Wacky.  3 secrets

Level by Daffy.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Push Puzzle.

Go left to come to a puzzle room, SW is a pushable globe, it has a yellow cone on one side. Pull it once, go around through the passage NW and push it, around again to pull it into the room and move it onto the marked tile with the yellow dot. In the NW corner is a second globe, this one with a red cone, move that to the tile with the red dot, using a bypass passage near the start to get behind it. A block goes up in the passage near the start (W), climb up to the first floor. Jump to the S and claim the Flares. Turn around and spot a jump lever, go use that to open a door to the right and behind you. Drop into the blue hole and shoot a bunch of rats, climb up E.

House of Gates, Lasersight and First Gate.

Step out into the opening N and safety drop down to a deadly basement, go to the water and careful get in, time the spike traps to get to the other end, climb out and use the jump lever to open a gate. Swim back, spikes are gone now and go left into that narrow gap at the spike trap, grab the small medipack just around the corner and swim to the end and into another gap near the bottom, to the right is Secret #1, a Golden Dragon. Swim back to the main tunnel and straight into the gap at the other side of the spike trap to get the Lasersight from the end of the tunnel. Swim back and to the right in the main tunnel, climb out and go up the ladder and left into the house of gates. Go to the opened gate SE.

The Revolver.

Here you can decide to shimmy along the walls and back flip into the opening you want, or jump around the corner onto the wall so you can back flip into the opening you want.

This time go to the first opening left; use the jump lever to open a gate on the N side. So get back to the opening you came from, to the N side and go right around the corner to the second opening (shimmy or jumps). Inside is another jump lever; it will open another gate two openings to the left. So go around to the other side and to the third opening where the gate opened. Use the jump lever to open a gate to the right. Go back to the S side, jump out left to grab the Revolver there and make your way around to the last opening on the N side.

You'll come to a room with a pool, jump to a ledge E, turn around left and spot a target on the wall, shoot it to open a gate N at the water level. Jump down onto the ledge under the entrance, there are crocs and some of the fish are piranhas, you can shoot the crocs from the ledge below the entrance.

Now swim as fast as possible to the ledge N, pick up the small medipack and pull the globe onto the tile. The flame on the ledge where you shot the target is now off.

Swim back to the S side and climb up to the entrance, jump over to the ledge E, roll and jump to grab that rim on the wall, next to the entrance and shimmy around right, then back flip to the ledge.

Jump to the one NE and shoot another target to open the gate S, jump back over the ledges (or swim there) and pull the globe onto the tile to stop a second flame.

Up to the entrance again and do the route over the ledges to get to the far ledge NW, in that passage is a closed door. Jump to the opening W.

Fiery Passage, the Silver Key.

Look up and you can see what is going on in the next bit. In the next passage are rings of fire going back and forth, time them to go left first and right into a safe alcove, then to the end and left to use the lever, back to the passage and right into the door you opened. Hop into the water and find the Silver Key in the NW corner, nasty rats....

Back out to the passage and using the safe alcoves to the other end (N), use the lever. Run out and left into the opened door and use the Key in there to open a gate opposite the entrance. So run back and right into the open gate.

The Blocks and Boulders Puzzle.

Go down the ladder and turn around, climb up onto the inactive spike trap on the ledge. Turn to the Boulder and push it, then jump off right before it comes back. Do this on the other three ledges too, in the NW corner are some Flares.

Now jump into an alcove S where a gate opened up to use the lever there, globes fall from the ceiling and the covers are blown from the 4 levers at the fronts of the ledges. Use a lever, turn right and run jump over the boulder to use a button where the Timed block lowered, just let yourself go up and roll, jump back to the ledge and the block that went up behind the globe. Now you can push the globe onto the trigger tile. Do the same at the other sides and you'll see a door opening up. That's in the room with the pool, so go back up the ladder E and straight through to the room with the pool, jump over E to the ledge and follow the passage almost to the end.

Spike Wall, the Golden Key.

Stop before entering the next room and you'll hear a sound of an incoming spike wall. Wait till it goes back and run straight in N, go left and jump over the piranha pool. Left between the blue gates and use the lever to stop the flames on a pedestal behind the spike wall. Go back to the spike wall, run after in and into the shallow pool. Duck and wait for the wall to go overhead, quickly run to the doors and wait for the wall to come and go. Now pick up the Red Diamond and get back to the piranha pool. Jump to the other side and use the Diamond to lower a block in the piranha pool. Jump to the other side and look back and down in the water is the opening.

Dive into use the underwater lever, get out and find an opened trapdoor in the W side of the pool. Follow the tunnel and pick up the Golden Key in the next corner (SE), follow through and into a gap in the right hand wall on the bottom to get Secret #2, a Golden Dragon.

Boulder Alert.

Out and to the right, up in the end and watch out for the spike wall, get out when it is away. Open the big doors with the Key and go into a gloomy place. To the left is Revolver ammo, to the right a dark tunnel with some Boulders. Trigger the first by running past the entrance and go in, left are Flares and a second Boulder is triggered. To the E is a small medipack, then approach that opening in the E wall and shoot whatever runs out. Go into that opening if you want Secret #3, a Golden Dragon.

Use Your Boulders.

Go out and down to the ladder W where the trapdoor is now open, go down to where the Boulders are. Push both of them onto the flame tiles N, they will explode and a gate opens up. Pick up Revolver ammo to the right and Flares to the left of the N alcove before you go through that gate.

Room with the Hammergods.

Could be these guys take a shot at you first, but when you go back into the passage and go in again you will be relatively safe. Run along the left side of the cage to the back (SE) where you'll find a Timed lever, pull, back flip/roll and run jump onto the block W so you can use the jump lever there. Get on top of the cage (you can jump up from the inactive spike trap on this side) and go to the other side where you can now jump onto a pillar.

Hop E onto the next and the next jump is a bit tricky, just jump and grab the edge of the pillar with the spikes and shimmy to the right. Pull up and immediately take a running jump to the next before you are pulled into the spikes.

Get to the lever S and use it to open the cage doors and raise some platforms. Jump from the corner of the lever ledge to the first breakable platform. A running jump to the next and a stand jump with a right curve will get you to a pillar. Jump to the spike pillar N and a running jump onwards to a pillar with a small medipack. One more jump to do to the lever and use it to drop some rollers and those will kill the Demigods for you.

Some nasty birds come to take revenge, shoot them. Jump back to the S and then onto the cage, go inside and pick up the two Red Diamonds.

Up to the top of the cage and place then in the receptacles S, follow the route over the E side pillars and the platforms to the SW corner where the door opened.

Thank you for playing, Daffy.

G&D, May 29-2013.