Lara's Stroll. 7 secrets

Level by Daffy.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Move the Crates, a Torch.

Lara falls into water, swim NW and find an underwater lever on the block (face E). This opens the left gate in the S wall. Near the right hand gate are some Flares.

Swim in and up; push the crate to the other side on that different looking tile. This opens the other underwater gate, so go there and do the same thing. The glass block lowers so you can reach the Torches. First push the button N then pick up a Torch and ignite it on the fire (W), go to the other side and fire up the fireplace (E). A block goes down in the first room.

The Ball.

Throw the Torch away and swim out, climb out at the W wall and go right then climb up at the bridge on the right. You can shoot the monkeys if they bother you.

When you step on that blue tile, the ball will drop, so just run over the corner of it to a safe ledge next to the blue tile. Push the ball to the W and when it is down to the S, so it will end up in the water on a trigger tile. A block goes up where the ball was. Climb up again and onto the block and jump to the jump lever in the W.

Go back down, the cage in the middle of the room is now open so you can use the lever to open a trapdoor. Back up the bridge again and up the block, and through the trapdoor.

On the right (S) is a small medipack. Use the TIMED lever, turn then take a step and hop over the hole and run in the open door. Drop down backwards so you can use the jump lever there, this opens the door behind Lara.

Room with the Paddles.  

Shoot some small spiders and at the end jump down on the right. Now we have to run the gauntlet.

First hop when the first paddle is gone and wait for the second paddle to be gone as well so you can turn a bit left to jump to the left (N wall). The next series is the same MO. When you arrive at the S wall, jump up and grab the monkey climb and go straight. Let go and jump down at a closed gate. First jump into the water and swim to the end (W) to get Secret #1, a Golden Dragon. Get out of the water and jump over the water hole and trigger the rolling ball, run back so it won’t squash you.

Make your way where the ball was and you are back at the deadly pool, some trapdoors appeared so jump over them to the other side (S), a run jump and a stand jump.

Use the jump lever and see a gate opening. This means you have to travel the deadly pool again, avoiding the paddles and using the monkey climb.

Flaming Pole, a Red Diamond.

When you enter this passage you get a flyby and see the Gem you need. Whenever you are in an alcove/opening of the room you have to stay behind the red line on the floor to be safe.

Get the Flares and go into that alcove on the left (N), push the button, wait for the flames to go up and run into the open door at the E wall. Go around the corner to a ramp and turn around to use a jump lever opening the next door. Make your way up and run jump to the opening opposite (N). Climb up left and follow through. At the end you have to jump to the ledges without getting burned. First to the one on the right, use the lever and take a running jump to the other side. Get in and turn around, use the ladder, and get the Red Diamond with out getting burned. Make your way down to the ground and go W to use the Diamond at the gate.

Fire and Spikes.

The next gate opens and closes like it is broken, so run through and jump over the lava to the right and then a running jump again right. Go forwards, shoot a monkey and pick up the Flares, then stand at the glass door and use the monkey swing to get through, avoiding the spikes in the middle by going left or right. The burners can be a problem too when you get too close, so save often. At the end of the monkey climb keep to the right and drop down. When you approach that wooden door, a danger sound is heard, get out of the way because a ball comes down.

Use the jump lever on the N wall, lowering a glass block W. Take a running jump over the ball, grab the Medipack there and run to the other side (W) to use the button. You'll ignite the fuse and it blows up the door. So make your way there and pull out the block. Jump on top and climb even higher, follow through and then drop down. Face N and jump up and grab into a crawlspace and get down at the other end into another crawlspace for Secret #2, another Golden Dragon.

Go back where you came from and continue to another room. Shoot the flying skeleton.

Storage Room, Crate Puzzle.

In the NW corner (you have to jump the boxes) are Flares. Don’t drop down just there but jump back as the pile of wood will be in your way. Get down to the ground floor and go in E. In the NE corner, behind the stone block is a Medipack, SE you can find the Laser Sight.

Get back outside to the other room and in the SW corner is a Timed lever, this lowers a glass box with a lever in the N on top of the other crates. A big roller starts rolling back and fro, but first push/pull the block at the N wall to the S twice so it rests on the tile where a glass block was before. Now go to the roller and avoid it and get behind the wooden doors. Jump down and left and right are levers. Use only the lever at the left (S) side, then go out and pull the block to the S once. Go back down, through the doors and now use the lever on the right (N). Back out again and climb up so you can push/pull the block onto the trapdoor you see on the S side. Get down to the E and find a lever that drops the trapdoor. Now you can push the block to the W onto a trigger tile.

Climb up again and find the gate (SE) open. First jump to the W side to get the Revolver. Jump back and inside is a werewolf, so kill it. In this new room grab the small medipack in the far away left corner (NE).

A Torch.

Use the Revolver and Sight to shoot away the small wooden panels with the red dots, one on each roller and they come down. You'll see a gate opening; so go out, down to the ground floor and to the NE corner into the passage where the gate is in the N wall. The rollers drop down after pushing the button so now you can go for a swim, go W to the room where the cage is. Get inside the broken cage and jump in the water. Swim all the way to the end and use the underwater lever. Swim back and somewhere in a corner a trapdoor opened. Get out and grab the Torch, this also opens the gate N so you can get back to the structure. Jump with the Torch up the blocks outside and go into the room SE, ignite the Torch and drop down to the ground floor through one of the open trapdoors there. Inside the structure are 4 wall torches, so use the Torch and the door E opens. You'll see a sign on the wall that says NO TORCHES, so throw it down into the water on the left and enter.

Spiked Ceiling Run.

Sprint over the popping up spikes, take a right at the crossing and wait there till the spiked ceiling came down and goes up again. Run in and pick up a Medipack, run back, wait for the spikes to retreat and sprint to the button and after pushing it, sprint back to the crossing. Go into the opened door right (S) and watch the fly by.

The 4 Red Diamonds.

Jump down into the water and avoid the paddles and spikes, swim to the right wall (W) and find a small medipack.

Now you have to dive into the holes under the paddles, there's one side safe (no spikes) so use that side for going in and out. Collect the 4 Red Diamonds from under the paddles. Swim out and on the left (E wall) you can climb out the water at some ladders. Go straight up and near the top transfer to the right, pull up, slide and jump to the right onto a pillar. Take a running jump to the E wall to use the jump lever. Slide and back flip to get back up the pillar. Take a running jump and grab the one W and jump to the jump lever. Slide and back flip again to get onto the pillar.

Then jump over the flat pillars to the one NW. Better kill the monkey as he will going to bite Lara and use the jump lever there as well.

Use the Diamonds, the Red Key.

While you back flip you see a trapdoor going up. Jump into the water and swim to the S wall, climb onto the trapdoor and insert all the Diamond you have. Into the water and the trapdoor S wall has opened so swim in it. Follow the wall and at the end get the Red Key. Swim back out and to the E wall and climb out at the ladders. Jump up and grab the edge of the E wall and shimmy to the left, pull up on the trapdoor and jump up to leave this place. At the intersection use the Key on the gate to the right.

Fiery Passage.

Avoid the emitters and slide down, then back flip and grab the ladder and climb up. Turn around and jump over the gap, crawl through that reddish part of the wall to get Secret #3, a Golden Dragon. Get out, jump over the gap again, avoid another emitter and use the jump lever on the left (W).

Back over the spikes and into the door, do the same trick again with the emitter, slide and back flip to grab the ladder.

Take the second slide too and go into the door on the right. Step in to trigger a roller and hop back, go where the roller came from and get the Revolver ammo. Go down the slope and through the door the roller opened for you. Get in, follow through and watch the fly by.

Push the Crates, Dodge the Rollers.

Shoot the flying skeleton then push both blocks forwards twice and watch them take off. Jump the block straight ahead and push it on the marked tile, a cannon blows away a crate. Now jump over to the next and push that one also on that marked tile. The same happened with that other crate. Push both buttons revealed by the broken crates and then jump back to the entrance and see that the two small pools left and right are empty. Get in and use the lever you find there. Go out again and jump the ledges to the NE corner and enter the door in the N wall.

Pick up a small medipack and run through the rollers to the two push buttons left and right in the middle. Found it easier to push one button, go back to the entrance then do the other one.

Then go to the open gate E and use the lever there, back through the rolling objects and outside.

Hammers, 2 Diamonds for the Red Key.

Jump to enter the open door left (E). Go to the first swinging hammer and stand on the right, swoop around the corner and jump over to get a Red Diamond.

Jump back and go straight N to use that Gem at the N wall. Look W and jump to the alcove for Revolver ammo.

Jump back to the middle again and go to the next hammer, on the right is another Red Diamond, in the alcove E you can find some Flares, jump to the N wall again to place the second Diamond.

Look E for another Medipack. Drop down and jump the slopes into the NE corner to use a lever. Now jump into the SE corner, go into the opened door and get Secret #4, a Golden Dragon.

Jump the slopes to the W side and a door (N) has opened by placing the Diamonds. Get the Red Key at the end. Go back and straight S up the ladder and use the Key to open the door.

Torch Puzzle with the Mine Carts.

There are two werewolves and one monkey in this area. Go to the other side (S) arch and use a jump lever on the right, the roof opens and a roller drops down. At the other side of the arch grab the Revolver ammo.

Go to the S wall and into the opening behind the pillar with the jump lever. You'll see some slits in the wall and when you look through them some targets are revealed, shoot all three of them (can be done with pistols too).

Back out and the door on the right (E) wall is open.

Get a Torch you'll find inside and put it next to the cart W. Push the boulder N, side flip and grab the Torch and ignite it when the cart comes back down burning.

Then ignite the wall torch at the arch SE and watch the little cart come down, carefully ignite the cart and watch it go back up igniting the last wall torch. The trapdoor in the E side floor opens, get in to use the underwater lever and climb out. To the other trapdoor W, dive in, pick up the Flares and use the underwater lever. Swim through the open door on the right.

Flames, Jump levers and Spike walls.

Get out at the end and avoid the flames, left and right are small platforms. Try to get there without getting burned. Go right when the flame goes left and run onto the golden tile in the room. Jump to the jump lever when the flame is to the left of you and back flip or hop back as soon as you land. Go back to the entrance and do the other side as well.

The gate S opens, get in and be careful, as there are moving spikes in there. Go left (E) first and at the end left, climb up left (S) and down to grab the Red Key. Climb back on the block and grab the climbable wall (W), go up for Secret#5, a Golden Dragon. Back out again and do the other end of this passage as well to get the Blue Key. Get out.

Run behind the spikes and go left (S). Jump over the emitter when it is down and use the two Keys. In the water in the middle is a Medipack.

Button Basement.

Go into the open door and drop down, use the button S, roll and avoid the roller and run to the other side to push another button. Run up on the slope W, find some Flares and a gate we’ll have to open up.

When you get on that metal plate you’ll get transported up again.

Use the button you see S. Use the transporter to get down, wait till it goes up and jump down under it. There is another button, so climb back out of this pit on the W side and now walk onto the slope W again, the gate there is finally open.

Knife Traps.

You can crawl under the knives, but they can suck you in like there’s a current, so steer clear of them. On both sides I could just run through with a bit of luck, but you have to stay in the middle of the path. Take the left passage first at the end is a push block. Pull/push it twice to the E wall. Go back and now take the other passage and use the button. Behind Lara is a small medipack.

Roller Gauntlet.

Go back through the gauntlet and the door E wall is open. Sprint down the slope and run to the corner straight ahead, a roller will chase Lara and explode and in that corner she will be safe.

Look up W and jump to that jump lever, immediately back flip as another roller will come down and explode the wall on the right.

Go up where that roller came from and climb into the crawlspace left (E) for Secret #6, a Golden Dragon. Get out to the pool and watch the flyby.

Light My Fire, Release the Roller Puzzle.

Go to the NW corner and use the jump lever, a gate E opens.

In here is a flying skeleton. Go straight in and find a lever near the E wall. It is Timed and loop around and climb the block and turn around and hoist up. In the W wall is a push block.

First go S to the ladder climb down, pick up Flares N and further down a Medipack.

Then use the button in the end and climb up the ladder again and off on the left. Now push the block till it falls down. Pull/push it till it stands on that trigger tile next to it, go through the gate E avoid the popping up spikes and at the end pick up a Torch. Go back again and outside to the pool, leave the Torch where you can find it and notice that a block has fallen through a trapdoor W.

Push it in to ignite the fireplace and retrieve the Torch, go back inside E and now you can ignite at the fireplace left.

Go outside and go the other end of the pool and ignite the basket closest to the ground, this set fire to the next, Put the Torch down and go into the left door E. Walk through the opening NE and watch out for the thumpers. Around the corner climb up the ladder and shoot some spiders. Left is a small medipack and on the right around the corner a lever.

Get back down the ladder and through the open door, avoid the thumpers and use the button in the end on the left.

Leave and go to the pool another gate (N wall) opened. There is a werewolf in there, so kill it. Go up the ramp and jump up to climb the ledges (face S and then N) stand where the footsteps are and back flip and immediately jump to grab the next ledge.

Take a running jump to the ladder and go around the left to a ledge. Then jump up to the monkey swing and avoid the emitter, drop on a slope and jump to the next ledge also avoiding an emitter. Take a running jump to the pillar with the ladder and climb up. Then jump to the opening right, drop down grabbing the edge and shimmy to the left around the corner. Pull up and at the end pull up on the right (N) to find Secret #7, a Golden Dragon. Go back out, hang from the edge and shimmy right around to get to a passage.

Follow through avoiding moving blocks. At the end a running jump to the ledge with the floor lever. Finally you see the roller fall down. Run from the corner of the ledge, down onto the safe tiles where I started and then safety dropped to the ground floor. Go to the pool and into the E room where the roller went in and broke a panel straight ahead. Use the lever and go back out, into the room N again.

The double door has opened and shoot the two lizards, nothing else to do than enter the opening with “The End” on it.

G&D, May 29-2013.