BtB2013-16- Frozen Winston.

4 secrets

Level by BtB 2013 (revised May 14-2013)

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In case you need one or more of the saves/screens/videos, youíll need to download the saves folder. These savegames are made following this walkthrough, so if you took another route through you could miss some items in the saves.

The compass is pointing to the way Lara looks, so for the directions in the walkthrough the camera must be behind her.

Safety drop to the floor, go around to the S side and into the alcove for Secret #1, Uzi and Uzi ammo.

Now go to that pedestal in the middle and you'll get transported. Go W and watch the flyby. When you step outside, a pack of wolves will attack you. Go forwards and through a big tunnel to get to a village.

The Village, Timed Run for the Yellow Circles Key.

On the right (W) is a scarecrow, donít get to close. At the end is a leprechaun, you can avoid him or kill him. On the house is a Timed lever, jump on the block and then the ledges and at the last one is the Yellow Circles Key (savegame.0).

Open the Trapdoor.

Face SE and take a running jump onto the corner of the roof, jump and grab the next roof, shimmy to the left and use the jump lever there to open the trapdoor W (for later).

The Silver Circles Key.

After you drop down, go to the E side of the village, another gnome is there, avoid him or not, your choice. The one you see SE near the big tree carries the Silver Circles Key. The gnome a bit further E doesnít have anything on him.

The Tavern, the Old key, Rocks and a Torch.

Go back (W) and enter the Tavern, eventhough it carries the Blacksmith's sign. Under the sacks SE you can find Flares, go to the second table in the middle and hidden under a vase is an Old Key. Under a crate in a windowsill SW you can find Shotgun ammo.

Use the Old Key near the ladder at the far end (NW), climb up the attic and use the lever on the chimney. Get down and as you can see the fire is gone, get the Rocks and also take a Torch. Drop the Torch in front of the fireplace where you can find it again and shoot the wolves that will attack. Back up to the attic, throw the lever to get the fire going again and go down to ignite the Torch on it (stand in front).

Drop the Boulder, the Laser Sight and Roof Access.

Leave the Tavern with the burning Torch, go N and right, at the end of that street is a boulder hanging by a rope, burn the rope and run after the boulder, the scarecrow will explode. Drop the Torch in a safe spot and run over the tile to break it. Climb down the ladder and at the end up and then jump up to open the ceiling hatch. Climb up, go to the SE corner and find Shotgun ammo under the crate. Under the jugs NW is the Laser Sight. Climb the ladder to the first floor and shoot a crate for the Shotgun. There's another ladder to the roof, we'll be back here. I thought the Shotgun could come in handy for all the wolves we'll encounter. So go back down for now and open the front door with the lever.

Go out and retrieve the Torch where you left it (N where the boulder is?) and take it with you where possible.

Use the Yellow Circles Key, The Empty Sack becomes a Heavy Sack.

Go S through the street, just past the square is a house to the right, you can open it with the Yellow Circles Key. Jump into a window to shoot the wolves. Shoot the crate near the fireplace for Shotgun ammo. At the windowsill N is another crate, this one was hiding an Empty Sack. Combine it with the Rocks and get a Heavy Sack, go outside.

The Graveyard, the Blue Circles Key.

Head to the S and over a wooden bridge, to the SE are a few open graves, jump in the graves and gather a small medipack and a Blue Circles Key, the middle one is empty.

The Bow.

Head W, leave the Torch near the Church entrance and go to another grave SW, this one has the Bow.

Climb out and go into the W alley, behind the barrels in the SW is a crawlspace with Secret #2, Shotgun- and Uzi ammo, a Medipack and Arrows.

Raise a Trapdoor for the Roof Route.

Back out of this alley and left around the corner is the lock for the Silver Circles Key. Go in and to the right, under a crate in the windowsill is Uzi ammo, the crate next to the floor lever contains Arrows. This lever raises a trapdoor at the front of the house for later when we are on the rooftops. For now get outside.

Down the Trapdoor, a Bag of Runes.

Go N over the bridge, straight past the Tavern, then at the Blacksmitch sign left through the alley, all the way W to where you opened that trapdoor earlier (jump lever on roof). Drop down and in the next room pick up the Arrows SW. There is a swinging ball in the spike passage S, it disables the second spike tile. Jump there and stand left, now you'll have to run jump right around the corner and over some break tiles (savegame.1). Around the corner through a gauntlet of swinging axes.

To the right between the second set of axes is a small medipack.

At the end is a slope, better jump onto the slope, then jump to the breakable tiles and do running jumps to the other end (savegame.2). Grab the Bag of Runes and make your way out to the outside (E).

Over the Rooftops, Running Water. (Roof Route trapdoor has to be raised)

Go E through the alley and left, go to where the boulder is and right around the corner of that house, the door should be open, go up the ladder inside and up another ladder to the roof. Go to the E end and use the chain to get to the next roof. Look right and slide down the roof onto a lower one and go straight and climb up the next one.

Use the chain W to get to the next roof and at the end jump to the trapdoor you raised earlier. From here take a running jump with a right curve into the opening there (savegame.3).

The lever SW opens a trapdoor and the Heavy sack goes in that iron contraption W. Finally the water is flowing again.

The Waterskin.

Use the trapdoor to get down to the ground, leave this house and go to the second bridge, cross the stream and open the first house on the right (E) with the Blue Circles Key you found in the grave. Inside the gate to the left opened.

First go straight and climb the ladder and find the Waterskin in the attic, back down and open the door W with the lever next to it (W). Go outside and kill a couple of wolves.

You can fill the Waterskin at the stream near the bridge S. Go back into the first house and left into the passage and now take a right, go down the slope, take a right and come to a pool.

Timed Run using the Block.

There's a strong current in that pool so avoid it for now, go into the opening E and follow through, shoot the ravens. In the next room is a wooden block, move it once to the S and then once to the left (E) because we'll need it to get into a Timed gate. Climb up in the alcove E and from there jump and grab the ledge with the lever N. Save in front of this Timed lever. The lever opens the gate at the S wall on top of those blocks. Pull, turn right and hop back to run and jump onto the wooden block and do a running jump onto the ledge where the gate is, keep running to get in (savegame.4 -video 1.wmv).

For the Celtic Knot:

Small Maze, Underwater Levers, Crystal Button #1.

Push the Rune button (blocks go up for later) and get out and down, push the block on a trigger tile on the right of the gate W and enter. Jump in the pool and open the underwater gate. Get air and save the game. Swim through and after the gate slams down, swim up into the ceiling and use the underwater ceiling lever #1. Swim further and take a left and around the corners at the end is another underwater ceiling lever #2.

Swim back, turn right and swim sort of straight (S) and use underwater ceiling lever #3.

Swim out and keep the wall on your right swim into the corridor there and up and catch your breath, turn around and climb out (savegame.5).

Straight ahead is a crystal button. Get back to the water and swim out the passage and take a right and right at the end that gate is open now so get Secret #3, Shotgun ammo, Arrows and a Medipack.

Go back out and keep going to the right and get back at the pool.

Statue Push, Crystal Button #2.

Go up the stairs (W) and go right (N) down the stairs. There are two pushables and three chains.

-Pull chain #1 and push the statue on the left over the corner to the N.

-Pull chain #1 again and now push the statue all the way to the wall N, on a different looking tile.

-Pull chain #3 and the statue on the right goes to the E wall first and then around the corner as far as N.

-Now pull chain #2 and push the statue to the N wall as well.

Go into the door and push the crystal button at the end.

Deadly Ledges, Crystal Button #3.

Go upstairs to the hall and down at the other side (S).

Here you have to jump from ledge to ledge but watch out as the flames are timed. The ledge is safe for only a second or so.

Push the button and make your way back (savegame.6).

Go up the stairs and take a left (W) there is an opening in the wall, jump the gap and push the button. Turn around and careful take a step out this alcove and jump back, avoiding three boulders (savegame.7). Now you can go back, jumping over the gap and now you can safely take the Celtic Knot from the hall.

Go E to the pool and shoot the werewolf who leaves a Silver Blue Key behind. You can use the key next to the gate (N wall) and leave through the corridor to the room with the wooden block.

Go back through the passage N to the deadly pool and find the blocks you raised earlier on the right (NE). Climb up and get onto the roof, use the rope to swing to the top of the next roof and use the Rune button there to open a gate below.

Turn left and just slide down the roof into the only safe part of the pool below, turn around and swim in W under the floor, left to get Secret #4, Uzi ammo and a small medipack. Swim back to the same corner and climb up W onto the floor.

Use the Knot, the Monstrous Heart Sacrifice.

Go into the opened gate and use the Celtic Knot. Watch the fly by and see ice melting. Turn around and go either left or right to the back and grab the Dried Leaves from the pedestal.

Get out and jump over the water NE and leave N and get up the stairs to the village. Hope you know where you left the Torch or else go and get a new one at the Smithy and ignite it in one of the houses. Go to the church S and ignite the two wall torches and take the Torch in.

Put the water, dried leaves and Bag of Ruins in the bowl and use the torch to set fire on the Dried Leaves. A Valkyrie appears, shoot her and get the Monstrous Heart Sacrifice.

Put that one on the pedestal and watch the end flyby.

G&D. Feb. 26-2013.