The Feather of Ma’at.

Game by Ader

Walkthrough by G&D productions.

In case you need one or more of the saves/screens/videos, you’ll need to download the saves folder. These savegames are made following this walkthrough, so if you took another route through you could miss some items in the saves

1- Temple of Apollo.

4 secrets

The Lake Key.

Go right around the corner and shoot a few spiders coming out of the crevice behind the plants, in the corner of that crevice, also right, is a small medipack. Go to the W wall and on the right of that closed gate you can find some Flares.

Just around the corner there is a hole in the ground, drop in and follow though, drop down again and left (SE) is a small medipack. There are some bats here.

Use the jump lever located on the W wall; this opens a gate in the N wall.

Sprint in as a boulder will drop and jump over the pit at the hanging plants (or just run left around the corner over the corner of the pit). Go into the passage W and grab the Lake Key from the pedestal.

Continue N and pull out the block once, go into the passage E and loop around to get behind the push block; there is a floor lever. This opens a gate somewhere. Go back and pull out the next block N and loop around to push it aside.

Get in the next area, shoot some bats and under the vase left (SW) is some Shotgun ammo.

Going through to the next room shoot the spider and a bat.

The Crystal Pieces.

W side:

Get the Shotgun.

N side: (this is where you opened the gate with the lever behind the block)

To the right (SE) get the Flares in the corner.

Step on the block with the pedestal (Timed) and another block up the walkway disappears, making access possible.

Go to the NW corner and back flip on the slope and grab the higher block. Jump over to the walkway and to the next one and again to the next (no Ctrl) (savegame.0). Use the lever before the block goes up again and the gate SE opens.

Drop down and go into that gate to get the Crystal Piece from the pedestal and leave SW.

E side:

Climb the ladder, follow though and get the Medipack straight ahead. Shoot the vases and climb on the block and take a running jump over the slope to the N. Get on the small slope on the right and hoist up. Go to the floor lever in the corner, this opens the shortcut gate downstairs so you can leave, you can also just safety drop from the E side without opening the gate.

Go E and next to the pool (N wall) are Flares.

Turn around and spot a ladder on one of the pillars. Climb up and then shimmy to the left onto the ledge. Jump over to the SE corner where you can use the Lake Key to lower spikes on the block below. Then just run down NW onto the block with the pedestal and pick up another Crystal Piece. Combine them to get the Crystal.

Make your way to the temple gate SW and use the Crystal.

Opening up the Temple.

Stand against the left wall, slide down all the way and jump to the left, or jump and grab the ladder at the right moment and climb left (savegame.1).

Slide down, hop over the spike pit and slide into the water. Go to the pillar on the left (NE one) and behind it is an underwater lever. Get out of the water and go to the block W that appeared and use the jump lever there (S).

The gate W opens, so in you go. To the right is a small medipack.

In the next room push the spiked ball down the slope (S), the gate will break.

For a Secret: Go to the hole where the boulder fell and climb down and get into the crawlspace. At the end climb up and get Secret #1, a Medipack. Jump over and you get back to the boulder slope.

Go down S again and take a left, shoot some small spiders and follow through. Go up the slope left (N), you'll end up climbing a ladder and then you are on top of a ledge. Jump to the pillar W and the take a running jump N and grab the edge at the last moment. Use the lever here and one more at the other end.

Into the Temple.

Then safety drop down and enter the temple. We'll have to open the Doors E.

Jump in the water and swim through an opening in the SE corner, S wall.

Spike Ledges and Burners, two levers for the Doors.

Climb out the pool and up the block at the S wall. Stand against the S wall, time the spikes and run jump to grab one of the corner blocks with the burner. Pull up in the corner at the wall and as long as you don't move you're safe. Then time the burner and use the lever, side flip away and go do the other side too (savegame.2 !!immediately side flip right!!). Watch the flyby.

For a Secret: Hop into the pool and find an underwater lever in the NW corner. Swim back N to the previous pool, take the third opening left and left around the corner down into a hole a gate opened, inside is Secret #2, 2x Uzi Ammo. Swim up and climb out. Go to the corridor E, some bats fly around.

The Hall with the 4 Gates.  (can be done in random order)

NW, Push Puzzle, First Lever: Loop around to the left and use the jump lever around the first corner and then enter the gate NW. Shoot some spiders and at the right wall (S) get the Flares.

Behind the pillar left is a Timed lever for a secret but you can’t get to it yet. For now climb the pillar and push the bowl down to the ground floor and then NW on that different looking tile. The other bowl E goes on the other tile. The gate E opens. Slide down and jump up and grab the monkey swing. When you're fast, you can go left around the corner before the burner starts and climb to the end. Flip the #1 lever in the next room (shot of the Gates). Go to the Fire pit W, run jump in as far as possible and keep jumping to and fro till the burners stop again, steer towards that safe tile in the middle (savegame.3). Take notice of that gate in the S wall (Secret).

Jump to the W and the gate around the corner opens.

For the Secret: Now go to the Timed lever SE, flip it and sprint back through the opening W, around the corners and just sprint into the Fire pit to land on the safe ledge so you can jump into the now open gate and get Secret #3, the Uzis.

Back to the safe tile and leave, take the opening right (S) to get to the Hall.

NE, Spike pillar Jumps, Second Lever: Go towards the NE corner and get the Shotgun ammo in an alcove left. In an alcove a bit back against the E wall are some Flares, shoot some bats. Go to the NW corner and step on that raised tile to open the gate, shoot the spider. Better save your game here, as the gate closes and a wraith is on the loose inside. Run in and to the right and from the corner of the ledge a stand jump to grab the first pillar, go right around the corner and save there as you are lined up for the first jump. Next bit is running jumps and grabbing the edges, pull up and immediately jump to the next, over the pillars but do not dilly-dally as spikes will pop up when you stay on a pillar too long (savegame.4 - video1.wmv).

Pulling the #2 lever gives another shot of the Gates.

Go N and watch out as two boulders drop. Climb the ladder at the end almost to the top and back flip. Follow through and in the small room is a small medipack left (nothing under the vases). Keep going and climb down the ladder at the end. You are back at the start, so get out and run to the W side of the Hall, as there are the crosses to get rid of the wraith.

SE, Push Block, Third Lever:

Go to the S wall and climb up the right hand pillar, turn around and run-jump to the balcony there. Push the block once to the N and then to the E so it falls down to the ground floor. Screenshot of a falling spiked boulder.

Then go to the E side and run-jump to the rope and swing to the ledge straight ahead. Use the lever you find a bit further on this ledge and see another gate opening. Safety drop to the ground floor and the gate is in the SE corner.

There are some spiders in here; jump onto the block SE and take a curved running jump to the crack in the S wall. Shimmy all the way to the right and crawl in, stand up and hop to the W, shoot a spider then use the #3 lever. Again a screenshot of the Gates. Pick up a small medipack on the right and get out to the Hall.

SW, Colour Puzzle.

Go to the N wall grab up onto the block where that boulder used to be, just to the right of the wall torch. Jump up to the W and from there to the balcony S and use the floor lever there. Another gate opens, so after you picked up the Shotgun ammo SE you can drop down to the ground floor and go to the SW corner.

The hint (ever so subtle) is in the colours. Front = red, back = blue and side = green. You have to combine two colours on each block to get the colour of the alcove in the back.

Looking at them from left to right:

1- Aqua- use Green N side and Blue E side, first gate S opens.

2- Violet- use Red W side and Blue E side, second gate opens.

3- Yellow- use Red W side and Green N side, last gate opens.

Shoot some spiders and use the #4 lever, now the Gates are open, get out to the Hall.

For a Secret: Go to the push block you dumped down earlier. Push/pull it to a different looking tile S. Another rope appears, so climb again the pillars S and hop over to the balcony and jump to the rope W, swing straight forward and on the ledge go right to find Secret #4, Shotgun ammo and a Medipack.

The Ancient Scroll

Get to the ground floor and through the open Gates E. Up the steps and get another Shotgun from the highest ledge in the middle, go through either left or right and in the next room two skeletons appear. Run up steps S or N, to the top and turn around to blast them off the steps (killing them in the process). Down on the ground floor go SE corner and get Shotgun ammo.

The NE corner has a lever, push it and this opens a gate NW.

At the E wall push the block to the N or S and climb up and up to the floor above. Use the floor lever you'll find here, this opens the gate downstairs N. Again a lever to push, blocks will go down at the balcony where the Scroll is. Go back outside and climb either (N or S) stair and jump to the middle balcony to pick up the Ancient Scroll. Now the gate SW opens up.

Big Hall with the Deadly Water.

Take a curved running jump to the ladder on the left (E). Go up into the short passage, walk to the end and turn around to back flip/grab and hoist up into the passage above. Jump even higher and shoot the skeleton off the walkway. Jump to the left side of the middle walkway and turn around. Jump back, grab the edge and grab the jump lever here to raise a block near the entrance. Slide down and grab then drop down onto a ledge that will become deadly if you stay too long. Turn left and stand jump to the next ledge left and do running jumps to grab the ladder E. Go up into the short passage again (savegame.5).

This time use the monkey swing to shimmy to the lowest part in the middle, turn right and you'll drop off onto that raised block. Now jump to the S and you'll trigger a gate at the W wall to open. Take a running jump and grab to the monkey swing and make your way over there. When you go through the gate this part ends. Hit Esc. to go to the next level.

2- Al Rachun.

2 secrets

Go straight and into the valley E and around the corner to the right is a small medipack. Go back out and then go N, left of the archway are some Flares. When you step forwards a flyby sets in.

Go N to a small square passing the gate with the Key behind it and watch out for nasty flying insects.

Obelisk Square.

Go E and take the first opening on the left. Around the corner on the left is a small medipack (SW). Find a push block NW and push/pull it to the entrance S so you can climb up the roof terrace and flip the floor lever there (a pillar goes up on the square below, later...).

The Tomb Key.

But first we go for the Key, go S over the terrace and then to the right, jump the ledges to the wider ledge W, then to a ledge left (S). Left again (E) and use the lever there. Then turn around and jump to the corner ledge SE and pick up some Shotgun ammo. Safety drop down, a gate in that small building SW opened. Shoot the bench and find Shotgun ammo. On the pedestal is the Tomb Key.

Go out, left and right (back E) and left onto the Obelisk Square.

The Crossbow.

Push the block to the pillar you raised and climb up. Jump to the balcony (E) and lower into the opening in the floor. Follow through and slide into a big room.

Under the bench is the Crossbow and a bit further some Arrows.

In the S wall is a push block, push it in or pull it out and aside, use the floor lever inside and the middle one of the gates in the windowsills opens up, so you can get out.

For a Secret: In the S wall, next to the lever is another push block, pull it out and get behind it for Secret #1, a Medipack.

The Lasersight.

Go out through the window, leave the square S and left to a square with two pools. To the right between two columns is a ramp leading up to an opening in the building. Go in and climb down the ladder, go W into the next room and shoot some bats, under the bench you can get Shotgun ammo and a Laser Sight from a pedestal. Don't forget to pick up the Arrows near the N wall.

Back to the passage and go right (S). Climb the ladder and follow though to a gate, go to the SW corner and use the Tomb Key

(To the left of the keyhole is a passage with a Timed lever, for later). Go inside the open gate and shoot some bats, in the crawlspace N you can find Flares. To the SW is a trapdoor, opened by that Timed lever outside.

Timed Run for the Golden Bird.

Go out and right, around the corner of that key lock is a TIMED lever. Run back out, lump left over the nasty mound, into the gates to the back and through the trapdoor (savegame.6). Pick up the Golden Bird and another trapdoor opens behind you. You will fall down into a small pool.

Small Maze, Drop the Boulders Puzzle.

Climb out into the opening W and get a small medipack.

The Clue for the next puzzle: Climb into the left hand opening N and go to the room where the boulder have to land later, make a note of the colours, 1-blue 2-red 3-grey/white. Back out and into the water

Go up into the SE opening and to the right into a room with a boulder on a slope, to the right of the boulder and near the wall are Flares.

Go out and E into a room with trenches, find a push block on the bottom and push it W once onto the trigger tile. You'll see a boulder falling; back flip as soon as you get control back.

A block disappeared into the ground on the S wall, next to that push block on the ledge. Inside you can use the lever. This will raise another block, so turn and jump up to the right and push/pull that block (SE) onto a square tile at the N wall.

Climb the block and get up N, turn and jump grab even higher, get the Flares there, turn around again and jump over the gap.

Here are three rooms with three passages looking out over a room with ramps and a boulder on the ceiling.

The places where the boulder should stop have colours. Remember the clue?

-In the first room take the middle lever (the one with the blue triangle).

-Second room is the right hand lever (the one with the red triangle).

-Last room, take the middle lever (the one with the grey/white triangle).

To the Caves, for the Crowbar.

Go back through the levers room or safety drop in one of the holes in the W passages. In the boulder room go to the SW corner, the door is open now. Follow through and shoot the vase for Shotgun ammo.

Get into the hole and slide down. You arrive at an underwater lake. There are bats here.

For a Secret: Get in the water and swim through a small triangle opening SW, follow through and get Secret #2, a small medipack and Uzi ammo.

Get out of the water (S) and run jump to grab that sloped block in the pool. Hoist up, slide far and jump to grab the ladder. Shimmy around two corners and slide down, jump/roll and get safe to the other side.

Jump up and crawl in, go to the left W and use the TIMED lever at the end. You'll see a door opening. Go as fast as you can E through the crawlspaces to where you can stand up, run jump a bit to the left onto a thin ledge with a crowbar door. Run curving right and jump over to the ledge SE and into the Timed door (savegame.7). Shoot some bats and follow through to the ledge at the pool where the Crowbar is. Dive into the pool, go to the N side of the ladder pillar and pull up on the sloped side, back flip onto the ledge at the crawlspaces (we could have taken this shortcut the first time too, or simply pull up on the pointy ledge N).

[i](There are plenty of other shortcuts here, one not even using the Timed lever, just go to the right hand pointy ledge where the Crowbar is (E), face the tip of it and pull up. This way you have the crowbar and can go to the ladder pillar and backflip onto the N shore. (Also in the NW corner of the pool is a slanted block, pull up on that and back flip to the N shore bypassing the ladder pillar). [/i]

Go through the crawlspace to the E, jump over to the thin ledge and open the Crowbar door there (left).

To the Scarab Talisman.

Jump over to the thin ledge E and use the Crowbar on the door. Follow through to a ladder and up you go. Back flip at the top, there is Shotgun ammo under the NE vase. I did shoot the bones, but I don't think we have to.

Climb the next ladder and back flip again. In the next room Lara looks up at a boulder on the left wall.

In the room straight (N) you can pick up a small medipack and Uzi ammo.

Back in the room with the boulder, go right (NW) through a passage to a courtyard, the gate closes and two flying insects are bothering Lara. Pick up some Arrows straight ahead at the entrance of a small building, there are spikes in that entrance. Go to the left of the building and jump the slope of sand. Go down the other side and around left are Flares.

Jump back up to the grass on the sandy slope and crawl into the building. Get the Scarab Talisman from the pedestal and use the floor lever to open a door in the courtyard. Leave though the same opening S and slide down, the door to the right (S) has opened.

Use the Talisman.

Drop into the hole in the floor and go over a pit. There are two push blocks in the next area. Push one into the pit and the other one to the NW corner of the first room.

Climb on top and hoist up in a small room. Shoot the bench for Flares and use the jump lever (E wall) to open the gate on the courtyard again.

Jump down and push the block to the other corner (NE) and climb up and again. Back in the courtyard go right the gate is open again, go down to the room with the boulder and now place the Scarab Talisman under the boulder, no danger, just stay where you are. Watch the fly by and go through the door that shattered.

Use the Golden Bird, the First Serpent Seal.

Jump down and go straight (E) to the pool square and on the right on the corner of the building you can place the Golden Bird.

Get Serpent Seal #1 inside. Go out and straight onto the bridge over the pool.

You'll get a view of a vase, shoot it (Crossbow+Lasersight). This opens the gate at the N wall. Watch out for those clanking doors, use the lever to open a gate E back in the pool square and shoot two flying insects.

In the SE corner is a crawlspace, at the end in another small area is a lever, opens the entrance gate back up as it closed behind you. In the NW corner is another crawlspace that will take you back. Get out through the clanking doors to the square and head into the gate you opened E.

Hall with the Columns, Timed Doors, the Second Serpent Seal.

There are some flying insects around. Go to the left wall (N) and into the opening there, get the Flares.

Go out and onto the middle part of the sandy slope at the back (E), jump NE and back flip onto the top of that column there (NE). Then take a running jump with Ctrl into the opening (N wall). Some bats arrive to greet you. Follow though and there is nothing in the vases. Do step in the lower part of the floor, this opens the door in the next room so you can get out. In the next room there is a Medipack on a pedestal N.

Now we have to do two timed runs to open doors in the S side of the Hall, one run for each door. Go to the opening S and shoot that nasty insect first.

There are two lower trigger tiles W, the NW tile is the SW door; the SW tile operates the SE door.

First run: Run over the NW lowered trigger tile (TIMED) at the W wall and then go outside, drop down, sprint back to the sand hill and now jump with a roll onto the sand hill and jump onto the S walkway above the columns. Run along the side and do a curved jump around the column, then jump over the gap to grab the ledge W, curve left and jump into the door (video 2.wmv). In the back is a lever opening a door behind the grate E. That's why we need to get into the second door too. Go out, back onto the NE ledge and into the door there and to the trigger room.

Second Run: Run over the SW tile, run out and drop down, sprint back to the sand hill and now jump with a roll onto the S walkway above the columns. Curve left and jump into the first door (savegame.8). Go inside and up the steps to the W passage, to the left is the door you opened in the first run.

Inside you'll find Serpent Seal #2.

You are finished her so leave this room, jump down to the ground floor and leave the hall W. Keep going W to the first square.

Go to the far NW corner and place the two Seals on the upper floor next to the gate. Slide down...

3- Inside the Complex.

3 secrets

There is a jackal in here and Flares in the NW corner. Go into the opening E

For the Two Scarab Talisman.

Then in the next area take a left and crawl through (SW). Straight ahead is a small medipack in an alcove and up above is a lever.

In the N wall is an opening, go in and up a ramp and at the end jump to the ledge (S). Keep jumping to the S till you jump into an alcove at the S wall of the next room. Jump up over that slope on the left, into the hole and there is a lever to open a gate near the beginning of the level, we'll go there later.

Get down to the ground floor and notice the gate in the S wall, make your way over the sand hill NW and from the top jump to the ledge NW. There is a lever on the W ledge there; this opens another gate in the previous room.

From there jump to the ledge NE for some Arrows, then jump back and over the sand hill to the S room. OR drop down and take the opening N and jump the ledges again till you are in the S room and go into the gate S.

First Scarab Talisman.

Go in to a dry pool, keep to the right to climb the ladder in the back and back flip. Push the block a few times till it drops down, then jump on top of it. Get down on the ledge and pull the block once, then pull it once S, get behind it and push it into the pit (be sure no to push it further as that will cause a NGLE bug with the block).

Get down and pull/push it into that passage S. Climb on top, hoist up to the room above and use the lever.

You'll hear water flowing, so back down on the block, into the room beneath and up the ledge, up the ladder in the back, through the passage and down the ladder. There is water in the pool now so you can swim through a crawlspace S and up. Get the Scarab Talisman, swim back and leave NW.

Second Scarab Talisman.

Jump back over the sand hill NE via the ledge W, drop down and crawl though E where two jackals are waiting.

Then go right (S) to the first room and down a slope through the gate (W). Picking up Scarab Talisman #2, the gate will close and spikes pop up, fire emitters start blowing, looks bad, but just wait a tick without moving and the gate opens again.

Go back through the passage (E) and take a right this time, on the wall E, next to a gate, is one receptacle for the Scarab.

Deadly Bridge, a Torch.

Slide down, go left (N) and used the flat ledge behind the pillar in the slope to jump up to the floor N where two jackals will wake up. There is a trigger tile at the N end of the bridge that will open a timed gate at the S end. Just sprint over the tile and keep going, triggering all the knives and get into the gate (savegame.9).

Use the lever in the small room to raise a block in the floor N. Go back over the bridge and the push block is on the right.

Pull it out and push it into the NW corner of the floor, next to that small stone stool. Then push it just over the side of the floor into the lower room.

Then jump down as well and push the block to the N. Go back up to the E and grab a Torch E and ignite it at the wall torch a bit back near the bridge.

Jump down on the push block and then up to the opening N, taking the Torch with you.

Fiery Run.

Jump down into the red pit and light the basket, a wraith appears. Jump up throw away the torch (you don’t need it anymore) and go into the open gate E, take a right and sprint to the floor lever at the end (S). Roll and sprint passing two open gates but ignore them there are deadly pools in those. Take the last one right, that water is safe (savegame.10). Turn around and use the underwater lever. After you got rid of the wraith go back to the middle gate and get Shotgun ammo around the corner.

Leave this corridor and go around the red pit to the open gate W, use the floor lever to open the next gate we'll visit, now you can get out to the pit where the push block is.

The Deadly Pool Room.

Jump down and up the sandy hill W, another gate on the right (N) has opened. To the left are some Flares, take note of the key hole. Nothing more to do so far, so out you go to the W and use the Next Scarab on the wall there.

Get down and kill the scorpions and then climb up W. Crawl in and get the Arrows, then go right and when you look up you see reflection of the room on the right wall (E) is a lever in the reflection so pull it (middle of the wall). Crawl to the other side and on the same wall in the middle (E) is another invisible lever. Go out and to the pit the gates N are open, so climb up there.

Look to the right and take a running jump and grab the edge of the crevice, shimmy left and crawl in. The scorpions are poisonous, so watch out. Go left (N) and follow through all the way W and to the end. Then jump up right to a ledge at the W wall, jump to the next and Look in the crack of that central pillar, there's a nasty insect, jump up and down to shoot it.

Then jump to the crack of that central pillar. Shimmy to the right around the corner and pull up. Take a running jump (no Ctrl) into the crevice in the E wall. Stand close to where you have to crawl and wait a bit to shoot that scorpion. Crawl through and go left, and at the end jump to that ledge and into the opening right (N).

The Tomb Key.

Avoid the darts and go to the wall and right is a floor lever, opening the gate to the place where the Tomb Key is.

On your way out and along the E wall is some Shotgun ammo. Jump back out onto the ledge, now jump up to the monkey swing and swing to the other side (W). Crawl in and follow through, get the Shotgun ammo to the right and then go to the opening E. Grab the monkey climb and swing ahead and at the end let go and grab the central pillar. Climb the ladder to the top room. Pick up more Flares on the right and then go through the gate. Under the bench straight ahead is a small medipack. On the pedestal you'll find the Tomb Key.

Open the Tomb.

Get out and down the ladder, look NW and down and run jump to that ledge losing some health. Jump back to the crack in the central pillar and shimmy around. This time take a running jump to the opening in the S wall.

Crawl in and up in another crawlspace on the left to get Secret #1, a Medipack.

Crawl back and safety drop down to the entrance ledge.

Go through the gate, down into the pit and up at the left side (N). Go left again W and use the key on the column between the fire baskets (E) to open the Tomb entrance.

Down to the Tomb.

Go out and left, down into the pit and up S from the SE corner, the gate to the Tomb is to the right (W wall).

Go down N and in the pit is a breakable floor.

The safe way to get down AND get a Secret: Jump onto the breakable floor tile in the SW corner (facing E), let the floor break and slide down from the slope underneath. Grab the edge of the second slope as you slide off. Let go and grab again to pull up for Secret #2, Uzi ammo.

Safety drop to the floor and do a few steps, then watch the flyby.

There are two ways to get down, but the N route is actually a way back up here. The intended and quickest way is to take the first opening on the right and just slide down. You'll land on top of the Tomb and slide down E. Go into the opening E and the second vase has a small medipack under it.

In the ceiling of the next room are 4 boulders and when you run underneath, they drop down. You actually only need the N one to smash that gate in the N wall, but I advice you to trigger the one in front of the entrance ledge too in a controlled way.

Go into the gate N and use the TIMED lever and a Demi God will appear on top of the Tomb. Run out to the room with the boulders and from the higher sand hill turn right and jump grab the entrance ledge. Go out to the Tomb and shoot him (Shotgun works fine, it took me 12 shots) while side jumping left/right.

Go back to the lever, save and use it again, back flip roll, jump over the boulder and run jump from the hill to the entrance ledge, sprint outside and now jump to the right with a roll, follow the ledges all the way around to the gate in the S wall (savegame.11 - video-4.wmv).

Go down the ramp and once in a room on the right and left in the doorways are some nasty knife traps trigger them by walking slow. In the room on the right (W) is a skeleton; you can shoot him into one of the holes in the floor. On the other side is a passage and left (N) is a jump lever on the wall, but spikes pop up so the second you pulled it. Run in left, jump up to the lever and just roll when you land and run through the spikes to the gate, loosing some health. Run to the room W, that gate is open now. Shoot the scorpions and use the floor lever to open a trapdoor in the Tomb.

Get out and go back up to the Tomb, left jumping the ledges to the W side and get Shotgun ammo in the alcove there. Proceed to the N passage where you can climb the ladder to the upper passage. Go back S, picking up a small medipack on the right, slide backwards down, grab the edge and drop onto the Tomb. Face N and slide down backwards holding Ctrl into the trapdoor you opened before.

Escape with the Feather of Ma’ at,

Drop into the water and climb out N, picking up that Medipack to the right.

Go towards the other room and when you stand on the dais to pick up the Feather of Ma’ at, the wall N opens up. Kill the Demi God but do not stand too close, as he will set you on fire, try and lure him as far as possible out of that passage to let the bullets have more effect on him.

Go all the way to the back and step on the higher floor, it's an elevator, face N and run off the minute you can before being pushed into the spikes.

If you want a secret go stand in the SW corner, check the health and almost at the top, spikes will be bothering you big time, but you can get into the crawlspace for Secret #3, a Medipack and Shotgun ammo.

Follow through and you'll drop down in the same corridor where you had to leave the elevator.

Run through the corridor and climb the ladder. Loop around left and climb up the pillar. Jump to the corner (E wall) and use the monkey swing to get to the top of the sand hill. Climb the ladder; watch out at the top for scorpions. The exit is SW, crawl through and in this room there are two blocks that need to go up.

Timed Block #1.

So go in an opening W and loop around right for some Flares. Go straight W and around the corner on the right is a timed lever for a block.

Sprint out (E) and the block is in the SE corner, hop on the block, jump up W and run jump to the pillar in the middle, from there you can reach the Timed lever E.

Timed Block #2.

Pull the lever, sidestep right next to the lever and roll, run jump with Ctrl onto the pillar in the middle and curve right with a running jump to grab the block N. Run against the wall and jump up to grab the ladder over the hole in the wall (savegame.12 !hold Ctrl! -video-5.wmv), climb all the way up and off to the right (there's nothing in the rooms along the ladder).

At the S wall is a push block, pull it out twice onto that trigger tile. Go through to the room where you got the Tomb Key before and a door on the right has opened. Inside is another block, push the block as far as it can go.

Climb the block and up even higher, the level ends when you leave the Tomb.