BtB2013-13-The Oath of the Icy Tower.

3 secrets

In case you need one or more of the saves/videos, youíll need to download the saves folder. These savegames are made following this walkthrough, so if you took another route through you could miss some items in the saves.

The compass is pointing to the way Lara looks, so for the directions in the walkthrough the camera must be behind her.

The Dark Cave.

Slide all the way down and first go get some Flares SW. Under the ice you can see a Shotgun, go E into the opening, climb backwards into the hole and drop grab the crawlspace, best use the crawlspace roll here. Follow through to that Shotgun, from there go SW for some Shotgun ammo. Head NW into a crawlspace.

Timed Platforms, a Frozen Flame.

Shimmy around a spike pit and follow the left hand wall to get to a Timed lever NE. It will raise the platform behind you, hop back and back flip onto the platform, jump forward to the next platform and side flip left, turn left and roll to do a run-jump into (or grab) the opening SE (savegame.0). (You can also jump up into the opening N and do a running jump from the opening on the triangle slope SW and jump to the opening with the Flame. Itís a bit more tricky but at least not timed). Get the Frozen Flame there and jump to the now solid platform NW. Then stand-jump up to the floor N. There's a gate in that passage and a Secret behind it and you'll have to go back here later if you want it. Go down at the end of the passage to slide back to the Dark Cave.

The Icy Tower, the Chapel.

Head into the W side where you can place the Flame on the stand, the Big Door opens S, so go in. Shoot the wolf after the flyby and head W into the Chapel, get some Flares from behind the fence left and hop over the fence at the other side to use the jump lever there, a rope appears in the top of the chapel.

Shoot some sacks NW to get Shotgun ammo and hop onto the altar. Jump to grab the crack in the NE pillar, go right around and hoist up. Run-jump E to the swing pole and swing with a right curve to land on a sloped surface, slide/jump to the platform there.

Stand on the SE corner facing W, look NW and spot that dark wooden wall, that's where you have to jump to. So a wide right hand curve and grab the wall; shimmy to the left side and from the bottom a back flip/roll to grab the wall behind you. Shimmy all the way to the right, around the corner and drop to the ledge there (savegame.1). Jump and grab the rope and swing into that alcove with the lever above the altar (W). Using the lever will open the door below, turn around and just run out to land on the altar.

Under the Ice, the Old Key.

Go into the door NW and swim along the right hand wall, a bit further to the right is a small medipack. Go on along the right hand wall to find Shotgun ammo around the corner. Go get air in the middle and pick up the Old Key there. There's another small medipack to the E behind the middle pillar and more Shotgun ammo N. Swim back W and climb up to the Chapel.

Go out the Chapel, take a right (S) to the far end, left around the Tower and find a trapdoor you can open with the Old Key.

Tower Basement.

You drop down in the basement. First make a tour of the room to get all the pickups from the sacks and crates you can shoot. 2x Medipack, 3x Uzi ammo, 3x Shotgun ammo, 2x small medipack and the Uzis. Now pull the chain in the middle of the room and see some doors open in a Cave.

The Crypt.

Go back out using the ladder S and head left (E) over a frozen waterfall into that cave, shoot the wolves.

For a Secret: Go to the SE corner, face NW and back flip onto the sloped rock, jump and grab the lever to open that gate to the Secret.

Go back out to the tower, to the N and through the Big Round Door. Into the opening on the right (E), drop backwards and grab to the crawlspace and follow through (the crawlspace roll comes in mighty handy here) to that room with the platforms as before. Do the platform jumps again to get into the upper passage N and get Secret #1, a small medipack, Shotgun ammo and 3x Uzi ammo. Leave E and go back to the Crypt through the Big Round Door. Go straight ahead and take a left near the frozen waterfall.

N side Tomb; shoot the birds, shoot all remaining vases on the graves and a block goes down N, push the Rune button (first for the E door). Around the corners in the back are a small medipack and Shotgun ammo, in the NE corner up in the E wall is a crawlspace, get in for Secret #2, a Medipack and 2x Shotgun ammo, get out of the room.

S side Tomb; use the sunken lever to lower the block, shoot the wolf pack and push the Rune button to open the E door. Around the corners in the back are Flares and Shotgun ammo, get out and take a right (E).

E side Tomb; Viking's Head Statue, the Torch.

Shoot Thor and grab the Viking's Head Statue he will leave behind, place it on the stand at the tree and the door opens up again. Jump up left of the tree, get between the roots and grab the Torch.

Melt the Waterfall.

Take the Torch and go back to the entrance of the Crypt W. Jump up on the snow, take a left (S) and go into the smaller tunnel. Ignite the Torch at the campfire and go N up in the cave jump on a block and very carefully ignite (stand in a corner) the campfire to melt the Waterfall. You can throw the Torch away.

Go back NE to the Tower and just out of the cave is the waterfall, there's a hole you can now go down into.

Entrance through the Basement.

Drop down, find a Timed lever E and pull, back flip/roll and sprint to the door W, aim for the left side of the opening, jump as soon as you are at the door so you'll go over the spike trap, just slide off and drop/slide through several passages with a trap, at the end jump to the opposite side and keep jumping back and fro to the right to end up on the flat ledge (savegame.2 - video-oath1.wmv). After the first two slopes there's a climbwall in front of you, can be used to wait there and time the blade and not loose any health.

Fight the Gods, Keys to the Tower.

Jump with a roll onto the left side of the slope SE and jump off with a right curve to end up on another ledge and jump to the climb wall E (you can also get to the climbwall with a curved jump from the first ledge). Blades start to move above, be careful! Climb up through the blades while taking a medipack and climb out into a high room.

Go in E, watch the flyby and shoot that Hammer God. Jump over the deadly floor to the ledge where he died and pick up a Key to the Tower #1 he left behind. Grab Shotgun ammo and a Medipack NE. Then go up the stairs and meet the next Hammer God, shoot him and grab the Key to the Tower #2. Get 2x Uzi ammo W, a small medipack SW and Shotgun ammo S, a door opened SE, so leave.

Getting Out, Boulder Alley.

Shimmy along the walkway past the pillar or do a fancy banana jump and follow through, jump into the water, find a Medipack and two ceiling levers. Blocks raise S, climb out S and use the Rune button there, another block appears. Climb the blocks and jump to the jump lever on the W pillar to open a door. Up the blocks again and run jump up into that door SW. Turn around, jump to the top of the pillar and then to the next, grab the Medipack and get back into the open door. Follow through and when you see the Flares, run left into the alcove before you get those. Now you have to avoid two more boulders using the alcoves up the slope. Then climb up to a hatch and open it. Climb up W and grab the Flares (no boulder this time).

Into the Tower.

From the campfire go NE and left to the front of the Tower, use the two keys to gain entrance.

Shoot the two Vikings inside and get Flares from the sack W. Use a jump lever in the E alcove and a block goes up NE. Now move the wooden block SE to the SW corner, shoot the Viking and get on the wooden block, grab the ceiling and go around the room to the raised block NE, drop/grab and climb up to the first floor.

First Floor, open the Hatch.

Go to the window SW (S wall) and jump over to grab the cave entrance, follow down to a Rune button behind a pillar; this will open a gate in the bridge passage E from the first floor of the Tower. Go back, jump to the Tower and go to the opening E, left of the bookcases. Follow the bridge, on the middle of the bridge is a small medipack and sprint to the right hand opposite side of the next room to make your way through the boulders (savegame.3).

A Viking will appear when you want to get through the axes to the Rune button. The button opens the hatch on top of the SE ladder on the first floor. Get back into the Tower, shoot more Vikings and climb up the ladder in the SE corner, back flip off.

The Battle for the Second Floor.

Fight the two Hammer Gods and grab the two Viking's Head Statues. In the arches around the room are a small medipack, Shotgun ammo and Flares. Go on that stone bridge E and get Uzi ammo at the end.

Go back to the Tower and place the two Heads W and jump to the platform (no Ctrl). For the next sequence you'll have to line op straight (hang from the edge of the floor, pull up and just roll). Run jump without Ctrl and hold the forward key down. Follow the ledges jumping to the N. On the last, the entrance of the Chapel is a small medipack down the N side.

Jump back up and then to the thin ledge N. Go E and the last jump is just too far, no worries, you'll land on blocks below and between the blocks is a Medipack and some Uzi ammo between the blocks W. Climb the last block E (the one with the snowballs) and turn around, start jumping ledges again to get to the Upper Entrance of the Tower (S).

Upper Entrance of the Tower.

There are 2 Vikings, shoot those and move the Snake and Lion statues onto the trigger tiles so the Snakes faces the Lions and the gates open up S. Another Hammergod shows up, deal with him while standing on one of the outer wall blocks and go towards the entrance, left around the Tower is a Medipack, right around Uzi ammo. Go into the Tower.

Knights wake up, in the window W is Shotgun ammo, look in the SW corner and use the Shotgun (aim by looking up) to shoot that spike ball. Gates open S, go through and shoot a Giant Troll and go to the far back to use the lever. Grab the small medipack and return while grabbing some Flares S.

Go back where the Knights are and it became crowded all of a sudden. Shoot the Vikings then go to the middle of the room and those blue rays indicate the route up some invisible platforms up to the hatch opened by the lever in the cave.

Kill the Valkyrie and grab the Horsemanís Key she leaves behind, hopping backwards around the hole in the middle of the floor seemed the easiest way. You can also find a small medipack and Shotgun ammo if you look around.

The Valkyrie, the Horseman's Key.

Use the Key SE and quickly get on the block and grab up to the floor above so you can shoot the Viking from above. From the windowsill S you can jump to a platform W, grab the small medipack there and save at the Timed lever (to operate a sliding platform N). Pull the lever, turn right and stand jump over the gap to the ledge, a running jump to the platform and stand jump grab up and forward to grab the slanted block. Hang right, pull up over and jump hard right (OR grab the crack straight ahead and shimmy right around the corner) (savegame.4).

Now jump SW behind the slanted block for Uzi ammo and jump back NE. Use the pole with the flag E, shoot some Ravens and jump SE to use the Rune button.

Up to the Rafters, Timed Jumps.

Jump back and grab the block to get up to the windowsill above; shoot some Ravens. Jump SE, grab a crack S and go around to the next window. Jump to the next window and from there to the pole with the flag to swing to the platform. Jump to the Timed lever NW and use it, quickly get onto the block and jump grab up to the monkey climb under the rafter. Go to the opposite window and drop to find a Timed trigger tile to get a sliding platform out of the rafter.

Run over the trigger tile and jump SW, jump up onto the crevice in the wall, turn left and stand jump/grab to the platform. Use a trick to shorten the pull up time (release the Ctrl for a millisecond) and immediately hop onto the rafter (savegame.5), shoot the Ravens and go get the Flares N. Look left in the corner and spot the crawlspace for later.

Jump to the other rafter E and go to the Timed floor lever S, a block goes up. Hop back turning right and run jump to the W rafter, curve right and jump back E to grab that block on the left corner. Pull up, turn left more than 90* and jump to grab the jump lever (savegame.6). Get back to the NW corner where the Flares were and jump with a curve to grab that crawlspace (or grab up S to the wooden rafter, shimmy right and from the bottom a back flip roll/grab to the crawlspace). Hang out from the other side, right hand side and save.

Hazardous Jumps over the Crumbling Ice Ledges.

Drop, hop back and turn right to stand jump with a left curve to the ledge around the corner and do a running jump to grab the one S. Carefully run over the edge and jump to the next ledge, hop to the one around the corner and a running jump up to the one SE, turn right and grab up to the next one, roll and run jump to grab the safe floor (savegame.7 Ėvideo-oath2.wmv). Immediately run forward and chase the Vikings inside to shoot them before they grab the Uzi ammo NE.

There is some Shotgun ammo in the NE corner outside.

Top of the Tower.

We'll need four Seals here, at random order, but because of the Gates S we'll have to do that one last.

E: Lava Cave, Seal #1.

Jump to that block on the right and another run jump to the ledge in the right hand slope. Stand at the edge, time the burner and hop to the break ledge in the Lava, curve left while running and jump N onto the next safe spot on the bank.

Look NE and shoot that spike ball there (pistols while jumping up and down), a rope appears over the lava. Run jump and grab that rope, aim for that high block behind the burner and tap the "swing" key once when the burner is down. Then wait till it goes down again and when Lara is in the backswing, hit swing again and she should go high enough to grab the block (might take a few tries) (savegame.8).

Run jump and grab that crawlspace S and follow through to where you can climb up to the structure.

Grab Seal #1 and safety drop from the SW corner to slide to a platform. Run jump W with a left curve to the ledge left of that burner. A curved run jump to the block ahead and another run jump to the Tower.

N: Fairy Push Puzzle, Seal #2.

When you enter the cave 2 Fairies show up, I just shot them to get rid of 'em. Just stand in one spot, turn around your axis a few times while shooting pistols (but I believe the idea is to have them around until you reach the Fairy catcher on the first floor, but that will cost you a bunch of Medipacks).

Pull the wooden block out of the W wall and move it onto the raising block NW, in the alcove where the block was is a Medipack an alcove S has Shotgun ammo.

In the alcove on the N ledge is a lever to raise the block to that ledge, move the wooden block to the trigger tile E. A block goes up in the SW corner, go back to the raising block W and from there you can use the tree branches S to swing to that block SW. Get up to the first floor and E is a small medipack. You can use the chain to get across to the N, to the left is the Fairy Catcher and to the right is Seal #2. Get back down and to the Tower.

W: Werewolves, Seal #3.

Open the door with the lever, drop down and light a flare (one of many) and go to a lever between the gates S, gates open and inside is Seal #3. Now you can leave by climbing the block NE or make your way down the ramp into the lower cages and find a small medipack in one cage and Shotgun- and Uzi ammo in the other cage. You'll have to shoot about 4 werewolves or just dodge them. Get back to the Tower, you can neatly close the door behind you if you like.

S: Mirror Room with Moving Logs for Seal #4.

The Blue Gates S have now opened up, slide down and drop down on the safe tile below. Look in the mirror for the ones you can jump to and finally run jump up to the block with Seal #4. Now stand jump to the NW corner and land on Secret #3, Shotgun- and Uzi ammo and a Medipack. Run with a curve over that tile and jump to grab the block again, make your way back over the safe tiles to the entrance (savegame.9) and hop up to the Tower.

Use the Seals, up to the Deadly Slides.

Place the Seals in the receptacles on the pillars and a hatch opens in the ceiling at the SE pillar. Save at the top of the ladder while hanging right and pull up over.

Slide and jump to the break tile, wait for a chance and stand jump forward with a bit of a left curve through the axe onto a slanted ledge, jump again to try and grab the next break tile. Hang left and run left around the corner onto a slope, slide/jump onto the slope behind the spikes and immediately jump to grab the next tile. If you manage to hang right, run forward to the other side of the tile, turn left and jump to grab the crawlspace left you can get Secret #4, a small medipack, 2x Uzi ammo and 2x Shotgun ammo.

Turn around and crawl to the right hand side of the opening W (opening E is back to the start and you can't go there anymore). Jump out with Alt (new move) and jump from the slope below onto the tile ahead. Turn right and hop onto the slanted block there. Jump from the top of that slope to the tile and jump up to grab the last break tile. Pull up, turn around or roll and jump to grab the crawlspace above (savegame.10). A flyby shows the final battlegrounds.

The Final Battle.

To the left are some Flares in case you want them and further on you'll come to the battleground. In another crawlspace system in the battle floor are a small medipack, Uzi ammo and Shotgun ammo, you can also take refuge in these lower parts and shoot from there. Now save and get up to the Top of the Tower, shoot the two Thor Creatures and grab the Viking's Head Statues, place them N.

You'll see an electric arc somewhere next to the Tower. That's NW, stand on the wall and run jump to it. A nasty Witch shows up on the Tower; shoot it from here while keeping an eye on the health. A new arc appears E, just follow the path there and repeat these actions (4 Witches total) till a platform appears SW of where you are. Jump to the platform on the corner of the Tower and collect the 4 Golden Crosses where the Witches dropped them.

You can use these Crosses S. Go to the SE corner, a platform in the floor moved aside so you can get the Axe of the Icy Tower.

The level ends there.

G&D. Feb. 23-2013.