Tomb Raider- The League of the Dragons.


Game by Raidermatty


Walkthrough by G&D Productions.


POSSIBLE BUG:  On some PC's, sometimes, the cameras remain fixed once that you’ve activated a switch. Try to save and reload or close the game and restart it.


These levels are meant for experts players because of very hard passages and some tricky phases.  (But we have save games for you!-G&D)


The save games/pics/videos mentioned in this walkthrough are in this Saves Folder you'll have to download. They might not provide you with the fastest time, but at least you're on your way again.

Stuff related to the Secret Hunt will be marked in green!


We don't always tell you where you have to do a run- or stand jump, you can judge the distance for yourself.

Only where a specific jump is required we will tell you.


                Links to the Levels.
1- The Square 4- London’s Building. 7- Xiaolin Monastery.
2- Dasmore's Apartment 5- The labs 8- Industrial Zone.
3- Eldorado 6- Cleopatra’s Necropolis 9- League of the Dragons


1 - The Square. (5 Secrets)


The House.


Hidden in the box on the small square is the Crowbar, open that wooden gate S with it and go in, next to those pipes is a trapdoor, right around corners you can shoot a barrel to get the Home's Key. Back out and left is the keyhole, open the house and go in and to the left up the stairs and on the W wall is a button, it will open a Timed trapdoor in a house. So remember where it is.


On the E wall, behind the tables is a lever, use that to open the trapdoor in the passage where you got the key. So out of the house and to the right through the gate, climb down through the trapdoor next to the pipes.




In the NE section is a small medipack, then head SE and into an opening S. In the room jump left to the Flares on the ledge, then drop down from the S end and take a run jump N, left of those pipes so you can hop to the ledge with the Medipack. From there jump W and left of the flames, step carefully onto the corner of the flame tile, face S and grab up to the ledge above.

Jump into the opening W and follow through to a slide down, just before the slide is a lever. Throw it to raise a platform at a lever, slide down, go right around corners back to the room and run right onto the platform to use the lever. The flyby shows the trapdoor in the bottom opening up.


Jump down and under the still closed part of that grating is Revolver ammo, then swim down and follow the tunnel to a store room. There are two dogs, you can shoot them or avoid them, and there are Flares on the crate SW and a small medipack NE. Go into the right hand passage in the W wall and follow up to the walkways, jump around to the NE and SE corners to use the two buttons opening up a door in the sewers.


Back down and to the water E, back to the room and make your way up the ledges (start S) to the opening N and out to the sewers, to the NE section where the medipack was and into the opened door N. Go left and shoot a rat, into the opening on the right and pull/push the left hand crate out of the room, it will fall onto a trigger tile and the grate opens up behind you. Drop in there and shoot a dog.


Machine Room, open the door.


The next room has some nasty machinery, drop down onto the ledge below and use the other ledges to get across the deadly pool to a button S. It opens the door above, go back over the ledges and climb up to the entrance. Jump the ledges after timing all the traps and you might get hurt by touching those hammers like I did (Saves-savegame.0).


In the next storage, move the crates out of the way to get to the one SE and use the button behind it to open a trapdoor behind the wooden gate W, open the gate with the crowbar. Climb up and find yourself back in the sewers. Go into the N door again and move that crate there S and onto the grey tile. A door opens in the W wall. Go through, shoot some rats and go to the end, turn around and climb the ladder, go straight (W) into a small storage. A button on the W wall will open a front door.


Raiding Homes 1, the Factory Key.


Go back a bit and out to the right (S) to a square, into the opened door straight ahead (S). The front door closes, go left or right to the lounge with the piano and into the passage on the right (SW) to come to the swimming pool. In the pool is some MP5 ammo.


Statue Puzzle.


Now go S into the alcove and there are two levers, use both to raise blocks in front of the passages N and S, go into both passages to move the small statues onto the blocks and lower the blocks again. Put the statues on the tiles at the S wall, next to the male statue and a door opens up.

Go back N to the lounge and up the stairs in the other corner (SE) to find that open door W, but first go all the way up to the balcony to get the Factory Key at the other end.  Back to the stairs and into the open door W, and follow up to the other balcony, this one with a lever at the end. The lever will re-open the front door, so back down the stairs you go and out N to the square.

Take the alley NW and shoot a dog on the way, all the way in the end is the door you can open with the Factory Key.


Inside the Factory.


Inside a mechanic will try to stop you, shoot him and a rat as well. In the next room are Flares on a crate and a small door behind a pipe W, open it and get through. You'll come to another machine room. Go down the ladder in the left corner and hop into the water, in the far left corner (SW) is a small medipack. Climb out on the crate at the lever and save your game.


Timed Run through the Hammers, Push Puzzle.


Pull the lever, roll and turn left a bit to run-jump to the crate, side flip right to the one in the middle from which you can now run jump to the ladder and go up. Back flip with roll and run left onto the walkway where you have to find a way through those hammers. Because this is a very hard run with those hammers... snork found a bug you can use; after pulling the lever, turn left facing like in this screen (factory1.jpg), roll and you should end up on the ledge above (factory2.jpg), behind the hammers (may take a few tries).

Jump E over the railing into the Timed door (Saves-savegame.1). On a crate in the corner of the room is Shotgun ammo and spot the button behind the cover. Move the statue under the blue tile in the ceiling (in the middle of the room) and the cover lifts from the button, push it and see another button become available.


Secret Hunters: Push the statue out of the passage into the pool and you'll go down too, the statue landed on a tile opening straight ahead (W wall), swim in and get Secret #1, Shotgun- and Revolver ammo and a Medipack.


Swim to the NE corner and go up the ladder and back flip to the walkway. Leave N, back to the previous room with a hammer way up at the ceiling. Go to the sloped block SW, back flip onto the block, jump and grab the ladder, go up and climb up the bocks straight ahead, shoot the grate. Drop down and now climb the other block, then take a running jump into the alcove on the right (NE). Push the button and get down to the ground floor and into the now open door in the N wall.


The Loading Docks, a Load of Buttons to turn the Crane.


Get down and make it through that burner, watch out though as a mechanic will attack. Make your way down to the ground floor and hop into the water NW, get through that cutter and up in the next room. Shoot the box left to get Shotgun ammo, then ignore all warning signs and shoot the barrier E.

Avoid the emitter, shooting a rat, then jump to the right (N) over the pit passing the hammer and go left into a crawlspace for Grenades and a button (#1). A door is shown that requires more buttons to open it (make sure you only pushed it once). Get out, go straight (E) and right and jump left past that hammer, take a left (N) and open a small door on the right after shooting another mechanic.

Push the crate on the left against the E wall aside to use the button (#2) for that door. Out and to the left (S, to the N is that door) and left again, passing a burner and a hammer. Go left and into another crawlspace for a button (#3).

Back out and left (E) over the crate, jump straight, passing the hammer over the pit and notice that balcony (you don't really need to go over it). Climb over the crate N and look E at the next right, jump left into that opening and go push the button (#4) (could also have been reached by shooting the grates on the balcony and follow that route). Jump back to the W passage and go to a knife trap, stand close and hit "roll" when the trap opens. Go push the last button (#5) and the door opens. Make your way back to where you opened that small door and go N, jump past another hammer and go into the open door to use the Crane Control button.


A Bunch of Keys (Pad Lock Keys).


Make your way back to the Loading Docks through the water tunnel with the blade trap, get up to the N side balcony in the room and from there you can jump to the crate in the crane and into the opening in the E wall. Run into the room, hop on the crate and get the Bunch of Keys, you can shoot the dog too if you like. Hop back out to the crate in the crane and jump to grab the crate on the right (S balcony), go through the passage with the burner and to the right through the small door to the Machine room.


Get to the other side of the room the way you want and open the Pad lock with the Keys. Shoot a rat and take the statue into the passage, all the way onto that blue tile and the trapdoor opens up.

Get in there and into the water, through to a larger room and open the underwater gate straight ahead (E), get through the blade trap and left into the next room to use the underwater lever on the left (W). Get through the opened hatch E and climb up into a passage with an alarmed mechanic. Push the button there to open a hatch in the end, walk through the open hatch and climb up into a familiar room. This is where you opened the house before.


Raiding Homes 2, the Warehouse's Key.


Go E and right to the square, right into the ally (NW) again and find an opened door left, shoot the dog.

Head left (S) into the passage, follow through to a small office (Notice the hatch in the ceiling), shoot a grating on the left wall (N) and jump over the table to get into that crawlspace.

Use a lever behind the crate to open a door back in the passage (later), go back to the room and hop onto the cabinets S, to the right is another button, opening up a door in the first room.

So, out W and back through the passage, around the corner and into the first room then take a left into the door you opened. Shoot the box NW to get the Warehouse's Key. Go out to the first room.


Secret Hunters: Behind the cabinet SE is a lever, there's a crack in the wall left of the cabinet that should allow you to shimmy behind the cabinet, but in my game that didn't work... So I just ran into the corner of wall and cabinet, jumping and wiggling left/right till I got through. Throwing the lever opens a door in the passage S. Get back out of that gap and into the passage S, left at the intersection and get Secret #2, a small medipack and 2x Shotgun ammo. Back out to the passage.


Little Timed Run.


In the passage and at the intersection the door S is open, this leads into the first home of the level. Go up the stairs S and push the Timed button on the right hand wall, turn right, sprint into the door N, right at the intersection and into the office, hop on the cabinet and turn left to jump and grab up through the open hatch. Shoot the window S and jump out to the right to a ledge with a button. It will open a door in the room with the Timed button.


Secret Hunters: Turn NE and line up for a jump to that roof you can see around the corner. I jumped straight up once and then did a run jump to get there (Saves-savegame.2). Get Secret #3, Grenades and drop down S into the alley.


The Warehouse, the Sewer's Key.


Drop from the ledge and go back into the house, up the stairs and the door S is open. Shoot a rat and open the fence with the Crowbar, open the next door and step out into the yard. Grab some Uzi ammo from a window on the right (E) and open the Warehouse door N. Inside is another mechanic, find and open a trapdoor in the floor in the corner. Go down the ladder and shoot a rat on that walkway.


Two basins, one filled one empty, first open the door E (could be the mechanic inside will be running against it later and you can't open it) then dive into the S side basin and swim through the narrow tunnel to the next room, pull the crate at the N wall once and turn right, climb the crate to get the Medipack and get to the NE corner for some Flares. Shoot that red intercom on the N wall (opens cover from button) and return to the basin area where you can now shoot the mechanic. Go into the door you opened before, inside and straight ahead is the now available button; push it to flood the N side basin.


Get into the water and use the lever on the right (E) wall, a door opens in a room above. Go back up the ladder W and the open door is in front of you to the left. Go up to a room with a dog and push the crate out of the window onto the yard where it will crush a dark block.


Secret Hunters and all others: Turn around and hang from the edge, shimmy left to an alcove with Secret #4, the Shotgun.


Drop down into the yard, and move the crate twice to the S, not against the wall. Now move the other crate too till it stands against the first, climb up and shoot the grate S. Run jump and grab to get into the crawlspace (Saves-savegame.3 in case the crate puzzle didn't work for you)

Follow through, shoot a dog and a mechanic and go behind the crates W, shoot the barrels and get the Sewer's Key.


Secret Hunters: Get behind the pipes there and shoot a grate to get Secret #5, HK5 ammo.


Get back out through the crawlspace to the yard, leave S through the small door to get back to the home, down the stairs and into the passage N, take a left and follow through out the door E to the alley and right (SE) to the square.


E is a trapdoor you can open up, shoot a rat down there and use the Sewer Key to open the gate, push the button at the end and climb up through the hatch that opened. Go through the street to where a flyby kicks in then proceed to Fountain Square.


Fountain Square, a Detonation.


In the SE corner is a lever, it will open the house E of the fountain. Hop into the water and get Shotgun ammo W, then climb out E near a detonator. Enter the house E and in the SE corner is a push block in the wall, push it all the way into a room and find a button there to stop the flames near a lever. Back out to the other room and open the blue door N, go into the yard and shoot the dog, then use the lever to open a house N on Fountain Square. Follow up a staircase to a room and shoot the E side window to step out to the roof. Look SE and shoot the window there.


Jump forward with a left curve (or side flip), slide off and grab the edge, shimmy right and at the end pull up and back flip to a ledge. Now run jump (no Ctrl) into the window you shot before (Saves-savegame.4) and go to the opposite window, shoot that and jump to the corner ledge. Another window SW, shoot it and jump in. Find a lever on a wood panel on the right (N), another door opens on Fountain Square.


Timed Door, Detonator Key.


Go out through the window you came from and jump to the corner ledge to drop down. Go W and take a left into the open door and find a button left (NE), the Timed door W will open up with it. Sprint in there and climb the shelves into the passage above and go to a terrace with the Detonator Key. Go down to the square and use that on the detonator E for the fountain and back flip. Climb the base of the fountain and grab the St. Paul Park's Key.


Go SW corner through the tunnel you came from before and get back to the Square, into the alley NW and to a big gate on the right. Open it with the Key and go around to the left up a ladder. Once on the wall and jump down onto a small balcony SW, next jump can be tricky due to the object below, but if you stand in the middle and turn right to the wall a bit and run jump, Lara will veer off the wall and will be able to grab the next balcony (Saves-savegame.5 - Video 1.wmv).

Push the button there and just drop down into the alley, go back to the gates and on St. Paul Park the door on the right (E) opened up. Shoot a dog and grab the Grenades from the crate before you push the button left of the pipes to open another door in the Park. Go out, shoot or ignore the rat and enter the door W where you'll have to open another gate with the crowbar. Go on and to...


2 - Dasmore's Apartment. (6 Secrets)


Very complicated level, maybe there's another/better route trough the level, but this is our result after playing it through several times.

Tips: - Do not save during the Element puzzle, already used objects might disappear 

        - If you have trouble seeing the code pad on your screen, you might want to change the resolution of the monitor


The Wooden Gate Key.


Go to a small square with the door to the Apartment. In the middle is a trapdoor, open it, drop down and spot a laser S, head into the passage W. Pick up the Flares in the end near the keyhole and shoot a rat. Shoot the barrier left and jump to grab the other side of the pit, pick up a small medipack and go through the passage to a button. Push that to open the door near the lasers, so back over the pit and E into the open door so you now have a two-way access to the basement. Climb up a ladder into another part of the streets and go straight (W) to open a shortcut gate to the Apartment section. We'll go there later. Go back E over the ladder hole and follow the street to a small square, open the blue door on the left (E) and shoot the dog. Notice the hatch in the ceiling and the climbable bookcase underneath, this is for a Timed run later. Go NE, behind the small table and in front of the cabinets is the Wooden Gate Key.


Through the Streets, a Shortcut.


Back out the office and to the left under the archway. On the left is door you can open to Kosse’ Distillery, but we need a key first. So go to the right and leave that small door alone (Blast Furnace), you’ll be back here later.

Go under the arch and take a right (W) through an alley avoiding the Sword traps and come to a yard with a Garage door on the right (N), straight ahead (W) a blue door where we also need a Key and another door (E wall), open that door and grab some Revolver ammo to the right before you climb the chain in the back. Back flip off onto the first floor. Hop into the window E and hop right around the corner onto the balcony. Run into the opening on the right (S) and go left, you'll come to another chain.


Go down the chain, shoot the rat and push the button on the left to open the door, then go into the passage NE and come to a new area, which is now connected with the streets you came from. Go to the right (E) to a Square with a Lady Statue and find a button in the right (SW) corner, it will open a door to a house in the square E.


Cabinet Puzzle, Waterskin, Wine Bottle.


Left around the corner is a shiny cabinet, move it under that blue mosaic tile on the ceiling and go to the two side rooms to do the same. A door opens E in the first room, go in and up the stairs.

Secret Hunters: Shoot the painting on the W wall, over the stereo set. Hop in and jump to the balcony to get Secret #1(6), HK5 ammo and Grenades. Get back inside. 


To the S is a blue door we visit first. Shoot the grate S, go into the ducts and crawl in, then take a left (W) into the low duct to a linen room, shoot the grate and drop down. Shoot the dog and get Flares from the window on the right (N). Go behind the right hand curtain S and pick up the Waterskin.

Go through a duct in the W wall to a storage room, in the drawer behind the counter is a Wine Bottle. Go back through the linen room through the ducts, take a left and out left (N) to the bedroom.


Secret Hunters: In the linen room, behind the left hand curtain S is a grate up in the wall, shoot it; get in to use the button lifting a cover in the ducts. Go through the crawlspace E into the ducts, take a left and around the corner to the right through a triangular opening (S) and from there run-jump to grab the crack where the cover went up, shimmy right and go through to get Secret #2(7), Uzi- and HK5 ammo and a small medipack. Get back out and through the opening N to the bedroom.


To the Bar, use the Wine, a Key.


Leave N to the living room. Through the blue door straight ahead is a bathroom with Shotgun ammo and a grate in the wall left, shoot it. Get into the duct and shoot another grate to get to a corridor leading to the Bar.

On the shelf behind the counter is Shotgun ammo, sidestep left to the middle of the left shelf and turn around, take a step to the counter and hit Ctrl to place the Wine Bottle of the counter, a door opens on the right (W). Go in, grab the Key (the name doesn't give a clue but we can get the Jerry can with it).


The Jerry can.


Go out (and Secret Hunters should make a note of the door to the XXX room in the N wall, we need a Torch to open that), hop up to the window S, push the button and see a block go up on the square with the statue. Shoot the window there and drop down onto the block (In case you need to get back in there you can use the block and scaffold to get into the Bar).


Leave the square to the right (W) and in an alley to the left on the crate is HK5 ammo. Proceed W, left at the scaffold and up the chain there, back flip off to the higher floor. Step into the opening N and jump over to the opening N.


Secret Hunters: jump down left onto the scaffold, then to the ledge SW to get Secret #3(8), a Medipack. Get back to the scaffold and jump into the opening N.


Open the door with the Key and go up the ladder, slide down and grab the Jerry can. Shoot the grate on the right (N) and crawl through to drop down near the Blast Furnace.


Back to the Basement, use the Wooden Gate Key and open the Apartment.


Go left (E) and left to the square and follow the streets back to the hole in the ground with the ladder down to the basements, climb down and follow through to the end then open the wooden gate there. Go in and use a button, a hatch opens behind you, hop back and jump up to grab up to an alley. Push the button there to open the Apartment. So head back through the sewers and climb back up the ladder. Go straight (W) through the gate and into the Apartment (W).


The Apartment, a Shotgun and preparations for a Timed Run.


From the living room go in straight (W) and get a Shotgun from the bathroom. Back to the living room and to the right (S) to the dining room and find the "book switch" SW, that's Timed and for later.

Head E into the kitchen, open the door there and climb down into the basement. Shoot some rats, in the SE corner is Uzi ammo, spot the button N. It is Timed and opens a ceiling hatch in the back.

Go into the back, behind the crates SE are Flares and in a crawlspace NW is a small medipack, and then pull the crate (opposite the bike) till it stands under that hatch. Go to the button, push and get on the crate quick, turn E to jump up and crawl into the duct (Saves-savegame.6).


Go up a ladder, grab a small medipack and shoot the grate; crawl onto the trapdoor and drop into the Apartment (upstairs). On the wall is a button of which I'm not sure what it did, only music? Go N into the library, on the left hand bookcase is Shotgun ammo, on the other side a Medipack. To the E is a bridge corridor leading to a closed door (later).


Back into the S room and make a mental note of the door W before you go into the SE corridor and just around the right corner is a "book switch" to open the door down the stairs. Go down and you are back in the dining room.


Bookswitch Timed Run to the Trophy room.


Go to the book switch SW, save and pull, get back up the stairs fast and into the room upstairs and left into the Timed door (Saves-savegame.7) to the Trophy room.

Do a swan dive through the Lasers (run jump with Shift) and shoot the grate SW, get through and use the button there to open a door in the library, dive back through the laser and go left to the library, the opened door to a bedroom is to the left.


Through the Ducts.


Stand in front of the bed and duck to shoot the grate under the bed, crawl in there. Ahead is a covered button, so climb down the hole. Turn around and shoot the grate (N) and get in for Shotgun ammo, get out, go to the right to the red pit and run or jump left into the passage to get some Revolver ammo around a corner. Go back and into the opening right at the red pit, jump over to the SW, turn around and jump (grab) to the opening W. Take a right at the intersection and go N over the pit, down to a button that will lift the cover from the button in the upper section. So back you go, over the pit, left and over the large pit using the side passage. Head N and go up the ladder, don't pull up, but back flip from the top to use the button there. A door opens in the upstairs living room.


Apartment Key, Darkness Dragon Talisman.


So jump back S to the ladder and go through the crawlspace to the bedroom. Go out and take a right to the living and left through the new door E. A Bloke is just standing there, ignore and get the Apartment Key from the pedestal SE.

To get the door back open, pick up the Darkness Dragon Talisman from the computer table S. Leave and some mobsters appeared, shoot them and go N to the library and then to the right onto the bridge corridor E. Open the door with the Apartment Key. Shoot another mobster that will leave a small medipack and enter the room.


Go to the Tiger skin rug and pull it away to get the piece of paper with the Warehouse Code. Go to the TV, turn to the table and look up at that chandelier, there's a kind of handle in it. Do a stand jump or run jump diagonally over the table and use the hidden jump lever to open a door on a square (square near the Blacksmith).


Go through to the room E and stand near the bed looking N, shoot the gem out of the lion’s head on the ceiling (shotgun/pistols). Get some Shotgun ammo next to the bed and go back to the W room. The door you opened S is for later. Open the double doors N and jump into the opening N to a distillery. Get HK ammo from the crate on the left (SW) and open a trapdoor in the opposite corner (NE), climb down into a connecting room of the basements.


Basements, Fire Jumps, the Red Card.


Go in N and jump to the small balcony then to the corner ledge and grab the ceiling to monkey swing to the next. Jump SE and follow the rest of the ledges into an opening SE. Draw pistols and run jump to the slope, start shooting right away and jump over the slopes shooting a red box on the far wall. You need a bit of timing and luck, try to slide as far as possible on the last slope to give the trapdoor time to fully raise so you can land on it (Saves-savegame.8).

Push the button to open a door and get Flares from the crate on the left (S) and then shoot a grate at the other end (next to the balustrade) so you can jump and grab the monkey climb to get back, drop and grab the ladder and go right into the opening.

Run down left onto the lower balcony and from there jump NE and back over the ledges to where you can grab the monkey climb but instead turn left (S) and run jump over to grab that ledge near the opened door, get inside, shoot a dog and get the Red Card in the end. Go back onto the ledge next to the door and the jump back is rather tricky, stand on the left (NW) corner of the ledge face N and hop back, take one side step right and turn a bit left to the corner. Now you can do an outward jump, curving back right to just grab the corner of the ledge N (avoiding the low ceiling) (Saves-savegame.9). Use the monkey climb to get back to the opening SW, for the jump to the opening I did a swan dive (run jump with Shift), go back to the connecting room.


Flood the Basement, the Blue Card.


Go in straight (S), climb down and shoot a couple of rats, go to the left (S) and up a ladder to use a button flooding this part of the basement.

Swim N and follow through to a storage (there's air up there), open the round door on the right (S), inside use the underwater lever to open a door. Return to the flood button and drain the basement. Return to the room with the round door, get Flares from a crate left and go W to come to that door you opened. Go in and pull the crate W twice, climb over to get the Blue Card. Return to the first ladder and climb back up to the connecting room.


Use the Cards, Old Power Station, the Garage Key.


Go into the opening on the left (W), around to a small wooden door, open it and you'll find a rat and Shotgun ammo. Go to the right of the pick up to use a button opening a door and go back to the crossing. A bit further to the right is the open door.

If you go straight all the way (S) in the corner is a ladder to a Keyhole and around the corner is a small medipack. Back to the opened door, shoot the grate and get into the duct, grab the Flares and shoot another grate to get to a familiar place.

Pass the ladder and around the corner jump to the right (SW), turn around and jump (grab) to the opening left (W). This time go left, over a pit into a crawlspace and shoot the grate to get to basement storage where you can use the Cards on the door E.


Jump left to the ledge and hop with a grab over to an alcove N to get the Medipack, jump back and head left (E), into the alcove also left (N) for the button and then jump back to the entrance. Now jump to the right (SE) and into the opening S. Grab the Shotgun ammo on a crate left, then jump to the ledge with the lever SE. Throw it to open the door in the previous section and jump back (mind the low ceiling). Jump to the ledge (N) and turn right, jump passing the cables and into the alcove on the right for Grenades. Hop back and jump into the open door E and grab the Garage Key (The crawlspace in front should provide a shortcut back, but I never found out how to turn off the flames). Go back over the ledges into the opening W, back to the Storeroom and into the duct (N wall). Back over the pit and jump diagonally over the large pit, the first on the right (E) like before to get to the ladder in the connecting duct.


To the Garage.


Up the ladder there to get into the duct to the bedroom, crawl out from under the bed, go left to the library and straight (E) through the bridge corridor to the room with the Tiger rug. If you followed the walkthrough, the door on the right (SE) is open (because you shot the gem out of the lions head in the room E). Enter, in the next room shoot another mobster and head straight (S), down the stairs to another dining room. First go straight (N) into the kitchen and grab some Uzi ammo from the floor and return to the dining room.


The Bag of Sand.


On the cabinet to the right of the keyhole W is the Bag of Sand, that one was easy....


On the E wall is a Timed button, it will open a hatch in the ceiling of the house where you got the Wooden Gate key before, the door left of the button should be open if you used the Chandelier jump switch in the room with the Tiger rug. We'll go there in a bit.


The Garage, Oil Canister.


Go to the keyhole W, use the Garage Key there, open the wooden crowbar gate and go through to the Garage, shoot a rat and get the Oil Canister from the table SW. Shoot the barrel E and push the button to open the Garage door. Another shortcut created you might want to use later.


Timed Hatch Run-Timed Bridge Run, the Gate Key.


Go back inside and to the button on the E wall of the dining room. Push and turn left, sprint out to the square and into the blue door opposite, straight to the bookcase and jump up to grab up high, climb a bit and then back flip to the floor before the hatch closes (Saves-savegame.10). First go push the button SW opening the door to the bridge W, then look left of the desk W for a book switch opening a Timed door in the room at the other end of the Bridge. Sprint there, get into the door (Saves-savegame.11) to get the Gate Key and a Medipack in the other corner.


Use the Gate Key, the Distillery Key and Torches.


Out to the room and left to the room with the Tiger rug, out to the left (W) to the bridge corridor and in the library into the door straight (W), under the bed and down the ladder, into the NE duct to the corridor in the basements. Go to the right (S) and up the ladder in the corner there (look up).

Open the door with the Gate Key and first go straight up into the passage E, use the button to open the door ahead to the Distillery. Back up a bit and left into the passage to a code pad, check the note with the code and punch in 7153, the door opens and you can get the Distillery Key.

Shoot the mobster; pick up the Uzi ammo he leaves behind and go back left to that storeroom. There are Flares on the floor in case you want them and up on the crates SE are Torches. Shoot the grates, get up there and grab a Torch, turn to the room and hold the "look" key turn Lara's head up and hit the space bar to throw the Torch. If that didn't work, grab again and try once more. Best way to get down is to get to the S wall as close as and then lower yourself down. It is rather buggy I have to say.



Distilled Oil.


Grab the Torch and hop into the passage E, straight and down into the distillery. Drop the Torch near the opening on the right (S) and place the Oil Canister in the contraption W (face W), grab the Torch again and hop up into the opening, jump over to the balcony and in the Tiger rug room go right over the bridge to the library, left and right into the Trophy room, jump through the lasers after you saved and ignite the Torch in the Fireplace. Go back to the distillery. To jump into the opening to the distillery: stand left on the balcony, behind the door and side flip over the banister. Ignite that Oil Canister you placed. In the E side of the place you can now pick up a jar with Distilled Oil.


Take the Torch with you and jump back into the apartment, go straight ahead (S) all the way and down to the dining room. Out to the right (E) to the square and take a right to Kosse's Distillery and then right to the Blast Furnace (wooden door W).


Secret Hunters: You can now go for the Secret in the Bar, take the Torch with you, go S to the next square and left through the shortcut to the Square with the Lady Statue. Hop on the block NW, hop on the scaffold and jump into the window of the Bar. Ignite the candle on the cake (on the counter) and have a party in the Entertaining Room. Take Secret #4(9), the Uzis and Uzi ammo. Take the Torch again and go down to the square, back through the shortcut to the Blast Furnace.


Blast Furnace, a Fuel Jerry can.


Grab some Uzi ammo from the crate W (Secret Hunters: look NE and shoot the grate up there with the shotgun, aiming by looking up) and be careful with the dark grated surfaces as they are deadly. Go to the SE corner, jump up and down to shoot the grate there, jump in there and use the button to open a hatch at the ladder N. Jump back out and go up that ladder, almost to the top and back flip onto a walkway with Chains swinging.


Secret Hunters: Walk to the first chain, stand left and stand jump into the alcove where you shot the grate, pick up Secret #5(10), 2x Uzi ammo. Go back up to the walkway.


Get through the chains and jump left over the banister, then into the alcove E, turn around and run jump onto the platform in front. Combine the Jerry can and the Distilled Oil and place that in the Blast furnace. Jump into the alcove E and drop to the floor, go get the Fuel Jerry can.


Kosse's Distillery, the Element Puzzle, the Door Key. 


Go out and take the Torch with you, go left (E) to Kosse's Distillery.

Open the door, leave the Torch outside and go open the door at the end with the Distillery Key. Shoot a mobster and a barrel on the left for Revolver ammo. Now go back for the Torch and take it inside to the right (E) to a river of Wine... Save! Jump to the wine flow N and shoot a mobster, then jump SE to the next ledge and over to the wine flow E, to the right is a block in a passage, go there and leave the Torch there.

Then take the left side (N) and enter, but be careful, a barrel comes rolling towards you! There's some Uzi ammo on the floor left (W) and a closed door. Dive into the wine and swim to the last flow S, climb out and go in right, into the wine and swim through to the central room. Push the button there to lower that block.


Swim back to the E side and before entering, fill your waterskin with wine.

Go straight and to the right, take the Torch into the room with the Element Puzzle and drop it in a safe place. Save now and don't save again till the puzzle is done! Put the Wine in the left bowl, the Sand in the right hand one and the Fuel in the middle, grab the Torch and ignite the Fuel. The gate opens up after a while, go in and use the button to open a door (you can leave the Torch behind).

Go out and straight into the room where the barrel was and left into the door to use another button that will open the doors in the passage at the N side wine flow.


Go back and jump over the wine river into the room where the barrel was and find the door on the far left side. Use the button there and back to the wine flow and out and swim over to the N side wine flow and go left through the open doors and get the Door Key (what's in a name).


Secret Hunters: Look from the entrance (W) to the central structure, run jump over the railing to grab the right window, turn right and hop back so you are facing S. The alcove you want to get to is to the right of you, so run curving right at the last moment and jump with a grab into the alcove for Secret #6(11), 2x Flares. Get back to the entrance.


Make your way to the W side and go back out to the street and go to the square N, left into the dining room and straight W into the Garage, out through the door and to the right is a blue door, open it and use your Key inside, step outside to where the limo is waiting.



3 - Eldorado. (7 Secrets)


Sometimes enemies get stuck in passages.


Secret Hunters: Immediately at the start slide far and jump veering right to grab the corner of the ledge ahead, go around the cave to get Uzi ammo and a bit farther Secret #1(12), Flares and a Medipack. In front of you is where you came down.


Open Door at Gold River.


Just slide down till you hit water, grab the small medipack and swim through N, climb out and shoot an incoming Thug. There's Shotgun ammo near the fence, Uzi ammo at the next fence. Turn back and go in W and to the right is a river of gold (later), left is a passage, go in carefully and sprint back as soon as you see the boulder coming. Go in again and jump to the right grabbing a crack, go all the way around and into the opening.

Follow through over a pit and up a ladder, shoot a Thug and grab the Grenades he leaves behind. Take a right, shoot a bear in a cave and grab some Shotgun ammo N and Revolver ammo S. Use the lever on the wall to open a door at the river of gold.


Prepare a Shortcut.


Go out and straight (S), shoot the Thug across the next room and jump S to get Shotgun ammo, jump back to the same ledge, go to the NW corner and climb over the edge down a ladder and almost at the bottom back flip. Run jump to the central walkway and to the E we need 2 Golden Stones, so go W and use the lever to open the gate, we'll get to the other one later.


River of Gold.


Back to the ladder and up, back into the passage, take a right (E) and down the ladder and the shimmy pit. Stand left and run jump to the ledge, go in and jump over the boulder. You are at the river of Gold; to the right (E) is HK5 ammo. Now jump to the block in the river and across to the other side where the open door is.


Flood the Pit, killing a flame at the River of Gold.


Go in to the end and right around the corner to a room with a pit. There are one or two crows in here somewhere, shoot them as they appear. To the E is a crawlspace you cannot enter, it has a Golden Stone we'll get much later.


Secret Hunters: Jump to the sloped beam over the pit, up to the top, turn around and grab up to the passage above to get Secret #2(13),

Uzi- and HK5 ammo and a Medipack.


Climb down a ladder near the entrance into the pit and pull a grated block out of the corner to open the way to an underwater lever for later. Go back up the ladder, out W and take a right before the door and enter a large room.

Jump to the fence left (S) if you need Flares, jump back and safety drop down the W end of the ledge. Get through the swinging axe and get some Shotgun ammo SE, jump over to a ledge S to get Uzis.

Go to the NE corner and down a ladder there to the lower section of the room, in the pool are a small medipack and HK5 ammo, climb out W. Use the lever there to fill the pit with the push block.


Go back up the ladder, get over to the W side and jump to a ledge S for Revolver ammo. Now pull the block 3 times (N) to the golden door, move it once to the E and then push it back S to the wall, climb up and jump to grab the upper floor.

Go onto the ledge at the fence and do a banana jump around the pillar (Saves-savegame.12) to get to the other side of the room. Go out and left back to the pit to use the underwater lever where you pulled the block. That golden door opens in the room with the axes, so back there again and enter.


Side flip over the blade and in the next room a side flip left onto the sloped block, jump and grab the pillar and jump to the next sloped block to get to the pillar NE. Up S and quickly jump over to the alcove W where a Thug is shooting at you. After dealing with him, throw the lever killing a flame at the River of Gold. Grab the HK5 ammo the Thug dropped and get back down the room, drop from the NE gold block onto a slope to the exit. Over the blade and you know the route by now. Get back to the River, jump across and go follow the river W.


Follow the River, Open up the Shortcut Gate.


Jump the ledges along the left hand wall, the third is a slide jump series to a flat ledge in the middle.


Secret Hunters: Jump NE to the ledge and get Secret #3(14), 2x Shotgun ammo. Jump back.


Jump SW, then to the spike bag starting as it swing towards you and immediately a running jump to the next ledge (Saves-savegame.13). Then jump to the island in the middle and to the ledge on the right (W).

Climb down a ladder at the end of it. Jump the ledges to the E wall and into an alcove there; push the button opening a gate in the structure. Jump in there and head into the open gate, up the ladder on the left (E) is where you opened one of the shortcut gates before, open the second one too. Go back down the ladder and down into the pit W and jump across.


Step on the central gold tile with Uzis drawn and shoot all the creatures as three gates open up.


Go in N: Maze, Eldorado Idol 1.


Go down into next room, get Shotgun ammo, proceed into the maze and first go left where possible to get Uzi ammo, return and go straight E at the entrance keep going right where possible to stumble upon Flares, a small medipack, a creature that ran away and end up in a room with 2 boulders on a slope. Go up left or right, as soon as the first one is close, side flip to the other slope and side flip back when it is safe. Go up to the top and get the first Eldorado Idol. Go back through the maze (left where possible) to get back to the room with the block, climb up and leave to the room with the gold tile.


Go in S: Gold Lake, Eldorado Idol 2.


Jump the blocks and ledges around to the far side and grab HK5 ammo, Shotgun ammo. Go up to the ledge where the skeleton sits and grab the second Eldorado Idol. Hop back down to the orange ledge.


Secret Hunters: Jump to the ledges on the right (S), then jump or crawl to the triangular opening left (E) and get in for Secret #4(15), 3x Grenades and get back to the orange ledge.


Use the Idols, Flood the Place, First Golden Stone.


Make your way back to the room with the gold tile, go into the W gate and use the two Idols, go up the ladder and back flip to the passage, jump over the blade and go to the opposite side of the room to use the Flood lever.

Back flip over the balustrade and swim straight (E), then to the left out the gate and out of the temple, swim right to a ledge in the SE corner, hop up to wall (E) and take a running jump to the left of the roof of the temple, grab the First Golden Stone.


Long Detour, Second Golden Stone.


Hop into the water and up onto the wooden bridge, go in to the right (E) and left into the next room, find a golden pushblock and move it all the way back into the room with the swinging axe (in front of the bridge entrance). Climb up to reach the monkey climb and go to the other side. Shoot the bear and go use the lever to open a Gold door (at the other end of the bridge). Pull/push the block opposite the lever (S) under the monkey climb, and use it get back to the bridge. Go over the bridge and in and get some Uzi ammo, then into the door you opened and run past those swinging spike bags. Shoot a crow in the next large hall and jump to the right (E), then over to the alcove also on the right (E) where a Thug is waiting, take him out.


Open the Door, 4 Buttons.


Jump the ledges to the one in the middle, then to the right (N), then jump on a block left (NW) and back to the E to get the HK5 ammo from behind the plant. Jump back W and go into the opening W, up the ladder to the floor above (back flip). Jump into the opening to the right, push a button (#1) in the alcove to the right and go S (the button goes dark when activated).


Secret Hunters: Just run down onto a ledge below and turn around, jump to the ledge with Secret #5(16), Grenades and Revolver ammo. To get back; tricky jump, from the NE corner I hopped back after lining up as straight as possible and then jumped straight up once, run and jump holding the forward key. You should land on the ledge near the opening with the ladder. Go back up to where you left off at button #1.


Go back to the N and jump diagonally NW into the next opening NW, find button (#2) and proceed like this till you did all 4 of them. From the last one (S) turn back to the E and just run down from the opening onto a ledge below. From the ledge jump the ledges to the E wall into the alcove where the Thug was and enter the now open door there.


River Slide, Nasty Fish.


This looks more complicated than it is, just be sure to have enough health and just slide down, landing in a pool you'll have to be quick, as some nasty fish will pester you. Swim in E and follow through till you can climb up on a structure with 4 pillars, a bit left of where you enter a larger cave. Shoot the fish if you like (2 of them by now) and grab the Shotgun ammo.

Get to the ledge E (big gate), take a right and jump around to the SW, get the Medipack and keep on jumping the corner ledges to the last one so you can jump over N to the block in the river. Follow the blocks to the left (W) and get on the monkey climb, time the burner to get to a lever.

A door opens in the cave with the big gate. Swim back (to the S and then left and left again (N)) and climb out at the door.


Golden Cave, Open the Gates.


Run down to the right (NE) to the ledge below, shoot two crows and jump E to the yellow block, turn to the right and jump then twice N.


Secret Hunters: Jump NE into the hole there to get Secret #6(17), Uzi ammo and Flares. Stand in the NW corner facing S take one step forward and jump onto the golden slope, jump again to land back on the previous ledge.


Jump to the block with the button W and spikes will retract in the cave with the gate. Jump back the way you came and climb back out to the cave. Jump in the water and take a left and swim to ladder (NE). Climb up the ladder and back flip off, go to the roof W for some Shotgun ammo. Return to the ladder and jump around to the S side ledges, in the SW corner is another ladder, back flip to the upper ledge and do a tricky jump to grab the central structure (collision of the object, Saves-savegame.14). Use the lever to open the big gate below.


Secret Hunters: Go to the NW corner and spot a triangular gap in the rocks NW. Run jump and grab a crack left of that triangle (the wall W, hard to see without binoculars) and shimmy right to pull up and get Secret #7(18), Revolver ammo. Shimmy back till you are over water and drop.


Hop into the water and get to the gate E. Shoot a Thug and get to that ladder, stay close to the left wall and climb almost to the top, twice you have to back flip/roll grab to the other side. On top shoot a bear and get into the crawlspace NW to get the Second Golden Stone. Crawl back and go into a passage SW up a ladder and a side flip over a blade.


Use the Golden Stones.


Drop down into a familiar room; go out W to the Golden River. Now you have two options, follow the River W to that flooded cave with the bridge and swim into the Temple, through the open gates to get to the shortcut up the ladder left or jump across and go into the passage with the boulder S and straight, do the shimmy pit again and follow the passage up a ladder, left to the room with the swinging blades and down the ladder. Jump to the central walkway and go E to place the Stones.


Making your Escape with the Fire Dragon Talisman.


A nice staircase is leading down to a large cave with big Gold structures. Go onto the first bridge left and grab Uzi ammo, a crow appears. Go back over the bridge, stand in the SE corner next to that plant and run jump over to grab the ledge E, go get HK5 ammo. Go over that bridge and shoot a Thug in the distance, throw the lever on the Gold wall to lower spikes on a ledge far down NW. Back over the bridge and down the ladder left of it. Jump the blocks in a round about way to the N wall where the spikes went down under a ladder. Go up to where the Thug was and climb up on the left (N). Shoot another couple of Gold Creatures and proceed to where you can finally pick up the Fire Dragon Talisman and the level ends.



4 - London’s Building. (7 Secrets)


On the cabinet NE is a small medipack, go into the corridor, open the door with the button and outside quickly go up the ramp to a balcony, shoot the Thug and get Shotgun ammo. Go NW and on the corner grab the grated monkey climb, go over to the other side, step up left and turn around to grab up to the ledge above.


Go to the right (E) and use the switch to open a trapdoor behind you. Go back and jump left onto the block, turn around and jump to grab up to the ledge above, shoot the Thug and go get Uzi ammo E.


Secret Hunters: Turn S at the ammo pickup, stand a little bit behind the electric poles (screenshot 2.jpg) and stand jump with a left curve and grab in the end to get into the corner behind that black roof and get Secret #1(19), a Shotgun. Side flip onto the Blue roof and pull up to back flip to the balcony. Make your way back up to the ledge where you left off.

Shoot the panel up W, get in there and down onto the walkway at the end for Secret #2(20), a Medipack, Flares and MP5 ammo. Go back to the ledge with the trapdoor.


Open a door near the end of the Level and a Grate for now.


Go up through the open trapdoor and jump from the S side to the roof, go left and grab up to the walkway above, shoot a crow and notice the grate in front of the crawlspace E (later). Go to the W end and up the climb wall, climb to the left as far as possible hang from the roof and go left a bit, pull up to back flip/roll/grab to a scaffold. Take a run jump SW to the small roof and jump E onto the balcony with Revolver ammo.

Let Lara run against the W side fence and jump to get back to the roof, back to the scaffold. From there a run jump to get to the walkway NW, right of the roof with the ladder. To the W and around the corner is a switch opening a door we need much later, after getting the Aqueduct Key and it saves a lot of backtracking! But it also opened that grate on the walkway under the scaffold.


Secret Hunters: From the ledge at the switch, jump NW onto the bridge, stand at the left (S) wall and face W, be sure to have your health up and also take a medipack after each high drop. Safety drop and jump from the sloped roof to the next and grab that. Safety drop again onto a grated ledge below. Shoot the panel in the wall and enter, crawl to Secret #3(21), Shotgun- and Uzi ammo, and some Grenades. Climb up S and follow the crawlspace and shoot the rats before they do nasty things to Lara. Go through to where some army guy attacks, he had some karate training... Go E and open the door, you are back in the office. Make your way back to the walkway where the opened grate is in the E wall (monkey climb-up through trapdoor- to roof S and up to walkways).


The Waterworks.


Get into the crawlspace E and follow through, use a monkey climb to get to the other side of the room onto a small balcony and get some Flares there. Climb down the ladder, turn around and go into the passage in the water, use a lever N and roll, grab the Shotgun ammo S before going up through the hatch you opened. Grab the Grenades in the pool you reach and climb out S (notice the Timed burner ledges and a closed Timed door S) and hop down S into the next pool. Climb up left and grab the MP5 ammo, dive back in and save at the lever S.



Timed Run over the Burner Ledges.


Pull, roll and climb out N, hop onto the right hand side of the higher block to grab up N, roll and stand jump to the first ledge, two running jumps will get you into the Timed door S (Saves1, savegame.0). Go around the corner and time the burners (or just run a bit sideways against the grate and past the active burners).


The Factory, Lift 2 Button Covers.


Into the crawlspace to a large room, run around the room one time (get Uzi ammo SE) to trigger a Thug that will leave Revolver ammo for you and then push the grated block W all the way through. Go to the left and down a ladder to the walkway below.

Jump into the E section, stand on the red crate in the middle of the W side and look just above the wooden crate for one of those red intercoms, shoot it to lift the cover from a button (didn't see that happening). Go back through the wall to the walkway to some wooden crates at the S wall, on the crates is MP5 ammo.

Go to the far NW corner and grab the Shotgun ammo.


Secret Hunters: from the ammo pickup, go back and climb the nearby wooden crate, run jump and grab up to the container hanging in the crane N. Climb up to that steel beam and jump over the fence to the W side walkway. Move a wooden crate to the stack in the NW corner and climb up for Secret #4(22), MP5 ammo. Get down and jump over onto the steel beam E, get down to the walkway below.


Go to the SW corner, and down a ladder to a walkway below. The cover you lifted is in the central section, but we need to lift another cover, so go jump NW to the corner ledge with a Keyhole and a door.


Lift Cover Two, Lower Level.


Climb down the ladder in an opening in the floor N, grab Uzi ammo and head S to shoot that guy on the roof S from here. Climb down the ladder SE to a place between the buildings and climb down once more down a ladder on the right (N). Jump SE to the metal-sloped ledge in the deadly pool. Go over to the far right corner (SW) for Shotgun ammo.

Go back to the ladder ledge and jump NE to the ledge, do a banana jump E around the pillar to the ledge with the pipe. Jump over the pipe and use the lever to open a door somewhere. Take a banana jump back to the ladder (Saves1, savegame.1). Couldn't find anything else down here so get back and up the two ladders again to the roof level.


Roof Level.


Jump over the roofs to the SW corner and pick up some Revolver ammo. Go to the SE side and onto the block E. Hop to the right (S) for Shotgun ammo, jump back to the block and to the roof (or directly to the roof).

Now go over to the other corner (NE) go straight and find a button on a block on the left, this will open a Timed door S behind all the burners.

Time the moment you push the button, the first burner should be close to going down but you should have time to walk to the edge of the block first. Do stand jumps landing/stepping forward to safe corners just to be sure and get to the door (Saves1, savegame.2). Shoot a dog and find the door in the W wall you opened it with the switch in the Lower Section. Follow through and shoot a dog and a Thug in the next room.


On a bench on the far corner right (SE) is a Medipack, now hop over the crates N and push the strange block all the way, go around to the corner of the room, and push a button opening up another (small) door. Return to the room with the crates, pick up Uzi ammo and jump over the crates. Notice the switch on the pump (a burner below it). Go back through the passage on the right (W) and left in the next room.


Outside Loading Docks, kill the Burner.


Hop over the crate on the left (NW), push the crate left (W) all the way through and shoot a Thug, in the NW corner is the small door you opened.

Follow through to a yard outside, run to the other side and turn around to shoot the Thug up on the roof. A Crow also wants some...


On a crate SW is Shotgun ammo, and between the crates SE some more Shotgun ammo. On the S side of the crane is a switch opening up a door in the left (NW), go into the passage and right around the corner is a push crate, move it to the N wall next to the high stack, pull it once to the W. Go get a second crate from the SW corner and move it against the N wall between the ones there and now pull the top crate out of the corner. Get behind it and use the switch to kill the burner under the switch you saw before.


Secret Hunters: pull the crate you are standing on out of the corner and enter the room to get Secret #5(23), Shotgun- and MP5 ammo. Get out.


Open a Switch Cover.


Go outside and left/left into the passage back to the small door. Push the crate you used before once to the E and pull it once S to open all passages. A new passage N revealed!


Go down the stairs and shoot another karate kid, and in the room below you bump into a crate, pull it once and move it into the room E. There's Uzi ammo on the red container NE. Climb the crate and run jump/grab up to the balcony W. Take out the shotgun and shoot that grate in the SE, run jump with a curve to grab the crawlspace and get in. Crawl to the laser and a burner starts up, crawl a bit more and see a cover lift from a switch. Go back out, drop down and go back up the stairs.


Switch on the Pump.


Go left through the "crate passage" where the crate was before and hop right over the crates into the door W, follow through to the pump (E) and use the switch. Go into the door, shoot a rat and up the loooong ladder you go. Left into the passage and crawl under the drill bits to get to the switch, the fire in the crawlspace with the laser is gone.


Laser Crawlspace, Storage Room.


Go back, down ladder, out W, over the crates NW through the crate passage and right down the stairs and onto the crate, run jump and grab back to the balcony so you can get back into the crawlspace. Through to a grate, shoot and drop down into a storage room. Shoot 2 Thugs and a dog. A Medipack was dropped, behind the crates NW is Shotgun ammo. On the E wall are 3 Fuse receptacles.

Hop up on the crates SW and grab up to the walkway and push the button on the far N wall to open the door in the passage at the loooong ladder. So backtracking again...W through crawlspace, out and upstairs, through crate passage, through door W to Pump room.


Drill Pit; to the street again looking for the Fuses.


Into the passage to the ladder and right into the small door, jump and grab the grated ceiling over the pit and go past a drill to the ledge where you can shoot a grate to get into a crawlspace (where's the crawlspace roll when you need it?). Stop just before the corner and wait for a rat to come for you, shoot it and proceed.

Go out to another street view. Climb up E, shoot a crow and use the monkey climb to go W. Step up left and climb up W.


Secret Hunters: Go to the S side, behind the higher block (SW), there's a crack in the wall and just below it; around the corner you can spot a grate you have to shoot. Best with Uzis, stand on the SE tip of the ledge, then face N and turn slightly left. Fill up the health and side flip left while shooting and passing the grate (screenshot-3.jpg). Go back up to the same ledge, shimmy to the left and drop/grab into the crawlspace for Secret #6(24), Grenades. Drop out and go back up to where you left off.


Climb up W all the way to the top ledge, look SW and shoot the panel there. Run jump into that opening to get the First Fuse.

Jump back to the ledge and just next to /under the ledge you're on is another red intercom. Aim with the Shotgun and shoot it to stop the flames in a crawlspace.

Walk E, look down SE and spot it, shoot the grate after aiming with the shotgun. Jump onto the roof SE and grab the edge of the roof, shimmy to the crawlspace and get in for the Second Fuse. Shimmy back left along the roof and from the end a back flip/roll and veer right to that blue roof. Go back up to the top ledge.


On the top ledge is a ladder E (on the left), get up there and through the crawlspace ahead, turn around and grab up again. Here comes a hard jump, stand on the grey ledge SW and look down AW, you can spot a crack leading to a wider opening. That's where you have to jump into (did it first try of course and never again! (Saves1, savegame.3). Throw the switch to open a door, turn E and run-jump out to the roof, shimmy left and do the back flip/roll right again to the blue roof. Make your way back up to the ladder E, through the crawlspace and up to the top.


Run jump and grab the ledge W, go to the end and left around the corner is the open door, inside is a button to open yet another door, this time across the street (nice without camera's). Go over that bridge and carefully make your way down to a walkway where the open door is (N). You can also see a balcony on the side of the building E, jump and grab over there to get the Third Fuse. Go back and a thug might be waiting for you. Go into the open door N, grab some Flares and climb down into the room. A small medipack on one crate, Shotgun ammo on the other and a switch opening the door on ground floor (other side of the street, the one you came in through before).


Backtrack to the Fuse Boxes.


I went to the SW corner of the walkway and jumped around to that ledge W. From there just jump across the street and get down to the ground floor there into the door SW, up a ladder, though the crawlspace, over the drill pit by monkey climbing, drop and grab the edge of the pit and go out the small door to the looong ladder passage. Take a left and straight and in the room after that over the crates NW, down the stairs on the right. We need to get back into the laser crawlspace again.


The Second Switch Cover, the Aqueduct Key.


From the crate jump to the balcony and then a run-jump to the crawlspace. Follow through to the storage room and insert the three Fuses on the E wall. Go into the open door and throw the switch to open the corner door at the roof level of the Factory. So, back you go again, crawlspace- stairs- crate passage- over the crate and out NE through the timed door to the burners.


Jump left to the block NW, to the roof and over to the corner roof where you pick up the Revolver ammo again and enter the door. Climb down a ladder to the room below the roofs. Behind the crates NW is MP5 ammo, in the room NE is a switch finally opening the second cover. On the windowsill S are Grenades, climb up the ladder back to the roofs.

Go to the NW corner and up the ladder behind the pillar, jump straight ahead (S) to the walkway and go to the central structure to operate both switches killing a flame under a Key.


Jump into the E section and hop to the grated tile with the Aqueduct Key.


Use the Aqueduct Key, stop the Burner under the Zip-Line.


Jump back into the structure and another jump to the right (N) where find a door, open it with the Key. Open the next door and inside, just left behind the small door is an important button (nasty spot). When you push it the burner under a zip-line will stop. Now grab some Revolver ammo and go to the door you opened at the start of this level (this paragraph "Open a door near the end"). Jump out right to the blue roof and safety drop from that to the ground. Make your way back up the ledges to the top W side. (Monkey climb, up the ledges to a walkway, to the roof S and up to the painters scaffold using the ladder W). Jump NW onto the ledge, go W and if you didn't yet, shoot the grates across the street. Go up the ladder around the corner (S) to a zip-line where the flames are now gone.


The Heating Ducts.


Go over and into the grate you (hopefully) shot, grab some Flares and turn around and hop to the small roof on the right for Uzi ammo and a Medipack. Getting back inside can be tricky (Saves1, savegame.4). Crawl through and shimmy around pits, and grab a small medipack on the way.


The Offices, the Warehouse Card.


Shoot the grate and enter an office, a button behind the plant next to the fish tank will open the door E, shoot the Thug and enter. Through the corridor with 2 doors to another office with a small medipack in the far left corner (SE), pull out a crate NE but don't go in yet.


Secret Hunters: Move the crate all the way to the SW corner to put it on a trigger tile. Go into the corridor where you came through (W) and left through the small door you opened, get Secret #7(25), Uzis plus 2x Uzi ammo.


Go into the opening where the crate was (NE) very careful, because if the Officer spots you, a sentry gun will activate. You have to go behind the desk to the plant in the corner, best is crawling and then slowly get up and push the button there without raising the alarm. Go back out carefully (Saves1, savegame.5) and to the corridor W and into the door on the right, shoot the officer and get the Grenades he drops. At the end shoot the grate and climb into a crawlspace, jump into the fish tank and use the underwater lever to open another door in the previous office. Go back and to the left (E), through into the passage straight ahead, shoot a dog and open the door to the street. Stand jump over S to the walkway and run forward to the fence before that machine gets you. Pick up the Warehouse Card from the workbench.


Backtracking again.. the Warehouse.


Now jump down on a walkway NE (Service Door and Keyhole, yes we will be back again). Don't use the zip-line yet, but safety drop from the W side to a roof with a pipe below. Go down the ledges/walkways to the lower level, grab some Shotgun ammo behind the ledge N, throw the switch on the left there and hop back over to use another switch at the corner near the ramp (so shortcut back here later, shoot the crow first. and go back up the ramp and first walkway to the NE corner, climb up the opening above and go push a button where a cover lifted. A small door opens at the waterworks yard, inside the door you have to open with the Warehouse Card.


Climb up S, turn around and grab up to the roof with the pipe, turn W and shoot that Thug. Run jump and grab that painters scaffold and jump over to the roof NW, jump E and grab the walkway with the Zip-Line. Use the Line to get across the street, drop on the walkway (not too far). Use the roof S again to get up to the walkway above and head into the crawlspace E. Drop out onto the Waterworks yard, go open the door NE with the Card. Go through (not much of a Warehouse) and the next small door was opened with the button at the other side of the street. Pick up the Uzi ammo and enter to get the Service Door Key. Yes this one has to go all the way back to that small walkway at the last Zip-Line.


Back again to the Service Door.


Out to the waterworks, up the ladder in the SE corner immediately on the left, monkey climb across and through the crawlspace to the walkway. Down to the ground floor, over the raised platforms to the N side and up all the way to the walkway with the Zip-Line as before, open the door with the Key. Step in to end this level....


5 - The Labs. (1 Secrets)


-Sometimes enemies get stuck.


Crawl through, jump to grab the grating (stand left or on the right side) and go down, back flip over and shoot the dog, and shoot the grates to get to a room. Pick up a small medipack left, throw the switch and go through to the lab. Shoot the Thug, go into the door on the left (N) and right around the glass wall to the next office, find a button on the N wall to open some gates S, 2 androids will come for you, shoot them like horsemen; hopping back firing pistols. Just run into the S section through the gates so you have more room to move.


S section, Upstairs, open the Trapdoor, the Blue Fuse.

Opposite the entrance gates is some Shotgun ammo, on the left (E) is MP5 ammo and NE is Revolver ammo on the floor and MP5 ammo on a crate. On the S wall in the NE section is a button on a green panel, use it to open a cover upstairs (later). Go back to the entrance and pull a grated block out of the corner next to the vending machine and under the hole in the ceiling near by.

Go up and shoot another android (only if he bothers you). Head onto the walkway N and right around the fence to the E wall for Grenades and the Uzis.  A thug attacks, shoot him. Go to a pole in the NE corner and go up, back flip to the grey floor. Shoot a Thug and grab a Medipack from the glass floor. In the alcove straight ahead (W) is a switch to open the trapdoor of the SW office section.

Go down and to the left far away (SW) corner of the glass floor, down into the office and grab Uzi ammo. Then use the switch NW to open a gate to the Blue Fuse. Grab back up to the glass floor and to the right and head SE, climb up E next to those yellow canisters and get the Blue Fuse.


The Warehouse Puzzle, Timed Run for the Yellow Fuse.


Get out, hop over the fence to the glass floor and use the button NW (cover opened with button NE on ground floor) to open a door in the N wall and another android shows up.

Through the door, go to the right to a small office (shoot a dog) and throw the switch on the left wall.

Go back to the corridor and find the opened door on the right (N) near the entrance.

There are two ladders here to get down take the one on the right (E) side, grab Flares there and shoot the 2 Thugs. In the NE corner you can find some Shotgun ammo.

SW is a wooden crate, pull/push it to the N towards the crane there and then around the corner just under a switch high up on the W wall. Another crate is near where you found the Flares (SE), move it there too and then one standing E of the central crates. You have to get a line of three crates from the switch to the wooden crate on the second tier. Move that one under the switch so you can use it... Wait up, it is Timed and kills the flames on the high N pillar where the Fuse is.

What I did was hop back twice, turn left and run down, sprint to the red blocked crate S and hop on to jump to the ladder, go up and if you think you did this part fast, save when Lara is pulling up. Turn left and run with a left curve, jump and grab the swing pole. Release Ctrl to get to the next and so on to get to the Yellow Fuse (Saves1, savegame.6), grab it and side flip left to land on the high corner crate.


Use the Fuses, Up the Elevator Shaft.


Go back up a ladder and out to the lab, down to the ground floor and the E wall. There's a pipe going into the wall, shoot the panels right of the pipe (I shot those before) and go in, place the Fuses. Gates open up, but the elevator seems broken, make your way up using the slanted sides and on the W beam, pull up N and back flip to a ledge, shoot the fire extinguisher S and jump to the NE, a trapdoor opened there. First go down a lower part N and get Revolver ammo as a hint.


Secret Hunters: Stand on the red striped edge line of the floor, turn slightly left (face SE) and back flip onto the sloped floor behind as close as to the wall if possible, immediately jump and grab the grated ceiling to go to that grey block S, get on to get Secret #1(26), the Revolver. Drop down.


Up the ladder E to a control room.


Control Room, the Earth Dragon Talisman.


Shoot the two androids (only if you have to) and get a small medipack NW, MP5 ammo SW, Uzi ammo NE and hop onto the block in the middle of the room, grab the Earth Dragon Talisman. Back flip off as the block explodes, go to the open trapdoor.


Amanda, the Platform Card.


Do safety drops down to a Factory hall where Amanda is waiting for you, 18 rounds of the newly gained Revolver did her in. Grab the Platform Card, go around the walkway to gather a Medipack and 2x Uzi ammo, then climb down a ladder NE. Behind the crate S is Shotgun ammo, the W side walkway has MP5 ammo. Go down a ladder W and get to the heli deck. Use the Card S and the heli goes down, just safety drop down and leave...



6 - Cleopatra’s Necropolis. (3 Secrets)


Getting Familiar, gathering supplies.


Hop over the water to the N and to the right is a small medipack, near the sand dune N is Revolver ammo, S is Shotgun ammo and E MP5 ammo. In the NE corner you will finally find the MP5, a Black Panther attacks.


Open a Door, the Toy Key.


Go into the near by opening E, shoot a Demi God and get Flares between those two statues (S). Head into the passage left of it to a room with pool, on the right is Shotgun ammo, in the pool Grenades, then use the underwater lever in the pool (E) and the gate with the panther opens up, shoot it or wait till it runs off and go get the Toy Key from inside the open gate. Get out and find a jump lever hidden in the plant NW. A door opens back up in the area where the Demi God was.


The Blue Crystal/The Red Crystal.


Go back and into the door straight ahead (N), and jump the ledges to the alcove left (E) to get the Blue Crystal there. Best go back through the same passage so the Big Scorpion will be stuck in it and you can just shoot it. Go out to the main area, left and use the Crystal on the building, go in for the Red Crystal after shooting the panther. On your way out another Big Scorpion roams around.


Push Puzzle, Open a Gate.


The Red Crystal goes to the gates NW, grab the Shotgun ammo in the middle of the connection hall.

Go in to the left (NW) and move the block into the opposite corner, go in NE and do the same after collecting MP5 ammo. A door opens up W in the connecting hall (you can see it in the left side of the screen), go in and shoot the Demi God to get some Uzi ammo and use a lever W opening up a Gold Gate in the Main area (we’ll go there later).


First go into the passage E and then to the right (S) to a balcony shown in the first flyby to get that Medipack. Go back and N to a room with pool.

Secret Hunters: Look in water and spot the lever on the back of the block to open a Timed door to a Secret for later.

Climb the vegetation on the wall left of the W side balconies and get on the balcony, jump to the other side and jump to grab a jump lever on the right on the S wall, opening up the gates S in the Main area. Don't shoot the croc, but wait till the Big Scorpion does that for you, then finish him off.


Swimming for the Mechanical Scarab.


Go back to the Main area (take a right and then a left), through the open gates SE and hop over the water hole to get Shotgun ammo. Dive in, follow through and you'll have to dodge that croc as I couldn't really find a way to kill it (It didn’t follow me to a place where I could get a clean shot). In the wider room go into the high tunnel right, left into the smaller and go on till you can go into a tunnel right, this one leads into a room with the Mechanical Scarab on a pedestal. Go back keeping left and get out to the Main area (Saves1, savegame.7).


Into the Gold Gate, use the Scarab.


Go left and into the Gold gate you opened before (S wall), use the lever there and get out, left around the corner into the first passage. Just around the corner is the place where you need to disable the Spike trap with the Scarab.


Secret Hunters: Now is the time to go for your first Secret, see that door S? That's the one to get to from the underwater lever in the pool where you met the croc after the Push Puzzle. Do the Timed run and use the passage S to the balcony where you found the Medipack to your advantage, light a flare just before you start the run and while you jump down to the ground floor, throw it just before you land (just to the right of the sand dune) This way you will be able to run immediately. Inside the Timed door you'll find Secret #1(27), Shotgun ammo, Flares, a Medipack and MP5 ammo. Get out to the passage. (video-2.wmv).


Just behind the higher tile is a marked tile, combine both parts of the Scarab and release it. Pick it up where you are over the trap and proceed through this passage to a room with 2 coffins, E holds a Shotgun, W opens from the back and holds MP5 ammo. Shoot a flying insect and go N to a room with a Beetle Pyramid.


4 Black Beetles.


As all doors are closed, the only way is through the corridor straight ahead (N), use the Scarab on the spikes, take it with you and in the next hall are two Demi Gods, take out both and collect the Hathor Effigy and the Ornate Handle they leave behind, there's also Shotgun ammo NE and Uzi ammo SW. Combine both pieces and place the Portal Guardian on the empty stand S, a block goes up on the left (NW). In the pit next to the stand is the Black Beetle # 1.


Obelisk, Second Black Beetle.


Climb the block, grab up to the ledges above and jump over, take a right and jump into the passage W. Shoot another Demi God, on the upper level jump to the NE for Shotgun ammo and SW Grenades. From the central platform you have to jump to two jump levers, N and S, they will open the gate N on the upper level. Be sure to have enough health before a jump. Go up again and through the gate where you have to use the Scarab again.


In the room with the big obelisk and left of the gate straight ahead (N) are Grenades. Go the W wall and on the right of the gate is a climb wall, go up and jump to the arch. Jump over to the left (N) side to get the Black Beetle # 2 and to the opposite side (S) for a lever opening up a gate below (N).


Secret Hunters: Jump over the arches to the right (E) side of the arch, stand on the lowest part facing E and just run down, hold Ctrl to grab a crawlspace. Go right around the corner and get in for Secret #2(28), Shotgun ammo. Drop down.


Push Puzzle, Third Black Beetle.


Go through the open gate N and find a Puzzle room, straight ahead (N) are Shotgun- and MP5 ammo and W is a Puzzle piece. Kill the Black Panthers and move the piece onto each of the 3 tiles like the one underneath the piece. A block goes up allowing you to reach the jump lever, the gate NE opens up and a horseman will come for you. Go in after you're done with him and get the Black Beetle # 3 on the left, use the lever straight ahead to open a gate W in the puzzle room.


A Torch, Fourth Black Beetle.


Go in and get a Torch, you will also have seen a gate open up in the Obelisk room. So go back there with the Torch and drop it safe in the Obelisk room. Go through the gate on the left (E), shoot a horseman and throw a lever in the corner releasing 3 Black Panthers, the room they came from has the Black Beetle # 4.


Cleopatra's Gem.


Go out, grab the Torch and go into the passage left (N) from the room with the lever and ignite it. Go back out through the passage with the disabled spikes (S), jump to the right (W) and down the stairs, Better make a save and take a running jump left out to the ledges. Jump over and left onto that block and to the ground floor. Take the passage with the disabled spikes (S) and drop the Torch so you can pick it up again.

Place the 4 Beetles in the pyramid and grab Cleopatra's Gem.


Dark Caves, Blue Caves.


The door E opens up, first shoot the horseman. Get the Revolver ammo from the room and then get your Torch and ignite the wall torch to open the gate. You don't need the Torch anymore, but I took it anyway for some extra light. Walk in with the Torch and throw it into the larger cave after the passage. Wait up and shoot the incoming Big Scorpion. Grab the Torch and look to the right (W) for a passage, go around some corners and drop the Torch to use the jump lever E. Go out and keep along the right hand wall to find some Flares and an opened gate NE. Follow through and in the next cave, right around the corner is Uzi ammo, W are Flares. Go into the passage N throwing Flares in front of you so you can spot the incoming Big Scorpion. Go through to a bluish cave, into the crawlspace (leave the Torch if you still have it) and along the right hand side (left side you'll get stuck). In the cave with the pools a croc will welcome you, shoot it anyway.


Get into the water and swim in the NE are Flares, then swim into the tunnel W, and use Cleopatra's Gem to open the gate.

Shoot a bunch of blue creatures and pick up 2 Red Crystals, there's Shotgun ammo at the S wall, NW a Medipack and place the 2 Crystals on the N wall. Gates open up W, shoot three more blue creatures and enter a Huge Cave.


The Huge Cave, the Water Dragon Talisman.


The water is deadly for now and in the middle of the place is the Water Dragon Talisman.

Go right to the rocks there and a running jump from that triangle sticking out in the water you can jump to the island.

On a near by pillar is a jump lever, a beetle might come for you. This lever will stop the flame on the same pillar, clearly well have to create a safe path to the Talisman. Jump to the W side of the cave; go left and at the end over to a block to a terrace where another blue creature awaits. Throw the lever on the wall to turn the water in the pool safe.


Get into the water below, now we go look for 6 underwater levers, start in front of the terrace you came from (not necessary, but this is how I describe the route).

Facing the central island the #1 lever is left, the #2 W of that, turn right and find the #3 facing you, go on to the N and find the #4 on the back of the last pillar. Don't forget to breathe! Turn left and find #5 E, facing you. Swim E and find #6 on the S side of the corner pillar there.


Secret Hunters: Swim into the SW corner, through the narrow gap at the bottom to get Secret #3(29), Shotgun ammo, Revolver ammo, Flares and Uzi ammo. Get out.


Now get out of the water and back up the terrace (S). Jump over the now safe pillars around the place (killing two more flying beetles) to get to the Water Dragon Talisman and the Egypt quest is over...


7 - Xiaolin Monastery. (6 Secrets)


Crawl through the narrow gap and go left to the room with the stands. Shoot the monk with the spear and get Shotgun ammo SE, the distillery room

W has MP5 ammo on the block. Make a note of the symbols over that gate NW, this will be opened when we reach the 5 levers.

Head out to the yard left (S) and go get the Revolver SE, then go W into the next yard and 2 Thugs open fire, they will drop a small medipack and

Uzi ammo. Climb up on the left (S) and pick up Shotgun ammo and Grenades. When you get down in the short passage left (SW) is a button,

it will open a gate in the first room, so get back there and into the gate S, grab Revolver ammo from the block and shoot a monk.


The First Xiaolin Mirror.


In the end of the passage S are Flares, then get up the ladder there to the first floor. There's a MP5 at the window W, push the button on the

block N to open a door on the yard with the Thugs, for later. Go into the corridor S, notice the door left and go into the passage left in the corner,

shoot a dog and his master. Around the corner from this passage is some Uzi ammo.

Enter the room and go left and spot a big bell up S, face it and back flip onto the slanted wall behind you, jump and shoot with pistols or Uzis to

hit the bell. Go back to the corridor and left to where a gate opened, according to the sign there should be a Xiaolin mirror around here.


Fill the Pool.


Jump out left and climb down the ladder to a poolroom, get MP5 ammo SE behind the ladder pillar, go into either of the entrances (W) and shoot a Thug. Climb down another ladder into a room with a drained pool. Go up the ladder at the N wall, pull a block to a marked tile (opposite corner and

it shows the door in the corridor) and do the same on the S side of the pool.

Go down the ladder, pick up Shotgun ammo on your way to the ladder E and climb up, go straight to the next ladder and climb this as well.

Jump into the opening to the corridor E and go to the opened door. A button on the left in an alcove will flood the second pool (where the push

blocks are), so get back there and dive in with nice swan dive from above.


Pull the underwater lever E to open an underwater gate W where another lever will open the gates at the small pool, so go back up the ladder E.


Secret Hunters: when in the right hand opening E, grab up to a crack in the left hand wall and shimmy left around to Secret #1(30), a small medipack. Go back to the opening with a jump into the pool and up the ladder again.


Go up the second ladder on the pillar SE at the small pool, jump W into the open gate and shoot the shouting monks. Pry the First Xiaolin Mirror

off the wall. Jump back over to the E to the corridor and left down the ladder (N).


Back out N to the first room and left/left out to the yard, right through the opening and high up on the wall on the right (N) is another Xiaolin mirror sign, below and in the N wall is the open door. In the lower left part of the floor (W) is a Medipack. NE is a block, move it onto the tile in the

opposite corner to stop a flame under a button upstairs. Grab up to the floor above, shoot the shouting monk and push the button in the far corner

to open a gate in the yard outside.


The Second Xiaolin Mirror.


Go down and out, up to the balcony S and grab a crack in the W wall and shimmy to where the gate opened (or jump and grab directly to that

opening). Push the button and a window opens in a room above the one you just left.

Go back onto the balcony, climb up the wall E and jump over those statues, up the block to the roof and into the window. Shoot a dog, grab a

Medipack in the corner and Grenades W. On the N wall is a Xiaolin Mirror, pry it off the wall with the crowbar. Get out and drop to the ground

fast so you can shoot the bloke that's spraying bullets all over the place.


Use the Mirrors, Shortcut.


Get back to the first room to the gate E place the two mirrors on the stands (face inwards) to open the gate.

Inside go out to the right (S) and shoot a Thug to silence him. Back inside up a ladder and get Grenades from the window SE, then MP5 ammo

from the floor W. Face S and run jump to grab that corner ledge. Jump to the right (E) and get Shotgun ammo, turn around and run over the corner

S into the open window. Run jump with a curve around the fence down to a snowy ledge S (losing health). Jump to the wall E, go left and collect Grenades. Go to the other end of the wall and look for a hard to spot lever on the wall on the right (W). Drop down in the yard and the Shortcut

gate is now open. Go through to the big square in the E.


Pagoda Square.


In front of you is the locked Pagoda, go to the right (S), get Flares and shoot a Thug in that passage with the blade, side flip in there

(might cost a Medipack) and go up the ladder.


Secret Hunters: Turn around and hop back grabbing the edge, shimmy right around the corner and climb in while holding "crouch" key to get

into the gap and get Secret #2(31), Shotgun ammo. Shimmy back to where you left off.


Grab and follow the monkey climb and drop on the roof. Take a right over the rooftop and climb up.


Secret Hunters: Make your way over to the right (W) side, jump a slope and get Secret #3(32), Revolver ammo. Get back to where you left off.


The Pagoda Key.


From the higher E side, run jump to grab the roof E, shimmy all the way to the left and pull up as soon as you can. Get the Shotgun ammo

and turn back (S).

Look up left over the roof you shimmied along and spot an opening. That's where you have to jump into. Stand just a bit more than one hop back at

the edge of the ledge (screenshot-4.jpg) and run with a left curve at the end to jump in there (Saves1, savegame.8). Immediately run around the

corner to be safe and shoot that monk. Grab the Pagoda Key from the floor. We'll get to that later as there are more openings in this wall we

better visit first.


Alien Chambers.


Hop out backwards and shimmy back left to the ledge, (grab the Shotgun ammo if you didn't before) and climb up the block (N).


Secret Hunters: look left to spot a crack, shoot the crate in that crevice and a gate opens up at the end of this passage on the left, go in for

Secret #4(33), MP5-, Shotgun- and Uzi ammo.


Follow the other passage into a room an alien creature attacks. Climb through the crawlspace on the right of the entrance (SW) into the next

section and get Revolver ammo SW. Move two crates from the N side to the stack SE so you can pull the top crate out of the corner. Now pull the

two crates (S wall) out of that corner to get to the button that will open the trapdoor. Go down and shoot the Aliens, they are quite mean

so watch out! There's Uzi ammo E, pull/push that crate W under the trapdoor for later and go N to another room. On the right wall (E) is a button opening up a

gate above and on the other side is a small medipack. Go back through the trapdoor and crawlspace through the gate you opened E, shoot the two aliens.


Torch Square, Get a Torch.


In the pool is a Medipack, climb out S from the pickup and you'll end up on the first of the platforms leading up into this big square. You cannot

jump onto this first platform unless you start from the elevated ledge E of the pool. Jump the platforms (you cannot grab the edges of them) and

when you are under the one with the Torches, run jump with a curve around that one to the platform NE. Then turn around and jump up onto the

one with the Torch. Get one (or more) and throw it down in a spot where you can find it again. Drop down into the pool and get the Torch,

ignite it E.


Light My Fire, the Alien Chamber Key.


Now ignite a bowl NW get onto the platforms and look around for X more bowls, first is S, approach from a higher platform and be careful lighting

it. Stand jump down to the platform NW, go up and to a bowl up W, including the nasty jump around the Torch platform (Saves1, savegame.9).

Jump to the bowl and ignite from the corner. Drop the Torch, stand jump back and jump over to the cage E, use Ctrl to slide under and grab the

Alien Chamber Key.


Alien Chamber, Element #1, Alien Mixture.


Go out W and open the door on the right (N) in the first Alien room, get the Alien Mixture and get out, leave through the door on the right (W)

and get back to the ledge at Pagoda Square. Jump down SW to the roof or shimmy there and drop.


Element #2, the Spicy Sauce.


From the NE corner of the roof face the wall (E) then jump up to the opening just above the one you could just walk in. Around the corner in the

window is Uzi ammo (took that already) jump down and take a running jump over the blades. Monks attack in the next large room. In the NW

corner is Revolver ammo, SW are Flares.


Burning Platform Run.


Climb the block NE, at the corner of it and wait for the burner to go down. Stand jump up to the red block and get onto the balcony, side flip

over the blade and stand with your back against the balustrade run to the wall curving left and jump to grab the next (small) balcony. First read

head before you jump any further!


Intended Way: From there take a diagonal run jump directly to the safe spot at the lever W. The TIMED lever will stop the burners on the SE solid

pillar, you'll have to get back to the small balcony N, jump to the first burner platform and time burners going over all platforms to get to the

solid pillar SE, from there a jump to the ledge with the pedestal S. But as I couldn't make it... there's a shortcut.


Shortcut: From the small balcony jump to the corner of the first burner platform, get to the other corner to stand jump to the next and so on.

When on the last platform S, do a diagonal run jump straight to the alcove with the pedestal (Saves1, savegame.10). Grab the Spicy Sauce and

drop down. Get out (S) and run jump over the blades, get outside and drop down to the roof.


The Pagoda, Open the Doors.


Drop down to the square. NE is Shotgun ammo, on the wooden balcony of the Pagoda is a small medipack, go to the front of the Pagoda and

open the door. Shoot the monk and collect MP5 ammo on the left, throw the lever on the block on the right to open big doors on the square.


The Buddha Temple.


Go outside and to the right (N) through those open doors, run out with 2 monks chasing you and shoot them. Back inside and to the right (SE)

is MP5 ammo, climb up on the base of the statue and get the Shotgun, NE and NW are two buttons, they will open two gates (E&W) in this room. Under the NW button is also some Uzi ammo.


Gate E: 5 Levers, kill the Burners, the Clue.


Shoot a Thug in the room with 5 levers, grab the Uzi ammo he dropped and go straight to the next area, on the pedestal N are the Binoculars.

Grab MP5 ammo against the wall (E) and push a button on the S wall to open a gate.

Go back to the 5 lever room and through the open gate S, follow to a room where two dogs attack and use the button on the wall straight ahead

(E) to stop the burners under the levers. Then stand near the S side table and look up N with the binoculars and through a narrow gap in the N wall

you can see the clue to the lever puzzle.


Look up S from the N side of the room to spot another crack with a clue, this one for the Secret.

Secret Hunters: Use the (from left to right) #2, #3, #4 levers and go to the first room at the start. So go to the outside and into the gate on the

right (W), again take a right and then a left (W) and then straight ahead. That gate with the symbols is now open, inside get Secret #5(34), 2x Grenades and 2x Shotgun ammo. Go back to the room with the 5 levers.


Go back to the lever room and get the following result after using the levers: (from left to right) down, down, up, up, down.


Element #3, Stuffed Meatballs?


Go out W and take the first opening to the left, turn around and climb the ladder and jump straight ahead to a balcony in the Buddha room,

grab the MP5 ammo, go S out to a balcony and grab a small medipack left. Carefully make your way over the balcony to the other side (W)

through the icicle traps and go back inside, grab up N, jump the balconies to the Hand of Buddha and climb up to the block with the fire bowl.

Jump to the right (E) to the Head, shoot the crate and get Stuffed Meatballs. Go down at the other side of the Head.


Secret Hunters: Jump E and get Secret #6(35), Uzis from the other Hand (could be the secret count doesn't work for this secret).

Get back to the Head.


Just drop from the arm to the sloped surface below and slide down to the ground floor.


Pool Cage Puzzle, Element #4, Asparagus.


One of the buttons next to the Buddha also opened a gate NW, go in there, shoot a monk and go up the ladder NW and up passing a flagpole,

till you are between the brown bands. Back flip into a cage, use the lever on the wall and jump onto the platform and take a running jump to the

next cage, this one is filled with water. Use the underwater lever straight ahead and climb onto the platform. Now take a running jump back to the

first cage and jump up the platform again. Walk to the end (check your health) and now just hop and missing the next cage, but landing with Ctrl

onto a lower cage, throw the lever there too.


Check the health and jump over the side to the floor. Get back to the ladder and all the way up to the top. Turn around and jump into the cage with water and use another underwater lever. Climb onto the platform and jump back to the top of the ladder. Now run jump with a curve into the open

gate. Go in and grab the Asparagus, and Grenades from the corner. I jumped out into the cage with water and from there to the ladder, be careful

as drop/grabbing down the ladder might not work!


Go out to the Buddha room and out to the Pagoda. Make your way back up to the roof through the passage with the blade (S), up the ladder and

the monkey swing.


The Elements Room.


Go in the lower opening E, shoot a monk and go to the Elements room. In the window behind the bowls are a Medipack and MP5 ammo at

the other end.

Place the 4 Elements in the bowls and the door opens left (SE), go down and get over the blade, down the ladder to a yard with 2 Thugs.

One drops Uzi ammo, then find Shotgun ammo near the fire block W. Up the ladder NW is a button, it will stop the burner so you can use the

button on the block. Big doors open up near the first room of the level.

Get back the way you came and from Pagoda square go W through the small opening, right into the house and left to the first room.

To the N is the corridor where the big doors opened up, go through and stand left at the opening to a cave in the corner


Secret Hunters: Slide and jump left into a pit, grab Secret #7(36), the Grenade Gun. Pull up onto the slope to slide down.

Could be the secret count doesn’t work!


The Air Dragon Talisman.


Shoot the creatures and follow through to a narrow crawlspace, when getting out a nasty Mutant opened fire.

Just take some heavy-duty weaponry and kill the beast.

Jump over and grab the Air Dragon Talisman and leave...



8 - Industrial Zone. (5 Secrets)


High Up on the Roofs, Lot of Work for the Fire Room Key.


Go in S and grab Shotgun ammo. Shoot the crow and to the end there are ledges high up over an alley and on the left there's a door with the Keyhole (Fire Room Key).

From the ledge where you start you can see fire on the roof N, that's where the Key is.


Run jump to grab the ledge W and over to the right (N) balcony, grab a small medipack. Hop to the Uzi ammo on the corner ledge NE, you may have to shoot some fool on a walkway below by now. Look down SE and spot a ledge between the roofs, there are Grenades if you want them, climb down the ladder on the wall (N) and back flip onto the next walkway below. Hop E with a bit of a curve over the roof and grab those Grenades. Look down SW and spot the ledge, run down SW to land on it and use the button to open a door on the walkway where the Thug was.


Stand jump NW down to the grey block and go down the ladder to the ground, go up the left side of the containers E (Flares in between them) and from the crates jump to the left (N), go along the terrace and grab a Medipack.


Secret Hunters: At the W end is an alcove with a button, a platform goes up near the top balcony where the small medipack was. You can get that Secret later.


Head back up the ladders, to the top balcony and jump back S to the start walkway. Over to the E, hop back and climb down the ladder to the central walkway, go to the right (N) and right to where that door opened. Using the switch there will open the door down in the street. You know how to get there by now (ladders from NW balcony).

A faster way to get there: go back to the part of the walkway going across the street and side flip over the fence to land on the terrace where you got the Medipack. Down the containers to the door W.


Street level W, Open a Trapdoor.


Go through to an alley, right of that ladder SW is a button opening a hatch on the ladder above. Climb up and off to the right, shoot the rats. Look down E on the N side and run down onto that small balcony, crawl under the block for MP5 ammo, then back and jump to the E ledge. Into the lower corner, face S and climb the ladder up S. Use the switch there to open a trapdoor for a bit later and go further to get some Revolver ammo. Back to the corner ledge and down the ladder; drop down onto the containers below to go back up the ladder SW to the rat ledge.


Go into the passage NW and shoot a Thug and pick up the Uzi ammo he leaves behind, proceed and follow down, through the trapdoor you opened and come to the monkey climb under the walkway. Follow the monkey climb to a crawlspace on the left and go up a bunch of ladders to a small room with a switch. The door under the balcony with the crate will open up. Go all the way back to the alley, drop from the crawlspace and go out to the right (E). Left up the ladders and back flip to the walkway under the one with the crate.

Go to the W side into the door and shoot an Officer. Behind the crates is Shotgun ammo, then use the button on the wall to stop the fire on the roof above, face E and grab up through the hatch to get the Fire Room Key. Go back to the walkway and up the ladder all the way to the top to the balcony with the crate.


Secret Hunters: From the crate, jump and grab that platform (raised before) W and jump E to the roof for Secret #1(36), Revolver plus ammo.


Back down, up the steps and up the ladder to the top. Go over to the S side walkway, jump E to where the level started and go S through the passage to a small ledge. Jump to the door E and open it.


The Fire Room.


Get through the burners, go right for some Flares and push the button to lift a cover from a switch. Back out and get back to the start walkway.

Jump to the right (E), hang from the edge and shimmy left along the roof, drop onto the triangle ledge, shoot that fool down on the walkway W. Shimmy left along the edge and drop/grab into the opening with MP5 ammo. Go inside and up a ladder NE, follow the stairs to where a dog attacks, get the Flares and proceed. Climb the ladder on the right (W), and jump the ledges to the W side. Go right and run down on the right to get to that switch. A trapdoor opens up and that one is back to the E over the ledges to the wall. Jump up on the left (NE and around the corner down the ladder is the trapdoor, just drop down into the water.


The Three Basin Puzzle.


Climb out and grab a small medipack, slide down (you can ignore the rat) and slide backwards to grab the edge and do a safety drop, loosing some health though. Get down into a room where an Officer will come for you. You ended up on some trapdoors; to the N and S are covered switches. To the E is a large basin, go W into the Maintenance corridor.


The Yard.


Take the first right.

Up all the ladders and grab some Shotgun ammo near the garage door. Go S and shoot the 2 Thugs in the yard, collect MP 5 ammo and a small medipack, then use the button NW to open a door we'll see soon.


Prepare for a Time Run, the Aqueduct Card.


Make your way back down all the ladders to the corridor; go straight into the opening (S).

Grab Flares up S and notice a dark door in the passage E, this is a Timed door and the switch is in the last room W, you just opened that one in the yard. Because the ledges between the switch and the door are not just jump able (gaps too wide) you'll need to move blocks and cages to create a fast route, one you can sprint on.


Start in this room first, use the 4 lower blocks to get the 2 cages on the first tier closing the gap between the ledges. Do this in the other two rooms too (I tried without doing the last room, but I came up short just a fraction of a second) The last room also has some Grenades. Move the block near the Grenades into position first, otherwise you might get stuck. When the hard work is done, save at the switch and pull, roll and sprint through the door (Saves1-savegame.11).


Covers and Switches, The Way Out.


Immediately open fire on that Officer and go E where he came from. Find the Aqueduct Card there and also a button to re-open the entrance door (might be buggy, so use it if needed twice).


Basin #1.

Get out and down to the Maintenance corridor, head to the right (E) to the control room and into the passage straight ahead to basin #1, swim to the passage on the right (SE) and use that Card on the right in the end, a cover lifts, so use the switch.


Basin #2.

Head back through the basin #1 to the Control room, use the switch on the right in an alcove (N). A flooding sound, go into the corridor W and second right to basin #2, dive in and use the underwater lever straight ahead (N) and a trapdoor opens in the bottom SE.  First go back to the Control room to use the N button again (to drain a bit of the pool), back to basin #2 and down through the open trapdoor.

There's Revolver ammo N, a big Propeller S (de-activated if you did it right), swim under the propeller to another underwater lever opening a door at basin #3. Get out of the water, to the corridor and right around corners to get to basin #3.


Basin #3.

Get to the ledge in the left corner, line up straight and hop back, jump straight up once and run jump to grab that walkway. Use the button there to lift the S side cover in the Control room. Unfortunately the basin drained, so jump up and use the grated ceiling to monkey climb to the opposite corner ledge (SE), jump into the exit and head to the Control room. Use the button on the right (S) to finally open those trapdoors. Get down, grab a Medipack (N) and jump over to the other side.


The Museum.


Follow the passage, shoot a rat and through the duct you will reach a small room. On the crate is Shotgun ammo, open the door and shoot the guard in the next room.

Open the next door and go through a passage with a closed door to a museum room. Pick up Flares on the right but don't jump behind those ropes, the alarm will sound and you'll have to try again.

Instead go into the passage W and come to the Main hall of the Museum, shoot a dog and a guard.

Go into that big Tomb and up the ladder in the back, and jump up onto the roof.


Secret Hunters: Jump to a ledge on the right (SE corner) to get Secret #2(37), a small medipack. Jump back to the roof.


From the NW corner of the roof a run jump to grab the ledge W, go N and jump around pillars to get to the switch in the left hand picture alcove N (Saves1-savegame.12). That switch will open that door you saw in the passage before. So make your way back there (N) and come to a room with ruins, grab Grenades on the left (E) and get onto the pillar SE, then jump up on the left (N) and use the switch (1) there.

Jump N, go left and side flip onto the sloped grassy block, slide and jump to grab the ledge. Jump over to that crawlspace you see straight ahead (S), go through and drop down in that corner to use a button (2). Grab the MP5 ammo in the crawlspace N while climbing out of there and make your way back up to that ledge, this time jump SE around that sloped block to the wooden walkway where a door opened.


In the room with the mummy, grab up to a crack W from the grassy ledge and get to the passage. Grab the Uzi ammo at the end and go through the opening in the wall, you are on top of the previous room, jump down and then jump and grab the block with the switch NW, throw it and get over to the opened door behind you.


The Roofs Again, Getting into the Cathedral.


Crawl through and drop into the basements of the Cathedral, shoot the two goons and grab some Shotgun ammo one of them dropped.

Get to the ladder NE and go up.


Secret Hunters: Face the E wall just right of the opening and jump to grab a crack, follow right around into an alcove with Secret #3(38), an MP5 and 3x ammo. Go back to the opening NE.


Climb the second ladder too, back flip as soon as you see a floor behind you and get some Shotgun- and MP5 ammo around the corner, jump back to the ledge on top of the ladder and go up N, jump right to that platform. From there you could jump to an invisible ledge at the crane, but I couldn't do anything there, so better climb the ladder. Go up the roof and down the roof, at end and grab the Uzi-, Shotgun- and MP5 ammo. Notice the door and the keyhole on the S wall. Go back up and through the fence and climb up on the right (N).


Secret Hunters: Jump from the W end of the ledge onto the crane, go S to get Secret #4(39), 2x Grenades plus Uzi ammo. Jump back to the roof through a small gab of the fence and up the roof to the left and up again (N).


Go to the other side (N) of the Cathedral and down onto the roof there, go down on the right side (W), slide to a ledge. Grab a small medipack and get back up to the roof you came down from. Go down the E side to a small ledge, climb down the ladder and go use the switch at the other end. A gate opens on the top ledge around the Cathedral.

Go back up the roof and a goon will be shooting at you. Climb up S and get inside the tower. There's a block under the central pillar, pull the block twice to the W then jump on top of it and climb up left or right. Jump to the NW corner for a small medipack, SE for Shotgun ammo and to the NE for the Cathedral Key.


Get down, and leave S, down to the roof and left to open that door S. Walk down the stairs to the W side and look down SW through the fence to spot a ledge, jump or side flip over the corner of the slanted block to get there. Grab a Medipack from that ledge and stand at the S end, turn around and take a step forward. Now do a trick jump down to a slanted block below this ledge (hop back and hit Ctrl as soon as you passed the edge of the floor - Saves1-savegame.13). Jump up to grab the monkey climb and get into the crawlspace, drop into the small library. Find and use the book switch E to open a door for later.


Get out of the crawlspace and just drop down (be sure to have full health) OR just grab the monkey climb and get back to the slanted block (yes I know it is buggy), less health loss.

Go straight E to the far wall and climb the right bookcase there. Walk to the NW corner, aim for the opening, hop back and jump up straight once. Now run jump (holding forward down) to grab the opening where you just opened the door before (NW) at the last moment. Inside is a switch to open a door on the ground floor. Jump back, get down the bookcase and go to the far SW corner where the open door is located (along the windows W is some Uzi ammo). Grab the ceiling and go over to the button that will open another door in a dark place.


The Sewers' Key.


Go back to the bookcase, climb up and make your way over to the ledge with the candle S. Go to the other end and climb the bookcase to a ledge. Grab a crack on the left (E) and shimmy around the corner, do the same at the next pillar to finally arrive at the illusive dark door.

Hoist up into an opening, shoot the rat and drop down into the next lower passage, stand at the edge of the fire pit and jump up to grab the ceiling. Save and wait till you have the sequence where the first burner dies down, then the other two and move forward in one go (Saves1-savegame.14).

Use the button to open a trapdoor behind you, just drop down and land in water, go left at the closed door (for later, when we return here) and follow through, climb out at a burner in a passage. Go left (W) and grab the Sewer's Key. The alarm will sound again, shoot the goon and jump over that blade and climb up to the Cathedral.


The Sewers.


Up the bookcase to the right (E) again and over to the ledge with the candle S, go to the end (W) and left and up is the door you can now open. Save before dropping down into some water through some blades, if you didn't get hurt too much, proceed. Or try again. I turned around; standing left just hopped back (no grab) and took no harm. Swim through and get out, into the next tunnel and come to a basin with 2 frogmen. Climb out quick on the jetty in front and I blasted them out of the water with some Grenades. A goon is shooting at you from a far NE balcony as well, take him out.


Gathering Supplies.


Go to the NE corner and jump over a small stream and turn off the alarm with the button and grab the Flares. Jump back to the rocks and go to the right (W), right around the corner to climb onto the brown blocks and get a Medipack. Get down and hop to the walkway, get Revolver ammo in the right (NE) section. Make your way NW, between those crates is MP5 ammo, on the white block next to it is Shotgun ammo. Go back to the rocks and grab up S, get the Grenades there. That's about it I think.


Go down and into the passage SE, left around the pillar up some steps and along the walkway. Shoot the Officer and around the corner is a covered switch. Go back, shoot a dog and go straight into the passage S, turn around and jump up grabbing the ladder. Go up and keep on going through this passage/crawlspace to come to a cave with a croc. Go through the next long crawlspace and climb out, hang from the edge and shimmy right along the crack until you can pull up inside.

Go through and at the next drop off, look up left, jump and grab up there. At the next pit a stand jump to grab the ceiling and go around two corners, drop and climb up the steel wall. Shoot the croc on that high floor and a goon on the right (N).


The Famous Timed Swim/Run over the Rocks, the Fuse.


On the structure N is a fuse box, the fuse is missing and that's what this place is about.

First get familiar with the place, dive into the water, get out to shoot a frog man. From the wooden jetty, jump SE to the grey ledge and look right around the corner, there is a slanted ledge. That's the place to climb out in the timed run later. Swim along the river to the very end ignoring the croc and the frogman, at the end left and spot the Timed door. You can pull the TIMED underwater lever all the way at the end (W) if you want to see what happens. Now swim back and try to remember the route, lure the croc and the frogman with you to that slanted ledge, pull up and back flip with roll. Jump the ledges to where you can shoot the enemies and dive in again to go to the lever and save.

Get air, dive and pull the lever (save here), swim back to the slanted ledge as fast as possible and jump along the ledges back to the door. Some of the jumps you really have to run almost over the edge to be able to grab the other side. Get into the door.

Here are a video and a savegame (Saves2-savegame.0) both provided by scottie, thanks.


Using the Fuse, lift the Cover.


Grab the Fuse and swim back to that structure at the jetty. Place the Fuse and back to the jetty and jump over the door is on the left. Shoot the Officer and his dog and use the button straight ahead to lift the cover from that switch you saw before. Go out then jump to the jetty and make your way across the water (S) and at the end look down and jump on a platform.


Secret Hunters: Go to the SE corner of the platform, do a left curved run jump down S (or a swan dive), you have to land on the left hand flat part between the roofs. Grab Secret #5 (40), a Grenade Gun. Drop into the water below.


Run down from the SW corner of the platform with Ctrl to land on a ledge between the roofs. Run jump from the S side into the water below. Get out onto the rocks and go into the SE passage again, left around the corner up the steps over the walkway to the switch.

Throw the switch to open an underwater door, run down to the right (NW) and swim straight (W) then take a left and immediately a right through a small crawlspace.

Inside is a frog man, either avoid him or lure him out and shoot him first. In the room is the "Load" Key (not named in the script).


Long Way Back.


Get out and S to the larger pool, in the SE corner, next to the jetty is an opening under water. Save, swim in and follow the winding tunnel to an underwater lever opening (on the right) near the door at the end. You are back in the tunnel under the Cathedral. Follow going right and dodge that croc, climb out in the passage with the burners. Go W over the blade and up to the Cathedral.

Up the bookcase E, up onto the block on the right and turn N, grab up to the ledge above and from the higher ledge jump to the staircase W (no Ctrl and lined up straight), go up and out to the roofs, up to the Tower and through to the other side. Jump down to the roof there and over to the far left corner (NW). Climb down to a ledge below and jump across to the door you can open with the Load Key.


Roofs Again.


Get out to a walkway, over to the N end and jump left to that blue light ledge (hatch above). Go left and climb over the pillars  (or use the monkey climb) to get to a balcony, climb down to another balcony with a button, this will open a hatch at the blue light ledge N.

Back up the ladder, monkey climb and down another ladder.

Climb the ladder at the end and get off on the left. Go over the walkway to the next block turn to the wall and grab that crack to shimmy left to the corner. Drop onto the block below and go inside.

Shoot a goon on your way through this corridor and also pick up Flares (alcove on the left) and Shotgun ammo in the next one. Shoot the dark brown panel N and go through to a drop into water, climb out and follow some tunnels, shoot a goon and drop down into a pit, crawl through to get to the final door.


9 - League of the Dragons

Sometimes, the mutants get stuck in the wall.


For Starters a Timed Run.


Crawl through, pick up a small medipack and come to a cave, shoot the (black this time) creatures and run down into a pit, landing on a ledge with 2 wall torches. Check the health and just safety drop down, go use a lever in the alcove N and a gate  opens up above. Time the blade trap S and jump through, grab Shotgun ammo and jump through to the next room to get a Grenade Gun. Jump to the last room and go up a block, turn around and use the poles and a platform to get to that open gate. Well, that was the idea, it seems to be timed, but at least you know the route by now and have all pickups. Use the poles to get back to the room with the lever and save in front of it. Pull and get to the gate (Saves2-savegame.1).


Shoot that creature and go through the arches, in the "skeleton" room are MP5 ammo and Grenades to be found. There are 3 Gates.


1- Gate S, Maze: Open with 2 sword levers, quickly shoot the poisonous demon and go in. Hop down into the pool to get down, climb the ladder S and use the jump lever to open a trapdoor in the pool, get in and swim down. Go right around corners for Shotgun ammo, swim S to the end and right around to climb up in a room where you can use a crowbar lever to open a gate.

Swim back, right around the corner and up through the ceiling, climb out S to get a Medipack and Uzis.


Hop into the water again and continue S, left around the corner and get Grenades and Revolver ammo. Swim back to go for air first (ahead and up). Swim N and into the tunnel right, go to the end and to the right is an MP5 with ammo.

Best swim back for air again and go into this same tunnel (N), take a right this time into the S tunnel to get to those opened gates. Forget those Grenades for now. Into the gates and swim down.


Submerged Knights of the League.


A huge cave with knight armours. On the S/W/N wall are 3 levers opening the door E, first just swim straight for the lever S. Then roll for N and turn for W (ignore all the ammo) roll and swim into the door and get air, now swim back into the room to collect MP5- and Uzi ammo.


Secret Hunters: In the crawlspace in the SE corner is Secret #1(41), MP5-, Uzi- and Revolver ammo.


Climb out into a room with a creature; be careful, there's a campfire. Use the crowbar lever, a gate opens at a walkway. Swim back into the room, up in the middle and through the gates, this time grab the Grenades, swim back to the N, left right and up through the trapdoor. Climb out S, up to the balcony and turn around and jump to the pole to swing to the ladder N. Climb back up to the skeleton room.


2- Gate N, Fire Pillars: Open with 2 sword levers, go in and left at the intersection and arrive in a poolroom with Shotgun ammo left and a pool with fire pillars. Nothing in the pool but water so use the safe corners of the pillars to get to the upper balcony and shoot a creature, get through the hack blade and arrive at the walkway you saw before when you opened the gate here with the latest crowbar lever.

Go straight through the gate you opened and shoot that crate SW to get a Shotgun and ammo. Move that harness SE to the tile NW and go back to the walkway, jump to the pole on the left (W) to swing to the ledge where the lever is now available, the gate in the skeleton room below will open.


Drop down, and jump over the pit in the passage.


Secret Hunters: Shimmy left as you grab the opposite side and get into the crawlspace behind the vines for Secret #2(42), 2x Uzi- and 2x Shotgun ammo. Shimmy back.


Run forward and shoot the creature, 2 ways to go:


N Side; the Crystals: Go left around the next room and grab Revolver ammo, when you enter N, a Knight will come for you, in the left pool is Shotgun ammo. Shoot that Knight (horseman) and go back to the previous room, drop down through the floor into a flooded hall. Flares and Uzi ammo can be found on the bottom.

-Climb up to the room S and get the Water Crystal.

-Climb up to the room W and get the Wind Crystal. Never mind that Knight, just jump past him.

-Swim into the last opening (E) and be ready to fight a demon, might be you have to swim to another room first, but then get in a corner and jump up to blast him with Grenades.

Get a Medipack, then climb up the ladder to get the Fire Crystal. Get back to the water.


Secret Hunters: Just before getting into the water, look left and jump around the corner to grab the block with Secret #3(43), Shotgun ammo and a small medipack. Back into the water


The Knight Skull.


-Climb up to the room N and shoot the creature, dive into the water W and you would think the best way through those hack saws would be the upper left corner... It isn't... Swim through the middle and bottom of the opening, only at the moment the blade comes out of the wall it is deadly. At the end ignore the Grenades if you're low on air and go through the small tunnel, and up for air at the crossing. Swim back to get the Grenades and go back (Save2-savegame.2).


Secret Hunters: Use the underwater lever N to open a gate for later.


Swim E and up to use a lever, opening a trapdoor behind you, dive back in, swim down W and follow through to a larger room. On the block is the Knight Skull. On the S side of the block is a lever to open the hatch above, so swim up and back to the hall.


-Swim into that NE crawlspace.


Secret Hunters: Swim into that NE crawlspace and that gate on the left opened before. Go in for Secret #4(44), 3x Grenades. Swim out.


Use the underwater lever on the wall to open a trapdoor and swim back to the hall. Swim into the tunnel under the N room, follow up and careful, those fences have a nasty collision. Up through the hatch you opened into the room where you shot the Knight before. Head back to the intersection (S).


Use the Skull, Place the Crystals. Intriguing


Go jump back over the pit on the left (E) and to the skeleton room, into the passage left (N). This time go right at the intersection, down the stairs and open the door by placing the Skull on the stand. A couple of demons will come for you as soon as you enter, I ran back into the passage, back to the wall and jumped up to launch some Grenades.

From the entrance turn immediately to the right (E) and at the end of the walkway is a ladder down.


Secret Hunters: On the N side of the central metal pillar is Secret #5(45), jump to the corner and crawl to it, MP5- and 2x Shotgun ammo. Jump N to the walkway.


Jump to the N side walkway through the middle of the room and find another ladder down. On the ground floor go E, find Shotgun ammo NE and shoot two creatures.

Go through the archway E, go around the place avoiding the "easy" traps and shooting Knights. There are three levers in the alcoves; they open gates at the top of the large W room. Also you can pick up a small medipack and some MP5 ammo.

All three gates open? Go back W and up the ladder on the left (NW), up two more ladders on this N side and into the opened gate N to place the Fire Crystal.

Down two ladders and over to the S side, back up to the entrance. Hop to the ledge behind the door and from there to the walkway W, up the ladder and to the opening where you can use the Wind Crystal. Go back to the entrance, to the straight to the end of the walkway (E) and jump left over to the N one. Up the ladder and place the Water Crystal and watch the flyby.


The Big Pit and a Nasty Dragon.


Make your way back to the entrance, up the stairs to the skeleton room and W over the pit, take a left at the intersection. Jump over corners to get to the S side of the Pit (you can also use the upper ledges of the Pit to get across).

Go through to a room where a Dragon wakes up, just keep moving. Run right into the opening W and shoot a knight. Use the crowbar lever opening a gate at the Pit. Go back to the pit and into the open gate W, three side rooms, move 3 crosses from these rooms and place them against the cage in the central room. The cage opens up and you can grab the Knight Sword.


Dragon room, Upstairs, 4 Crowbar Levers.


Get back to the Dragon room, into the E side room and shoot the Knight, grab the MP5 ammo from a crate after shooting it and place the Sword on the shield. Up the ladder and back flip to the first floor, go left into the SE corner and shoot whatever demon shows up (1 or 2). Move that armour to the other tile to stop the burner and use the crowbar lever. Run to the other 3 corners to do the same and if you like pick up Uzi ammo S, a Medipack W when running to the next corner. After using all 4, the flame in front of the gargoyle N is gone, go there to use the lever and open a gate at the Pit.


Secret Hunters: Behind that gargoyle N is a sword lever to open a door NW in the corner of the Dragon room, ground floor and inside is Secret #6(46), a Medipack, Revolver-, MP5- and Uzi ammo. You are in the danger zone, so get into the SW corner when you think you can expect fire bolts.


In the Dragon room are some pickups too if you dare to go for them, Grenades SW, Shotgun ammo NE and MP5 ammo SE.


Pit, First Floor.


Go back to the Pit (N), into the opening on the right (E) and use the crowbar lever behind the gate you just opened. A small gate opens in the NW corner around the pit, pick up the Uzi ammo on your way out and jump there and climb in. Turn around, jump straight up to grab the monkey climb and go to the opposite corner. Jump onto the platform on the right (S), go in left (E) for Uzi ammo, a small medipack and Flares. Get back out and get to the bridge spanning the room.




Go into the passage W and come to the library, shoot the creatures and find a ladder on the left of the chimney. Jump to the right (E) side grated walkway and run jump with grab to get to the jump lever N after you checked your health. A bookcase S opened up, use the sword lever there and go back to the ladder and see on the left the gate to the Wind room is open now.


Wind Room, Knights and a Silver Cross.


Go right as you enter and into the opening right at the end of the ledge, shoot the demon, pick up MP5 ammo and get into the crawlspace W, As you come into a large room, two Knights will mount their horses. Shoot them (watch how they fall from the horse, nice) and when they are both gone you can collect the 2 Knight Swords they drop. In the small rooms N and S are several pickups.

Use the 2 Swords on the W wall and go in to get the Silver Cross. Go back through the crawlspace E, use the cross in that room to stop two burners in the Wind room.


Go onto the ledge in the wind room, stand under the skeleton N and aim for the left side of the "safe" pillar in the pit, run jump to it and keep running, curving right and jump to the pillar at the alcove on the right (W). You should be able to do a running jump from that one into the alcove. Pull the first lever and stand jump to grab back to the pillar, hang in the right hand corner and pull up, run jump straight over the central pillar to grab the pillar in front of the alcove E, hang right again and run jump into the alcove after you pulled up. The second lever can be used to stop a burner under a lever behind that big bird S. Jump and grab back to the pillar, hang in the middle and pull up, turn left and run against the wind, jump to the middle of the pillar with the blade and then a running jump to the ledge S (blade doesn't seem to be that deadly as usual). Go use the lever S to open a gate and go back along either side, stand back at the wall, run jump over the blade pillar onto the safe one and another jump or run jump to grab the exit ledge (Video-4.wmv / Saves2-savegame.3).


Make your way back to the library, go out E to the Pit and jump to the ledge S where a gate opened, the door there (gate and a door in same opening) was opened by using the Crystals. Inside is a lever, opens the small gate at the monkey climb NW. Go to the NW, up the ladder, over the monkey climb and to the platform, pretty much the same as before.


Pit, Second Floor, Lava Room, the Scepter.


Go in E, shoot a creature and jump over the lava pit, go to a lava room and see two demons come, get back into the passage, back against the wall and wait for them, fire super Grenades and go into the room again. Jump over to the middle of the room and get the Medipack, jump left and onto the next ledge NE and look for a crack in the NW wall. Grab that and go left to a lever. Jump out to the pillar with the crack and go around to the entrance ledge. Do the same in the opposite side of the room and both doors N and S are now open. Take your pick.


N, the Silver Bar: Move the armour to the other side of the ledge, onto that trigger tile and a door opens NW, jump in there and go up a ladder to the first floor. Jump to the other side (S) and on the balcony of the lava room shoot a demon. Jump to the left walkway (SE) for Uzi ammo, jump back again. Jump to the right walkway (SW) and then to the pedestal to get the Silver Bar.

Shortcut down; the trick back hop/Ctrl down to the ledge in the lava from the middle walkway. Or go back down the ladder and through the push puzzle room.


S: Run-jump left around the door to grab the E wall, climb up a bit and around right till you can’t go no further. Do back flip/roll grab to get to the back wall and go right around again, last is a back flip to the ledge with the lever SW. Spikes go down on a pillar in the N side of the room. Get back to the pillar E, left around the corner and back flip/roll grab the next, left around two corners and back flip/roll grab the "spike" pillar next to the opening N, go up and get through to the walkways and deal with the demon. Jump NE for a small medipack, to the middle for Shotgun ammo and to the NW for the Green Crystal. Combine the Crystal with the Bar to get the Scepter.


Jump back to the balcony and onto the middle, trick jump down to the ledge below (or go back to the "spike" pillar and run down into the doorway with Ctrl. Go over to the big bird E (try to grab the ledge a bit left or right or else the collision will be in the way) and behind it is the stand for the Scepter.

Jump to the block inside and use the crowbar lever to open another gate in the Pit. Go back over the ledges to the exit W and in the Pit go to the right (S) and into the open gate.

Use the lever to open the monkey swing gate (that is to the other side of the Pit). You know the drill by now... Get to the floor above.


Pit, Third Floor, Toxic Room.


Go left (E) into the storage and shoot all the chests to get a whole lot of supplies. I wonder what's up next... Go over the bridge into the W side.

As soon as you go in you'll see a poison bar appear, hop back and wait for some nasty crocs, shoot those first. I won't mention where you have to go back for fresh air, you can see that for yourself. Run fast to the N and use the jump lever there, do the same S and two gates opened just left and right at the entrance to this room.

Jump into the opening on the right (N) and shoot the croc, go in and use the crowbar lever (face W), a gate opens in this room. Go get the First Ancient Tablet there. Do the same at the other side to get the Second Ancient Tablet.


Now run straight ahead (W) and to the block behind the statue, there are two receptacles for the Tablets and a gate opens in the Pit. So back there and into the gate on the right side (S), pick up 2x Uzi ammo and throw the lever to open the gate at the ladder NW. Up the ladder and no monkey climb this time. Run jump and grab the platform in the top of the room.


The Final Battle.


Secret Hunters: First run to the E and jump with Ctrl into the gap in the pillar to get Secret #7(47), Revolver ammo, 3x Grenades, 3x MP5 ammo, 2x Shotgun ammo and Uzi ammo. Jump and grab back up to the platform.


When you approach that big bird, a flyby starts and after that the boss of those Thugs comes down. After you shot him, the devil himself shows up, choose heavy weapons and keep side jumping. Try to save here and there so you won't have to do it all over again. Watch the credits and your end statics.


G&D, July 18, 2013.