The Hall of Time.

Level by Rufierto

Beta walkthrough by D&G Productions.


Globe Puzzle, the Gift of Men.

Slide down and grab the Revolver, the gates open up. In the next hall is a lever and a Puzzle Globe. Throw the lever, the Blue Globe is for later. The lever operates 2 blocks W (one goes down and another one up), climb the lower one SW and grab up to the higher floor, go through and drop down the other side. Another lever and this time a Grey Globe, use the lever to lower a block E (left of the gate). First push the Grey Globe to the tile NW; the gates S open up. Now move the same Globe to the lowered block E and use the lever again to bring the Grey Globe up to the next level.

Go through the gate S and find another Globe in the next room, if you like you can push it in front of that gate now and look for an opening in the bottom of the pool (NE corner). Swim down and E, then S and left, left again and take the first opening to the right. There’s a Spike wall, so watch out! Time the wall and swim up through the opening in the ceiling.

Throw the lever W and the small gates open up so you can go and get that Orange Globe from the room W and move it through the passage onto the tile in the E room (S side). A gate opens up N; go in there to claim the Gift of Men. Gates open up and a block goes up.

Place the Globes.

Go out N and left onto that low block and climb up to the passage again. At the end climb up to the right (N) and make your way N to the Grey Globe you raised before. Push it onto the tile N and see the gates to the “Revolver passage” closing. Now you can go to the Earth Globe, drop down E and use the lever E to lower the high block W, move the Globe onto the lowered block, use the lever again and climb the low block NE into the passage. Up N at the end and to the N where you can now move the Earth Globe to the tile N.

Use the Gift of Men for the Lasersight.

A receptacle appears near the stairs S, use the Gift of Men there. It will open the way to the Lasersight, climb up S, go up the stairs till you see a Lions Head to the left. Turn right and climb the ledge at the side of the stairs, look up N and climb the wall to the open gate. Get the Lasersight there, down again and use Revolver and Sight to shoot the Gem in the Lions head.

Another gate opens up to the right (W) of the big gates on top of the stairs. Jump in there, grab the Flares and follow through to the end of that passage.

High Slopes, Hot Burners and the Gift of Kings.

Grab the monkey climb ceiling and drop onto the block ahead. Time that burner in the alcove down W, stand jump onto the slope below and slide, jump hard left to get onto the slope leading to the burner, quickly get into a corner close to that burner and stand absolutely still. Only move when the burner is down and line up for a jump to the slope N. Jump over the flat part and do not slide off the end of the next slope, but jump to grab the block ahead as soon as you can. If all went well (and you didn’t touch the ground), the burner in the next alcove left won’t be active and you can go get Secret #1, a Medipack from the alcove up E

Safety drop to the ground. In the NW corner is the Gift of Kings. Gates open up when you take it. Leave through the small gate S and make your way back to the Globe Puzzle area, there’s one more Globe to be placed.

Go straight (E) and up on the right, then up onto the higher floor and up to the big stairs. Take a few stapes on the stairs and turn to the right (W) and jump down, at the end is a small medipack.

Back to the stairs and over the other side to a floor where you’ll find the opened gates on the right (W wall), pull out the Globe and place it on the tile next to the gate. The big gates on top of the stairs open up.

Spike walls, the Gift of Gods.

Go up and S to find Revolver ammo in front of a fence; behind it you can see a Sphere. Go to the S end of the passage and time the walls to run straight to the SW corner (you’re safe here). Walk N a bit and turn to the right (NE), that’s where you have to go to get the Gift of Gods. Gates open in the W side of the room. Now make your way to the W end of the room and grab the Revolver ammo on the ledge to the right of the receptacle.

Raptor Valley, the T-Rex.

When you place the Gift of Kings, the whole place changes, you are suddenly outside the Pyramid. There are some tiny raptors running around below, shoot those and get down, take out the Revolver and get ready to shoot the T-Rex (shoot from under the belly and she should drop after one round). Go into the NE corner where you see a cave opening. Jump up there and follow through to get to the raptors Lair. Here you’ll find Secret #2, a Shotgun and 2x Shotgun ammo. Side flip over that wooden beam and get down to the ground.

The Compound Key.

Head NW and right around corners to find the opening to a foggy cave. Crawl in and follow through shooting the resistance. At the end is a cave with rock pillars, in the rock wall NE is a crack, grab that and go left around to get into an alcove at the end. Turn around, jump to the slanted pillar and jump to grab the ladder. Left around and drop to a small ledge below. Jump the slanted pillars to get to a flat ledge with the Compound Key.

Drop down and make your way back through the cave to the Pyramid.

When back in the valley, go straight to the Pyramid and hop on the ledge to get a Medipack. Now go along the E side of the Pyramid to the S and find a Keyhole on the Pyramid next to a wooden door, use the Compound Key.

The Compound, the Hut Key.

Shoot the 2 Natives and go straight through the compound to a closed off cave W, hop over the fence and shoot some more Raptors on your way through these caves. In the cave with the pillars and a balcony E, make your way E into the passage under the balcony to find Flares. Now go S and right, climb the low block there and jump to the rock ledge W, crawl along the ledge to the W end and retrieve a small medipack. Slide down and go to the low block SE again.

From the block jump to the E then to the balcony and go to the other end (N). Here you have to be careful, the jump into the opening NW is tricky as there are spike traps in the ground. Stand jump onto the near by NW slope and keep jumping to and fro, steering right till you can jump to the right to safe ground near the climb wall. Go left along the wall and drop on the ledge with the Hut Key.

Inside the Huts, the Pyramid Key.

Drop down and make your way back to the pillars SE, up to the top of the highest pillar there and jump to the door on top of the E balcony. Open the door with the Key and shoot the Native, when you take the Flares from the pedestal N, the trapdoor in the floor opens up, drop through. Go N and shoot another Native, in the next room up the block and through the trapdoor above.

Go SE, one more Native and SE are the Pyramid Key and a small medipack. Go back to the NW corner where you’ll find the gate near the trapdoor open (N). Jump up there, pull up and slide jump to follow a wooden bridge to the Pyramid. The Key can be used around the corner.

Slide down and go N to find an open trapdoor.

The Lava Caves, the Skribblerz Stone.

Drop down into the Lava Caves, a flyby shows you the artefact. Go N to an opening in the wall, to the right is a sloped block, to the left a high block. Turn so you can back flip onto the sloped block and jump to grab the high block. From standing on the NE corner a jump to grab a ledge N and find Secret #3, a small medipack.

The Pyramid Key.

Jump back S to grab the block and run down into the opening with Ctrl. Inside go to the opening in the middle of the E side (between the vases), stand to the right and you can see a slanted piece of floor over the lava. Jump to it, slide forward and jump with Ctrl to land on a slanted block, slide and jump to safety. Go through the opening and stand jump to the slanted block SW, slide and jump hard left to the ledge. Jump E, then E again. Now twice SE and stand back on the left, hop over the edge of the slanted block, jump and slide jump to get to that block, grab the Pyramid Key.

To the Stone.

Jump up and grab the monkey climb ceiling, follow timing the burners to get to a ledge with swinging spike bags. Get past the first bag and jump diagonally to the ledge in the NE corner to use the Key. Go through the gate that opens up and get through the next spike bags to use the Gift of Gods to open the next gate. Jump into the opening with Ctrl and then jump out left with Ctrl in the end to get to the floor there.

SW is the structure you saw in the flyby, jump on the lower block, stand on the NE corner and jump up NW. Next is up SE and then NW again. Climb the dark wall and get to the Skribblerz Stone.

End of the adventure.

G&D, June 14-2013