Russian Mountains.

Level by Eden95

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

The Last Days of the Soviet Union.

Some Keys. 

Lara drops into a small yard, open the door and go left (maybe you ran over a breakable floor, leave that for later).

Go into the small office and Lara looks at the corner desk.

"Who leaves Keys lying around"

Go pick up the Keys from that desk and look for the hatch in the ceiling S, open it and climb up, approach that file cabinet SW and a note on the floor will reveal a last entry in a note book.

"Explored caves near the facility. Heard a resonant sound from deep in the cave, part of the cavern caved in. Remember to go back with TNT."

Basements, a Fuel Cell.

Back down and out to where you entered the base, in the NW corner are Flares, then go to the breakable part of the floor (a bit on the right of the entrance) and just drop down that shaft into a room with water. Swim down into the tunnel W and use the underwater lever to open a door where we go now. Swim out and to the S, you can pull up through the fence onto the walkway where that open door is. Inside on the desk is a Fuel Cell, then use the lever in the NW corner to open a door to the Storage Area.

Storage Rooms, a Crowbar for a Blue Fuse.

Get out, into the water and through the tunnel in the bottom next to the walkway, enter the Storage straight ahead (S). Go to the right (W) side and left around the huge stack in the middle, into the SE corner and through to the next area S, shoot some rats and go to the far S end. Under that lamp on the ceiling is the Crowbar. Walk to the N and go around that stack of crates you bump into (right and then left and another left). There's a dark panel you can open with the crowbar and get the Blue Fuse inside.

Make your way back NE to the large storage room and hop N onto that grey container, down the other side and right around over a crate to the back wall SE. There's a wooden crate you can push once, climb it and move the crate SE onto the crate you pushed (N). Climb up so you can jump NW onto the central stack and go jump the crates to the containers W till you are at the W wall. Push that wooden crate down N (thus creating a shortcut back up in case you need it) and go into the opening to a control room.

Shoot the Thug and place the Blue Fuse SW to open the cover on a button SE. Push the button to open a door in the storage below.

Get down there and shoot the Thug roaming around in the storage, a Tug with a flame thrower will emerge from the open door left (N), so watch out!

The Emergency Elevator, the Shotgun.  

As you enter that room, a door will close on you, climb up through the hole in the ceiling left of it. Follow through to a big propeller in a pit, walk the pipe to the block and go left (W) to the opening in the wall, throw the lever (Energy Elevator) and do the same in the E side. The door N to the Emergency Elevator opens up, get there. While waiting for the elevator you can shoot a rat. Go up to the upper floor and follow through, up a ramp while shooting the Thug and in the next dark room is a lever SW opening a door on top of the sloped passage W. Go through to the next room where you'll see a closed back door W, go to a barrel SE and get behind it to pick up the Shotgun. Go into the passage SW and come back to the small office where you started.

Open the Back Door.

Go straight N passing the door where you entered the base, into the passage N and left up the sloped passage. Upstairs and in the SW corner is Shotgun ammo, go look for the lever SE to open the Back Door and wait a bit to shoot a Thug. Back through the passage NW, straight S to the passage leading to the room where you found the Shotgun and out the Back Door left (W).

Outside, Timed Run for the Door.

Hop on a crate and shoot the wolves, then find a push able crate against the E wall. Move it aside to find a passage.

"Someone didn't want this to be found..."

Follow down and see a Thug that pushed a Big snow ball off a cliff, it will come down behind you, so quickly run left around the corner.

For a Secret: In that same NW corner is a button, opening a door to the secret behind the fence N.

Go into the passage E and push twice that crate down into the ventilator shaft. Look for an alcove in the opposite wall. Go back to the room and find a Timed lever in the alcove S, throw it and see a door open up in the ventilator shaft. Roll and run out right, sprint to the end and jump/grab across to the alcove, roll and jump with a grab to land inside the opened door.

Shoot the rats in the next room and move the crate you bump into to the left (S) 4 times, then once to the right (W) and climb it to open the hatch above. Climb up on the left (S) into a duct, follow straight to a grating you can open. Drop down into the dressing room. Pull that crate under the hatch so you can get back out later, under the crate was some Shotgun ammo, get that and go check the right closet on the W wall for Desert Ranger ammo. In the shower E is a grating in the floor, open it, and swim to Secret #1, a Skull without a Face. Swim back against the current and climb out. The door W will not open when you push the button, "Opened from both sides" it says, you better push it because it will create a shortcut to a Secret later. Now get on the crate and climb into the duct, go left and drop down in a room.

Use the Fuel Cell, the Detonator Key.

Go N and up the steps to a big transformers. Place the Fuel cell in the left side of the left transformer and get a view of some big propellers. Go to the right (E) wall and use the button left of the door (create shortcut for a Secret later).

Locked from both sides.  

Go to the back of this room (N)W and into the water there, the current is now gone. Swim to the other end and up through the hole in the ceiling, shoot some rats and go behind the W side fence to grab the Detonator Key from the shelves. On the shelves at the other side is more Uzi ammo. Go back through the water to the room with the transformers and out S to the next room.

To the S are two doors, left is the one to the dressing room, it will open when you push the button (only if you pushed the button on the other side too), but there's no need to go back in there for now.

The right hand door will open when you use the button, follow up to a dark room with a ramp S and a Timed lever in the NW corner. This leads to a Secret, but we'll need a Key first. So just go up the ramp S and on the floor above; climb the ladder NW up to the next floor.

The Courtyard, the Desert Ranger.

Open the door SW with the lever next to it and shoot a wolf on the courtyard, then get on the crates (S) near the entrance and jump to grab the concrete wall W, go up the crate near the flag and get the Desert Ranger. Down again, be careful, a Thug with a flamethrower showed up. Get some Flares from the crate in one of the corners.

For a Secret: Go into the SW corner and pull the block out of the concrete wall (you could also have used this to get onto the wall). Behind the block is a passage, go in and up the ladder to the left. Back flip onto the upper floor and throw a lever W to open a door on the courtyard. Go into the passage N leading to a room with snow scooters. Only thing I could find was Uzi ammo. So back down the ladder and to the courtyard, shoot the wolf and go into the passage you opened N. Follow down to the open door (opened with the button in the room where the snow ball came down/Timed run) Inside is Secret #2, Gold Coins. Get back to the courtyard.

River Canyon.

Enter the wide passage NW, the opening to the right leads to the Back Door (and the start of the level). Go straight W and open the big doors with the Keys. Step out and go left around the red containers to get the Shotgun ammo. Now go down W, shoot a Thug and his wolf. Follow the frozen river and safety drop down the waterfall. Make your way up into the NE corner to enter the caves.

The Caves, the Soviet Keycard.

Follow through and dodge that incoming snow ball by going left into the blue spot. Go to that wounded guy and he'll say "Please help, many have been taken by demons from the caves".

Pick up the Soviet Keycard and Uzi ammo.

For more ammo, turn N and grab up to the rock pillar N, shimmy right and pull up. Do a diagonal run jump to grab that corner ledge S and pull up to the right into a tunnel, walk to the NW corner. Run jump over to that ledge N between the rock pillars (no Ctrl) and grab up right, jump over to the S side. To the N again and then W and again to the last ledge. Look S and spot an opening in the ice wall, run jump in with a grab to catch the edge. Inside is Desert Ranger - Shotgun - and Uzi ammo. Safety drop out, go E and safety drop down from the ledge.

A lot of work for the last Secret: You'll have to return to the room next to the Courtyard... But you'll get the Uzis!

2 possible routes:

In case you used the first button for the shortcut door (where you used the Fuel Cell): Go E to the crossing with the blue light and left, straight N and down into a cave with lamps, follow through and get into a manmade tunnel. At the end is the shortcut door you can open from this side with the button N (only if you used the one on the other side of the door too). From the room with the transformers go S, go down the stairs into the right hand door S and follow the passage up to the room with the Timed lever NW

In case you didn't use the first button for the shortcut door: Go E to the crossing with the blue light and left, straight N and down into a cave with lamps, follow through and get into a manmade tunnel. At the end is the shortcut door, use the button N (Locked from both sides).

Return to the wounded guy. Go W, do a run jump over the right hand side of that snow ball (illegal slopes here to get stuck in), go out to the N waterfall and climb the ice wall left of it make your way back into the base through the big doors and go straight to the Courtyard. Into the open door SE and in that dark room are trapdoors up N (maybe you already opened them). Go down to the lower level and to a Timed lever in the NW corner.


That lever opens a grated trapdoor in the room above, pull, roll and sprint to the ramp, jump on it with a roll so you can immediately jump up onto the upper floor, to the ladder NW and go up through the trapdoor, wait for it to close and go up on the ledge W where you can use the Soviet Keycard, shoot the rat and go around the crates to find a lever. It will open a trapdoor in the yard at the start of the level. Pick up the Desert Ranger ammo before you leave.

Go down the ladder one level and out the door SW to the Courtyard. Head into the wide passage NW and to the right onto the yard with the push crate. Go into the Back Door NE and inside go right into the passage SW. Follow down to the first room and go outside to the yard (start of the level), into the hole in the floor and follow through.

Face S and climb up left, climb the crate S and get Secret #3, Gold Bars, looking at your screen you will also see the Uzis plus ammo go into the inventory. Go back through the tunnel to the yard where a Thug will be waiting for you. After killing him go inside, then left (S) and right down the passage, out the Back Door to the outside (W) and to the S into the dark passage. Then left to the Courtyard and into the open door SE, to the lower level and out N through the winding passage.

Up the stairs N to the transformers and take immediately a right to go through the door (SE) there (maybe you still have to use the button on this side to open it). Follow through to the Caves and head S to the crossing (to the W is the wounded guy).

Blow up the Wall.

There are more ways through the caves, but from the crossing you best go S and left around the corner, watch out for the icicles and go into the next section E, immediately left into the cave N, to the right in the back is a tunnel you can crawl in, slide down to a cave with an icicle and shoot a beast that will show up. Go N to the cave in the back and get the Desert Eagle ammo there, return to the cave with the icicle and go E to come to a tunnel with a breakable floor, drop down and shoot another beast. Go E and find the Detonator, use it. Go back W a bit and right into the cave where the crate of TNT blew up a snow wall E.

Meeting the Manticore.

Crawl through and go left into the tunnel NE, follow to a cave with a hole in the floor, just slide down and run over the breakable floor to grab the ladder W (also a shortcut up in case you fall into the next cave).

Go up and through to a larger cave where a Scorpion is roaming around below. Walk over the ledge to the W side and jump to the pillar W, then to the crack N and go right around two corners to pull up. In this cave is a ladder around the corner S you can climb, run over the breakable floor to the other side and slide down the tunnel into a lower cave. Save, carefully avoid all the icicles and jump through the opening N.

Quickly grab the Shotgun ammo.

"The presence of the zombies makes the Manticore stronger"

The zombies wake up and a Manticore will show up. When the zombies get close to the beast it will harm you more, so try to lure them away every time they get close. Best strategy for me was to run into a corner, roll and shoot it. The beast can't harm you too much there. But be sure you aren't aiming at a zombie by checking the HP (hit points) bar.

After the beast dies a cut scene takes over, Lara: “Open the gate!!”

When you approach the snow bike, the level ends.


Apr. 27-2013.