Tomb Raider The Little Things Prologue.

Level by uzimaster

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Saves and screenshots in this Folder. The videos are linked to a Site because of the size

There are 8 Secrets to be found, 4 in each level.

A Nice opening flyby shows you around the Island we’ll be exploring soon.

1 – Remains of Atlantis.

Turn and leave the cabin, left around the corner and up a ladder to the upper deck. On the very top you’ll find Uzi ammo, go back down to find some stairs to the water edge and dive into the ocean.

Open a Door.

Swim straight N to that big rock and climb out on the ledge at the NW corner, go into the back and find a button to open a door for later. Jump back into the water and swim into an opening W and get a small medipack.

To the Island, through the Door.

Turn and then swim N and wade onto the Island, go to the right (SE) and look left for a passage with spider webs, get in there and proceed to a big hall with a mirror floor. Through the opening N you’ll see the door you just opened, up a steep slope on the left (NW).

Along the right wall (E) wall is a green wooden crate, pull it aside to get the M16 from the alcove. Now go to the opposite (W) side and move the crate there towards the slope and run jump (no Ctrl) from the crate into the open door.

Laser Room.

Follow through passing a hole in the floor and in the Laser Room, just avoid contact with the red Lasers, go NE and left to find a lever N, don’t use it yet, first go into the NW corner and left over the block to get the Grenades. Now go back and use the lever to open a door in the room below, quickly get out of that corner before the lever explodes. Go back to the passage (SW) and climb down the ladder in the hole, go to the NW corner and jump over the crates there to get the Shotgun.

Underwater Labyrinth, to the Church.

Go through the door you opened (E wall). Save, get into the water and swim into the tunnel on the left (W), go left then around some corners take the first right, right at the next intersection and follow this tunnel left around two corners (stay clear of those objects on the walls of these tunnels or you might not make it). Open an underwater door at the end. Swim further and up to get air and climb out (savegame.0).

Sands of Atlantis and the Church Key.

Go into the church and a flyby shows you around, to the left (N) is the Sands of Atlantis on a pedestal. Go to a blue crate SE and run jump from the crate onto the triangle ledge W and from there onto that waterfall block (NE). Climb to the top and grab the monkey climb, follow to where you can drop on a small ledge. Run jump and grab the crack in the pillar NW, go shimmy right around and pull up in the low corner. Turn around (E) and stand jump to the pillar, from there to the pillar left (NE) to pick up the M16 ammo. Look on the wall for a lever, pull it to open a trapdoor somewhere.

A Wraith appears, drop from the pillar and get to the ground floor. Get into the water (NW) to get rid of the Wraith and get out again.

Back onto the crate and the triangle ledge, hop onto the balcony on the left (SW), then jump to a ledge NW and further onto the W side waterfall. Jump to grab the ladder NE and go up and left around to get the Church Key. Run down from the E side and pick up Uzi ammo there, run jump onto the E side waterfall and run jump to that triangle ledge SW, hop onto the balcony again (S). Climb down through the trapdoor you opened before with the lever on the pillar. Get two Medipacks from the chests and use the Church Key SW to open a door on the balcony above. A new Wraith will come for you, open the door with the button left of the keyhole and get out, run to the water to the left and then return to the room you just left.

Get out of the Church.

Climb back up to the balcony and find the open door on top of the bookcase E, get in there. Climb up left and crawl along the right hand side of the glass shards to the other corner, side flip over the pipe and go S into the passage that leads up to the roof. Go to the flat SW corner and safety drop from the roof to the ground.

The Janitors Key.

Go S and once on the beach take a left, and to the left is a small hole with water, swim through to a pool with colored tiles on the bottom. Stand on the ramp E and grab up to the grated ceiling. Now go around the room passing all 5 tiles on the ceiling and each time you’ll hear one of the 5 gates E open up, go in there to get the Janitors Key. Leave and swim back S to the beach.

The Shipwreck, the Idol.

Go to the right (W), dive into the ocean and swim N to some kind of turned over steel structure. In the middle of the structure is the Grenade Gun and around it are 3 Grenade pickups.

Swim SW, to the end of the turned over ship (W) and climb into the opening, crawl through (or use crawlspace roll) and open the door with the Janitors Key.

In the corridor, go to the right (N) and in the next room left around the corner, throw the lever there and see a hatch open up behind a small door. Back to the corridor and to the door S, open with the button and step into the bathrooms. Go right and open the last door and climb up right to the floor above. Follow through and drop through a hole into the Lounge. SE are doors you can open with a button, that’s the exit for later.

The Security Room Key.

Go W into the corridor there and at the crossing go right, open the first door right with the button and push the crate away from the Security Room Key. In the far right corner near the bench you can pick up some Flares.

Security Room.

Go out and left around the corner (at the glass ceiling). Open the first door to the right and inside is only one button you can use so far (the one without blue rays) and a door opens up. Go out and left, left at the glass ceiling and just before the open door S is a crawlspace to the left, get in and use the lever to open a door in the next room.

Crate Puzzle.

The open door is in the wall on the right (E), inside are 4 crates you have to get out. First pull/push out the crate from the wall on the right and push it to the E wall so it is left of the stack of two. Climb up and push the upper crate into the alcove to the right (S) and you will be left with 4 crates you can now push into the big room (don’t stop pushing in the doorway or the crate won’t move again, in that case push it back into the room and try again).

The crates have to go onto the 4 gratings at the pillars in the big room. When placed correctly you’ll get a screen of the Security room. There are two crates in the alcove near the doorway.

Revolver and Laser sight.

Go back N to the corridor, right at the glass ceiling and into the Security room where you can now use two more buttons, each one opens a door. First we go back left (S) into the big room with the crates and straight through the door, dive into the pool below and grab the Revolver and Laser sight, there’s also Revolver ammo on the elevated tile. Climb out and go all the way up the ramp, mind the glass and look up SE for a blue crystal ball you have to shoot. There are some breakable platforms too, but I never used those. Shooting the ball opens another door we’ll go to now. Go back to the room with the crates, N into the corridor and now straight at the glass ceiling. Left into the door opened by a button in the Security room and inside is some Shotgun ammo.

To the S is the door opened by shooting the ball, go in and time the burner in the back to use the lever (or crawl under the lever, stand up when the burner goes down, use the lever and side flip left. Get out of the room, to the corridor and head straight into the Security room where the last button is now safe (second from the right) and a door opens in the Lounge.

Out of the room and right into the Lounge (E), left and down the stairs to the ground floor. Behind the wall S is the open door, go through to open a small door to a cabin and crawl W through the gap to the next cabin, open the door and go out and left into a corridor. Climb the ladder in the middle of the corridor and use a lever to open a door below. Get down and through the door W, hop over the pipes after timing the burners and hop into the water. Open an underwater door straight ahead (N) and go through a large basin. NE in the E wall is an opening; get in for Secret #1, 3x Uzi ammo.

The Captains Keys.

Get out, swim to the windows S and get into the passage over the windows. Run onto the break ledges and just fall through. Pull the dead Captain away from the steering wheel to get Uzis and the Captains Keys. Open the doors S with the button and at the glass ceiling go left into the Lounge. Go to the right to the SE corner and through the doors opened with the button next to them.

Go into the corridor and look for the Captain’s Cabin to the right, use the Keys. On the wall on the right (N) is a button; this opens a door.

Go out, left to the hallway at the Lounge and to the left is the door that opened, in that store room are some crates W, climb the left one (under the pipe) and push the top crate to the N, grab some Revolver ammo. Get down and go to the chest S and get the Idol from it (you should now have two Artifacts, the Idol and the Sands of Atlantis).

Using the Artifacts.

Back out to the hallway and into the corridor on the right, left out the small door and into the ocean. Swim to the right and get out onto the beach of the Island.

Go SE along the beach and if you want another Secret, go left into the passage with the spider web again, follow through to the room with the crates and jump from the crate into the door over the slope. Follow through and go down the hole in the floor. In the room with the big fish tank another door opened at the opposite wall (No idea when it opened). Inside is Secret #2, a Medipack and 2x Grenades. Back up the ladder W and retrieve your steps back to the beach.

Rock Climbing.

Go left to the end of the beach, grab the crack in the rocks and go right around the corners, drop and turn to use another crack. Get into the crawlspace and go right around corners to get out onto the ledges near a rope.

I’m sure there are different ways to do the next part, but this is how I did it. Hop onto the ridge left (N) and turn around, now jump and grab up to a ledge, pull up and get a small medipack up there.

Go this ledge to the end (N) and from the higher part take a run jump to grab the rocks W, go N again and jump right to that flat ledge. Hang from the edge and shimmy all the way right around two corners and end up at Secret #3, 2x Uzi ammo. Shimmy back to the left and drop onto the path between the rocks. If you don’t want to go for the next pickup/Secret, just walk up N and from there a run jump straight N and a bit right over the rocks sliding onto a flat ledge (1.jpg), hang from the edge and shimmy to the right to pull up on the grassy ledge.

But for the pick-up and Secret in the Ocean; It’s a long route with a back track: from the path between the rocks, run jump to grab the rope NE, swing over to the roof of the structure. Jump up to the top and drop from the right (S) side onto a sloped ledge, grab the edge and go right around to where you can drop onto a tiled ledge below. Inside is 2x Shotgun ammo, get back to the ledge the same way you got down and either shimmy to the end (W) or jump there and grab the roof. Go down the roof and to the right corner towards that chain. Take a run jump to the chain and climb up, turn around to back flip to the top of that arched wall, look over the N side and stand jump onto a slanted pillar NE, grabbing the edge. Pull up, back flip roll and grab a crack in the wall, when you pull up inside you’ll get Secret #4, but you’ll have to get that on the ledges on the right, so crawl through and drop to get 2x M16 ammo.

I couldn’t find a way back up, so swim all the way back S and to the right onto the beach, follow the route along the rocks as before and from the path between the rocks where Secret 3 was, jump N and a bit right over the rocks sliding onto a flat ledge (1.jpg), hang from the edge and shimmy to the right to pull up on the grassy ledge.

Using the Artifacts.

Run over the bridge to the structure and inside climb down as far as you can before you drop into the place below. Go place the Sands of Atlantis in the statue E, a door slides open. Turn right, drop from the edge of the floor and grab the small medipack. Head to the left (NE) up the stairs and go through E to place the Idol in the receptacle, the door behind the pillar opens up. Go in and to a kind of office, on the table is Shotgun ammo, push the button on the wall and go through the door N to get the Detonator key and in the corner Revolver ammo. Back into the office and pull that dead guy away from the detonator, stand facing N and use the Key on it. A long flyby shows you around once more and an entrance to a cave opens up.

Get back to those ladders where you dropped down into this place and climb back up to the surface. Doesn’t really matter which route you take, make your way to the SW beach of the Island. Swim into the now open cave and follow through to where you reach…

2 – Hidden Depths of Atlantis.

There are so many enemies in this level that we possibly forgot to mention a few.

Just swim forward and watch what happens, you’ll end up in a dark place with a harpy on your back. Shoot it, take a small medipack and go around shooting the 4 vases for a small medipack, Flares, 2x Uzi ammo.

On the W side of the central pillar is a jump lever, a door opens in the E wall and another harpy is released. Shoot that first and go through the door, save as you will be attacked by two demons. After the battle go look for a hole in the floor behind the yellow beam. Crawl through to Secret #5, a Medipack under a vase and M16 ammo at the other end. Get back, climb out of the hole and run into the opening E, left or right around the corner to dodge the boulder.

Timed Run through Hell.

Go in once again and hop left over the first railing to get M16 ammo. Go NW. Shoot the yellow panels left and right of the yellow doors and go in, now open those doors (Ctrl) and have a look in that hot Hell, there’s a door blocking the path. It’s a Timed door, so leave through the open doors and go to the right (S) and right again at the end. Stand to the right at the pit with the broken bridge and run jump to grab the other side. Shoot the panels right and save at the lever. Pull, roll run back to the pit and jump/grab across, sprint back to Hell, over the bridge to the timed door and jump across to grab the floor W (savegame.1).

Open the Teeth-door Passage.

Go through and on the left is a floor lever, use that to open a door where the egg was and shoot the Demi god. Hop back up to the E and left around the corner is a lever opening up the timed door again, you probably have to use it twice. Jump back (if you have a hard time, do NOT use CTRL) to the bridge and go out and to the right. Go up the boulder ramp and through the now open door. Time the doors (a lot) and throw the lever on the block under the statue. A long flyby shows you the impressive tunnel system we’re going to visit. Doors open in the first room of this part.

Back through the Teeth-doors, shoot a Demon or just run past and go straight all the way (W) to the first room. Go through the new opening on the left and jump from the entrance to the stepped path left (E), go down 2 steps and look NW, run jump down to that ledge there to get Secret #6, Uzi ammo, 2x Revolver ammo and M16 ammo. Run jump onto the sloped block E, jump off to grab the ladder and go up. Jump back to the entrance (W) and over to a ledge at the W wall behind that egg, shoot the window S and jump there (remember the route as you have to do this again later). Now a run jump with a right curve in the end to get to the ledge with the columns E around the corner (savegame.2), turn around and shoot the harpy. Shimmy to the middle of this ledge to get the Revolver ammo. To the W is a ledge with burners we are going to disable.

Kill the Flames.

Shimmy to the E end and from there a run jump onto the ledge left (E) around the corner and onwards to a ladder. Climb up the right hand side and slide down, jump from the slope onto a balcony with a lever. A platform will appear making the last hard jump easier when we return. Hop NE onto the next slope and just keep jumping from slope to slope ending up on a flat ledge. Hop to the ledge W and grab a crack in the N wall, shimmy to the left and pull up in a crawlspace.

Save before you drop out the other end and turn right, run down the slope, pull the lever and sidestep right or left into the corner waiting for the incoming Boulder. Flames went down on that ledge near the entrance. Now back flip or side flip over the boulder and pick up Uzi ammo and Shotgun ammo. Climb back through the crawlspace and follow the crack left and around the corner to the stepped path, go up and jump back to the entrance.

Open some Doors.

Again jump W, left and now to the new platform, run around the corners to the now safe ledge on the right (W). Run jump W and with a right curve onto the slanted ridge, grab the edge and shimmy left around the corner to a walkway. Go N and left over that glass walkway to a ladder, climb down and jump NW to the corner of that pointy rock. Stand jump to the W side and jump over to that single ledge in the lava W which seems to be the trigger for the doors above. Jump back to the pointy rock; then in one motion hop to the NE corner and do a curved running jump to grab the block NE, jump to the ladder on the right (S) and climb up (savegame.3). Jump into the opening W and get into both alcoves behind the Scissors, one side to get Revolver ammo from the reach-in hole and the other side to open the next set of doors with a switch in the reach-in hole.

The Dead End, opening another Dead End.

Jump out E and left to get a Medipack, proceed to the S and shoot a window there, that’s a huge room and we’ll get there later as we cannot proceed there. For now shoot the window to the right and follow through and in a sort of labyrinth run straight to the back, around some corners and look up in the ceiling for a jump lever, blocks will raise in the Lava somewhere. Go get that small medipack left and DO NOT touch the other lever in this room as that will only raise hell for you! But I f you did, you have to shoot a harpy, get out through darts and teeth-doors.

Just get out SW and follow back to the Lava Tunnels, go N along the left side and at the egg is an opening in the low fence, safety drop onto that trigger ledge opening the door above again. Jump E as you did before and get to the ladder. Up and over the walkway to the S, now we have to backtrack all the way to the other end of the Lava Tunnels.

Short description: Get to the corner of the sloped ridges, jump to the middle of the other side ridge (S) and from there to the ledge E where the burners were before. Via the other ledges go to the ladder, then on the broken slope E and slide/jumps to the end.

Onwards: Jump NE around the corner, run jump N and with a curve around the burner (has to be down) onto the corner of the next block. Hop N and then jump NE, further to the corner and then S onto a slanted block, jump again to land on the ledge before the burner. Jump past the burner and stand left against the wall, run jump and aim for the lower side of the next ledge (no Ctrl). Now jump the blocks you raised and onto the left hand ledge (savegame.4).

Doors and Levers, the Conductor.

Climb the ladder into a room with a lava pool, there are several levers around the pool, don’t use them yet. Go onto a ramp S, Lara looks up to some doors in a shaft. Turn and look up N, on the beam is a jump lever, stand here and aim for the lever (2.jpg). Save and stand jump straight to the lever, if Lara doesn’t catch it, reload and adjust Lara’s position a bit and try again. You don’t have to curve the jump (savegame.5). A block goes up on the ramp S.

Now go around the room to use all 4 levers (in any order as far as I know, in case you already used levers, just run over the tiles in front of them to get the same effect) and go climb the block S, grab up to the platform E, turn around and grab up again. Jump up W and grab up S, pull up and start jumping to the left onto a flat part. Jump up S and go to the eggs, shoot those enemies and go into the back for a floor lever that will drain the pool below. Get down there (use the transparent tile as the other one seems to be blocked), into the pool and grab the Conductor. Get out, climb down the ladder and make your way back over the blocks and ledges to the crack in the wall at the Broken Slope W. Go all the way back to that Huge Room at the end of the Tunnels using the same route as before. Those doors in the passage with the Scissors should still be open.

The Room of Many Challenges.

As you jump out again, that egg will explode, shoot the horse guy and follow the ledges to the S. In the Huge room over the glass walkway and shoot the window, inside you can place the Conductor in the contraption. Lara is transported down to the lower region of the room. Get Grenades SE and NE and use the lever near the windowpane to open the exit.

Gathering Supplies and Raise a Block.

Turn right after the door and hop over the ledge, behind it is a ladder up to the ledge above, jump over to the right (E) and get 3x Revolver ammo and a Medipack. Meanwhile a Seth figure appeared; you could shoot him from above if you wait around a bit. Get down and head to the left (SW), next to the window of the transport room. Grab Revolver- and Shotgun ammo from a vase, Uzi ammo from the ledge. Use the lever on the N side of the ledge to raise a block in the NW corner of the room. Head N and go around a Pyramid for which we need 4 items. To the N is another vase with 2x Shotgun ammo and to the NW is Uzi ammo.

The First Energite Crystal.

Climb the block you raised, jump up to the higher one (N) and then to the corner on the left to use the lever there, it will give the burners on the ledges E an interval so we can pass them later. Get back to the ground floor and go to the central floor, to the left (N) side and right to a closed door. Behind the pillar there (E side) is a jump lever, open the door with it. Inside and left around both corners are vases with 3x M16 ammo, SE Grenades and on the central ledge Flares and a Medipack. In the 2 corners in the back is 4x Uzi ammo in total.

Then grab the first Energite Crystal from the pedestal. There should be another Seth figure outside, shoot him from within the room if possible. When he does get inside, get out yourself and turn around to shoot him (he will probably get stuck in the doorway). Go to the E, over the bridge to the right (S) and pick up 2x Shotgun ammo on that floor.

Push Blocks; Spikes and a Door for later.

Run around that structure SE and gather 2x Shotgun ammo and 4x Uzi ammo in the SE corner. There’s a push block at the E wall, push it N once and go around to pull it through that structure into the last opening, you’ll see spikes go down. On the nearby pedestals are Uzi ammo and a small medipack, jump in and stand in a corner to pick it up. Go towards the E wall to that yellow column, then turn right and push another block there twice into the next opening. A door opens in a hut above.

First Floor, Timed Run for the Door, Energite Crystal #2.

Go to the central floor and around the pillar where the egg exploded, back flip onto the sloped block and jump to get on a ledge above. Jump onto the “ring ledge” and go get Uzi ammo S, a small medipack on the SE part. (Remember that this ledge is a good spot to take out enemies, you can shoot them but they won’t shoot back). Look on the balcony E and spot a door behind the fence. It is a Timed door and the lever is on the central pillar, you can get there from the N side of the “ring ledge”. I did it like this: Pull and hop back turning left, run turning left and jump to the diagonal part of the ledge, run jumps to the E tip and a jump left onto the balcony, jump to the N and roll, turning left jump onto the higher part and into the door (savegame.6 – video).

Inside open the yellow doors (Ctrl) and shoot all the windows going up a slope E (the yellow doors N are for later). Follow the passage, watch out for the darts and after some steps around the corner you’ll be rewarded with a whole series of Teeth-doors, you even have to jump up through two sets, then go left around and pick up Energite Crystal #2, go back and now straight W. Save before sliding down and at the end of the slide, where the door opens, jump to grab a jump lever on the pillar in front. This will reopen the Timed door you went in before.

Use the 2 Energite Crystals, Second Floor “Ring Ledge”.

Make your way back up to the first floor “ring ledge”. Jump to a grey ledge W (SW) and grab Shotgun ammo. Go to the N end of the ring ledge ad jump to the grey ledge NW, to the N are those ledges with the burners. Run jump and grab the lower one when the burner is off, hang right and pull up when the burner goes off again, turn right and hop to grab the second ledge. Wait out the burner and pull up, run jump to the ledge E, go right around the corner and place an Energite Crystal on the receptacle. Use the lever on the wall on the right (N) (it will close down the burners on the ledges in case you have to go up here again) and then place the second Crystal on the other end (E). The trapdoor above the ladder (left) opens up, go to the ladder and maybe a horse guy (they come in all sizes and shapes, don’t they…) is shooting at you. You can take him out from down here with the revolver and sight. Climb up and backflip to the balcony.

Energite Crystal #1.

Stay behind that grey block while a Seth figure fires at you from the “ring ledge”. Just wait around a bit and if you’re lucky like me, he will run off the ledge into the lava below and will not harm you ever again (don’t shoot this one, he can be of use; I’ll explain later). Jump over to the ring ledge and go around picking up 4x Uzi ammo. On the E side of the central pillar you can grab up to a glass walkway, follow to the top and grab up to a block with Energite Crystal #1. Get back down and go E, jump and grab the climbable wall on the E wall, go up and go inside (after shooting a window, mine probably broke already).

Pushblock to get Higher.

Go to the back, shoot windows and get a small medipack, go back a bit and into the passage on the right (N). Drop down and go W, push the block in the W wall out once. It will now stand outside on the balcony of the Timed door. Go back to those yellow doors and open them, go right and out the Timed door you re-opened with the jump lever after the slide before.

Spike Alley, the Atlantean Key and Energite Crystals #2-3.

Once outside, shoot a vase in the far left corner (SE) with a small medipack, shoot a vase in the other corner and pick up the Medipack. Climb onto the nearby block you pushed onto the balcony and grab up to the glass platform, grab up to the block and duck in front of the crawlspace. You can only get in with a crawlspace roll, hit ‘duck’ and then ‘sprint’. Take a right at the crossing and turn around in the end. Grab up and get into the spike alley. Grab the monkey climb and just go all the way to the end first. Use the switch in the reach-in hole and the spikes will be de-activated. Go back through the passage, picking up Energite Crystal #2, #3, the Atlantean Key, Uzi ammo, Revolver ammo, a small medipack and Flares. Back down into the crawlspace and follow to the other (N) end, climb the ladder, pick up Revolver ammo and shoot a window. Climb out and drop to a tiny ledge, duck and grab 4x Uzi ammo.

To the Structure, Energite Crystals #4-5.

Hop down onto the balcony below and get back on the second floor ring ledge, over to the S side and jump to the ledge at the wall.

For a Secret with a detour back; jump to the right (W) for Revolver ammo, then do a banana jump around the pillar W to get Secret #7, M16 ammo and 3x Grenades. Maybe you are able to jump back, but you can also drop down to the ledge with the ladder below, get to the ground floor and go up the slanted block on the central floor to the first ring, to the E balcony. Remember the next blue part and do it like a kind of training as you will have to do this in a timed run later. Onto the push block again and up to the grey block, run jump straight onto the balcony N. Up on the ladder left and back at the second ring.

Go the S side ledge, turn left and jump to the brown ledge (E). Grab up left into the structure, the door opened when using one of the push blocks below and the spikes at the pedestal lowered with the second push block before, this paragraph “Push Blocks; Spikes and a Door for later”. Pick up Energite Crystal #4. Go to the other side and climb up to the roof of the structure, on the S ledge are Shotgun ammo and a small medipack. Then jump up SW from the roof to the slanted ledge and go to the far end (W), stand jump grab up to the alcove over the blue opening and grab Energite Crystal #5.

Turn and just run out with a grab to get back to the ledge, go to the roof of the structure, down inside and drop out of the door to the brown ledge. Look NE and spot a pointy broken pillar close to the E balcony, you can get there with a run jump (Ctrl in the end). Grab Secret #8, 4x Uzi ammo. Hop onto the balcony. Get to the first floor ring ledge and on the S side of the central pillar is a lever. It will raise Timed platforms along the N wall.

Timed Run for Energite Crystal #6.

Save at the lever, pull and hop back turning right, run curving right and jump to the diagonal part. Run jumps to the E balcony and left, onto the push block and up to the grey block. Run jump down N onto the balcony and sprint left to the end, jump to grab the platform and continue till you end up on the walkway W with a jump and Ctrl (savegame.7- video). Follow the walkway and get a Medipack, grab Energite Crystal #6 and use that lever, maybe twice just till the platforms N go back up. Make your way back to the last platform, run off E landing on the lower balcony and turn around, jump over the burner ledges and safety drop to the ground floor.

Use the Atlantean Key, the Hall of Doors.

Go to the door on the E floor and open it with the Key, a mutant animal runs out and if you have that Seth figure in the lava the mutant will run there trying to kill him, totally ignoring you and that’s how we like it! (that’s why you should not shoot the Seth figure earlier). Also don’t shoot that mutant; he can come in handy later, … you’ll see.

Crawl left and you don’t have to shoot those yellow spheres to grab the Revolver ammo and 2x M16 ammo. Climb down the hole in the floor and come to the Hall of Doors.

Hall of Doors, W side, Talisman #1, Energite Crystal #7-8.

You can do this randomly, but I started with the jump lever NW opening the W door. Sprint down and around the left or right corner to avoid being hit by a boulder, follow through and pick up the Talisman next to the female on the throne.

Go through a door that opened on the right (NW) and shoot the girl, leaves Uzi ammo, there will be more of these girls leaving ammo. Go into the first passage on the right and shoot the window, go into a cave and climb the pillar NW to grab Energite Crystal #7, drop down and go back into the passage.

Take a right (W) and shoot the girls (3x Uzi ammo), from the corridor upstairs head into the passage straight ahead (S) and take a right into the passage to a lava room. Jump over for the Shotgun ammo, jump from side to side to end up in the NW corner and climb the ladder. Jump over to the S for Shotgun ammo and then to the SE for Energite Crystal #8.

Get back out of this room and in the passage go left, back to the upper corridor. Go E and shoot two girls (2x Uzi ammo), jump to the E side balcony and use one of the Energite Crystals. A flyby will show you that the door to the Hall of Doors opens up again. Get down; go out E and up the boulder slope.

Hall of Doors, S side; Teleportings and Bad Folk, Talisman #2.

After using two of the Energite Crystals at the door right (S) you’ll be teleported to another place, throw the nearby lever and hop into the yellow contraption. Another room, shoot that Seth figure and grab the Energite Crystal, use it next to the door E. Hop into the yellow contraption behind you to get to another room, crawl into the opening SE and follow through to a reach-in hole with a Conductor. Back to the room and use the Conductor on the contraption (face W) and in the new room quickly draw a weapon as three big guys attack. One of them drops an Atlantean Key you can use W to start another teleporter.

Get through to end up on the roofs of these rooms, first go over to the SW side and hop up the slope in the corner, get 2x Grenades, get out and go SE for Talisman #2. Go to the NW corner and use the lever to re-open the doors to the Hall of Doors (If you dropped down too soon and missed the Talisman, go into the alley W between the rooms, use the jump lever to open the rooms and follow the trail of teleporters back up to the roofs). Drop down and go out N to the Hall of Doors.

Hall of Doors, E side; Enemy Quarters.

Open the doors on the right (E) and shoot the 6 harpies, I ran back to the Hall of Doors and shot them from standing back into a corner. When you go into the E passage again and pick up the 2x Revolver ammo in the end, two horse guys will open up on you, shoot the windows S and use the corridor for cover while shooting them. Go down into that room and shoot two more harpies. Collect 4x Uzi ammo and 2x Revolver ammo before grabbing the Atlantean Key dropped by one of the horse guys. Use it S to open the door. Stay in this lower room shooting the next party of enemies while jumping up and down. I also grabbed up into the opening a couple of times shot and hoped back when they came too close. When you finally can get in there two harpies open up on you from the first floor, shoot those too.

Go around the room looking for an Atlantean Key dropped by one of the enemies and 4x M16 ammo, E and W. Open the door S and you’ll see a mutant inside, wait with shooting him until you really have too, he will also attack the big guys. Run in and a couple of big guys start shooting. Take them out, one is upstairs and some harpies are thrown in too (you now have explosive ammo for the M16!). Shoot 4 vases in the corner of this room (maybe they didn’t survive the battle) and get 4x Revolver ammo. Look for another Atlantean Key.

Big Battle, Talisman #3.

Climb the big block in the middle of the room and jump NW to use the Key. The door on the right opens. In here are more enemies than I could count, use your own strategy. I shot as much as possible from the room with the block, through the open door to soften them up. Or go back into the previous room and shoot them from downstairs (savegame.8). Go back up and to the large room, look around for the Atlantean Key, and open the door W with it. Go through and pick up Talisman #3, follow through and slide down into the corridor, go to the right into the Hall of Doors.

Hall of Doors, N side; Push blocks, Talisman #4.

Go to the right (N) and open the door. Go in and jump over the lava streams. Shoot the two horse guys and find a push block in the first pillar right, move it all the way E into an alcove and a door opens on the right (S) of you. Go NW and pull a block out of the wall, move it to the central pillar under a receptacle for your last Energite Crystal. Blocks go up N and S, go up either one and grab up to the upper floor to get Talisman #4.

Use the 4 Talisman, Escape with the Scion.

Get out of the room, go SW back to the Hall of Doors and shoot the two Seth figures. Climb the ladder SW through the trapdoor and crawl along the W side back to the Big Hall. Go straight (W) and place the 4 Talisman on the pyramid. Grab the Scion and get to the central floor fast. If you still have that mutant around…, I told you not to shoot him… Lure the three winged demigods to the mutant and he will start chasing them. Get up to a ledge above (back flip on the slanted block and jump up there) and watch the show (3.jpg). You can help the mutant by shooting the other demigods. One or two might get stuck at the push block (4.jpg). One of them drops a Crystal Key, use that W at the door near the pyramid. Go in and escape with the Scion…

G&D, Feb. 10-2014.