The Wreck of The Blue Storm.

Levels by Quasar

Walkthrough by G&D Productions. (Revised April 16 2014.)

There’s a PDA available, so if you want to check for hints or info about the level, hit F1. 

Instead of the usual Flares you have a kind of electric light you can turn on and off with the Flare key.

Some actions described in this walkthrough are only correct if you followed the walk from the start.

These levels are pretty un-linear; this is how we did it. 

Savegames/screens mentioned in the walk are only for the W8 version of the level. They are in this Saves folder you can download.  The video’s are on other sites. Maybe someday I will provide the XP/ Vista/W7 saves too.


1 – Neptune Quarters.

Into the Wreck.

Swim forwards and follow through, go to the right (N) and watch out for those Jellyfish here (don’t worry about looking for air, you won’t run out). In the far away left corner (NW) is an opening. Keep swimming and at an intersection go left (there is nothing on the right).

In the next sandy cave there are two openings; one on the right (W) and one straight ahead (S).

For now take the one straight ahead (S) and find some Harpoons at the end of that blue tunnel. Swim back to the sandy cave and go left into the W opening.

Use the Harpoons.

Swim through a hole in the wreck and meet a shark. You have a Harpoon gun, so kill that shark and then swim to the left (S) and almost at the end look down and spot that hatch between the beams. Swim to the hatch, face the wall (W) and open it (use Ctrl, might take a second or so). Swim in and up, in the next compartment swim to the right (N) into the rock tunnel and up, roll and swim into a flooded corridor. Follow through and swim up a staircase and you breath normal air. The PDA shows: I am able to open underwater trapdoors”, check it out.

The Main Lounge.

Follow through and watch the flyby at the Main Lounge.

The Broken Water Symbol.

Go down the stairs and straight up the next and run jump from the rubble to the small balcony a bit on the right (SE). Go right and jump over the sloped part. On the left is an opening and when you walk in, keep on going to the end where you fall through a breakable floor.

Lower Corridors.

To the right (W) is the Hall of Roses where we need to place two Roses later.

Neptune Lounge.

Go to the left (E) jump the glass pit along the left side, follow through and go in a room on the left (Neptune Lounge as the sign on the ceiling says). Shoot the crab and pick up that piece of paper on the floor. Read the PDA  “A switch is hidden on a painting in the lounge”

The painting is to the left (S wall) and you’ll hear a trapdoor opening, that one is next to you (right) and we’ll go there later. The cabinet against the other wall is empty.

In the W wall of this room are some doors, open them to get a shortcut to the Main Lounge.

Main Lounge, Mirror Push Puzzle.

Remember where that trapdoor is, but for now we go back (W) to the Main lounge and up the grand staircase and to the right. Jump over to the balcony again and over the sloped part, this time continue around the corner and hang from the floor at the end to shimmy to the right and pull up.

Go to the end and take a running jump sort of straight N and grab the edge, then walk slowly through the corner of the glass spikes into the next couple of rooms.

In the room straight ahead is a crab, shoot it and notice the harp. Get out and take the passage left (N) to find a similar room. Walk to the small mirror in the end and in there you can see where that harp has to go (push it twice to the E). Go back to the first room and push that harp so that it mirrors the other one (push N to the wall and once to the left –W-).

The door straight ahead (W) opens, shoot the glass cover  from the pedestal and get the Broken Water Symbol.

Leave this room and drop down to the ground floor of the Main Lounge, turn around and head into the door E (shortcut to Neptune Lounge) and to the right and get into the trapdoor you opened before (switch in the painting).

Flooded Machine Rooms, turn off the Steam.

Swim under a pipe and take a left (E) and pick up the Harpoons straight ahead. Swim straight and a bit to the right and climb out (NW). Turn around and run jump E, face SE and run jump to an alcove at the wall, from there jump to the ledge that is jutting out. Now jump to the walkway with that steamer and if you don’t want to get burned, you can shimmy past it. Go into the room S and use the floor lever on the left (Flood lever).

Water will flood Section B2. Turn around and go to the other end of the room and right (NW) is a small steel door, open it to create a shortcut. Go through this door and back into the water; swim out E and straight through the tunnel to Section B2 (flooded by the lever before). Once in take a right (S) and find an underwater ceiling lever between the plants under the block, steam is shut off. Go back out and swim straight again and get out NW as before. Now you can turn left and go through that small steel door you opened into the S room with the flood lever. Use it again.

Back into the water, swim out E to the tunnel and now take a left into an open door to Section B1. Swim left to the corner (SW) and pull out. Roll and jump over then a running jump with grab to that central pillar (steam is off now). Then take another running jump straight and a bit to the right towards that gap in the balustrade.

Around the right is a small medipack, turn around, shoot that grate and crawl into Section B2. Take a running jump to the next balcony on the right (SE) and at the end there lower yourself to the floor. Go to the other side and climb up a block on the right and climb up to the balcony. Use the floor lever and a blue door opens. Go back to the ground floor and climb up at the other side, through the crawlspace to Section B1 and take a right and climb up the pole there. Back flip into the upper passage and go through the door. In the corridor go to the right.

Pressure Plates, a Piece of Sapphire.

Take a right into the next room read the PDA  “Starting from the farthest plate seems easier” .

In the far left corner (NE) is some Uzi ammo.

There are 4 pressure plates in this room, you have to jump from one to the other without touching the floor. Start at the plate at the S wall and take a curved running jump to the NE and from there to the one in front of the entrance. From there a running jump to the slab right in front of the door N, the door should now open (savegame.0).  Shoot the cover and grab the Piece of Sapphire, combine with the Water Symbol to get a Water Symbol.

The Fish tank; Use the Water Symbol.

Go out and into the corridor, left and then straight ahead and while a short flyby plays, two Ghost Knights appear (shoot them like horsemen). Run forward and in the room with the stuffed shark open the doors near the far right corner (SE). When you step out, you’re back in the corridor of the Neptune Lounge. Go straight, jump over the glass pit and go left to the end of that dead end corridor and left into another room with a stuffed shark.

Go to the back of the room and jump up to grab the higher ledge next to that statue up there, turn and run jump to grab the chandelier. From there jump to the left S side Fish tank and get Harpoons from the bottom. Get out and to the ground floor where you can use the Water Symbol under the statue E. The deadly fish will be transported into the S tank. Get back up to the chandelier and jump to the N side tank, use the two underwater ceiling levers and see a trapdoor open up, that’s in Machine Room Section B1.

Back to Machine Room Section B1.

Get out of the tank, out of the room and right, some Wraiths show up. Run back to the fish tanks and run close to the glass, the Wraiths will go into the tank. Back into the corridor and right at the crossing, over the glass pit and left into the Neptune Lounge. Into that open trapdoor in the left corner and swim straight into Section B1 (N), inside left and climb out SW again. Jump over (N) and go left into inside the room where that trapdoor opened.

Dive in, swim to a grate and shoot it with a harpoon (from a distance or it won’t break), inside shoot a shark and go up in the far left corner (NW), climb out into the steam section. To the W you can see a sign, “Steam Valve”, but the wheel is missing, so this is for later.

Storage, the Theatre Key.

For now go S through the passage and in the end right through that small steel door, into a corridor and straight in front is a passage to a storage room, go in. From a crate at the other side (N) you can jump and grab a crawlspace to the right, follow through and get a Medipack. Drop out, turn around and go find a crate in the middle of the room where you can stand. Run jump and grab the left hand stack of crates W, turn right and jump onto the (NW) balcony, jump to the one on the right (E) and open the doors to create a shortcut up here from the stairs that are on ground floor in the corner NW.

On this balcony is a crate (with the handle) you can pull/push to the SW corner of the balcony so you can jump from this crate to the next balcony and from there run to the balcony in the last corner.

Pull a crate out and push it over the edge to the ground floor (mind the glass). It will fall through the floor into a basement where you can find the Theatre Key . Get down there, pick it up and climb back out.

Leave SE and in the corridor go right, a door on the left opens (way back to the Main Lounge). A Ghost Knight comes out, so kill him. Then go into the room right (W) shoot a crab and pick up a piece of paper you can examine in the PDA.

 “Information over the Private Museum” …

Go back out to the corridor and straight into the Main Lounge (E).

Turn right and use the Key on the lock to open the door.

The Theatre.

Go in and find a small medipack to the right then go up the stairs, then go halfway down stairs into the Theatre, turn right and go to the other end picking up some Harpoons on the way. At the W end is a pile of rubble, when you slide down on that pile close to the W wall, jump and grab the W balcony above (remember this move for later). Go into the room and left to open a drawer in corner for Uzi ammo .

To the other side is a room with a timed door we’ll be visiting a bit later.

Backstage, Curtains Up!  

Open the doors next to the cabinet (S) and find yourself backstage, there’s a broken floor lever for later. Just run out the open window E landing on the stage. Climb the stack of crates on the other side using the vegetation on the side. Roll and look in the wall (S) for a crack and jump over to grab it, shimmy right and crawl in, follow through to another storage where you can open the Stage Curtain with a lever. Get back through the crawlspace and drop down onto the stage. On the stage you can find two push able crates, pull/push one of them to the other far end of the stage so you can jump from the crate to the E balcony (no Ctrl).

Preparing for the Theatre Run.

Inside the room is a passage straight (E) where we need the Private Museum Key (later).

Shoot the crabs that might show up and go left (N) to the top of the Hall of Rose. Jump along the balconies to get to a ledge with a painting switch (SW). This one opens the Timed door in the area off the W balcony in the Theatre. 

The route we took: Roll and hop back, drop to the ground floor and side flip, turning left run and jump to grab up to the block SE. Turn right and jump up onto the balcony (you can also jump over the balconies to get here), run into the passage you came from and do some jumps, as the floor will give way. In the next room take a right to the balcony and then left, jump down to the stage and sprint to the other side of the Theatre. Take a sharp right, off the stage and up the stairs under the balcony (W). At the rubble pile a jump with roll and slide jump to grab the balcony. Inside go right (you can sprint here, using the wall and table to bounce off to the right). Avoid the glass in the next room and get through the Timed door ahead (savegame.1 - video). There’s another route you could take from the stage and you can watch how to do that in this video (made by Seifenhasser).

The Skull Puzzle.

Go around to the other end of the room and find a Skull on a pedestal, when you hit Ctrl you’ll get a clue: Something is inscribed on the skull: “Facing the Death”  (also in the PDA:  “Facing the Death”. Maybe I should make the skulls face each other.

Go back and down the stairs, into the corridor, before you enter the room with the Skull puzzle left, open those doors in the end of the corridor (N), we may need that later.

Go back and take a right into the Skull room. There are 4 Skulls and given the clue, you’ll have to let them face each other using the three chains in the corners of the room (SkullPuzzle.jpg). This diagram will explain the puzzle.

Use the chain straight ahead (SW) once, turn right and use the next chain (NW) twice, turn right again and the last chain (NE) only once. Now the Skulls explode and 4 wraiths appear.

Don’t dillydally but get out to the corridor, right and to the staircase. Run upstairs and run along the windows there to get rid of the four wraiths.

When the Skulls lined up, a door opened. That’s in the passage below the staircase, so go back down, left around corners into that passage under the stairs. Only option here is the passage left to Machine Room B3.

Machine Room B3, For the Crowbar.

When walking out on the walkway a camera will show a lever under the walkway, so we will have to flood this place (with the well-known “Flood Lever”). Walk back a bit and jump down to a dark block in the NW corner, drop to the floor and go to the far corner (SE). From the higher ledge at the wall, jump and grab the block in the corner (S). Turn right and jump from the block to the walkway, use the lever to raise a platform in the opposite corner of the place. Climb the higher block behind the lever and from the corner you can stand jump and grab the yellow ceiling (monkey climb) to get back to the central walkway.

Walk over the pipe to the N side and go to the right, from the corner you can see that platform down under the opening (SE). Run jump to the platform, hop up into the opening and shoot a crab before you open a small steel door. Through the door you will be back in the room with the Flood lever (to the right). Throw it again to flood Section B3 we just came from. Roll and go back left into the small door, dive into the basin and under the central walkway is an underwater ceiling lever you saw when entering Section B3.

The lever will open a trapdoor. Go back to the platform and up into the passage, turn around and stand jump left around the corner to grab the crawlspace there. Go into the passage left and at the open trapdoor is a small medipack to the left.

Remember you have un-limited air (at least until you get the Crowbar, so have a good look around and remember the routes). Dive in with the Harpoon gun ready, shoot the shark and swim to the far corner to the bottom to open a hatch (SE). Down and follow the tunnel, swim straight through the room with the current and into the opposite tunnel, go left and up to the next room, swim to the other end and get Harpoons. Swim up at the end and back to about the middle of the room. To the left (E wall) is a grate you can shoot, get in there.

Use the ceiling lever and swim back out, up a bit and to the right and at the last walkway (N) go right into an opening (E). Down a hatch you opened and into a large room, go for the opposite left corner (NW) while shooting two nasty Fish.

Through the opening where they came from, turn right and at the end on a block is the Crowbar. Save there and grab it. Now the unlimited air is history, so make it back fast.

Swim back left into the large room, diagonally across into the opening SE, up through the hatch, W to the walkway and left down to the lower part, for now ignore the ceiling hatch in that will open (Secret) and try to avoid the fish. Swim into the tunnel right and right around the corner. Go straight through the room with the current into the opposite tunnel and take a right. Then left and up into the ceiling to where the shark was. Swim diagonally across and up through the trapdoor in the ceiling (NW).

For a Secret you could now go back, shoot or avoid the fish and go up into that open ceiling hatch where the fish came from, through a low tunnel and immediately right around the corner on a block is Secret #1, the Uzis. Get back fast (savegame.2).

The Valve.

Go back out to the B3 Section, hop over the balustrade into the water and get onto the block in the opposite corner (NE). From standing against the wall you can run jump to the walkway and go over that pipe to the N once again.

Go straight into the passage and left to a room where steam is now blowing across. Just check the health and top it up a bit, sprint through and stop in the opening to the next section (or you can try to find your own way through with hops and crawls). Hop over the last steam blower and left is a Medipack. To the right is the Valve you can now pry off the pipe (you’ll get a screen, I hope you still remember where that was).

PDA: There is a broken switch in the theater. With this valve I can stop the steam in the engine room at North.

Hop back over the first blower and make your way back through the steam (savegame.3).

Back to the Machine Rooms, use the Valve.

Get back to the basin and jump to the left again to the platform under the opening E, follow through to the Flood lever and use it once again. Go out through the small shortcut door in the far right corner (NW) and hop into the water, swim to the tunnel on the right (E) and left into the room with the “former” steam ledge (Section B1). Swim left around the corner to get out of the water and jump over to the ledge. Go left into the room with the open trapdoor and swim down, diagonally across the room and up through the ceiling. Go into the opening W and place the Valve there and Lara turns it.

The passage to the right will now be safe, follow in to a small room, take a right there and find a piece of paper on the floor of the lounge near a fallen chair, check the PDA  “Disappearances” .

Go straight out (N) and take a right in the corridor.

Empty Bottle, Water Puzzle.

Careful with that molded floor (keep to the left), some parts might break and notice the door to the right there. At the end go to the left and in the far left corner is a button to open that door at the molded floor (there’s nothing in the cabinet).

Go back to the molded floor, which will be even more unstable, so try and save as much tiles as possible because we have to cross over a few more times. Go left into the newly opened door. In the cabinet is an Empty Bottle. 

The Valve Again.

Go out and jump as far as you can to the left, go right into that small steel door and notice that you need another valve here, go a bit further till you come to an empty pool. Now go back and straight into the lounge where you found the piece of paper, take a left and down a slope, follow back to the Steam Valve, pry it off the wall and take it back through the lounge again.

This time go straight (N) into the small steel door, follow to where you can use the Valve again on the Pool Valve unit and use it to fill the nearby pool.

Fill the Bottle.

Proceed to the right (E) and hop into the pool, grab some Uzi ammo from the bottom there and swim to the far corner (SE). Wade up onto the grey block, fill the Bottle there and turn around. You have to face S, do a run over the high part of the block, curve right and jump to grab a slanted ledge, pull up on the far right hand corner (steam) and run inside behind the pillar when the lower steam stops, taking a little health loss. Go to the other end; jump right over to the ledge (W) and then back to where you entered the water (N).

Use the Bottle, Rose of the Seas #1.

Go left and back to the molded floor, get to the other side (that’s why you should have spared so many tiles) and to the right into a room with a Bowl. Put the water in the bowl and enter the door that opens to the right, inside shoot the cover and grab the Rose of the Seas and pick up that small medipack in the corner.

Make your way back over the molded floor (savegame.4) and go left to the lounge where some Ghost Knights show up. Shoot the three of them and go on (S). Take a right into a passage where a door opens after the third Knight dies; follow through to the large storage where you found the Theatre Key. Go diagonally through to the opposite corner (SE) and up the small stairs to a corridor. Take a right and then left to the Main Lounge.

The Theatre, Rose of the Seas #2.

Go right around corners into the door to the Theatre and get onto the stage, onto the crate SW and up into the small storage W, remember that broken lever? You can now operate it with the Crowbar to open a trapdoor in the stage floor.

Now go down to the stage and pull that second push able crate (the one you didn’t use yet) and push it down into the open trapdoor. Climb down into the dark storage below.

Go into the dark NE corner, shoot a crab and find a chain you can pull. A chandelier lowers, go back and left around corners to enter the hall with the chandelier (SE), first go shoot the Ghost knights that might be following you (there might be more enemies, depending on your route through the storage). Go climb up to the chandelier and run jump (no Ctrl) to the right (SW) onto the walkway and open the doors there (W wall).

Follow the passage back into the room with the broken lever, go down to the stage, down to the storage again and another Knight will show up (mine was ON the crate, so climbing down was challenging). Use the chain (NE) again to raise the chandelier. Climb back up the crate to the stage and hop back up into the room with the broken lever. Left into the passage to the room with the chandelier and jump via the chandelier (no Ctrl) to the walkway (savegame.5), go shoot a cover and grab Rose of the Seas #2.

Use the Roses, the Private Museum Key.

I couldn’t get back to the chandelier so I ran NE down from the walkway to the balcony below. Get down to the floor and go back through the storage up the crate to the stage (NE).

Get up to the E balcony again, using the crate you pushed there before. Inside go left, hop over the tiles in the passage and drop down into the Hall of Roses. Place the Roses left and right next to the Fish tank and see a door open in the Main Lounge. Get back there over the glass pit (E), left around  into the Neptune lounge and straight through W.

The door you opened is on the walkway SW, jump there starting from the rubble NE, you know the route by now.

Dive into the fish tank and retrieve the Private Museum Key.

Get out and down to the ground floor of the Main Lounge, out E again to the Neptune lounge, over the glass pit and into the Hall of Roses. Climb the block on the left as you enter and hop SE onto the balcony, get through the passage with the broken floor and in the next hallway is a sign on the left “Museum”. Go in, shoot some crabs and use the Key. Go through the door to the Museum.


2 – Private Museum.

The Main Gallery Key.

Go straight through to the Pyramid room, check PDA: This mirror hides something.

Behind the pyramid is a broken mirror, kick it (Ctrl) and pick up the Main Gallery Key. There is also some info about the Museum on the PDA. Open the door to the left (E) with that key and enter the Main Gallery.

Main Gallery and the Pyramid Puzzle.

Go to the right and in front of a clock is a piece of paper, check the PDA;  "There's a strange picture on the book in the main gallery."

Go back a bit to the book on the pedestal and look at it with the binoculars (Pyramid.jpg).

Go back to the Pyramid room and around the pyramid are 4 small ones you can turn. At the red side of the big one the red side of the small ones should face each other, yellow side the small yellow sides etc. etc. (Pyramid2.jpg). If you do it correctly, a door opens in the Main Gallery

Go back there and to the right, the panel with the clock is what opened.

Detour for the Secret, optional, but advised:  

In the other end of the Main Gallery is a vase on a pedestal, shoot the vase and a floor tile opens nearby (to the right behind the display-E wall). Get down and into an opening far right in the large room. Sandy beach like caves, a flyby kicks in, proceed to the end of the caves and find a Medipack and Uzi ammo. When you turn back and come into the large cave with the view of the wreck, a giant crab attacks, either fight him or run left into the corner and grab up to the E rock ledge so you can shoot him from above or ignore him. 

Follow the ledges along the S wall to get to the wreck (there are some flat parts you can use and the last part is a shimmy). Follow the deck to the other end, jump from the opening in the railing to a flat ledge (NE), turn around and stand somewhat higher to jump back and grab the upper deck. Go along the deck to where the plants are and grab up into the crawlspace, follow through to a hole in the floor, hop over and go left to a fish tank. Dive in to use the ceiling lever near the window and get Secret #2, climb out above the lever to get the Seraph Replica from the room E.

Go back through the passage to that hole in the floor and drop down into the hall, go back through the Pyramid room. Take a right and enter that panel with the clock you opened before.

The Orb Puzzle.  

Follow through to a door where you can see an Orb through a window ahead.

Explanation: ( Orb.jpg)

The Orb is the cause of all this and is the actual boss you have to conquer, the black ghost which will appear is its guardian. You can kill the ghost, but he will revive when the Orb teleports.
Sometimes, the Orb releases a wraith from one of the mirrors. If the wraith hits Lara, she will be cursed and a red bar will appear and start to decrease. You have to destroy the red mirror before the red bar is empty.
Notice that the black ghost will only appear if you target the Orb. And the ghost disappears when the Orb teleports or when you kill the ghost temporarily.

So your main objective is to destroy the Orb, its life is symbolized by the health bar at bottom right of the screen.

First go quickly to the back of the place (S wall) and get the Medipack, the Orb is in the central room for now and will come alive the minute you draw your guns. Try to shoot it while dodging the Black Ghost and you can see in the red bar in the bottom right corner of the screen how much damage the Orb takes.

Soon the Orb will teleport and you’ll have to find it again, repeat this and when a red mirror releases a wraith you’ll have to find the mirror and kick (don’t shoot) it before your health is gone (lower bar left hand top corner of the screen).

So you’ll have to watch 3 bars here, the Orb will explode and a door will open up (savegame.6), the level will change.

3 – The Escape.

Which will be a complicated timed run/swim back to the ocean, the whole wreck will be coming apart, so watch out. There will be points where the game automatically saves so you’ll re-start there when you fail… Tip: in rooms stay close to the walls.

The route: Out the door, jump straight over the balustrade, straight through the door and left to the Theatre. Jump down left onto the stage, running left to the open trapdoor, roll and grab the edge to safety drop down into the storage so you will be facing N already (save while dropping down).

Sprint straight to the N through a new opening in the wall (stay in the middle of the passage). You’ll be in Section B3. Run jump straight over to grab the central walkway (at the spot where the higher yellow ceiling is) and go left up the sloped passage to the corridor.

Take a right in the corridor, jump over a collapsing tile, diagonally through the hall with the staircase left into the corridor at the Skull puzzle, straight through jumping another collapsing tile and in the next room with the fallen chairs right. Then in the corridor left over a collapsing tile (watch out for the glass) and loop to the right through the steel door, left down these rooms through the steam and into the water.

Turn right down there and diagonally across into the small opening near the bottom (SE). Through that passage and up into another room, turn left into the corner passage (SE). Go straight through Section B1 and up in the left hand corner (NE) where the pole was before.

Out of the blue corridor and left, sharp left around corners into the next room (falling rubble in the middle), and into the far left corner passage, then right into the Neptune lounge and out the other side, straight through to the Main Lounge and diagonally over into the opposite corner  (over the staircase NW).

Right around two corners and to the left there, right into the next and grab the yellow Oxygen Capsule from the floor, the trapdoor opens. Swim down and straight down the floor again, then straight to the back and up and swim a bit left than right into the opening to a cave, swim forward and the timed part will end. Lara uses the Oxygen Capsule now (savegame.7).

Swim N into the small tunnel, follow into the cave with the jellyfish and take a left, take another right into a small tunnel. To the other cave with jellyfish, diagonally across into the tunnel (SE) and then a left to the Ocean…

 The credits will play and the adventure ends when you swim up to the dinghy…

 G&D Productions, April-16-2014.