BtB2013-10-Return to Jerpoint Abbey.

3 secrets

Level by BtB 2013

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In case you need one or more of the saves/screens/videos, you’ll need to download the saves folder. These savegames are made following this walkthrough, so if you took another route through you could miss some items in the saves.

The compass is pointing to the way Lara looks, so for the directions in the walkthrough the camera must be behind her.

Part I - An Old Ruin.

The Frozen Flame.

Head W and around the corner, over the grassy mound and get a Medipack. Go NE into the next courtyard to the N wall and in the NE corner is an opening right around the corner.

From a sandy mound in the SW corner you can grab up to the floor above, jump to the NW floor and go use the flag poles N to swing to the higher walkway E. Go to the S wall, use the chains to swing into the alcove W and shimmy along the crack to the window. Face E and shoot the spike ball to raise a block. Climb up (or maybe you were on it already) and jump to grab the climb wall on the right (N). Pull up over and keep jumping (on the right hand side of the blocks) to the corner block, then to the ledge where the ball was. Climb the E wall to the floor above and go N for the Frozen Flame. Go to the S; shoot the crate for a Medipack. Now find the fastest way down going down the ladder, doing safety drops and leave NW.

For a secret; climb through the opening in the N wall and in the area with a dead tree and a Tomb into the opening right (SE). Into the SE corner, to the left is a crawlspace. Get in and pick up a Medipack. Get out and go outside and go to the N wall (straight N from the tree). Climb up the wooden wall, there is an almost invisible crystal button on the right. This opens a door SW in this room, so back to the ground floor and to that corner. You can hop in from the grassy ledge below (stand NW). Get Secret #1, a Lion Head.  

Use the Frozen Flame, the Big Door.

Back out and through one of the openings in the S wall, in the E section, near the small tree you can use the Frozen Flame on the stand. Blocks go up next to a Big Door, go S, over the low wall and jump on those blocks to use the two crystal buttons and thus open the Door and step through.

Part II - Jerpoint Abbey.

Main Courtyard, a Torch.

The scenery changes, turn around, hop over the hedge and shoot the sacks to get a Torch. Go SE to the Blacksmith courtyard, open the doors E and spot a Key in the flames (later). But here is where you can also ignite the Torch and leave it for later. Go up S and follow through to a balcony with a lever. It will open a door on the Main Courtyard, go back down, grab the Torch and go outside.

Head W to the Main Courtyard and right around corners into the door you opened. You could also have ignited the Torch here, ignite the three unlit wall scones and a block goes up SE. Drop the Torch for a minute and get onto that block, go up the ramp a bit and jump W to the first floor.

The Blue Key.

In a chest NE is a small medipack, then go look for the lever on the NW pillar, it will activate the second block. Go get your Torch and up the next floor and ignite the rope the boulder is hanging from. That requires a little trick, stand where the chest is, jump diagonally to the ramp and side flip right to the floor. The boulder will activate the button and the fire in the Blacksmith's will extinguish. So back to the Blacksmith (out the door and left) and get the Blue Key, you will see where to use it. In the Main Courtyard on the new block E. A gate opens just around the corner and also one above the key hole.

Block Puzzle, the Heavy Sack (#1).

Jump around the corner and go to that pile of wooden blocks on the blacksmith courtyard and move them around (also use the one standing in the window) so you can get the highest block from the open gate onto the wall to get to the Rune button there (savegame.0). Another block appears where the keyhole was, jump to it from where you are and into the near by window where the gate opened before (up NE). Grab the Heavy Sack (#1) and a gate opens in the NW corner of the Main Courtyard.

The Abbey.

Go there with the Torch and pull the chain to summon the guide who will open the Abbey for you. The opening is just to the right of the chain. Enter and ignite all unlit wall scones,2x S, 5x N and 2x W (door opened N), then go to the pedestal (NE) with the Frozen Flame (you can't take it, just ignite it) and another door opens up in the NE corner of the Abbey . No need to go there yet as we need some things first.

Leave the torch so you can find it again.

The Church Yard, the Dried Leaves.

Go out the door N to the Church Yard, there's another kind of Tomb there. Go to the NE and find two boars, no need to shoot them. There's a Fire pit, the fire is gone cold, so walk up to the cooking pot and grab the Dried Leaves.

The Yellow Key.

Along the N wall is a wood pile you can move W twice and then pull it S once. Climb up and jump onto the platform W to use the jump lever there and open a door in the house NW. Go in and open a chest W for the Yellow Key.

Another Heavy Sack (#2).

Go outside and to the gate SE, open it with that Key and enter. SE is a crate, shoot it to get a Medipack, then go up into the crawlspace N of the crate. Drop into the chimney and climb the back wall (E), go left into the opening and shoot a crate in one of the windows to release a tree man. Let him smash the two wooden barriers and a block goes up in front of the fireplace. Now lure him as far away as possible, run to the block and jump on, open one of the hatches in the ceiling and climb up. Shoot a crate up there to get a Medipack and take the Heavy Sack (#2) from the pedestal. Make your way back down the chimney and go outside, left into the Abbey.

Use the Sacks and the Leaves for the Celtic Knot.

Go pick up your Torch and head into the NE corner where you opened the door before. There's a wall scone, you can ignite it but I don't think it has any effect. Go up the ramps to the first floor and use the Two Heavy Sacks on the contraptions. Gates open up on the third floor, so go up again and leave the Torch near those gates.

Go up one more floor and push the wood pile to the N wall. A running jump to the flag pole and swing to the other side, go up to the top of the Tower to get Flares, a Medipack and a small medipack. Back down, just jump SE onto the ramp below and head through the open gates with the Torch. Drop the Torch on the stone bridge and put the Dried Leaves in the bowl (don't save until you ignited them, just to be sure). Take the Torch and set fire to the Leaves. Drop the Torch.

Walk onto the platform with the bowl and from the SW corner (light a flare) hop to the invisible ledge, run jump and grab straight W to the next and then to the ledge W to pick up the Celtic Knot which appeared there. For a Secret: push the Crystal button S to open a gate ouside

Go back over the ledges, down the tower and into the Abbey.

For the Secret: Go out SW, back to the first square and left into the house where the boulder is, get upstairs by jumping around the boulder and in the NW corner is the window that opened with the crystal button. Go all the way to the other end of the ramparts and jump around the sloped roof to get Secret #2, a Lion Head. Get back down and into the Abbey.

Go back, down the tower and out N of the Abbey, open the Tomb by using the Celtic Knot.

Exploring the Tomb.

Walk down the steps and the Tomb will close, just at the bottom of the steps is a tile with a symbol on the floor, don't go any further but grab up to the monkey climb ceiling (if you don't, about 5 Fairies will be triggered making the task at hand almost impossible). Follow the monkey climb left into the doorway and use the jump lever there to open the door. Go left and push the statue there into the other room onto the trapdoor which will then open and Lara drops down.

For the Statue Puzzle.

Swim N and take a right, up at the block in the wall and climb out into a room with 4 levers. The W one is blocked, use the one close to the water, dive in and swim E through 2 walls, go left and use the underwater lever there to lower the block at the W lever.

Swim back up to use that W side lever and also the one near the water again. Now you can swim all the way to the end and use a ceiling lever at the grating, doors open so the water level will lower.

Swim back W and take a right (N) where a gate opened, climb into the now dry passage and push the statue onto the tile in the N end. Use the lever (W) next to the gate and the statue goes up. Push the statue N again and climb up there to use the lever W and that'll raise the statue again. Push it to the E room onto the trigger tile, you'll see the room with the Big Round Door where trigger tiles become active.

Through the Big Door.

Use the lever W again and go through the lower passage to the climbable wall S, up and out N. Don't go any further than that that symbol tile, from this tile jump to each of the 4 "sunken" tiles without touching the rest of the floor (Fairies will come if you do) and the Big Door will open up.

Hop into the open door and when you do it correctly you will be there all by yourself (no Fairies)

Head N down the stairs avoiding contact with all the swinging axes (stay close to one of the walls). Push the Rune button (N) down there, take note of the door E and get back up the stairs as a door opened on top of the stairs (S).

Timed Run to the Door.

You can find a Medipack and a small medipack in the room with the Cog wheel. Turn the wheel about 6-7 times (face S) and back flip roll, sprint down the stairs along the right hand side and get into the E door by running against it and do a roll (don't save after using the wheel and before getting through the door, the door will be closed) (savegame.1).

The Dragons Lair.

When Locust appear, save and reload to get rid of them for a while.

The flyby showed a lever in the back of the hall, I jumped NE and then onto the floor where the Dragons are. Run NE and jump the ledges to the NE corner where you'll find a small medipack.

Now time the spike ledges to go S with stand-jumps, then a bit left with a running jump to the ledge with the lever. Throw the lever to open a gate in a S alcove and raise a block SE. Best is to jump to the central floor again using the one spike ledge near by, curve left and run jump to the safe ledge SE, a few hops over the next ledges and jump to that block in the SE corner. Up into the alcove and use a second lever to stop a series of Burners at the chains/flagpoles. Jump W and left into the alcove with the fence, go into the opened gate and find a floor lever. It is the first to release some boulders later.

Go into the passage NW, throw the lever to open the gate and jump out left to the ledge NW to the spike ledge, then get to the SW corner. Turn N and stand jump to grab the flag pole, swing along the six chains to the other side and go left on the last pair so you can land on the pillar in the NW corner. A lever there will open a gate in the N side of the Hall.

Run jump and grab the ledge E, grab a small medipack and go left, jump over the balustrade to the ledge and go right to a jump lever. A block goes up below, turn and just hop down from the W side of the ledge with a bit of a left curve to land on that block, it will lower as you get on it. Turn around and run jump SE to the ledge, then left into the alcove with the fence, through the open gate to use the lever inside. This time 2 boulders will be released and both Dragons will be killed (savegame.2).

Make your way back up to the top of the hall, climb the block to the right of the jump lever. Climb up to the sloped ledge where the boulder was and from there you can jump to the corner of the ledge E. Use a Rune button and jump with a banana-jump around the pillar to the other corner of the E side, another Rune button. When you are at the SE Rune button, you can do a banana-jump around the pillar to get to a ledge, hop onto the balcony SE to find Secret #3, another Lion Head. Grab back up to the boulder ramp and do the same in other side of the hall to lower spikes at the pedestal. Couldn't find another way down that a safety drop from the end of a boulder slope. Go claim your prize, the Chalice and the level ends.

G&D, Feb. 18-2013.