BtB2013-8- Ultimate Challenge of the Northern Gods.

5 secrets

Level by BtB 2013

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In case you need one or more of the saves/screens/videos, you’ll need to download the saves folder. These savegames are made following this walkthrough, so if you took another route through you could miss some items in the saves.

The compass is pointing to the way Lara looks, so for the directions in the walkthrough the camera must be behind her.

The Village, the Key of Niflheim and a Guide.

Go to the other end of the bridge, hop to the tree on the right and run jump W, grab the snow ridge W and shimmy right to the other side of the canyon where you will find Secret #1, Shotgun and Shotgun ammo.

Go back the way you came and into the village.

Go left to open that house, when you pick up the small medipack, a Key is shown. Go SW to get that Key of Niflheim, a guide appears. While the guide makes his way to the house, go to the hut NW where you can get a Medipack from the sack on the table. Now go to the guide and then go into a cave in the SE mountains. Go to the door the guide has to open and look if he is on his way. Then wait at the doors till they are opened up.

Bridge for the Guide.

Sprint down the ramp and jump over that gap, we'll have to close the bridge for the guide. Jump to the levers NW and use the numbers 1-3-4 from left to right, a block goes up SW, jump there and climb into the opening. Follow through to a Rune button S, the first for the bridge. Go N, use the chain and use the second Rune button for the bridge. Use the chain to get to the bridge and drop in front of the spike trap, the guide will help you disable it, go to the doors and they will be opened. Climb the wall and use the Key to Niflheim S to open the Big Door. A flyby will take you through a Huge Cavern.

The Huge Cavern, the Sword.

Go left around the corner and up into the opening W (to the right of this opening is a gate in the same wall, behind it is the "Magic" Secret, and we'll need to push 3 buttons to open it).

Inside take a right and shoot the wolf, behind that pillar NE is a Medipack, the pillar is climbable (for later).

First go N, shoot some Raven and in the room at the end Lara will look at a barrel, on top is the Sword (crowbar). Shoot the wolf and pick up some Flares in the room where the Sword was.

A Timed Run for the First Flame of Niflheim.

Go back to that climbable pillar where the Medipack was. Go up and back flip from the top into the opening (remember this route for later). Go to the first opening S, to the end of the bridge and jump right to the opening W. In the next room up the pillar W ( from the snow mound next to it) and run jump to the flagpole S, swing onto the next wall. Look S and spot two braches you have to use later. Drop down S and spot the Frozen Flame in the air over a raising block. To the S is the Timed lever which will raise the block and start this event.

Back flip with roll, sprint N and right into the opening (you can have a look first, shoot the crate and get a small medipack). Run to the NE corner of that floor and try to roll just before you fall off and bump against the pillar (so you won't go too far). This way you'll end up on a block and not in the water, from the block jump into the opening W and go right to that climbable pillar. Up to the top and back flip with roll into the opening, run into the first right. Over the bridge and jump to the right into the opening W. Up that pillar W and run jump to the flagpole to swing to the wall. Step back and run jump to the flagpole, swing to the next and then onto the slanted block ahead, slide jump and slide jump again to get onto the raised block with Flame of Niflheim #1 (savegame.0).

The Axe.

Go NE and if you didn't yet, shoot the crate and get a small medipack. Run down into the water below, head E and left to the NE corner, jump up to an opening in the N wall.

First go to that block E, climb up and turn right to grab up to the snowy ledge above, push that Rune button and spikes retract at a jump lever we'll go to next. Now jump to the ledge in the NE corner (red light) and push the first crystal button for the "Magic" Secret. Get down to the floor and head NW, open the door and go right around the corner up the ladder there. Jump from that ledge to the block where the spikes were and use the jump lever to open the gate to the Axe. Get down, go down the steps S and run over the bridge to get the Axe. Back out and up the steps, leave E and shoot 2 Vikings and a wolf. Go NE into the Mirror room.

The Mirror room, the Nordic Knot.

The gates will close behind you. Looking in the SE mirror you can spot an opening in the E wall (red light), go climb in there and use the Rune button to ignite all the lantern in the Mirror room, again look in the mirrors to spot one of the lanterns isn't burning, that's the one where the Nordic Knot is hidden (the one SE). The gates opened up so you can leave, go left and SW to the Cavern.

Use the Knot, the Second Flame of Niflheim.

In the NW section, N wall is the gate you can open with that Knot. Get through the axe and in the next passage it's best to just sprint straight through the middle before the traps really activate. Make it through the moving logs and in the next hall are spiked ceilings. What I did was: stand jump to grab the second floor, shimmy around and pull up, turn around and stand jump to grab the third floor and go around again. Hang in the middle of the back side and pull up, roll and run jump to the chain, swing to land on that pillar and jump to the ladder. Go up to get Flame of Niflheim #2. Jump back to the pillar and a rope appeared S, grab that and swing to the platform, you'll have to be quick to jump to the floor ahead because it will raise into the spikes (Best is to go one step up on the rope, swing and grab the platform, pull up and then run jump to the floor- savegame.1). To the left is a small medipack.

The Viking, break the Jars, the Exit.

Go out SW and in the room with the Wounded Viking. Under that barrel E is Secret #2, the Uzis, let the Viking break the barrel. Now go into the opening N, shoot the sacks and duck against the wooden barrier, as soon as the Viking breaks the barrier, hit sprint to roll away from him. Go left over the trapdoor and find a lever, wait for the Viking to stand ON the trapdoor and throw the lever to drop him into a pit. Don't go down, but stand at a corner and wait for the Viking to break the jars down there. A block will go down in the previous room.

Hop back over the pit, go left to climb the block in the NE corner, grab up and jump to the climb wall W, go left around and drop onto a corner block, stay in that corner and face S, stand jump to the flagpole and swing to the lowered block. Slide down into the room near the mirror room. Go out SW to the Cavern.

Use the Axe, open the Blue Gates.

Go S and left around the corner to a Big Stone. Behind it is a crack in the E wall, go along the crack to an alcove and jump out left to that balcony and use the Axe there to open Blue Gates above (later).

Push Puzzle, the Clue and the Snake Head.

Make your way into the far SW corner and right around the corner is a ladder (later).

Get into the opening W and go to the N side of the room, stand in the pool, run over the pressure plate and get to the block S and left, grab up from about one step left of the right hand side and turn left more than 90* so you can jump and grab up into an alcove E (savegame.2). From there jump to that lever SW and throw it to open gates. Walk N onto the top of the arch below and use the binocs to spot a transparent ledge a bit to the left, jump there and then hop to the top of the next arch. From there you can reach the crawlspace in the W wall with Secret #3, 2x Shotgun ammo.

Drop down to the floor, go into the open gates E and jump to the central platform in that room. Two of the bowls around the central platform will start to burn and will be a clue for the upcoming puzzle. Pick up the Shotgun ammo there.

Go out and left to the opening SE to the Cavern, now climb that ladder there (N) to the puzzle field. Look through the floor to where those bowls are and put the statues on top (SE corner and NE corner one square back). The Snake Head will appear on the pedestal N, take it. Jump E to grab that ledge on the E wall. Jump to the one SW and push the second crystal button for the "Magic" Secret. Hang down from the NW corner and safety drop into the deeper water below.

To the Blue Gates, open the Big Door.

Go up to the gates E and open them with the Snake Head (receptacle left). Go in, shoot a crate to get a Medipack and climb the wall S to the floor above. To the left and jump over those columns and use the chain to swing to the ledge at the Gates (opened by using the Axe).

Shoot the werewolf and pull the chain to open the Big Door in the Cavern.

The Golden Cross, stop the Burners.

Go out and just run off the N end into the deep water below, go SE to the central island and E from there into the Big Door you just opened. Drop down into the next hallway and go S into a pool, open the underwater door W and swim into a narrow tunnel to the right (lower part of the bottom). In the next toom climb up to the balcony and electric rays appear at the Cross in the big room.

Go back and step to that Cross, a Fairy will appear, run to the pool and dive in. The pool will freeze over, leave W, follow through to the Cavern. Go back to the Big Door E of the central island and back into the rooms you just left. All the way S over the frozen pool and up onto a ledge in the back. To the left is a lever that will stop the burners at the chain. To the right on the N wall is the third Crystal button for the "Magic" Secret, this time the gate will open up.

Head over the ice to the room and go climb the low block NE, jump NE to that ledge, turn around and stand jump up SE. Use the crack S to go around the wall to the next ledge, slide down and jump to grab that pillar. Jump SW to the ledge with the chain and use the chain to get to the other side and grab the Golden Cross. A block goes up near the entrance N, use that to get back to the Cavern. Head into the far SE corner and make your way up the shore to grab up to the ledge S. Follow through and place the Golden Cross in the back, the whole place starts to shake as the floor gives way. Make your way back over the crumbling tiles (savegame.3).

To the Blue Gates.

Go to the Cavern and you'll see Blue Gates open up.

Make your way into the NW corner, onto the ledge W and up into the open gate with Secret #4, the Magic. Hop down and go right around corners, back into the opening W you visited at the start. Go to the climbable pillar, into the opening in the wall and all the way to the E end. Use the Crowbar lever and see a platform appear. Hop over the balustrade S onto the balcony and from there jump left around the corner to the crack. Shimmy to the platform and drop, jump up to the corner ledge and one more time to get to the open Blue Gates.

Torch Puzzle, Break the Ice for the Third Flame of Niflheim.

Move that wooden block N to the ledge E and in front of the alcove on that ledge, pull the block on the ledge in front of the alcove and crawl through the crack NE to get behind that block and push it out onto the lower block. Hop onto the blocks and grab up W to the upper floor, use the lever on the pillar to slide a platform out of the wall SE of this upper floor. Grab a Torch, go down to the ground floor and ignite the torch E. Hop up to the blocks, then jump S to that platform and go burn the rope of the boulder.

The Ice partially broke, so get down under the rest of the ice sheet and get into the crawlspace SE, grab Flame of Niflheim #3 and step on the pressure pad next to the pedestal to open the entrance Gates again. Go back to the ice pool and find another Shotgun under the skeleton NE, shoot the zombie if you wish and get out to the Cavern.

For the last Secret: Turn around and hang from the edge, drop/grab the crack below and shimmy right to the corner crevice to get Secret #5, 2x Shotgun ammo and Uzi ammo. Shimmy back left to the other end and jump back up to the Gates.

The Spike Pit for the Fourth Flame of Niflheim.

Jump straight N down onto that square beam with the fire bowls. Go to that ladder you see N and go up into the passage above, to the N a door will open for you. A Cog wheel and a gate S behind that spike pit, we'll need to raise those platforms on the left

In the NW corner is a ladder, climb it and go E, to the right at the fire bowl and jump over the platforms to the opening SW. Go through to a lever which will raise the "second" platform below.

The idea is to safety drop down onto that platform after jumping to the crack in the E wall, check the health before you do that! Jump from the platform into the opening SE and inside is another lever, the "first" platform goes up, but the "second" goes down again. Hop onto the block SE and use the chian to get to the other side where another lever will lower some spikes in the Pit. Go N onto an elevator platform and open the crowbar door there to get back to the top of the room.

You can now jump the platforms in the room again to the upper S side and use the lever there to raise the "second" platform again. Both should now be up. Jump back over the platforms to the N side and get down the ladder to the Cog wheel (or drop to the "second" platform again like before and jump to the N side). Pull about 6/7 times and get over the 2 platforms into the gate S (savegame.4).

Use the lever there to lower some more spikes and use the Cog wheel there to get out. Jump to the other side again and go down the NW corner of the pit, walk to the skeleton and grab Flame of Niflheim #4. Jump back up NW to the flat corner and from there to the Cog wheel. Leave N and just run out into the water below.

Place the 4 Flames of Niflheim, Thor's Chalice.

Get up to the central island and place the Flames on the stands, watch the show and grab Thor's Chalice. He doesn't seem to like that so take him out while side jumping left right (with the Magic not too hard, but watch the health!), but try not to step onto the square grey tiles yet. Grab the Grail Offering he will leave behind and get ready for the next Hammer God. There's Shotgun ammo in the SE corner (will NOT reappear when you run out), run over one of the other grey tiles on the floor and a second Hammer God appears, take the same action. I had two of them at the same time, strategic side jumping will save your day.

Grab two more Grail Offerings and go use those at the statues around the room. A door opens W, jump there and run over a Timed pressure pad to open the next door. Follow through and shoot some Giants. First check out where you have to go, because the door is behind the pit W and will probably be closed again. You'll have to jump across from the middle of this side and a bit left to grab the other side and get through the door to leave this godforsaken place.

G&D. Feb 25-2013.