BtB2013-9- Six Feet Under.

2 secrets

Level by BtB 2013

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In case you need one or more of the saves/screens/videos, you’ll need to download the saves folder. These savegames are made following this walkthrough, so if you took another route through you could miss some items in the saves.

The compass is pointing to the way Lara looks, so for the directions in the walkthrough the camera must be behind her.

Lara is searching for the gate to the legendary place called Avalon, supposed to be hidden under a mysterious graveyard

The House, the Sword.

Head left (NE) a bit and just around the corner of the outer wall is a lever opening up a door in the village. Go SE and up the road to the E and left at the crossing, the open door is to the left. Shoot the leprechauns and the second tomb is the Sword (Crowbar), behind the third is a hole in the floor, in there is a lever that will deactivate some Spikes for later.

Silver Yellow Key.

Go out and left to the House, inside and NE is a chest with the Silver Yellow Key in it (for later). W and around the corner is another chest with the Shotgun. Shoot the wolf, pick up Shotgun ammo SW and get out, try to preserve Shotgun ammo from here on.

Block Puzzle, the Old Key.

Go left around the house and open a crowbar door next to those barrels. Inside is a wooden block, you only have to move it onto the trigger tile in the W and the fire at the pedestal will stop (the other tiles have no function). Go get the Old Key and leave.

Stonehenge Valley, Deadly Jumps

Go left to the far corner NE of the place and open the door with the Key you just got, inside shoot a Giant Troll and go to the SW corner where you'll find a jump lever on the S wall. A trapdoor opens up in the middle of the valley; climb down and head N to a room with ledges in a deadly pool. When the ledges are dark they are safe, when they turn white, you'll burn.

For a Secret: Jump behind the ledge E into the safe water behind it, time the spikes in the tunnel and go up for Secret #1, a Medipack S, over the balcony to the N for Shotgun ammo, you can get out W of the pedestal with the Secret and get back to the room with the deadly pool.

I took the path along the right (W) side of the room because there are fewer burners. Do stand jumps to the ledges and wait a bit for the next jump (savegame.0).

The First Axe.

The door closes behind you, climb up NW, turn and grab the climb wall above to get on the block. Go to the S and left to a chest to get the First Axe. The gate (S) is open, follow through and you're back in Stonehenge Valley, leave SE through the door.

The Celtic Knot.

Go W to the road and W down to where the level started. Right around the corner, in the NE corner is an opening in the E wall. Jump in and shoot the werewolf, the spikes at the pedestal were lowered when you used the lever at the Sword pickup. Grab the Celtic Knot and get out.

Underground, use the Celtic Knot.

First choice: Head SW and just to the left of the entrance gate (W) where it all started you find a hole in the ground. Get down and save in the wider part of the tunnel, sprint down the next section and left around the corner to avoid the boulder. Shoot the leprechauns and open the door with the Knot.

Second choice: From the Celtic Knot go S to the fence and left is a hole in the ground, climb down and get through a passage with Blades to get to the room where you can use the Knot.

The Blue Circles Key.

Inside and right around the corner is a small medipack.

Dive into the pool, swim to the S wall and find a ceiling lever in a hole in the ceiling, one of the burners on the pillars stops. Get out at the entrance (right hand corner) and stand facing the burning pillar, hop back and jump and grab the first pillar. Shimmy to the corner close to the safe pillar, pull up and turn to jump there. A curved stand jump to grab the next pillar, shimmy to the corner and pull up, side flip to the other side of the pool (savegame.1).

Hop on the platform E and it will go up (you can also climb the wall). Next to the NE pillar is some Shotgun ammo.

Shoot the leprechauns and go W to get the Blue Circles Key, go to an opening in the S wall. Run with a U-turn in and out of the passage to trigger the boulder and go in. Climb up right so you don't have to jump the spike trap and go to a gate that opened W. Outside and to the left is where you can use the Blue Circles Key, first go into the passage E to get some Shotgun ammo. Open the gate, go through walk slowly to the bridge and a flyby will show you around.

The Castle at the Canyon, the Second Axe.

After the flyby a tree man will wake up or may already be attacking you, shoot him down into the Canyon or first sprint over the bridge. Another tree man wakes up; shoot him into the canyon as well.

Open the gate with the Silver Yellow Key, go inside and shoot another tree man into the pit. Stand a bit back to stand jump and grab the first ledge with the swinging axes. Shimmy left around the corner and safety drop down. Go to the lever left (N) and use it to lower a part of the floor where we go next. Jump E to the block in the deadly pool and face W to grab up to a ladder, climb to the top; don't pull up but save there. Hang right and when you see the axe, do a back flip/roll onto the block behind you and finally a hop to the floor (savegame.2).

Shoot the Giant with pistols and grab the Second Axe from the pedestal. Go get some Shotgun ammo behind the pillar NE and look for a jump lever on the pillar SE. It will disable the axes so the route back over the blocks will be a piece of cake.

Go back over the blocks and out to the Canyon.

Timed Run for a Secret.

Take a right (E) to the Castle. Shoot two tree men into the pit. Drop into the NE corner of the pit and get a small medipack SW, climb back up to the floor above. In an alocve E is a box you can shoot to get Shotgun ammo.

For a Secret: go to a Timed lever in the NW corner, pull and during the camera view hop back turning left and side flip left, run jump SW and curve right to jump over the balustrade, run and another jump has to get you to a rock outcrop you can use to jump further with a right curve so you can grab the edge of the canyon. Shimmy to the left and pull up to get to the gate in time (secret2.wmv). Pick up Secret #2, a Medipack.

Dragon's Lair, the Frozen Flame.

Get out and go right (W), over the bridge to go left to the castle again and use the Two Axes to open that door E. Inside the Big Door E will open up, when you step through a Dragon will wake up. Save as soon as Locust appear and then reload, they will be gone for a while.

To the SW is a small medipack, run to the N and down into valley (E) a bit, now you can go up the sloped ledges left to the highest NW corner. From there, there is a tough run jump SW up to the floor (savegame.3). Go to the lever between the fire bowls and use it to get rid of the Dragon. Get down to the safe square below and pick up the Frozen Flame from the pedestal, the door E will open up.

Go through and run into the light.

G&D. Feb 20-2013.