Searching for the Holy Grail

Level by Josť

Walkthrough by G&D Productions

Download this Folder for the savegames.


Celtic Knot #1.

After a flyby with some hints; go left through the waterfall into the swamp and shoot some birds. Go to the corner where Lara is looking at, stand in the steam and grab the Celtic Knot #1.  Then go to the steam close to the fall (SE) and get Secret #1, a Golden Cross.

The Lasersight.

Go along the N side of the river to the first little house and to the doors, some wolves are alarmed, shoot them first and then open the doors to go inside and get the Lasersight from the chest. Stay on this side of the bank and go to the third house, walk slowly into the spikes and they will lower. Now run jump and grab that jump lever on the back wall, a block will go down in the river. Go out, a little bit to the right and look down in the river and spot those plants. Dive in there to get Secret #2, a Golden Cross. 

Celtic Knot #2 and a Crossbow. 

Go climb out at the other bank (S) and go left (E) to a wooden shack (the one you saw in the flyby). Up on the back wall you can see the Crossbow.

Go in and your first goal is the far right corner (SW) but you have to push the wooden blocks out of the way.

Start with the one on the left, push it in, roll and push the one on the right of the door in as well.

Go to the middle row and push it to the left (E) and to the back wall (S).

Pull out the last one on the right (S wall and then push it aside.

Now get to the pedestal and grab Celtic Knot #2.

The Bow. 

Get outside and a stone pillar will go down, climb the ladder and run around the walkway to get the Bow. Get down to the ground floor. 

Celtic Knot #3.

Go to the river and look down to spot a vase, combine the Bow with the Lasersight and shoot it to get Celtic Knot #3. Nasty bugs appear, get rid of them with a quick save/reload and swim or run to the first bridge W, thereís another vase on the bottom and this one was hiding more Arrows 

Go back to the E along the N side and left around the corner is a gate. Cross the bridge to the E side and straight ahead, at the foot of the hills is a hidden hole in the ground. Find it and grab Secret #3, a Golden Cross.

Timed Run for the Gate.

Follow the bank till you come to the last part of the river. Run along the bank passing a lever and at the cave entrance hop into the river. DO NOT swim into the cave, but pick up Arrows there and swimming back and youíll find a Medipack and even further some Flares.

Swim back around the corner where you can climb out on the left. Go to that lever SE. It is a Timed lever and opens a gate in a small shack NW.

So pull it and turn left while running, line up straight with the river (you have time for that) and jump over to the other side. Now go sort of straight to that small shack NW and into the gate fast (Savegame.0). Pick up Shotgun Ammo, Shotgun and a small medipack.

Shoot the Werewolves that come for you. To the W is a walled off area for later.

Celtic Knot #4.

Head to that trapdoor near the cave NE, look into the cave and spot a swinging ball in the back, shoot it and the trapdoor opens. Grab Celtic Knot #4.

Into the Fortress. 

Go along the bank to the blue gates and use the knots to open the gates. Go inside and run into the pool as two Fairies come for you. Get out after they killed themselves and head into a passage SE shoot the Viking then follow through to a small room. When you shoot the vases in a corner the block lowers so you can use the lever there. Donít go near the bed or the spiked ceiling will fall down on you. 

Swimming Upstream.

Back at the courtyard enter the gate in the NW corner.

Get in the water and start swimming S, there is a nasty undercurrent. Look at the ceiling and you can spot textures, which point you in the direction of the safe path where you can swim. So follow around the back and then swim to that alcove on the left (E) where you can open another gate in the courtyard with the lever. Open the underwater door, swim out and you are back at the pool.

Burner Pit, open the Gate.

Once out of the pool go to the SW corner and into the open gate. Inside just slide a bit and jump up to get to the monkey climb on the ceiling. Go all the way to the end and youíll hear a block going down. Then use the jump lever, slide a bit and back flip to safety.

The Musket, Timed Up to the Roof Jumps. 

Get out towards the pool and find the open gate in the opposite corner open (NE). Open the chest SE and get the Musket. Better first jump op the ledges on the wall to get 2x Musket ammo, then back to the ground floor and save before using the lever right of the exit as it is Timed. There are several ways of doing this, but I liked this simple one best: Pull and side step left once, hop back and back flip. Side flip left, jump forward, side flip right and back flip. Turn left a bit and jump grab forward into the opening (savegame.1-video). 

Over the Battlements, the Axe. 

Go to the left hand opening W and safety drop down, make your way W through the moving logs and grab a Medipack there. Jump and grab a ledge S, get the 2x Shotgun ammo and jump again (S) and go up to the Axes. Standing close, do short runs and pause in between the axes. Get the Medipack and the Axe. You can go back through the Axes or run jump NW through the gap between those pillars and the Axes. Watch out for the burner floor though. You should land in the pool on the courtyard 

Through the Swamp.

Place the Axe left of the stairs W and the big doors open up, step through and watch the flyby.

Go left along the swamp area and to the left is a gate you can open in case you want to go back for missing Secrets. In the SW corner is a locked up Guide. Jump over the corner of the swamp to the NW enclosure with the Viking, when you approach and shoot him he will open the gate for the Guide. Follow the Guide through the swamp; donít let him out of your sightÖ After opening the gate the guide will wander off. Watch the flyby as you enter the new area.

Boulder Puzzle.

Go to the steel cage left of the entrance stairs and grab that Heavy Sack, place it in the cage right of the stairs and the door opens up.

Inside along the W wall are ramps with trapdoors and on the ground are 4 blocks with Crystal buttons on them. Those will open the trapdoors so you can lead a boulder down to a trigger tile. If you fail youíll burn.

Start at the NW block, push the button, side flip left and use the next button without a pause, go do the others the same way and the boulder should hit the trigger tile. A block goes up SEí get on it, hop onto the wooden ledge and youíll see that we need a TorchÖ

The Torch.

Go outside and to the E side of the building, A Hammergod will show up, you can kill him. Grab the Vikingís Head Statue he drops and place that along the E wall; left of the block to open the gate in the E wall.

For a Secret: Turn around and from a raised floor part against the W wall you can grab up to a crack, shimmy all the way right and get Secret #4, a Golden Cross.

Slide Challenge. 

Drop and climb the block E to get into the open gate; pick up the Sword there and go drop down to the right. Now we can enter that enclosure there. On the NE corner is a crowbar lever, use the Sword there to open the entrance.

Stand left just at the door, close to the first slide tile and hop back, run jump a bit left to get to the slide going S, jump a bit right a few times to get to the right hand side and hop over the slide leading to the exit. At the end jump right and get to the right hand side again so you can jump right to the next. Go on like this till you end up at the Pile of Torches, take one (savegame.2). Run jump to the slide near that open door E.

Head to the right to that blue gate and ignite the Torch on one of the Lamps. Go back behind the enclosure and up the wooden platforms into the passage. Back into the building and up the block SE, onto the walkway and ignite the wall torch.

You can drop the Torch, as we donít need it again. Climb the block N, turn and grab up to the next walkway. First shimmy around the corner and pull up next to the spike trap. Then go use a rune button at the end to blow up a blockage in a passage N. Get to the ground floor and climb up N into the passage. 

Escape with the Grail.

No way you can use weapons here, so donít even try.

Best is to leave the Grail on the pedestal for now, look for a statue in the alcove on the left (W) and move it right around the pillar to the sword ornament on the wall. Do the same at the other (E) side and a block goes down NE, that lever is for later. In a chest N is a Medipack, then go get the Holy Grail and a Valkyrie shows up. Get to that lever NE and save, pull and sprint to the opened door SW, jump up and grab the ladder and back flip/roll as soon as you can (savegame.3). 

The Horse.

Thereís a Viking up here and you can only get rid of him using the Horse, so sprint to the E side and grab a Juicy Apple from the chest. Get to a lever on the NE pillar to open the door to the Horses S and go there to take a Horse. Ride it over the Viking and go to the N side of the room, you probably already noticed the receptacles for the Crosses. Leave the Horse there and use the 4 Secret Crosses to open the gate, go in and to a mirror room with Secret #5, a Frozen Flame.  

Go back and look for the Snake Head where the Viking died. If you donít see it, it is possible it dropped underneath one of the bowls near the receptacles, in that case, duck close to the object and grab it. Place it next to the ramp NE and go up with the Horse, ride into the tunnel and escape.

G&D, Jan. 15-2014.