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3 secrets

In case you need one or more of the saves/videos, you’ll need to download the saves folder. These savegames are made following this walkthrough, so if you took another route through you could miss some items in the saves.

The compass is pointing to the way Lara looks, so for the directions in the walkthrough the camera must be behind her.

A Sword.

Lara drops into a hallway where several puzzle items are needed, so head left (W) and shoot a wolf as you step out into the open. Behind that woodpile NW is the Sword.

Now open the doors of the house and go inside, thw fireplace seems to be flooded. Jump behind the table N to grab the Uzi ammo and go to a lever behind the barrels S to open the Church gate and release the guide. Get outside and go right (S) to the village square, in the first house E is a small medipack.

The Waterskin.

Go out and left around the corner of the house to open a crowbar door there, shoot the Viking and grab the Uzi ammo he drops. Go into the town hall S and find the Waterskin on a barrel NW.

Go back out and left to the far W wall, past the church and left jump over the fence into the graveyard. In the SW corner is a break tile, break it, but don't go down, that's for later. Instead climb up the wall and jump up SW where you can drop into a hole. Just slide down to Secret #1, Musket ammo and Uzi ammo, follow the tunnel jumping through the tight spots and open the ceiling hatch to climb back up to the town hall. Another Viking woke up.

The Blacksmith's, the Lion Head.

Now go to the church left (SW) and enter, the guide will take off, follow to the Blacksmith's and wait for the gates to be opened, walk to the guide in case he doesn't hurry up. Inside, on the anvil is the Blacksmith's latest creation, the Lion Head. A Viking will appear.

Now we need to fill the waterskin, go N to the first house you visited and go into the fireplace which was flooded, fill the Skin there. Back to the graveyard and now face N at the hole, climb in and go down the ladder, drop grab past the opening and get in quick. Use the Lion Head to open the gate.

Stonehenge Cave, the Axe.

A fairy shows up, take it to the Flame E and go up the hill NE to grab a Medipack. Now go to the bowl with the dry tree and put the water in the bowl and the Axe will appear near the cross W. Climb back up to the graveyard and go to the village square. A couple of Vikings show up. Leave NE and back to the hallway where the level started. Use the Axe in an alcove left (N) and a machine opens a trapdoor (E), climb down.

Go E to the bridge and spot a closed door at the other end, dive into the pool below and find the underwater lever behind the W side bridge pillar, swim back W and climb out left or right, or swim E, climb out right and jump onto the bridge to get to the open door.

House with a Pool, the Golden Cross.

Shoot the Ravens and jump into the opening S, shoot the wolves. There are two chains in the E section of the room, protected by lightning. Use the Timed lever in the alcove SW to stop the lightning for a while and use the 2 chains, the gates open. Grab a Torch and ignite it on the lantern SW and go outside to the house. Jump over the balustrade onto the balcony to burn the rope and drop the boulder. Leave the Torch.

The Ice will break and the Old Key will be revealed in the E end of the pool, open the house with the Key. Go in and shoot the resident Valkyrie to get her Golden Cross. In the house shoot the wooden box NW for some Uzi ammo.

Use the Cross, the Frozen Flame Key.

Head back W over the bridge and climb back up to the hallway where you can use the Cross left (S) and to the right of the Big Door. Go through and follow down the staircase, kill a werewolf and go through a cave to a hall where a witch will attack. Shoot her and get the Frozen Flame Key.

For a Secret: In the NW corner is a crowbar lever, use that if you want the secret. A block comes out of the wall in the staircase. So retrace your steps, up the stairs and left onto the block. Grab up into the crawlspace left and follow through to a room with spike tiles. Run jump to the NE corner and get Secret #2, the Uzis. Run jump back and get back to that room where the Witch was. Open the door NE and get in to grab the Holy Grail. A door opens E, go through and to the end of the passage.

The Yellow Circles Key.

Dive into the pool, swim right to the NW corner and open the underwater door. Swim straight to the end, around the corner and at the end is a ceiling lever; use that to open a trapdoor. Swim back and left where possible to get to that trapdoor NW. Get out and grab the Yellow Circles Key. Don't shoot that werewolf, but just dive back into the water (after killing it Locust will appear). Swim left where possible to get back to the pool.

Timed Door, the Blue Circles Key.

Climb out E where the cogwheel is. The door that will be opened is on the same wall a bit to the left, on that log platform. It's not too hard; you can jump or swim there and get inside. Drop into the lower part through the crawlspace and use the Rune button, it will open the exit, but also a gate near the underwater door NW. Get out, swim NW and opposite the underwater door is the open gate. Throw the lever there to raise a block that will prevent the spike ceiling from killing you when you pick up the Blue Circles Key. Get out, swim S and use the Keys to open the doors there.

The Musket for the Mummies.

Shoot the Big Troll and get inside. Stand right or left at the dark slide and jump with a curve to the wall so you'll slide down safely. Slide and jump to the wooden platform, jump over the gap into the room and Locust may appear. Save and reload to get rid of them. Under the vases in the SE corner is the Musket. In the other corner is some Musket ammo for it (this ammo will reappear in case you run out later).

The Monstrous Heart Sacrifice.

Go down the next room and 2 Mummies rise from their grave. Shoot them with the Musket, (keep firing at both of them till they fall) and grab a Sacrificial Dagger and a Monstrous Heart, combine those into a Monstrous Heart Sacrifice which you can use SW to open the door.

Getting Across, the Statue Puzzle.

Don't even think about jumping into that freezing water. Shoot a (swinging) ball in the S alcove (with pistols) and the burner on the NW block is gone. Hop on and get the Musket ammo before using the chain to get to the other side (savegame.0).

Jump and grab that crack in the right hand corner of the wall (SE) and go right around to get to Secret #3, Shotgun and Shotgun ammo. Shimmy back and go into the building. Move the snake statue on the right onto the lowered block N, go outside and use the lever on the S wall (under the chain) and the blocks move inside the structure. Climb up and move the statue onto the pillar. Do the same for the lion statue (NE) and blocks will go up in the deadly water.

The Hammergod, the Silver Circles Key.

So now jump W and over the stepped blocks to the S side. On a block in a pool SW is Musket ammo, go SE and shoot the Giant Troll. The vases NE and SW have some Uzi ammo.Then pass through E and find no less than 3 guides in the next room. Go up the ladder SE, go around the first floor to push 4 crystal buttons (hard to see) and watch the show. In a vase NE is Shotgun ammo, NW a Medipack and SW Uzi ammo.

Get down to the ground floor and avoid the lightning strikes while shooting the Thor. He will leave the Silver Circles Key behind (mine was inside a column, I crouched to get it). Use the Key on the lock N, left of the cross and the NW door opens up.

Open the front door to the house (NE) and inside is a door SE, open that bedroom and shoot the Viking you woke to get the Old Key (be sure he doesn’t fall near the barrels or the key might end up under the barrels). Use that key on the door NE and go get a Torch inside. Ignite the Torch on the fireplace in the bedroom (carefully step down into a corner) and take it outside. Stand well clear from the bowl NE and ignite it to open the Gates. Step through and the level ends.

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