Dracula's Return.

Game by the CMS Team. (Clara, Masha and Sponge).

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Very NON linear levels with lost of possible routes, this is how we got through. We advice you to be careful with the ammo you get, there isn't much around.

A few savegames mentioned in the walkthrough at points where they might come in handy, you’ll have to download this Saves folder Be sure to have the latest download or the saves might not work.

 Links to the Levels:
1 - Transylvania. 4 - Dr. Steward's Sanatorium.
2 - Dracula's Castle. 5 - Dracula's Castle -Part 2
3 - Whitby. 6 - Dracula's Castle -Part 3.

1- Transylvania. (Clara) 6 secrets.

Pistols and a Crowbar.

Go to the wrecked Jeep and take the Pistols. Walk to that campfire SE and to the left side fence, kick it (Ctrl) to break loose a Metal Bar (Crowbar). Go to the small gate W and use the Crowbar on it.

Van Helsing's Diary, a Chapel Key, the Pacemaker.

In this cemetery and near the left hand grave are Flares. Leaning against the stone of the central grave is Van Helsing's Diary.

I thought I had defeated Dracula, but I failed. Finally I couldn’t destroy him. Sarah, Chagall's daughter is still in his power and it is to be feared that he will make her to be his mistress and she will have to live forever as a vampire. Chagall was shattered when I told him about my failure.

Go NE, and left around the chapel is a trapdoor you can open. Shoot some bats down there and go to a skeleton that lies behind a grate that you can shoot (E), pick up the Chapel Key. Go back out and around the chapel to use the key there, go around to the other side where the door opened. Inside is a Medipack and when you open the coffin you'll find a Pacemaker.

Lara: "A pacemaker? - No idea how I should make use of that..."

Dracula Arrives.

When you go back to where the Jeep is, a carriage will show up and you'll see Dracula enter his Castle. Go left (N) through the now open gates and to the front of that carriage, the Diary will appear in the screen, indicating you have a new entry:

Dracula's dementors help flightless visitors crossing the river, but they want sacrifices for that: a beating heart and some blood.

Turn left and follow the footprints in the snow

So go into the small park W, there are footprints, there's also a small and deep pool, this is a way back up from the river far below so remember it.

Open a Gate.

Go through the arch in the fence N, turn left and follow the path to a cave entrance with a big snowball above it. Run in fast dodging the ball and shoot those wolves. Behind the bush S is a lever opening the gate behind the fence in this cave, this is to reach that skeleton there later and get the Dagger. That's all you can do here, so back out and hop onto the sloped rock at the entrance, turn around facing the cave and jump to grab the edge above the entrance. Pull up and turn left (S) and go into the woods.

Now you could go for a pickup and a Secret if you like (would be impossible to reach later). Go SW through that arch go right around the hill to the right of you and then N to where you look over the river, slide down and grab that Medipack behind the tree. Couldn't find a way back up, so down into the river I went.

Now we have to get back up where we started, swim to the E, where you see big plant in the water you can find an opening in the rock face to the right (S), covered with plants, swim in and up, get out E, you are back to the small park.

The Sword.

Through the arch N, left to where you see the cave again, but stay on higher ground and turn left into the woods. Still following the footsteps, go to the SW to an arch, then straight W to the second Arch (there's a lever on this arch on the right (N), use it to open a trapdoor nearby).

Go W and shoot the wolf, go N a bit and get up the hill E, on top is an opening, covered with a breakable tile, Get down there and shoot some spiders, go to the skeleton on the fence (If the gate here is still closed, you'll have to do the "Open a Gate" paragraph first). Don’t stand too close to the skeleton and hit Ctrl so Lara grabs the Dagger he’s pinned up against the fence with. Now get out quick before he hurts you.

Chagall's House; Scrap of Paper, the Art of Archery Book (used as Lasersight).

Go W down from the hill to the path and just keep going N through the thick brush to get to a hill overlooking some houses. Go along the front of the house and shoot an old box to get some Arrows. Hop over the fence and use the button on the corner of the house turning on the light. Go up the steps to the porch and look in that roof support for Chagall's House Key (hit Ctrl and Lara grabs it). Go to the front of the house, use the key on the lock to the right and open the door. Pick up a Scrap of Paper from the cabinet N, there's a code on it (4834) for later.

On the cabinet SW is Chagall's Inn Key. In the windowsills S are Flares and a Medipack. Stand near the front door facing the carpet and hit Ctrl so Lara pulls it away from a trapdoor. Open it and get down, open the toilet and pick up the Art of Archery Book in front of the mirror... Creepy! Secret Hunters: Crawl through the blue curtain to get Secret #1, a Little Treasure. That's all, the front door opened back up so get out of the house.

Chagall's Inn; a Bowl with Blood, Garlic.

Go left (N) to the Inn; use the key to open the door and go left (W) to the kitchen, on the shelf of the cabinet NW is the Garlic. Go S and open the door, shoot the bags and pots (and a spider) around the corner right (W) and pick up the Bowl. Go back out and go left onto the stove, there's a chicken hanging on a rack, step under the chicken (find the right spot) and place the Bowl under the chicken. Step back a bit and then stick the Dagger into the chicken, blood runs out into the Bowl, which you can now pick up again (Bowl with Blood). Now go to the N passage, to the right and in the E end is a cabinet, open the drawer to get the Backdoor Key.

Secret Hunters: First use the Key in the passage N, go out and right around the corner to where you see the river. Jump S around the front of the house and climb up that raised platform. Get onto the roof S and grab Secret #2, a Little Treasure.

Looking up E from here you can just make out the special Secret, the Cross we'll get later, just left of that dark wall.

The Heart.

Get back inside the Inn and left to the E passage, in the SE corner is a gate that opened when you picked up the Garlic, get the small medipack on the floor and inside is a lever that will lower that platform outside.

So out the backdoor N and right around corners to jump to where the platform was, throw the lever and get a screen of some poles. Jump back and head E using the poles to get over the steep parts. In the end is a cave with a wolf, shoot it and go to the cadaver of a Wild Boar to get the Heart. Combine that with the Pacemaker and get a Reanimated Heart. You mow have all the stuff you need to cross the river.

Secret Hunters: Swim S to where you see a rope hanging, climb onto the low left bank (E) and jump over to the higher W side, looking at the rope you can see a patch of vegetation left of it. That's where you have to get to, get to the rope and turn left a bit, swing and jump to land on a flat piece of rock near the water, get up to the opening to grab Secret #3, a Little Treasure.

Use the Sacrifices.

Swim S and around the corner to that underwater plant where you can go left into that tunnel leading back up to the park with the horse and carriage. From the park through the arch N again and take a right this time, look below for two stakes, slide/jump down there and use the Sacrifices there.

Dracula's dementors will come down and freeze part of the river.

Over the River up the Rocks.

Get on the ice and jump NE, then go follow the path of blue lights W by jumping around corners twice, then go up NW twice. If you want another Medipack, you'll have to find your way up the hill to the NE and in a bush is a Medipack. This seems a dead end, so return.

The Long Way around. (Save often)

Make your way NW and jump up to the corner of that dark wall, just around the corner in that bush is a lever. A bridge will appear N, get there and go follow that path of blue lights to a pole, swing hard right from the pole to land near a ladder. Go up and left around, back flip from the top landing on a flat ledge where you'll get a view of the Cross (Look below for this Secret). Hop onto the sloped block in front and jump off a bit to the left, go around the corner to the next path of lights.

Secret Hunters: Walk as far into the NE corner and turn N, take a step back and hop over that sloped block in front, immediately jump and curve hard right to land at the corner of the wall (pixel perfect jump, you might want to adjust the position a few times). Pick up Secret #4, the Holy Cross. Run down NE to slide onto the next path of lights (Savegame.0).

Follow through and I kept going along the lower slope, not up the block against the wall. On the far NE corner you can turn right, hop onto the higher ledge and jump S, grab the vine (monkey climb) and follow a bit outward to the end where you'll drop at another blue light. Jump S around the steep rock and hop up SW, go S over the high edge and to the right is a small cave entrance.

Secret Hunters: Go E and jump toward that tree, move forwards to another tree due E, slide down and at the tree that has no leaves jump down and find Secret #5, a Little Treasure. Get back up SE, onto the rock outcrop and W to the blue light.

5 Levers in a Cave, the Symbol.

The cave passage leads passing a receptacle to a wider passage, jump over the gap in the floor and come to a cave with 5 levers.

Diary entry: When all Halos spin at the same time, the mechanism works.

As you enter, from left to right I numbered them 1 through 5. Start with #5, then #2, #1, #4, #3 and all halo's should spin (the clue is in the number of seconds the levers stay active).

There is a time limit, so you'll have to be fast, when done correctly a cut scene show the halo's turning yellow and a block goes up W, get on it and climb up N. Use the Crowbar to get the Symbol off the N wall. Get down, follow the caves N back to where you came from and on the right hand wall of the narrow passage and under the trapdoor is the receptacle. Place the Symbol and the trapdoor opens.

Castle Grounds.

Climb up and go W and right around the corner onto the stairs to the closed doors, turn SE and jump onto the ledge. Climb the N wall, all the way to the top and right hand side, back flip and jump from the roof with a hard right curve onto the top of the roof (Savegame.1).

Go N and jump over the steep part, hang from the end and climb down the wall onto a terrace. Shoot the boxes and find a Crossbow.

Secret Hunters: Climb back up, turn around and combine the Crossbow with the Art of Archery Book so you'll have a Bow with Manual. Look down NE and shoot that lock holding the trapdoor down. Jump there, go up the wall on the right and go get Secret #6, a Little Treasure.

From the trapdoor a jump back to grab the climb wall and go down to the terrace

Throw the lever to open the door and go through the doors S creating a shortcut back up the roof if needed.

Go down the stairs and left, around to the NE corner of the Castle and shoot the bell in the tower. Walk further and around two corners at the W side of the castle a door opens in a small alley with a cart. Go there and enter; Koukol, Dracula's sidekick will hit you over the head with a big candle and when you wake up you are imprisoned.

2- Dracula's Castle. (Clara) 2 secrets

Pushing your Way Out of Prison.

Go into the N side and get the Flares left, then pick up a Sword from under that skeleton. Go back to the S side and use the Sword on that gate W, walking straight you'll bump into a block with the number III on it. There are two more blocks in this passage, you'll have to move the blocks around to get them in the correct alcove as shown on the floor under the blocks.

Best it to start with block II, pull out and push to the side. Then pull out I twice and loop around into the passage and then you can push out block III. That one goes all the way at the end. After you put the other two on their places a ceiling hatch will open up N.

Secret Hunters: In the alcove where block III goes is a fence, break it with the Sword and get Secret #1(7), a Little Treasure.

Climb the block and jump S to grab up into the opening, go left around the fence and use the Sword on the display to get the Gate Key.

Lara: "Bugger! The sword has had it."

Go back to the opening and jump over to the other side, throw the Timed lever and jump back to get through the SW door in time, wolves are howling... Go up the stairs...

Koukol: "What's that noise? - I'll give you reason to howl - you'll see!"

When Koukol notices Lara: "Aha - this is why the wolves are beside themselves..."

Lara: "Are all your visitors received and accommodated so well here?“

Koukol: "Only if I'm in a good mood..."

The wolves attack, run left into the wolves cage, run E and to the right into a dungeon, now tiptoe back and see the wolves are sleeping (if you saved in between they will be gone). Look left of those stairs for a Medipack and get past Koukol into the open door.

Dracula's Living Room.

Follow Koukol into the courtyard.

To the E is a gate you can open with the Key you have. Follow up the stairs, bit hard, but with a few jumps you'll manage to get to an opening on the first floor.

Koukol: "Come on, hurry up! My master awaits you!"

Lara: "Yes, yes - take it easy!"

Go through the door he opens for you,

Dracula: So this is the way to enter my castle quietly and secretly?

Lara: "Well, Mister...."

Dracula: "Count von Krolock. And you are?"

Lara: "Lara Croft."

Dracula: "Well, Lara Croft... what brings you here to my castle?"

Lara: "I'm looking for Sarah Chagal. She should be familiar to you."

Dracula: "Interesting. - Never heard of her."

Lara: (to herself) "Mhhh... that was clear. (to Dracula) I would also like to use your phone."

Dracula: (ironically) "My pho... I think not! (angry) I've had enough of this!"

Dodge Dracula (if he's getting on your nerves, you can use the Garlic on him. Or just let him get Lara, it's funny) and grab a Medipack from the chair SW, the Storeroom Key from the cabinet SE and the Bedchamber Key from the chair he was sitting on.

Storeroom, the Handle.

Go to the doors in the E wall and push them open, in front are Torches, but for now jump N over the ropes, pick up the Flares on the right and then pull out a piece of the bookcase on the left side (N wall), crawl in and use the Storeroom Key. Go back through the crawlspace and jump over the ropes, get yourself a Torch left (E), take it with you to the storeroom (throw it through the crawlspace) and ignite it there. A skeleton wakes up, open the small door E and go in to get the Handle (you could let the skeleton break the stuff in there, or just crouch and pick up).

Go out, get onto the crate and jump to the opening SE to get a small medipack. Take the Torch with you and leave, Dracula is reading a book so go out on the right (W). Ignite the fireplace and the door will open back up, Lara will drop the Torch as you don't need it anymore.

Bedchamber, the Kitchen Key.

Back to the stairs and turn around, grab up into the opening above. Turn around and jump W where the open door is, When you step in, Koukol appears and opens the door on the right (N). Go in and left to a keyhole, use the Bedchamber Key and go inside. Go to the bed and hop on, look in the mirror and you can see a small medipack. There's a Key on the chandelier, jump and grab the chandelier and get the Kitchen Key.

The Kitchen, the Phone, a Bathtub Handle.

Go back to the passage where Koukol was and to the S end, use the lever to open the door and a bit further around the corner and on the left is the Kitchen.

As you go in, Lara finds a phone

Lara: "Oh - the phone! But I still need the area code of Whitby."

On the kitchen counter is a Bathtub Handle, get that and on the S wall is a keyhole, very conveniently the Room Key is in the crawlspace just above it. Go through the door and get a Medipack from top of the cabinet. Go to the table SW and jump behind it so you can read the Telephone book. Lara rips out a part with a Phone Number. Go back to the telephone and use the number. Then you can punch in the number on the Scrap of Paper you've been carrying around, 4834.

Phone call between Lara and Jonathan Harker

Jonathan: “Jonathan Harker?”

Lara: “Mr Harker, my name is Lara Croft. I'm calling from Transylvania. Does the name Chagal ring a bell?”

Jonathan: “Of course. Sarah Chagal is my fiancé.”

Lara: “Do you know where she is at the moment?”

Jonathan: “Why do you ask?”

Lara: “She might be in danger, I'm afraid.”

Jonathan: “You mean...”

Lara: “Yes - Dracula or von Krolock as he calls himself.”

Jonathan: “I know - he kidnapped her, but she could escape and found her father - dead. I took her to Dr Seward's sanatorium here in Whitby. She suffers from somnambulism.”

Lara: “I hope that it's only somnambulism. Thank you, Mr Harker. (hangs up the phone; to herself) I'll have to find out... Off to Whitby!” (Savegame.2- in case you have problems using that phone).

Secret Hunters: Go back into the room S where the door now opened, go to the toilet and try to get the Secret... Lara: "Oh No!!!

Use the Bathtub Handle on the bathtub and Lara pulls it from the wall. Go in and into the sewer, there's only one way so just find the end and pick up Secret #2(8), a Little "Smelly" Treasure. Go back to the Kitchen.

Leave the kitchen and you get to see Koukol, who has listened to the phone call, informing Dracula about it.

Koukol: “Master! Master!”

Dracula: “What's going on, Koukol?”

Koukol: “Koukol knows where Miss Sarah is!!!”

Dracula: “Really? Good Koukol! Come on, tell me.”

Koukol: “Whitby - booby hatch!”

Dracula: “Dr Seward's sanatorium? Well done, Koukol!”

3- Whitby. (Sponge) 2 secrets

Silver Key.

Keep swimming E through openings and at the end, take a right, up and out. Notice the passage to the right where a closed door is of interest. Go straight up the stairs to a room with a button on the N wall (looks like telephone). It is Timed and opens the door in that passage below (Savegame.3).

Through the door you'll come to a yard, on a shard of glass, sticking out of the garbage SE is the Silver Key.

Lara: “A vampire! --- Rest in peace! - Now I'm not sure if Sarah is in good hands in Dr Seward's sanatorium.”

Pick up the Key from the ground.

Secret Hunters: on the loading dock W, behind that crate is Secret #1(9), a Little Treasure.

Blow the Door.

Go up the ladder S and use the Key to open the gate on the right (W). Go down the ladder to the Storage Room, hidden in that stack of crates W is a Torch. Behind the crates E are Flares. Climb the highest crate SW and take a running jump E over the railing with the Torch in hand. Follow up some steps to a room where a fuse box is causing a short circuit. Ignite the Torch on that overheated fuse box and get back to the Storage, go to those oil drums, throw the Torch to the drums and get well out of the way to see the drums blow up. The explosion bent the door N so you can get out through the gap to a courtyard.

Living Quarters, the Sun Disk, Crucifix Ground Beetles.

Go N through the open door and enter the Gym, the cabinet seems empty, but on the blue mats N is a Medipack. Kick the door W and enter the Lounge. Climb the ladder E and on a table is the Sun Disk. Get down, go to the E up the steps and just left around the corner is a small bookcase, on top is a small bottle with Crucifix Ground Beetles.

Go into the little archway next to it and place the Disk in the ring S.

Go back to where the ladder is and leave through the now open door SE. A yard full of containers, make your way to the SE corner where you can go to the right behind the last container. A gate and a keyhole, in the back is an opening behind crates. You'll get a scare, at least I did.

Lara: “They're probably here because of the blood donor bags.”

Pick up a Silver Key the dead guy dropped and open that gate with it. Drop into the hole and follow the flooded room into the SE corner, follow through a cave to a Magic Wall, stand about in the middle and hit Ctrl (you might have to shift position a bit if nothing happens).

Lara: “I can't get through there this way. --- A counter-spell would be helpful.”

Create a Magical Mush.

You probably saw something happen in the lounge, so return there and pick up the Attar of Liverwort from the shelf near that glass pane W, combine it with the Crucifix Ground Beetles to get a Magical Ingredients, put that in the bowl on the counter with the cash register and pick up the Magical Mush.

The Cemetary.

Return to the Magic Wall and place the Magical Mush (stand in the middle). Now you can walk through to reach a Cave.

In the back is a stone in the left wall, push that to bring out a ladder and open the hatch above. Step out into the front garden of a house, go left into that archway and end up at the side of the house.

When you get near that gravestone a cut scene kicks in showing a guy in a morgue being jumped by something. The grave is empty...But didn't we see a tiny squirrel in that cut scene? Look for him in the flowerbed next to the grave and chase him away, he was playing with an Emblem Piece (#2)

Go S over the fence and left is the grave of Grimm, hop over the fence E and Lara look at an empty receptacle. Hop back and go left (S) from there and on the S wall of the cemetery, next to the tomb stones is a button, push it and head through the open door on the right (E) into the house, there is a small medipack on the table.

The Morgue, a Pistol with One Bullet, the Angel Emblem.

Step into the elevator S and hit the button to get down to the morgue. Go left and find that guy from the cut scene, he has had it... Pick up the Silver Key from the table next to him and get out before that zombie attacks you, go through the opened door opposite the elevator and pick up the fuse in front of the wardrobe. Place it in the fuse box a bit further (W wall) and open the cabinet with the drawers to get a Pistol with One Bullet. The elevator will now be operational again, so go up and head up the stairs, stand close to the window E and use the pistol to shoot it (select the pistol from the inventory) so you can get out of the house. Go to the W side and left around the corner is where you can use the Key.

Secret Hunters: To the right, behind the vegetation is a crawlspace with Secret #2(10), a Little Treasure.

Enter the gate and find an Emblem Piece (#1) on the cabinet, combine it with the other Piece and get the Angel Emblem

Go out and go to the right the E side of the cemetery where you saw that cross on the wall, place the Emblem and see a gate open up W. So back to the area where you just came from.

Main Street.

Head through that gate to the Street, take a right and follow to the corner where the level changes...

4- Dr. Steward's Sanatorium. (Masha) 6 secrets

Searching the Grounds, a Crowbar.

Couldn't really find much on the front lawn, so straight through the garden passing a fountain (door) to the entrance terrace, under the terrace in the right hand window is Revolver ammo.

Go to the wall N and climb up the boxes on the left and on the wall. Jump up the low block against the W wall. Climb the vines (on the right) up to a crack, hang on the crack and go right around to the window to get the Crowbar there. Get down, go down the stairs SE and come to the iron Kitchen doors on your left where you can now open with the crowbar.

The Kitchen, Bottle for Holy Water.

Open the door on the left and go to the burning furnace, you can pull out the piece in the middle and move it to the button on the S wall. Use the button to close the trapdoor next to you, go out to the hall and up the stairs and left, in the SW corner is an opening with a crate, pull it out and go inside.

Crate Puzzle.

In the SW corner is that trapdoor you closed, looking up E you can see a ceiling hatch you have to reach. Move the crates around (there's also one standing E and one more W behind the trapdoor) so you can get the top crate to the ceiling hatch and open it. Climb up and get the Bottle for Holy Water there. Get back down and leave through the red curtain E to a lounge, on the table left around the corner is another entry to the Diary :

"Professor Abronsius already claimed that holy water was one of the remedies."

The Wheel.

Leave through the curtain NE and go down to the ground floor and back into the kitchen, where you pulled out the unit is a bellows on the floor, use that to close down the furnace. Go around to the other side (E) and turn the valve, now you'll see the Wheel looks broken, use the crowbar on it to take it with you.

A Fork.

Move that small food cart next to the big pot through the passage E to the dinning room and onto the wooden platform, trapdoors open and cutlery will fall down. Pick up that single Fork (#1) left of the pile.

Get out to the front lawn, up the stairs to the front door of the Sanatorium and open it, go to the reception desk.

Nurse at the reception: “Tonight there's our weekly lottery for the crown "Fool of the week"!”

Lara: “Oh – really!”

Go through the next door to the corridor and to the right, open the first cell door to the right and go to the table where another entry in the diary shows up

"Mammal man is a vampire." Siegmund Freud.

The Basement, a Fuse.

Back out and to the right is the basement, go down the stairs and just before the deadly trap is an opening left. You can use that Valve wheel on the pump and the water under the cables is gone and now safe to pass, the cables are still dangerous though. Go to the end of the passage and left around the corner is a fuse box; pry a Fuse out of the box with the crowbar. The cables are safe now. Notice the door with the keyhole before you head back up the stairs to the ground floor corridor.

A Fork: Go straight (S), a closed door, at the end stairs and just before the stairs take a left and open the cell door.

Male nurse: "You've relocated the dwarves again! - Stop smoking and bring the dwarf back - right away!"

In front of the bench is a Fork (2) on the floor. Combine the two Forks and make a Fork House.

Revolver, Reception Key:

Out and op the nearby stairs, first door left; Lara: "Oh! A theremin! If I only had some music sheet..."

Back to the corridor and left, to the table in the end and another entry in the diary shows up

"Vampires have no reflection"

Go back a bit, the door on the left is a room with a patient shooting at you?

Lara: “My hero!”

Go out and left into the alcove, open the door S with the button next to it. Follow through and before the steps get the Revolver from a small pedestal on the left.

Proceed to the last room S and go right around corners to a conference room. On the small table in the corner you'll get the next entry:

"The ashes of a religious man dissolved in holy water can cure a bitten, but not completely bloodless person. Ash is hard to find."

Go to the window and shoot that chest with the revolver, pick up the small medipack and push the button to lower part of a wall. Go back to the rooms with the couches and look in the SE corner for a button where the wall lowered, another wall goes down. Head back N to the next room and left is the lowered wall, get in the window and shoot the box to flip the switch, a hatch opens up and the fire will extinguish because of the rain. Go S to the corner room, into the fireplace and shoot that pile of wood. Push the button and the gate opens up, the nurse walking away; pick up the Reception Key. Make your way back down to the ground floor corridor where you can now open the door to the reception and pick up the Lasersight.

Use the Fuse, the House Key.

Go out to the corridor and through the front door, left over that dark wall again and straight (N). Stop at the huge stairs as we have to get this secret, as it could be important for everybody and not only for the Secret Hunters.

Secret Hunters: To the left, behind that dead bush is a crawlspace, duck in front and hit Alt and forward to jump in and get Secret #1(11), a Garden Gnome. Get out and head up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs just go to the left along the building. All the way to the end you'll see a gnome statue, to the left of it is a fuse box where you can use your Fuse to raise platforms behind the gate E. Go back a bit and left into another park, there's a patient looking sadly at a tower of cutlery, he's two forks short.

Place the Fork House on top. The tower falls and it seems he also used a Key in there, pick up that House Key NE of the stack.

To the House, the Gate Key.

Back to the path and to the left (N), left and at the middle gate on the right (N) is a keyhole. Use the House Key to open it and enter the house, left around the corner in the window is Revolver ammo. Go to a painting on the E wall and shoot it. Climb up, pick up the Gate Key and go further inside, to the left is a button, opening a ceiling hatch at the other side of this room. Best not go up there yet as you'll only find nasty bats. We can chase them off later by doing other things first.

Go down to the S window and use a button there to lower a wall (shortcut for later). Go out of the house, through the gate S and left, then right towards the gnome, immediately right around the corner is the keyhole where you can use the Gate Key you found.

Churchyard, Church and Holy Water.

On the nearby corner of the Church is a hand on the wall, place the Bottle in there and this will open the doors. Pick up the Bottle again and go inside, right around the corner is where you can fill the Bottle with Holy Water.

The Ash (of a Religious Man).

Go out, left around the Church and over a closed trapdoor to the back wall, climb the ladder. Push the button to open that trapdoor and make your way down there. Use the jump lever on the wall and 3 gravestones outside move aside. Go look for those, one is next to the trapdoor and in the graves are bones. This one is a bit hard to shoot, best is when you go stand at the side near the S end and look with the Laser Sight, the bones with a somewhat different colour are the ones to shoot. Best save before trying.

Next grave is S, shoot the bones, last grave is NE, shoot the bones and a wooden barrier moves in the grave near the trapdoor.

Get down to go into the crypt below the church and in the NE corner is a cross over an alcove with a coffin, shoot the coffin and get the Ash, combine it with the Holy Water and get Ash and Holy Water.

Secret Hunters: In the SW corner is another coffin you can shoot, go in there and get Secret #2(12), a Little Treasure. Get out to the churchyard.

Puzzle with the Garden Gnomes, the Maze Key.

Leave the Churchyard E and go right and to the end to open the gate SE with the Gate Keys. If you already placed the Fuse near the Gnome, a platform should be up just inside, move that Gnome onto the platform.

When you stand on a platform, it will go down. Move the Gnome onto the next, now go down to the ground and look for the Revolver ammo on the pedestal in the middle, as you get close to the gnome down there, the one on the platform might break. (This puzzle is a bit wonky, but as long as the gnome is on a platform and you place your secret gnome in the empty place, it should break the big gnome (and then again it might not) ). 

Lara: “I think I'll need another one now.”

Go to the one spot where a gnome is missing, on the hedge SE and place the one you found as Secret #1 (might also not work).

Secret hunters: In the SW corner is a block you can pull out of the wall, go into the crawlspace for Secret #3(13), a Garden Gnome.

This is how it was supposed to be done: Push the gnome as far as you can get it, probably the second platform, get down to the ground and shoot the switchbox S at the third platform. Throw the switch and now you can use the third platform too.

Go to the highest platform, look down N and spot a pole held up by a chain. Shoot the chain after you saved the game (might take a few tries), the pole goes down. Now go down and into the SE corner and use the jump lever to the right, some doors open in the ladder SW, climb up into that open gate and follow through. Push the button on the N wall and from the gate to the right you can jump and grab the pole to swing to a jump lever on the pillar E. (If you try to shoot the chain from this gate Lara will say as a hint: “I can aim for that more easily from the upper platform.”

Now all platforms can be used to get the Gnome down. Push it onto the corner of the hedge next to the lowest platform.

Go to the second pedestal in the garden and get the Maze Key. This key can be used on the gate NE.

The Maze, the Empty Bucket.The Maze, the Empty Bucket.

Probably there's a shorter route, but this was easier to explain and you'll find all you need.

Go right around corners and find a small medipack and a box of paper wipes (you can't pick up). Go into the maze again and keep going right where possible and stumble upon Secret #4(14), a Little Treasure. Again follow to the right, coming across a grate and then a small yard with a trapdoor.

Open that (face W) and find the underwater Maze.

Dive in, there are plenty of air pockets so don't worry too much. Swim straight at the first crossing (closed door we have to open) and keep going right to end up at an air pocket with the Bucket on the bottom. Wait, first get air and then take the Bucket as the hatch will close, swim back going right where possible and end up at a Ceiling lever (1). No air, so be quick and roll, swim back going right and end up at another Ceiling lever (2), air and a small medipack.

Once more just keep going right (don't overlook the tunnel in the corner at the next air pocket) and end up at the last Ceiling lever (3), the door will open up. Go back left to the close by air pocket and turn W, swim right again, passing one air pocket and then look left for the tunnel with the opened door (should be the first left (N). At the end is another Ceiling lever (4), this one will activate a bright light on the fountain and the Bats from the roof of the house will come and investigate, leaving the roof unprotected.

Getting Out.

Swim back, left and up to the Maze. Out and right around where possible you'll come to some barriers, turn around and go right again to end up at a jump lever (up E at that grate). Sarah Chagall is released; go around the corner to the left, over that grate and through the open barriers (W). Over another grate and right, right and at the end left to a gate on the left. The E wall has a jump lever to open the gate, get out to the front lawn.

The House, second visit, the "Claire de Lune" Music Sheet.

Now we go to the house again, go straight towards the kitchen and then left up the stairs. Go up the huge stone staircase, keep straight and then on the right into the gate.

Once inside the house take a right (E) and around the corner jump up the block into the attic there (if the hatch is closed, the button is in the NE corner).

Once up in the attic run to the other side where a new entry in the Diary will be available:

"Bats can be lured away by high frequency of sound or light."

Yes we know. We just did that.

In the middle of the roof is a chest and you'll have to shoot it, so I hope you still have ammo. Under the chest is the "Claire de Lune" Music Sheet. This has to go to the first floor of the Sanatorium.

Fill the Bucket.

So back down and out off the house and the gate, take a left, down the huge stone staircase, go around the corner and up the dark stone fence and jump to the stairs of the Sanatorium. Go in and straight, open the glass doors and left is the bathroom. Go to the end and pull the roll of toilet paper onto that small drain in the floor. Now shoot the cover of the washbasin and wash your hands, now you can fill the bucket.

Play the Theramin, the Doctor's Room Key.

Go out and to the first floor using the stairs on the right (S), first door left and place the Music Sheet in the Theramin. Dracula appears, you can't see him in the mirror, but what you CAN see is a key behind the chair. Pick up the Doctor's Room Key.

Lara: “You here too? Imagine that.”

Step carefully up onto the fireplace and use the Bucket of Water to extinguish the flames. This is for later, as we'll need to find the code.

The Doctor, a Dossier.

Go back down to the ground floor, left into the room with the glass doors and open the door on the right (N) with the Doctor's Key. Go in...

Lara: “And this is the chief medical director? Actually he looks like Jean-Yves! I'm going crazy!”

Open the cabinet E and get a dossier, examine it to find this: The second digit is the square of the first. The last two digits are the cube of the second.

As the first digit seems to be 2 (no idea why): 2x2=4, cube of 4 = 64- so the code must be 2464.

Fireplace and a Code, Cure the Girl.

Go back upstairs to the music room and use that code on the code pad in the fireplace after shooting the wood, after use of the code and you can get through.

In the room and on the table is a small medipack, stand on the table to get it and turn to the picture on the wall, shoot it. (If you wait a bit standing on the table you see a hand moving around). Inside is a button lowering a wall (N). Go through and come to the bedroom where Sarah lies on the bed.

Secret Hunters, don't go to her yet but go behind the curtain E and left is a jump lever lowering a block in the room behind the fireplace. So go back to the corridor and next to the button W is where the wall went down, go in for Secret #5(15), a Little Treasure. Now you can go back to the Girl.

Stand next to her head and use the Ashes and Holy Water to revive her...

Finally ending up in some Padded Cells, the Panic Room Key.

You'll see Dracula appear, he takes off with Sarah Chagall?? And you are left in a nasty position. Grab the Revolver ammo at the door and shoot the panel in the ceiling, grab up S. Follow through over a trapdoor to Flares and more Revolver ammo, go right into the bypass, because straight ahead is too much wind. Go straight to the end and turn left.

Secret Hunters, shoot the panel in the corner there (S) and go in for Secret #6(16), a Little Treasure.

Get out to the duct again, look E, but stay this part (out of the wind) and locate the dark panel a bit to the left in the E wall. Shoot it, crawl straight against the E wall and while being blown sideways you can just get into that alcove and flip the switch to open the trapdoor. So go back through the duct and down into another padded cell, there's a nasty fellow here.

Avoid contact and run to the N cell, in the doorway is the Panic Room Key. Lure the guy away, run back to where you came down and grab back up (N side) into the duct. Follow back to the first cell and open the door. Go left up the stairs to the reception and leave the building, go the open gates E where Dracula disappeared.

5- Dracula's Castle -Part 2. (Clara) 4 secrets

(Dracula, his son Herbert and Sarah in the living-room))

Dracula: “Herbert, I want you to have a word with our new guest. You seem to be a bit anaemic my son. But leave me alone with your eco-trip! A vegetarian vampire is ridiculous!”

Herbert: “But father - why don't you give me access to the wine cellar? A good bottle of red wine would be enough for me.”

Dracula: “It's out of the question! I want you to turn this Lara Croft into a vampire right now!”

Sarah: “Herbert – you should listen to your father.”

Dracula: “Come on! Get going! She'll be in the castle soon. You should lie in wait for her in her bedroom!”

Looking for Herbert, the Ballroom Key.

Go left and head into that open NE gate like last time, all the way up the winding staircase to the open door W, take a right, a left and again a right to come to Lara's Chamber.

(Herbert and Lara in Lara's chamber)

Herbert: “Good evening, Miss Croft. Kindly excuse that I've been waiting for you in your chamber. But I must urgently talk to you.”

Lara: “What's it about?”

Herbert: “You've already made my father's acquaintance, haven't you?”

Lara: “Yes, indeed.”

Herbert: “He wants me to ... let's say ... suck the life out of you.”

Lara: “How nice!”

Herbert: “Well, that's what vampires usually do.”

Lara: “Usually?”

Herbert: “Yes, you see... I'm different. I want to have an ecologically worthwhile diet. Red wine would be a useful alternative, I think.”

Lara: “And I shall get you some.”

Herbert: “Exactly.”

Lara: “And what do I get in return?”

Herbert: “I could provide access to the crypt.”

Lara: “That sounds good. - See you later.”

Duck to pick up the Ballroom Key and look in the mirror, you can see the harness has a black part. Stand in front of it and hit Ctrl to kick it and a Metal Part breaks loose, combine that with the Handle to create a Spade.

The Ballroom, the Wine Cellar Key.

Go out, back to the staircase and jump over to the E side, to the right is where you can use the Key to open the doors. Go pull the rope SE and the curtains open up, look in the mirror and see an opening in the N wall behind you, climb the chandelier and jump there. Get behind the rope to grab the Wine Cellar Key, get out and go to the door W where you can see another Cross receptacle, so we need one more...

Secret Hunters: Stand near the SE rope and look in the mirror to the piano, you can just spot a jump lever in the corner, climb the W side chandelier, face W and turn a bit right, run jump and grab the lever (just left of that window) and a door opens in the E wall, get in there to take Secret #1(17), a Holy Cross. Get down and use it just outside the Ballroom doors to the right, that second Cross you've been carrying around goes next to the door W to open it. It's a shortcut to the balcony passage.

The Wine Cellar, Bottle of Italian Wine.

Look in the mirror again so you can see the entrance hall through the open doors, there's a keyhole! Go through the doors and on the left side of the wall torch is the keyhole. The door is also hidden from view but visible in the mirror again. Just take a step aside and grab up next to the keyhole to get into the opened door. Follow through to a room with blood samples in crates. On the S wall is a Timed lever, use it, back flip roll and jump a bit left onto the higher stairs, roll and sprint to another lever over a trapdoor. Use it before the trapdoor opens and a door opens a bit back (Savegame.4).

Return into the passage and through the open door straight (E) and to the right between the shelves with Vampire lollypops and crawl E underneath the shelves. Go to the sacks S and pull them away to crawl underneath the S shelf, grab the Bottle of Italian Wine and now you hear party music.

The Crypt, a Stake.

Go back up the staircase, safety drop down and down the winding staircase and out to the courtyard. Go into the door NW and into the wolves cage N, take a right and a right again to the Crypt where you hid for the wolves before. There are some Flares on the ground next to the dirt mound. Just about on the same spot you have to face the buried coffin and use the Spade (you might have to find the correct spot by moving around a bit). Lara digs away and now you can open that coffin to get a Stake. A door is shown at the end of the balcony passage (another item is needed to open that door, the Dagger later).

Ball Room, Dracula's Crypt Key.

But first we re-visit the Ballroom, so... out the wolves pen and to the open gate, up the winding staircase all the way to the top. Then another left into the ballroom, give Herbert the Wine

Herbert: "Thank you so much! Would you like to dance?"

Take Dracula's Crypt Key from his hand and the show begins, but when the curtains open the fun is over...

Girl: "Look in the mirror!!! She is alive!!!"

Dracula: "Koukol! Go and get her!"

Oops, detected. No escape possible; but run outside the ballroom anyway, take a left and use the lever there. Koukol will clobber you.

Oh No, not again..

In prisoned again, go to the broken part of the W wall and kick it, get Flares and a Tube of Grease.

The Puzzle Tower, Man the Canons.

Push that old Canon to the S and then left onto the wooden raising block, open the trapdoor in the floor and do not use the lever (#1) yet. Climb up through the opening at the crate NE, there's a lever (#2) on the E wall, don't use it yet, but stand on the grating and face the lever and jump up to grab the ladder, go up to the ceiling and best is to go right, then go 4 steps down and 6 to the left. You should now be lined up for a back flip and roll to a jump lever; this lever will lower the spikes on first floor. In front of you as you land is a Medipack, go left and jump over to a lever (SE) (#3) in the E wall, use it to open the trapdoor on first floor. Jump from that alcove up to the ledge W and get a small medipack.

Canonball and Sarah's Crypt Key.

Go down to the first floor; use the lever (#2) there. Climb up and first grab the Canonball where the spikes were. Then pull/push the Canon to the other side (N) onto the raising block.

Go down to use the lever (#1) in the pit on ground floor (Canon goes up) and climb up to also use the lever (#2) on first floor again so the trapdoor closes allowing you to climb up the ladder, up a bit and back flip.

Pull the Canon out of the corner once and then once to the S. The door on the right opens up.

Go into the door and throw the lever (#4) in there to raise the Canon again. Go up the ladder and right over the opening with lever #3, back flip to the ledge and go to the front of the Canon. Load it with the Canon ball, turn around and climb up (W) to use the lever there. A door opens in the S wall, jump in there from the ledge where the small medipack was and get Sarah's Crypt Key.

A fire also started on the first floor, now jump back to the Canon and stand at the S side, use the Tube of Grease and Lara turns the Canon towards the window, the door behind the canon (W) opens up. Go in there to get a Torch.

Make your way down to the first floor (I ran down N, then S) with the Torch and get behind the swing axe to ignite it. Throw it somewhere against a wall so it will stay on this floor. Go to lever #1 (all the way down at the bottom) and use it again, climb up and throw the Torch on the raising block N and use lever #2, climb the ladder and get to the lever #3 in the E wall alcove to get the Torch up here. Go get it and hop to the ledge SW, then up into the alcove E (where lever 3 is) and turn around to jump up to where the Canon is. Ignite the fuse... jump over to the broken window.

Koukol is mumbling something while he opens the door to the Tower.

Use the lever outside on the right to open a door in the courtyard. Go inside and down to the ground floor, crouch in front of Koukol and grab the Medipack.

Koukol: "With best wishes from Herbert. To help with your headache." (giggles)

Entry in the diary: Dracula can only be killed with the vampire dagger, the Kurki. Probably it is in the cistern.

Timed Platforms.

Go outside and immediately right around the corner is the door that opened, a bit up in an alcove. Save in front of the Timed lever and raise some platforms with it, pull, hop back turning right and run jump NW to the first platform, hop to the next N and use the lever there to open a door up to the right. You can make it in one go to also jump in there. Or use the Timed lever again (Savegame.5).

Use another lever to open the gate to the Crypts.

The Crypt, a Crossbow.

Safety drop down and go into the gate SE, down the stairs and look up around the corner, open the hatch and climb up S. Grab the Crossbow and Arrows and shoot the chest to get Explosive Arrows. Get down and go S to the Crypt where a Vampire will attack from a distance, shoot her with Explosive Arrows (7 of them) from standing at the edge (If you have to start over during the next part, climb back up at the entrance).

Pipes Puzzle.

Jump to the ladder on the pillar.

Secret Hunters - Tricky Secret: Go around one corner right, up to the top and hang right, go down two steps and back flip with roll to grab a slanted block, Hang in the middle, pull up over and slide far, then jump to the sloped surface, jump again to land on the ledge. From there to the rope W, swing to the ledge SW, look S and see a ledge you have to get to with a jump to the sloped base of the cage (in the water) and steer hard right to be able to grab the ledge with Secret #2(18), a Little Treasure. I managed by standing back in the NE corner facing SW, did the short run jump (hold Shift, start run and release Shift/immediately hitting Alt). Jump to the ladder and go around left (Savegame.6).

Go around one corner, up to the top and hang right, go down two steps and back flip with roll to grab the slanted block.

Hang left, pull up over and slide far, jump so you'll touch the cage and Lara will veer left to the middle of that slope (also tricky, you could also do the route with the rope like in the Secret above and jump from the sloped base to the jump lever). Immediately back flip with a roll to grab a jump lever (Savegame.7).

A door opens up in the E wall near the cage. Swim through to come up into a maintenance room.

Flood the Crypt / Blow the Hatch.

4 levers on the walls, use both levers in this part of the room, go into the passage with the torch and ignore the first, but use the second lever, pipes move into place (they all have to be connected) and the door opens, go in and use the valve and the place floods. You can swim back where you entered and go up along the staircase for air.

Secret Hunters: Visit that room where you got the Crossbow and where the barrels are now floating is Secret #3(19), a Little Treasure. Above the stairs, look up at the ceiling, there's a newly opened hatch.

Up through the hatch, turn around and jump to use the jump lever. Swim back up the stairs and right in front of you a block lowered, revealing Secret #4(20), a Little Treasure.

The Vampire Dagger.

When you step out onto the square, a flyby show the Vampire Dagger being thrown out of the cage in the Crypt by the water pressure, another Vampire appears too. Shoot her/him and grab the Vampire Dagger, see a door open near the kitchen on the balcony passage (this door will only open if you already picked up the Stake in this paragraph -The Crypt, a Stake -, but you can still go get it). 

Enter the left gate E again; up the staircase to the top and in W, left and you may have to open the door S with the lever. All the way to the end and into the door you saw...


6- Dracula's Castle -Part 3. (Clara) 1 secret

A Rose.

Get through the axes and use Sarah's Crypt Key W, get through the door, shoot all the skeletons if you still have ammo. Go behind that coffin and get a Rose, then use the Stake, and the body disappears. A gate opened in the passage with the axes, so go there and time the first 3 traps to get to a safe tile between the spikes.

Secret Hunters:Up to the left in the corner is a crawlspace, get in there to pick up (the last) Secret #1(21), a Little Treasure. To get out I crawled backwards, just before the flame goes down, crawl out and back flip, turn around and hop over the last spike trap if safe.

The Car Keys.

Open the door with Dracula's Crypt Key. Run through the passage as fast as possible and grab the Car Keys from the coffin, Dracula is visible, so you can stick the Vampire Dagger in his chest.

Koukol: “My master has gone. So Koukol must go too.”

Watch how peace returns in the castle....

Narrator: "That morning - fleeing from Transylvania - Lara never guessed she was carrying away with her the very evil she had exempted. Thanks to her this evil would at last be able to spread across the world."

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