BtB2013-15- Nidavellir, the Land of the Dwarves.

4 secrets

Level by BtB 2013

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In case you need one or more of the saves/screens/videos, you’ll need to download the saves folder. These savegames are made following this walkthrough, so if you took another route through you could miss some items in the saves.

The compass is pointing to the way Lara looks, so for the directions in the walkthrough the camera must be behind her.

The first part of this level could be lagging because of the large number of objects used, later on (inside) it will get better. There's also a flare bug which will cause flares not to work and in case you use the binoculars, the game will probably crash.

Open the Gate to the Village.

When you go N a bunch of wolves attack, follow through to the end and get a Medipack. Go back and head S, more wolves. Follow through to the end and shoot even more wolves to get to the Viking's Head Statue.

Go back to the gate and use the Head to open it. On the village square are more wolves.

Exploring the Village, the Laser Sight and the Bow.

Deal with the wolves when you'll encounter them. Open the house N, shoot some sacks and get the Flares. Climb up the ladder, back flip to the attic and get the Laser Sight and Arrows from the chest. Go back outside and go E to the canyon, stand next to the bridge house and on the edge, hop back and run jump to grab the (second) flag pole. Swing to the ledge with an open door. Inside are Arrows N, climb the ladder E wall (next to the door) and 5 steps from the top you can back flip to land on the broken floor. In the chest N is the Bow.

The Torch.

Go to the W side and look up, shoot that spike ball with the Bow and the door W opens up. Grab a Torch there and get back out. Drop the Torch down after you saved and be sure you can see it down there before you go to the opening in the floor next to that chest (you could always throw down some spare Torches). Face N and run in, grab that jump lever to open the door back to the village.

Break the Ice, the Old Key open the Bridge.

Go get that Torch and through the door W and ignite the Torch in the house N. Head SW along the barricade and left around the corner of the house is a boulder. Burn the rope to let the boulder break the ice in the pool. You can leave the Torch. Dive down and get the Old Key from the bottom. Get out and head back into the bridge house, open the door E and climb up to the next yard.

The Silver Circles Key.

Go to the SW corner, hang from the edge of the canyon and shimmy all the way to the right till you can pull up on a ledge (quite far, near a tree). Go shoot those wolves and one drops the Silver Circles Key. Stand NW and run jump with a curve onto the log platform (savegame.0). Shoot some sacks SE for a small medipack and go up to the first floor (at least what's left of it). To the E is a crowbar door and left (N) some window shutters you can open up.

The Sword, the Musket.

Drop down and go back through the bridge house to the village square. Open the house S and inside on the anvil is a Sword (crowbar).

Upstairs under some sacks is Musket ammo and in the chest are the Musket and Flares.

Push Blocks.

Head back through the bridge house, up through the window S and open that door E. Jump over to the window and open it. You cannot use binoculars here due to the flare bug. You can get a normal camera view in the alcove at the S wall though.

For a Secret (it might be wise to go for the Secrets as you'll get a lot of supplies): In the SE corner are some wooden blocks, move then in a row of 3 along the S wall so you can pull the top block out of the corner, go on like this moving the blocks to the W till you can reach a lever way up on the W wall. The door opposite opens. From the blocks you can also jump onto the logs and get a Medipack. Behind that open door (crawl) is a chest with Secret #1, a small medipack, Shotgun- and Uzi ammo and a Bag of Runes. Leave through the door N to the Stonehenge Field.

Stonehenge Field, the Wolf's Heart Sacrifice.

Open the house N and shoot some sacks for Arrows and a small medipack. In the chest you'll find the Shotgun plus ammo, Musket ammo, a Medipack, Flares and the Sacrificial Dagger. The next wolf that comes out to play will leave the Wolf's Heart, combine that with the Dagger and get the Wolf's Heart Sacrifice.

Boulder Alley.

Go to the Stones E and place the Wolf's Heart Sacrifice, the ground opens up. Go down the long tunnel and the light coloured stair parts indicate danger, get through the axe and go straight down the stairs and notice the gate N.

Now you have to trigger two boulders on the left and right by running over the upper corner of the bright tiles. Go down the stairs E and turn around just before the bright tile, hop back and sprint up the stairs and either right or left out of the way (savegame.1). The gate N in the wider passage opens up and also the one at the bottom of the stairs opened up (we need a Key). So enter the gate N. (if there were any cameras used in the level, they will not work anymore due to that boulder on the trigger at the end of the E stairs)

Push Puzzle.

Go over the blocks and down to the gate N to use the lever and raise blocks along the E wall, go up to the statue NE and move it to the other corner, go on like this till the statue reached the NW corner.

For a Secret: First go to the back of this room (S) room, grab up into an opening in the ceiling and come to a Colour Puzzle room.

Colour Puzzle (no clue found).

The floor tiles with the black dots are deadly and we must hit certain tiles to open the door ahead. Walk straight onto the striped band, turn right and walk to the orange, turn left and walk over the trigger tile (middle of the orange) to the next safe striped band. Turn left go to the green, turn right and walk over the trigger tile (middle of the green). Right over the striped band to the gate and walk through as it opens up on approach. Grab Secret #2, the Uzis, Uzi ammo, Shotgun ammo, Arrows, Musket ammo, a small medipack and a Bag of Runes. Go back hopping straight over the dotted tiles to the safe striped ones and into the opening S, down to the room with the statue.

Now we have to move the statue to the tile in the middle, all the blocks will go down and the gate N opens up. Get in and grab the Blue Circles Key from the chest.

Go back to the Boulder Alley and down the stairs where the gate is open. Use the Key and go through the gate to slide to a room with another fixed camera, just go straight over the bridge and come to a passage with Blades. I just did running jumps turning away from Blades and got through without much harm.

The Yellow Circles Key.

Then you will come to a gap in the floor, opposite is an alcove with a Key. No way you can reach it, so drop down into the hallway and go down the stairs to find a spike ball up in the ceiling NE. Shoot it and a block goes up on the stairs, stand against the block facing W and back flip into the crevice behind you, jump and grab the block. Hop up and get the Yellow Circles Key. Go left and down the passage, open the gate with the lever and go down the stairs and left to the door you can open with the Key.

The Frozen Flame.

Climb down the ladder and in the next room a Witch will leave the Frozen Flame behind while she dies laughing (happy death)Place that Flame on the stand next to the gate N and use the lever on the left wall and take an hour long elevator ride up to a passage with Axes.

The Frozen Flame Key and the Magic (Grenade Gun).

Drop down either side and go to a room with a lava pit. Grab the monkey climb, go to the lever on the right (SW) to raise a block in the other side of the room. Go over to the lever SE and another block goes up. Follow the monkey swing around to the first block (N wall), jump to the next and again monkey climb around to the central pillar, drop grab and turn around to climb up. Take a right, run through the spike trap using the safe spot in between and follow through W, take the Frozen Flame Key left and the Magic right.

Push Puzzle.

Jump over the pit through the axe (run jump diagonally over the pit to the left corner and run left around before the axe swings back) (savegame.2). Use the Key and come to another puzzle room. Drop into the lower part, move the statue forwards once then push it in a square around the central tile and 4 blocks go up, you should be standing on one too. Push the statue to the pressure pad in the middle and the S door will open.

Dwarves Hideout.

Follow through to a large cave with little cabins. Don't go all the way down but up at another staircase on the right and follow the stairs to the side of the cabin NW. Throw the lever to raise a block in the cave in front of a higher opening (for a Secret). Now go down all the way and pick up that Spell on the floor at the bottom of the stairs and Dwarves show up, shoot them all and collect 2x small medipacks and 4 more Spells.

For the Secret: Climb the block NW and walk into the passage. Stop and save before going in. On the ceiling and floor are each 4 different tiles. Combine those into a graphic map (secret3.jpg) of the room and it will give you the path through this room to open the two gates W. Don't touch any of the other floor tiles and run into the open passage to get Secret #3, Medipacks, Shotgun, Uzi Ammo, Arrows and a Bag of Runes. Get out to the cave.

Push Puzzle, the Silver Blue Key.

Go to a crawlspace right of the SE cabin, into a puzzle room. The statue has to go into the SW corner, but there is only one safe route to do that because when the end of a push stops on a dotted tile, the floor will burn and you do too. The tiles with the "flower" motive are safe to put the statue on. So push it in a continuing move to the N, then W, one tile S and from there to the E wall and then via the SE corner to the pressure pad SW. A block goes up, climb it and open the chest to get Musket ammo, a Medipack, a small medipack and the Silver Blue Key.

Monkey Swing for the Gate.

Hop down W and crawl out W, go straight and use the Key there to open the door between the cabins, ahead is a closed gate. Go left and drop down, make your way through the axes to get a Medipack and Lightning Spell. Look up E and use the jump lever to raise a block in a pit.

Go back through the swinging axes and up the ladder, go down at the other side (N) and now you can jump over the pit. Climb down in the next room, use the crowbar lever to raise a block and shoot the werewolf. Climb back up the ladder and onto the block to grab the monkey climb. Find your way (of course the long way) to the jump lever SW and another block will go up W. Back up to the monkey climb and again all the way around to get to that block. Drop grab and climb up to the floor above, go left (E) and use the chain opening a gate in the passage next door. Drop down to the entrance ledge, back over the pit, up the ladder and to the open gate right (W).

The Axe.

Swim through to a room with a Big Door that needs the Axe. Go through the passage with the swinging axe to a room with a red and a blue opening.

Axe Handle-Blue: Just SPRINT in straight down onto a break tile and keep sprinting through the room with the falling spike ceilings and into the passage in the back. Climb up and pick up the Axe Handle, go into the open door, a stand jump/grab to the first tile, a run jump/grab to the second and another run jump/grab to get to safety. Go back left to the room and enter the other opening.

Axe Blade-Red: Stand left at the pit with the sloped blocks, hop over the top of the first, slide and jump to the next, one more jump and grab the crack in the wall ahead. Shimmy left and pull up over, slide a bit and jump to grab the monkey climb. Go to the pedestal with the Axe Blade. Hop onto the block in the corner and time the burners to go back over the monkey climb, left to the sloped block and a few jumps later you're safe (savegame.3).

The Giant Troll and the Golden Chalice.

Combine the Handle and the Blade and go back to the Big Door to place the Axe in the receptacle. Hop through and jump over to the next island.

For a Secret: From there you can walk to the right (W) side, light a flare and drop it onto the island so you can just make out the edge of a floor W, jump there to get Secret #4, Ammo, some Medipacks and a Bag of Runes.

Jump back and go S, shoot the Giant Troll from a safe distance (you should have plenty of ammo) and jump over to get the Golden Chalice, a Fairy will show up.

Using the Chalice.

Run back and jump over the islands, through the Big Door and dive in the water hole to get rid of the fairy. Swim back along the tunnel and return to the large cave. Go to the alcove at the back of the cave (S), and place the Chalice in the Chalice Chair puzzle hole.

Second Dwarf Hideout.

Return to the large cave and the rock waterfall W has become transparent revealing another Dwarf hideout. Enter this part of the cave and an army of six more dwarves will emerge from behind the little huts. Shoot them all, then pickup a Serpent Head, a Medipack and 6 Spells (one SW). Use the Serpent Head on the puzzle hole at the W end of this cave to open the big doors.

The Earthquake Corridor.

Enter the long wide corridor.

1st earthquake - a deep pit appears. Jump across the chasm on right hand side. Proceed a bit further along the corridor.

2nd earthquake. Another chasm appears. Jump to the climbable pillar and move around it to the far side. Then back flip to the safe block behind you. Run jump over the gap. Proceed a bit further along the corridor running along the right hand wall.

3rd earthquake - the floor tilts and a row of rolling balls drops and rolls down the slope. Just sprint past and jump up at the end to avoid the rolling balls.

Final Battle: Four Medusa Witches and a Dragon.

You can see the mutant in the centre of a big room, but it is best to keep your distance from him, to avoid the locust swarms being spawned. But in case they show up, save and reload, they will be gone for a while.

There are 4 Medusa witches guarding 4 puzzle holes on each side of the Dragons lair. But they only attack one at a time. To avoid too much damage, just stay back into the earthquake corridor to about where the rolling balls are located. This will be far enough to avoid locusts being spawned and the witches will come to you (Note: if you retreat further, and the witches follow too far they trigger a crash when they die). Kill a witch and she will drop a Frozen Flame. Kill each of the four witches in the same manner (savegame.4). Once they are dead, pickup the 4 frozen flames

Placing the Flames.

Now you need to run counter clockwise (left) around the entire perimeter corridor of the mutant lair. At each corner of the corridor, there is a marked tile which will temporarily raise a protective block in front of the Flame puzzle Hole in the centre of the corridor. The mutant can't flame you now as you place a Frozen Flame. Repeat this procedure around all four sides of the mutant lair. As you place a Flame, that side of the lair is sealed in. Whilst it stops the Mutants fireballs, it doesn't stop the locusts, so keep moving, saving/reloading.

Get Out.

When all four flames are placed, a door at the W side opens. Head there and climb onto the pillar. Jump over the spikes to grab the ladder. Climb up into the slanted alcove, back flip/jump and grab the higher part of the ladder. Right around at the top and via a couple of back flip ledges to more ladder climbing. When you get out in the open snow field at the top a short Flyby camera will end the level.

G&D. Mar. 01-2013.