BtB2013-14-The Cottage in the Valley.

6 secrets

Level by BtB 2013

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In case you need one or more of the saves/screens/videos, you’ll need to download the saves folder. These savegames are made following this walkthrough, so if you took another route through you could miss some items in the saves.

The compass is pointing to the way Lara looks, so for the directions in the walkthrough the camera must be behind her.

The Shed, Silver Blue key.

Go to the fence and then go left up the bank. Then jump to a flat area (NE) and side flip to a higher rock. Then a running jump up SE and another running jump next to the barn (S). Climb up and climb down the ladder that you see a bit further. Jump down and crawl through the crawlspace. Go to the opening at the other end and jump to that island. Pick up the Silver Blue Key from the middle and retrace your steps to the roof of the barn. Slide down to the ground and open the door of the shed.

There might be a gnome but you can easily avoid him. Go through the opening S and get the Flares on the right (NW corner).

Go SE and take a right (W) and at the end crawl through along the left side.

Use the ladder and on top, climb the crates, grabbing Flares on the way.

The Valley, the Axe Blade.

There is another ladder and then open the door. Use the Key on the next door and come to the Valley.

Take a few steps and turn around and look up. Grab the edge of the ceiling and crawl in. At the back shoot the sacks and get the Axe Blade.

The Axe Handle at the Smithy's.

Back out this loft and go S a bit, behind that campfire left and between those little sheds is a Medipack.

Now go the Smithy’s house (W) and open the door.

Then open the next and in the chest on the right is a small medipack. Open the next door and the next and watch a flyby.

Shoot the Giant Troll and both gnomes (that opened the exit for me, but you can't get out). If you are lucky the Troll will kill one or two of the gnomes for you.

The Spike Pit.

Go to the N wall and the second fire from the left has an opening in the ceiling, step slowly down into the corner and turn around, climb up (S). Turn around and jump over to the N, that platform over the pit isn't safe yet. Do a banana jump to the left (W) around that pillar (savegame.0). There is a lever there that will let a block come up in the pit. Stand jump down N from the ledge with the lever and jump to get on that block. Climb the ladder N, go straight and get a small medipack from the chest. Then go left and use the jump lever on the W wall, the trapdoor goes up again.

Boulder Run.

Go back to the pit and get onto the trapdoor, turn around and jump/grab up to the climb wall (standing all the way to the right). Follow through and when the gate slams shut better make a savegame.

Best way is to sprint to the right (S) along the right hand wall and after the boulder #3, wait a tick (savegame.1) and then dive/jump over the rest of the boulders.

Slide down backwards and then walk forwards and grab the chain to get to the other side.

Another Spike Pit, the Handle.

There are two Ravens hiding in that small bush. Turn around and hang from the edge, let go and grab a crack to shimmy to the left and pull up around the corner.

Go S and behind the barrel is a Medipack. Go E and follow through till you are back at the pit, don't even think about getting onto the trapdoor! Another banana jump W around the pillar (savegame.2) and use the jump lever. This opens a gate and a block appears in the pit so you can get back.

Jump down to the block, climb up the ladder and go right around corners, back to the passage with the fence. Stand on the lower floor at the opening in the fence, jump up NE a bit and grab the edge to hoist up at the opened gate. At the end, safety-drop to the room below and go back up the climbwall in the second fireplace N. Go N to the pit an again a banana jump around the pillar to the W (savegame.3). The gate there is now open. Go to the ledge with the big stones and hop NE into that archway where you will find Secret #1, Musket ammo. Walk back and jump SW to the ledge between those big stones (savegame.4) to use the lever.

Use the Axe, get over a Deadly Magic Trap.

Just safety-drop down to the stairs and go up to grab the Axe Handle from the pedestal. Now combine the Handle with the Blade to get the Axe and leave this place E and go to the valley.

Once outside, go to the wooden fence area S. Turn left before the fence and jump SE over that bush to get Secret #2, the Laser Sight. Jump back and go S through the opening in the fence, to the left is a chest, inside is a Medipack. Turn around and go to the wall and use the Axe to open the gates. The first arch you see inside has a Deadly Trap, so go E and walk to the wooden blocks, pick one and pull/push it all the way through the gates towards the first arch and then push it against the wall left (E).

Climb on it and jump up the ridge, go right, side flip and grab the edge and drop down to the ground.

Make your way to the S. Avoid the two Tree men and jump to the left over the pit (E). Go to the doors in the E, on the left behind that stone snake statue is a lever to open the doors.

The Lake Entrance.

Go in and get to a small lake. In the water and to the right are Flares and left a Medipack. Climb up at the E side wooden bridge and go further. Then take a left and another left, run jump up left into the alcove at the fire bowl SW without catching fire and get Secret #3, the Musket (secret.jpg).

Follow through W and end up at a white pit. Jump in and go right (S) and climb up in the corner next to the barrels and grab the Sword as Secret #4.

Climb up at the other side N and turn around; there is a spike ball up in the ceiling. Shoot that and the gate left (E) opens and we'll go there later as we need a Puzzle item inside.

Get out and go to the N to the Big Hall.

The Big Hall, E side: Silver Circles Key.

Go in and take a right, go straight S and right around the corner into that room, in the NW corner, stand against the wall and jump up to grab the ladder. Once up in the corner on a pedestal is Silver Circle Key. Get back down and go to the the far SE corner to open a chest with a small medipack. Turn around and open the door E with the sword or use the lever to open both doors at the same time (creating a shortcut we don't really need).

Basement, Flooding the Spike Pit.

Go back N to the corridor, right around the corners and use the Key on the door E. Get down and run jump out left as far as you can to save some tedious wading through the water to the N. Pick up a Medipack near the fence on the left and then go behind the fence, use the lever in the NW to start the pumps. Back through the water and up the steps right (W). Take a right and a left and another right and go to the fires you see (N). There is water in the pit now, pick up the Flares and swim into the crawlspace E. Be very careful when you swim out of the crawlspace (as there is a spiked ceiling, you trigger when you swim too far into the room) and immediately swim to the right to use the underwater lever opening a door. Swim back and climb out of the small pool. A Werewolf will bother you. Go S and take a left, then a right and then straight forwards.

In the next room in the far corner SE is another chest and in it a Medipack. The NE corner has Flares. If you didn't yet, you can open the door W and you can use this shortcut later.

Deadly Darts, The Sacrificial Dagger.

Go into the open door S (opened in the spike pit) and better crawl because some deadly darts are flying around (or use the crawlspace roll). You can avoid the boar he won’t bother you. The third alcove on the right has a Secret #5, a Medipack. Get the Sacrificial Dagger from the pedestal in the room in the end and crawl back.

Make your way back to the Big Hall.

The Big Hall, W side: Push puzzle.

You get to a puzzle room. The clue is the room straight ahead and up. Climb up NW or SW, hop to the alcove NE or SE and run jump into the passage W to see what it is all about.

On the wall are objects, when you go to the end of the passage, burners start. Make a note of the objects starting from where you came in as #1. The same objects can be found behind the pushables that have to be moved in the lower room.

A Shield, Swords and Lances. So push only those three forward and the doors up E open up.

Jump up to get to the alcove left or right at the E wall and do a banana jump to the open door and go up the slope.

Once at the top, jump up to grab the monkey swing and go to the opening S

Top of the Hall, S opening: Axe Jumps, the Monstrous Heart Sacrifice.

There is a lever there (have no clue the what and how with this lever) the second you go further, the double gates close. Kill the Troll and the gnome and pick up a small medipack in the SW.

Avoid the swinging axes, right around the corner is a jump lever (W wall) and after using it turn around and enter the open door.

More swinging axes, so jump to the first platform and then take a curved running jump to grab the next platform at the wall ahead (axes.jpg). Shimmy around the corner and pull up.

Next jump is into that small alcove on the right and then one running jump to the rotating knife. Hang on the edge and shimmy around and climb the ladder (savegame.5).

Now jump to the top of the columns (picking up a small medipack) to the wall and pick up the Monstrous Heart. Combine it with the Dagger and get the Monstrous Heart Sacrifice. Jump back to the column W and then jump down to the corner on the ground floor. You can leave this place, as the gates are also open.

Get to the monkey swing and swing back to the W opening. Go down the slope and safety drop. Back to the Big Hall and into the N opening.

The Big Hall, N side: Summon the Dragon. When Locust appear, quickly save and reload to get rid of them for a while.

Place the Heart Sacrifice on the pedestalm this triggers the Dragon. Roll and run right (W) through the now open door. Up the stairs and at the top, open the door. Go right and take a banana jump around the pillar S to the next alcove. Jump up and use the monkey climb to get to the other side (savegame.6). Then go to the N, climb over the block and make another banana jump. From that ledge to that small triangle ledge in the corner and use the jump lever there. If the Dragons spews fire bolts at you, best is to duck. Camera shot of a door opening.

I just jumped down on the floor and went back to the door on the W and get on the first flight of stairs, turn around and jump up to grab the edge of that passage there. Hoist up and go through the door (savegame.7).

Next passage has the rotating knives, run/jump through them or crawl like a sissy.

In the passage around the corner is a boulder, walk to the deepest part of the ramp, turn around and take a step back to trigger the boulder, sprint back and right to get out of the way of the boulder. Turn around and run after the boulder and jump over as soon as it comes down towards you (savegame.8 - video=boulder.wmv).

Shoot the Werewolf and now you can go over magic ledges to visit other parts.

E opening: Spike Ceilings, Moving Logs, a Golden Cross.

Sprint forwards as spiked ceilings drop down, just sprint into the wall and check your health as you must have lost a lot. Go left (N) and avoid the moving wooden beams, sprint passing the second row of beams. For the last part there are three beams better have you health up and run/sprint passing the first two, then the third one will start moving (savegame.9).

Use the lever to lift a cage and go to the right (E) and follow through, killing a werewolf. You'll bypass the moving logs and get back at the place where the ceilings went down, go straight S and find the Golden Cross on the pedestal where the cage went up.

For the Grail Secret.

Open the door NE and watch the flyby.

If you go through the door you cannot run back out! Two Giant Trolls will attack, follow through and left under the sacks there is some Musket Ammo. In the chest near the doors (S) is a Medipack.

In the small area E is a crowbar lever behind a pole SE, this will reopen the exit. Under some sacks at the N wall is the Grail Offering (for a secret).

Go back and use the blocks to get over the spikes.

For a secret first go W and safety drop down to the ground floor, go E and in the Big Hall go to the right (S) to the white pit. Climb up into the open gate E (or maybe you still have to shoot the spike ball in the ceiling to open it)

Place the Grail Offering at the statue for Secret #6, the Holy Grail.


Back to the puzzle room (W) and up the first floor and now jump up the wooden platforms to get to a room way on top.

Place the Cross and the room magically changes. Shoot the witch, she leaves a Lion Head behind.

Placing the Head at the N wall opens a passage in the same wall. Go through and you will be transported to the other world. Go up the stairs and the level ends.

G&D. Mar 7-2013.