lever and quickly hop back out (savegame.8 - video 3.wmv).

Shoot another skeleton into the pool or just avoid it, hop onto the now active tile in the middle of the pool and be taken into a sinister place.

The Demonic Realm.

In the dark it is hard to spot, but there’s a tunnel in the N wall, climb out into a huge cave. Turn left (W) and shoot two dogs on your way to that skeleton.

Pick up a Note: “Fascinating. Demons steal things from our world to rebuild copies of some locations and now this realm has become a wired and ridiculous chaotic structure. I have to get deeper and explore these wonders”.

Turn right and go into the opening NW, crawl left into the crawlspace and follow through to a deadly pool. Hop onto the block in the pool and turn left to jump to a rock in the SW corner. Turn right and jump to grab that sloped pillar, hang right and pull up over, slide far and jump hard right to grab the next sloped pillar, hang left and here is a nasty jump. Slide far then jump with a bit of a left curve to the tip of the sloped ledge left and curve back right a bit before you touch it. Jump curve a bit left to grab the corner of the grey ledge at the last moment (savegame.9 - video 4.wmv). Turn left and hop onto the brown ledge, there’s a trapdoor up there and also a keyhole. Turn around, and jump back to the grey ledge and to the left is a closed gate in a crawlspace. Jump from the grey ledge to the white wall in the pool (S) and grab a small medipack. Run jump S and jump to grab the monkey climb and follow left to a jump lever, the gate opens and a block in the pool goes up.

The Pacer.

Stand jump grab that raised block and from the right hand side a run jump around the monkey climb to grab the white wall where the medipack was. Jump down to the grey ledge and go into the opened gate (NE). When in the next part of the cave, climb the red block on the right and jump to the nearby grey pillar to get the Pacer. Run down E and look on a tall red pillar on the right hand side for Uzi ammo.

The Large Deadly Pool, the Stars Crystal.

When you come to the large pool, turn right and in the end to the right in an alcove up a slope is a Medipack. Get down and walk towards that slanted stone block in front of the pool, there are sink tiles in the pool and you have to jump over the tiles, around the pillar and get to a ledge you can see to the right of the pillar across the pool (4.jpg). When you stand back from the block, hop on and do a running jump to the first tile, a stand jump to the next and a stand jump around the pillar to the ledge there, try to curve left at the end of the jump so you can side jump right to the safe ledge (savegame.10 – video 5.wmv). (Also possible to skip the third tile behind the pillar, after the jump to the first, stand jump hard left to the second and do a running jump curved right around the pillar to end up on the far corner of the safe ledge). Turn left and grab the ladder on the pillar, go up and turn left, jump the grated ledges to the one NW with the sloped one behind it.

Detour for a Secret: Look left and spot a slope in the rocks left of the sloped grated ledge. Run jump onto that rock slope and grab the edge as you slide off (tricky jump), shimmy all the way left and pull up, follow in to Secret #3, another Book of Secrets. Get out and drop to the floor below, make your way back up to the last grated ledge.

Now comes another tricky jump, stand to the right, face NE and stand jump onto the top of the slanted grate there, jump slide and jump a bit right to grab the edge of the grate in front of the burner. Time the burner and pull up, immediately jump to get to the pedestal (savegame.11). When you grab the Stars Crystal. A Wraith will come, so get out of the camera, turn right and run jump to the grey pillar, hop to the grated ledge right and a running jump and bit left to land with Ctrl onto the stone block at the left corner of the pool. Run right, then left towards the pillar where the Pacer was and jump left through the gap between block and pillar, run to a pool, hop to the sink tile and jump to the other side. Straight to the water hole you emerged from before. After the Wraith is gone, get back to the large pool.

2 Ropes.

Go left and spot an old rusty door. Turn to the pool and spot ledges with buttons; you can reach those with jumps over the nearby sink tiles. Start from the floor at the first grey pillar S (5.jpg). Walk to the edge; take one step back then a stand jump, a stand jump and a running jump to the safe ledge. Use button #1 to bring out a rope, turn around and stand next to the button, run jump back to the tile, stand jump to the next and back to safety. Now take route 2 from the picture, three stand jumps and a running jump to the ledge, use button #2 to bring out a second rope. Jump back to the safe floor as you did before, a stand jump a running jump and then a stand jump (savegame.12).

The Obelisk Crystal.

Turn towards the pool again, look E and spot another safe ledge straight E and a sinking tile in between. Stand back against the grey pillar, take one-step forward and run jump to the sink tile, do a running jump to get to the ledge. Turn right and jump to grab a crack in that grey pillar, go right around the corners and drop to a ledge, stand close to the grey slope and face S, a run jump as far as possible onto the edge of the slope, turn a bit right at the end of the jump so you will go forward to a ladder on the grated pillar (6.jpg). (savegame.13 – hanging on the ladder!). Go up and grab a small medipack, go left and jump to the rope (you can spot the next Crystal left).

Two ways to do this:

1: Turn right a bit, swing and jump to the ledge you see over the top of the grey slope. Face E and run jump with Ctrl to get into an opening in the corner pillar where a button will stop the flames on the grated pillar (easier for later). Turn around and run jump to grab the ledge with the pedestal, go get the blue Obelisk Crystal.

2: On the rope, turn a bit left and swing directly onto the ledge where the Crystal is, turn right and run jump to grab the corner pillar where the button is, it will stop the flames on the grated pillar. Turn around and run jump back to grab the ledge with the pedestal, go get the blue Obelisk Crystal.

Slide down left and jump to the ledge in the grey slope, stand back and hop over the top to slide back to the ledge at the pool. Now you can jump directly to the grated ledge where you killed the flames.

The Demon’s Heart.

Go up the pillar again, walk to the right hand corner (SW) looking at that grated slope and another rope W of it, jump to grab the slope and hang in the middle, pull up over and slide jump to grab the rope. Turn left a bit and swing to get to that rock ledge you see.

Detour for a Secret: Look up W with binoculars and spot an opening left at the spider web. Walk up to the highest tip of this ledge, grab up to the monkey climb and go to that opening, drop/grab to get in and crawl to Secret #4, another Book of Secrets. Go back and use Alt to jump forward out of the crawlspace onto the grey rock below, you’ll slide off backwards, grab the edge and shimmy right to pull up on the corner. (In case you don’t manage the jump out of the crawlspace: hang out of the opening, check the health and drop, you’ll slide down to the ground floor. Go make your way back up to the rock ledge under the monkey climb.

Hop down W onto the sloped rock ledge under the Secret opening and end up on the flat lower part.)

Turn right a bit and jump up to the ledge along the W wall. Follow to the end (maybe using the grated ledge, but you can also just follow the rocks) and at the end a jump right to the second grated ledge to get around the brick pillar. Turn left and jump up to a ledge above the old door below.

“The Heart seems to be protected by a special trap”

Go left into the opening and find a lever that will operate a timed platform on the N wall, you need that to get to the pillar with the Heart. Go into the next opening left and find a mirror, a Demon is shown and flames on a pillar with the Heart. But when you look closely you’ll see the flames go down after a while. And that’s the trick!

Save at the lever, pull and roll, get to the platform and a running jump to the pillar, hop back, grab the edge and don’t pull up yet. Only after the flames went down you can pull up (savegame.14). Grab the Demon’s Heart. Walk to the far side of the pillar hop back (you have to find the correct spot) and run jump onto the far side of the sloped grate block, jump hard left and then hard right, just slide down or grab and safety drop to the familiar ledge below. (Saves2-savegame.0 –video 6.wmv)

The Flooded Tower, the Walls Crystal.

Follow the route back up to the grated pillar. Walk left to the grey slope and check your health and get to the rope, go down as far as possible and just let go, you’ll drop into a shaft in the grey slope. (There’s another shaft in this slope and it leads to the Gas Chamber 2 we will visit later, no need to investigate that route).

Go S to a room where a flyby shows the next challenge. Right around the corner is another Harpoon gun, left are Harpoons. Go to the water and save facing N, dive in, go straight down and grab more Harpoons, swim up and to the S on the floor are even more Harpoons, then go back up for air. Swim N and down to the lower section, turn right and into the small tunnel (E).

Follow through to a next room, in the back and up is the next opening, swim along the left side through the next room with the dark wall and again in the back and up through the next opening to a wide cave where those Sea Hags are. You could take them on right away, but you probably run out of air, so better first look for the air pocket in the far right hand corner (SW in the block hanging from the ceiling). Here are a Medipack, 3x Harpoons and save before you go close to the mirror a flyby kicks in showing you the Walls Crystal, you might want to watch that again. It seems to be the same route you took before when going to the top of the Tower.

Swimming to the Top.

It’s up to you how you want to do this, kill the Hags or not. I first went to finish them off so I could have a good look around (Saves2-savegame.1). Dive in, swim left to the corner where you see wooden ceilings, go up through the opening in the lower ceiling part and follow the wooden passage up the stairs and when you reach the ladder, go into the opening where the Secret was (under the wooden beam) follow through to get to an air pocket.

Detour for a Secret: Swim down and left, back to the ladder and up, out to the left (N) stay close to the floor and left around corners at the same height is the opening where you used a lever before, in that alcove is Secret #4, another Book of Secrets. Go back for air.

Swim up at the ladder, out N and swim up, turn around and swim up to the white pillar (SE) and up through the ceiling, straight up through the room with the Bells and through a hole in the ceiling. Now you are in the gas chamber, turn a bit right to the NW corner and up through the hole in the ceiling behind the pillar with the ladder that is now visible. Turn SE to the top of the wooden pillar in the Staircase Room and up through the hole, turn right and go up into the hole for air (Saves2-savegame.2).

Climb out, shoot a Demon and a dog, go get the Medipack in the corner and the Walls Crystal from the pedestal, the third gate also opens up. Now we have to go all the way back down to where the Sea Hags were, go to the waterhole at the E wall, face S and dive in. Swim left and down to the Staircase room, to the opposite NW corner and down to the gas chamber, swim through either hole in the floor, two levels down and to the opposite SE corner and down through the hole with the ladder to the Bells room. Go to the lower part SE and through the ladder hole in the floor, turn left to the N and down as soon as you can, turn to the S and down to the wooden floor where the trapdoor was before, under the wooden beam into the opening to the air pocket.

Back to the ladder, down and follow the staircases down to the place where the Hags were, to the right (SW) and up for air (Saves2-savegame.3). Down, to the opposite corner (NE) and through the small tunnel, left around through the room with the brick wall and out N, stay right in the next room, go into the opening there and left, left again to use an underwater lever opening the gate N and go through the gate. Next long hall has some Harpoons if you care to collect them now (can go back later too), you have to go to the end and left. A Sea Hags patrols these waters, so quickly swim to the end of the room and up for air while pulling the Harpoon gun. Shoot the Hag and surface, the air is poisoned here (Saves2-savegame.4).

Gas Chamber 2, Open the Door!

Pull up on a ledge E and get the small medipack, notice the old door S and get back in the water, save facing N in front of the other ledge (N). Pull up, quickly get up the wall and run jump to the N, run off to the right landing at a lever, use it fast and hop back turning right hop back up to where you came from and run down into the water You could have tried to get into the opening in one go, I did manage once but it was pretty nerve wrecking.

Go back up the pillar, jump to the N and face the slope, back flip onto the block behind you and hop back to run jump into the door you opened (W) (Saves2-savegame.5).

Demonic Storage Rooms.

Go forward and to the left, near the couch is some Shotgun ammo on a pedestal, proceed up the steps and right around the corner in the back room is a box, shoot it for a small medipack. In the other end of the room is an old door and to the left is a barrier in a passage, shoot the barrier and throw the lever, the door opens and provides a shortcut to the Demonic Realm after we got the Skeleton Key we need there.

Return down the steps and opposite of where you found the Shotgun ammo is a wooden panel (N) you can open with the Crowbar. This is the passage where the gates opened by taking the Crystals.

Demonic Mini-Cube, the Skeleton Key.

In the first room turn right and hop into the opening, get on the pedestal to find a Map of the Minicube (Minicube.jpg - this is the same map, but printable).

So those damned demons even made a mini-cube..

Go down from the block and down in a hole in the corner of the room (SE), you’ll end up in a deadly pool with an underwater lever at the lower level SE. Use the lever to start up the transporter and get out of the water fast. Step on the blue ray transporter and you’ll end up on the top level. In a corner of this room are some Electric Wires, pry them out of the wall with the Crowbar.

Go N, straight through the “Music” room (no need to use the button J ) to the entrance of the last room (Grave) and hop up right onto the ledge with the cross, grab the small medipack. Drop down and climb down through the hole in the floor to the Middle level “UW Control”. Hop into the corner with the gate and place the Electric Wires next to the gate and the trapdoor opens up. Turn around, go up the small staircase and get the Harpoon gun and Harpoons. Dive in (UW1), collect 2x Harpoons there before going W to the second room (UW2) where a Sea Hag appears, swim past her and roll to shoot her, repeat till she’s gone and get some air in the top of the second room. Look for an underwater lever in the alcove in the back of “UW2”, swim back to “UW1” where you can find the gate you just opened to the left (N).

Swim in, up and out into a room with the Rusty Key on the pedestal. You can leave S through the gate to the “UW control” room which just opened. Look in the opposite corner of the “UW control” for a platform, climb up and jump to the ladder to go back up to the top level. Hop into the opening straight (W) to the “Wraith” room. Go down into that room and into the opening straight ahead (W). Look down in that room (Maria) and shoot the two Demons (you can also just leave them be). Turn around and now get onto the pillar with the wraith and snatch the Copper Key from under it. Turn left, hop with Ctrl into the opening and do a running jump through the room with the Demons (Maria) to the opening left and jump straight through the “Stars” room into the opening ahead (S), a running jump out of this opening into the “Pool” room ahead. Wait for the Wraith to kill itself and get out.

3 Crystals = 3 Platforms for the Skeleton Key.

Jump back into the opening to the “Stars” room (N), up onto the grated ledge and turn left, look for an opening in the left hand corner of the (W) wall, go in and use the Stars Crystal. A platform (#1) goes up in the lower level. As you can see by the name, we now have to go to the “Walls” room. Back in the “Stars” room, face E and climb down the hole in the floor, drop down and go straight through the “Central” room to the E. In the “Walls” room jump to the right of the hole in the floor and stand against the W pillar, back flip onto the sloped one and jump to grab the pillar, use the Walls Crystal to raise a second platform (#2). Get down and climb through the hole in the floor to the “Obelisk” room. The Obelisk Crystal goes in the NE corner to raise the last platform (#3) in the Fog Rooms on the lower level.

Go out S to the transporter and get to the top level, turn left and hop up W to the “House” room, use the Copper key and shoot 2 Demons and 2 dogs. Go into the opening where the painting opened and use the Rusty Key, back to the room and left around corners into an open gate in the wall. Just run down the blocks and slide down to get to the first platform. Turn left and do run jumps to the far side where you can pick up the Skeleton Key, the place where it has to go is shown. Drop out of the opening, turn around and head to the last room S, hop left over the slope into the “Library (Bibl)”. Jump up into the opening left (N) and turn around. Jump and grab to the ledge on the right of the ladder and get another Shotgun.

Optional for an Expert Secret: Jump back into the opening N, run jump grab over to the blue rays in the N alcove and it will take you to a wooden passage. Go to the right (E) and take a left, here is the challenge. You have to get to that alcove left above that ladder (NW). On the deadly floor are sink tiles and slopes.

This is how I did it, turn around and climb down the ladder to the bottom, climb to the far right and go back to the left two steps and you should be lined up perfect. Drop and hop back, back flip with a roll and back flip to the sink tile, side flip left (you should land on the right hand side of the slope) slide down onto the tile and immediately jump forward with a hard right curve to a slope at the pillar. Back flip with a roll in the air so you’ll face the ladder to the alcove. Now when you land on the sink tile, get to the ladder and jump up to grab it (Saves2-savegame.6 - on the ladder!). Go up and grab Secret #6, another Book of Secrets. (video- secret6.wmv). Also possible: Do a run jump out left (with a roll) from the entry onto the slope left of the ladder under the opening, a hard left curved jump onto the central slope, backflip with roll and quickly up the ladder (video- secret6-2.wmv).

Go forward and left to get to the transporter ray.

Demonic Realm, use the Skeleton Key.

Back in the Minicube, turn right and jump on the block in the “Obelisk” room, turn around and climb up (W). Hop straight (W) to the “Central” room and go left (S) to the “Wake Up” room, through the passage with the gates and take a right up the steps in the Demonic storage. Left into the old door we opened before (or open it with the lever left of it) and get back to the Demonic Realm.

Take a right and go right of the grey pillar where the Pacer was, climb up to the crawlspace NW and follow through to the right. Down to the red pillar and use the Key there. Turn around and climb up, turn around and jump on the pillar to climb up through the trapdoor. Combine the Heart with the Pacer to get the Beating Demon’s Heart and place it on the stand to open the gate ahead.

The Monk’s Heart.

Go a bit left to the far NW corner, grab up to the grated ledge above, jump over to the left and then up to the pillar from the elevated tile. Go straight (S) to the other corner jumping the gaps and turn left to the tower with the Medipack. Then make your way towards the lever on the pillar along the E side, slowly walk down into the corner where you can use it to stop the flames on the central block, jump there and save before you take the Monk’s Heart.

Several enemies emerge, and no less than two dragons appear and you’ll slide down from the safety of the tower. Best run behind one of the grated corner pillars to be safe from fireballs and shoot all the walking/crawling enemies. Remember you can save and reload to get rid of the locust for a moment.

(In this version it was still possible to just run into the W room and skip the fight because a test trigger was left behind lowering the platform as you go in).

A block went up in the N wall where you started climbing before, hop on and use the button to raise a block in the opposite corner, use the button there. This will raise a second block along the N wall; a third button can be used to lower a platform blocking the opening in the W wall. Run in (Saves2-savegame.7) and use the transporter ray to get to the room with the 4 torches.

“You got it.. Thank you girl!”

Free the Monk.

Go to the pedestals SW and combine the Monk’s Heart with the Holy Dagger to get a Monk’s Heart Sacrifice. Place it on the round pedestal with the candles around it and watch how the Monk’s Soul escapes the cage.

End of the adventure

G&D, April 19-2014