The Dragon of Alexandria.

Level by leonvdn

Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

Check your inventory and as you can see, there are enough flares provided in case you need them.

Go down the steps and open the coffin on the left for Shotgun ammo.

Go to the end (E) and you get “New Move” instructions on screen (best don’t save until that text has disappeared).

ALT while hanging from a ledge to jump upwards

SHIFT while hanging from ledge to jump backwards.

Go to the somewhat higher right hand corner (face E) and jump up, grab the crack and use SHIFT to end up a ledge.

Face N and jump to another crack, use ALT to get higher and shimmy right a bit. Alt will get you to an open door above, get in and the door will close.

Go to the left corner in the back (NE) and use the ladder, climb off on the right.

Take a running jump to the column W and pick up a small medipack.

Drop down, go to the middle of the S wall and grab up to a crack, use ALT to get higher and shimmy to the right to crawl onto the pillar, grab the Shotgun then face E, climb backwards off the back and use the jump switch that is located there.

This opens the door E, step through and watch the fly by.

The Main Room, the First Dragon Key.

Objective: Find the 4 Dragon Keys to find the Dragon of Alexandria.

Go right (S) and drop down onto that walkway. On the other side is another walkway and a ninja will appear. Shoot him and jump over and at the end is a Crowbar gate. Climb up to the right and get Revolver ammo.

Get out and back to the other walkway W, go to the S end and jump into an opening with steps in the S wall. A ninja will come out, run past him and then kill him. Go carefully into the opening S and time the popping up spikes, run after them when the first just went up.

Once all the way up better make a Save and now you have to negotiate that nasty knives trap.

The first knife will have a moment where it will remain open, that’s when I did a run and jumped into the pit in the floor.

There is a lever down in a hole, which will lower a block so you can leave. Jump onto the safe spot NW and aim for the opening E. Time the last knives and get the Uzi ammo in the next room.

Take a running jump over the fire to the ledge. First go E and take a running jump to grab the ledge E, pick up the small medipack.

Timed Runs.

In the opening E is a Timed door. Jump and grab back to the ledge W. Then make a right and run jump/grab into the opening in the wall. Save here as that wheel is of course timed.

Now you have two options to do this run:

1- Run out and jump left into the water as far as you can (watch the piranhas) and swim to the E, climb onto the low ledge E, jump up to the pedestal and take a left and roll through the closing door.

2- Hop back and grab the edge of the opening, hit Shift and Lara back flips to the ledge. Run to the E end and jump over to the ledge E, run to the door and roll to get through.

Take the opening on the left (N) to climb up, and up again, you’ll hear a rumble as a block goes up. A door at the S end is opened for another wheel.

You’ll get a screenshot of an underwater door.

Pull the wheel about 6 times, roll and jump down, go left and jump to the left into the water, there is an opening and the door is on the left. Stay low to the floor and swim through and follow through till you can wade out.

Get the First Dragon Key at the end.

Turn, wait for a crock and shoot him, then use the wheel, turn left doing a running jump to the opening under water and swim back and up, stay high first, then at the top go low and swim through the closing door and take a right to get back to the pool and climb out on the low ledge NE.

Jump up and take a running jump back to the walkway with the fire. Look with binoculars into the SW corner and spot the crack in the pillar. Jump over the fire to the W end of the ledge and jump to grab that crack S. Get in for Secret #1, the Uzis. Jump back to the ledge and get back out into the opening W.

The Knives trap is disabled but some ninja’s are pestering you. One of them drops Shotgun ammo. Retrace your steps all the way to the pit.

Go to jump the walkway on the left and walk to the end, jump to that alcove N and hang, use ALT to get one floor up. Walk to the N to the diagonal corner of the floor.

Detour for a Secret (you can skip this if you like).

Jump to that grey sloped block you see NW, grab the edge of the floor as you slide off and shimmy right around a corner to the end. From that corner, just drop and slide down a few times without grabbing any ledges (little health loss). You’ll end up in the bottom of the room. Go E and right in the end, follow till you see the Revolver ammo. When you pick up that Secret #2, a light appears to the right (N), this will transport you back where you started. There’s another route too, but we thought that to be too much work.

Moving the Coffin.

Go to the diagonal corner of the floor again. Face NE and take a running jump to grab the edge of that half broken column (next to the fire), use ALT to get a floor up. There is a Medipack on the right.

In the alcove E are 2 receptacles for the Dragon Keys; two more are located in the alcoves N.

In the W you can get some Uzi ammo. A Ninja will shoot you (he comes from the NW corner).

Jump there and get a Large Medipack from the coffin in the passage.

Go out and follow the ledge E, at the end take two steps back and then a hop back. Do a running jump E over the slope, slide a bit and jump up to grab the monkey climb (and NOT the ledge) and drop off at the end.

Get into the opening and follow through. In the small room at the end jump first down on the left for some Shotgun ammo then climb up and jump to the coffin N where you’ll find more Shotgun ammo. Jump to the ledge E and use the lever.

The other coffin moves out of the way.

The Revolver.

By now a ninja showed up, so deal with him. You have to go back to the coffin W but in a roundabout way because of the Revolver.

Running jump to the S and grab the ledge with the fire, shimmy right and pull up.

Avoid the emitters and use the lever at the end, this lowers and also raises a block. Go back and jump on that block that appeared (at the end N), hang from the edge (face S) and use ALT to get a ledge higher.

Carefully step forward and when the ball comes down jump back and hang from the ledge (left) till it rolls over Lara. Then go up the slope and through a crawlspace, hang from the end, shimmy right then back flip (SHIFT) and jump back to the right, grab the end and shimmy right again, one more jump (SHIFT) and end up a ledge with a spider web.

Look W and you see two swing poles and an emitter. Take a running jump and hold on to the pole till it is safe to swing to the next pole (when the flame is either down or high up). Grab the dark ledge and use the lever there, hop back and hang from the edge, as two boulders will drop down. Pull up and on the right NW is a flame that is turned off now so a simple stand jump to that ledge and pick up the Revolver.

Now face SW and take a running jump to the sloped wall there. Shimmy to the left to the wall and when you are a bit away from the wall, pull up and back flip and then jump to grab a monkey swing. Swing to the end, let go and grab, shimmy left and hoist up.

Use the lever that is on the right. Then safety drop two times to get near the door you just opened.

The Second Dragon Key.

Go in E where the door opened and grab the Arrows, jump to the ledge on the left and get the Uzi ammo. Now get onto the ladder under the entrance and let go, all the way down into the water. Climb out get out at the N wall.

Follow the rotating knives and at the last moment jump through them. Stand at the back wall so the knives won’t slice you. Hop back when they are gone and jump up to open a trapdoor. Watch out for more rotating knives, stand facing W and jump up when the knives are going over your head and get out as quick as you can. Run W and at the end a running jump to get to grab a jump lever over the pit. You slide down so pull up, listen for the sound of the knives moving away and back flip. Now take a running jump over the pit to get into the passage.

The Flame Room.

Follow the flame at the E wall and curve left when possible to jump into the opening in the N wall.
The door closes behind you, pick up Revolver ammo on the right and the Second Dragon Key on the left. At that time a crock attacks, shoot it and the door to the outside is open again

Now jump to the pillar in the middle of the room and jump to grab the crawlspace N, just left of where you came out. Get Secret #3, the Crossbow. Hang from the opening and drop, careful as there are still flames active.

Get to the S side without getting burned. Go back the way you came (S) and jump over the pit and drop down. At the pool, jump on the slope on the left and grab the ladder to get up and out to the Main Room.

The Third Dragon Key.

Jump again to the broken pillar NE and Alt to get back up to the floor above. Jump over to the W side and into the passage W, as the coffin is gone.

The Fire Room.

Follow through and see a ninja get killed (wish they were all that stupid). Jump to the other side and line up to jump to the slope W so you slide down and can shimmy to the left. Go all the way to the end and when that burner behind you is down, back flip and side flip left into the opening there. Two ninja’s are defending the next room, one leaves Revolver ammo and the other Uzi ammo. Go back out the fire passage and take a jump with a slight curve to the left onto that slope N, behind the burner.

The Skeleton Room.

Pick up Shotgun ammo and follow through, up the stairs. Go left (N) and jump up on the right (W) and a block will close off the entrance. Follow through and at a small pit go left, you come upon a push able block. Push it as far as it goes, straight ahead is an alcove, pick up Shotgun ammo (if you run out of ammo you can pick up a fresh pack here).

When you go to the pit W, 3 skeletons will come jumping over. Shoot when they are in the air over the pit. Behind the push block is a Medipack.

Jump over to the W and pick up a small medipack on the right, left Revolver ammo and the Third Dragon Key in the back.

When you want to jump back two more skeletons get up and chase you. Shoot them into the pit as well.

Getting out, Lasersight and Crowbar.

Then run back and take a left to the pit and jump into that alcove left of the pit to pick up a small medipack.

Then jump to the NW, go down a slope and go down to the ledge at a pool area. Shoot the croc, climb up to the ledge on the right (E) and save at the lever. This will kill the flames on the pillar for a while (10 seconds) so turn left, hop back and run jump to that pillar, pick up the Revolver, then from the corner you can just jump to the pillar with the Lasersight.

Go stand on the NW corner and look NE through the binoculars; you see a skeleton with a red cross on his head. Shoot it and shoot another croc before you dive in the water to where the skeleton was hanging to pick up the Crowbar.

Swim back S to get out and jump in the opening to go back, you’ll see a block disappearing so jump the pit, (best is to jump from the left side OR a trapdoor went up right underneath, which makes the jump over the pit easier) and make your way down to the exit (E).

You arrive back at the Fire Room and a ninja will attack you.

If you want some more pick up jump back to the W and to the right behind the slope again to find a small medipack on top of the stairs. Then simply jump back and go out SE to the Main Room.

Jump S to the bridge, drop to the floor below and down to that walkway S, jump over to the left side (E) (where you killed the first ninja) and go inside, open that crowbar gate and get the 2x Shotgun ammo inside. Jump back to the walkway, into the alcove N and Alt back up to the floor above.

The Fourth Dragon Key.

Enter the opening W and climb the ladder in the corner NE. Get onto the balcony and open the crowbar gate there. On the N wall is another ladder, climb up and to the right.

Watch out for spikes, there is a safe place after the first one but a crock will try to kill you. Follow through and jump over the slope with spikes. Run up a slope and avoid the emitters and a pit in the corner. The next slope also has emitters as well as a rolling ball. So run back over the pit.

Then jump back again and avoid the emitters on the slope.

Mercury Mud.

At the end walk slowly and turn right. Jump to the slope and jump again to grab the crack and go up again (ALT). Once on the top maybe better to shoot the ninja first.

Best is to jump to the left slide and at the end jump to the next one with a curve to the right so Lara slides down backwards and can grab the edge.

Shimmy left and back flip (SHIFT) when you are left of that small island. Take a running jump over the deadly muck to that small island and again a jump to that triangle in the NE corner. Save before you use the timed jump lever.

Turn right and stand jump to a platform in the mud. A running jump to the next and line up for another jump to the last one; which has a lever. Pull it and turn right (W) and walk to the edge to jump and pull up to the entrance again.

Back on the steps, jump to the slope and up the crack then take a running jump to the trapdoor.

From the trapdoor to the right where that ninja was, pick up a small medipack the ninja dropped and Revolver ammo on the pedestal. On the other side of this passage is a lever, pull this; another trapdoor goes up. Get out and you have to get back to that jump lever again.

So slide down backwards and flip (SHIFT) jump the island and to the corner and do the timed run again and climb up the steps. Jump to slope and the crack and once on top immediately back flip and grab the trapdoor. Climb up to the pillar and get the Fourth Dragon Key.

Now we have to travel back, just run off the pillar E and land on yet another trapdoor. Drop down on the stairs and go down the slope.

Use the Dragon Keys.

Luckily all the traps are disabled so back through the passages and down the ladder and down on the floor. Go E and jump to that half a pillar and up (ALT) one ledge and place two of the keys E and two N in the alcoves there. Watch the flyby.

Go to the E end of this ledge and jump over the now open doors on the right (S). Climb up in the SE corner and up again E.

Pick up Uzi ammo and a small medipack from the dead ninja’s.

Go to the wall N and climb the ladder on the left. Once you backflip onto the ledge, immediately duck and crawl to the lever E. Pull it when it is safe and jump down.

Go up the steps SE and up the block there to use the lever so you can better negotiate the burners as they now move up and down.

Go S and pick up another Revolver, a small medipack and another Shotgun.

The Skribblerz Stone.

Go down the stairs and slope E and in the next room there are some Arrows NE and a Large Medipack SE. Next to the dead ninjas are an Uzi and Uzi ammo. Then to the opening S, up some stairs, get through the boulders and watch out for the pit and use the lever at the far wall W to open a door in the previous room. Back through the boulders and now take the opening N.

Be prepared for a fight with three Hydra’s. What worked for me is to stand as close to them as possible and try to shoot the middle one first.

When the Hydra starts to spit fire he is most vulnerable.

The dead ninja’s have Shotgun ammo, Uzi ammo. Through the hole in the floor and up S is a small medipack as well as Shotgun ammo in the water

Just as a precaution DO NOT reload in this room until all 3 Hydra’s are dead and a block goes down revealing a lever.

Once they are all dead jump up the ledge (N) and use the lever where the block lowered, get a camera shot. Go back to the previous room and go to the statue in the middle to grab the Skribblerz Stone.

Another Hydra will come alive and dies. The door opens E, climb the ladder and run out where this adventure ends.


G&D, June 14-2013