Mayan Legends.

Level by Aza.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Around the Temple, Key to the Sun.

Go to the far NW corner and up the rocks there is a passage. Go in and to the left and jump in the pool. Swim to right or left and find an opening in the structure, swim in and down, and at the N end is an underwater lever. Swim back out and around the structure to the E side of the pool. Turn around to look at the central structure and you'll see a large portion of the wall has gone down, revealing a lever.

Flip it and back into the water, back down into that underwater passage but now swim to the S side and up. The trapdoor closes.

Climb out of this pool and behind the left pillar is a skeleton on the floor, on the pillar a jump lever. Pull the skeleton away so you can reach it.

The previous pool has changed.

Get in the water and the trapdoor opens, swim back to the room and get up onto the NE ledge.

Get the Key to the Sun and get a camera shot where to go next.

Swim out E and in the passage take a right and you are outside again.

A Mayan Stone.

Stay on the rocks and make your way to the left and up to some spears that are sticking out of the ground (NE) and then jump to the crawlspace ahead (E). Get in and jump up, avoid the darts and use the Key to the Sun at the end.

A door around the corner opens and you are on top of this cave. Walk left and then turn right onto a ledge.

Go stand on that tile with a head on it and look straight ahead (W). There is a pot you have to shoot. An explosion occurs and in a camera shot is shown where you have to go next.

Now look to the right (NE) and jump to a green slope and slide down, then jump to that stone ledge. Go to the end and pull up, go straight and pick up a Medipack on the right (N) near that symbol tile.

Safety drop down (whichever way you want) and then go up the pyramid at the front (W).

Go up and on top of the ramp you can grab that small medipack, and take the opening on the right to grab the first Mayan Stone.

The Sun God.

Back out and left, slide down to get to the N wall again and jump up to those wooden spikes, make your way through the crawlspace and up to the top. Walk to the end (S) and safety drop onto that stone ledge, loosing some health.

Go E and jump to the ladder to climb all the way up (notice the wall, you will be back here, because it's the clue to a puzzle).

On the wall is a lever; this lowers a block on the ground floor outside. Push the block SW to the different looking tile. The door next to the lever opens. Get in there and sadly shoot the Black Panther. Get the Sun God #1 from the pedestal and get out, down the ladder and as the spikes are gone now, just drop down.

Swim to the ledge with the face tile NW and climb out, now go to the S wall of this cave. At the corner of the pyramid go left up the rocks a bit and there is a wall torch on the right (S) where the block lowered before. Use the lever and after the camera shot go all the way to the NW corner of this cave and up the pyramid there a bit. Down to the right is another lever. Go back to the wall torch with the lever (SE) and climb up the rocks to the E, there where those wooden spikes are, behind those and up, is a well-hidden crawlspace.

Get in and better safe here. Jump to the block, the knife might miss you first time around, take a running jump straight ahead and another one to grab the edge of a slope. Hoist up and slide down a bit, jump and grab the monkey swing. Follow through all the way around the room. Let go at the end and slide down, avoid the knife but itíll stop moving. Jump to the block in front (E). Use the jump lever up left (N) if you want the Secret. Jump back E to the gap and shimmy left, grab up E and get Secret #1, a Medipack. Drop out, hop W to the ledge with the jump lever.

A Mayan Key and another Sun God.

Jump W to grab and climb the ladder, once up turn around and grab another ladder. Shift to the left and slide down. At that face tile on the wall, turn around and look up, jump to the jump lever and now you can go down the slope.

Jump over to the ledge and go N and a bit to the right. Take a banana jump N and on the right is an opening in the rocks. The door at the end opens; go in and into the water.

Swim all the way down to the bottom and then go S into the small tunnel. Use the underwater lever at the end, roll and swim out and straight (N) and up. Climb out (E), go a bit further and go right around the corner and hoist up into an opening S, get in and grab the Mayan Key.

Get back out and now go to that fenced off area, the gate there opens. Avoid the spikes and follow this passage, a skeleton appears, avoid him. At the T-junction go left (S) and jump up to use a lever. Go to the pit (N), take either a left or right into a door and up a slope. On the top you can climb up S. Slide down backwards and grab the edge, use the jump lever and back flip (closing the doors and with a bit of luck the skeleton is trapped inside).

Jump over to the NW corner for a small medipack.

Make you way back and in that fenced off area there is a key lock on the left (N).

The right hand pool is save now, jump in the deep corner and use the underwater lever. All the flames are out so climb up and get the Sun God #2.

Back to the water (W) and swim down and up in the corner on the right and make your way back to the cave. Pick a place to slide down to the bottom and go up the pyramid to use the two Sun God Keys at the big doors.

Inside, a Mayan Key.

Two black panthers guard this place; left and right of the door are levers. Both waterwheels stop, so go to N side of the pyramid and dive in, swim N and avoid the boulder. Get out and follow through to an underground building.

Turn to the right (E) and jump up to grab the ledge, grabbing the edge, shimmy left past the spikes and then pull up. Go to the end, turn around and pull up. Take a running jump and grab the next ledge. Use the ladder to go higher and climb off left. Grab up W, then back flip and immediately jump and grab the ledge above and then go into that passage for the Mayan Key.

Stand in the opening and then take a step or two back, hop back and then a curved running jump over that orange slope, jump immediately to the next one. Jump over the slope and jump again to end up onto a corner ledge. Over there you can get Secret #2, the Shotgun, although hard to see.

Clue for the Upcoming Puzzle.

Safety drop down loosing some health and get to the ground floor.

Youíll see a mysterious light appeared on the left circle near the puzzle wall.

Jump into the green light and you get transported to a room you were before. Now take note of the wall E; that shows the solution of the block puzzle you have to do. You can come back here every time you want. Jump through the blue light to get back to the underground puzzle room. Look at the wall and now you have to push blocks into the empty spaces so it will look like the wall you saw in the room upstairs.

Block Puzzle Wall.

Go to the back and push the block at the N wall to the side and use the Key behind it.

Turn around and at the puzzle wall a block went down showing a lever. First pull/push the block on the left side (SE) out once and then to the W once. Go to the lever and the block goes up. Now pull and push it to the first puzzle opening S.

The gate one floor up opens. Jump up there and pull/push the block you see in the N wall into the opening S. Another block goes up to the right (W), climb up and jump even higher to a ledge there. N are 4 pushables and also a lever.

Go to the ledge E and climb up again, then face N and see that crack, jump there and shimmy to the left, pull up, down the ladder and push out the block. Go back via the ladder and jump down next to the block (not IN the block). Now you can move that block into the puzzle opening in the S.

Go back to the N wall and another block went up W so now you can pull out the most left one and move it onto that marked tile E, so when using the lever it goes up one floor. Push also into the opening S.

Climb on yet another block that went up and climb onto the ledge, push that block you see away (I pushed it to the E side) then go to the N wall and push/pull the left one into the last puzzle opening S.

A camera shows you that finally a gate has opened.

Get yourself down to the ground floor and go to the front, jump through that green light to the room with the clue, go S and descend the ladder to the harmless spike tile.

Swim to the other side (S) and climb the block on the left, turn around and shoot the vase (shotgun or pistols).

Back onto the floor and now make your way to the far SW of this cave (left behind that waterwheel).

Get in and jump via the corners so you can pass the red blinking light. At the end shoot the white vase and an explosion follows, showing you to go back to the pyramid and collect the next stone. Safety drop down, and go to the front of the pyramid to grab the second Mayan Stone from the passage left of the main entrance.

The Skribblerz Stone.

Go into the main entrance again and place both Stones at the big door. Go to that structure in the middle and get the Skribblerz Stone.

The gate W opens, now jump through the red light.


G&D, June 14-2013