The Scion.

Level by Raider99

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

The mentioned screens and savegames are in this downloadable Folder.

The Pool Cave.

Starting in a cave, turn right and look behind the pillar for a small medipack. Go to the opening E and just slide down, swim with the current and end up in the Pool Cave (Hub room). Climb out W at a receptacle and look across the pool for some wolves to take care of. Jump over towards the dead wolves and look for some Uzi ammo in the right hand corner (SE) near the skeleton. There are several things to do in this Cave later, we’ll be back. In the SW corner you can climb up facing N, for a pickup look N and in the NW corner you can just see a crawlspace.

Stand on the SE corner of the ledge, turn N and aim for the right hand side of that crawlspace, run jump over the slope in front and you may just touch it to get onto a slope behind it, slide a bit and jump left to grab the crawlspace. Get in for Flares and Uzi ammo. Drop out and go SW, back up to the ledge N. Turn around and hop SE to a ledge. Jump grab up E, jump to the E ledge with Ctrl and then go jump NW to get to an opening in the wall.

Push the Cage, open the Gates.

Down in the next room and on the right (SE) is a cage, push pull it into the NE corner under the hole in the ceiling and get up (face W). Pull the lever up there to open the gates below (W). Get down and move the Cage through the Gates to the pool room. Climb up and jump to the ledge SW, N up to the ledge and down to the block in the corner. From there run jump diagonally up into the opening N, the pool looks deadly but isn’t, it is a pool of blood (remember). Just wade through and pick up the Uzis in the next room, use them at once on the tiny raptors (or pistols). Push a statue from the E side to the tile in the SW corner to raise a block SE. Before going up find a crawlspace on the left (E) and pick up the Uzi ammo.

The Skull Key.

Climb the block and grab up on the left (N) to a ledge, jump to the right (N) to a ledge and from there SW up into an opening W. Shoot the Native and pick up the Skull Key he will leave behind. Hop onto the block SW and run jump E onto the tip of the slanted ledge; jump off and grab that jump lever to open the gate below. Go through the open door (W) and at the pit is a passage left to an Element Puzzle. Nothing to do there yet, but you could go get that small medipack from under the walkway, crawl in from the other side. Go back to the previous room.

A Bloody Puzzle.

Look in the pit with the skeleton, near the SE corner is the Small Blood Container (Waterskin), take it E with you going back through the rooms to that pool of blood you crossed before and fill the skin. Make your way back to the element puzzle and fill one of the bowls. Back for more blood and fill the second one too, the gate W opens up and inside is a Scale.

On the right hand ledge near the skeleton is the Large Blood Container (Waterskin), and behind the scale is a pool of blood. Looking at the ceiling over the pot you have to fill you can spot the roman number IV, so we need 4 litres (fill the large skin, combine the large with the small skin and there will be 2 litres in the large one, empty the small one and combine again to get that (2 litres) into the small skin and refill the large, combine again so one litre goes into the small and leaves the 4 litres in the large skin). Put that in the pot and the gate behind Lara (SE) opens up, go up to a lever to raise platforms in the element room.

A Torch.

First go back to the room N, open the gate E with the key. Climb the ladder behind that gate and back flip off, jump to the opposite ledge to get the Torch and throw it down into the room (or throw down some more). Now get down to pick it up and go S to the Element room, jump onto a block SE, then to the W and over those platforms to the ledge N to ignite the Torch. Hop down in the NE corner to slide safely down, head to the room N and then to the right (E), back down to the room at the Pool of Blood.

Teleport Back.

Ignite the wall torch N and go through the gate with the Torch, step into the teleporter and you’ll end up in front of a crawlspace. Throw the torch through and go after it. Get down into the room W and ignite a wall torch on the right. Leave the torch for a bit and go into the room that is open now (W). When you pick up the Gold Idol, a knife trap appears in the entrance. Jump over that trap (take the Torch) and in the next room up the block on the right (S), up through the opening to the Pool Cave. Leave the burning Torch here for now, or at least remember where you left it, you can use it to get a Secret later.

Jungle Caves.

There’s a Raptor roaming around below, shoot him if you can and make your way down. In the S wall is an opening to the Jungle Caves, go through and up the block S to get to a large area where a flyby kicks in. Pull the skeleton from the Uzi ammo and get it.

Machine Cog #1.

Jump up to a gate in the corner on the left (SE) and turn around, jump and grab N to the thin ledge, stand on the SW corner of it and turn facing E. Turn a little bit more to the left (screen 1) and back flip onto a slanted block, jump back with a left curve to land on top of the same rock pillar (looks like this was the “easy route”, I found some more ledges up to this point).

For a Secret: Run jump and grab to an opening in the N pillar and go through, run out left onto a ledge with Secret #1, 2x Uzi ammo and a small medipack. Hop back up into the opening and run jump to grab back to the top of the pillar S.

Jump and grab the jump lever E and slide down. Hop back up to the now open gate S and get Machine Cog #1 from the floor. This one has to go to the pool Cave, but we need a second one first.

Mister T-Rex.

Get down and go over the ridge on the left (S) into a large cave and Mister T. will come for you, try to stay close to him while firing Uzis, but don’t let him get you. When he perishes, a block will go up in an adjacent cave. Go get 2x Uzi ammo first, next to the two skeletons in this large cave. Go through a gate that opened NW into the cave where the block went up.

Timed Run through the T-Rex Cave.

Climb the block and run jump to the pole W, swing and jump to the ledge ahead. Go climb up left and jump over to the sloped block, slide down to a ledge. There’s a Timed lever here on the W wall, the door is S along the pole and ledges, then left over the ledges to the far SE corner.

Pull the lever and hit “look” to get out of the camera, turn left and run jump to the pole, swing once and jump off to the ledge. Run jump as far as you can onto the next slanted part with a bit of a right curve so you’ll slide off backwards. Shimmy left and pull up at the next pillar. Run turning left and jump to the corner ledge, best is if you can do a running jump curving left to jump to the first ledge with the torch, a running jump to the next. If you’re lucky, the burner is off, in that case you can immediately hop to the next ledge, two more running jumps to get into the Timed door right around the corner (savegame.0).

Machine Cog #2.

Throw the lever inside to open a door in the cave below.

For a Secret: From this ledge run jump to grab the rock ledge N, go over the top to the N end and hop right around the corner onto a ledge, crawl in to get Secret #2, a Medipack and 2x Uzi ammo.

Safety drop down and go to the open door in the S wall, inside is Machine Cog #2.

Hop onto the SW corner ledge turn around and run jump to the right hand side of that pole N, swing and jump onto the slanted block, jump off to grab the next pole, a bit left of the right hand side (don’t use Ctrl while jumping). Swing to the block NE and grab it, go up for 2x Uzi ammo.

Back down and out to the small cave (NW opening) after shooting some Raptors. Go right, back to the Pool Cave.

Use the Gold Idol, place the Machine Cogs.

Keep going straight (E) jump down and keep going to the Pool Cave from the start. Go left and grab up right again (N). Turn around and jump to the SE and jump/grab up E.

Look under the gate on the E ledge, there is a receptacle there. From the ledge you’re on ledge you can run jump with a right curve, landing in the alcove with that receptacle. Use the Idol and throw the lever inside to open a gate below. Drop down, and go into the gate left (E wall), place the two Cogs and the gate on the upper ledge E opens up. Make your way back up there and follow through to a cave with two wolves. Pull the skeleton near the entrance from the Uzi ammo and you see a closed gate at the other end (E).

The Village, Out of Breath.

Head to the right (S) to a Village, shoot two Natives (you have no choice) and finally pick up some more Flares near the well on the square.

Stand at the well, facing E or W and run in, a hatch closes behind you. Swim to the wall and left and right are two underwater levers, in the other side of the room are two more and then the gate S will open, go in to use the underwater lever, roll and swim straight into the open gate N, up for air.

Over the Rooftops.

Swim in E and get to a hut, grab a Medipack and leave through the opening in the wall (S), jump over to a hut and move the cage under the opening in the ceiling to get up to the roof. But first open the gate W with the lever on the right of the gate, so you’ll have a shortcut to the square. Once up on the roof, jump to the one straight ahead (N) and from there to a ledge to the left (W), then to the roof and run jump to a pole on the left (S) to swing to the next roof. Go left (E) and jump to ledges and right around the corner to an opening in the wall on the right (S).

The Hut Key.

No other choice than to go down in the hole in the floor, swim to the NE corner and pull up on a ledge, turn around and jump up to grab the monkey climb, follow around to drop on a block in the middle of the pool. Jump to grab the opening on the right (W) and use the lever to drain the pool. Go back down and push a cage into the alcove in the E wall. Climb on the cage and use the lever on the left, this opens the door when you jump down on the right (NE). Inside you find the Hut Key, another gate opens up.

The Hut Key for the Tomb Key.

Go pull the cage back 3 times till it stands next to the central pillar, climb up and jump back into that opening on the left (W) and inside go to the right up a ladder into the passage where the gate opened. Go through and out left (N) back to the Village. Drop down to the ground floor and go left between the huts and use the key on the hut on the left. Get the Tomb Key from the table.

The Tomb, the Golden Artefact.

Go to the SE corner of the square and open the gate to the Tomb, follow in and get the Golden Artefact after shooting some Natives. Go back to the Village, to the cave N and left, follow through to the Pool Cave. Get down, jump into the pool and get onto the ledge W where you can make use of that Artefact. Now go grab the Torch from where you left it and hop into the open door under the waterfall W and get into the teleporter.

Go W and come to a hall with a hole in the floor, in the room below we need three Masks. As you can see there are thee passages leading from this hall.

First ignite that wall torch in the far right corner (NW) to open a gate to a Secret; you can drop the Torch.

Random order:

N - Underwater Challenge, the First Incan Mask.

Drop down into the lower room, go into the water and save. Swim in, go around two corners and take the first to the left (remember the gate you can just see straight ahead -N) and again a left. Use the underwater lever and roll, swim straight (N) to the end, around the corner into a lower section where a gate opened. At the intersection go left and around two corners use the Timed underwater lever. Roll swim back around the corner (left) go immediately to the right, left and up at the end. Swim left and keep going left. Get some air and save, as this is another Timed underwater lever.

Pull the lever, roll and swim to the right all the time and down in the lower section. Still swim to the right and through the gate and pull the underwater ceiling level, this raises a block. Get back to the N gate, and get air, turn around and swim straight (S) to the exit of this labyrinth (savegame.1)

Climb onto a ledge in the left (SE) corner, turn around and jump to grab the top of the block N, throw a lever there to flood the room and get in the water and loop around right to grab the First Incan Mask (N).

W – Pushblocks, the Second Incan Mask.

Get out and to the opposite side (S) and take a right into the room where the gate on the right (N) opened when you lit the wall torch in the hall, inside is a Secret #3, a small medipack and 2x Uzi ammo, go back to the room.

A Raptor might have shown himself, shoot it and go to a lever in the S alcove, before you get the chance to use it the floor gives way. Shoot the two wolves down there and go to a push block S, push it all the way, turn left and push that one till you can enter the next room with more blocks. To make room, push this block back into the entrance.

Face S and pull out the left and right block once. Go around and push both of them to the N wall. Turn and pull out the left and the right ones so you can get behind them. Go to the room and grab the Second Incan Mask. The gate on the left (N) opens so you can leave. In the small room with the rocky floor is an opening up on the right (E), climb up there.

S – Drop the Ball Timed Run, the Third Incan Mask.

In the room with the wooden floor (no use to burn it, look up and you see a boulder, so that is for later), go into the opening on the left (N), push the block out N into the entrance passage and move it into the N alcove under the Timed lever. This one will open a gate up in the room with the wooden floor, not too bad though. Pull, turn and run to the right (W) to the hall, left into the S passage, left at the rocky floor and up into the opening. Turn right inside and face N at the slope, back flip and jump to get to the pole. Swing and jump to the crack, follow around to the right and time that nasty burner, in the end just drop, turn right and run over the corner through the open gate (savegame.2).

Throw the lever to drop a ball through the wooden floor, get down in there and through the passage to the E, follow through to the Third Incan Mask. Grab up through the opened hatch on the right (E) turn and hoist up. Go straight to the Hall. Drop into the lower room, place the three masks and lightning strikes and this opens the floor, drop in and go through to get the Scion. The level ends there.

G&D, Feb. 17-2014