BtB2013-12- Septentrion.

5 secrets

Level by BtB 2013

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In case you need one or more of the saves/screens/videos, you’ll need to download the saves folder. These savegames are made following this walkthrough, so if you took another route through you could miss some items in the saves.

The compass is pointing to the way Lara looks, so for the directions in the walkthrough the camera must be behind her.

The Viking Heads.

First pick up some Flares straight and a bit left. Side flip over the balustrade and get Shotgun ammo E. Go N and take a running jump to the structure, turn around and a running jump to the SE terrace. Go in and picking up more Flares on the right, continue N and on the left is a wood pile (push block), push it twice and grab the Medipack left.

Go back and take a running jump to the slope opposite (left of) the wooden block and shimmy to the right and hoist up (because of the wooden block the spike ceiling will not kill you). Looking S you can see a trapdoor appear on the deadly floor.

Go a bit further and climb up on the left (S) and jump up (left or right) to get even higher. Jump to the walkway N and side flip to the right and grab the edge. Shimmy right and hoist up, go further inside and grab the Viking’s Head Statue (#1).

The gate in the parallel passage opens so you can get back on the bridge. Go S and jump into the alcove on the left SE, from there jump SW to the balcony with the Medipack. Go to the other end and down N onto the terrace. Jump N onto the platform in the lava and save. Pull up on the N floor and hop back before the spikes kill you.

Jump back to the terrace S, up to the balcony S and left to where the Medipack was. Side flip over the balustrade to the terrace and jump N to the new platform under the spike trap, from there NW up to the floor and climb to the top of the room again. Go SW and look down there to spot the spike trap. Jump into the alcove over the trap and hang down, drop/grab the edge of the trap and shimmy to the right, pull up.

Avoid the spikes popping and get the Shotgun ammo S. Go back and left into the building and find a small medipack NE.

Stand on the platform and time the spikes to jump down. Pull up (or jump up) and watch out for the swinging axe and get the Viking’s Head Statue (#2) from the right (N). Drop down and you see the platform moving back and forwards. First run through the spikes and go S for a Medipack. Go back to the spikes and now jump and grab up to the floor above when the platform moves away. Leave and jump NE over the spiked roof to the left (savegame.0). Climb up the structure again and climb back on the bridge. Jump N and place the two Heads on the steps.

Free the Guide with the Old Key.

Get in and jump first in the alcove on the left and then the one N. There is a trigger tile in it that opens the door in the first alcove (savegame.1).

Go in and right and watch flyby. Continue around two corners. Run jump to the left and get the Shotgun ammo. Slide down to a safe tile. Now sprint to the W (savegame.2) and grab the Flares.

Jump back over the pit, climb up N and grab the Medipack. Dive into the water and swim all the way though and get out W side, grab some Flares hanging in the cobweb.

You are now in the Ship "Septentrion", turn around and use the jump lever in the ceiling next to the water hole, kill the Viking.

Get into the room the Viking came from, go get the Shotgun and the guide shows himself, he seems to be a imprisoned. In the SW corner are Shotgun ammo plus the Old Key. Go out to the previous room and use the Old key on the other door.

The Guide and the Silver Circles Key.

Get a Medipack near the guide, go back to the room where you got the shotgun and then the guide leads opens the door. Up the stairs, open the next door, grab Flares and go through the opening W and watch the flyby.

Kill the Viking and go straight (W) into the storage and find Shotgun ammo. Back out and right (S). Wait for the guide at the scarecrow, as he will blow up the witch. Go in and up and straight ahead is more Shotgun ammo.

Go in NE and go to the Flares, turn and shoot the Viking that drops down from a trapdoor.

Get the Silver Circles Key he had with him. Go back and outside to the Ship and use the Key in the dark NW corner. In the left opening, next to the keyhole is more Shotgun ammo.

An Empty Sack.

Go in and once out in the open, take a right, go W and open the doors next to the horse (W). In here is a timed lever that will raise a block, turn right, jump on the block and jump over the traps into the back. Get the Empty Sack and back flip onto one of the slanted blocks in the back. Jump to the other side and slide back as far as possible, then back flip again and from the high point of the block you can jump and grab the monkey climb ceiling. Go back over the traps to safety (savegame.3).

Some Rocks.

Go back to the stables and see that mysterious guide again, follow him. When you get in the room with the guide, he uses a button and he goes up. No need for Lara to follow as the door upstairs opens from the other side. So go outside, shoot those sacks against the S wall for a small medipack. Go out S and take a right, in the corner there on a block (NW) is a Medipack, you'll have to jump to get out again. Go W and NW in a small area at the end on the left is a lever. This opens the gate opposite.

Watch the emitter and get inside. Get the Medipack NE and time the emitter in the NW corner to grab the Rocks (savegame.4).

Use the Weight, the Axe Blade.

Go down E, jump over the pink spike floor and open the door at the other end. Go to the S and take a left near the frozen waterfall, a Viking will use a lever and activates spikes. Shoot him and combine the Empty Sack with the Rocks to get a Heavy Sack and use it on the contraption NW.

NE under a box is some Shotgun ammo. Then go out W and left to the frozen falls. Climb up and then go E, into the opening SE around the corner and open the door. Get Flares at the S wall window and enter the opening right.

Nasty Slides.

At the end better save the game, some sliding and jumping is in order. Jump to the SW and slide around the corner, at the next corner to the right, keep jumping right to end up onto the slope. Back flip with roll and keep jumping to and fro to get to the left jump and when you succeed in landing on that central safe ledge you can go to the other end to get Secret #1, Shotgun ammo and a Bag of Runes hidden in the plants. Go back and just run down right onto the sliding floor, around the corner and then jump to the left (N) to get the Axe Blade. Then jump SE and slide back to safety (savegame.5).

The Axe Handle.

Leave and go outside and through the green gulley and notice the two small poles (ladder), crawl backwards and climb down the ladder and use the lever, the spikes are gone, now you can pick up the Axe Handle from the middle and combine it with the Blade to get the Axe.

Jump N over the balustrade and get back on top of the frozen falls. Go NW to the block there with a little Viking on it.

The Sword.

First go into the NW corner, look NW and you can just spot the Sword there (to the right of that pillar-sword.jpg). Run jump with a curve around the pillar to get there (savegame.6), pick up the Sword and a gate opened up allowing you to get out.

Open the Crowbar door S for later (inside is a keyhole) and jump back to the E.

Use the Axe.

Go use the Axe on the Viking statue and watch the flyby.

The Snake Head.

Turn around and jump NE over the gap to the door N and open it to let the guide out.

Another flyby, now jump SE and go left (E).

If you want all the pick-ups, on that small snowy bridge face W, grab the edge, let go and grab the crack and crawl in for some Shotgun ammo. Crawl out SW, go to the pedestal and take the Snake Head.

The door E opens. Jump first to the wooden block N.

Here you can go for a secret: Stand SW and run(stand) jump up with a right hand curve onto the snowy ledge up there. Walk to the NW corner and stand on the edge of where the snow is melting. Do a curved run jump to grab that windowsill W and get Secret #2, the Magic and another Bag of Runes. Jump back NE onto the pointy ledge just below the window and jump to get back to the snowy ledge E and jump onto the sloped ledge NE, shimmy along the edge a bit and drop/grab to the wooden block below. Stand on the lower E ledge and run jump to the wooden entrance ledge SE.

Get in and kill the Viking, push the statue all the way in the NE corner, where the two lion heads on the wall cross their eye sight. A door opens somewhere (above the entrance door).

Jump to the right (N wall) and climb up the wooden block and from there op to the stone ledge SE.

Get in and follow through, shoot a raven. For what seems an impossible Medipack pickup, go SW and spot that Medipack on the triangular ledge over the gap. Just run jump straight to it, turn around to pick it up. Run jump onto the slope SE, grab the edge and shimmy left to pull up where you left off, near a door in the E wall.

Go NW and jump over to that ledge NW and use the floor lever inside, that door you just saw opens up. Pick up Shotgun ammo in a window sill W, this gate will open up in the next Timed run. Go out E jump back to the other side to get to that door SE.

Use the Snake Head, Timed Run.

Inside is a timed trigger tile this opens the fence where you picked up the Shotgun ammo near that floor lever so sprint, jump to the structure up onto the windowsill and run jump over to the W side (savegame.7).

Turn left and jump to the slope, slide off and grab the edge, shimmy left to the corner, pull up and back flip/roll with a right curve (savegame.8). Pick up the Flares and go S.

On the S wall you can use the Snake Head, a gate in the W wall a bit back opens, notice the Big door W (for later).

This is for a secret: E from the snake head receptacle is an opening, a run jump SE over the ridge to get the Medipack and walk to the end for Secret #3, a Bag of Runes. It is possible to jump back inside, but it is tricky, a run jump with Ctrl did it for me.

Go N and look left for that open gate on the left where the Flares were before. Get in, take the Musket and Musket ammo and first jump up in the NW corner to open the doors there. Then better make a save before turning the wheel.

Time Cog Wheel Run. (It is not possible to save during this run, the door will be closed when you get to it)

Side flip to the block in front of the door, run jump out with a right hand curve and sprint to the end, jump to the ledge ahead and then another running jump right to the trapdoor. Sprint to the end (snake receptacle) and take a right, run against the closing door and hit "roll" to get through the door (savegame.9).

Watch the fly by, the Giant Trolls kill the werewolf.

The Beasts and a Lasersight.

Go to the opening and run jump straight to the candles and then to the ones at the S wall, they trigger some sliding platforms and a Medipack is available on the one against the N wall. You only can jump on them when the platforms are above the candles. When you pick up the Medipack you’ll slide down to the ground floor, kill the Giant Trolls (they will have killed the werewolf for you if you're lucky) and pick up the Laser Sight from the NW corner.

Go through to the W and prepare for another fight. Go to the platform that is hanging on ropes and jump on the one when the emitter is down and a running jump to grab the next (N) turn around and jump to the one S over the fire. Jump to the ledge E, there are Flares plus Shotgun ammo.

Take a running jump N from there to the far slope on the E wall, shimmy a bit left and back flip to a safe platform. Take a running jump to the platform with the candles you see in the next area.

Face NW and jump to grab the climb wall with the blue dots. Traverse up to the right and drop onto the icy ledge. Walk E a bit and jump to grab the branch, swing to the E ledge and climb up.

Go to the chain between the two lanterns and use it to get across the pit.

A Torch, the Blue Circles Key.

Go down the tunnel and grab the Medipack, proceed into the next hall and shoot the Witch and her two wolves. The SW chain in the hall can be used to raise a platform in the pit with the chain.

Now go W and find two Torches on a chain, face E or W and grab one. Go back to the chain and hop onto the single platform. Stand NE and run jump to that icy ledge below, Stand against the E side and jump up, then hit the #1 key to drop the Torch on the higher floor. Get the Torch and ignite it on the lantern. More platforms went up so you can jump back to the W side and ignite the lantern there. A Key shows up on the pedestal where you got the Torch, so get there and pick up the Blue Circles Key. You can leave the Torch here.

Go back over the pit using the chain and on the other side left through the door that opened. Right around corners to where you opened the crowbar door and can now use the Key (In case you don't have the Sword yet, jump E and then look NW and you can just spot the Sword there (to the right of that pillar-sword.jpg). Run jump with a curve around the pillar to get there pick up the Sword and a gate opened up allowing you to get out. Open the Crowbar door S).

Go back left around and through the open door NW. Pick up Flares and shoot a werewolf on your way N through the corridor.

Shoot the Balls.

Next place has a rolling ball E, stand NW on the entrance ledge and spot an opening down W. Take one step back from the corner, hop to the flat surface you see and hit Ctrl to slide under the rock ledge and onto the path. Go in straight and get a Musket. Walk back out and look for a swinging ball under the entrance ledge, shoot it and then another ball left and high up. A rope appears over the pit below and doors open E.

Swing back with the rope; grab the edge of the floor under the boulder. Hang left and immediately side flip right out of the way as the boulder will come down. Go through the doors E.

The Waterskin.

First go straight (E) go over a wooden trapdoor and a bit further find an opening right (S) and get the Shotgun Ammo there. Go back out and look in the opposite N wall for an opening over a ridge. Stand a bit back and then take a running jump over the ridge into the opening.

In this passage is a knife-trap, avoid it and find the Small Waterskin on a trapdoor. The best way to deal with the blades is to just crawl underneath them. Once you have the waterskin, these first blades are gone and are replaced by 2 new ones that move from one wall to the other, just crawl back again. Once out again go right and right and fill the skin in the small pool next to the lever. Go back to the door E and use the water on that pedestal with the dead tree on the left.

Go E and avoid the moving log, turn around and now you have to time the next pick-up. Climb up when the trunk is away and immediately duck. Crawl forward and get Secret #4, a Bag of Runes. Crawl back to the edge and stand up and jump away.

Follow through and in the next room the door E goes to a small room, open the chest and get the Medipack. The Knight has to smash the wooden barricade N, then lure him away and get on the small raised floor and face E to open the trapdoor. Then get on the ladder to the deck of the ship.

The Ship "Septentrion".

Go to the SW corner and climb up over the side, head N and pick up a small medipack. No go N and drop down, go up those slanted blocks NW and jump E to the pillar. Jump and grab the ledge S, walk between the swinging axes and use the Sword on the lever to lower a block in the E wall (SE). Get back down using the pillar N and the slanted blocks, go SE and kill the Hammer God. At the E wall are two slanted ledges, stand on the left hand one and grab up to the ledge above. First jump to that pillar with the Medipack SW.

From here you can go for a secret: Jump SW to the ledge and from there a jump to grab the ship, shimmy left into the opening and get Secret #5, a Bag of Runes and some Lightning Spell. Drop out and go back up to the upper ledges E. Go into the opening in the E wall and pick up a Medipack.

The First Axe.

Drop down N into the room and you will see a crowbar switch under a bush. As you step where the switch is, you will find out that Lara can not use it because of the bush but the guide will show up and push the boulder off the ramp (you may have to go in the direction of the boulder to get the guide to move). The log starts moving so you can crawl down into the opening under the log. Grab the Axe (#1) and see the trapdoor in the pool with the lever open up. Climb back up and keep holding "duck" to get out of the way. Get out of here, drop down to the ice and go up the slanted blocks N to get to one of the pillars.

The Second Axe.

By now you will have attracted two Fairies. Jump and grab the axe ledge S and run jump to the ship, time the flames and get down through the hole in the deck. Go out E and up the passage to the moving log, run left around the log (block lowered here) and go back to the cave with the pool. Go W and right to the pool, dive in and swim down and E. Where you get the screen of the lever, look S in the mirror and turn around to swim into that hidden passage, use the underwater lever there and get air. The lever opened the trapdoor where the waterskin was found before. Swim out and left; in the next section you can spot the hidden opening in the ceiling when you look in the mirror. Go through that (now disabled) Blade trap again and go up into the cave. Go to the N section with the now frozen pool so you can finally use the lever to open door N. Shoot the Valkyrie and get the Axe (#2).

Use the Axes, the Frozen Flame Key.

Doors open up in the S section, those doors lead to a place you saw before. Place the two Axes on the statues S and the trapdoor will open in the cave behind you.

Go back in there and hang from the W side of the trapdoor, drop/grab to the crawlspace below to get the Frozen Flame Key. To be used in the stables as shown.

An Apple for the Horse, the Yellow Circles Key.

Climb back out and go out S, drop out E, grab the edge and drop again. Go NE and left into the stables, use the key N and take the Juicy Apple. Give that to the horse and you may ride it, take the horse NE through the Big Door that opened there, just gallop over the witch statue and some Valkyries and go back to where the witch statue was, a Yellow Circles Key appeared. Use that on the keyhole you'll find around the corner and take the horse through the gates into the area at the Ship there so you can ride over the fresh Hammer God. He will leave behind the Chalice.

G&D, Feb 13-2013.