Levels by Mugs

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In case you need one of the mentioned savegames, you'll have to download the Saves Folder.

Level 1 - Amusement Park. - 2 secrets

Loop around left, and go to the left hand fence, in the right hand corner of it one of the bars is broken so Lara can get through. Shoot the guard dog (could be a thug is shooting you from a wall W, take care of him), a bit right of where you came in and near the ticket office is a small medipack, then go to the (N) past that carousel and go to the left arch and find some Grenade ammo hidden in that plant.

Now go to the bumper cars S and pull the blue ones well away from the NW corner to reveal a trapdoor. There is a switch on the wall, and when pulling it Lara falls through. Pick up Secret #1, Tarot Card #1.

Get back out then go S through the opening in the middle of that wall, 2 more watchdogs will attack and Lara will look through the fence S (later). Go right to the alley with the stands, shoot the barrel on the left for Grenade ammo. Turn around and climb the crates W, on the top crate turn left (S) and push the block in to get Secret #2, Tarot Card #2.

Walk out and walk onto the break tile to break it and hop back, climb down the ladder. As soon as you come in, and before going for the Flares, climb up on the left (W). Follow this ledge around and use the switch around the corner to open a trapdoor a bit further on. Get back and now pick up the Flares.

Machine Room, Block Puzzle.

At the crossing go left, shoot the crook and there is the open trapdoor.

Climb down and jump down W, at the end better look up and wait for the slicer to pass then pull up right (N) and run jump into that alcove. Pull up, duck into the corner and then face left (W) and pull up again. Immediately take a running jump to the ladder S and then climb up again and scoot into the alcove on the left, the switch drops a trapdoor somewhere. Pull the switch again as we have to do some work first.

Go out of the alcove push a block opposite the alcove in twice, then pull the block on the left once (S side). Go to the other side (over the trapdoor N side, and yes that is the one operated by the switch) and pull the block there on top of the trapdoor. Go back to the switch and pull it. The block falls into the floor; now go there and into the passage behind it. Loop around and find another switch, pull that one as well to drop another block into the floor.

Turn around and you can push the block at the N side twice creating a shortcut, or just go around again. Go back out and jump down to a ledge on the right (S side) and take a running jump into the opening on the right (SW). Pick up a small medipack there. And around the corner where that second block dropped you'll find another switch to open a trapdoor. Go back to the big tunnel with the slicer.

The Office, the Crowbar.

Make your way to the ground floor (I went up to the top, down via the ladder (N) and back flip/roll from the safe ladder. Drop from the ledge and slide down, back flip/roll and run into the lower part of the floor. Get back up E and at the ladder go left to the N side, there is the trapdoor you opened.

Climb up and get into the hole on the floor and get on the ladder at the other end. You are behind one of the fences of the Main area. Get on the steps and jump over the broken staircase. Open the door and kill the two goons inside. One leaves a Crowbar behind.

If you want all pick-ups you have to walk through the glass and loose health. Ok..ok, if you insist; be sure to have enough health, shoot that barrier and walk slowly through the glass to climb up. From that window, shoot the barriers SE and jump over there to get Medipack from between the crates after you shot the barrels. Drop down into the alley and shoot another thug.

Use the Crowbar for the Fuse.

Go back out and through the hole in the floor and up the ladder, down the ladder and follow through to go up the ladder W again and through the pipe cellar and up the ladder at the other end. Jump down the crates into the alley.

Go left and right (E), someone might be shooting so take care of him. Go straight ahead to the SE and climb up. In the SE corner is a crowbar lever; flip it facing NW. A trapdoor in the opposite corner opens, so climb up and back flip at the top and follow this passage. Flip the switch at the end and climb down W to grab the Fuse there.

Get down to the small yard and on the left you can find Grenade ammo left of the stall.

Use the Fuse, the Fun House.

Back up the ladder and another back flip and down at the other end.

Back to the street outside, to the alley SW and jump up the crates again. At the ladder hole jump up, shoot that "Fun House" poster and jump in there. Turn around and use the monkey climb to get to the other side.

Get down the ladder and use the fuse at the gate. Open the doors and better save the game.

Use the left hand conveyer belt; jump over the little toys and around the corner again. At the end jump up and grab the monkey swing. Go to the end you drop but be sure to be on the left side. Slide as far as possible on the belt and then jump left to the slopes. Keep jumping till you are safe on some blocks in the end (Savegame.0).

Timed Run, the Tunnel Key.

Take a running jump to the opening in the N side fence and go right (E) to a TIMED switch. Flip it, roll and run/sprint all the way around to the other corner where a trapdoor dropped down. Jump up and grab the ladder, when the trapdoor closed climb up on the left (N). Shoot the goon, who leaves a Tunnel Gate Key behind.

In the SW is a crawlspace, get in and flip a switch and see a trapdoor open up. Back out, now go NE and go through another room. Get the Flares on the right and then go through the trapdoor NW to get back on a conveyer belt and you are back at the door. Get out, up the ladder, use the monkey climb and jump down the blocks to the ground floor (or just jump over the glass shards to the floor, loosing some health).

The Tunnel of Love.

Go N through to the Main area and head N and go left into the alley just past the House of Mirrors and before the Tunnel of Love, you'll meet a nasty guy. Around the corner on the left is a ladder behind a tree, get onto the roof of the House of Mirrors. Go to the front and jump over to the S where you shot that goon before, pick up a small medipack he dropped. Drop down again and now go N to the Tunnel of Love (NW) and you can walk through the veil. Another goon might be waiting for you here as well. Use the Key on the lock (SW) to open an underwater gate. Walk over the walkway and jump in the water at the end, swim in and up W, climb out and grab a small medipack there. Dive in, swim N to get to the Sewer.


Level 2 - Sewer – 1 secret.

The Dry Pool.

Walk up to the gate E, turn around and run jump to grab a jump lever W, hidden behind the plants. It will open that gate, but we will go there later, first we need to flood the pool. Swim into the opening W and in the next area keep going straight (W). Climb up at the side and then jump up to the slope, keep jumping so you can get into the opening in the E wall that you open by jumping on a trigger tile (slide back far, back flip and then jump with a curve into the opening).

Fire Hazard, flood the Pool.

Then down a slope at the end turn around and climb down the ladder in the manhole. Let Lara’s feet touch the Fire sign and then back flip into a corridor. Watch out, as a crook will try to kill you.

In the next room keep an eye on the pipes in the ceiling as that will indicate which tiles are safe to walk on.

Take a running jump straight ahead from the doorway (along the left side), then hop to the one SE, then another one in the same direction (SE) then walk into the opening in the back wall and around the corner the next three tiles are safe. Then go to the right (N) back into the room and left, the next tile is also safe. Then take a running jump straight (W) go right (N) and use the switch at the end. A trapdoor behind Lara opens, get up and shoot the crook.

Take the middle passage E, hop over the tile where the pipe touches the floor. Take a right and a left at the corner and flip the switch. Another trapdoor opens this one is to the N at the entrance. Avoid the tiles where a pipe goes through or hangs over it and go down and out (N). A gate on the left is now open, so use the switch you find there and see the pool at the start of this level is now flooded.

The Pool, a Fuse.

Back out and up the ladder through the manhole, jump up left (W) and drop down in the water. Swim back E to the start-room; walk through the open gate E (the hidden jump lever W we used). Jump in the water and swim through the crack E and up. Use the switch, get back at the water and climb out. Go out W and swim through, in the next room go to the right (N) and climb the ledge on the left. Jump through the trapdoor S, when you start walking around the door S opens and a goon tries to kill you.

Go to the door N and on the left behind the pipe is a button that opens it. Left behind the fence you can see the Fuse. You can walk through the glass loosing a lot of health or sprint through, but you have to stop immediately behind the glass. Jump over to the N wall into the opening there and flip the switch in this passage. Follow through and pick up a small medipack and then jump out.

Jump in the water near the N wall and find a hole in the bottom, swim to the end and use the underwater lever. Get out and jump to the entrance (S) a gate to the right of the glass has opened. Climb up the ledge next to the pipe and get the Fuse.

Use the Fuse, the Sewers.

Sprint back through the glass shards and once out make your way to the W wall and get into the opening over the pipe there. Follow through, picking up Flares on the right and a small medipack on the left. Use the Fuse and enter the sewers.

To the right is a closed gate we'll return to shortly. Go left (W) round the corner still going left (W) at the crossing go right and then left again. Go inside the crawlspace behind a pipe for Secret #3, Tarot Card #3.

Drop out and turn around to spot further down a hatch in the ceiling (E), remember this.

A goon is roaming around so watch out. Go back and still keep going left you'll enter the Sewage Plant room, which is guarded by the way.

Use the switch on the left and go back to the sewers, go right and then left (S) and use the switch you find in this small place to open that gate we showed you at the entrance of the Sewer.

Timed Run for the Hatch.

Roll and go out, taking a right, again a right and at the corner a left (E) and flip the next switch, which is Timed. This also alerts a goon. Go to the W, right and left and two more rights (E) and find the trapdoor in the middle. Quickly run jump from the ledge in the corner of the intersection where a pipe is and grab the edge of the upper floor and hoist up before the hatch closes (Savegame.1/video-sewer.wmv).

Open the next ceiling hatch yourself and hoist up. Follow through to the next level.


Level 3 - The Mad Rat. 1 secret

You are back at another area of the fair ground and get welcomed by two goons. There might be also a dog roaming around. In case you lost health, just hop back into that passage you came from and do the level switch, then go back again.

By going E you'll find the Mad Rat sign where tickets are sold and shoot the curtain on the left (N) to get a Medipack from within. The other one is empty. There is another goon on the fair ground, so watch out.

The Spanner.

Go to the rail tracks and to the right you'll find a Mad Rat cart. Behind it is an opening in the floor. Drop down and make your way through the goo along the left wall to the other side (N) and climb up.

Pull both boxes in the NW corner away so you can get behind it. Follow to the end and flip a switch. Go back and see a gate around a corner (W) has opened. Go in and get the Spanner. Make your way back, through the goo. Turn around and stand back at the wall, jump forward and grab the ladder. Pull up at the small cart (left or right of it or else you'll drop down again).

The Mad Rat Roller Coaster.

The Controls are the same as the Jeep.

Use the Spanner on the cart and take a ride, over a jump (Savegame.2) and then follow through around a nasty corner with a broken fence.

Once on top at another cart, get out (Alt + cursor) and go S, shoot the doors and the broken barrel and get a Medipack. Jump up to open a trapdoor, turn around and get in for Secret #4, Tarot Card #4.

The Padlock Key.

Go back, following the track down, left around a corner and then light a flare to spot an opening in the E fence. Go through and to the right, around the corner is another switch opening a gate. Crawl back and continue down the track over a bridge to the next corner.

Find another piece of fence missing in a corner, hang from the tracks, let go and grab again. Here is the gate you opened, jump out to the ladder SW, shimmy right to pull op.

Go a bit further and then left, in the middle jump up and grab a flat piece so you can pull up. Then side flip over the fence Lara looks at something, so get up and pick up the Padlock Key. The door left (S) opens and you are back at the carts.

The Office Keys.

Use the spanner to get to the other cart and drive all the way down (Savegame.3).

Get out the cart and use the switch left (W). This will open the gate, once you step out two goons are waiting for you. The one that shoots at you drops the Office Keys. Go left (W) and left again to the S fence and crawl underneath the fence there. Go up the steps and use the Keys to get in the Office.


Level 1 - Amusement Park part 2.

House of Mirrors, the Crystal Ball.

The door opens on approach so get out of the office, down the opening in the floor on the right (S), up the other ladder down at the end and up a ladder S again. Go through the pipe room, up a ladder and down to the alley with the stands. Go left (N) and through to the Fair ground. To the House of Mirrors (W of the ticket box) and open the padlock. Go down some stairs and save first before you open the door.

Slide a bit and jump up to grab a monkey swing. Go forwards loosing quite a bit of health because of the glass shards. The next gate will open and you’ll end up in a mirror room full of balloons.

Go to the E wall and look in the mirror S, you'll find a huge red balloon and in the mirror it has something in it. Shoot the balloon and pick up the Crystal Ball. Then walk to the mirror and near the SW corner you’ll find the Grenade Launcher. (If you don’t pick it up, you cannot leave because you’ll need it in a bit).

You can leave and use the monkey swing to get back, be sure to have full health though.

Getting down the stairs on the right (N) is a Medipack.

The Clown's Key.

The Killer Clown is waiting there too; take care of him with the Grenade gun (Savegame.4). Then go look for the Clown's Key and use it on the E wall. Go out, shoot another crook and once outside take a right to the Fortune Teller booth SW and place the Crystal ball on the table. Go through the circular door and take a left through the curtain.


Level 4 - Ramla.

Go straight to Zoltar the fortune teller and then through the curtain on the left or right. Jump through the Black Cat poster, push the block once and get in the opening. Grab Ramla’s Key from the floor. Get back out, behind the other curtain is nothing. Go down the opening in the floor and watch the flyby.

Go behind that crouched automaton (Ramla) and use the Ramla Key in a place where the sun doesn't shine :).

"Hello Miss Croft. Ramla has been waiting for you. Ramla is waiting to help you choose your next path."

When you go further you'll reach a last hall with a poster and the flyby is meant to show the players a clue for the next game by this builder (the next path I have chosen).

End of the game.

G&D, May 31-2013