Tomb Raider - Aqua Sahrym.

A project by Level NextGen, Kosmos and Thierry Stoorne.

Some Moves:

Parallel bars = Action + Up Or Down // Action + Jump

Ledge Jump Up = Action + Jump Key

Ledge Jump Backward = Action + Down Key

Roll in Crawlspace = Crawl + Sprint Key

180 Degree Turn on Monkey = Monkey + Roll Key (or Up&Down Key)

As there's no compass, this will be quite a challenge to put on "paper".

In case you need one of the saves we mention, download this SAVES folder.

1- Flooded Ruins.

In the First room, go up the two ledges on the left and right hand corners (facing the pool behind you) and use the two levers. Go through the opened doors and through a glass tunnel to the Lightning Generator room.

Lightning Generator room, a Torch.

Don't step on that central Lightning Generator, go left of it and behind a palm tree is a jump lever, use that to open the glass window left.

Get in and to the right is a wall torch we need to ignite. Go to the left and find a Torch, ignite it near by and head back to that wall torch to light it. Throw the Torch in the pool behind those doors and get to the other side. At the stairs in the corner the level will change.

2- Organic Cathedral.


Head down to the entrance hall, there's a pool. Dive in at the right hand corner and follow the tunnel to where you can climb out. Jump up right into a passage and follow to a push block, just push it out of the passage and jump over to the ledge in front. Use the lever on the left and doors open, drop back down into the entrance hall and go through those doors. A flyby will show you around.

Those red plants on the ground (to the right as you enter) are deadly stingers, so avoid those. The fish in the water are quite deadly too. Jump over to the window straight in front and grab the Revolver ammo.

Go to the large room and facing that Big Plant on the central island.

I'll call behind me S(outh), in front N(orth), left W(est) and right E(ast).

Turn left (W) and hop over the pool, go over the pool (notice the stand on the ledge) to the NW corner where you'll find Flares. A dark passage is shown and a Hint appears, hit the H key to read the hint. Go to the central part of the place and left into the N section there, left side, but be careful with that red stinger plant. Near the N wall and left is that Mangragore in the dark opening. Light a flare and it goes down, enter and get another hint.

First jump to the ledge left where that blue plant is (S) and throw the lever, the platforms change position.

Dive into the pool and look in the SW corner (under the ledge with the door) for that underwater lever. The door above the lever opens up, go in and find a Submarine. There's a Cell receptacle, walk to the N end of the ledge and a whale comes to greet you.

Timed Platform, the Electron Cell for the Artefact.

Go back and make your way up those platforms and turn left to spot a lever up in an alcove. First have a look where you have to go as this is a Timed run over the timed platform E to a ledge up W. Save in front of the lever, pull and roll, turn a bit right and run to jump onto the lower part of the slope N, jump (you should face forward) onto the ledge on the N wall and turn left a bit wile running, then curve sharp right to jump and grab that timed platform at the outer corner. Pull up and side flip left onto the ledge (Saves Folder-savegame.0) (video) From the ledge N you can also jump to the ledge S, roll and jump on the timed platform. Jump over to the other side (W) and get the Electron Cell. Get down (or jump in the water), go through that door to the Submarine and place the Cell there on the side, watch what happens.

Using the Artefact, a Battle for the Crystal of Gamma Energy.

Go back inside, jump into the pool and swim down through the bottom, get the Artefact. Get out and go back to the large room, to the left (E) of the central island and place the Artefact on the pillar.

A gate opens on the right, stand on the right side (you'll see why in a moment) at the opening and run in, a flyby starts and three meat-eating plants appear. Straight to the E is a pedestal with a Revolver, in the back is a waterfall in case you catch fire. I stayed close to the waterfall; side jumping left right and used pistols. You only have to shoot a plant when it has fire in its mouth and tilts the head back, that's the only moment you can hurt it. When only one remains you could switch to revolver if you like. Keep a close eye on the hard to see health bar. Along the N side between the plants is a Medipack.

Now you can pick up the Crystal of Gamma Energy (Saves Folder-savegame.1). Go out and to other side of the room where that stand is on the ledge over the W side pool.

Place it and see leaves grow on the Big Plant and platforms change position.

Up to the Parallel Bars.

Turn and go into the far left (N) section and onto the lower platform in the right hand corner, the climb up a small floating island and turn right.

Hop past the swinging spike plant N and grab a Medipack there. Hop back and make your way to the next floating island.

In the next section turn right and go around the corner to the W (notice the ladder) and into the rocky corner. Find the Timed button (NOT resettable) on the wall to bring out some bars.

Timed run for a Secret: Push the button, run back and roll, run jump and grab that ladder you saw, get up and run to the right with a U-turn and a running jump (and grab) onto the timed platform. A running jump with a left curve into the alcove with the yellow window, shoot it and go get Secret #1, the Orb of the Ancients.

Turn back and jump back from the platform to that grey rock ledge. Those bars are in the left corner. "Positioning is the key to reach the bars", so find the correct spot and stand jump to grab the first, swing and jump to grab the next, it will go down too and that platform will be supported by a ladder, thus creating a shortcut back up here. Swing to the ledge on the other side (S) and go left and then around a corner to the right into a passage.

Top of the Big Plant, the Atomic Cell.

At the end you'll get a view from above, a burner and slopes. Turn around with your back to the slope, time the burner and back flip, a jump to grab the slope under the burner and pull up to back flip into a passage above. Run down the other end of the passage, grabbing the plant and climb down till you are in front of an opening, turn facing the opening and use Alt+Up to jump into that opening. Go out and on the other side of this ledge is a small medipack. Go passing those swinging spike plants and run jump to grab that platform at the Big Plant.

Follow the leaves up, then grab up to a ledge (window) and turn around to grab the leave above, climb all the way to the top of the Big Plant to get the Atomic Cell there, don't turn after climbing up. But better save before you pick it up!!!

"I better leave the greenhouse and get back to the Lightning Generator"

A timer starts and toxic gas is released, you'll have to get back down from the Big Plant. Hit Look to get out of the camera and hop back till you are in the windowsill, turn left a bit and run down onto the leave there, step a bit left and run with a right curve down the other end. You'll end up on a leave below, turn facing the plant and hop back, grab the edge and safety drop down to a platform. Turn around and run jump a bit to the right so you'll land on the floor next to the pool. Run straight and right into the opening to the entrance hall. Up the opposite stairs and through the pool to the doors, they close and you're safe (Saves Folder-savegame.2) (video).


1- Flooded Ruins, part 2.

Lightning Generator, use the Atomic Cell.

Climb up left through the window and find the open part of the glass floor around the Lightning Generator, get down and crawl into both sides, one corner has Harpoons and in the other you can use the Atomic Cell at the three glass tubes. Doors open, get back up top the ground floor and head to the open doors. Best sprint in along one side as there's a nasty trap here.

An Artefact.

In the next room is a pool below, in the far left corner of this level is a small medipack. Straight in front is a receptacle, and in the far right hand corner is a lever behind a pillar. A trapdoor opens in the bottom of the pool.

For a Secret: Walk left from the lever and face the ledge in the opposite corner, a left curved run jump will get you into that corner. Face the left wall and grab up to a bar. Hold Ctrl, hit the Down key to jump back from the bar and grab a jump lever. Another trapdoor opens up in the pool (face the receptacle and this trapdoor is in the far left corner). Go there and down to get Secret #2, the Pearl of Kojada. Back out and get air before you go down the other trapdoor.

Swim down in and follow the tunnel to a large poolroom. Fish jumping, to the right along the bottom you'll find Flares, in the back is a tunnel left where you'll find an Artefact to be used in the room with the jump lever.

Use the Artefact, a small maze.

When you swim back and come through the trapdoor, go straight to the back and left to a sloped block (next to the little block on the bottom) and pull up, back flip to the ledge and jump over to where you can use the Artefact.

A new trapdoor opened up behind a pillar under the ledges you're on, so dive through after taking a "deep breath" and find yourself in the tunnels next to the large pool room. Follow down and to the end where you'll find an underwater lever. This will open a gate at the other end, so roll and swim straight along the bottom to the end, up and turn to get into that nasty small opening, up in the end and climb out (Saves Folder-savegame.3).


When you come to a pit with flames, jump and grab that rim on the left wall, go right and jump backwards (Ctrl +Down) to grab the other side, go left and jump back to go right to the end. Follow through to the top of the Large Pool room.

Run left onto the platform, jump up and use the lever to start the next platforms so you can go run around the corners to another lever on the last ledge. Using that lowers a platform in the middle of the room and a doors opens, get back there and jump across to enter.

Careful, there's a boulder up the slope left, trigger it and get back into the doorway. Follow the passage up to where a flyby of the Tube Puzzle starts.

The Broken Bridge, a Harpoon gun.

Go left and jump through the garden to the back where you'll find the Harpoon gun. Jump back and hop into the pool, swim left of the central structure and into a hole in the bottom, one side has a closed door, so swim to the other end and up, keep swimming as there's a nasty snake down there. In the small room go up to the right and jump and grab a ledge with a small medipack. Shimmy along the edge to a jump lever and use it, a block goes up on the ledge with the jump lever. Get back there and onto the block, jump to grab a ledge on the opposite side and pull up. Jump across after you shot the vase and come to the ledge at the bridge.

Block Puzzle, Bridge Gem #1.

Jump to get onto that beam and along the arch of the entrance to the beam on the other side. From there into the opening and shoot a vase on a block to get Flares. From the opening you came from turn right and pull out the block with the yellow handle, move it around the room till it sits under a block opposite the entrance.

Go into the passage where you got the block from and jump over the spike traps, you'll end up behind the block, push it out and onto the block in the middle. Go move the lower block to the side where you see another opening and get the upper block into that room. Pull it under the opening in the ceiling and get up there. Follow through. Use the monkey climb to get to the roof of the pagoda, shoot the pointy part and grab Bridge Gem #1. Try to shoot that stupid snake while you're up here.

Use the First Gem, to the Second Gem.

Dive into the pool, swim into an opening under the entrance ledge (bit left of that fire bowl) and place the Gem into a receptacle and the first part of the bridge appears. Turn left and swim out, then to the right around the corner and find the flat rock ledge to climb out on. Hop up to the tree and go over the bridge to the pagoda, hop into the hole in the floor, swim out and right around the corner. Passing a closed door (first Gem rooms) you'll come to an underwater lever, use it, turn left and swim to the door you see left, it's open now.

Timed Platforms.

A fresh snake is released, follow through and go up on a ledge with a Timed lever.

Pull, roll and turn right a bit to run jump onto the first platform. Roll and run jump onto the next, turn around standing on the edge of it and stand jump up onto the left side of the third, turn a bit right and side flip onto a solid ledge (Saves Folder-savegame.4). Stand on the edge, take a step back and stand jump to grab the bar, swing and jump into the opening. Follow through passing a burning pedestal and come to a room with 2 bowls, pick up the small medipack. Use a lever in a passage at the end then go back into the previous room and right to a mirror.

Looking in the mirror you'll see a button on the pillar in the room with the bowls, when you step in there it is the dark one right of the window there, a view of the Tube Puzzle is given when you approach that window. The fire at the pedestal is gone, so go get Bridge Gem #2.

Over the Bridge.

Return the way you came here and swim through the room under the pagoda into the opposite open door (first Gem rooms) and immediately up through the ceiling. Swim to the corner where the flat ledge is and shoot the snake if you didn't yet.

Swim across the pool into an opening under the opposite side of the bridge and use the Gem in the receptacle. Get out, up at the flat ledge and cross the bridge, go left through the garden and find a jump lever on the pillar right.

Jump back and go through the other garden to the block in the corner, jump to the beam and go over the arch to the other side. Take a running jump (no Ctrl) into the passage and up the ladder to another room with a window to the Tube Puzzle. Go into the back and use the lever to open doors in the room with the bowls, to the left is a burning pedestal for later.

The Tubes Puzzle.  As we weren't able to save during/after the puzzle (because of the text showing), we cannot produce a savegame.

Behind the open doors are 5 levers, 4 with a code and one on the back of the pillar, this 5th one will switch operation of the 4 other levers to each of the 3 red rings. Currently the "outer red ring" shows when you go to the window.

"The red ring provides power to only 4 tubes at once, each lever moves three tubes. I have to align all of them."

I have seen other solutions on the forum, but this one worked every time for me:

Outer Red Ring- Hop onto the ledge with the levers, shoot the vase and operate the levers from left to right: Up-Down-Up-Down, go to the window to check the tubes and they should point to the block in the middle of the room.

Middle Red Ring- Hop onto the ledge with the levers, throw the lever on the pillar where the vase was, the middle red ring should now be active. Operate the levers from left to right: Up-Up-Down-Up, go to the window to check the tubes and they should point to the block in the middle of the room.

Inner Red Ring- Hop onto the ledge with the levers, throw the lever on the pillar where the vase was, the inner red ring should now be active. Operate the levers from left to right: Down-Down-Up-Down, at this time the tubes should all be aligned and a flyby takes over.(If this solution doesn't work for you, remember that if one of the tubes points to the block in the middle, you should only have to change one lever to operate the other three tubes, just have a look each time which lever is the correct one.)

Go to the room where the pedestal is now safe, grab the Artefact and a timer starts, the place begins to fall apart. Run back, straight through the lever room and down the ladder, drop out of the opening and jump through the garden to get to the opening created opposite the Bridge, get in quick. Place the Artefact. You'll drop through the trapdoor, run towards that blue light...

For a Secret: Dive left into the pool, the timer will stop till you are back on track, swim into a tunnel in the left wall and get out to pick up Secret #3, the Bamboo Shoot. Go back, out at the pool and quickly into the blue light.

The level ends, hit Ctrl and watch the final cut scene.

Did she make it or didn't she....

G&D, Oct 21-2013