BtB2013-7- Leprechaunís Hideout.

6 secrets

Level by BtB 2013

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In case you need one or more of the saves/screens/videos, youíll need to download the saves folder. These savegames are made following this walkthrough, so if you took another route through you could miss some items in the saves.

The compass is pointing to the way Lara looks, so for the directions in the walkthrough the camera must be behind her.

The level is very complex and while going back and forth through the various sections you will create some shortcuts. When you aren't following the walkthrough, you'll sometimes have to read back how gates/doors were opened.

It can all be done in random order, but this is how we got through:

Start Valley.

Behind that bush SE you can find a lever. A trapdoor opens next to you, climb down the ladder or just drop into the water.

Climb up N and jump to the W side, in the room climb up to the door (S wall) and stand close to the door, run over the spike tile, jump a roll in the air NW to the sloped wooden floor to the right of the other spike block.

This way you can jump from the wooden slope and get to the jump lever S (savegame.0), the door will open up and reveals a wood pile (for later). Go get the small medipack in the NW corner and go out E, hop to the E alcove and turn around to jump and grab the ladder to get back up to the start valley.

The Cursed Dagger.

Then go to the SW corner and drop through the hole under the rock, watch out as two wolves will attack. Push the wood pile (N) into the door you just opened and another door opens (E wall), pull the wood back out and move it into the NE corner (a shortcut back up to the start valley). Go get some Shotgun Ammo on the ledge next to the door (NW).

Go up the slope to the W wall and jump up, grab the ledge and do a back flip plus grab in the crawlspace. Grab the Cursed Dagger and get out again. Pick up some Flares near the door in the E wall and go inside, pull the lever in the left hand corner to open a trapdoor (for later, when we go for the Apple).

Timed Swim.

Go back out, through the door N and out E to the water. Swim into the crawlspace E and follow through to the right (SW), get the Uzi ammo, go back for air first or just keep swimming through a small triangle opening and take a right and up (S). At the crossing with plants hanging from the ceiling, take a left and a bit further around the corner on the left (N) is an underwater lever.

Leave it as it is timed, better get some air first, so swim straight, up and follow through till you can get some air at the end. Back to the underwater lever and after pulling roll and swim to the right and up a bit immediately to the left and follow through, keep swimming along the right hand side and close to the ceiling and hopefully through the gate (savegame.1).

Follow through and swim all the way up and climb out. In the SW corner, behind the barrel is a lever, it will open up a gate in a cave near the start (for later, when we go for the Apple).

And Timed Jumps.

Go through the rooms (N is a shortcut gate we'll open later) and kick in the wooden door at the end. Jump to the block in front and see the gate E open up, it is Timed. Stand back on the trigger tile for the gate and better save the game here facing NE. Do curved running jumps (and one single jump last) as fast as you can to the other side and get into the gate (savegame.2).

The Old Key.

Inside you can pull the lever E, a block goes up outside the gate. Go back out onto the ledge below and hop NE into the water to get the Uzi ammo, climb back out and hop onto the block S, to the left are some Flares. Grab up S into the crawlspace to get the Old Key there. Go back out, into the open gate E, go down left from the lever and down there is another lever, no need to pull it really as it will open that shortcut gate a bit back we'll never use. Hop into the water, this is the spot where you got air before the Timed Swim. Follow through to the under water lever, swim straight W and around the corner up a bit and NW, down and up N again, left through the gap and climb up at the water/ladder (under the Start Valley).

The Dead Heart, the Unholy Sacrifice.

You can go up the ladder and down in the SW corner, or just hop into the opening under the ladder (W) and go through the door S. Head into the caves S and shoot the ravens, follow through to the gate you opened in the room after the Timed swim. Behind it is a staircase with a Medipack on an anvil. Up E is the trapdoor we opened just after we got the Cursed Dagger.

Boulder and Spikes Passage.

First head N up the stairs and you'll find a passage with spike traps; just up where you stand is a boulder, that one will also come down after you. Go in and sprint when the first spikes are down, stop on the safe spot after those spikes and run when you see the next spikes down, jump/sprint over the last trap and one more jump to get over the pit for the boulder (savegame.3). Go pick up the Dead Heart; combine it with the Dagger to get the Unholy Sacrifice.

For the Juicy Apple.

Make it back over the Spikes and in the room with the anvil, go up the ladder E and through the open trapdoor, up there is another lever N. It will de-activate the Spike trap at the water/ladder under the Start Valley. Get down, go E through the caves to the cave with the wood pile and through the door N, out E to the water/ladder and into the opening N where the spikes were. Shoot a werewolf and go to the table SE to get the Juicy Apple. Use the lever SW, it will open a gate. This gate blocks progress in case you forgot this Apple and you will be able to get back through the previous opened shortcut gate. Behind the barrels NW are some Flares, then get back to the ladder/water S.

Room with the Fiery Water, a Secret.

Dive in; follow through to the tunnel with the underwater lever (left hand tunnel) and all the way to the end again. Up into the room where you got air before. Head N, over that big stone into the doorway and come to a room with a deadly pool. Hop left around the corner onto one of the blocks and NE behind that pillar is a pedestal with a Secret. The textured part on the base of that pillar will raise a trapdoor over some spikes in the back.

So what I did was stand on the SE block, SE corner of it (next to the entrance). Face S against the wall and take one side step right, two steps back from the wall and turn slightly right. Now when you back flip, you should land on the textured trigger, jump forward with a hard right hand curve and you should land on the sinking trapdoor W, quickly grab up to the ladder and get into the opening (savegame.4). (For the Secret: Turn around, run jump to the spike trap, landing when they just when down and hop onto the trapdoor. Go up N to get Secret #1, a Secret Grail. Get back to the trapdoor, stand back and stand jump with a left curve around the pillar, landing on the slope and jump to the sinking trapdoor, quickly up the ladder into the passage W).

Two routes here: the Shortcut Gate shown.

The passage left leads to that shortcut gate back to the start of the level. You can go in and shoot the Leprechauns, on the table are Flares, open the next door S and shoot the birds while going up to the shortcut gate. It will lead to a room we visited before; we reached that room after the Timed Swim. No need to proceed through that gate unless you forgot something. Return to where the Leprechauns were.

The Caves.

Go N through the open gate into the cave and go left up to the crawlspace W, a wolf comes out, crawl through, straight to a hole and crawl in backwards (face E) to get the Fire Spell. Climb up N and head N, left around the corner and in the next corner SW is a hole in the ceiling (Secret). Grab up W and get on the low block and do a curved run jump to grab the side of the SE block. On top is Secret #2, a Secret Grail. Get back down to the cave and head NW into an open cave.

Go W and at the end left (SW) you'll come to a place where you see the green transparent block you saw where the Dead Heart was (S).

The Horse's Stable.

Go N and left is a passage, follow through to where you can open the door with that Old Key. Shoot some birds and go to the water. Dive in, swim right (E) and get the Shotgun ammo, now swim up NE and climb out.

Hop through the opening E into the stable and find a Horse. Go to the pool and stand in the SE corner, walk under the jump lever and jump up to operate it (worked for me after a few tries) and get a flyby of a block. Go out E, straight and take a right to the place with the wooden logs. Climb the block on the right, climb up higher and jump S to grab the branch and swing over to the block S. Throw the lever there to stop flames on a pedestal for the Unholy Sacrifice. Slide down to the lower ledge and look NE to spot a small medipack on a pillar, it's a hard jump but doable. I jumped NE with a right hand curve and grabbed just left of the corner of the pillar.

The Uzis.

Safety drop down, go S and then SW to the same place with the green transparent block. Go N and to the right (E) is a staircase, go up and get the Uzis in the next room. On the block NE is some Uzi ammo. Turn W and shoot that spiked ball you see there, pistols will do just fine while jumping up and down.

The window in the N wall open up, climb up there and get through the traps to the passage with the fire bowl (savegame.5), go through and shoot the Big Troll. In the back of that room are a small medipack to the right and Fire Spell to the left. Drop E through the hole in the floor to take you back to the stable SW.

The Horse.

Go to the horse and use the Juicy Apple, ride out E and over the mound through the opening E, left and stop at the gate. Dismount the horse and open the gate by placing the Unholy Sacrifice on the pedestal NE. Get on the horse again and up the steep slope N, on top you can leave the horse behind. Hop over the barrier into the NE corner for Uzi ammo.

The Shotgun.

Climb up N and around the corner, climb up W and turn around to jump E, drop down E and jump to the Shotgun (S), roll and shoot the werewolf. Climb the blocks NE all the way and come to a sloped passage into a room with three suspended boulders (we'll use this passage several times).

The Boulder Puzzle, a Silver Blue Key and a Silver Yellow Key.

Take out the shotgun and hop NW to the grey ledge, shoot the tree men from the ledge and turn SE, there's a Timed jump lever on that wooden ledge to raise a block in the E side of the room. No need to use it yet, so just run NW off from the ledge, grab the edge of the slope you'll slide down from and shimmy right to get the Silver Blue Key there. Face S, hop back and safety drop down from the ledge and hop over the block into the NW corner for the Silver Yellow Key. Go to that lantern in the middle of the room and get the small medipack from it.

The Magic (Grenade Gun).

Go out S and up the blocks again to the sloped passage, up to the boulder room and walk to the W end of the ledge, use the jump lever to soften the drop to the block below and jump W into the opening, go through to the room with the Torch (protected by fire). Get to the ground floor and through the open gate W, in the next room is the Magic on a pedestal, grab it and use it on the two tree men. A block also lowered somewhere when you took the Magic.

The Sword (Crowbar).

Hop up to the gate W (needs a Silver Circles Key which you don't have) and from there jump to grab the crawlspace S, get in and crawl up left onto the slope to get the Sword. Crawl back down and go E where the left hand block lowered before, there's an almost invisible button on the left (N) wall, use it to re-open the gate to the Torch room. Go there and up the blocks N to go into the passage in the N wall. Follow through to a slide with a ladder above (for later), just slide down to the Boulder room and go out S again.

Go all the way up the blocks to the sloped passage and this time halfway up, climb up left (W). Jump S and grab the ladder, go left around and climb down to the bottom, hang right and do a back flip with roll to grab the ladder behind you. Go right and drop into the opening, follow through and use the Sword on the crowbar lever to open the trapdoor. Face N and hang down, drop and grab the crawlspace to get the small medipack. Now drop down to the ground floor and get Uzi ammo behind the barrels SE.

The Switching Slopes, a Small Waterskin.

Get back on the block NW and hang from the E side to go down the ladder, shoot the box for the Musket ammo. Use the Silver Blue Key on the lock and go through the gate. In this room are 2 ledges along a deadly water trench, one side is sloped and this will switch every few seconds. Run to the second lever housing on the right hand side and use the hidden lever to bring out a rope a bit back in the direction of the entrance. When the slopes switch; just jump to get to the other side. Go find the rope (S and one switch further) and line up, back to the wall and wait for the slope to appear, jump and grab the rope.

Swing to that SW corner ledge next to the entrance and jump to use the jump lever on the E wall. Another rope appears in the other end of the room, get to that rope and swing to the ledge NE to use the Rune button there. A door opens up in the NW corner, next to the slope and the water turns safe (savegame.6). Go get the Small Waterskin in the S. Fill the Waterskin and leave through the door NE, use the lever there and climb up through the trapdoor, grab the Uzi ammo and crawl out to the room with the hanging boulders.

Get a Torch.

Again leave S and go up the blocks to the sloped passage, up to the top of the hanging boulder room. Once again use the jump lever on the W side of the ledge to safely get to the block below and jump through the opening W to the Torch room.

Go to the burning basket with torches and carefully sidestep to the corner next to it without catching fire (screenshot-torch.jpg). Put the water in the fire and grab the Torch.

Ignite the Torch.

Take the Torch into the passage N (been there before) and slide down at the end, out S up the blocks and sloped passage to the top of the boulder room, jump NW to the fire and carefully ignite the Torch. Now we have to release those boulders and this is how I went about it:

Boulder #1: Jump back to the wooden entrance ledge and stand on the W side, save and hit the #1 key to draw pistols and Lara drops the Torch, it should end up on the block under the jump lever, make sure it did! Use the jump lever to safety drop down and grab the Torch, jump with a curve around the boulder to the ledge behind it and burn the rope by just standing under the rope (A gate opens up). Get down to the ground floor with a safety drop after dropping the Torch down.

Boulder #2: Go to the boulder W and burn the rope (Another gate opens up).

Boulder #3: Take the Torch with you, S opening and up the blocks and sloped passage to the top of the hanging boulder room. Drop the Torch on the entrance ledge so you can easily pick it up later and use the jump lever for real this time. Drop from the block to the ground floor and out S, up the blocks to the Torch on the entrance ledge, pick it up. Jump NE to the Timed block on the E wall and jump to the rope NE (savegame.7) (Last gate opens up). You can now leave the Torch behind.

The Silver Circles Key.

Jump down S to the wooden pillar where the Timed block was, then jump S again to where you burnt the first rope, then jump W to get to the Torch room. Head into that passage N again and this time jump to grab the climb wall over the slide. On top at the camp fire jump N into the passage where the gates opened and follow through to where you can use the Silver Yellow Key to lower a block revealing a Silver Circles Key.

Now we go back again to the Torch room (you probably know how to get there by now) and out W to the room with the gate up W, you can open it now.

The Hall of Ropes.

You'll get a flyby of a huge room with loads of push able objects. In the 4 corners are pillars, 3 of them with buttons on top (the SE corner has no button), they will raise blocks in the room NW so you can get the Key for the door NE. First go to the water hole in the NW puzzle field and dive in, swim E into the labyrinth and a bit right to get Secret #3, a Secret Grail. Swim S and to the right (SE) for Flares, to the E and right you find Shotgun ammo, to the NE more Shotgun ammo and NW around the corner a Medipack. Get back for air in between and when you're done get back to the puzzle floor.

Go to the S side of the room, move the objects to the marked tiles under the blocks on the ceiling (closest to the S wall), each will get a rope out (when you move the block from the tile the rope will disappear). Shoot the tree man and climb up into the entrance SW and jump to the rope NE, swing to the one W and then to the corner pillar SW for the first button (red) on the S wall.

Drop down and use the objects to create rope paths to the remaining NW (green, N wall) and NE (blue, N wall) corners to use the buttons there (map>hallropes.jpg). On the central balcony are a Medipack and Shotgun ammo you can reach with the rope near the entrance (there's a minimal amount of ropes you need (6) when you make use of that central balcony). Go into the room NW (savegame.8) and climb the first block, jump to the corner block NW and then to the one E and get up to the Frozen Flame Key. Go down in the SE corner and grab some Uzi ammo, climb out N and get back to the puzzle room to open the big round door NE.

Spiked Ceilings and a Secret.

You can spot a Secret Grail in the next room, but when you run for it you'll drop into a pit, a spiked ceiling will also come falling down, so from the entrance, follow the path indicated on the ceiling, don't go under those spiked ceilings. If they weren't triggered, a block will be down in the SW corner of the next room, where you'll get a screenshot of the Lasersight.

The Mensa, for a Secret.

On a barrel S is Musket ammo. Better not shoot the vase on the table in the Mensa. On the S wall, left of the first floor ledge is a ladder, go up and right onto the ledge. Go to that chain W and face the room, under the chain is a bowl with fire. Shoot the vase on the beam near the fire bowl to stop the flames. Hit Ctrl and Lara will climb along the chain to the other side of the room. Drop and jump to the roof W; use the lever there to disable the spikes in front of the lowered block SW. Drop from the roof, go to that lowered block SW and use the lever to bring out a block in the room with the spike ceilings. Go back there and now you can safely get Secret #4, a Secret Grail.

The Mensa, for the Musket (Revolver).

Back to the Mensa and up the ladder to the ledge S. Turn SE and jump with a curve around the low ceiling to get to the wooden ledge. In the corner behind the wooden block is a crawlspace, follow through to a slide to a death pit. Stand on step from the right hand side and slide, jump right around the corner onto a slope and jump to grab the chain, swing to the ledge ahead and grab the Musket there.

Use the lever W, a boulder will be released opening the way back to the room, you'll hear a nasty laugh from now on. Jump to the ladder W and pull up over to slide back into the room where the battle will take place. A Leprechaun, a Giant Troll and a Witch... well... if you run to the other side of the room and wait a bit, the Troll will take out the two other enemies and out of gratitide you can shoot him, with the Musket it's quickly over.

The Mensa, the Silver Circles Key and the Lasersight.

Get back up to that wooden ledge SE and pull up on the wooden block, jump N and down to a platform you raised. Jump N again and grab the Silver Circles Key there. Jump back the way you came and from the wooden block SE, jump NW to the upper ledge.

Go to the wooden beam and grab the monkey climb ceiling. Go to the pillar and face it, hang in the right hand corner and turn around. Drop, slide as far as and jump with a left curve to grab the wooden platform (savegame.9). Jump over to the block with the Lasersight. Safety drop down or run down into the small pool below and head to the SE corner door.

Wraith Room, the Dried Leaves.

Open the door with the Silver Circles Key, go through the storage room up the other ladder and come to the Wraith Room with lever you can't use yet in the NE corner. Walk a bit S over the walkway, turn to the W wall and hop back, grabbing the edge, drop onto the grey block. Jump to the block E and save before you grab the Dried Leaves, you'll get a screen of a green pool and a wraith is released.

The Green Pool, Raise a Block.

Safety drop from the N side of the ledge and run into the passage E, drop into the passage below and run N into the pool to get rid of the wraith. The pool looks deadly but isn't, it will freeze over once the wraith touched the water. Grab a small medipack and swim out S, climb out. Jump right around the corner to get back to the frozen pool and walk onto the ice, spot the jump lever on the block over the pool. It will bring out a block at the lever we saw. We'll go to that lever later because we have to get back here anyway.

Go back S and up right to the Wraith Room, go to the new block under the lever SW to open a gate in a passage we'll go to now.

The Machine Room.

Go out S, shoot the Giant Troll and proceed S, this room serves only as a connection, so go down a passage to the gate you just opened with the lever.  

The Blacksmith's Place.

From where you enter, look up with the Revolver/Laser-sight to spot and shoot a spike ball in the middle of the room. A flyby shows a Key and a rope appeared on a crane boom. In case you need Musket ammo, there's some on the crane base E. Up S you can spot 4 baskets with lightning on top; they have to be disabled to open the gates in the passage behind them.

Go to the SE corner of the place and look for the rope on the boom of the crane, grab it and swing to the pillar that is in the middle of the room (swing a bit to the right in front). Jump E to the top of the crane (SE is the gate for the Yellow Key) and then hop N to the lower pillar. Jump to the N walkway and open the gate there. Go through to the Boulder Room.

The Boulder Room, the Yellow Circles Key.

The 4 electric arcs in this room have to be disabled. From where you enter you can jump and grab a ledge W, grab the Yellow Circles Key and jump back E to where you came from. Go through the passage S to the Blacksmith's Place and to the gate SE, open it and enter.

Yellow Gate, Raise Two Platforms and the Bow.

In the sacks NE is Shotgun ammo, on the pedestal next to it on the higher floor is the Bow. On the E wall is one lever, it will raise a platform in the blacksmith's place (up at the crane for the next key) and another lever is hidden behind the barrel SW, it will raise a platform in the lower part of the blacksmith's place. On another barrel S is a Medipack.

The Blue Circles Key.

Go out, to the N and jump to the wooden pillar next to the crane (W), jump S to the top of the crane then SW to the raised platform and climb up to the top of the pillar to get the Blue Circles Key. Jump back to the NE pillar and safety drop down to the walkway.

First Lightning Lever.

Drop into the bottom part of the room, go to the grey tiles SW and step on the one below the shield, grab Secret #5, a Secret Grail. Go to the E side next to the Apple (you cannot take it, it was the example used by the Leprechaun when he camouflaged his Gold) and under the platform you raised before is water. Dive in; swim right around corners to find a ceiling lever under the corner of the brick wall (stops a fire near the anvils). There's a small medipack in the E part of this small labyrinth and some Uzi ammo SW.

Go back and climb out, on the central pillar, where the fire was is a crystal button you can now use and it will raise a platform in the Boulder Room.

Move the pile of wood (standing against the central pillar) to the W wall under the lower part of the floor above and climb up.

Go out N through the Machine room to the Wraith Room and open the gate SE with the Blue Circles Key. Go in, shoot the werewolf and inside is the First Lever, you'll see what happens. Pick up the small medipack and Shotgun ammo and leave.

The Second Lever.

Stand on the block at the E wall, on the highest tip and face N. Run jump onto the far lower corner of the sloped block and do a slight right curve at the end so you'll jump off facing E, veer hard left to land on the block at the E wall (screenshot-blocks.jpg). Turn S and run jump to grab the chain, swing to the right to land on the ledge where the Dried Leaves were before. Turn right (W), hop to the next ledge and from there jump grab the ladder on the wooden block. Climb up and go NE to use the Second Lever (the block went up when you use the jump lever on the green pool).

The Boulder Room, Lever #3 and 4.

Go SW and jump over into the opening S, go to the S side and drop onto the platform, jump down on the walkway. Go N and run down W to land on the platform at the ladder, turn around and jump with a curve around the ladder to the platform E (raised with the button where the fire was in the blacksmith's room). Stand jump into the opening E and use the Third Lever.

Activate the Boulders.

Jump back to the platform and safety drop down W to the ledge below. Hop down E and find a lever there to activate the first boulder (you can use these levers to turn them off as well). In the SE corner of the room you can find Flares and Uzi ammo. Now go to the NW corner of the room and find the lever to activate the second boulder (best is when they roll side by side). Along the W side of the room is a passage with burners on the floor, they are turning on and off by the rolling boulders. Time the burners (you can always stop a boulder and activate it again to get a better sequence for the burner tiles) and get to the Fourth Lever (savegame.10). Use the Lever and all lightnings are gone.

Get Out.

Go to the top of the boulder slope S and through the passage to the Blacksmith's Place, over to the opening S and follow through the 4 open gates to a pit with a snake statue, just jump along the wall and up E. Go through to the big cave S where a flyby takes over. A pack of wolves will attack.

The Caves.

The Dragon, the Frozen Flame.

Head to the SW corner of the Cave; down to the pool and walk along the N side towards that crawlspace. Jump with a right hand curve to grab the edge of the crevice SW (or just jump in). Crawl to the Medipack, crawl back to the edge and stand up. Stand jump back to the path; go into the crawlspace NW turn around before you get the Frozen Flame. A Fire spitting Dragon appeared in the pool. Quickly get out and run E into the next cave.

The Leprechaun's Hideout, the Empty Sack.

This is the entrance to the Leprechaun's Hideout. Shoot the ravens and go to that small wooden door E, climb up left of it and grab the Empty Sack. That's all we can do here for now, climb up SE and into the tunnel E. Follow through to the Cave.

Monkey Climb, the Rocks.

Go N around that big rock next to you and E up the rocks from where you can reach a monkey climb. Follow through to a pillar in the middle of the cave and drop, shoot the tree man. Jump and grab to the climb wall N and go up to a crawlspace where you can get some Rocks. Combine those with the Empty Sack and get a Heavy Sack (weight). Get out and drop down into the Cave.

NW passage, Swimming for the Celtic Knot and Lion Head.

In the NW corner of the cave is an opening in the W wall, go in and find an unlit wall torch, we'll need a Torch here.

So go down into the lower part and into the water, swim in and up onto the balcony for some Lightning Spell, get back for air. Now swim along the bottom to the back (S) and go left down to a cave with floating stuff everywhere. Avoid the objects and swim E and go up at the first wooden beam spanning the room to find a Celtic Knot on top of the beam. Swim E again; into the SE corner and around the corners to where you can climb out. Shoot the Witch and Leprechaun, grab the Lion Head from the barrel and find a lever NW, it will open a trapdoor on top of the stairs. Climb the ladder and you are back in the Cave.

NW passage, Jumps to a Cog wheel and opening a Shortcut.

Go back to the W side and on the sandy ledge (left of the NW opening) is a receptacle stand for the Frozen Flame. A Gate will open up where we'll go to now.

Head into the opening NW and on the entrance ledge face NW and jump as far as you can through the gap in the wall, landing on the sloped side next to the burners, jump to back flip onto another slope and slide to jump and grab the ladder over the spikes. Go up and climb off on the left (savegame.11).

Look N and spot that gate you opened in the wall over the slope. To the S is a Cog wheel we'll use soon. A run jump straight into the opening (no Ctrl) will get you inside, throw the lever in the left corner and see flames appear in the snake statue in the passage from where you entered the Cave before (to ignite the Torch there later). The gate to the E also opened up; as we have to get back here later this provides us with a shortcut.

Timed Run, a Snake Head.

Jump back out S and a bit right to the slope and get back up the ladder. Jump S to the Cog wheel, face E at the Cog wheel and pull 6-7 times, let Lara run against the cog wheel and turn left a bit, now jump with a bit of a right curve to end up on the entrance ledge of the room, sprint out and straight to the E, there's a light grey door in the wall and it's closing fast, so run against the door and roll (end) to get through (savegame.12).

Go up the ramp and right around the corner to get a Snake Head. Go to the other side of the room, shoot a crate and use the crowbar lever to open the door.

Moving Logs and Platforms.

In a pit SE is a small medipack, you can climb out using the climbable wall. In this room are platforms and a lowered raising block. Now go to a passage S and find Moving Logs in the lower part. Jump up forward and grab that platform, turn around and safety drop from the other side. Look W and spot the textured tile on the slope, that will trigger a raising block in the room with the platforms. How I did it? Run W and jump up the slope to the higher part (spot the gate W; that one has to be opened).

Turn around and run jump E as far as you can, you'll end up against the next slope, quickly pull up and slide a bit before you jump so you will end up on the higher floor of the room. Onto the raised block (Timed) and turn left to jump to the solid platform. Save and stand jump NE to the break ledge, turn right and jump to grab the next, line up for a run jump to the one in the NE corner, run turning right and jump to grab the solid platform (savegame.13). Grab the ceiling and go over to the jump lever.

For a Torch.

Hop back up the stairs and go into the W passage again to get to the gate you opened. Go around the corner straight (N) (passage W is for later and shortcut back to the cog wheel) and look up in the ceiling just before the wooden doorway, climb the E wall and follow the corridor to a hole in the floor. Below is the Cave, jump into the passage N from the hole and come to a room with a green pool, not deadly. Under the wooden platform are Torches, so we have to lift it.

On the central pillar base is a receptacle for the Celtic Knot, it will raise a block N (for the Secret). Now climb the base and facing W you can hang the Heavy Sack (Empty Sack and Rocks combined) onto the hook in that steel column. The weight will raise the wooden platform. Jump onto the wooden platform, stand in the NE corner facing N, hop back and do a run jump N, turning right to the corner of the raised block N and grab it, try to stay clear of the low ceiling (secret6.wmv). Use the monkey climb to get to the E side ledge and a banana jump S around the pillar will get you to a lantern with Secret #6, a Secret Grail inside.

Ignite the Torch, Torch Puzzle.

Go grab a Torch and leave NW, back to the hole in the ground, best just run in with the Torch because you may not find it anymore. Into the Passage W where the snake statue is, run jump along the wall to the opposite side of the pit where you can now ignite the Torch on the flame in the mouth of the snake (started with the lever N of the cog wheel).

Get back to the Cave and into the passage NW once more, ignite the wall torch there and a platform goes up over the flames. Jump there with the Torch and hop up into the open gate N. Follow through E, take a left at the crossing, through the doorway and keep going right around corners passing a closed gate to another wall torch. Ignite it to open the gate and now DO NOT save until the next gate is open. Drop the Torch and put the dried leaves in the bowl, pick up the Torch and ignite the dried leaves, the nearby gate opens up (now you can save again). You can leave the Torch here.

The Big Hall.

Through the gate into a Big Hall and shoot the 3 werewolves there. In front of the cross E is a small medipack, then use the Lion Head and Snake head on the receptacles under the big columns SE and NE of the hole in the floor to disable a spike trap in that hole. Go down and use the lever to open a door in the Leprechaun's Hideout. The room shakes, trouble up above... Climb out and shoot the Giant Trolls. I ran into the exit SW and shot them from there. There's nothing in the open doors N, it's just where those guys were locked up. That music suggested a timed run, but relax because it isn't.

Head back into the passage SW and go W, through the doorway and right up a slope, left and slide down onto the platform, jump SE and go into the Cave. Head into the Dragon cave SW and go E there to the Hideout (savegame.14). In case the locust bother you, save as soon as you see them and reload, they will be gone for a while.

The Hideout, the Leprechaun's Camouflaged Gold.

Straight inside that small wooden door opened up, pull out the wood pile and move it to the N side of the place, climb up and hop onto the balcony to grab the Leprechaun's Camouflaged Gold. A block goes up NE, jump over the balustrade and use the lever, a trapdoor opens up under the Leprechaun and an additional boulder will finish it off nicely.

Mission accomplished.

G&D-Jan 28-2013