Jungle Ruins NG – The Return.

Levels by George Maciver

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.        

There’s no need to shoot the Monkeys you meet, but some are too anxious to play.

We may not have mentioned all enemies to keep an element of surprise.

In case you need one of the Savegames or Maps/diagrams; you can download this Saves folder.

 Quick link to the separate levels:
2- Jungle Pools 4- Temple of Water 6- Temple of the Snake Stone
3- The Lost Temple 5- Caves of Water 7- Return to the Lost Valley

Level 1- Return to the Jungle.

The Lake, a Jungle Gem.  

Go to the door into the next room with statues and electric rays. Go through the door straight (E) as it will open too and you’ll come to a lake. A screen of a Gem appears. There’s only one spot where you can get out of the water and there are some nasty fish around. The ledge where you can get out is left from the entrance and left again’ take out that fish. But you can also just swim straight (E) to that Jungle Gem on the second block (with the green light) dodging a second fish best as you can.
Shoot it too from the ledges W. Jump up to the NE two times and from the highest block a run jump over to the central Island with the Monkey and then go into that small structure to place the Gem and some walls will lower. Go to the SW corner for a small medipack and dive into the lake, get out on the ledge W and jump back up NE to the high ledge.

Face W; side flip onto the N ledge so you’ll slide off backwards, grab the edge and shimmy right. Go to where you can pull up, slide to the end and jump/grab the ledge between the pillars W, go to the right (N) and on the lower ledge (notice the closed NW gate). Run jump up NE and go over these ledges to the NE corner where you find an opening to the Waterfall Area.

Detour for a Secret and a pickup: Jump down SE, follow the ledges along the E wall to the far SE ledge. Shimmy along the edge past a spike trap and to the left is an open wall (using the Gem), get in for Secret#1, a 1st Secret Skull. Get out and left to the corner, grab up to a monkey climb and go over to where you’ll drop onto the rocks. Jump up to the SW corner for a small medipack and Shotgun ammo. Dive into the lake again and swim to the familiar point to get out and get back to that opening in the NE.

The Waterfall area.

Take a left towards the lake and jump onto the rocks N, all the way up to the E wall and from there to the branches of the tree, jump to the ledge with the red light on the left (E), pick up some Flares and push the cage into the wall. A gate opens, so head back over the tree, jump to the rocks (N) and go down to the left (NW), into the open gate.

The Shallow pool.

In the new area is a Tiger that attacks you. In the shallow pool is a Croc. Go to the other side (W) and climb up, follow the passage to a room with Statues. At the corner of the deadly pool is a lower ledge (look down) with a lever and that will open a trapdoor in the waterfall area, so go back to the shallow pool and out of the wooden gate straight ahead (E). Climb up on the right over the rocks and head S to the wall, go to the right into an alcove in the wall into the open trapdoor.

Torch Puzzle. 

Follow the passages down to a room where somebody already placed the Timeless Sands on the statue and head out into the W caves, along the way a Native attacks (and leaves a small medipack). Follow to the end, and find an opening in the NW corner, go to a room with a ladder and a closed trapdoor on top and go into the room left to get the Torch. Head back out through the cave to the room E where you saw the first Statue and ignite the Torch here. Walk up to the Statue and it will catch fire, go back into the cave W, look for an opening up in the left (S) wall, hop in there to ignite the 2nd Statue. Go out and to the room with the ladder and trapdoor to ignite #3, the trapdoor opens.

A Jungle Gem.

Drop the Torch, go up and shoot a Tiger. Follow through to another ladder, from hanging at the height of the Golden fence on the right, a back flip/roll/grab to land in a passage. Go through a crawlspace that will get you next to the Waterfall (on the left). Drop out onto the Waterfall and climb up W, dive into the vertical water and find a small medipack on the left. Climb out in the next passage W, mind the spike traps while shooting a Native (drops small medipack) and go over to the pedestal with the Jungle Gem, head back to the water to get rid of the Wraiths and then into the crawlspace on the right (N) near the water, follow to where you’ll drop near the wooden gate NW at the Waterfall area, go to that gate and to the Shallow pool. 

The Shiva’s, Gold and Silver Shiva Keys.

Hop onto the ledge on the right (S) and in the far away corner are some blocks, get onto the Monkey climb ceiling and head over to the other side. Go around those plants (spikes) to the right (E) and look to the right for the small medipack. Then open the N gate with the Gem and go to a drop off into a room with shallow water. Two Shiva’s will appear when you head to the end of the room, shoot them and look for the Gold and Silver Shiva Keys where they dropped (savegame.0 - Download the Saves folder).

On the back of the W pillar is the lock for the Silver key, climb up the pillar next to the lock (burners left and right) and do a curved run jump/grab to the SE to the ledge with the statues, grab the Medipack and drop down, now climb the pillar from this side and run jump/grab to the left (SW) alcove to use the lever there, now go out and onto the pillar again to run jump/grab to the open NW gate.

Follow to the room with the deadly pool and the lever ledge on the left, run jump to that ledge and go out of the room, down in the water and out the door straight ahead. Climb the rocks on the right, into the water and out at the shore straight ahead.  

Go up the rocks to the left again, into the tree and over the ranches to the alcove SE with a Skull receptacle and the lock for the Gold Shiva Key, the Key will open that gate SW near the lake below, drop backwards from the ledge. Go to the waterfall on the right (W) and along the water edge to the SW corner.

Swamp area.

Through the open gate and get dirty, wade straight through the mud to the other side, hop over the rocks to the Monkey climb on the right (NW) and follow it around to corners to and alcove and pull a lever. A wooden gate opens SW, so back into the dirt and to the left (SW corner). Climb over the rocks to jump into the open gate and dive in again and to the right (NW corner) and climb out to go up to the rocks to the left (S), from the top a stand jump through the leaves around the corner to get up the trees, shoot the Tiger. Then jump to the ledge with lever and door, the lever opens the door. Go in and come to a dark room with a Spike trap in the middle, hidden between some plants. 

Timed Swim.

Go to the waterhole in the floor straight ahead (S), take note of the gate on the left (E) here. Dive in and swim to the end, climb up and jump to the bridge in the next room, here are 2 Timed levers.

Start with the one N, pull, back flip/roll and jump to the S lever, pull/back flip/roll with a left curve, swim in NW and sharp left (W) in the larger room and up at the door, quickly get in and save (savegame.1).

Torch Puzzle, the Jungle Skull.  

Go to the walkway in the next room and drop down to the ground floor, notice the Campfire and head S to a room with 4 levers on the pillars (N side) and Torches on the far right pedestal (SW), take the Torch and ignite it at that Campfire, return to the room with the levers and notice those 4 brown tiles around the central column.

We’ve numbered the levers 1 to 4 from left to right.

 1- Throw the Torch on the tile closest to the #3 lever (NE), pull the #3 lever and the Torch goes up to the 1st floor, go through the passage E and follow the passage up to where the Torch is, and in that room is a wall torch. Light that and leave the Torch upstairs (you don’t have to take it down just leave it up there).

2- Go down and throw the #4 lever, go back up again pick up the Torch and light the next wall torch in the adjacent room. Leave again the Torch.

3- Now go down again and pull lever #4 back up and then #2 down, go up to the 1st floor and light the next wall torch in the adjacent room. Leave the Torch here and go down through the shortcut (the hole in the second room).

4- Throw lever #1 (so 1,2,3 are down and 4 is up) go upstairs and get the Torch to light the last wall torch in the last room. Drop the Torch (you don’t need it anymore) and drop down from the hole in the SE room, go to the gate that opened S and get the Jungle Skull (that timed door re-opens).  

Go back to the Campfire; climb up at the ledge NE and go out E, swim to the room with the Timed levers (S) and through the tunnel E back into the room with the Statue. Go up along the E wall and get that Shotgun in a niche left of that Statue, the gate is open to the right, so go out SE and you’re back at the lake, follow the route along the N wall again and re-enter the opening NE to the Waterfall area, go up the rocks again and to the tree E and over to the ledge where you used the golden Key earlier (SE) and place the Jungle Skull next to it.

Drop from the ledge, climb up the E ledge with the red and push the cage as far as it will go (placing the Star opened the gate behind it). Follow the passage to the water and swim through the tunnel to an underwater cave and go to level 2.

Level 2- Jungle Pools.  

Underwater Caves.

Swim straight and keep a bit to the right side to end up at a hole up in the ceiling of the cave, climb up the S side and if you can, shoot those Sharks if possible.

1- You have to get back in the water and straight W, into a kind of alcove, go left at the bottom and find the tunnel, follow through to a small room. Stepping on a corner of that burning tile wakes up a Lizard that was hiding in the flames. Shoot it and go use the lever (screen of the pedestal with the Jungle Skull). Swim back and go up for air in the place you came from before (to the E and up).

2- Then comes a looong swim: Dive back in the water and swim to the SW, a bit before the S wall is another tunnel to the right, near the bottom, go in and follow up to come to another green tile and lever. The cover on the pedestal goes up, so swim back through the tunnels, NE to that air pocket and get out. Grab the Jungle Skull and use it NE (a gate underwater is opening up). Do not forget to pick up a Medipack that is on the floor.

Now swim to the middle of the N wall and almost at the ceiling of the cave into a tunnel and through the gate you opened. Swim in and left (avoiding a crock), all the way to the end and up in the shaft, to come to a Cave with a waterfall.

Cave with the Waterfall. 

Climb out in the E and follow the path up to the left (N), head for the opening left (NW) and go through the cave there to another opening NW, shoot the Tigers.

In that cave go to the far right (NE) and find a ladder on the back of a pillar, go up and back flip into a passage, get Flares, a Shotgun and Shotgun ammo and a Medipack. Get back down.

Head into to the opening SW, run jump to the left side of the lower slope and jump again to get a head start in swimming W and then left, to the end and left again. Right at the end to find a brick ledge and a wooden gate where you can get out of the water, turn and take out your fellow swimmers (Crocs) if you like.

Cave with the Lake (the Lake cave).

The gate needs a Gem, jump up the to the right (W) slopes and follow to an opening, follow the passage to where you look out over the Lake, follow the ledges, jumping around corners to a door in the W wall. The door opens up, so go through and it will close.  

Timed Run for the Torch.

Go to the far left corner (SW) and find a Timed lever, first time you pull it you’ll get a flyby that ends with the closing of the door, so that’s the amount of time you have to get to that door (which is straight N from the lever and left in the end). So pull the lever again and roll, run jump right a bit to get past the pillar and sprint to the N, then left (at that purplish block) and in the opening let Lara bounce against the right hand wall so you can just get in before the door closes (savegame.2).

Igniting the Torch.

Pick up the Torch and go out, head back to the right (S) to the lever. Turn left (E) and there’s a door in the E wall and left of it is a passage, go in and stand close to that opening in the wall to the right, you have to throw the Torch through that opening into the room beyond, so save first in case it fails to go all the way through and give it a try. With the Torch in the room you can now return to the same Timed lever SW, pull and sprint through that door on the left (E). Go find the Torch. It will probably be on the left, close to the ledge on the floor. Now look on the W side of those low ledges and spot the grey Tiles, go drop the Torch (hit the #1 key), so it will end up against the ledge and close to the grey tile.

Now you have to pull the Timed lever E and back flip/roll/ run for the Torch, grab it and ignite it before the Flames go out. Throw it back through that opening N and climb up to the opposite passage S and follow the passage back to the other side of the door, go right and right again, into that passage left of the door to get your Torch back, go out and straight (W) then a right and look for an opening on your left.

Light the wall torch left of the door (near a Shiva statue) and it will open, drop the Torch and enter. Step on the green flame tile, shoot the Lizard and to throw the lever and see blocks go up near the Monkey climb in the Lake cave. So you’re done here, go straight ahead (E) through the forest caves and out the door NE to the Lake cave, it will now open for you. Dive into the lake and go swim straight to the waterfall, right and up at the brick ledge, climb the blocks to get onto the Monkey climb, follow it with a few bends all the way to the other side. Drop and get into the opening to the right, shoot the Tigers and follow through to the N.

Shiva Battle, a Jungle Gem.

You’ll come to a room with a death pool where Natives attacks, get the Gold Shiva Key one will drop. Go on to the far left (SW) corner of the pool area where you can use that key to open the trapdoor in the nearby hole in the floor. Drop from the trapdoor onto the sloped block and head S, 2 Shiva’s come around that structure. After they are dead you’ll find the Gold- and a Silver Shiva Key behind that structure and use them straight away and the gate W opens. Go in to get the Jungle Gem, go out and see a block went up next to the structure, climb up to the opening in the ceiling and come to a crossing, the passage straight ahead (S) leads back to the Torch Puzzle (later), so go left (E) and eventually come to a room with 3 cages and a Medipack on the right of the entrance.

Cage Puzzle.

In the room are 3 cages, pull the left one out once and move it to the right (N) side of the room. Pull out the middle cage and put it in into the NE corner, now there’s one more cage in the middle, pull it twice so you can go around it and into the next room. It’s the Shiva room with the trapdoor in the ceiling, to the right is a lever, reach it by shimmying along the ledge to the corner where you can throw the lever and get a cut-scene of an opening in a wall (1st lever for the Skull). 

Drop from the ledge, head to the structure S you climbed before and go back up to that crossing where you went left before, now go straight and finally drop into the cave where you did the Torch Puzzle.

Go S and then left (E) through the familiar door to the Lake cave. On the ledge at the lake you have 2 options, go right over the path and back to the S side of the lake, or dive in and swim S, then left/right to the brick ledge with the wooden gate.

The 2nd Secret Skull.  

Open the gate with the Jungle gem and go in, down to the water edge and go past those Shiva statues to the SE corner, find a lever (2nd lever for the Skull) behind the plants and throw that to open the gate to the Skull. You have to go back for this, go back to the wooden gate and dive into the Lake, swim left then right (N) and follow the side of the green island till you see a small ledge sticking out on the right, here you can climb up (this Monkey can be trouble, so you can take it out if necessary) go up to the wall and follow that wall to the S. Then left around the corner and hop around the corner to reach the opening you saw before, go in to get Secret#2, a Secret Skull. Go out and dive into the lake to swim back to the wooden gate S, go through and dive into the pool at the Shiva statues. Take a big long full of air, save and swim into the tunnel on the right (W), keep swimming along the left wall and go sharp around left corners till the current takes you and you finally make some nice progress, the level ends…

Level 3- The Lost Temple.  

The Blood Stone.

Stay close to the ceiling of the tunnel to find the hole up in the end and go up for air fast. Climb out and go E, this is a complex with different pools, for now go all the way to the back room with also a pool and where you’ll meet two scorpions. Dive in and swim into the hole in the bottom, swim W and left to follow the tunnels up to a room with 2 Natives, one of them will leave a Medipack, the other a small medipack. Go into the NW room and get the Blood Stone from the pedestal. Go back to the room with the water and SW for some Shotgun ammo. Get back into the water and swim back to the pool, get out and head all the way back W and at the 1st pool (where you arrived at this place) head up to the corner on the right (NE).

Jungle Gem.

Climb up to the ledge on N wall and follow around to the corner in the opposite direction (SW), to the right is a push cage. Push it all the way to the end and shoot the Native behind you, walk back a bit and get the Jungle Gem from the alcove. Then go up the passage left of the cage and open the door on top of the ramp with the Gem. Go out the door and you’re on top of the Huge Temple. There are some “Timed” burning pillars you have to cross now, they will become safe as soon as you step on the entrance ledge. But you have only limited time to get across. Run jump/grab to the first, pull up and run jump to the next, walk back so you can do a run jump/grab to that ledge ahead (not too tight).

Silver Temple Key.

Go left (N) and run jump into the passage there, follow to the next room and stand jump/grab the ledge, shimmy left and pull up near the pillar, slide and jump sharp left to land on the ledge (W). Run jump to the brick ledges W and go over to the end, run jump to the ledge at the wall and head left to jump into the opening (S).

Go over the ledges to those Fire tiles and shimmy to the most outward corner, pull up and stand jump/grab to the other side, shimmy to the ledge and head for the passage straight ahead (E). Go up the ladder, off to the left and in the next room you may have to shoot the black monkey as he’s a nuisance. Run jump onto one of the sloped sides (N or S), shimmy to the other side and there you can do a safety drop into the room below. First run to the N (left) to have some room to move and then shoot the 2 Natives, collect the Silver Temple Key from a pedestal.

1st Eye Piece and the 2nd Blood Stone.

Go to the S side of the ledges and use the Silver Key to open the door next to it and hop into the higher room, grab a Medipack near the pedestal and on the right (SW) and save before you pick up the 2nd Blood Stone and the 1st Eye Piece. Run out of the room for obvious reasons and just keep running till you drop into the first pool below. Go out W and to the next room to use both Blood Stones on the pillars in the red light district, a trapdoor opens in the pool.

Burner Pool.

Swim to the N in the next hazardous room, in the middle you’ll find an air pocket, flames shoot out of the blocks around you, face S and swim for the right hand side of the right hand block close by (air bubbles). On the side of it is an underwater lever, pull that and go back for some air if you need it, then swim into the NE corner and look on the right hand block there (more air bubbles), throw the 2nd underwater lever for opening the trapdoor, swim back up to the ceiling and on your way over to the air pocket you’ll find the hole up in the ceiling where the trapdoor opened (NE of the air pocket).

The Torch.

Go up and come to a dark room, go N and pull out the cage in the alcove on the right (E), move it across the room to the opposite side (W) into the alcove with the different tile, and a door opens. Go into the passage where you pulled the cage out off and go to the room beyond (E) for Shotgun ammo and a small medipack. Go back to the previous room and shoot all the vases to get a small medipack and Shotgun ammo and finally pick up one of the Torches. Go out and hop onto the block on the right (N wall), run jump onto the higher block E and from there a stand jump with a left curve to land on the 1st floor, go into the NE corner and find the wall torch where you can ignite your Torch, notice the door and leave the Torch here. Head S, into a lower room with burning Tiles.

Another Blood Stone.

Step onto the green tiles next to them and do this one by one as you have to shoot the two Yeti’s that will be released, one leaves the Silver Temple Key and the other the Gold Temple Key and they will fit the locks next to the door in the S.

Go into that room and wait up a bit, there are Spike-traps; walk slowly and 2 of them go up, the 3rd seems to be broken. Just run over and get the Blood Stone, run back and go back N to where you lit the Torch before. Open the door with the Star, take the Torch and follow the passage up doing run jumps.

Cage Puzzle.

In the next room are 4 push cages in the W wall; drop the Torch near the hatch in the ceiling. Have a look at the graphic – Cagepuzzle.gif and push cage 1 and 2 once, then move #3 to the left (S) wall and then push cage #4 in, get block 1 back out and move it to the NE corner, pull out cage 4 out twice and go around for the lever, that will open the gate back in the room.

Go through the gate and slide down the slopes. Crawl through the crawlspace to a huge room with walkways. Take the first to the right and through the short passage, look around the right corner for a lever that will open the hatch near the Torch, so go back through the crawlspace to the room where you left the Torch, pick it up and hop into the passage over the open hatch. Ignite the wall torch inside to bring out a rope in the room where you pulled the lever, leave the torch here and go back to the huge room through the crawlspace. 

Go to the passage on the right again (S) and run jump/grab the rope, swing across and follow over the rope bridge to a lava room. Run jump to the slanted pillar and grab up to the grated monkey climb. Go all the way to the other end  (spot the opening left) and turn left, drop onto the slanted block, slide and grab the ladder and climb up.

Go up and in and over the next rope bridge to the huge room, look right and spot the pillar you can reach with a straight long run jump (no Ctrl), then go left (N) with a run jump/grab and run jump to the ledge with the door. 

3rd Secret Skull.  

Go past the door to the other end of the ledge and jump over the pillars to the S wall, run jump/grab the crack in the wall and go right to the crawlspace, follow that looong crawlspace to the middle rope bridge and go into the next passage. A door opens up right, climb up to the top of the room with the monkey swing, run jump to the ledge and go to the pedestal, shoot this Monkey as it’s a black/nasty one that will try to push you off the ledge and go get Secret #3, the 3rd Secret Skull.

A Torch, the 2nd Temple Eye Piece.

Go back to the other end of the monkey swing ledge and run jump/grab to the ladder on the wall. Go down and drop/grab to the opening, follow back over the wooden bridge to those pillars in the huge room. Now go over to and this time enter that door, a large room with 4 caged Mutants, a Shotgun on a pedestal.

Go get the Shotgun, test it right away as 5 Mutants are attacking. One leaves a Medipack, go to the NW corner and into the cage to get the Medipack, go out and to the right, into the SW cage to get some Shotgun Ammo. Go to the cage SE and get a Torch from the back. Go to the pedestal where you got the Shotgun, ignite the Torch on the standing lamp and go ignite the other 4 lamps too. A door opens up in the N wall, shoot the Mutant and get in there to get Shotgun ammo (on the right) and the 2nd Temple Eye Piece from across the bridge.

Near the NW cage is a trapdoor has opened now, no need for the Torch, go down, follow to the end, a gate opens for you, go right (N) and use the combined Eye parts on the big door, go through the murky water to the door in the end and the level ends.

Level 4- Temple of Water.  

You’ll land in shallow water, go straight (E) and come to the Shallow pool. On the back of that central structure we need 3 Dragon Stones.

The Shallow pool; SW corner, Silver Temple Key and a Torch. 

Take a right and find that structure (SW), go down the slope inside to come to a waterfall cave, get the Shotgun ammo around the corner on the right (NW) and again in the corner opposite (SW), then dive into the pool to get the Silver Temple Key. Get out E and grab a Medipack on the right, then get yourself a Torch left. Carefully ignite it at the campfire.

Dragon Stone #1.

The torch is needed for some extra light, as it is pitch dark. Go into the passage E and shoot about 3-4 Raptors while going to the end. Grab the Dragon Stone #1 and meet a Native with a Medipack. Return to the waterfall cave. Go out N to the Shallow Pool again.

SE corner, Central Structure; Timed Run for the Waterfall Gates.

Go straight ahead and then go behind the waterfall and use the Key to open the gate on the right, go up the ladder inside, do a run jump/grab N to the lowest (left) side of the ledge on the central structure and look down on the right hand side ledge to spot a pedestal with a covered Skull, we’ll get that later.

Go over the lower left side ledge to the N side; notice the lever over on the wall on the left (W) there. Jump over there and Lara will advise you to go as fast as you can. So Save and throw the lever, run jump/grab back to the ledge (E), turn left a bit and jump onto the higher part of the central pillar (N), run jump/grab (if you are running straight N you CAN just do a run jump) to the gallery and sprint to the right (E), turn right and jump to the roof, then to the ledge on the next structure with the Monkey and curve right to the corner of the roof to do a run jump with a left curve, grab and pull up into the open (hopefully) gates S on top of the waterfall (savegame.3). Go into the opening left (E) and follow through all the caves, shoot a Native and go down to a deadly pool.

Deadly Pool, 2nd Dragon Stone. See Map - Deathpool.gif  

From the highest point do a run jump to that break ledge in the pool and a running jump to the next. Let Lara run to the other end of that ledge and stand jump to the next, one more stand jump and then a running jump ignoring the ledge close by, but land on the ledge at the right side of the wall. Turn left a bit and a stand jump to the next, a running jump from that one and a last running jump/grab to the ledge between the blocks (savegame.4), run jump/grab over the next part of the pool to get the 2nd Dragon Stone. The pool becomes safe and you can just drop in.

For the Skull Secret: Go NW to a pillar and throw the lever on it; that cover will lift in the pedestal on the central structure.

Run back all the way to that cave at the waterfall gates, go left and then to the right, drop down to the pool where you lit the Torch. Make your way back up to the Shallow pool.

For the Skull Secret: Go to the waterfall SE and behind it, up the passage to the right and jump over to the central structure, down on the right hand lower ledge and grab Secret #4, the 4th Secret Skull. Safety drop down to the ground floor. 

Find the entrance in the E wall, inside are vases, nothing in them, just follow through to a large cave with a pool.

Large Cave with Pools, 3rd Dragon Stone.

Go over the bridge to the other side and take a right in the end, dive into the water there and swim into the opening in E wall under the ledge you were on. Go up in the next room. Climb out in that room and be careful with the Skellies as those are Spike-traps, head into the SE passage and after dealing with those Yeti’s, climb the SE corner of the burner block in the next room, stand jump/grab to the ledge E and go up once more, don’t pull up when you grab up to the 3rd ledge, just shimmy around the corner and pull up at the lever. Go back the way you came and drop from the lower ledge, get to the water and swim back to the pool with the bridge, climb out to the right (E) next to the bridge and go into the open the gate straight ahead (E).

Timed jump.

Stand in front of the NE slanted block, facing E and against the left wall, jump onto the block and slide a bit before you back flip onto the next block, jump again with a bit of a right curve and grab the upper ledge, save in front of the lever as it’s timed. Pull, then turn left and hop back, jump forward and then back flip, jump again to grab the top ledge. (savegame.5).

The Sea Hag.

Go down the sloped passage to a small room with a hole in the floor, run in grabbing and land in front of a door. Drop down one more floor, get a Medipack W, better fill up the health before you dive into the pool.

There’s a Sea Hag there and an underwater lever in the end of the tunnel, just pull the lever and get back fast after you noticed that underwater door near the lever. Because the water level raised you can now swim back up to the halfway room with the door which has opened and reveals a lever that will open that door below at the underwater lever, so back you go, past that nasty Hag (if you didn’t get a chance to shoot her) and into the underwater door.

Block/Spikes Puzzle.

Follow the room to the right and climb out to look for an opportunity to shoot her. Change position around the hole if she won’t show herself. Find a ladder on the W wall and go up, back flip as soon as you see a ledge behind you. Not too far obviously. Grab the Medipack and go through the active spike trap to the NW corner. Look over the edge to spot the Jump lever and go use that to lower a block in the N side of the upper room.

So back up and use the lever where that block went down. A block at the other end (S) goes down, go use the lever there and go back and fro like this till you did all 4 levers (N&S). The spikes on the ledge go down, move the cage to the SW corner tile and the gate (SE) in the room below opens up. Drop down and throw the lever in there to start a flyby showing the Last Dragon Stone. 

Now swim back into the previous room and find a deep shaft down in the bottom. All the way down and into the N tunnel, just after you swim in there’s an opening in the ceiling on the right hand side is a tunnel, at the end is an open trapdoor. Go up and claim the 3rd Dragon Stone.

Back into the water, swim W where a gate opened and up and follow through, another Sea Hag shows up. Dodge her and follow through to the large pool, swim straight first and then get out on a low ledge on the left (W) and shoot her if you like (no need to). Go out W and back to the Shallow pool.

Use the Dragon Stones, Open the NE Gates.

Straight to the central structure and place the 3 Stones to open gates NE. Go there and shoot a Black Panther, go around the Spike Skeleton and come to a Dome Room.

The Dome Room.

Safety drop to the ledge and then hop into the pool below, swim down to the left (SW) corner and grab the Medipack near to the corner. Climb out at and up the 1st floor on the central structure, climb up again and go straight over to the E wall of the room and climb the block there. Turn left and stand facing N, look a bit to the left and you can already see the safe ledge you have to get to. Save and stand jump/grab up to the sloped block in the corner, slide and jump, slide/jump 2 more times and you are on that ledge.

Run jump/grab to the central structure and hop around the corner to the right side (W), a run jump/grab to the opening in the wall and save. Run jump to the first spike trap, landing when it is just down, run onto the slide to the next and jump over after it went down again. Go up the ladder and back flip/roll off into the passage above, go out to the top of the Dome Room and run jump to the ledge near the Stone, look around and notice the 4 levers on the ledges.

For the Blood Stone.

Save at the lever on the gold block and throw it, hop back turning left and run jump with a left curve onto the ledge with the 2nd lever, use it and roll. Run turning right and jump back to the ledge with the first lever, stand jump to the one with the Stone and land a bit right of the Stone, run with a left curve over the corner of the burning Tile and jump to the ledge with the 3rd lever grab it in the last moment, throw the lever, roll and run with a left curve to jump/grab back. Pull up and stand jump to the ledge with the 1st lever run with a left curve and from the corner a jump to the last ledge with lever #4, roll and run jump back with a right curve (savegame.6), go to the Blood Stone and get it.

Run jump/grab to the lever ledge S and then a right curved run jump with a grab in the end to land back in the entrance of the room, go back to the Shallow pool and make your way back up to the top ledges of the central structure by going up the ladder under the S waterfall (remember?). Jump over to the middle structure then go either left or right so you can jump to the galley N. Take a right then jump to the roof and then to that building next then place the Stone in the receptacle on the ledge with the Monkey. The gates behind you open up, doesn’t matter which one you take. Jump up with a grab, go inside and the gate closes as the next opens and you are in a red room with a lot of Spike-traps and Deathpools. 

More Blood Stones.  

Go left and get the Shotgun ammo near the black pillar, then go to the S side and find more Shotgun ammo. To the other side of the lever there is a Medipack. Use the lever and a flyby shows the lowering of a wall and gates that open up and close again.

Now first go to that lowered wall E (SE) and get the 1st Blood Stone from it. Then head N (NW) for that lowered wall, get the 2nd Blood Stone, run to the W wall (NW) to place the 1st Stone, run to the S wall (SE) and place the 2nd Stone, the gate in the NE corner re-opens.

Get over there and shoot a couple of Natives and a Raptor (could also be the Raptor kills the Natives for you). Go left (NE) in the end and just run into that passage NW, follow through to where the level changes.

Level 5 - Caves of Water.   

Follow the winding passage, first you get a flyby of a guide and a bit later one of the T-Rex and her young. Finally at the green crossing, go left because the one straight ahead (N) is still closed (you’ll exit from there later). The gates will drop shut as you come into the Caves of the Masks.

Caves of the Masks.

Turn right in the Entrance cave and follow the path. On the right (N) is another cave with a waterfall, go down there to pass under the waterfall and follow the river to where it drops down a gulley. Go down into the pool below and swim right around the corner, in that SW corner is an open trapdoor in the bottom. Swim down and immediately to the left into a small alcove, where you’ll find Shotgun Ammo. The current is strong, so swim back fast and go back up through the trapdoor; you can climb out on the right (E). Go over the rock ledges to the SE and slide down into the lower cave.

Receptacle Cave, a Gold Key.

On the E wall are 4 receptacles for Masks and there’s a closed gate on the right (S), up in the SE corner is a Healing Herb and you can reach that by going left of the receptacles and jump up to the flat ledge, climb up S and jump up to the SE to a ledge next to the pillar. Now take a few jumps over rocks and get the Healing Herb (small medipack). Slide down and head N, up on a pedestal NE is a Gold Key.

1st Wooden Mask.

Get down and go W a bit, then to the right you’ll find a rock formation and over that rocks is a monkey climb. Go up to that monkey climb to the other side. Stay on the high ground and make your way to the wall straight ahead, Go a bit to the right and run to the next wall (S), on the right you see a ladder, climb the ladder and you’re back at the top of the waterfall.

Get down and into the building straight ahead and there are some pools. Just go towards one of them and you’ll get a cut scene of 2 Natives waiting for you. Down the steps straight ahead you go and have it out with those guys. After the battle you can find some Shotgun ammo in a niche and in the one next to it is a lever that will open the gates on the right (N). Go in and follow to a reddish cave, in the right hand corner you’ll find the 1st Wooden Mask on a pedestal and in the NW corner a Healing Plant (Medipack). Return to the hall with the 3 pools and before you go down to the river E, notice the Skull on the NE pillar and also a gate up in the N wall of the Waterfall cave.

To the 2nd Wooden Mask.  

Go down to the water and head back right (S) through the waterfall and turn right again (W) to another pool, in the far away right corner (NW) is an opening in the wall, leading into Statue hall. Jump up there and be careful not to go too far in because there’s a nasty Spike-trap. Run jump/grab straight over the Spike-trap to the opposite opening where you can open that gate with the Gold Key. Go straight over the rock bridge over the pool to the opening straight ahead and enter with care…

Spike-traps and Burners and a Secret Skull.  

Turn left and hop onto the higher floor, all those spotted Tiles are Spike-traps and also in the pits are Spikes. Your goal is the pushable cage in the far right corner (NW) (savegame.7).

Pull it S once, then push it to the Grey Trigger Tile and the first set of Spikes will be de-activated, watch carefully which ones are down and push the cage to the next Grey Tile (next to the pedestal), go on like this till you had all those Trigger Tiles (first all of them close to the Skull) and then you will see the one burning ledge has extinguished, it’s another Trigger Tile. So watch out for still live Spike-traps and step on that Tile to open a Bamboo hatch up in the NE corner. Climb up and the hatch will close. Go over to get the 2nd Wooden Mask from the pedestal in the E side of the room. A gate opens up in the Entrance cave.

Now go stand on the N side of the ledge with the pedestal and hop backwards, to grab the edge of the ledge, look for the Jump lever there, drop/grab to activate it and land in one of the pools below, climb out W and go back into the room with the Spike-traps, that pedestal with the Skull is now safe, go get Secret#5, the 5th Secret Skull. Go out of the room, over the rock bridge, jump/grab over the Spike-trap.

For the 3rd Wooden Mask.

Go back to the cave with the waterfall (straight on) and climb on a ledge in the NE corner (close to that statue) and jump over the ledges along the E wall and around the corners till you get back in the Entrance cave.

Jump down to the ground and go to the right, there is that gate you’ve opened (W side), go in and left, using a path along a pool (don’t fall off or you have to go around again) and go to ‘Mbutu’ who’s waiting in the SW corner, follow him into the next rooms and find some Shotgun ammo SW while he opens the next gate for you. Go in after him and through a small gate to a cave, he will wait there for now.

Go into the cave where you will find the 3rd Mask, stay on this ledge and take a running jump to the ledge straight ahead (S).

Grab the 3rd Wooden Mask, in the E side of the room is a Monkey Key lock, but no Key, climb the ledge right of the lock and follow with a jump to a passage, follow that passage to the obvious Monkey Key (on the left) ;o). Go back and put the Banana in the Monkey lock to open an Underwater gate in the place we have to visit for the 4th Mask.

4th Wooden Mask.

Dive into the pool and go swim through the tunnel and just around the corner is that open Underwater gate to the right, swim in and follow to where you go up to a small cave, jump the ledges N to get onto the NE corner ledge and grab up N to the cave above, again go up and up to a reddish opening with a waterfall. Go get the 4th Wooden Mask plus Shotgun there. That raptor is poisonous, be careful.

In the other end of the cave the water drops down into a lower lake, drop down too and climb out W, find yourself in a cave with a Statue and a closed gate N, grab the Flares SW and go out at the other side (E) and right into a greenish cave, find a Jump lever on a pillar immediately on the left and use that to open the gate in the previous room. Go back into that last cave with the Statue and find that room left (N), inside are Shotgun ammo, a Healing Plant and Flares.

Use the Masks, The Floodgate.

Now you’re finished here, go out and take a left (E) and left again to follow back to the Entrance cave. Go down to the Waterfall cave N and underneath the waterfall to drop down into the pool down E, climb out and go over the rocks to the corner on the far right (SE) to slide back to the receptacles for the Wooden Masks.

That gate on the right (S) will open up, so climb in and come into a large Hall. Go all the way to the other end and find two Pillars with Burners on top. One of the pillars (left one) has a ladder on the side, climb up to the top. But don’t pull up yet, release “Ctrl” for a bit so Lara will hang and shimmy into the left corner, pull up there and turn left to see the Burner on the other pillar is off. Stand jump/grab to the left side of the N pillar and pull up fast, do a right curved run over the pillar and jump to the ledge right (E), grab the edge and go up to pull 2 levers on the back of the pillars (screenshots of a trapdoor (Floodgate) where you got the goodies before).

Now you have to do the same for the W ledge, so run jump/grab back to the pillar with the ladder (the left one) and pull up at the right corner (NE).

Stand jump/grab to the right side of the N pillar and pull up fast, do a left curved run over the pillar and jump to the W ledge, grab the edge and go up to pull 2 levers on the back of the pillars and the trapdoor will close. The flow of the water is blocked and the whole lower Cave system will be flooded.

The Skull Key. [/b 

Dive back in the water and swim left (N) out to the Receptacle Cave, you can’t go back by the waterfall route, so swim to the NE corner and go up in a cave, follow the S tunnels back to a cave with the Skull Key on a pedestal on the right. Grab it and go to the S exit, follow the tunnels to that greenish cave at the entrance gate to the Entrance Cave (to the right) and it will re-open for you.

Go to the right (N) again and down to the Waterfall cave, go through the waterfall to the N cave with the building and climb up go to the right (N) and find that Skull lock. 

Use the Key there and the gate on your right opens.

Getting there requires some jumping of ledges, jump down and go to the wall opposite (E). Stay on the right side of the water that flows to the fall and jump onto a block there. Then jump around to the left and enter. Follow the tunnels and caves to where the level changes.

Level 6 – Temple of the Snake Stone.  

The Skull Key.

Follow the tunnels, shoot some baby raptors and pick up the Healing Herbs (small plant acts as a small medipack) near the left wall (W). Continue straight to come to a cave where a whole row of Boar heads on stakes explode, giving you a clue as to what lies ahead. Next comes a slide down into a lower area, but turn around before you do that to grab the edge and do a safety drop to a pillar below, climb down and head N into a Jungle area.

Jungle, Skull Key.

Go right around corners into the far SE corner, a cut scene will show a tunnel in the NW corner of the Jungle, better first get the Healing Herbs to the E of the Skellie and then the Skull Key S as a swarm of Beetles will show up when you get the Key. Just run like the wind and over to the far NW corner of the Wide cave. Once there hop onto the corner ledge, turn right and from there jump into that tunnel you saw in the cut scene. Follow up to a Skull lock straight ahead and use the Key there quickly, a hatch opens up to the left, so side flip left and grab up N fast and come up to a Burning Boar’s head, we’ll ignite the Torch here later.

A Stake, a Boar’s Head and the Torch.

Go left into the wide passage there, follow to a room with another Boar’s head on the left (S) and on the ledge on the right (N) is another one and you have to shoot that one from a very safe distance. Now you can take the Stake that’s left behind and then head into a lower tunnel, crawl and drop into a gap, climb out on the other side and go up a ledge immediately on the right (N), shoot the Boar’s head there (shoot it also from a safe distance) and claim the Boar’s Head.

Combine that with the Stake to get the Boar’s Head Key. Head into a passage SW and find a Torch on a pedestal, get it and return to the crawlspace E. Stand in front of the hole at the crawlspace and hit the space bar so Lara will throw the Torch in the crawlspace, climb in after it and throw it out in front of you (hit the Spacebar) to get it back through the crawlspace and to that Burning Boar’s head in the wide passage on the right (E). Ignite the Torch there and head back again, in the room with the crawlspace tunnel you can now ignite that Boar’s head on the side ledge (left) and hear a door open up; that one is upstairs and we’ll go there now. Leave the Torch here and head back through the crawlspace to where you found the Torch, head into the right passage (N) and come to a pit, run jump to a ledge to the right and place the Boar’s Head Key (combined Stake and Boar’s head) between the 2 Stakes there and a block will rise on the right.

Climb up to a passage above and follow up to the top of the wide passage. Here you’ll see the open gate left (N), but also a pick up on a ledge in the corner left of it, stand on the most right side of the ledge facing the pick up and run (or jump) off while holding Ctrl to land on that ledge, pick up the Shotgun ammo and run jump around the sloped block to the E ledge. There’s a Raptor roaming around E and you can already soften him up by shooting him as many times as possible from out here, then climb into the open gate N and throw the lever to open the gate where the Raptor is patrolling, and also the water starts flowing to the lower level and will be partly flooded.

The 1st Eye.

You have to get back to where you used the Boar’s Head Key.

Two ways of getting there; You can stand jump from the entrance of this room up right onto the slanted block, jump again with a right curve to get back to the passage leading down to the Boar’s Head Key stand…

Or:… Safety drop down to the lower level and swim through the familiar S crawlspace to the Torch room, go wade N and to the now flooded pit at the Boar’s Head Key stand is an opening in the NW corner you can now reach. Go get the 1st Eye inside (a block goes up in the Jungle) and go back out to the pool, go back S and swim through the crawlspace, take a right to the Wide Passage to where you ignited the Torch and down on the right (S) to get back to the Jungle

The Jungle, Jungle Gem.

Go straight S and almost at the end on the left is where the block raised. Go to the rock that is leaning against it, face S stand jump up to the flat part then grab up to the block. Grab up to the branch of the tree (face S) and look NE to spot the Gem on a pedestal. Jump around to the tree in the SE corner and walk out left (N) onto the highest tip of the branch. Face NW and run jump to the flat part of the branch NW (savegame.8).

Jump around the tree to the other side then jump to grab the one on the right (E). Now follow the branches to that pedestal and grab the Jungle Gem. Find a nice spot with a rock below so you can safety drop down and get over to the block/gate in the SW corner of the jungle. Use the gem to open that gate

Dino Caves.

Follow to a place that looks like the spot you saw in an earlier cut scene, where that Mommy T-Rex was running around with her little babies. Go left (S) and at the S wall turn left and find a pillar (NE) with some Healing Herb growing on it, grab up to get it. Go down from the pillar, go NW and go into an opening with a still closed gate behind it and then head back E, follow through till you hear heavy footsteps and roll, sprint back W and all the way to that gate which should also be open now. Inside go left and save in front of the water slide with spikes. 

Slide with Spikes.

Hop back twice and run jump when you expect the spikes to be down when you land, do a running jump so you’ll end up on the middle of the next slide and just slide, hop over the next spikes as they should be down and just enjoy the next part ending up on a safe tile. If you turn around you see a block in a passage.

Stand near the spikes and start a run jump just after the first pop of the spikes so you’ll run onto the green when they are going down (you might loose some health), save immediately. Next is not too bad if you have luck, you’ll go right around a corner to an alcove with spikes, just slide and you go left around the corner. You have to jump over a spike trap there and around the next U-turn is the last one. Now just slide to safety (savegame.9).

Follow the passage and shoot the tiny raptors, their big brother too and further on you’ll walk over a trigger tile. Now go back to the end of the slide where a block lowered in the E wall. Step on another trigger tile there and return to the first trigger tile as the block lowered there. Follow through to the third trigger tile and return to the first trigger tile. The block NW lowered.

Step on the trigger tile inside and go back to the block near the slide (where the second trigger tile was), follow through and the block behind you goes up. Step on the trigger tile in the alcove and go out to the slide. You’ll have to do the last past again to get back to the passages with the blocks (savegame.10). Follow the passage W around to the far E end of the maze to find the 2nd Eye on the pedestal, get that and go out at the door that opens.

Go straight and into the opening a bit further slightly to the left to the exit. In the Jungle you have to return to that N tunnel you came from before, there’s a raptor roaming around though.

Go up the tunnel and to the right to that Dino’s head on the cage, combine the 2 Eyes (yes, they can be combined) and put them on the head, those big heavy doors below slowly open up.

Big Room, Lava, Ledges and Levers.  

Enter the new rooms; I’ll give general directions finding your way over those ledges is up to you. Go to the SW corner and jump/grab up to the alcove next to that burner, check then deeper parts of the floor for a Shotgun and a Healing Plant (Medipack), hop back down to the ledges.

Kill the Burners and Raise the Block.

Go over to the N side ledges and into an alcove with two blocks, behind the blocks are two levers. Throw both, as they will stop burners where we have to pick up the 2 Eye Pieces. One of those burners was SW, above the burner where you just got the extra Shotgun.

Hop back onto the ledge and jump to the E, look down E for a small alcove behind a block and jump in there with Ctrl and safety drop down to a ledge below. Hop back and grab the edge of the ledge, shimmy left along a crack till you can drop onto some safe Tiles at the end of the crack. Go into the passage left and follow to a hall with a lever in the left corner. Throw the lever (#1 for the raising block) and in the back of this place is a room we’ll get to later after raising the water level, opposite the lever is an Eyes receptacle, remember them.

For now you can return to the Big Room and shimmy back along the crack, from the ledge a jump to the ledges in the Lava and head over to a pillar straight ahead that has a ladder on the side. Go up to the 1st floor again, loop around to the left and climb the block you find at the S wall. Climb up and on the last one turn right and stand jump/grab to a ledge with a Bamboo fence. Throw the lever (#2 for the raising block) there to raise that block right of where you are (N) and safety drop down to the lower block ledge, jump to the ledges and head over to that raised block near the small alcove. Jump onto the block and then jump/grab to one N and a bit left of it, jump/grab up left to a pillar there, then over to the ledges. Now jump to that statue NE, go left and hoist up the block there for a Healing Plant (Medipack).

Timed run for the 1st Eye.

Go over the ledges to a lever on the S wall, that lever will raise some platforms on pillars and from those you can get into the opening SW (to the right of where you stand), but the platforms are Timed. So save in front of the lever, pull then roll, side jump left and run to jump to the next ledge, curve left and jump/grab to the platform, landing on the right hand side and pull up quickly, run with a left curve over the pillar and jump/grab to the second pillar. Pull up and hopefully jump up to the ledge before the platform drops (savegame.11). Walk on the now not burning Tile (burner stopped by the lever in the alcove N) and get the 1st Eye.

Now you can run jump out to the right, so you’ll land in the pool on ground level and go up the pillar E of the pool again, or safety drop to the alcove below with a bit of health loss. Then get up onto the raising block N and to the upper ledges again.

The 2nd Eye, the Raptor’s Eyes.

Head S to the Timed lever ledge again but now look down E, run off the ledge holding Ctrl to land near the extinguished Burner ledge and get the 2nd Eye, combine that with the first Eye and get the Raptor’s Eyes. Then jump down into that most convenient pool below. Make your way over to that ledge with the crack NE and shimmy left to the room where you can use the Eyes on the Raptor Head, the water level in the pool of the N room rises.

Turn around and go to the pool and dive in, climb out NE to get some Shotgun ammo from behind the pillar there, then dive in again and swim into a tunnel W and turn around once inside the pool at the end, climb up on the right hand side of the ledge with the lever and throw it to raise another block in the Big Room. 

Big Room, To the Top.

Swim and shimmy back, up the ladder to the 1ste floor, turn right and jump over to jump once again the blocks there. This time don’t jump to the ledges but turn around (E), a running jump with grab should get you there. Turn right and climb up then face N and grab up to the ledges above. First make your way over to the corner in the far right (SE), jump in the opening and use your 5 Secret Skulls to lift the cover from the pedestal and grab the Silver Temple Key we’ll need for the Secret.. Hop back out to the ledges.

Go all the way over to the SW corner where you’ll find another Timed lever that will open the first of 4 Timed gates up there.

4 Timed Runs.

1: Gate W- Save in front of the lever and pull, back flip with a roll and run straight (N) then do a running jump left up into the first gate left (W wall), shoot the tiny raptors, get another Shotgun from the floor and go to the Timed lever in the W passage.

2: Gate NE- Save in front of the lever and pull, back flip with a roll and sprint to the exit, jump to the ledge going W, sprint where you can and jump over to the W ledges, then a cross over jump to the ledge left, aim straight for the gate and then jump over the corner to cut off a bit, jump up into the open gate where a Raptor is waiting to say hello. Pick the Healing Plant growing in the NW corner and go to the lever in the W passage.

3: Gate up NW - Save in front of the lever and pull, back flip with a roll and sprint to the exit, jump to the ledge with a bit of a right curve and follow the ledges along the N wall with run jumps. Just run close left past the high block there and jump over the lava to the W side ledges, running over the corner and run jump again, the last one onto the left side of the block in front of the open NW gate and curve right to do a running jump/grab to the opening, pull up and go in, but not too far as there’s a nasty Pit in that room, no Goodies this time… Go to the lever.

4: Gate SE- Save in front of the lever and pull, back flip with a roll and run jump over the Pit, just run out of the left side of the opening curving left and land on the block. Run jump S and the over the corners and ledges to the second one going E. Follow that one and cut corners to get to the ledge along E wall, run to the gate and jump in (savegame.12), stop immediately as there are several Burning Tiles inside. Walk over the corner of the first, then jump over the others and one more careful walk will get you in the passage to a deep shaft.

The Snake Stone.

It’s a nice drop down into a pool, so climb out and there’s a Snake Stone on a receptacle N, get it and go to the other side of this nice cave to throw the lever. Once again ‘Mbutu will show up and he makes a bow in front of some big doors and they’ll open up. The gate right of you also opened up, so go out and follow to the big doors NE in the Jungle. Your Guide is waiting N, but if you go for the Secrets you’ll have to make a detour… 

Go to the right (S) into the Jungle, again to the right and up into that N tunnel again (NW). Follow through and climb up through that open hatch left of the Skull Key receptacle. Swim through the S crawlspace and go wade N to the pool with the raising block on the E ledge. Up the block and through the upper passage to where you can jump down to the ledge at the waterfall. Jump to the river E and shoot the Raptor in case you didn’t yet. Go around the corner to the room S and use the Silver Temple Key to open the gate to Secret #6, the Secret Key. Go back to the waterfall and safety drop down, head E through the wide passage and get down to the Jungle again.

Get to the left (NE) red cave and into the passage N where the Guide is waiting. Follow him again through dark tunnels and he will open a small gate. Go into a cave with a lake, looks like ‘Mbutu can’t swim as he will stay behind. Swim across the lake and enter the tunnels there, follow through to where the level will change….


Level 7 – Return to the Lost Valley.

Drop down the shaft into a River and let the current take you down a waterfall, climb out in the SW corner, go up the blocks along the W wall and into an opening N, follow the tunnel to the River you just went through. On the corner of the ledge, near the water is a Healing Herb growing, jump across the River to that opening with the closed gate and then jump back to the W side, there’s a closed gate and it can be opened by shooting the cover off the standing Oil lamp, go through the bypass and jump across the River again, then go right over the River bank and jump to a block SE, shoot another cover from the Oil lamp and return to the N, jump to the opening (closed gate) NE and across the water to an opened gate NW.

Follow through to a cave with a central pillar; go in straight and left around the pillar. In the corner of the W side the floor is a little higher and you can grab up to the ledge N of the pillar, go around with stand jumps and end up on the S side, use that Snake Stone there and see ‘Mbutu is back again. He will open that first gate at the River for you. Go back E to the entrance of this cave and follow to the River, this time carefully drop out backwards into the water and the current will take you sideways to the left and there you’ll find a Healing Plant on the bottom of the River, grab it and climb onto the ledge left (S).

Plant Cave.

Go back through that passage on the right and come to where you can jump over the River to that open gate E, go into an area with a pillar with a big plant on top and some walkways around, go to a pillar NE, face it and back flip to a sloped block, jump/grab onto the pillar and go right, when you are close to the central pillar, Lara will look at that pillar rather strongly, just step off that marked Tile and step on again, now you can line up for the run jump/grab to the Jump lever and the gate will open in the cave with the lake where the River runs into. So head back out and go either over the W bank and climb down or just dive in and go down the waterfall.

To The Lost Valley.

The open gate is S of the lake, follow the cave to the Lost Valley, right in front of you is a pillar you can climb (S), you’ll return here in a bit so remember.

For now we go to the right (W), slide down and continue through a corridor where 2 wolves greet you. You arrive at a cave with a dead man’s remains. Next to the Skellie is a Piece of Paper, pick it up and examine it to read:

“This place man!

Watch out for the T-Rex and his little mates, never figured out the big plants, but I think they need fertilizing before they will flower…. Oh by the way, there’s unlimited Ammo lying around the Temple, I think you might need it.”

1st Dino poo.

The dead man must have written that in his final moments, look next to that big pile of steaming Dino poo for a Piece of Dino poo you have to pick up (for that plant later). On a ledge in the N side of the cave is a Healing Herb (small medipack), then go back to where you came from and now you can climb that pillar S, up the next ledges and pick a Healing Herb to the right, then go over the rocks with the red glow and down into the Lost Valley.

2nd Dino Poo.

Go straight S, shoot a Raptor and find the 2nd Dino poo (to the left (E) is a closed gate), continue straight (S) and pass under a broken Bamboo bridge, a bit further on to the right is an opening in the wall (W), climb in and follow through, then down left to a high cave with a pool to the left and some rocks you can climb all the way up to an opening SW. Here’s another pool with Burner blocks.

Timed Burners and the Revolver.

Dive into the pool and swim left/left into a short tunnel under the entrance ledge, throw the UW lever and swim back, climb onto the entrance ledge and see the first Burner is off. Run jump to that block and Save while standing face to the wall and a bit right of the middle, now do a series of side jumps right (OR just standing jumps) and end up on a safe ledge in the far corner. Turn around and jump to the ledge with a ladder on the pillar, go up to a room with a statue and to the left of the Skellie is the Revolver. Go down to the pool below and swim back to the entrance ledge. Climb out and go down N onto the block just under the entrance and look N to spot a crawlspace in the wall, run jump/grab and get in there to get some Shotgun ammo.

The Lasersight.

Go back through the crawlspace and safety drop out, from the block you’ll land on a run jump down into that pool below and swim through the tunnel E to where you can climb up in the end under a waterfall. Turn sharp right after climbing out and go up that rock just next to the waterfall, past a bamboo fence and stand on a ledge so you can jump/grab the edge of a cave behind the waterfall.

Pull up in and to the right then go into the far right (SW) corner of the cave to find a lever that will open a gate near the Broken Bridge. Go back out of this cave and down to the Valley floor, head straight (N) and at the Broken Bridge to the left is that gate you opened. Follow the tunnels through to where you look out over the Valley; to the right you can spot the waterfall and also a ledge in the corner. Run jump sharp right around the corner to that ledge and drop/hang from the left side, shimmy left over a crack and climb the ladder around the corner, go up to a narrow ledge and turn around to stand jump with a grab into the opening of the waterfall (OR do a swan dive). Go right and left and follow that cave through to a closed gate to the right, beyond that gate is a Skellie and also the Lasersight. Walk out to the opening N and a cut scene shows an oil lamp across the Valley.

3rd and 4th Dino poo.

Put the Lasersight on the Revolver and have a look for the lamp, just right of the highest point right of the Bridge. Shoot the lamp and that gate opens back where you are. So go back inside and left into the open gate, a dark room with a lever and the lever opens that second gate at the River (where the level started).

Go back to the opening where you shot the lamp (N) and drop down to the ledge at the waterfall and make it down to the Valley floor. Head E and find a poor soul in a chair go NE and find the 3rd Dino poo in front of a big plant. In the corner of that structure is also a Healing Herb.

Turn towards the rocks S and climb the rock there, turn left and stand jump/grab to a ledge E, keep going in that direction then a run jump/grab and from that high ledge a jump to the roof of the Temple, go over to the N side and grab some Revolver ammo (if you run out of Revolver ammo, this will reappear). Head back to the S side and run jump/grab down into the entrance of a cave S, landing in the left side of the entrance, shoot a Raptor and go get the 4th Dino poo. Go back out of the cave, as you cannot reach that cave up W anyway.

The White Skulls.

Now you can return to the River, that’s all the way W, then turn to the right (N) all the way to the entrance of the Valley where you can climb back up left and over to the red rock, down the other side and straight (N) again to the cave with the lake. Go up that path along the left wall (W) and into the River cave, jump into that Plant Cave on the right (E) and use that same pillar NE to get onto the wooden walkways. Go to the higher W walkway and hoist up to the ledge above, go to either side ledges and put some Dino poo in the baskets, turn around and see the Plant opening up, walk up to it and grab the 1st White Skull.

Go down to the floor and out to the River, make your way through the passage and over to the second Plant Cave NE. Inside you can climb a block in the middle of N wall and run jump/grab to the tree, climb up and around the corners to the S side and back flip to a ledge, jump to the E and W branches to put the poo in the baskets and get the 2nd White Skull.

The Temple.

Now you have to bring the Skulls to the Temple in the Lost Valley, so go back down and dive into the River, climb out of the lake and go into the S gate and straight to where you climb up to the red rock, over the top and all the way to the end of the Valley, left there and up the steps into the Temple. There’s a big T-Rex running around, can’t kill her; just stay out of her way….

In the back of the temple is a pool, dive in and on the left (N) hidden in a plant is another Shotgun on the bottom, then swim into a tunnel down SE and up in the end, in that temple Room are the 2 receptacles for the Jungle Skulls (NW&SW). In the back of the room is a closed gate where you can see another Skull receptacle. After placing the 2 Skulls, you can see a gate opening up back in the Valley.

So head back out through the water and to your T-Rex GF, quickly go right from the steps and to the N wall, up the block to the entrance and go in to the tunnels leading up to the Bridge, run jump/grab over the gap and follow the passage to a drop off. Safety drop into the lower passage and follow the passage jumping over the Burner tiles.

At the end drop into the lower cave, hop SW to the crawlspace left of the statue and get into a cave where you can use that Secret Key of yours. Go in, get onto the ledge left and grab Secret #7, the Master Secret Skull. Get back out to the ledge with the statue.

The 3rd White Skull.

Straight ahead (S) is the cave where you found the piece of paper before, but you go right (S), shoot some nasty Dino Birds and come to another cave with a lever up on the ledge straight ahead. When you throw the switch, ‘Mbutu will appear in a passage over the statue and he will light it so the gate opens up. Go in and follow to a small cave where ‘Mbutu will show up again to open the next gate for you (great help that guy).

Go in and wait for the next gate, in the next cave is a wolf and the White Skull is immediately on the left, pick it up and the other Statue will be lit to open the gate in the Temple.

Back to the Temple.

Go to the N and follow to the cave where you found the piece of paper before, keep going N and then take a right to the cave where you can climb up S to the rock (red light), over the top and into the valley, stay on the left side and find the closed gate there, just past it is a small waterfall, to the left in the alcove is a Healing Herb, then go back to the Temple in the end of the Valley (didn’t see Rexie this time). Follow through to the room in the back of the temple and place the White Skull. A Flyby will show ‘Mbutu, finally rushing things and he will wait up for you at the Skellie in the chair.

Rex Tooth of Power.

So head back out, go straight till you meet ‘Mbutu and wait for him to open that gate, go in and come to a dead T-rex after your friend opened up more gates, he will try to revive the T-Rex and lucky you, he can’t! The gate in the beginning of the Valley opens. Go to the N wall and climb up the ledge to get the Rex Tooth of Power (so no one can revive him anymore?) and ‘Mbutu gets nervous, follow the same tunnel back to the Valley and go NW, go under the Bridge and then NE and to that gate you saw before, follow the caves NE to where you can hear the sound of the Chopper waiting for you, say goodbye to your companion and make it for the Chopper.

G&D-Dec. 04-2013.