The Museum II.

Level by GMac.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.


Blue & Red lights are teleporters.

Go forwards, the door opens. In the SE corner of the Museum are two benches you can shoot for Shotgun ammo and a small medipack.  

The goal is to collect 4 Museum Keys in order to place them NE and stop the flames at the Dragon Crystal.

The First Skull.

Go N over the central floor, right into the Arched section. Step into the blue light and get transported to a walkway one floor up. Go to the S end and jump over the balustrade to that ledge, spikes pop up. Jump around them and the next ones too, jump onto balcony and time the emitters (or hug the wall real tight and just run past them). Go to the S end and jump E to another balcony.

Make your wall to the E wall and enter the opening there.

Sliding Floor.

Stand in the middle of the ledge and jump over the first tile onto the left side of the second, immediately jump left and then right and you should get to the other side.

Get the Skull from the pedestal.

Don’t slide back, but leave through W and jump over then go right (N).

Jump over N again, passing the spot where you have to use the Skulls later, again a jump N and pick up a small medipack NW.

The Green Museum Key and Second Skull.

Go S and jump over, go over the fence into the arched portal and use the lever to open up doors. Safety drop down to the ground floor and go NW to the now open doors.

Stand in the middle with your back to the wall jump to the second tile, a quick hop over the emitter and another hop to get over the spikes on the last tile.

Jump the tiles in the water also avoiding the flamethrower and once on the other side get the Green Museum Key and watch the fly by, the guide is waiting.

So jump back (you can use the ledge of the burner too when the burner is facing away), slide back on the right and look for the guide who is next to the fountain near the E wall.

Pick up the Second Skull, he is guarding and watch doors opening up.

The Third Skull.

The doors are also E and a bit to the left. Go to the end and pick up the Third Skull from the pedestal.

Use the Skulls.

Go back out and to the left you see some red blocks went up there. Climb them and jump over NE so you can place the Skulls.

The Purple Museum Key.

Go in and walk to the green tile and jump back as a big explosion will occur. Sprint over the walkway to the other end and get ready for more sliding.

Stand on the left, time the emitter and run jump to the third tile to the left and jump to the other side.

In the deep shaft after that there are two tiles going up and down, also time this. Jump on the nearest and wait till the second tile is going down and when you are between fires jump on it, walk forwards and jump up the ledge (you can also just run jump straight onto that far tile without using the nearest tile).

Follow through around a corner, passing wall torches, around another corner a staircase and get out on a small balcony.

For the Secret: To the N is a Red light, go there and step in, the Teleporter will take you back to the ground floor. Push the doors open to create a shortcut back up and step back into the Teleporter (the red light) to go back to the top of the Hall.

Go E from where you are and look for a small bench to the right. Shoot it and run jump S to grab an invisible crack in the pillar. Shimmy right around and drop on the ledge to get the Secret, the Shotgun with Ammo and a Medipack. Drop to the ground floor and go into that open “shortcut” door W, take the Teleporter (red light) back up.

Go (S) into that structure, shoot the glass covers there and get the Purple Museum Key. The next Key is shown.

Under the next glass cover is a small medipack.

The Red Museum Key.  

Go out E and around the corner on the right is a ladder to the roof of the structure where you’ll find the Red Museum Key after shooting some coyotes.

The Blue Museum Key, the Skribblerz Stone.

Climb down again, go N along the E side and then shoot out more glass panels to the right at the wall, at the end come to a room where there is more sliding to do. You have to jump over those spike tiles. For some you have to jump to the correct side of the sliding floor first.

Get the Blue Museum Key from the pedestal at the end. Go S to exit the room. Follow through and drop into a pool of the room where you got a Skull before. Go out W and all the way to the wall on the right (N), to put the keys in the wall there.

Walk to the Dragon statue and grab the Skribblerz Stone.

The Final Battle.

You’ll be transported to another room, back flip immediately and start shooting the 3 devils (left one first). There is a Revolver on the right (NE) and some Revolver ammo left (SW) which will re-appear when you’re out. Be careful, when a Devil dies, Lara could take aim on the Lara statue and that would hurt Lara. SW is a Medipack.

Go and pick up 4 Skulls the devils leave behind. Place them at the E and W and Lara gets transported back to the Museum. Go N to the pedestal on the other side of the fountain and get your reward, the Golden Dragon, which promises further adventures. The guide is waiting N near the open door, go into the next room and jump into the green light, this game ends here.

G&D, June 14-2013